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Little Parker - Kai Parker (Part Two)

Warnings: None? Fluff? Angst? Little bit of blood but nothing descriptive. Sad stuff. Hugging. Crying.

Summary: Kai Parker comes back from the dead to find that he’s got a daughter. Angst and madness ensues.

A/n: @geminioriginalsimagines how dare you let me write this I can’t handle the cute


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Annalise sat anxiously at the table, playing with her oatmeal and glancing at the door every other minute. Annalise was still in her cute pink pajamas, her hair all ruffled, but her eyes were wide awake, and she was smiling through her anxiety. A knock came at the door, and you stood up quickly to answer it.

“Eat your food, baby, we gotta get dressed soon.” You run a hand over Annalise’s hair as you walk past her and towards the door. When you opened it you were faced with Kai, holding a teddy bear and small bouquet of flowers. You let him in, reluctantly, and he gives you the flowers.

“Anna’s in the kitchen eating. Why do you have a bear?” You look from his face to the bear in his hands.

“For Anna, I didn’t know I had a daughter, I figured I’d do something nice for her.” You really want to hit him again. What does he think is going to happen? That he’ll give you flowers and give your daughter a stuffed bear and everything will be forgiven? If he would have just listened to you, none of this ever would have happened.

He follows you into the kitchen, Anna’s bowl of oatmeal was still on the table, now competely eaten, and Anna was tapping the spoon on the table in boredom. When she saw Kai she ran right to him, he hugged her back more quickly this time and when they broke apart he held out the bear.

“Thank you, daddy.” She looked adorable, you couldn’t deny that, but doesn’t every mother think their child is the most gorgeous one there is?

“Let’s get you dressed, yeah? Then we’ll all go do something fun.” Anna gives a quick nod and walks in front of you up the stairs. You turn around to look at Kai.

“Stay here, and please try not to destroy anything.” Before he can answer you’re gone, walking up the stairs towards Annalise’s room.

She was standing in her closet, looking at the dresses that lined the rack, trying to reach her favorite one. It was a purple dress, with a tu-tu like bottom, and lots of bows around the top. With Anna finally changed into her dress and leggings, you stand behind her as she walks down the stairs, her hands holding onto the rail. A crash from the kitchen has you running around her and through the archway into the kitchen. Damn had Kai pinned to the wall, his arm pressed right into Kai’s throat. Anna came running around you, her hand finding yours quickly.

“Kai, what the hell?” Kai’s gulps as he looks from you to Damon, and then down to Annalise.

“Just having a- chat.” Kai groans and leans his head back.

“Leave him alone.” Anna speaks up from beside you and Damon looks right at her.

“What?” Damon asks, his eyebrows raised.

“I said leave my daddy alone!” When Damon doesn’t let go of Kai Anna takes a step forward, her hands curled into fists at her side, as she stares Damon down.

“LEAVE DADDY ALONE!” The house shakes, a lamp falls over in the living room, and the light on the ceiling sways violently. Damon doesn’t let Kai down.

Anna screams, a the windows in the kitchen shatter, glass goes everywhere, and you reach out to grab Anna in an instant to protect her from the glass. Damon speeds out of the room and Kai gasps for air as Anna falls into your arms. Her nose was bleeding, she was probably dizzy, big magic like that wasn’t meant to be used by a five year old.

“Mommy..” Kai hands you a napkin as he kneels beside you, you wipe away the blood on her nose.

“I’m right here, baby.” She wraps her hand around your wrist as she opens her eyes.

“Where’s daddy?” Kai moves closer so she can see him, she smiles.

“I saved you.” Anna reaches her hand out and wraps her fingers around two of his big fingers.

“You saved me, but don’t do that ever again, you don’t have to save me, okay?” She nods, lets go of his fingers, curls towards your chest, and falls right to sleep.

“So much for doing something fun.” You say as you stand up, Anna still in your arms, fast asleep.

“I don’t know, I thought that was pretty eventful.” You roll your eyes.

“I’m gonna go out her down in her bed, I’ll be back down soon.” Kai gives you a nod with a soft ‘okay’ before you’re walking up the stairs again.

With Anna all tucked in in her bed, still sleeping soundly, you headed back downstairs. Kai was in the living room, trying to find a channel on the tv. The broken lamp was no longer broken, it sat intact on the table where it always was.

“How did you..?” You motion to the lamp.

“Magic.” Kai moves his fingers, much like he did when he waved, and you sat down on the other end of the couch, legs under you, leaning away from him.

“I’m not going to bite you, you know. Unless you want me to, you always were into some-”

“Okay, that’s enough.” He smiles, and you find yourself blushing.

“What? I mean, if I remember correctly, the night we made Anna was pretty wild.” You pick up a throw pillow and toss it at him.

“Shut up.” You were smiling, and you found out quickly that you were a lot less tense than before, something about Kai- he always made you feel so happy, so incredibly safe in your own little corner of the world.

You sit in silence for a while, skimming channels and scrolling through your phone. Kai kept to his side of the couch, and you were grateful for it, you didn’t want to be any closer to him than you needed to be. You were too stubborn, he’d make the first move, you wouldn’t.

“Why Annalise?” Kai’s voice pulls you out of your thoughts.

“Huh?” You clear your throat. He was still staring at the tv.

“Why name her Annalise?” You shrug.

“I just thought the name was pretty, I brainstormed for a while with an old friend of mine and well, we came up with Annalise. It’s fitting, she’s adorable, just as the name suggests.” Kai nods, silently urging you to go on about Anna.

“When she was born she wailed, crying and screaming until I held her and then, boom, no more crying. She just- stopped and stared right up at me. Bright blue eyes, tiny hands, she was so small, so tiny. She looks so much like you, the same hair, the same eyes, and when she was born that broke my heart. When I saw those blue eyes all I could think was you, you were dead, you weren’t coming back, and in that moment all I thought was that my baby- our baby, wouldn’t even get to know you.” Kai reached across the couch and took your hand, you look down at his hand on yours and then to his face. He looked so concerned, so sincere.

“That’s why I want to be here now, I want to be here for every birthday, every little league game, every time she scrapes her knee. I want to be here for everything.” You were tearing up, he wanted to be around her now, he was so different from last time, he wanted to be here for Anna.

