why are you so annoyed and angry all the time

All Mine - Bucky x Reader

Plot: Jealous Bucky is NOT someone you should get on the wrong side of.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 3897 (literally why this took me all week)
Warnings: Grinding (dancing), spanking, penetrative sex, orgasm denial. Yup.
Author’s Note: I’m sorry for being so MIA lately. School is killing me. BUT, here’s angry Bucky smut for your Friday night ;)

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When it comes to Bucky, you’ve never met anyone who can crawl under your skin like an annoying insect, while at the same time, makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Bucky makes you feel like you’re only thing that matters. The thing is, though, it’s not like you’re dating. The both of you just spend so much time together that it ends up being more beneficial than not. The second your skin collides with his, fireworks go off in every direction and the two of you go at it for hours.

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“take me to bed” just a little something before i start on all the requests!

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it was getting harder and harder to ignore your fathers death glaring stare from across the room now. you felt that if you were sitting any closer to him, he’d have killed you with his bare hands.

it wasn’t like this before….

before kattegat…..

before him.

you couldn’t deny the strong attraction you had felt for the oldest son of ragnar lothbrok. he was smart, cunning, strong, brave, and so handsome.

and most of all, he was hated by your father.

you didn’t exactly know why your father hated the lothbrok family so much, but every time he had to converse with any of them, he had an ugly grimance upon his face.

but you, you loved them. and they loved you.

you got on so well with the lothbroks, and that made your father very, very angry with you, so much so that you two hadn’t spoken a word to each other since you had gotten to kattegat.

your father was trying desperately to get more land from them, this made you slightly annoyed since your family has almost more land than the lothbroks.

but honestly, it allowed you to see them, so you didn’t mind. you knew they wouldn’t give in anyway.

and as time went on, you and him had gotten closer, and closer, and closer.

you both were drawn to each other. call it attraction, call it whatever you want, but you both knew you needed each other.

and one night, you both had given in to those urges.

you had made passionate, wild, lustful, wet, hot love to one another. you both never wanted to stop, and you both hadn’t until the fourth round was done.

but hours later you two went again.

it was the best night of your life, to be touching him, kissing him, crying out his name and giving everything to him.

and even after that night, you two never left each others sides.

you weren’t together though, just short, silent kisses and lust-filled nights were shared.

and the more you two got alone time together, the more you loved him.

and the more your father got suspicious.

then, one night, after a long session of love making, your father had requested your presence.

he knew, he fucking knew.

he screamed, yelled, waved his arms like a mad man for hours on end. scoffing disgustingly at your disgruntled appearance.

he forbid you from ever seeing him again.

long passionate stares were shared now between you and your in the dark lover. he’d lick his lips when your father wasn’t looking, giving you a tiny promising wink, but when your father looked, he’d glare at him and shake his head angrily.

and now, as you sat here alone at a table in the hall, ‘celebrating’ your fathers presence annoyed you even more.

you suddenly felt someone come up behind you, their shadow hovering over you.

“what’s he pissed about this time?”. it was him, it was him.


you bit back your smile and slid over more, allowing him to sit beside you. he sat down with you and took a long sip of ale from his horn.

you finally willed yourself to look at him, you could tell he was seeing your pain through your eyes.

in his were a longing, a want, a need…for you.

you tried as hard as you could not to reach over and touch him as he looked at you like this.

“what’s he pissed about this time?” he repeated, but in a more soft tone. you sighed heavily and shook your head.

“the usual…me.” you muttered, taking a long and large gulp of ale, trying to drown your sadness.

bjron watched you as you drank, his finger slowly rubbing over the rim of his cup.

“i miss you” he said, eyes not looking at you a he said this. you bit at your lip, trying to prevent yourself from pouncing on him right then and there.

“i miss you, too” you whisper. you sighed out when his hand gripped yours under the table.

his fingers lovingly stroked over your knuckles. he leaned down and kissed your hand, his lips lingering more than they should have.

“i have something to ask of you” he said, eyes staring at your father as he said this. you nodded and listened intently, worry lacing your nerves.

“when your father leaves here…..i want you to stay…with me” he said, his voice the softest you’d ever heard it.

you stared at him in shock for a moment, not knowing how to respond.thankfully, he continued.

“i want you to be with me. be my woman, and my wife. i want you for as long as you’ll have me”.

this  made you want to smile and scream out joyfully at your father. but, how would he take this?.

“bjorn…my father hates you”.

bjorn nodded thoughtfully, trying to figure up his words.

“i know. but this isn’t about him, this is about you and your decision”. you slowly closed your eyes, which were filling with tears. you wanted to be with bjorn, but you wanted to make your father proud.

“he thinks you’re dangerous” you said. bjorn gave you a look that shook you to your very core.

“perhaps he is right” he said, pausing to tuck a stray hair behind your ear.

“but that will not stop me from having you. loving you. i want to care for you like you deserve, if you’ll allow me to”. he then suddenly stood, and went to walk away from your table.

but your hand shot out and gripped his, not wanting him to go.

“bjorn, where are you going?”.

“ you make your father proud. settle down with a well to do farmer and bear his children and become his little wife. or stay with me, stand by me and become mine. in the end i know you’ll make the right choice”.

he leaned down and kissed your cheek, teasing you by kissing so close to your lips, then left the hall, giving you a very seductive look over his shoulder just before he walked out the door.

you pondered over this for a moment. you loved bjorn, you loved the idea of being by his side as he searched for new lands. but your father… how could you disobey him so openly?.

you stood and took a hug gulp of breath through your mouth and headed straight for your father.

this was your choice.

you took a left right then and walked out the door. running to catch up to bjorn.

but you couldn’t find him. you froze where you stood and searched all around.

until two very large arms wrapped themselves around your waist.

“i take it you’re staying” he mused cockily, lips pressed to your neck. you scoffed but couldn’t help laughing at your lover.

you wrapped your hands over his and squeezed his fingers.

“shut up ironside” you whispered turning your head and catching his lips in a bruising kiss. he hummed, his tongue gently lapping at the roof of your mouth. his hands reaching up and stroking over your breasts.

you moaned and pulled away, just enough to breathlessly say.

“take me to bed and prove to me i’m yours”.


Some random info of a few characters from bnha + creator’s insights!!! I cant find the English version of this so here’s the translation from yours truly, youre welcome. But can we just stop for a sec and appreciate bakugou in normal clothes, I can die happy now.

Midoriya Izuku

Birthday: 7/15

Height: 166cm

Favourite things: Katsudon


·      Originally wanted to reuse a character from another short, so the character design is the same. The plan was to make the main character look uninteresting so wanted to draw him with bangs that covered one of his eyes, but then decided not to so he’s back to the initial design. I still think he looks pretty plain.


Uraraka Ochako

Birthday: 12/27

Height: 156cm

Favourite things: starry sky, Japanese food


·       Because she and Izuku interacts a lot, so she has to have a talkative and preppy personality

·       Unexpectedly offensive. This is the proof of you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover

·       Originally Mt. Lady is the female protagonist, but cant think of a way to let her grow as a character plus Uraraka’s character slowly formed, so changes were made.

·       When naming her, first time in my life as a manga artist I thought I might be a genius. Because of the meaning of the words.

Lida Tenya

Birthday: 8/22

Height: 179cm

Favourtie things: studying, beef stew


·       The character was created near the end of the meetings. His growth as a character is completely opposite to what I imagined, even I was surprised. I might enjoy drawing him the most. Lida’s quirk was planned to be very “business like”, after some thought, his quirk became what it is today.

Bakugou Katsuki

Birthday: 4/20

Height: 172cm

Favourite things: anything spicy, mountain climbing


·       Originally designed to be a prodigy, but very ignorant/innocent in terms of his people skills, the kind of character that unintentionally offends others. But this makes the story line very uninteresting. After giving him an explosive, angry personality, he can now be easily hated.

         (speech bubble) “this is so easy, anyone can do it!!”

         Original design. Isn’t he annoying?

All Might

Birthday: 6/20

Height: 220cm

Favourite things: Yakusugi (Japanese Cedar), movies


·       It takes 1-2 pencils to draw him every time he goes into super mode, he is burning my money.

·       Although I thought his original design was already really cool! But editors in meetigns said “No one would look up to this kind of old man” “Why don’t you try making him more handsome”. Other artist friends also said “He looks like a happy old man”, so I tried to change his design. Thank you for all your comments, now I put more thoughts into my drawings.

Side note:

·       When he’s in normal mode, his eyes are black from the shadows of his sunken eyes because he’s too skinny, but his pupil still shine with the pride of being the “symbol of peace”.

             Wanted to show that while he is in super mode, you can still see the same person from his eyes.

             Not skilled enough to represent it well. Sorry.

