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Eye Contact (M.)

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Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: smut

Word count: 3.7k

Description: Your boyfriend Jungkook was still a virgin, until one night both of you got heated up and it turned out a lot better than you ever expected.

Info: This is my first smut ever posted. I tried to make slightly sub!jk but my heart can’t lmao. Still I hope you enjoy it and please leave any feedback! And sorry if my english isn’t always correct, it’s not my first language. Enjoy y’all <3

Parts: 1 | 2 

You were laying on your bed, watching TV and getting more and more bored. Jungkook has been in the shower for only 3 minutes but it seemed like a whole hour. You just needed to do something exciting, to try something new and to spice yourself up a bit. Especially your sex life. Even though you and Jungkook were together for almost a year now, you still haven’t had sex. And that’s because he’s a virgin. Of course you respected him wanting to wait and you don’t want to rush into it if he’s still not ready. You love him, he loves you and that’s basically everything that matters. But every time he was lying next to you, kissing you, touching you or even just looking at you, you would immediately feel yourself heating up. “Why are you blushing again, honey?” he would always ask laughingly, finding it cute actually. You shook your head every time, even though you wanted to moan into his ear and tell him how much you wanted, no, how much you needed him. He is so adorable, sexy, hot and incredibly beautiful. You still couldn’t believe you got yourself a boyfriend like him. You know you’re hot yourself too, but still. You were such a lucky girl. Sometimes you entered the bathroom “by accident” when he was showering, so you could get a little sneak peak of his manly body. God damn, when you saw those shoulders the last time, you could’ve just cum right there by only looking at it. And those thighs…

“Y/N? W-what are you doing?” you heard a serious voice saying. 

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prompts for writing

feel free to use any of these! 

send in requests!

1. “Your hair is so soft..” 

2. “It’s too cold! Come back!”

3. “No, I’m not letting you go. It’s too early to get out of bed.”

4. “C’mere, you can sit in my lap until I’m done working.”

5. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

6. “Shh, you’re safe. I won’t let you go.”

7. “What? does that feel good?”

8. “Just pretend to be my date.”

9. “He/She did it.” “No he/she did.”

10. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

11. “It’s not a double date. We’re just third and fourth wheeling.”

12. “No no–it’s alright, come here.”

13. “I’m not going to leave you. You’re never going to have to suffer by yourself again, I promise.”

14. “Look, I know we don’t know each other that well, but I’m still worried about you. No one deserves to be alone.”

15. “If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars.”

16. “I think I might be falling in love with you.”

17. “Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day.”

18. “It’s not bad to cry. In fact, I think it makes a person stronger.”

19. “Mmm.. you’re warm.”

20. “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this..”

21. “I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with..”

22. “No, you can’t get up! You’re my prisoner for today.”

23. “Shh, it was just a bad dream. Just a dream, okay? None of it was really.”

24. “You know I’m/we’re always here for you, right?”

25. “Please talk to me about it.”

26. “You have something in you hair.. um–do you want me to get it out?”

27. “I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror..”

28. “I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm and I didn’t want to wake you.”

29. “I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.”

30. “Are you wearing my shirt?“

31. “Wanna, like–I mean, if you’re not busy.. We could get lunch? Or even just coffee if you don’t have a lot of time?”

32. “So I was driving past a pet store and couldn’t help but wonder how cute an animal would be like in our home..”

33. “Let’s just stay in bed.”

34. “We live together. You can’t blame this on anyone else.”

35. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

36. “Shooting star. Make a wish.“ 

37. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

38. “Wow, you’re hot.“

39. “I want to marry you.”

40. “I want to take a shower so you should probably join me. It’ll save water.”

41. “You’re just not the same anymore..”

42. “It’s midnight! Where the hell were you?”

43. “What the hell is your problem?!”

44. “Why do you run away from your problems all the time?”

45. “You can’t keep it all inside, you know? Bottling it up won’t do any good.”

46. “Hey, I know you’re hurting.. but, you’re not alone, okay?”

47. “I hate you! I’m sorry it took me so damn long to realize that.”

48. “You lost your chance.”

49. “I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.”

50. “You can’t just lose your temper like this every time you get a bit upset!”

51. “Calm down! You’re scaring me!”

52. “Don’t look at me like that.”

53. “Were you ever going to tell me?”

54. “I’m done trying to help you!” 

55. “Sorry doesn’t fix everything.”

56. “You didn’t call. You didn’t text. Nothing.”

57. “It isn’t up for debate.”

58. “I don’t know what’s wrong, okay? I’m just… really tired.”

59. “I’m fine. Stop asking.”

60. “I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong, and don’t try lying to me.”

61. “I hope someday you get a taste of your own medicine.”

62. “Pack your shit and go. Get the fuck out of my sight!”

63. “Is this how little you think of me?”

64. “I can’t do this anymore.. not with you.”

65. “Are you happy now? Huh? DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?!”

66. “You said you’d always be there for me… so how did this happened? Why weren’t you there?”

67. “Did it ever occur to you that you’re hurting me too?”

68. “I don’t need help! I just want the pain to stop!”

69. “We can be friends instead.”

70. “I tried to move on, but nobody is you.”

71. “Do I look like I’ve moved on?”

72. “I don’t remember a fight or a reason, so what happened? Why did we break up?”

73. “Can I at least buy you a coffee? For old times sake.”

74. “I can’t take the loneliness anymore.”

75. “What are you talking about? You’re married!”

76. “I feels like everyone just forgot I exist.”

77. “Maybe I’m meant to be alone.”

78. “I gave you your chance, and you just used it to stab me in the back.”

79. “I’ve been alone for so long..”

80. “But you promised..”

81. “Isn’t this, like, illegal?” “Probably.”

82. “You’re really drunk right now. I don’t think you’re gonna remember any of this.”“No, I’m not drunk at all. You’re just blurry.”

83. “I have a feeling we should kiss.”“Is that a good feeling or a bad feeling?” 

84. “Yeah, well, I shut everybody out. Don’t take it personally. It’s just easier.”

85. "You’re jealous, aren’t you?” “I’m not jealous.”

86. “Were you ever going to tell me?”

87. “I can’t believe you dragged me into this.”

88. “Bite me.” “Eat me.” “Kiss my ass.”

89. “You think I’m dumb enough to fall for that stupid move?”

90. “You have to tell me why were committing a felony before we do it. Not that that’s going to stop us, but at least I’ll have all the facts.”

91. “You weren’t supposed to laugh! I’m so embarrassed!”

92. “I vote today be a pajama day.”

93. “You aren’t supposed to laugh! I’m embarrassed!”

94. “It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”

95. “There’s been some real friction in our friend group lately. I suggest an orgy to save our friendship.”

96. “I saw that. You just checked me out.”