“I missed you so much.” You hug him, for the first time in years and he hugs you back.

“I missed you too.”

Here they are!!! The Prompts for Elsanna Week 2017!!

Let’s talk about the main ideas of these prompts, shall we?

Day 1 - June 18 - Fire and Ice
Fire!Anna is something we’ve all seen in a majority of the ships in our fandom, but let’s do a day about how opposites attract. Fire Powers!Anna was something that was on the last Elsanna Week ballot, so we’re bringing it to you this week.

Day 2 - June 19 - Body Swap
What would it be like if the girls switched bodies for a day? This was also a voted on prompt, so now it’s up to you to decide if there will be chaos, intrigue, or whatever else your little heart desires. If you wanna mix it up, we encourage you to add in other characters for some Frohana fun, but it’s not necessary :) After all, this is Elsanna Week. Up to you!

Day 3 - June 20 - Curiosity
Well, this can go one of two ways. It can either be innocent or… well, we’ve all read the fics and seen the art. Another option on the ballot, in the same category as Teasing and Flirting so you may add those in as well. What!? Three prompts in one? I know, it’s awesome.

Day 4 - June 21 - Making Today a Perfect Day
Anna’s Birthday!! The Summer Solstice usually rolls around the 21st (not this year it’s on the 22nd, but just go with it), and that’s Anna’s birthday! So take us all back to the plethora of sunflowers which is totally why this background was chosen and love that Elsa dedicated to Anna on that day despite her illness.

Day 5 - June 22 - The Sky’s Awake
Precious moments are precious, and we can all use some adorable fluff (or smut, if that’s how you roll). The Northern Lights are something special for the girls, so much so that it translated into Olaf and his own wonder of the Lights. So have our girls dance or kiss or whatever underneath the gorgeous Aurora Borealis.

Day 6 - June 23 - Heir and Spare
For those of you who listened to the deleted songs “We Know Better” and “More Than Just the Spare”, you know there are major differences between the girls when responsibility is involved. Anna has insecurities, and so does Elsa. This is a day dedicated to the girls supporting one another, and perhaps Elsa can help make Anna feel less of a spare?? Your call, my friends. This one has more of a canonverse/royal theme, so let your imaginations run wild!

Day 7 - June 24 - Pride
This month is Pride Month! Spread the pride with Pride AUs! Will one sister be supporting the other, will they both be celebrating? The choice is yours! But do be courteous to others who are celebrating Pride outside the fandom, as some might not like Elsanna on their dashes. Let’s keep the peace, so tag accordingly :)

Alright! Those are the prompts. We will start accepting submissions the day before June 18 and will stop accepting submissions the day after June 24. Make sure to put elsanna and elsanna week in the tags so we can see it and reblog. If we miss yours, send us a link in a submission so we may reblog it from you.

Make sure to tag your work properly, as well. If one does not wish to see any NSFW content, do make sure to blacklist the things you want to avoid.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Introducing The Sisters

Joe glanced over at Jack as he hung up the phone, “Is Anna excited?”

“She’s meeting the Zoella. Of course she’s excited.” He laughed, falling onto the bed beside Joe, burying his face into the smaller man’s shoulder. Shifting the computer on his lap, Joe lifted a hand to run through Jack’s hair, continuing to edit with one hand.

“Zoe is pretty excited too, I’ve never dated anyone who had a sister. And one that’s into make up and other stuff like she is.”

“They’re going to get along so well.”

“I think they’re just excited to have someone who isn’t a boy.” Joe laughed.

“That too.” Jack mumbled, and when Joe glanced down a moment later, he realized his boyfriend had fallen asleep. Shaking his head, Joe turned the volume down on his computer, taking advantage of the quiet to finish editing.

Anna arrived at Jack’s flat later that evening, talking a mile a minute about all the things she wanted to ask Zoe when they met the next day.

“Calm down, jeez,” Jack rolled his eyes, shoving his younger sister lightly, “You’re acting like a fan girl.”

“I’m excited to have someone to talk to about girl things, Jack.”

“See,” Joe grinned, “Told you it’s just because they’re girls.”

“Well, I mean, it’s more than that.” Anna continued, and when both boys looked over at her, she shrugged, “It’s kind of exciting.”

“Meeting Zoella?” Jack asked, but she shook her head.

“That’s cool, but I meant more about getting to meet the family of someone you’re dating. It means that this is serious,” Anna gestured between Joe and Jack, who had already gravitated towards one another as they all stood in the kitchen. “And I’m glad to see that. I like Joe, and I like him with you.” She told her brother, smiling at them both. “That’s all.”

With that final word, she picked up her bag and spun around, heading for the guest room, leaving both boys standing there.

“Wait,” Joe shook his head, turning to look at Jack, “You’ve never introduced your family to past girlfriends families? Or boyfriends?”

Blushing, the younger man scratched the back of his neck. “No, it never felt right.”

“But with me…”

“Don’t make this weird, Joe.” Jack scrunched up his nose, “We’re just introducing our sisters to each other.”

“I’ve met your parents too, though!” Joe called after him, trailing behind Jack as they headed for the bedroom.

“You’re making this weird!”

“It’s cute!”

“Piss off!”

They all agreed to meet at Joe’s flat, making it easier for Zoe, and since she wanted to bring Nala, this would allow the small dog to run free without destroying Jack’s flat.

“Broseph!” Zoe called out happily when Joe swung the door open, the black pug darting past their legs and into the flat.

“Hey, Zo.” Joe smiled, hugging his sister hello. “Just you?”

“Yeah, Alfie had meetings in the office today. Hello, Jack.” She smiled over her brother’s shoulder.

“Hi.” Jack offered a small wave in return. “Anna’s just in the other room. She kind of fell in love with Nala.”

“Everyone does,” Zoe laughed, brushing past the boys and through the door. “Nala, did you make a new friend?”

The two boys exchanged a quick look before following her into the room, watching as their sisters sat on the floor, cooing over Nala.

“She’s even more adorable in person.” Anna commented, giggling as Nala snuffled at her.

“I get told that a lot.” Zoe nodded, “And I think she knows it too.”

From there, the conversation flowed easily.