Aizawa Shyouta

Birthday: 11/8

Height: 183cm

Favourite things: cats


·       calm and logical, but action-taking kind of person

This is what a person would look like when they constantly get bogged down by the facts and logics. But this is only a sketch of him in those occasions when you don’t have to mind how you look anyways.

Side note:

·       Apperently there’s nothing in his room


Aaaaand that’s everything. Pls excuse some of my clunky wording, new to translating plus I’m bad at switching between languages. Hope you still get an idea of what’s going on. I find Bakugou’s section the funniest, and yes, it is canon that Aizawa sensei likes cat.


Can i rant? Because this is so disgusting! And i’m sure alot of you will agree with what is in this post.

First of all, Christian as well as the whole DPR group deserve to be loved for the talent they have, the music they make for us fans and the never ending fan service that they provide. It makes me so angry to know that Dabin isn’t as popular as Christian because ‘he isn’t as good looking’. I have said it before and i will say it again….all these newbie fans that only jumping on Christian dick cuz of his looks annoy me😒 if you’re really and truly supporting the team then that’s cool but so many people don’t even know Live and Dabin as the same person🙄.

The amount of times i have seen people comment stuff like “who are you?” “What do you do?” “Why are you famous?” on his livestreams….i could kill a bitch. Yet he is still kind and patient enough to explain himself when he really don’t need to. I have been a fan of Christian since his days of B.Boy B.Yu and his silly little park videos on youtube, all the way through C-Clown debut and disbandment and now through DPR, which is why shit like this disgusts me.

Another thing that really angered me was to see that people blamed Christian for C-Clown’s disbandment. Seriously?! Christian did not choose for his team to be broken apart so that the other group in their label could have more funding. Just because Christian is the most ‘out-there’ out of the ex-members does not give people the right to come at him like that. Kangjun became the fashion and visual director of his own label and Maru even started making his own video projects with his own little team (they start uploading them tomorrow btw everyone go an support my baby!!!!!💕).

These articles truly show how shallow today’s society is that it only focusses on people’s looks and not their abilities. This can be applied to alot of artists such as Jay Park, Owol(taehyun) and since SMTM6 Double K (don’t even get me started on Double K, he’s such a legend but people only getting to know him now) I am done with people jumping on the DPR hype because it’s so “aesthetic”….MISS ME WITH THAT BULLSHIT😡

Final note:

How shitty the represantation of mentally ill people can actually be

It’s really nice that we have more and more representation of people with all sorts of mental illnesses – from the worst ones that make life awful and unbearable to the most common ones that many people fight and live with every day. Some of them are brought to us straightforward, like with Even from Skam and his bipolar disorder, which was a very important topic in 3rd season of the show, where we could see a very good representation of said issue with all sorts of stuff like how it affects a person and his mood, actions, words, views on life, etcetera, etcetera. Some of them are brought to us hidden in a metaphor, like with Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments, whose ‘demonic blood’ was most definitely a metaphor for some serious mental issues, whose real personality we can see later in the books right before his death, which was a metaphor as well, which showed us how different a person is without all those awful things occupying his mind. Some of them are a bit more straightforward than TMI, but a bit less of a ‘punch in the face’ than Skam. Like, for instance, Nathan From Life Is Strange or Josh from Until Dawn. Josh is  definitely schizophrenic, having a post-traumatic disorder because of the death of two of his sisters that happened thanks to his own friends’ prank and that he blames himself in, even though at the time of the prank and their death he was passed out and couldn’t possibly do anything, besides that probably having some other issues on his plate as well. And Nathan, most likely being sociopathic, being abused by his father his whole life and being manipulated by a man, who has done some awful things and who most likely has a lot of mental issues himself, in his worst untreated state and obviously having some other mental issues that he tries to deal with using drugs, and by drugs I don’t mean meds, which he actually doesn’t use, but actual drugs, like cocaine, meth and all that stuff. As you can tell, both of the guys have some serious mental issues, but the player, if he wants to, can most definitely not pay attention to those details or even skip them, because they are not a huge topic of any kind.
You know what is a huge topic in the games, though? How awful and bad those guys are and how much you can hate them. Now, let’s step aside from our first and second examples. Because, even though I’m convinced that Sebastian’s situation is, in fact, a metaphor for mental illnesses, it’s not a confirmed theory and, at the very end, it’s a fantasy world. It’s still ‘demon blood’, which canonically can’t be treated or cured in any way and which is still an imaginative thing and all that, so I’ll let it slide. We’re also not going to talk about Even, because I already talked about how good the representation is, so the only thing we can do right now is genuinely clap our hands and step aside, letting Skam do its own beautiful thing. Who I want to talk to you about are Nathan and Josh. More specifically about how poor and unfair was their representations as individuals and the representation of the mental illnesses themselves.
Let us start with Josh, I suppose. Joshua’s mental illnesses are a bit more visual and by paying attention to the details and searching every little corner in the game (which not every player does, by the way), we can see his diagnosis and also understand that he was visiting many psychiatrists throughout his life. But, unfortunately, we also find out that every one of them was fucking awful, because each and every one of them (including the one we can actually interact with in the game) thought he had a depression, giving him the wrong meds, which made the situation even worse. If the player’s brain works at least a little bit, he can also figure out that the one sitting in the psychiatrist’s chair all this time wasn’t the player himself, but Josh, which leads to an obvious, but not detailed enough, conclusion of Joshua being mentally ill. And, all of this is pretty cool. You know, under certain circumstances of the player being clever, attentive and willing to spend hours researching every flipping room, which can be pretty boring and can take a good amount of time, the job would be kinda done and the representation would be pretty good. Why am I so angry, then? Well, let me explain you something. If you haven’t played UD, the player, making the right choices and clicking right buttons at the right time, can save everyone. Yes, every fucking annoying teenager, including that bitch Emily. Well, not exactly everyone. Everyone, apart from Josh. So, here’s your conclusion. Every teenager in the game has done some pretty bad things. They were fully capable of controlling themselves, they knew what they were doing. I already talked about a prank that they pulled and that killed two girls, which they stress out about much less than Josh himself, who didn’t have anything to do with it and who supported and loved his sisters dearly. There is a guy, who can literally point a gun at a girl and shoot her. But, no. That’s fine. He deserves to be saved. You know who doesn’t? A person with a package of mental illnesses, who can’t control himself and can’t acknowledge what he is doing. What he is doing, you ask? Well, he is pulling some scary pranks on his friends. What? No - no murders, no injuries. Can you repeat that for me please? Oh yes, a bunch of assholes should be saved, but the most innocent person and the biggest victim of all can either turn into an actual monster a.k.a. wendigo or die from hands of said monster. A horrible-horrible death. You know like, full on GOT Oberyn death. Yeah, I’m going to stand up and sarcastically clap my hands right about now. Good job, guys! Good message! Great representation!
Now, let’s move on to Nathan. If the representation of Josh’s issues in Until Dawn was pretty good and the conclusion is what I have an issue with, Life Is Strange here pulled a reversed card. Well, kinda. Our main character hates Nathan and so does her partner in crime/ex best friend/girlfriend/I still haven’t fucking figured out what exactly they are to each other – that’s not the point. One day they sneak into principal’s office and find out that Nathan has some issues. What issues? Who the fuck cares? I mean he’s crazy, right? Everything else doesn’t matter. Every clever player already figured out that Nathan has some serious mental illnesses and starts sympathizing him immediately, seeing a pattern I personally call ‘oh, that’s why he’s such an asshole’ and realizing every Nathan’s move is not his fault. Then, we find out that his father is a dick, who mentally and, possibly, physically abused him his whole life. And, after that it turns out that a manipulative abuser and killer is, well, manipulating him into doing some things that make him feel much worse and affect his mental health a whole lot. Some clever players look at Nathan totally different now. How does the game, meaning every character in the game, meaning most of players as well feel about Nathan? Oh, all the same. He’s a fucking crazy prick and they hate him. That’s how they feel about him. And, even though, we got a call from Nathan that showed his real self right before he dies (sounds familiar, am I right?), where he apologized and warned the main character – possibly because developers realized how they fucked up with Nathan being only one character that you can’t support and like in the game – and how it’s, in a certain way, nice that in a new universe Nathan got caught by the police at the very start of the whole messy situation with the manipulative abuser, which means that there will be a trial, where Nathan will definitely be diagnosed as mentally ill, which will lead him to a mental hospital, instead of a prison, where he’ll get the help he needs and will eventually get better, it’s still total bullshit. We can’t sympathize one of the only characters who deserves it. The game just doesn’t let us do anything except hating Nathan. And, honestly like, what the fuck?
All in all, my point is – you’re not helping. Honestly like, if you’re planning to do THAT, don’t do it at all. Because, you’re giving us false representation full of hate and ignorance, which reflects on people very well, especially in games, because they feel like they are in those situations themselves, meaning it feels much more personal to them. Every post about why Nathan ‘is awful, even though it’s cute that you support his mental illness’ is your fault. Theirs as well, but mainly yours. Because, you are affecting their thoughts and judgment a lot. Every time I read a post like that I feel like someone is beating me up, kicking me with every next word I read, because I realize that’s what most of people think about me and people like me. And it’s all thanks to you.