97. “Are you stupid or stupid?”

98. “How about you make me?”

99. “Do it. I dare you.”

100. “Rise and shine, motherfucker.”

101. “Well fuck me!" 

102. "Are you… Drunk?" 

103. "Walk it off." 

104. "Did you just go throw up?" 

105. "Could you turn it down? A bit? Maybe?" 

106. "Don’t drink that! I saw that guy slip something in there!" 

107. "Get out of here! This is my hiding spot!" 

108. "Quick, pretend your talking to me." 

109. "Could you hold my hand?" 

110. "You’re hiding under that blanket because you’re blushing?" 

111. "Can I kiss you?" 

112. "Quit looking at me with that stupid expression. You’re pissing me off." 

113. “ …Why? Why are you being… so nice to me? I can’t understand. I can’t understand! I just can’t understand… “ 

114. "Don’t you think you’re a little too old to be using cheesy pick up lines?" 

115. "You’re the perfect combination of sexy and cute." 

116. "You know I’ll kill him if he hurts you." 

117. "Can we please pretend I never said that?" 

118. "Forget the douche. He’s a dick. He’s a dickdouche." 

119. "You guys are yelling and I want ice cream!" 

120. "How ‘bout you stick it up your ass instead?" 

121. ”“Punched” is one word, “Fisted” is another.“ 

122. "Please! Leave me alone!" 

123. "It’s too late for you to be out by yourself." 

124. "You seem like a friendly face, mind if I sit with you?" 

125. "You made me this way." 

126. "I think about you all the time, it’s freaking annoying." 

127. "Bill Nye couldn’t even help you." 

128. "You left your shirt at my house. It’s mine now." 

129. "I just wanted to hear your voice." 

130. "I saw a shooting star and I thought of you.”

Taehyung CHOKER Appreciation Ft. HOTCUTENESS

Taehyung in chokers will be the death of me like look at all of these pics

I don’t know if these two pics are the same but Imma upload it anyways since it’s KIM TAEHYUNG

Taehyung in the run era though….

Like can he not stick out his tongue…

Well I cannot blame him… for being cute

OKaay I guess Tae just decided to do stick out his tongue and wreck my hearteu

OKay I’m done with this… I cannot contain my feels

Taehyung stop being cute, you’re gonna make me melt with your cuteness.. LIKE STOP

How the fuck did he change that cute ass smile into a freaking sexy smile??

Tae stop with that lip bite

Ahh~ Kim Taehyung so beautiful 

I know that these last pics arent him wearing chokers but just look how freaking hot and handsome he is… am I right?

I seriously don’t know why he can change into two different person.. 

V becomes Taehyung like is he same person?


I’m too obsessed with Taehyung but who wouldnt be anyways lol, Kim TAEHYUNG is too handsome and i’m telling you guys once again… KIM TAEHYUNG IS TOOOO HANDSOME 

anonymous asked:

Ok so. I always see people describing the male!mc as a cute small guy, but what if he's actually a really handsome man (like super tall and muscular)? What would rfa reactions be?

Ooh! I’ve never done anything regarding male!MC so I’ll give it my best!


  • You meet him in person 7 days after meeting him via the messenger
  • And he is completely caught off-guard
  • “… MC, is that really you?”
  • “Yeah, why?”
  • “I just… imagined you as so different.”
  • He literally can’t stop looking at you
  • Even forgets to invite you in for a hot second
  • From the way you talk in the chatroom he thought you would be cute and tiny like Yoosung
  • He was not prepared for this ABSOLUTE BEEFCAKE
  • He’s still in his cast so you have to help him around a lot
  • But he’s always super flustered when you do
  • He’s finally found someone more beautiful than he is
  • and he’s not sure how to feel about it


  • Is super blushy when you meet him at the party
  • Even though he’s gotten a confidence boost
  • and he was pretty dominant with that kiss
  • he’s still pretty afraid to touch you
  • It doesn’t help that you stand a near half-foot above him
  • and his constant internal dialogue is:
  • “Oh God oh God I look like a kid next to him”
  • that height difference tho


  • She figured you would be pretty masculine, but she had no idea you would be CUT like that
  • When she meets you at the party she can’t stop clearing her throat
  • She can’t look you in the eye
  • Poor girl’s ovaries are exploding
  • Zen’s a little jealous but he won’t admit it
  • Because Jaehee’s giving you those eyes


  • He nearly spit out his Dr. Pepper when he pulled up your SNS profile
  • “HOly shit…..”
  • He couldn’t stop scrolling through the gym pictures, even momentarily forgetting about the chatroom
  • Sits there sweating for a little bit when he sees the height on your profile
  • He thought he was decently tall at 5′9″
  • but OH BOY
  • “Luciel it’s not appropriate to ask someone to bone your brains out when you meet them”
  • oh boy does he want you to wreck him


  • Does Jumin Han is gay?
  • Well he does now, if he didn’t before
  • When he convinces you to stay in his penthouse he’s not sure why he feels the need to insist
  • But he feels something when he’s around you that he’s never felt before
  • He’s never experienced romantic love
  • And he thinks he knows what lust is
  • He’s in such denial but something definitely stirs when he watches the muscles of your back tense while you stretch 
  • He also knows that he’ll never hear the end of it if he says something

hope these were ok! ^^;;

  • *One Drink*
  • Emma: I'm still mad you lured me out here you know?
  • Regina: Would you rather be dealing with a bar fight? I'm sure I could start one with you.
  • Snow: This drink is amazing!
  • *Two Drinks*
  • Snow: Incoherent singing.
  • Emma: How is she already drunk?
  • Regina *shrugs*: She must not have our high tolerance...do you want to take her home or stay here with me?
  • *Three Drinks*
  • Snow: You guys are so pretty...god I wish you two could find happiness.
  • Emma: Me too...I'm sorry you had to let Robin go...again.
  • Regina: And I'm sorry about Hook...you're too good for him Emma.
  • Emma: And you're too good for Robin.
  • *Four Drinks*
  • Snow: Snoring.
  • Emma *laughs*: You look so beautiful like this.
  • Regina: Like what?
  • Emma: With your curls and that dress...all relaxed but hot.
  • *Five Drinks*
  • Emma: Thank you for bringing me out here. I needed this.
  • Regina: You're welcome. Are you okay?
  • Emma: I will be...what is in these drinks?
  • Regina: Alcohol...alcohol and more alcohol...maybe we should stop.
  • *Six Drinks*
  • Regina *drawls*: You're so pretty...why are you so pretty?
  • Emma: I don't know...why are you so cute?
  • Regina *laughs*: We must be magic!
  • Emma: Only together...
  • *They fall silent for several moments before turning to face one another. They move closer to one another before kissing.*
  • *The Next Morning*
  • Snow: We should go drinking more often!
  • Emma *smiles at Regina*: Definitely.
soulmate! Hoshi

for anon: soulmate hoshi please? i loved all the soulmate aus so far!!!!keep up the good work!!!