Joe and Jack barely got a word in over the next hour as the two girls started chatting away, and when the boys realized they had no plans of stopping any time soon, they snuck out of the room and up to Joe’s bedroom, laying on the bed together.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Joe teased, his fingers dancing together with Jack’s.

“I never said it would be.” Jack replied, scoffing slightly.

“Yet you never introduced anyone to your family before…”

“I’ve brought home like..one or two people.”


“Didn’t we talk about you not making this weird?”

“It’s cute, Jack.” Joe smiled, leaning over to give Jack a quick kiss. “And it’s also nice to know your sister approves of me.”

“Don’t forget my mom adores you.”

“Of course she does. Why wouldn’t she?”

“So cocky,” Jack chuckled, tugging Joe closer to kiss him again.

“Awe, you two are adorable.” The couple jumped apart, looking over at the doorway to see their sisters standing there, grinning.

“We came to see if you wanted to go grab some food,” Anna told them.

“But it looks like you’re just fine on your own.” Zoe finished, smirking at her brother.

“Oh, sod off.” Joe mumbled, his cheeks burning red as he and Jack stood up.

“You were right, Anna.” Zoe told the other Maynard, leading them out of the room, “They can’t keep their hands off of each other.”

“We didn’t know you were there!” Jack protested, pouting as the two girls began to giggle.

“Just ignore them, babe. It’s easiest.” Joe patted his boyfriend’s arm.

Halloween Disasters

A/N: This is a drabble prompt requested by an anon for, “Have I mentioned, I fucking hate Halloween.” Enjoy! 

Originally posted by criminalmindsobsession

It was you and Spencer’s first Halloween as a couple, and naturally there was the pressure of being all cutesy by wearing a couple’s costume. Will and JJ did it every year, and always got “awww”, and “you guys are so adorable” from everyone. Last Halloween was by far their most popular costume: Kristoff and Anna, with little Henry dressed as Olaf.

“So, why are we doing this again?” you groaned, as you put on Hogwarts tie.

“Because, we have to beat them!” Spencer exclaimed.

“What do you mean by ‘beat them?’” you asked.

“We have to be the cutest couple this year!” he answered. “This year we’re going to upstage JJ and Will!” he boasted.

In your couple months of dating Spencer, you’d learned he was quite competitive. For instance, he would always get hyped up during a game of Just Dance - which he was actually quite good at. Not surprisingly, he also got really intense during games of chess, and was always left in a state of dismay after his rare losses.

“Spence, that’s absolutely ridiculous,” you commented.

“Okay, Y/N, was it ridiculous when you stayed up until 4 AM trying to beat JJ at Words With Friends?” he raised his eyebrow.

Dammit, he was right. For the entirety of July, you and JJ played that game nonstop, which she won most of the time. Perhaps you were a bit competitive yourself. “Touche,” you answered.

Besides, you did like Harry Potter. You just hated Halloween. Maybe today could change your mind.

“Oh, shit, we have to leave for Derek’s in an hour,” Spencer remarked, staring at the clock.

“It’s fine, I’m almost ready, I just need to get these robes on.”

“Okay, I’ll go start the car then,” he said. “Also, can you bring the punch bowl when you come out?” he added.

You nodded, and he waved, walking out the door. The robes were quite long, going down to your ankles, so you tried to lift it up and adjust the string. But when you went to untie it, you realized you’d made a tight knot which was difficult to open.

“Shit,” you cursed.

It sucked, but you could fix it. Besides, Spencer was waiting. You proceeded to the kitchen with caution, lifting up your robes, as not to trip over them. You went over to the countertop, where the punch bowl was, and slowly lifted it up. Crap, it was actually kind of heavy. On top of that, you no longer had your hands free to hold onto your robes, so you practically had to tiptoe your way to the car. You held the bowl, your arms shaking. You looked down at your feet, making sure you didn’t step over the robes. After a lot of tiptoeing, you’d made it out the door. So far so good. Now all that was left was six more steps down some stairs.

“You can do this, Y/N,” you whispered to yourself.

With extreme attentiveness, you stepped onto the first step. Good. If you could do that, you could do the rest. With more confidence, you walked down the second step. However, you gasped slightly, as some of the punch jumped out of the bowl, and sprayed the top of your blouse. You made a mental note to be more careful on the third step, which was extremely hard to do as your arms were shaking uncontrollably now. Who needs this much fucking punch anyway?

You stepped on foot onto the third step with no splash this time. Phew, halfway there. You began to place your other foot onto the third step, but carelessly forgot about the robes this time. You hadn’t been looking down, and therefore didn’t realize that the robes got caught around your shoe. For a brief moment you stood still on the third step, until you tumbled down to the bottom of the steps, punch all over your costume.

“FUCK YOU, SPENCER,” you screamed.

Moments after your cursing, you heard footsteps come from outside, followed by Spencer opening the door, “Y/N what happened…….oh,” his mouth slightly opened at the sight of you on the ground, stained in purple punch.

“Well, don’t just fucking stand there, help me!” you exclaimed.

“Oh, right,” he mumbled. You didn’t mean to scream at him, especially since he genuinely seemed to feel bad. “Y/N, I’ll help you clean up, let me get some stuff,” he went up to his apartment briefly, and returned back with a few towels.

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” he apologized, as helped dry you up. God, you felt really bad now. Spencer was looking down, which he always did when he was about to cry.

“Hey, look at me please,” you murmured, slightly touching his shoulder. He looked up, and met you with teary eyes. “Look, I didn’t mean to yell, I’m not mad at you, I promise,” you reassured.

“Really?” he asked.

“Yes,” you smiled.

He returned a smile back. Thank God. Making Spencer Reid should be a crime, because that was one of the saddest sights you’d ever witnessed. After helping you clean up, he went upstairs once more to return the towels and the bowl. When he came back down, he held out his hand and helped you get up.

“Now, let’s go, my lovely Ravenclaw.”

“Let’s,” you agreed, placing a kiss on his cheek. “Have I mentioned I fucking hate Halloween,” you laughed.