Let's Be Honest

Eric (Divergent):

(y/n) thinks that Eric is cheating on her and he confronts her after noticing her being so distant and cold.

Requested by @taufuufah.


I had sat in our flat, thinking about wether I should confront him about what he had done. But I had come to the conclusion that it would be better to give him the silent treatment.

And so I did.

Everytime he gave me a confused look, which made me even more angry. He should see that I didn’t want his company at the moment and above all, realise his mistake on his own.

One day, I was sitting on my usual spot, reading and waiting for him to come home like I always did since his higher position at Dauntless required more of his time. And when he came home, he sat down next to me on our couch, his hand slightly grabbing my wrist.

“Hi, Eric.”, I mumbled, my eyes still fixed on the book as his hands slowly started to take away the book. “We need to talk.”, he sai quietly, laying down the book on the table.
“I know.”, I replied, looking up to his blus eyes which were filled with this secret softness only I got to see… and now, the other girl, as well.

“Let’s be honest. You’ve been so distant and cold the last weeks. It’s killing me.”, he started, his facial expression looking desperate and that was where I started to wonder wether this whole thing was true.

Maybe I just imagined it. Maybe I just imagined him being annoyed all the time or only misinterpreted it. Maybe I just imagined him spending so much without me.

But a part of me was so convinced that he was cheating on me that I shoved all these thoughts away.

“What did I do?”, he wanted to know, his voice calm but his eyes were filled with sorrow.
“What you did?”, I scoffed, “You should know best.”

There was this confused look on his face again, making me even angrier. “I don’t understand…”, he claimed, his eyebrows furrowed.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest and turned my head away, biting my lip.
“Maybe your new girlfriend cam explain it to you.”, I said angrily, looking at my book on the table.

“What?!”, he exclaimed, shocked and disappointed. “You heard me.”, I only mumbled and turned my head to see him. “I know about her. Peter told me and apart from that I noticed it, too.”

“You’re kidding me.”, he scoffed, shaking his head in disbelief. “Now, that’s what this was all about… You think that I cheated on you?”, he wanted to know, his voice filled with anger.

“No, I don’t. I know that you ARE cheating on me!”, I yelled, standing up, my hands in my hips, “Stop denying it!”

“You can’t be serious…”, he laughed, holding his forehead with his right hand. “Do you have any proof?”, he questioned, and I hesitated a second.

“No, I don’t. But Peter told me that you-”, I began but Eric interrupted me. “And just because Peter tells you something you think I’m cheating on you?”, his voice got louder with every word and then, he stood up, towering over me and giving me an angry glare.

Again, I hesitated a moment. He was right, Peter talks a lot of bullshit and there was no reason to believe him. But I was simply desperate.

“Yes… No… Listen, I don’t know why…”, I mumbled frankly, “It’s just- You seemed so annoyed all the time. And then you starte to spend more and more time without me. I thought… I thought you didn’t want to be with me anymore and found yourself a new girlfriend.”

His face was unreadable after my confession. And I stood there, tears forming in my eyes and my hand pressed flat to my chest.

“But-”, he started but was quiet again.

“But why would you ever think I could cheat on you? I love you.”, he mumbled, looking at me sadly. “You know that I love you. Why did you believe Peter?”

“I don’t know… I’m sorry! I thought you would want someone else…”

“But you know that you’re the only one I’m interested in. You know that I fell in love with you all these years ago. You know that you’re the only one, (y/n)!”, he said with this deep, soft voice. His hands reaching out to pull me into his arms.

“I love you.”, I mumbled into his neck, sobbing and trying to calm down, as my grib thightened. “And I’m so sorry!”

“It’s okay.”, he responded but I knew that it wasn’t.

Only time could heal this now.


I’m so sorry! Something went wrong this morning but now I fixed it and I hope you like it!
Feel free to send in requests! :)

When I was in elementary school, a boy came up to me during break. He’d been playing soccer with his friends and the ball went sideways somehow, and ended up near me. He went after it to get it back, but stopped next to me. I was reading. I did that every break, just like he played soccer every break.

I noticed him standing there, but didn’t say anything. When he didn’t seem to be moving anytime soon, I looked at him.

He was staring at me. I stared back.

“Why are you reading all the time?” he said.

I thought it was a stupid question, so I probably sounded a bit annoyed when I asked him: “Why do you play soccer all the time?”, expecting him to get angry or make fun of me.

But the boy, I’ve forgotten his name or never knew it anyways, just tilted his head a bit. He nudged the ball with the tip of his foot, then kicked it back to the other boys. “Mhm. Okay,” he said, and ran off.

He didn’t do anything extraordinary. We didn’t become friends, we didn’t talk again and I can’t even remember his face. All he did was to say okay.

Maybe that’s all we can do sometimes; saying okay even when we don’t understand.

Okay so i love deledier as much as the next person BU T WE NEED TO CONSIDER DELE/WINKSY AND LEMME TELL YOU WHY

-height difference. winksy always having to get on his tiptoes to kiss dele. dele holding stuff above his head so winksy cant reach. having to always ask dele to reach the honey from the top cupboard and pouting when he makes a joke about it

-they knew each other way back from internationals. i mean do i need to remind you of that photo???? (you’re welcome)

-the fact winksy calls him del. cute nicknames all around. he probably does it in public to annoy dele and he gets super embarrassed and tells him to shut up

-winksy protecting his angry tol man from getting in fights all the time. even though hes almost half a foot smaller. still got to protect his angry puppy

Originally posted by spurs-at-the-lane

-they always have to be together. just watch the videos. if winksy isnt beside his man? he gotta move his ass so he is.

-they’re both still children, i mean just look at this. they probably still have pillows fights and make daisy chains

-dele with the soft hugs i mean look at this

-they’re just really adorable and more people need to love them

Yoongi Scenario: Wicked Games.

Request: I would like to read something where Yoongi is the guy who’s always trying to get me (bad boy style, intimidating, sassy) … and we are always arguing and he’s always making me jealous (w/ a blond girl). When he finally kiss me after a fight and invite me to a date!! (I need a wild kiss, he biting my lips, hands around my hair, waist and butt) haahahah! Thanksss! ❤️🙈

Genre: Romance.

-Could you please back off?- you demanded between your teeth at the guy who was currently standing in front of you as you tried to pick up your stuff from your locker, but it was rather difficult with him standing in the middle -I have much more interesting things to do than talking with you-

Yoongi chuckled, not moving an inch. -No, I’ll stand here for you to enjoy my presence a little more Y/N-

Rolling your eyes you crossed your arms. -Seriously? Enjoy? Why don’t you go and delight others with your presence?-

He smirked, bending down a little. -Are you still jealous about the other day?-

You sneered, trying to dodge him and finally find a way to your locker. -You are crazy-

-You still are-

-Seriously Yoongi, I don’t have time for this- you stated trying to sound tired and uninterested. -Please move-

Yoongi obliged this time, he moved, only to lean down until his eyes were on the same level as yours. -Here, I moved-

Inevitably you got flustered, his deep dark eyes looking straight at you from such a short distance made your mind lose coherence. -Are you blushing for me Y/N?-

At this you slapped him on the shoulders making him take a step out of your way but instead of getting angry or offended Yoongi just chuckled, that smug smirk on his face telling you he was so proud of himself for the effect he had on you.

You went on taking out your things from your locker without looking at him but you could tell he was still standing near you, you felt the weight of his gaze on you making you nervous. You turned around to leave but he was one more time in front of you.

-What?- you asked turning your head to glare at him.

He was staring at you seriously, the teasing smug face gone. You breathed in deeply, not being able to not feel attracted of him, Min Yoongi had this vibe that made all your body go on some sort of trip. He was about to say something when a group of boys passed by the hallway calling his name; you recognized them as his usual gang, all of them troublemakers, all of them people who you shouldn’t get close with, that included Yoongi himself.
He gave you a final look and a side smile. -I’ll see you around-

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(Requested by Anon) (Part 1 of this imagine here) (Part 2 of this imagine here) Part 3 of this imagine here) (Part 4 of this imagine here) (Admin Note - This thing could be a bloomin’ story by now, it’s well over drabble length but I am getting quite fond of writing it :P)

You’d been with Caius and the Volturi for precisely three months now and in that time you’d learnt a lot about them that you were sure most vampires didn’t know. For example, Felix was a video-game obsessive, Demetri really enjoyed fashion, Jane listened to Taylor Swift, Alec was a sarcastic funny little fucker, Caius liked to paint and he was damn good at it too and most importantly Aro and Marcus really loved a good prank. 