a/n: TYSM and hope you enjoy!!

in which the closer you are to your soulmate, you can hear what song their listening too, visa versa

  • the first year you could comprehend what a soulmate actually was,
  • you were completely obsessed with finding your “mark”
  • and after that mess, searching through the “soulmate” section in the library and asking around
  • you kind of just gave up of finding your soulmate
  • figured “go with the flow” is best
  • but that didn’t stop you from lowkey being jealous of your friends who had obvious signs
  • hell even one had her soulmate’s first words
  • you think you could live with anything, even "get out the way" if it meant you would for sure meet he or, what the hell, she one day
  • flash forward years later not really lol your still young and fresh okay
  • your college offers programs for classes over seas for a year
  • for your major, the best places would be, south korea, singapore, and japan
  • lots of people were choosing south korea, and but you actually already know korean, as a result of your high school friend who was korean
  • so to be a little different you and your best friend in college, choose japan
  • even though flying is a bitch, you and your friend land safely and head to baggage claim
  • suddenly you hear this slight beat in your ears
  • looking down at your phone, you see the music is turned off
  • “f/n do you hear some music?”
  • “nah you alright?”
  • “yeah it’s probably just my post plane effects”
  • when you sit in the taxi on the way to your airport, you play your music and eventually the beat is gone
  • the next day when your prepping for a class, you hear the beat again
  • you search everywhere and after your friend says she hears nothing, you almost pull your hair out
  • then it clicks,
  • holy shit you’ve read of soulmates having this before
  • maybe he’s japanese????
  • after telling your friend, on any spare time you guys had, you both travel all through japan
  • the disappointment you feel hurts, in fact in seems the farther you travel through japan, the quieter the beat gets
  • the one thing you notice is the same beat seems to play over and over again
  • at one point you to start to subconsciously drum your fingers to them 24/7
  • you wonder if your soulmate can hear your music too and is thinking about you? hopefully?
  • at the end of your time in japan, you and your friend decided to take a week vacation in seoul, south korea
  • “girl did you see the street food there, if we gain a couple pounds, it’ll definitely be okay”
  • and literally, the first thing you notice when landing at Incheon is the melody added to that beat
  • “f/n. shit i think my soulmate’s korean”
  • as you get closer to seoul, you can start to hear the whispers of lyrics
  • by the time your in your hotel you can hear the lyrics as if your playing it from your phone quietly 
  • “ulgo sipci anha”
  • despite the bit of jet lag you have, you grab a small backpack full of all your essentials and head out, leaving a note for your friend who’s already knocked out
  • as you run around seoul aimlessly, you somehow figure out directions with the sounds
  • this leads you to the front of a large building
  • smartly, you plug in your earphones and play a hiphop song, loud with heavy beats
  • if there’s a way you can hear a song about boys not wanting to cry then he could hear you blasting kokak blacks’ tunnel vision in one ear
  • no matter how far you walk along the street you always hear the song the loudest at the building
  • after mustering up some courage, your about to knock but the crying song stops
  • you step back three feet, kind of freaked out, the mash of the two songs only becoming yours
  • suddenly a cute black haired boy dressed in sweaty workout clothes explodes from the doors
  • he stares at you with wide eyes and takes a step back
  • bumping into a whole soccer team of guys coming out or peaking heads out the door
  • you slowly reach your hand up to your earbud and as you take that one out, the music in his ears stop also
  • the grin that graces his face has to be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen
  • he looks at your face brightly, noticing the happy smile on your face
  • like the match made in heaven you guys are, you run up to him laughing and he opens his arm laughing
  • your arms go around his shoulders and his around your waist
  • you get lifted slightly and this situation makes you smile and giggle even harder
  • suddenly you feel yourself get pulled forward from what you notice is your soulmate’s friends pulling him back inside the building
  • “as happy as i am for you to find your soulmate, lets not have any pictures taken”
  • he ignores them completely with the smile seemingly permanent
  • setting you down, he holds your hands tightly, grinning
  • “my name’s kwon soonyoung and ill definitely be calling you soon”
  • you giggle and answer
  •  "my name’s f/n l/n. i would call you honey, but your so much sweeter than that.“
  •  you guys laugh again and he pulls you in closer, burying his head in your nape and yours in his chest
  • “wow someone who’s actually PERFECT for soonyoung”
  • “the cringe couple”
  • “ewwww LMAO”
  • after being introduced and explained too that they are actually a group called seventeen and bombarded by them with questions,
  • you and soonyoung are given time alone
  • aka sitting in the corner and pretending svt isn’t trying to eavesdrop on the other side of the dance studio
  • getting to know each other must have been the funnest and cutest experience of each other’s life
  • “its a great song but i was tired of listening to just one portion of a song about boys crying after the first 10 minutes”
  • “yahh, i create choreography, so of course i play it over”
  • you guys openly and cutely discuss pet names
  • “i dont want to call you y/n, that’s what everyone else calls you,” he pouts
  • “what about you? you have something you wanna be called?”
  •  he slightly gets flustered, and before he can answer you ask,
  • “you know how americans will call their husbands hubby?”
  • he nods at the mention
  • “what do you think about bubby? boyfriend instead of husband”
  • he smiles sweetly and laughs, “i like it, and i’ll call you jagi (honey) in honor of your pickup line”
  • you laugh and accept of course
  •  the corners of his mouth twitch up in a slight smirk
  • “so am i your boyfriend now?”
  • you slap his arm lightly, “yah im not that easy, take me on a date first”
  • you guys get closer on the emotional level
  • he looks at you and smiles softly
  • “i think your too pretty to be my soulmate" 
  • "what do you mean??? your the most attractive guy ever. clearly we are soulmates, two good looking people together? helloo”
  • you wiggle your eyebrows at him and wink cutely
  • he chuckles softly
  • “are you sure, you’ve seen the other members, they have way better bodies and faces than me”
  • you realize at this moment your soulmate had insecurities
  • why are korean beauty standards like this
  • “look at me”
  • you boldly hold his face in both of your hands, instantly making his ears turn red
  • “i don’t know or care that other people don’t find you attractive. to me you are the most handsome" 
  • "your the perfect height for me, i dont need to you to be any taller" 
  • "your eyes are the most attractive thing, i didn’t think someone can be so hot and cute as the same time but damn you proved me wrong" 
  • "i could go on and on but if i say all of them now, it would take forever”
  • you bring his face closer and press your lips on his cheek softly
  • he smiles with pink cheeks and pecks your neck, settling his head there and whispers
  • “you don’t need to be perfect but i know your perfect for me”
  • you laugh tenderly and whisper in his ear,
  • “i love how you can keep up with my cheesy comments but let’s not do this 24/7”
  • he chuckles loudly
  • “let’s be a comfortable & fun couple, those are the best”
  •  "definitely”
  • svt at the side like “this has to be the cheesiest and cutest moment i’ll ever witness”
  • “it’s a drama in real life lol”
  • seungkwan says this a little too loudly
  • you and soonyoung both look over and then at each other
  • “you wanna throw it or will i?”