“Yeah, I kinda figured,” he chuckled.

assbutt-of-the-readers  asked:

Okay hear me out but I feel like Tyler's dark ego would be someone EXTREMELY cruel. Like, you think dark is manipulative and sneaky? Just met Tyler's ego. He's sweet and kind. Doing everything a nice, good guy would. He makes you think he's amazing and you adore him. He lures you in with love and affection only to crush your hopes in minutes. You ever wonder why Tyler tweets/says so many nice things? Because Tyler's not real. That's just his Dark side luring you in. (But thats just a theory)

That literally reminded me of Hans from Frozen because that’s essentially what he did to Anna…AND IF TYLER’S DARK EGO IS LIKE THAT THEN YES.

It’s like those stereotypical pictures of a good guy, but the shadow shows that he has horns.

the-book-nerds-world submitted: @kiaaan on a scale from one to ten, how excited are you for Cordelia Carstairs?

Like I’m so excited I don’t care about anyone else in the story except her (and possibly Anna) I’m so so so excited for her to kick some demon ass with Cortana and prank her brother (did you know she literally scared him off beds? She used to hide under his bed and wait until his ankle was near her, and then she would pull it, and to this day Alastair checks under the beds 😂😂).

I can’t wait for her seriousness and her Persian curses (because I’m sure Cordelia will curse in Persian, she has to, it’s necessary). And her being parabatai with Lucie and being married with James. I can’t wait for her nickname (Daisy). Ugh I just can’t wait for her. I need her to be that one Carstairs who’s sassy and sarcastic like Emma all while being an adorable, and sweet. I hope she’s like this combination of Emma and Christina (sweet and sassy). Why isn’t it 2018 already!


I AM EXCITED FOR HER 10000000000%

I really do care about the other TLH characters Anna Lightwood my queen for example and Christopher UwU but CORDELIA. I legit cannot wait for her because first of all, I am a hardcore Carstairs family stan (i don’t even hate Alastair even tho he was a straight up jerk to James) and it makes me so excited to meet another Carstairs which I would prob adopt again. Secondly, her heritage. Back when I didn’t know of TLH yet, I needed some more representation from YA novels and I am so thankful for Cassie that she included a biracial main character for her new series. Moreover, she is half-persian, and prob bisexual sorry hun i dont make the rules, and with Cortana i definitely agree with you that she will kick some demon ass which is, in fact, the kind of representation i want to see. Lastly if I might add, her relationships. She is parabatai with our sweet Lucie Herondale and I can’t wait for this duo to slay. Also with her relationship with her family, especially with her brother. As we all know, she also has a huge crush and also gets married to James (for reason that we don’t know of) but that doesn’t mean that James is her only love interest right? *cough**cough* Anna*cough* so I’m really excited how her relationships will turn out.

I agree with you 100%, Cordelia Carstairs is a ray of sunshine in TLH I can’t wait to see. 


“Une femme est une femme” 1961 dir. Jean-Luc Godard 

“If you’re wondering why… I’m the girl for every guy… It’s not complicated… The truth’s quickly stated. I’ve very pretty breasts… Eyes like amethysts… A neck white as milk… And a body smooth as silk. I hate it when… They don’t have the knack… But I adore when… They stroke my back. I say “yes” every time… Someone says, “Come, be mine”… With boys, you see… Don’t stand on ceremony. I know I’m bad… I know I’m cruel… But men don’t get mad… Because I’m so - beauti-ful.”

anonymous asked:

You know... Confession time. When I see a very veeery tender cute fan art of yoh and Anna, something in my abdomen clutches and hurts a little. Same when I read a nice fanfic. But for real. I feel a true actual physical pain. It doesn't worries me too much but I was wondering if I'm alone in this, since you are a hard shipper like me as well. Lmao I'm so weird sorry bye 😂😂

OMG ME TOO YOU ARE NOT ALONE LOLOL but it’s not pain it feels … NICE??? hahah because either the fanart or the fanfic or even the manga itself are so cute and it just makes me go “HNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG MY HEART” you know (?) IT’S THE FLUFF ANON they are too adorable that’s all  ❤

Also, don’t make me start with moments with Yoh, Anna and HANA OMG?? 


Maid To Serve

TITLE: Maid to Serve

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty-Eight

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have been sold to a slave trader to pay a debt. One day you are bought and given to Loki as a gift. He ignores you at first, but he slowly begins to notice your attention to small details in your daily tasks and your funny little quirks. He tries everything he can to seduce you, and the more you resist the more intrigued he is.

RATING: Teen and Up

When Wilhelm returned to the rooms in the early evening, he looked around cautiously before entering, noticing that Loki was not to be seen and that you were, for some reason, asleep in the prince’s bed. For a while, he had been concerned as to what would occur between you and Loki in his absence, but; knowing you both so well, he knew you were well able to hold your own against the moody prince. He decided to organise the room somewhat while you continued to rest.

“Are you always this noisy or are you doing this in spite, because if it is the latter, I hate you; and if it is the former then I pity Anna already and feel a sisterly duty to forewarn her.” You groaned against the pillow.

“Does Loki know you are after taking over his bed?” Wilhelm retorted.

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This is going to be the first series for Jack Maynard that I’m going to write. It’s going to be the Vlogging Series where Y/N and Jack are a vlogging couple.

“Hello people it’s Y/N I’m currently getting ready for the flight Jack and I are taking and per usual I’m up first and he’s still asleep.” I turn my camera over to his sleeping body and laugh slightly before turning the camera back to me.

“So right now it’s five in the morning and I’m just putting my makeup and stuff into my bag and making sure we have everything for our holiday. I know Jack has packed everything, but part of me thinks he’s forgetting things, because I know him too well. That’s why I packed some of his clothing in my suitcase just in case.”

“Now as you guys may or may not know, I’ve been dating Jack for about three years and we are going on holiday with his family in Portugal, but we aren’t going straight back here to London, we are stopping in Los Angeles for some YouTube stuff with the rest of the guys.” I explain as I walk through the quiet house and outside onto the balcony.

"So when you guys see this we’ll already be in Portugal, but you can always keep up with us in real time on snapchat so you can try and run into us, so we can say hello and take a picture. Basically right now I’m going to go finish up and change into my airport attire, wake up Jack, and then we are going to go to the airport, so I’ll update you when we are there.” I smile and turn off the camera before going back to my room and attempting to wake up the sleepy giant.