It seemed strange that you considered learning Aro and Marcus loved a good prank to be the most important thing you’d learnt in your time there, especially to the upper guard; Alec, Jane, Felix and Demetri who had become good friends of yours and would have put money on what you learnt about Caius being most important. They failed to understand though that really it was all about Caius. 

Caius Volturi was an enigma. People expected him to be some super controlling, perpetually angry asshole and in some sense he was. Yet in another you’d seen his eyes tear up with venom when you finally managed to convince him to put aside his hatred of television for one day and watch The Notebook with you. He made sure you were treated like a princess and although you never used it, it was funny to think you could order your friends around if you wanted. The downside of course was that you could pass that off as something amusing but irrelevant until some vampire law breaker or another went for you during their trial, your friends jumped immediately into guard mode and Caius completely lost his shit. 

Despite the strangeness of being part of the coven as it were and yet also on a level with the guard, who Caius rarely dropped his kingly part around, you were adapting quite well to life in the Volturi. You’d got a lot more comfortable with Caius for a start, you might even go as far as to say you were falling in love with him. Yes the biggest of your problems was that you missed your family and the new secretary, (the old one became Alec’s meal after she began flirting with him and irritating him too much), hated you. 

Yet there had been exactly five trials this month and each time the vampire on trial had jumped for you and each time Caius had completely lost his shit. This put him into his perpetually angry, particularly annoying grumpy cat mode and made life so much harder. Which really explained why finding out Aro and Marcus liked a good prank was the most important thing you’d learnt, because it meant you could do something about the mood around the castle lately. It was April Fools Day after all. 

Your planning had been particularly careful, you’d explained what you needed to Aro and Marcus who had brought the things (rather than using the credit card Caius gave you) and made arrangements for the throne room to be empty at the right times and now all there was left to do was wait. You’d hidden Caius’s favourite shirt that morning so that when he came out of the study he would end up being late to the usual morning meeting and the guard would all be present before him. All that remained was for him to arrive.

“You realise this is crazy right?” Alec whispered as he stood next to you, he was on guard the human duty for the day. 

You grinned, waving off his concerns. “Lighten up Alec, it’ll be fine.” 

Alec merely raised an eyebrow as the large oak doors swung open and Caius stormed in all in a temper. 

“Y/N amore mio, any idea why my favourite shirt was hanging behind the grandfather clock this morning?” He asked quietly, gently placing his hands on your waist.

“Not the foggiest idea, il mio tesoro.” You replied with a smile, completely ignoring Felix who was mouthing ‘grandfather clock’ at you and Demetri who was shaking his head in a disbelieving way, both across the room behind Caius.

You pushed yourself onto your tip-toes and gave Caius a sweet, soft kiss on the lips before dropping back down and fixing him with a blinding smile. Using pet names and giving him kisses in front of the guard always put him in a better mood. 

With a slightly raised eyebrow and a quick smile, a satisfied look upon his face, Caius let go of your waist and turned to walk towards his throne and a sly smirk made it’s way onto your lips. Jane, (who was the guard placed by Caius’s throne for the day), was really doing a fantastic job at keeping a completely normal faceade. “Master.” She intoned respectfully as Caius reached the throne.

Caius turned looking every bit the regal vampire king and slowly sat down. The effect was instantaneous. Four loud air horns carefully placed went off at once, Caius shot up like a rocket at the exact same time as you dropped to the ground laughing. The guard were trying to contain themselves but many had begun laughing and Aro and Marcus fell out of their own thrones, their laughter ringing the loudest. 

Tears poured down your face as you clutched your ribs tightly, fighting for breath through your laughter at the look of horror and embarrassment on Caius’s face. Your flustered mate immediately yanked the air horns from the bottom of his throne and began shouting at the guard to be silent turning, placing his throne on the ground and cursing his brothers under his breath before his eyes landed on you.

His face went blank quite suddenly and he slowly started stalking towards you. What was left of the mirth dropped off your face as you began quickly moving backwards using your hands and feet to propel you and looking at Alec for help. 

“Oh no.” Alec held his hands up. “You’re on your own with this one.” 

Caius of course reached you in no time at all and you stopped moving, sitting completely motionless on the ground at his feet in the middle of the throne room. Doing your best impression of sheepish innocence you tilted your head to look up at your mate. “April Fools?” 

BTS Reaction To You Apologizing For Everything

Request: Yo! I was scrolling down and saw the odd ask from the Brit and guessed it was a request that sent weirdly/ was inferred as one. Being a Brit (like me lol) they might be too embarrassed to re-ask so imma do it for them 😊. Could you do a scenario where BTS’ S/O subconsciously apologises for everything (even if it’s not their fault) and how they would react to that? Being English myself I know it’s too true and actually do it a lot (despite finding it annoying lol). Hope this helps clarify things.

Namjoon: He would laugh every time you would apologize and turn to you and tell you that you really don’t have to apologize. Some times he would also get confused as to why you were apologizing.

Originally posted by bangthebae

Jin: At first he would honestly find it cute but after a while he’d get a bit tired of it and tell you to stop saying sorry. 

Originally posted by seokjins-wings

Suga: He would notice but not say much about it unless it was about something REALLY small. Then he would just tell you to stop apologizing and move on.

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

Hoseok: Like Jin he would find it kind of cute at frist but then after a while he would ask why you apologized all the time for such little things or nothing at all. He may chuckle to make it sound light hearted but on the inside he may a little annoyed. 

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Jimin: I honestly don’t think he would notice that much or if he did he wouldn’t say anything unless the two of you were fighting and he might get angry at you apologizing so much. Only if he’s angry first though.

Originally posted by sugutie

Taehyung: He would be too annoyed but every time you apologized for something small he would just quickly say “stop it!” and move on.

Originally posted by jjilljj

Jungkook: He would keep to himself about it but he would definitely notice how much you apologize. He’d just wonder why to himself.

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Markiplier plays “I Am Bread” - sentence starters - Part 1

1. *Indecipherable noises of panic/rage/frustration/distress*

2. “I literally know nothing about this game.” 

3. “There is nothing, nothing, that infuriates me more than bad controls.” 

4. “Let’s just calm down, think of the cute kittens or whatever.”

5. “At least the music’s bangin’.” 

6. “Oh no. I remember. I remember now why I abandoned you.” 

7. “This looks just as stupid as it was before.” 

8. “Yes, throw the bottle in anger.”

9. “I legitimately literally hate this game.” 

10. “Don’t insult me with your bullshit, I’m not gonna use your magic pills.” 

11. “If you listen closely enough, you can hear the anger neurons firing inside my brain.” 

12. “Why is it so hard to crawl over a pair of pants?” 

13. “Well, that changes a lot of things. I didn’t know I could go straight up a wall.” 

14. “I just want to get this done now, so that I can bury it for the rest of my days.”

15. “I meditated. I didn’t really, but I thought about peaceful thoughts.” 

16. “Let’s all pretend like that never happened.” 

17. “It’s broken! It’s broken! Do you see this here? It’s broken!”  

18. “This doesn’t make any god-damned sense!” 

19. “Okay, here we go again. This time I’m going to have a positive attitude. Positivity is everything.” 

20. “You have to have a positive attitude in life, or else you’re just going to get a hernia and die.” 

21. “God, that noise is so annoying. Why did they pick the most annoying sound possible?” 

22. “After all my trial and tribulation, I’ll finally be good at something.” 

23. “Well, at least I got some ants on me. That’ll add a little protein.” 

24. “How is this supposed to be easier?” 

25. “Screw it. I’m going the long way.” 

26. “I AM ANGRY!” 

27. “Nothing about this game is meant to be good in any way.” 

28. “I broke that. I’ll pay for that.” 

29. “Where am I even trying to go here?” 

30. “I hate life, and everything about it.” 

31. “Nothing has ever produced more real anger out of me. Nothing in my entire god-damned life.” 

32. “I don’t care how much time I take. All that matters to me is that I get to the end.”

33. “How do I get these things out of my way? Can I just push them off?” 

34. “All we have to do is not get in the toilet.”  

35. “Can I make that jump? I think I can.” 

You’re Annoying (And Kinda Hot But I’d Never Dare Say It Aloud) // Chapter 4

Chapter 1 , Chapter 2, Chapter 3

💙 Prompt :
Jungkook didn’t expect for Jimin to tag along for their summer camp. And he most definitely did not expect for the smol squishy fluffball of sunshine to have that kind of breath taking,heart throbbing, god-like body.