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

soulmate! Jun || soulmate! Vernon || soulmate! Vernon (part 2) || soulmate! Woozi || soulmate! Mingyu (carat version) || soulmate! Hoshi || soulmate! Jeonghan || soulmate! Seungcheol || soulmate! Joshua || soulmate! Joshua (part 2) || soulmate! Seungkwan || soulmate! Minghao || soulmate! Dino

100% reconmend you read the next soulmate au here, soulmate! Joshua ;)

(Jess: Seri ily //actual tears//)

ryden 64/365
fever era ryden is so hot like fuck. me. up.

Jungkook - Daddy Kookie

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Lust/ Rough Smut

Word Count: 3.1k

Jungkook x Reader

School, the one thing I hate. School was so boring here, we couldn’t do anything but dumb assignments, tests, and projects. The teachers here are so boring, and don’t get me started on the lunches here. The only thing about school is I have my friend Janice.

“(Y/N), look over.” Janice told me in a whisper while side eyeing me, trying not to get the teacher’s attention since we were taking a quiz.

I look at her, confused for a second, but I look to my left and two seats over I see Jungkook, staring at me as always. He always stares at me for no reason. Janice always tells me he likes me, but i don’t believe her. Knowing he is the hottest guy in the school makes it hard for me to believe he likes a basic geek such as me.

It sometimes bothered me how he would just stare at me with the blankest face, but sometimes, I melt from his strong gaze, and this was one of them.

He was staring at me intensely. He looked me up and down and bit his lip as if I was a full dinner. He continued to stare even after I caught him in his act. After about 10 seconds of full eye contact, I shyly and embarrassingly look down to my converse highs, wishing I could take back those awkward 10 seconds. I try to focus on my test, and I got done early. Most of the questions probably were wrong, but I just wanted to leave the classroom. The test wasn’t even a big grade so i really didn’t care.

“here,” I quietly say, handing my teacher my test,“May I go to the bathroom?”

He nods his head, “Go quickly (Y/N), and no horseplay in the halls like last time.” He slightly slides his reading glasses down and raised an eyebrow at me, signaling how serious he was.

I frantically nod my head, agreeing to his demand. I rush out of the room, knowing Jungkook’s eyes didn’t leave my body as I walked across the room to the exit of the classroom. I take one last glance to see Janice smirking at me, and Jungkook get up and walk towards the teacher. I roll my eyes at both of them and leave the classroom, not forgetting to shut the door behind me.

Me walk down the hall to my locker. There were no classrooms there, so I just put my head against the locker to take a break.

“Such a creep” I mumble, annoyed.

Right after I said that, I feel hands on my waist. They quickly turn me around and I get slammed on my locker. I get caged in between arms. I was between my locker, and Jungkook.

“what did you say?” He asked looking me dead in the eyes. He seemed very desperate and a little mad.

I don’t reply I just look at him in shock. He lightly grabs my chin with his pointer finger and thumb, and turns my head to the right, then to the left, then back to face him. He bites his lip as he slides the same hand down my body, to the bottom of my skirt.

“So you think I’m creepy, huh?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

I continue to keep quiet. He was so beautiful, his eyes, his smile, everything about him was so hot. I could feel my cheeks as I felt his hand creep under my skirt and up my inner thigh. He leaned in close to my face, our lips not even a centimeter away.

“Why are you so shy?” He smirks, and even chuckles a bit. I shrug. “Don’t worry, I think it’s cute.” He replies. I look away again.

“You know I like you, and that I’ve liked you for a very, very long time, right?” He asked me. I slowly shake my head in reply, although I was lying. He smirked, his lips slightly blushing over mine.

“I’ll be at your house after school.” He whispers, his hot breath hitting off my lips. I can taste the cherry flavored sucker he had early in his breath.

He slowly backs up, not taking his eyes off me. He then slowly walks away back to the classroom. I forgot we had done a science project together at my house, so he knows where i live.

I watch him walk down the hall until he made the turn to go to our classroom. My breath became unsteady and I felt weak. I was so shook, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to go back into the classroom with him, but I had to.

I quickly walk back to my class, worried that my teacher will think I was up to something and give me another 2 hour detention. I arrive at the door of my classroom. Before I open the door, I take a deep breath. I slowly walk in and casually walk to my seat and sit down awkwardly.

I look at Janice and she mouths ‘What happened?’ to me. I shrug and mouth back, ‘I,ll tell you about it after school.’  She nods and goes back to her test.

I look to my left and see Jungkook with a sinister smirk on his face. He slyly winks at me, and goes back to his paper. I look away in disgust. I can’t believe he is really going to my house after school, I can’t stop him.

“(Y/N), what were you doing while you were out?” My teacher asked me in concern.

“I went to the bathroom, then to my locker to get my folder.” I lied. He nodded his head and went back to his paper work.

I hear a chuckle from my left and when I look, I see Jungkook holding in his laugh. He’s so ridiculous, it’s funny. I smile at him and also try not to laugh. He can be sweet at times, but not all the time.

It’s finally the end of the day and before I leave, I meet up with Janice.

“so,” she sighs, “what happened.”

I take a deep breath, knowing I’m going to regret telling her the short story. “He came out of no where and slammed me against my locker.” I started, continuing to walk along the side of Janice. “He then asked if I knew he liked me and I said yes. He moved his hand under my ski-” I got cut off by a squealing Janice.

“I told you he liked you!” She shouted jumping up and down. we were still on school property and I looked around to see if Jungkook was anywhere and luckily he wasn’t.

“shut-up,” I said through my teeth. She stop jumping and quiets down.

“sorry” she quietly said looking at the ground.

I continue with my story. “He leaned in and we were so close, we almost kissed! He then told me that he is going to my house after school. I was so in shock I couldn’t reply. That’s when he left me. I’m just surprised that the most popular, the most hottest guy in school likes someone like me.”

“Don’t question it, (Y/N). Why is he going over your house?” She asked.

I shrug. “I don’t know.”



Janice walked me back to my house since my house was closer, and then she walked to her house. I unlock my front door and walk in, exhausted and thankful that school is over. But the day isn’t. I wasn’t sure if Jungkook was actually about to come over, but if he did, I don’t know what I would do.