“Jack.” I shake him slightly while kissing him and he doesn’t move at all.

"Jack someone broke in.” I lie but that doesn’t do anything either.

"Jack I’m horny.” I whisper in his ear while running my hand through his hair and sure enough that gets his up.

"You’re such a pain in my bum Jack. You need to get up and get dressed were gonna miss our flight if we don’t go now.” I laugh and he rolls his eyes at my white lie.

"You’re might be gorgeous and I love you but that was messed up.”

"Well you sleep like a rock. How else was I supposed to get you up.” I shrug before going over to the clothing I have laid out for myself and changing into the pair of mid thigh black spandex and one of Jack’s shirts that comes past my bum. It’s my go to airport outfit because I feel comfortable in it and Jack is my best friend so I love stealing his stuff. Once I slip on my black vans I walk over to him in the bathroom where he’s focusing on doing his hair and I wrap my arms around his waist.

“You’re hot.” I mumble as I rest my face on his back. I leave a kiss near his tattoo before leaning over to kiss his cheek.

“The hair looks fine, I promise. Let’s just get out of here already so we don’t miss the flight. Plus you know that I’m gonna mess it up anyway.” I explain and he pulls me in front of him.

“Now what is that supposed to mean?” He asks and I shrug.

“Well we tend to have impromptu make out sessions in the car, but that’s not happening this time. I said that because I know you didn’t get any sleep last night so on the plane I’m gonna cuddle with you and play with your hair ‘till you fall asleep.”

“But the kissing sounds so fun.” He whines and I give him a small peck before walking out of the bathroom and over to our luggage that’s sitting by the front door.

“We won’t even get to Portugal if you don’t hurry up, so please babe just get your shoes on. You can nap in the car.” I beg him and he eventually finds his way downstairs to the car Conor is waiting for us in.

“You idiots are so lucky I’m driving you.”

“Hey family.” Jack motions between him and his brother before looking at me. “And family.” He does the same and I smile slightly.

“Aww she’s happy now. You said family. She’s happy!” Conor chants and I blush even more.

“Someone get it on the vlog.” He jokes and I flick him on the cheek to get him to cut it out.

“It’s too early for your jokes, mate.” Jack adds in and I agree before looking to the front seat where Jack is curled up like a little baby.

“He didn’t sleep last night did he?” Conor asks.

“Maybe four hours.” I admit and he takes a deep breath before looking back at me.

“That’s why this trip is all about relaxing right love?” I reach over to push Jack’s hair away from his eyes and he nods slightly before his eyes droop closed again.

It’s hard to see him so exhausted. He’s like my little baby who I want to protect meanwhile he’s a twenty one year old who is almost a year older than me.

“Anna!” I squeal as I run up to her and bring her into my grasp.

“Here we have two wild species native to Brighton that have some how managed to end up in Portugal.” Jack tells the vlog but Anna and I ignore him as I drag her into the room Jack and so are sharing.

“Okay so I went shopping with Zoe last week and I saw this swim suit that I adored but they didn’t have it in my size but it was just so adorable and on sale, so I had to buy it, so I bought it anyway and it happens to be in our size.” I clap excitedly before showing her the two piece.

“That’s adorable.” She pulls me into another hug and I smile even more.

Anna is like the little sister I never got to have. I was an only child and my parents weren’t around much, so I didn’t have many people around me. That’s why I spoil Anna which gets on Jack’s nerves because he thinks she has enough as it is. To which I reply that Anna can never have to many clothes.

That’s why I happen to take up so much closet space.

“Okay so I’m going out with mum and dad for breakfast, are you two joining?” Anna asks and I look over at Jack who I can tell is still tired.

“I’m gonna stay back so I can unpack and probably take a nap since we got up so early. After that I thought we could go out to the pool or to the beach.”

“Okay well I’ll see you both later. Love you Jack, love you Y/N.”

“Love you too Anna.” Both Jack and I say at the same time and Jack proceeds to shut the door to our room.

“You do realize that you spoil her right?” He asks and I nod while pulling my clothing out from my bag and going over to the dresser.

“But you and I both know that I have the money to spoil her and that I consider her the sister I always prayed for. We’ve been dating for almost three years Jack, she’s family to me and so is Conor.”

“Fine, but save some ideas for Christmas you crazy woman.” He laugh before turning the camera back on and pointing it at me.

“So Y/N and I are going to unpack and relax for about an hour before we go swimming in the pool or head down to ocean. Right now it’s barely even nine in the morning so we do have the whole day ahead of us, it’s just up to her and Anna what we do because I’m the minority vote since Conor isn’t joining us this time around.”

“But your vote always means a lot to me so whatever we don’t do today that you want, I promise we will do tomorrow.” I assure him and he raises an eye skeptically.

“She’s lying for the camera ladies and gentlemen. She’s lying.”

“That’s not fair Jack. When have I ever lied about doing what you want?” I call him out and he is quick to call me out on that one incident.

“I’m sorry Jack but we weren’t going to visit the midget town in New Jersey. That’s just plain weird and you know I had an odd fear as a child.” I get defensive and he keeps laughing.

“If you’re new you might not have seen the vlog from our trip to New York and the New Jersey area, but I heard they have a midget town and I wanted to know what it was. I was fascinated but Y/N here has some fear of short people.” Jack continues to laugh and I cross my arms over my chest.

“It’s not a fear ya know. When I was little I had a little bit of confusion because my child brain couldn’t comprehend why an adult was the size of a child. I’m not afraid and I know now that I was just a dumb child, but still why on earth would we go there? That’s just a waste of time.” I back up my argument and Jack points the camera and my pouting face and my childlike stance with my hands over my chest and hip slightly to the side.

“Maybe we have viewers from the midget towns.”

“Then I’m awfully sorry we didn’t make it, but Jack always has insane ideas. For the most part I comply, but that was just stupid.”

“Well we can leave it up to our lovey online family and I’m sure they will agree that the midget village would’ve been wonderful.”

“As wonderful as your idea that traveling to North Korea would be cool.” I joke and he looks down.

“Yeah I’ll admit that was a stupid idea, but midget village wasn’t.” He sticks with his story and I just nod so this conversation will end.