Or, Jungkook “hates” Jimin but his charms are kind of seeping through to him and Jungkook’s not sure if he wants it to stop.

💎 Genre:
Fluff, Slight Angst, Summer Camp au!

Fic :

 Jungkook walked away, as always. Every time the boy was faced with any problems, he’d face the other way and go as far from the problem as he could. But given the circumstances and the confusion the boy was feeling, could you blame him?

Yes, yes you could, and that’s exactly what the boy did

He blamed himself because frankly, it was all him.

And he knows that he should fix things and just stop running away but God, all he wanted to do now was to get out of this place as fast as he could. He didn’t want the others to see this side of him.

The insecure, terrified side of him.

“Jungkook-ah!, Jimin calls out but he only walks faster.

God, do you have to hurt everyone around you, Jungkook?! , he thinks.

He vaguely hears Jimin say something along the line “Why’d you do that?” to Yoongi as he strides his way to Jungkook.


He almost reaches the cabin but Jimin yells this time, “Yah!! Jeon Jungkook!”.

Jungkook stops in his tracks but doesn’t turn around. Jimin pulls him by the arms so that he was now facing the latter.

“What?”, Jungkook says, a little bit too coldly than intended.

He always does things more and worse than intended.          

Jimin purses his lips and scowls. 

Something was up with this boy for sure.

“What was that about?”, he asks, slowly eyeing the boy whose eyes were redder than usual.


“I-”,Jungkook says but stops himself from continuing, before saying something stupid. He looked at the shorter boy, hoping he’d get the message,

why are you still coming after me after all I put you through?

why does it look like you’re worried?

please don’t look at me like that…


“Walk with me”, Jimin says as he walks ahead.

Jungkook only follows quietly, not knowing what else to do.

Jungkook sees Jimin let out a deep breath. He holds his own when the boy started speaking.

“I know what you’re thinking”, Jimin says, “And I know that.. you might hate my guts and all but …I just want to know ..why?”

He stops in his track to turn to Jungkook, his expression way too forlorn and so unlike the epitome of Jimin himself.

You got it all wrong Jimin-ah.

 "Why is it that you feel annoyed at everything I do? Why is it that despite how many fucking times I try , you always push me away?“, he asks, his voice rising with every passing words. 

You got it all so wrong yet so so fucking right.

He sounded angry when he spoke, but he looked miserable.

And maybe he was a little bit of both.

It wasn’t a daily thing for Jimin to be upset or mad, at least he wouldn’t be showing his anger.

But Good lord, how could he not get angry? It was always like this and Jimin was tired.

He tried and he tried to get the younger to like him, to somehow make Jungkook stop despising him so fucking much, but it always ended with Jungkook rejecting him.

"Jungkook-ah you wanna go for a walk?”, 

“No thanks, I have homework”


“Jungkookie, teach me how to play overwatch!”

“Pft, you’re not good at games anyways, why bother playing?”


“Kookie!! You’re 17 now!! Happy birthdayyyyyyy~”, he hugged the boy.

“Ugh l-let go of me!…. P-people are l-looking”


He doesn’t really see as to why he tried so hard for the younger, when all he did was throw spiteful insults and send glares.

“I’m tired.”, Jimin continues when he notices that the taller won’t budge, 

“I’m tired of all the insults and the glares and the fights, god I’m tired of you!!”, he rambles out.

“And you still didn’t answer me, what was that?”, Jimin asked pointedly, jabbing a finger at his chest.

“Why did you look so miserable like you’re the one hurting?! Like you’re the one getting called as all those names??”, Jimin continued, shoving the boy backwards slightly.

“I’m stupid, ugly, fat , annoying-what more do you have to say? Huh??”, Jimin breathes heavily at the sudden outburst even he had not expected from his own self.

And as uncharacteristic as it seems, Jungkook whimpers with a lowly voice, “I’m sorry”.

I don’t mean it.

“For what exactly Jungkook-ah? For shoving me away from you? For treating me like shit? For insulting me? You gotta be specific here”, he says back sarcastically as he folds his arms.

His glare was prominently set on the boy who wouldn’t look him in the eyes, but his gaze turned softer the second he noticed a lone tear tracing down his cheek.

Was he crying?

Jimin voiced his thought out and tried to get closer to the other boy to see clearer but Jungkook only turned and walked away, fast.

And this time around,

Jimin didn’t chase after him. 


The next day Jimin and Jungkook were avoiding each other like the plague. Interacting with anyone but the other and only answering in short sentences when necessary.

Jungkook knows he should do something about it, he’s the cause for this and Lord, did he know.

He knew from the moment he spoke those spiteful words to the older boy that he messed up.

Yes, he’d always teased him and all but never did it make that big of an issue that it would create such tense atmosphere around the two of them.

And God, he feels horrible. 

The other night he had cried in front of Jimin, he could only hope Jimin didn’t notice the hurt expression of his. He was starting to show his emotions but he didn’t want to.

He never wants to express his feelings, as a matter of fact, he guards them like a fucking shield, not wanting anyone near him, not wanting anyone to hurt him.

It was the crippling anxiety and fear of getting hurt that had caused him to push people away.

It was the crippling anxiety and fear of getting hurt that had caused him to push Jimin away.

He feels horrible.

And the way Yoongi would cuddle and occasionally whisper soft words to Jimin on the couch in front of him, doesn’t make him feel any better.

If Jungkook felt jealous before, it was nowhere close to as bad as he feels now.

He feels hurt.

_(past tense)

He tried to get angry, to vent out the tugging feeling off his chest.  But Jungkook can’t be mad at Jimin, he can’t come to blame anyone but himself, it was his own fault.

He wanted to fix this, but he just didn’t know how.

He always dealt with things the only way he could, he ignored them. But he knew for a fact that it’s not going to take him anywhere.

And so he does the second best thing he could do,

moping around and glaring at Yoongi.


They were waiting for the rest to come so that they could go night walking in the forest park, yes, it’s 1 am right now but no, who sleeps in a summer camp night?


A while later, they had went out, with Jimin still glued to Yoongi’s side, like usual.

And with Jungkook still looking at them, like usual.

Taehyung had tried to pry Jungkook into conversations, to somehow make the mysteriously sad boy engaged in whatever it is they were doing.

Even after they reached the park filled with beautiful conifer trees, Jungkook was still in his blur state of mind.

This was definitely unusual, Taehyung thought. Jungkook always loved the starry summer nights, what was so different now?

Taehyung knew better than to ask and talk to the boy though, there was no way that he’d talk about his problems to him in the first place.

But it’s not like he needs to anyways, he sees the way Jungkook looks at Jimin, the way Jungkook glares and uncomfortably fidgets whenever Yoongi and Jimin are close to each other.


Jungkook was sitting at a bench by the small lake (it looked more like a pond, Jungkook wasn’t so sure), he sat as far from the couple as he could, but no matter what, his eyes always looked back at the shorter boy, at the way he was smiling oh-so-widely at whatever it was that Yoongi said.

It’s as if they were in their own little bubble, they had completely spaced the other guys out.

Although the park was as good as empty, it still felt crowded to Jungkook.

  Too much trees, too much light, too much emotions.

Through his thoughts of self-grief, he hadn’t realised Jin sat beside him, yet again.

“Talk to him.”, he said and sighs. “You’re so obvious”

Last time he said that he had laughed at him, joked about it, ‘cause It was so obvious that you like him .

But this time around, he had said it a bit softer, with a hint of sad, ‘cause It’s so obvious that you’re hurting.


“I can’t..”, Jungkook said after a while of collecting his thoughts.

“And why’s that?”, Jin asks.

“..he hates me.” ,Jungkook rasped out. His throat tightening and heart stinging now that he actually stated the words out.

“did he ever say that?”


“then why do you say that?”

“ because it’s obvious?”, he looks at Jin in with a ‘duh’ expression

“Just as obvious as the looks he’s giving you right now?”, Jin retaliated as he nodded his head, pointing towards where Jimin was standing with Yoongi.

Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows at what he says and turns to look at the direction he was pointing at.

He noticed Jimin looking at him but quickly looking away, all the while sneaking glances at him.

He didn’t have the tint of red on his cheeks this time (or maybe he did, Jungkook couldn’t really tell in the dark night), instead he looked doleful. 

Like he’s mad, and upset yet longing.

“He doesn’t hate you Jungkook-ah, he never did. “, Jin said, causing Jungkook to look at him again.

“You’re the only one who went around saying how much you hate him, kook. Only you.”, Jin said as softly as he could, like he knew how fragile and miserable Jungkook felt.

Oh God.

“But ………I don’t mean it”, Jungkook said slowly, looking at his cocoa-stained timberlands, trying to stop that goddamning stinging tug at his chest.