I kinda do like him, although he can be creepy and annoying sometimes. I walk to my kitchen and grab a mint out of the candy dish. I unwrap it and pop it in my mouth, closing my eyes as the minty sensation covers my mouth and burns my throat. I can’t stand having bad breath at all.

I walk back into the living room and turn on spongebob, my favorite show. I continue to suck on the mint till it all dissolves.

A couple minutes later, I here a knock on my door. 'oh no’ I think to myself. I get up and slowly walk over to the door. I fix my outfit before I open the door.

I unlock and open the door to see Jungkook with his head tilted. He walks past me and into the living. “yeah, you can come in.” I say sarcastically in disgust. He is so disrespectful, just walking into my house like that without my permission.

I close the door and lock it once again, and walk over to Jungkook to see what he was up to.

“You look so sexy in your school uniform.” He compliments “And I love Converse Highs.”

I roll my eyes. “whatever, why did you come over?”

I was annoyed by him as always, thinking it’s normal to come to my house for no reason. He walks up to me. “I came here for you, (Y/N).”

He was a couple inches taller than me, so he was looking down on me. His husky voice sounded so good and sexy…wait, what am I saying. I hate him. Even though I think of him, waking up by his side, going to sleep in his arms. I still hate him, right?

“What do you m-mean?” I stutter, shyly looking down to my shoes. He walks even closer to me, putting one hand on my hip pulling me closer, and another hand lifting my head up to look at him. I try to push him off me, but he held onto me as if he was glued to me. I give up and look at him, worried about what was going to happen next.

“(Y/N), you know I want you badly. I’ve wanted you for the longest time. Don’t be scared of me, I will take care of you, I will take care of your body. You just have to let me do it. I know how delicate you are. Plus, I know you like me. I know you want me too. So let me give you the pleasure you need.” He softly says.

He was right. I do want him, a lot. I couldn’t hide it no matter how hard I try. He seemed sweeter than usual, saying he will take care of me and stuff. I look into his eyes. “You’ll take care of me?” I asked back.

He smirks, “Just like your daddy.” He whispers in my ear, massaging my ass. I couldn’t help but to moan while feeling his warm breath against my neck, and his large hands all over my body.

He leans in and connects our lips. His lips were so soft and warm. Not long after, he sticks his tongue into my mouth, exploring it. Our wet tongues start to have a fight of dominance, and his tongue won. He squeezes my ass tighter, causing a gasp to slip out in the kiss. We pull away slowly.

“Now be a good girl, and turn around so daddy can see how wet you are.”

His words turned me on so much. I could feel my juices dripping down my leg and through my underwear. I turned around and bent over, using the arm of the couch for support. “good girl.” He complimented. He held onto my waist with one hand, and reached under my skirt with the other. His fingers rubbed through my wet panties.

“woah.” He gasped, “Your so wet.” He pulls down my skirt and digs his hand in my panties to get a better feel. I moan while I feel his hands massaging my folds and feeling around. He enters a finger and repeatedly thrust inside of me, curving his finger occasionally to hit my g-spot.

“a-ah, right there.” I moan. I push against his force as he adds another finger inside of me.

My moans get louder and louder as he adds the third and final finger, now keeping them curved to continuously hit my g-spot.

“Cum on my fingers, babygirl.” He orders me to do, thrusting his fingers into me faster and deeper. I yell out in pleasure as I reach my high, letting out my cum on his fingers. He helps me ride out my orgasm by slowing his fingers down before slowly pulling the three fingers out to let the slimy liquid stretch.

He brings his coated wet fingers to his mouth and sucks them clean. He then pulls me up straight by my neck and seductively chokes me. I can feel his bulge poking through his pants to my ass.

“You taste so good.” He groans huskily in my ear, slightly biting my ear lobe after. “Now let daddy see that pretty mouth around my cock.”

He lets go of me and pulls his pants down along with his underwear, leaving his huge hard on pointing straight at me. My eyes widen at how big it is. He chuckles, “you’re so cute, jagi.”

I smile in reply and get on my knees so I’m leveled down to his length. I lick the head first, earning a quiet moan from him. I then take him all, causing his eyes to go wide at how I can take all of his big hard on.

“That’s my girl.” He moans quietly, keeping his eyes close to enjoy the moment better.

He bunches my hair up in his hand and bobs my head to take him even more and faster. I groan and gag a couple times as he thrust his hard length deeper in my mouth, causing his grunts and pants to get louder and louder. His tip hitting the back of my throat, making my eyes water a little bit.

He lets go of my hair and I quickly pull back for air, my head slightly pounding from the amount of pressure that was on it while his hand was holding my hair. After I caught my breath, I take it back in, wrapping my small mouth around it.

I take in a whole half of his length and pump the rest. I start to feel him pulsate in my mouth, signaling he is close to cumming.

“fuck b-baby” he groans. I take him out of my mouth right before he came. He catches his breath quickly.

He slides his shirt off and sits down on the couch, “ride daddy.” He commands. I listen and straddle over him. I grab his length and lower down on it. Jungkook closes his eyes and throws his head back as I slowly lower down on him.

I start to bounce on him. I rub on his hard abs as his hands trail to my bouncing breast.

“your so big d-daddy, y-you feel so good.” I stutter in between moans. He groans in pleasure, but he wanted more.

He grabs my waist to hold me still and thrusts into me hard. I cover my mouth at the feeling of his thick, throbbing length sliding in and out against my walls. He grunts loudly as he goes faster and faster by the second. I screamed as I had my second climax right then, but he wasn’t done. He kept thrusting into me hard.

He quickly flipped us over so he was on top and I was on the bottom. He pounded into me repeatedly, slightly splashing my juices on each others legs It was oozing out of me and all over his length. He squeezed my waist so hard, I was sure they were bound to fall off after. The sweat on his body caused him to glisten beautifully in the light. He gritted his teeth together, his force stronger than anything in the world, and his speed faster than anything as well. I felt his length throbbing strongly against my now weak walls, weak from the other two orgasms I had.

“C-cum inside of me d-daddy” I scream out, reaching my third climax. I really started to go nuts when he hit my weak g-spot again.

“I’m there, a-ah b-b-baby, fuck i’m abou-” He stuttered, but couldn’t finish. He finally let his load out in me, and it was a lot. His eyes closed shut and pressed together hard, as he pounded into me his last couple of times, his length throbbing hard against my clenching walls as I came with him. My body went numb, and all I could feel were pleasant vibrations all coming from my numb, wet heat. It was hurting, but I loved it.

He softly fell on top of me, still pressing into me to ride out his climax.

“fuck” He loudly grunted through his teeth. We were a wet, sweaty, exhausted mess. I push the fringe off his forehead and drag my hand back through his head a couple times to calm and relax him as he has his powerful climax. He pulls out of me. He then goes weak, breathing heavy, relaxing on top of me for a couple minutes as I massage his head and temple area to relax him.

