why are you so attractive kevin

That’s something I asked both myself and the people I hate a lot of times.

More often than not they respond with “Oh come on stop overreacting, you’re so sensitive!”

And that only made me even madder.

Okay this is so obviously bullshit it hurts, so the surprising route would be if Kevin would actually be telling the truth.

Wait for it….


That’s the problem with dick biscuits like this. They genuinely think people find them endearing by being so horrible.

Okay, I’ll go in a little tangent here.

I’m glad this show made Kevin be so attractive. I know that sounds weird, but shows usually portray bullies and assholes as ugly or uncharming, but this is honestly much more realistic.

Why do you think most bullies get away with it? Because they’re either good lucking or charismatic. I mean, who are people gonna believe, the super rich cool kid who knows how to get his way or the awkward fuck who’s always stammering and can’t even talk right because of rage?

This is realistic, and it’s hitting a bit too close to home.

I’ve been in Stevonnie’s position more times than I can count.

ptx when they're upset with their kids

scott: “you are grounded!!!!!!!!!
for 30 min!!!!!!!!!! feel my wRATH”

mitch: “but why didn’t you get his number?!?! you didn’t inherit my attractiveness for nothing.”

kirstie: “oh, honey. why did you do that? i’ve taught you better.”

avi: “it’s okay princess. just promise me you’ll never do it again or nO BARBEQUE FOR A MONTH”

kevin: “you got an A- on a test???? you can do better, im so disappointed.”