“..I love him,hyung” , he said looking straight at Jin. “You know that” , he whimpered ever so slightly.

“I know Jungkookie, everyone knows.”, Jin said. 

“But just not him”.

Hellooo~! Well, this took a long time to write, oops XD . I hope you like it! I swear I’m not trying to be cruel with you guys lol I just want Jungkook to suffer cos he hurt ma poor Jimin.

I know there’s not much going on here but trust me, you’ll need a breather like this for the next chapter… ;) bombs will be dropped lol.

Thanks for reading! <3

“Crazyhead” random thoughts

Okay no, good things about Crazyhead:

-very dark skinned black girl as a badass asskicking protagonist (Raquel!!)

-often called cute by everybody

-the other protagonist is also a girl and has a good character development and loves her bff so much it makes me cry

-It’s basically supernatural but poc have a personality and live for more than 1 episode and there are lots of girls

-In particular there’s one poc who never seems to die. Like, never (wink wink for who saw it) (ALSO SHE’S CLEOPATRA IN DOCTOR WHO)

-nice friendships between girls, no toxic fights and shit.


And not so good things:

-Main one and most painful cause it could be the perfect show: gays as the butt of way too many jokes. Really, it was so annoying, and… not funny at all??? Then why??? Ok I got it, y’all are straight, even when (spoiler alert) the 2 damn protagonists kiss. Okay, it’s straight. No need to clarify it with jokes against gay people don’t you think??

-”Oh she’s a girl? and he’s a boy!! immediate romantic attraction obviously!! And noow date.” I mean most of the relationships end up kinda fucked up in some way but still.

-In the first episode at some point I think Raquel gets sterotyped as a black angry woman? But I don’t understand why, cause that’s kinda the only time it happens. I mean, it happens another time but she says that it’s the quickest way to get rid of nosy people. Except for that she’s a complete character of her own with a great character development and great profoundity.

Conflicted about it cause it’s still a white man writing girls and black girls and making jokes about gay people and I’m afraid he fucked up even more than what I spotted but I liked it so much other than for the fuck ups I listed!!! So I’m trying to be the most critic I can about it, but like with Hamilton it kinda hurts because to me it’s so good and new in so many ways and I hate that it can’t be perfect for everybody and it has to be called out and idk. I had to let it all out somewhere, and Tumblr is my ventpit.

Something, which is not spoken aloud

Ok, It’s been a long time, but I’m finally posting my second Sprousehart fanfiction. Huge thanks to all Sprousehart fandom and especially @lilmooncat for helping me with editing.

I apologize in advance, because English isn’t my first language, so there is a huge possibility for mistakes. Thank you so much for reading this. Let me know what you think. Love you.

In the world of the most meaningless things there are the ones that create someone’s love. That love, which is not spoken aloud, which doesn’t inspire to write poems or novels. This feeling is so special, that you can feel nothing, but it. Until the last you’re trying to believe that you’re not in love, but there comes a moment when all the colors of the previously unknown feelings suddenly become clear and you begin to look at it unwittingly, trying to see all of its beauty, trying to touch, but never knowing that you already consist of these colors.

If you asked Cole if he believes in love, he would say:“I didn’t understand the question.” For him it was only the feeling that you don’t recognize. Not that he has ever answered this question, but this option seemed to be the most appropriate for him.

Looking at the green pearl liquid in his glass, he was thinking that it was high time to leave. This party was becoming too far-fetched and meaningless.

The room was full of dancing people. Their silhouettes were shrouded in smoke and light of neon lights that were moving like in black-and-white film. A variety of glass colored bottles was standing on the table. The soft neon light was penetrating through the glass. Cole noticed an ashtray filled with smoldering cigarettes and snorted contemptuously. They were disgusting and cheap. Pearl green liquid in his glass vaguely resembled absinthe, but Cole knew that it wasn’t true. Whatever it was, it was as cheap and nasty as all of the things here.

He was looking at the silhouettes of people who were dancing to the loud and monotonous music, but did not see their faces. Maybe it was too dark or maybe he didn’t want to see them. He was holding the glass in his hand and it felt like a habit.

Cole knew that coming here was a mistake. The foolish mistake which is usually made by someone, who is already hopeless. Everything here was disgusting for him: cheap cigarettes and countless cocktails, neon lights and empty unfamiliar faces. It was about 11 pm and it made him inexplicably tired. The evening didn’t bring the desired relief and there was a long painful night ahead.

Everything supposed to be completely different this evening. Cole knew it was his fault. He was fond of the feeling, which is not spoken aloud, and today this senseless party and the pearlescent liquid in the glass were his merciless lessons.

He has never told Lili that he feels for her that exact inexplicable something. He knew that it was impossible to say, but today she was with someone else and all these rules weren’t important anymore.

It was becoming stifling because of intrusive thoughts. The smoke was fooling his mind more and more. Cole put the glass on the table untouched. Along with smoldering cigarettes and colored bottles it will be the proof of how drunk was everyone here. Everyone, but him. Today, an alcohol wasn’t his silent friend, today everything felt wrong.

He went out at night live city street and exhaled. He exhaled in confusion, feeling an irresistible desire to act. The desire to make the night less exhausting and painful. Cole knew that nothing will help, because apart from Lili there was no such a healing medication. Maybe he should call her, but she was with someone else and he knew it. Phone conversations never solve anything. No, he needed to see her. To say something, or just sit in silence or make a play. Plays are nasty, but it’s the only way to show her the feeling, which is not spoken aloud.

Cole caught a taxi and told her address. It was like an old habit. The habit which is impossible to get rid of.

He was confident in what he wanted to do until he stopped in front of her door. Yes, today he was pretending that he was drunk. Today the arrogant smirk was his main weapon.

He rang the doorbell, simultaneously putting on a smirk, listening to the Lili’s slow steps. The door opened, accompanied by a symphony of surprise.

“Cole?” asked Lili, raising an eyebrow. Her glance was hidden from his eyes in the dark, but Cole noticed her trembling.

“Don’t pretend that you weren’t expecting me. It’s a usual time for a guest like me,” he drawled smugly, leaning against the doorway.

“Actually, no,” she said quietly, but deceptively. He could almost physically feel how she was getting angry. It was their little game when he did all those absolutely arrogant and annoying things, and she was angry. But today this game wasn’t enough; they definitely needed a whole play.

“What a blatant lie!” he almost sang it, unceremoniously walking into.

“I’m not alone, so you are slightly not in time,” said Lili irritably after him and he flinched, but just for a moment.

“Oh, really?” Cole smiled theatrically, turning around. “So, I will finally meet your boyfriend or whatever he is for you. Cami has been talking about him a lot, so why would I not assess his countless advantages? “he asked sarcastically with a challenge, looking at nervousness on her face.

"Lili, who’s there?” a voice was heard from the living room, shattering the silent tension in the air. After a moment in the hallway a young man appeared whose face Cole didn’t even try to remember. Lili was about to answer, but Cole was faster, stretching out a hand for shaking.

“I’m Cole,” he smiled, shaking the man’s hand, and furtively glancing at Lili. In a moment she would understand that this was a play, but right now he was continuing with his too well-rehearsed role. “Just came here to visit you. I apologize for the late hour, but this is Lili’s favorite time to make visits. I’m not the one to break traditions,” he smirked, noticing Lili’s annoyance and confusion of a faceless young man.

“I’m…” the man began.

“Yes, I know who you are. I think we’d better drink for acquaintance,” interrupted Cole, continuing his way through the Lili’s house and finally stopping in the living room. Two glasses of red wine were standing on the small table next to the couch. Cole grinned. He knew that she liked only white. He collapsed on the couch without permission, getting Lili’s frown and surprised glance from her “boyfriend” as a reward.

“Cole, you need to go” she sighed, looking in his giggling eyes.

“But I just got here,” replied Cole, looking like a hurt child. “Let me raise a glass for you and your big unbelievable love” he smiled at these words, lifting a glass and refusing to take his eyes from Lili even for a moment. His play took place in the glory, like a premiere of a long-awaited musical.

“Let’s stop kidding around.”

“Oh, it’s not like that,” a smirk painted his face with mocking bright colors. “I just wanted to say a few words. For example, I can give your boyfriend some advices. You don’t mind, right?” asked Cole, but he needed no response.

“Well…Yes… ” the faceless man replied, looking at Lili questioningly.

“That’s great!” exclaimed Sprouse, getting up from the couch, showing all his action in all its glory. It is a pity that nobody else saw him. People would applaud. But no, this performance was just for the two of them. “First of all, don’t wear this sweater. It’s horrible, seriously. Lili, you should have told the truth to your boyfriend.”

“Enough,” she couldn’t resist. “Go home. Enough for today.”