I grab the cover that is resting on the back part of the couch and cover our bodies under it.

He looks up to me with half closed eyes. “Are you ok, jagi?”

“Oh yeah I’m totally fine.” I reply sarcastically, “you just beat my pussy til it was probably black and blue and now I’m probably not going to be able to walk for a long time.”

He chuckles weakly. “where are your parents?”

“They went on a business trip, thank god they weren’t here.” I sigh in relief. He nods in agreement.

I can’t believe this, I just fucked the boy I love and hate, well, I guess now I just love him. I never thought this would happen.

“You know you lied about taking care of my body, right?” I giggle.

“I’m sorry jagi, your body was too good for me to keep my calm.” He pecks my neck and smiles.

“Can we date, jagi?” He asked. He was a whole different person now, giving me puppy eyes and crap. This dude is so confusing.

“yes, we can date Kookie.” I reply. He smiles at me.

“I’m tired, I’m going to sleep.” He calmly tells me, closing his eyes. I smile at him.

“Me too.” I say, also closing my eyes.

I applaud myself! This was a pretty rough smut, I will admit. I’M SORRY FOR BEING HORNY, OK? lol, I’m weird. But you’re horny too for reading this.

Thanks for reading!

Dating Isaac Lahey

Originally posted by dunbarfeels

a/n: a lot lol

- using his scarves to cover the hickeys he leaves on you

- jealous affff

- holding him in your arms when he has nightmares

- him growling when a guy looks/talks to you

- tip toeing to kiss him because he’s so tall

- hugging his waist also because he’s tall


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Reader x Stiles

Requested By Anon

“Stiles!” You hissed as he threw his arm around you.

“Sorry, I keep forgetting.” He chuckled and you playfully punched his shoulder, letting him kiss you before walking into the school at a friendly distance so Scott wouldn’t realise what you’d been up to.

“Stiles are you bugging my little sister again?” Scott grumbled as he met Stiles at his locker.

“What no I wouldn’t do that, why?” Stiles asked and Scott rolled his eyes.

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How you first meet |Nick Robinson

characters: Nick Robinson x reader 

writer: Nicole 

prompt: you meet on the set of Jurassic world 

Originally posted by nixkrobinsxn

This is your life long dream, to become an actress. You finally landed a job in a movie that could possibly become a big hit. But of course considering this is the first ever gig you landed, you’re only an extra. A amusement park GOer that gets mauled by some dinosaurs.

You bounce excitedly through the set, which looks surreal by the way. You spot one of the main characters, Chris Pratt.

‘Stay calm kid. Be professional.’ You think to yourself.

Then you see him walk over to you, out of all the odds.

“ Hey do you know where’s the nearest restroom?” He asks you causally holding his script.

“ buuuh uhhhhh “ you randomly say, hands shaking a little.


“It’s over there chris” Nick Robinson says, standing next to you, pointing in a direction.


You awkwardly clear your throat and tried to walk in the opposite direction, Until he stops you.

“ Hi, my name is Nick” he smiles, sticking his hand out for you to shake.

‘Be chill ok y/n? chiiiiilllLLLLLLLLLLL’

“ I know who you are “ you quickly frown after saying that, realizing that it sorta sounded rude and stalkerish.

“I’m sorry that came out wrong, I mean like I know you because you’re sorta famous, OH! Gosh no you are famous I hope that didn’t come out wrong too… you have a great career” you said pursing your lips together, nervousness numbs your legs.

“ yep. Totally chill. You basically insulted his career. Niiiice.’ Mentally slapping yourself.

He cutely laughs, making you less tense.

“ that’s okay, what’s your name?” he asks you, giving you a grin.

“y/n” smiling back at him.

“ well y/n, I have yet to explore this vast set. Would you like to join me?” he gestures you to follow, taking a slight step forward.

Considering that they don’t start filming anytime soon, you obliged. Also because he’s hot.

“ So tell me about yourself” he looks down at you, you didn’t notice the height difference until now.

‘mmmmmmmmmm so tall. So beautiful’

“ uhmmm well, it’s been my life long dream to become an actress. Yes I know it’s cheesy, but I’m getting there right?” you chuckle to yourself, it’s been a long journey.

You don’t notice this considering you’re consumed in your thoughts. As you think about your life, he looks down at you smiling. He notices how cute and excited you are to be here, which is the reason why he went over to you and Chris in the first place. He notices how you bit your lip when you get nervous, also when you get worried you scrunch up your nose a little.

she’s perfect’ He thinks to himself, still staring at you.

The Pencil- CH

Originally posted by downunderhood

Prompt: I lent you my cool pencil months ago, and you still use it

Warnings: none:)

Word Count: 2k+

A/N: So this doesn’t follow the prompt exactly, but it was what I got the idea from, so I thought that I’d include it, enjoy:))) Also this is my first time putting my work on here, so if anyone has any advice, I would really appreciate it!! 

    “And that, ladies and gentlemen is the central dogma of Chemistry,” your boring teacher drones, trying desperately to make the course more bearable. You sit with your head propped up by your hand, wondering how it was only first period and you’re already bored to death. Interrupting the lecture is a knock at the door. Your teacher sighs, moving towards the door. A bright-cheeked boy is revealed at the opening. His curly brown hair points in every direction, his shirt is slightly off kilter and a late pass is crumpled up in his right hand. He smiles sheepishly at your teacher.

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What's wrong with me?
  • Me: (sees a hot guy) He's cute.
  • Me: (sees a post about evak) *heart stops beating* *inhales sharply* Why are you two so beautiful. I-I can't take it. *whispering* I love you.
Tyler Seguin- I love you

Originally posted by seabsieboys

Request: Will you please do a Tyler Seguin where the reader is like insecure and he like tells the reader that she’s the only one he loves and it’s just fluffy and precious plz :) thank you :)

Authors note: sorry it took so long and sorry it’s so short. ❤️

Tyler and I were invited to a team Party with the WAGS and the players to kick off the summer.

So here I was in bikini at a pool party with a bunch of models and pro athletes.

The models were all pretty, skinny, tall and very confident. Mean while I was here, in okay shape. I mean I didn’t have a lot of weight on me but I had been chubby as a kid, so I had no thigh gap or anything like that.

Tyler could have any girl here. It’s not long till he realizes it and that’s even if he hasn’t already!

“Hey baby girl.” I hear Tyler purr into my ear, followed by his childish yet extremely hot laugh.

“Hey Ty.” I reply flatly.

“What’s wrong?” Tyler asks as he cuddles with me on the tropical designed couch that is by the pool.

“Nothing babe, I’m just tired and a bit thirsty. I’m gonna go inside to get a drink. Go have fun.” I say with a mixture between a forced smile and a straight face.