“Okay so I’m gonna go relax but we’ll be back later.” Jack turns off the camera and I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his neck.

“You know how much I love you?” He asks and I smile before moving my hands up so I can run them through his hair.

“Oh you know this goes either of two ways. I either relax and become a sleeping baby or I get horny when you tug at my hair.” He places his hands on my hips and I shrug.

“Either ends up with you sleeping afterwards if you think about it.” I laugh and he rolls his eyes before picking me up and placing my on the bed.

“I would love to take you right on this bed, but I can’t because we are on a family vacation and I won’t be able to look my parents in the eyes.”

“Jack I think they know we have sex considering we had that whole baby scare last year.” I remind him of that awkward situation and his ears go red.

“Yeah they definitely know, but I’m not really in a sexy mood because I’m tired so I guess we will be cuddling.” I inform the boy who has decided to face plant forward into the pillows on the bed.

“Well cuddle me not the pillow! I nudge his body and he looks up at me before reaching out and pulling me to his chest.

"I love you.” He groans as he shifts his body so we’re in each other’s arms.

“I wish there was a word better than love because you already know I love you and I already know you love me. We’ve been together for years and you’re my best friend. I just wish you knew how much I actually love you.”

“I love you too now sleep already so we can enjoy Spain.”


Hope you enjoy! There will be more parts to this series coming soon!


I’ve been wanting to draw these dresses since I first saw them few weeks ago (on SNSD’s Tiffany and Taeyeon :D). They are so DARN adorable!

And why not match them with beautiful Disney ladies? <3

I hope you like it! :3

The compliment that thawed the "good girl" and the "beautifuller" Queen's love-starved and frozen heart.

I was watching “Frozen” with one of my best friends last night (she’s never seen it…que horror!) and one scene caught my attention. I’ve read an analysis about it before, but it never dawned on me how heartbreaking and beautiful it was until I actually saw it come to life again while watching it. So, here’s my take on it. And whoever did this observation before, I can’t remember who you are, so if you’re ever reading this, I want to thank you for your beautiful and brilliant mind. 

This is the scene where Anna and Elsa had like, a three minute period of catching up and Anna was just so stoked and so excited that she had Elsa’s attention. I find this really magnificent because it was Elsa who actually initiates the conversation by saying the first “Hi.” It’s so apparent that she misses Anna and…maybe even for just a while, she’ll disobey her father’s orders and try to talk and connect with Anna even though she knew it would be fleeting and temporary. 

Just look at how excited, flustered, and…beautifully awkward Anna is. I know this is supposed to be a funny and quirky scene, but I was actually pretty heartbroken because look at Anna: she’s just so eager…and so hungry for her sister’s attention. She just doesn’t know where to start. She stammers, she blurts out the most awkward things, she doesn’t know what to do with her hands, and she’s just so completely caught up in the moment that she forgets that her sister…is also the queen. She’s just in awe of this moment she has with Elsa because really, what was the only thing Elsa would ever tell her besides “Go away, Anna?” This was something new to Anna. This was all Anna ever wanted. And consequently so, this was all Elsa ever wanted as well. 

And Elsa…standoff-ish, rigid, perfectly postured Elsa– Look at that gorgeous and angelic face break into a shy smile as she looks at how excited and flustered Anna is. Look at how she looks down on the floor, just sincerely and gratefully enjoying the moment…enjoying Anna’s presence and the fact that she thinks she’s “beautifuller.” Her eyes light up, and in that moment, you can almost hear the ice crack from the deepest recesses of her broken heart. 

Anna thinks I'm…"beautifuller?“ My Anna…whom I continually shut out  thinks there's….beauty in me? The one who hurt her? She should hate me by now, after all that pain I’ve caused her. All the pain I’ve caused us. But here she is, she’s so excited to be with me. To be next to me. I want to wrap my arms around her so badly. My little sister is eighteen now. She’s so beautiful and look at all those freckles on her face! She’s grown taller! I want to hug her…but…no…Papa’s right. I need to stay away. I need to protect her. But wow…she still wants to be around me after all this time. Anna doesn’t hate me….please, don’t hate me.

Guys, this is my point:

All her life, Elsa was being prepared and trained to be queen. That was all there is for her. From long hours of lessons with her tutors, etiquette, politics…and all her other monarch duties, Elsa never really had a real childhood. Sure, there was Anna with her to lighten the load…but when that accident happened, she was on her own. Her only real company were the King and Queen who were preparing her for the throne and maybe some other staff members who were allowed to be her tutors and teachers. It would be appropriate to compliment the young heir because…well…she’s the princess who will be queen.

"Well done on your geometry homework, Your Highness.”

“You have recited that French poem marvelously, Princess Elsa.”

“You look beautiful with that dress, Your Majesty.”

“Good girl, Elsa. Be the good girl you always have to be.”

All of these praises are given to Elsa because she has done something to earn them. She did her homework. She wore the dress that was mandated for her to wear. She was a good girl because though she was tempted to open the door for Anna, she didn’t. Yes, these are really nice things to say to someone making progress and being obedient. But they were also just as obligatory and robotic because she probably heard those words numerous times on the same occasion…because she always did what was asked and expected of her. 

This is why when it comes from Anna, Elsa is always undone. Elsa is caught off guard. She doesn’t nod and say a polite and recited “Thank you.” She smiles. She throws her head back and laughs. She thanks Anna gleefully. Because Anna doesn’t expect anything. Anna is not saying it because she’s required to since Elsa is queen. Anna is just being Anna. Her baby sister who loves her and could care less if she’s a queen or not. Her baby sister who still looks up to her and adores her after all these years, in spite of the rift between them. Anna, who loves her for who she is and what she is. 

This is why “Letting Go” is so important. This scene in particular ties in to what I was saying before. She’s been called a “good girl” so many times because she has done what she was asked to do: Be perfect. Be disciplined. Do this, not that. Stay here, not there. Wear this, not that. Be the good girl you always have to be.

Notice how she wags her finger while singing the part, “Be the good girl you always have to be.” It dawned on me that she was imitating her father. She was rehearsing and remembering what her dad was always telling her to do. 

After seeing this, the lyrics were rewritten in my head like this:

“Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know”
Well, now they know

She was quoting her father.