“Why are you so rude?” brazenly grinned Cole. “I’m just talking with your boyfriend. By the way, do you know that Lili loves chamomiles?” he was talking to her boyfriend, looking at her. It’s simple: it seemed like in this room there were just two of them. “Do you know that she likes cloudy weather and black coffee with two tea spoons of sugar? She likes to listen to the music from 60s in the evenings. She puts the alarm clock only 7:01 am, but never at 7:00.  She never tells why, but I’m sure that it’s because she doesn’t like round numbers. She is afraid of the dark, but would never admit. These are things you probably already know about her, but there is one important thing that you don’t know. You don’t know that she’s not in love with you,” he held his breath, trying to catch all her movements.

It seemed that in this moment of silence she finally realized that this play was only for her. His arrogant grin was just for her and a lively twinkle in his eyes was just for her. She was wrong. It wasn’t because of his vanity.

“Lili, I’d better go,” they heard the voice of a third person, who existed here like the scenery.

“No, wait,” she asked hesitantly. “Cole, what do you want? What is it all for? ”

“I wanted your boyfriend to know the truth,” replied Cole calmly, tasting the wine and leaving the glass on the table, just like the pearly liquid at the party.  "It is always important to know the truth,“ he approached to her almost impossibly close, forgetting about the casual viewer. He could feel her hot and inconsistent breath on the skin of his neck.

"Then tell me the truth,” she said firmly. During all this time in the living room, they haven’t looked away from each other even for a second. The door slammed, but they didn’t notice. They remained in this house alone.

“I’d tell you a million things about what I feel for you, but, unfortunately, this is not the thing, which is spoken aloud,” he whispered in her ear, feeling how she shivered because of his rapid breathing.

“Then why are you here?”

“I’m here because you already know the truth,” he answered, touching her cheek with his cold trembling fingers. “Oh, and also because your boyfriend had a really strange sweater. You’d better check if he is not a serial killer and call the police,” he grinned, and Lili laughed at his inappropriate joke. Hell, this was all of him, and there was nothing she could do with herself.

“Promise me that you’ll never wear a sweater like that,” said Lili with a smile, knowing that he will do exactly the opposite, wanting to see how she gets angry. Why not? Maybe their love consisted of these pointless things. The things, which only two of them could understand.

“It’s too late. My wardrobe is already filled with them to the top,” he grinned as always, touching her lips.

It’s not necessary to talk about the feeling that you don’t recognize. Yes, it doesn’t inspire to write poems or novels, it’s not spoken aloud, but there is something about it that doesn’t require words. Something utterly wrong, what makes you do the silliest things, but not to speak.

In the end, the night ceases to be painful and a welcome relief comes. The music turns off, the smoke dissipates, two glasses with red wine remain on the table untouched and the light in the window is no longer lit. There is only one pointless question left: what was that green pearl liquid in the glass?

P. S. Here  you can find my first Sprousehart fanfiction

The reason why.

Heey guys. I wrote a new fanfiction. This time it is about Shamy and Leonard 😂 please tell me when you like it btw i really hope you do 😂💞 and a special thank you to gald8 (on IG) for your help with the grammer bc english isn’t my first language 😂

While Leonard was awake a little earlier than usual, Sheldon had woken up at the same time as he always did, he looked a bit tired as he walked out of his bedroom into the living room, but his big smile was not to be missed.

“Good morning,” said Leonard without looking at Sheldon, he was much too absorbed in his book.

“It is a good morning.”

Now Leonard raised his eyes to Sheldon. Sheldon is in a good mood? What happened last night? It has something to do with Amy sleeping here.

Pasadena caught a strong storm last night, and Sheldon did not want Amy to go home in this heavy rain, so Sheldon decided she’d sleep with him. In the same bed. Leonard’s smile grew as he looked at Sheldon. “So you had a great night”

“Stop grinning, nothing happened.” Sheldon’s voice was soft, and Leonard could feel that he was a little embarrassed. “I’m confused if nothing has happened, then why are you so happy?”

“Oh Leonard, oh Leonard Leonard, not everything is about sex. Can’t I just be happy? “ Sheldon said. 

“But you’re never happy, okay, okay, what happened last night?” Leonard said as if he were a three-year-old child, and the answer would be his birthday present.“We talked” Sheldon said and his smile was getting bigger. 

“But you hate to talk after your bedtime. You wanted to let me sleep in the hall once, because I asked you five minutes after your bedtime, if you were already asleep and now you want to tell me that you talked in the bed."Leonard was even more confused now.

"With Amy, it’s just different” Sheldon’s smile grew bigger and bigger each time he said her name.

“But what is so different with her?” everything seems easier to you when she is around.“Sheldon, she changed you very much”, said Leonard, his voice was very low, Sheldon almost seemed as if he were afraid his words could hurt him.

“Oh Leonard, please not this topic again. You really want to know why I am so happy with Amy? ”

“Yes, please let me know what’s going on in your head.” Leonard heard Sauer now.“Of course." Sheldon thought he is mad at me because he does not understand me, it’s just as always.

"With Amy, everything is easier for me because she understands me, she understands it when I need time to get used to new things, she understands why I have a regular schedule, she understands it if I don’t want to be touched. She knows that it is not easy for me to recognize or show emotions. She just is the only one who understands me. You all, have always tried to change me because you don’t like the way I am. While Amy gave me time and she waits until I’m ready. she never forced me into something I didn’t wanted to do. She gave me time and  never got angry if I did not want to do something. She just takes me the way I am and that is why it is so easy for me to be with Amy. With her, I can be like I am because she takes me as I am. Do not get me wrong, I know you are all my friends and I like you but I often feel you are annoyed by me and that hurts even if I can not show it. With Amy everything is so much easier. She loves me the way I am  and even if I hate changes, I take this change because it is not so easy to me. Amy takes me the way I am and supports everything I do and that’s why it’s so easy for me. I love her.”

“Oh my god, Sheldon!” Said a soft, sleepy voice behind Leonard and Sheldon. It was Amy and she got every single word from Sheldon.

“Amy, how long have you been standing there?” Sheldon said a bit confused

“Long enough to hear every word. talking silently has never been your strength,” Amy said in a quiet voice. Leonard and Sheldon looked at each other briefly, then turned their eyes back to Amy, hoping that she would say something to take the silence out of the apartment.

“Is it true? Everything you said? Amy said as softly as if she was afraid to hear the answer.

” Every word “

"Oh Sheldon,” Amy said, falling around Sheldon’s neck. He pressed her close to him. He did not plan to let go of her so quickly. 

“I love you too !!” was Amy still said.

“Good,” Sheldon said, kissing Amy’s head lightly.

“And I’m going back to bed, good night, and Sheldon, you deserve luck, and I’m sorry if I ever stood in your way. You’re my best friend and I like you the way you are, "Leonard said before walking down the narrow hallway leading to his room

"Thank you Leonard,” Sheldon said, but never let Amy out of his arms.

He does not know if it was seconds, minutes, or hours before he let Amy go, but Sheldon knew. He was happy.

Thank you for reading 💞

{ No...? || Part 2 } // Levi

It was finally the end of the day, Levi should be walking in any minute. You couldn’t help think about why Levi had you refused break up with you. You had been so distraught you had to end training early. But he didn’t even give you time to give explanation as to why you wanted to. He just flat out said no. But you were a burden to him, so why would he want to keep you around. You changed into a shirt to sleep in when Levi walked in. Still thinking about why as you pulled the shirt over your head, Levi came up from behind you giving you a one armed hug and a kiss on your temple. Which was what he always did when he came back from a long day.

“ I’m gonna take a shower then we can talk after, okay?”, He whispered into your ear. You nodded your head as he sluggishly walked to the shower.

He obviously seemed tired which made you not want to discuss it. It was extremely rare when he got good nights of sleep. Which to him was five hours of sleep, you didn’t want to keep him awake knowing how tired he was. Even though you did help him sleep a little better at night and help out with his nightmares, it wasn’t enough to stop his insomnia. In fact, it’s not rare for you to wake up and have him not be there.

You sat down on your side of the bed, not wanting to lay down. You felt somewhat ashamed of had trying to break things off with him. Levi walked out from the restroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. His hair dripped of his head onto his chest as he rummaged through the drawers for clothes to sleep in. You watched as the droplets caressed the muscles and scars on his back down into his towel. He pulled his clothes on and walked over to his side of bed. He slowly gathered himself into the covers and moved closer to you, coiling his arms around your waist and his damp hair and fore head pressed against your thigh.

“ Why aren’t you laying down? ”, he mumbled. You could feel his bullet gray eyes burning into you but you couldn’t force yourself to look at him.

“ Because… ”, you answered. You couldn’t bring yourself to lay down right now. You didn’t want to.