“Babe, seriously what’s wrong?” Tyler asks as he follows me into the main houses kitchen.

“I’m tir-”

“No what’s really wrong?” Tyler asks as he traps me against the counter. Turning me to face him.

“I told you that I’m-”

“Your not tired. If you were tired you would only want to cuddle. So, what is the matter? And don’t give me that I’m tired bs.” Tyler says his voice firm and gentle, though yet again interrupting me.

“Tyler” I whine.

“Babe.” Tyler whines back

“I don’t want to talk about it. It doesn’t matter. Now, go have fun I’m just getting a drink.” I reply settling for the leave me alone response. Tyler apparently doesn’t understand that tone though.

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong and if it bothers you then it isn’t stupid. It takes a lot for stuff to bother you. So spill.” Tyler says, his eyes searching mine for the answer.

“Tyler, I really don’t want to talk about it.”

“You feel insecure.” He says leaning back after looking at my eyes.

“No-no I don’t.” I say, cursing myself for stuttering.

“Why? I mean your cute, your hot, your beautiful, you have a personality, you have a beautiful heart, your smart, your perfect in every single way. So why are you insecure?” Tyler ask. Walking us to the couch inside the house so we can sit. Him pulling me onto his lap. Soon after His hand comes to rest on my face creasing my cheek. His eyes still searching mine.

“Ty, you could do so much better. I’m worried that one day you will realize that. I mean you could have any model you wanted. You could have any girl you wanted so why me?” I ask avoiding his gaze. Though I still see the slight hurt on his face.

“Baby girl, you are the best. I don’t want a model or a puck bunny. I want you and only you. I will never want any other girl because she won’t be you. Your my one and only. And I love you so much. Please never think that anyone could ever match up to you in my eyes or even in my heart. I love you more then I love hockey. I love you and only you. Okay?” Tyler says, while creasing my cheek wiping away a few of the tears that fell and sealing his rant with a kiss.

“I love you too, Ty.” I say kissing him.

“How about we stay in here a cuddle for a little bit?” Tyler asks as he begins to lay down on the couch, me laying on his chest.


“I love you, beautiful.”

“I love you, handsome.”

“Awwww…..thanks, I love you too.” I hear a voice behind us say.

“Shut up Jamie.” Tyler yells.

Originally posted by brosillustrated

alive and safe and with me

They’re sitting at their dining room table and Philip smiles over at Lukas, picking another piece of pepperoni off his slice of pizza. 

“Why’re you still wearing long sleeves?” Philip asks, narrowing his eyes. “It’s hot in here.”

Lukas has had a sort of quiet contentment on his face since he got home late this afternoon and he just smiles, shaking his head.

“How are you not hot?” Philip asks. “I’m hot.”

“Yeah you are,” Lukas says, grinning at him.

Philip laughs, shaking his head. “What’s up with you? You meet some new cute guy at that group project thing? You getting ready to tell me you’re leaving?”

Lukas scoffs. “As if,” he says. 

Philip knows it’s the most impossible thing, which is why it’s so easy to joke about it. “So why are you acting like you’re staring at something beautiful?”

“Well, I am,” Lukas says, gesturing towards him. He grins when Philip sits back in his seat, clicking his tongue. “Angel face, you walked into that one.”

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anonymous asked:

Tickling dan then making out real slow and cutesy xx

Sleepy morning Dan was the best, a million times better than late night Dan. He was all giggles and curls, snuggling up close to me. Currently I was running my fingers up and down his sides underneath the blankets, making him nearly squeal with laughter. He was usually the one to tickle me mercilessly, but every once in awhile I would give him a taste of his own medicine. I never tortured him as much as he did me, though. And I never poked at his sensitive neck.

“Y-You’ve gotta stop or I swear I’ll pee in this bed!” Instantly my hands were back in my own space. The last thing we needed was to explain to Phil why we were washing the sheets this early in the morning. Dan sighed in relief now that he wasn’t being tickled. I watched his face, the little smile still trying to tug at his lips. He looked over at me too, with messy hair and sleepy bedroom eyes. Why was he so damn cute? He pressed his thumb between my eyebrows. “Why are you frowning?” Was I? I hadn’t even noticed. I pressed my chest to his, so our faces were much closer. “Because you’re fucking hot and I forget sometimes,” I mumbled. Dan smirked cockily. “Thanks for the compliment but clearly you haven’t checked the mirror recently. I may be hot but you’re beautiful.”

“And you’re a cheese ball.”

Wow! Here I was trying to be nice and you insult me!”

I laughed at his voice of mock-hurt. I reached my hand up and over his shoulder, bringing us even closer. Dan’s gaze flicked between my lips and my eyes, until I broke his indecision and kissed him. It was gentle, we pretty much brushed our lips together for a moment, my fingers wound around a stray curl at the nape of his neck. Dan’s warm tongue traced the seam of my lips, asking for entrance. I didn’t deny him. That seemed to change the tempo of our kissing. Dan turned so he was now over top of me, both my hands in his hair and tongue battling his for dominance. I tugged at the locks around my fingers, making Dan moan and now my tongue was in his mouth. My leg slid up and down against Dan’s, one of his hands wound under my back and wrapped around me. It was all very sensual. There was really no rushing during the morning time.

Dan slid back slowly, taking my lower lip between his teeth as he did so, before releasing it. His eyes were a dark brown, his cheeks pleasantly rosy. I was breathing hard and my body was hot against his now. We both stared at each other waiting for someone to make the first move. “So uh…we gonna…?” Dan shook his head with a smile on his face. “Try not to make too much noise this time,” he laughed and leaned in to kiss me again.

A/N: These cute requests are killing me you guys literally best idea ever~


R: “- Good evening, sweet lady. It’s 8 pm and you look beautiful! …and you have a hot tub in front of your house… or trailer?”
M: “- I like to take baths, sue me. You came in a limousine?… why am I not surprised…”
R: “- Let’s see, your shoes are really cute but I have these with me, would you mind putting them on?”
M: “- Wait, what!?  …Please tell me this is not a fetish thing, because if it’s…”
R: “- Just trust me. *wide smile*
M: *murmurs* “howdidyouevenknowmysize...”

M: “- So where are we going?”
R: “- You’ll see when we get there…”

M: “- Oh, what is this place? It looks amazing!”

Masterlist I

Storyline: *=smuts

1) “Fuck I love you”

2) “Babe, is everything okay?”

3) “It hurts knowing you’re sleeping next to someone else”

4) “Do you miss me?” 

5) “Out of anyone, I had to be stuck with you”

6) “You should smile more”

7) “Leave me alone please”

8) “Don’t forget about me”

9) “Look at you being a cute little rockstar”

10) “She’s mine” 
/ 11) “Back off”

12) “You’ve done enough, just leave”

13) “How can you love something so broken?”