Bottom line is: To be adored and complimented by the one person she’s been protecting and simultaneously hurting all these years meant the world to Elsa. Someone is excited to be with her not because of what she has to offer and the fact that it’s just right and appropriate to throw praises at her since she’s the queen. It wasn’t about politics or pleasantries. Someone whom she misses the most misses her back, too, immensely and desperately. Anna loves her and loved her right there and then in the coronation, when she revealed her powers, and even when she threw her out of the ice castle. Anna thinks her sister is “beautifuller” and that was enough to make the love-starved and lonely Queen know that in spite of all that happened and what else that may happen, the one person she loves the most loves her back. Always have and always will. 

Hey, Blondie

She had just wanted her usual vanilla latte with skim.

In fact, like most days, she had wanted her vanilla latte with skim with as little human contact as possible.

That’s why, when she saw the girl in the corner, adorable as she was with her ginger hair, freckles and guitar, she groaned softly to herself- there were a few dollars in the case already, however, so someone must have thought she was good.

Elsa turned to the barista and placed her order.

The girl cleared her throat, testing a few strings on her instrument, before saying in a crystal clear voice, “Hi, everyone, my name is Anna- I hope you liked my last song. This is… it’s actually my first time playing in public like this, so I’m a little nervous..” a few people chuckled encouragingly and the girl visibly brightened. 

Elsa checked her watch and let out an impatient sigh- it always took forever to get a drink during lunch hour.

“So this one is “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls. I hope you like it! Oh, wait, I said that about the last one, didn’t I?” she let out an anxious laugh and the café laughed with her, “Okay, so one, two, one, two, three..
And I give up forever to touch you, ‘cause I know that you feel me somehow..”

Elsa didn’t notice her name being called. She didn’t even notice it the second time. All she heard was the girl in the corner- Anna- and her guitar.


Elsa ended up staying through the next three songs, not even caring that she was going to be late coming back from break.
She sipped her, by that point, cold latte and watched the girl in a totally not creepy way.

She was like sunlight- the thought came so suddenly that she looked visibly startled- like sunlight and laughter and summer.
And she was so good.

“I- I just wanted to thank everyone for your time today! I really enjoyed playing for you all and I hope you liked having me! I’ll be back tomorrow, okay?” Even Elsa clapped as the girl started to gather her stuff. Acting on impulse she grabbed a piece of paper from her bag and hastily wrote down a note to the energetic singer,

‘You’re amazing, really. Don’t stop singing. I hope to catch your performance tomorrow.’ 

She folded the paper in quarters with a five enclosed and dropped it in the case, rushing out before the musician caught her.


The next day, Elsa offered to get the coffee for the entire office as long as she was allowed to return late. Her boss shook her head with an undertone of amusement and agreed as long as she bought hers as well.

She opened the door to the café just in time to catch the end of “Hand in my Pocket” by Alanis Morissette.

Anna was wearing a cute black denim jacket with patches all over it.

That wasn’t even remotely fair.

She absently mindedly ordered the drinks- twelve grandes in all- and had to be reminded by the associate to pay three times before she finally slid her card over.

The girl behind the counter smiled knowingly but she didn’t even notice- Anna was queuing up a new song, “This is “Easy Tonight” by Five for Fighting- it’s actually one of my favorites..” as Elsa moved down to the receiving area, her eyes never left the girl in the corner. The guy waiting next to her tapped her shoulder when, into the start of the next song, something by She and Him, her order was up. 

She almost growled in frustration, but grabbed the drinks and shoved them haphazardly into the carry containers the barista from before handed her.

Screw milk and sugar. They could figure it out for themselves. She moved to the side, stacking the cardboard holsters on top of each other and watched the girl a little longer before writing another note,
‘I’m so glad I was able to make it again today- you have a lot of talent. Keep up the good work, and please come and play here again.’

She did the same as she had done the day before and folded it with a five and dropped it into the case in front of the girl, trying to balance the drinks and be somewhat subtle at the same time.

Anna smiled at her and she felt her heart skip a beat- she nearly ran out the door.


On the third day, Elsa was almost given a heart attack by the sight of Anna in a sun dress and canvas ankle boots, her hair plaited into two seriously fucking adorable braids.

This shouldn’t even be legal.

She had written down the orders this time, and slid them to the cashier along with her card and watched, entranced, as Anna sang a song she didn’t recognize- the barista, the same girl from yesterday, chuckled softly and took Elsa’s hand, placing her card into her now open palm.
She might have muttered a ‘thank you’ before directing her full attention back to the radiance that was Anna.

A few songs later, she balanced her drinks again and dropped yet another note and a five into the guitar case- ‘Coming to see you is the best part of my day. I hope to see you again tomorrow, as well.’
She beamed at her and Elsa nearly dropped her, rather precariously stacked, tower of coffee. 


On the fourth day, a Wednesday, the wind was particularly bad- Elsa struggled to pull the door closed behind herself, trying her hardest to not distract the girl as she finished introducing her next song- a few chords in and Elsa recognized “There she goes” by Sixpence None the Richer.
She couldn’t help wishing the song was for her.

But the barista, who never seemed to have a day off, cocked her eyebrow with a smirk and Elsa allowed herself to hope.

‘You have an amazing range of songs- I hope you are thinking about doing this professionally, because I would buy every album and go to every concert. Do you write your own songs, as well? I will see you tomorrow.”


“So, I know you guys are used to covers, but I wanted to try something a little new today…”

Elsa’s eyes had never left her, so she turned a light shade of pink when Anna’s eyes met her own.

“See, I’ve had a great time playing here for you guys these past few days… And I’ve noticed that there are some regulars that like to hang out. But every day I’ve gotten really kind notes from this amazingly beautiful girl and I just wanted to say thank you- this is for you;

You come in everyday
And say you like my game
Yet I don’t know your name
The girl with twelve grandes “

Elsa was most certainly scarlet now- she ignored the barista who nudged her triumphantly over the counter, and gave her best ‘deer in headlights’ impression as Anna’s eyes never left hers.