“ Because why? ”, He grunted but you couldn’t hold back anymore.

“ Why didn’t let you let me break up with you? ”, This time you were looking straight into his eyes. The question came loud and angry but you wanted to know.

“ I mean … I don’t do anything but hold you back. ”, There was no stopping you now. You wanted him to hear this. “ You could be doing so much better with out me. I disturb you all the time when you’re working. Don’t you want someone better? ”, He looked at you like you were crazy but everything you were saying was true.

“ Levi don’t I annoy you? Don’t you get tired of my mistakes? You could be focusing on better things if I weren’t here. So why did you say no? Can you even do that? I’ve never heard of anyone so no to someone breaking up with them, have you?”, You had finally gotten everything off your chest. You hadn’t realized you were crying until you felt a tear run down your neck. Levi removed his arms from around you and sat on his side facing away from you.

“ Aren’t you going to answer me?!”, you yelled with a crack in your voice. This is was the first serious fight you both ever had.

“ Lay down (name ) . ”, He growled. Which infuriated you even more.

“ I tell you all of this and you tell me to go to sleep?! You told me we’d talk about this-”, you felt your self choking up. You couldn’t speak anymore with out sobs cutting in between.

“ I’m just gonna go. ”, you managed to choke out and stood up to go rummage through your drawers to grab some clothes and leave. You could sleep in someone else’s room? Or maybe one of the younger cadets like Mikasa?

Fear pulsed through Levi as he grabbed you wrist to stop you from grabbing clothes. You hadn’t noticed him get up so quickly. He looked at you scared and hopeless. Two things you never saw him express.

“ No you’re not! ”, He said more scared and insecure then stern.

“ There you go again with the no’s again. You can’t just tell people no Levi. You’re not-”, Levi cut off your tangent.

“ I love you! ”, He yelled. That’s when you stopped. The silence was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

“ What? ”, you asked. You looked over at him again but this time you saw someone desperate and frightened.

“ I love you okay?! You can’t just leave me because you feel like you’re not good enough for me. The second we got together was the second I decided that you were. You’ve never held me back. Why would you think that? ”, His words made both relief and guilt flush over you. He was right. You had never seen Levi so vulnerable.

You pulled him into your arms with him quickly wrapping his arms around you. His arms were crushing you but you didn’t care.

“ love you too. ”, You repeated back over and over like a broken record.

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Daryl x Reader - I have hella feelings for you (Request)


Daryl x Reader Pre-apocalypse AU

- Anon:  can I request an imagine based on Blackbear’s song idfc (Daryl x the reader) 

I hope you like it anon ♥ I know it’s a sad song but I can’t write bad endings for my Daryl baby, so this fic has angst but also an happy ending ♥

Note: Words in italic are the song’s lyrics

warning: angst and fluff

You’ve been out all night,

I don’t know where you’ve been,
You’re slurring all your words,
Not making any sense,
But I don’t fucking care, at all

‘Cause I have hella feelings for you,

“Where have you been (Y/n)?

I’ve been up all night waiting for her, she left little after dinner time and stayed out until now, when the sun starts to rise.

“I’ve been out” she answers me giggling.

She drank, and that makes me angry because someone could take advantage from that.

Her giggle annoys me so I got up from the chair and grab her by her shoulders, making her look at me.

“What’s with that face Daryl? Something is wrong?” she keep giggling.

She stops giggling, a shocked expression on her face.
“WHY DO YOU CARE? YOU NEVER CARED ABOUT ME ANYWAY” she suddenly screams, tears streaming down her eyes.



I act like I don’t fucking care,
Like they ain’t even there,
‘Cause I have hella feelings for you,

I fell in love with her since the first time I lay my eyes on her, she was the only one by my side when Merle left.

She wanted to get me out from my home, far away from my father, far away from hell.

We start living together for this reason.

We were happy, until one day something change.

We were goofin’ around when I fall on top of her, in that moment the time stopped.

There were just the two of us, so I decide to lean toward her.

She had the same idea, our lips almost touched when suddenly her phone ringed and so she took the call.

We didn’t talk about that, I start to distance myself because I didn’t want to suffer again.

I’ve tried to suffocate my feelings, but every time she laughs or smiles because of me, they grew and I can’t keep them inside anymore.


“Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me? Every time you go out of this house, even if I know that you out there fuckin’ around, I can’t sleep because I need to know you’re fine…I need you”
Tears keep streaming down her face while she stay in silence, taken aback my confession:
“I don’t even care about all the men you fuck, because every time I tried to get away from you, I keep thinking about the day we almost kissed because I…”
I’m interrupted by her sobs.

I hate seeing her like this so I draw her body toward mine and I hug her tightly.

“…I love you (Y/N), I really do but  I’m only a fool for you”


At that (Y/n) lift her face from my chest: “I’ve never fuck anyone”
“Yes…I went out for drink, I was in love with you since we met but after you didn’t try to kiss me again or didn’t talk about our “almost kiss” I thought it was one sided. Then you start to keep your distance from me and I really thought you didn’t care anymore about me. I drink a lot but I didn’t fuck any men…I wasn’t able to do that because I love you so much Daryl.”
I couldn’t believe at her words.

(Y/n) really loves me?

“You’re drunk (Y/n)”
“No! I’m tipsy but I know what I’m saying and I know what I’m doing”
After that she get up on her tiptoes and lay a sweet kiss on my lips.

Before she could walk away I kiss her slowly.

She start to lead me toward her room:
“Show me how much you love me Daryl”.


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To redeem or not to redeem

Before I begin, I’d like to apologize if this post seems all over the place or not eloquent. I am not the best at “meta”-ing, but I hope you’ll still be able to understand.

Also, this post DOES contain major spoilers to SnB: Genesis (I post a little warning beforehand in the text), so if you haven’t watched that show yet proceed with caution.

So, I consider myself more of a casual viewer of this show. I watch the show once a week, post a small reaction to it sometimes, then I get on with my real life. I’m not a shipper (although I do find the romance factor cute in SnB), and I don’t have the mental energy often to post meta and debate with others. I don’t take this show seriously enough to do that, tbh, so the fact that you’re seeing this post from me is a rare exception.

I saw a post earlier with the mentality of “let villains be villains” as well as many people completely against the idea of Charioce having some form of redemption. Now it is perfectly fine if you feel that way. If you hate Charioce that’s your right. But I want to ask something, and also remind everyone of something. Would you have said the same type of thing when it comes to Azazel?

Before y’all come at me, this isn’t a post discussing which type of crime is the worst or something like that and it’s definitely not an anti-Azazel post. He’s one of my favorite characters. This post is trying to figure out a severe aversion I’m seeing to redemption arcs, especially since Rage of Bahamut…kind of already had one (in a sense)?

(When I say redeemed, I’m not saying that people will forgive and forget a villain’s crimes, I’m saying redeemed as in, he can sometime try and make up for all the bad he’s done in whatever form that may be.)

I am very aware that many people that post in the tag haven’t seen Genesis (which you should imo), but that’s why I’m here to remind everyone that in Genesis, Azazel was in fact a villain. A villain who liked killing and torturing humans for his own amusement. A villain that [spoilers ahead] was responsible for the deaths of both Favaro and Kaisar’s fathers. He was the bad guy who had to be stopped by Jeanne’s crazy god powers so he wouldn’t completely invade the capital city with his demon ship. He was the villain who kidnapped and tortured Amira. 

When I see people totally trashing Charioce, like I get it. He’s also a bad guy. He’s a bad guy who is going about his goal in the completely wrong way (but I wouldn’t honestly go as far as comparing him to the horrors of what Hitler did, he was one hundred times worse than Charioce). I see him hated and debated about so much in the tag. But where are the Azazel debates? Why are people not angry or annoyed that HE becomes a somewhat “good guy” in Virgin Soul when he was a villain in Genesis? Do you honestly believe that just because Favaro and Kaisar are letting him work with them it is because they’ve forgiven him for his crimes? Absolutely not. The creators could have easily had him continue his torture of humans (or other villainy) without all of his demon glamour, in the shadows. They could have had him go on a killing rampage on all humans instead of just those who were mistreating demons. But guess what? They decided to change him. In a sense I feel like they “toned him down” for a variety of reasons (loss of hope, shame, etc.). 

So, I’m wondering: WHY are people so against Charioce getting a redemption arc as well (lol if they even give him one considering there are two episodes left, so this can be a ‘what if’)? Why are people saying “let villains be villains” and yet they seem to give Azazel a free pass? Is it because Charioce’s crimes are more severe than Azazel’s? Do you believe there are crimes that people can never make up (or even just feel bad) for even if they tried? Is it because people can so easily sympathize with Azazel this season? Or do you simply just really hate Charioce and it won’t matter what he does? I’d like to honestly know.