14) “If you’re reading this it’s too late”

15) “Please stop, you’re scaring me”

16) “Stop hiding yourself”

17) “You kept it all this time?”

18) “Admit it, you like him”

19) “You’re in love with me?”

20) “Go fuck one of your skanks”

21) “You could choose anyone but you chose me”

22) “I’m not going to be your toy”

23) “I just miss you”

24) “I was kidding chill”

25) “Well I don’t want to talk to you”

26) “I’ve never liked someone this much”

27) “Look at us being rebellious and free”
 / 28) “Wipe that smug grin off your face”

29) “It’s not what it looks like”
 / 30) “Don’t lie to me”
 / 31) “I’m with the boys”
 / 32) “Have you been drinking again”

33) “You’re beautiful”
 / 34) “I just wanna impress you”

35) “Eyes on the face”

36) “Never talk about her like that again”

37) “Mine and only mine”
 / 38) “You’re hot when you’re jealous”
 / 39) “I’ve always liked badboys” 

40) “You’re so cheesy its cute”

41) “Bubble bath?”

42) “I could really use a cuddle”

*43) “Clothes, off now.”

44) “The things you do to me”

45) “I’ll never let you go”

46) “Fine, whatever” pt 1

47) “Why?”  pt 2

48) “I’ll do anything to make you happy.”  pt 3

49) “Wait a minute, are you jealous?” 

50) “Have you lost your damn mind?” / 51) “I thought I lost you.” 

52) “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!” / 53) “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” 

54) “It’s a Christmas Miracle!” 

55) “And I’m terrified” 

*56) “No one needs to know.” 

57) “Please don’t do this.” pt 1

58) “Boo.”  pt 2

59) “Please don’t hit me, please don’t hit me.” 

60) “Man cave.” 

Non-storyline AUs 

“Just some girl”

*“Be quiet, baby.”

“Goodbye” pt 1 - “She’s gone” pt 2

“Did you even study?”

“You’ve changed.” pt 1 - “Come back home.” pt 2

“She’s going to love you, I just know it.”

“Do you think she will forget me?”

“I ruined her.” Pt 1 - “I got you.”  Pt 2 - “Keep it, it’s yours anyways.” Pt 3

“Back into bed.” 

“Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.” 

“Do my thighs look too big?”

“It’ll be fun.”  Pt 1 - *“Come over here and make me” Pt 2 - “You’re going to regret that” Pt 3

“Get her out of here, she doesn’t need to see this.” Pt 1 - “I’m drunk and in love with you.” Pt 2


*“Put them to good use.”

“You don’t mean that.” 

“Kiss me”

“Please, don’t leave..”

“YOU DID WHAT?!”  Part 1 - “I’m never good enough” Part 2

“You’re being a douche.”

“Do you trust me?”

“I think we need to talk.”


“Tell me a secret.”

“Talk to me.”

“I will always support you.” 

“Low-key” Part 1 - “High-key” Part 2

“It’s Papa Wilk”

“Power Couple” Part 1 - “Dream” Part 2

“No funny Business”



“Let go of me.” 



“Is there something on my face?” 

“Look at me”

“You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you..” pt 1 - “Trust” Pt 2 - “Just Once.” pt 3 - “Nothing hurts more than when you shut me out.” Pt 4


“Her eyes aren’t on her chest.”


“Reasons why”

*“Just Friends.”

“Poke poke.”

“What’s going on here?”

“You lied to me.” Pt 1 - “Good to know where we stand.” Pt 2 - “Is that my shirt?” Pt 3

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“You look like shit.”

“Tired of 2nd place.” Pt 1 - “Live your life without her..” Pt 2

“I’m home.”

“Happy 1 year….”

“You’re on!”

*“In the Morning.”

“You betta get the fuck outta my face before I punch you in yours.”

“Isn’t this supposed to be the part where we kiss?”

“Fuck, I think I caught feelings.”

“Can you guys just fuck already?” 

“Do you believe in destiny?”

“You did not wake me up at 2am just because you were in the mood.”

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{Reaction} EXO making you flustered

An exo reaction where they like seeing/making you flustered??

Note: Here it is! Enjoy~

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Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol loves to see you flustered, and will go to great lengths to get you into that state.

Chanyeol: “I can touch you here if you li-”

{y/n}: “We are in public!”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Kyungsoo sometimes needs a little bit of time to make sure you are embarrassed and not cringing at what he’s saying. He has the tendency to get quite shy himself, so you’re both flustered- prone.

Kyungsoo: “Yah, you’re too cute. You need to stop doing that with your face.”

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun lives to see you flustered, so expect to be in that state a lot.

Baekhyun: “Who is the most beautiful Jagi in the world? Look, she’s right there.” *points at your reflection in the mirror.*

Oh Sehun

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Sehun will pretend like he doesn’t like seeing you flustered, but he really does. He pretends like he doesn’t because he knows that he’ll get teased back if he teases you.

Sehun: “{y/n} why is your face so hot?”

Baekhyun: “To thaw your frozen heart”

Sehun: “Shut your mouth.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Yixing finds your blushing really sweet, and will always giggle when you do get flustered because he just finds it so adorable and he loves it.

Lay: “Never change, Baobei.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Chen will smile and pull you into his arms as you become flustered, he will hold you and laugh because you look so cute and it’s moments like these that make him the happiest.

Chen: “Did I ever tell you how much I love you?”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok loves to see you flustered, especially during those times that are the sexiest. He will hold you close and whisper sweet nothings in your ear because he knows, despite your blushing, that you love it.

Minseok: “What would I do without you, Jagi?”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao likes to make you flustered because it aids his ego more than anything. Knowing he has such an influence over you will make him like this and it’s times like these that he’s at his best.

Tao: “You’re amazing, Baobei. Also very cute, you’re adorable.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho will become very smug when you become flustered, because this wonderful bias is the master of sass and sudaddy af so be prepared for him to just keep teasing you more and more once you start getting flustered.

Suho: “Your clothes look nice Jagi, but imagine how much better they’d look on the floor.”

Lu Han

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Luhan loves to see you flustered, especially during sexy times. He will make sure that he can keep making you more and more flustered, loving the way you abide by his ever ask while you blush.

Luhan: “Aish, so cute.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Kai loves seeing you flustered when he dances, so sometimes he will make dances for you. I’m not talking little dances, I’m talking full choreography that he’s produced or you because he loves the way you’re so enticed and flustered while those hips work their magic.

Jongin: “Did you like it Jagi? I was thinking of you throughout the whole thing” *winks”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris will pretend like making you flustered doesn’t bother him, but it does, really. He thinks you look adorable, and he loves the way your cheeks will heat up before him.

Kris: “Jagi you need to stop doing that with your face, it’s too cute.”