“I’ve kept all of your notes
Cause all the things you’ve wrote
Send shivers down my soul
How I’d love to hold you close

Hey blondie
Whisper your name; I’ll remember it fondly
Cause I’m in a bit of a quandary
Stuck with a nameless, shameless smile
Hey grande
Where you going with all that coffee
Stay and I’ll sing for you all day
Cause I’m numberless, a blundered mess with no phone to dial”

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckfuckfuckfuck,

“Sorry, if I make you blush
But you give me quite the rush
And though we’ve never touched
My heart doesn’t mind that much

It says ‘serenade her
'At all costs make her
'Requite so much it hurts’
But I’m not one for kink and quirks

Hey blondie
Whisper your name; I’ll remember it fondly
Cause I’m in a bit of a quandary
Stuck with a nameless, shameless smile
Hey grande
Where you going with all that coffee
Stay and I’ll sing for you all day
Cause I’m numberless, a blundered mess with no phone to dial

Hey blue eyes
Hey thick lips
Hey cute voice
Hey, nice hips”

Did she just wink? She did. Oh my god, she did.

“I’m your Link
You’re my Zelda
And I’ll be damned-“

Anna heard a polite cough and looked up- startled by the intensity of the blue eyes that met her own. They were so much brighter up close.
Her hands faltered and the song came to an abrupt end-

“Actually… It’s Elsa.”

Cute Castles (Joe Request)

“So yeah we’re heading to Emilia’s party today” Joe explains to his vlogging camera as you walk down the street, “It’s being held at the good old Zalfie household”
“Its bound to be adorable if Zoe has planned it” You point out and Joe stops vlogging as you near their house.
The back gate is already open which leads to the ‘princess garden’ and you and Joe walk through to see everything. The large garden has been completely decorated to make the perfect party. With a children’s banquet table decorated in cute cutlery and pastel balloons hung over it like a ceiling. Emilia’s chair had been decorated with a gorgeous pink ribbon and fairy wings. There were delicate tents around the grass, in a pale pink with fairy lights lining the front and filled with different things. From pick and mix machines to popcorn machines to dress up boxes. Zoe really had made this perfect.
“Oh my God this looks amazing” You say in awe as Joe films it.
“There’s a bouncy castle!!” Your boyfriend cheers and makes everyone laugh.
“Hey guys!!” Alfie comes round to greet you, vlogging camera in hand.
“Heyyyy” You grin and give him a hug before going in to explore the rest of the party.
“(Y/n)!!” Zoe smiles and rushes over to give you a hug. Emilia ran behind her in a frozen dress with a birthday sash over her and a big grin on her face.
“Hey birthday girl” You bend down to see her, “Are you enjoying your party?”
“Yes!” She cheers and gives you a hug.
“Well why don’t you go find Joe because I believe he has your presents” You wiggle your brows and she rushes over to him.
“Zoe this is so adorable” You stand up.
“Aww I’m so glad you like it” She grins, “I think the adults enjoy it more than the kids”
“God you should’ve heard Joe’s reaction to the bouncy castle” You chuckle.
“I’ll go see him” Zoe nods and heads off to see her brother.
You go to where Anna and Jonathon are so you can greet them and then go to see Edwardo on the bouncy castle.
“Well who’s the kind of the castle?” Joe questions and comes on to it with you.
“Any excuse to get on here” You chuckle, struggling to walk over to Edwardo, “What have you got?” You ask him in an excited voice like everyone usually spoke to children.
The young boy turns around and starts swinging his foam sword at you and Joe.
You gasp jokingly, “He’s gonna get us!” You squeal and you and Joe begin running around the castle with him following you.
“Me too” Emilia yells and jumps on as well with another sword in her hand.
“Not two of you” Joe sighs with a chuckle, falling to the floor and laughing.
The kids run and start hitting you with their toys, cheering as they do so.
“Noooooo” You laugh and grab Emilia to start tickling her, with your boyfriend doing the same with Edwardo.
Alfie and Jonathon vlog you from the edge of the bouncy castle, both chuckling at all of you with Zoe and Anna in awe of the sight.
“When are you two gonna give up and settle down with kids?” Anna questions with a smile.
Joe chuckles, “When we finally escape this castle”
“Come on kids time for cake” Zoe grins and they both scramble away.
Alfie raises his brows, “There you go”
You and Joe just glance at each other and smile and as the rest of them turn away, you rest a hand on your stomach. You couldn’t tell them just yet.

anonymous asked:

if saruhiko and misaki got married would reisi walk saruhiko down the aisle like a proud dad

…Munakata would offer and then Fushimi would promptly inform Yata that they’re eloping. Now.

(Though following this idea, Yata decides he wants to marry Fushimi but has this nagging feeling that he should be doing this the ‘proper’ old-fashioned way and asking for Fushimi’s parents’ blessing, except Fushimi’s parents are either dead or horrible – or dead and horrible – so he ends up going to Munakata instead. Thus poor Yata ends up in Munakata’s office while Munakata smiles and sparkles and magnificently trolls him, like “So, Garasu-kun, what are your intentions towards my Fushimi-kun?” and Yata just sweats and mumbles and wonders why he thought this was a good idea, until eventually someone tips Fushimi off about what’s going on and he breaks into Munakata’s office like “What the fuck are you two even doing” and drags Yata out. Then Yata decides that if he had to suffer through that Fushimi has to do the same and makes Fushimi go talk to Anna. “So I’m marrying Misaki.” “Mmm.” “That’s fine, right?” “It’s fine.” Yata comes back later to find the two of them hanging out in the park together in companionable silence eating ice cream and being adorable and is just like “Wait no that’s not fair.”)








You're Only as Old as You Feel

So a while ago I received a prompt asking for another smut fic because you guys seemed to really enjoy the first one. However, I accidentally deleted the message (my bad). I also received a verbal request from a friend at school to write either smut, family moments, or both, so I took both!

Now I hesitated with posting this because of the presence of children in the beginning (certainly not during the frickity frack), but I am pretty proud with this story. 

Warning: Contains sexual content.

Summary: It’s Kristoff’s 38th birthday, and he’s feeling really old. However, Anna shows him that he is anything but in her own ‘special’ way.

rated Mature

  Why is it that the older you get, the less you enjoy birthdays? Children adore that one day where they are the center of attention, piles of presents with their name on it- giddy that they are one step closer to becoming a ‘grown-up’.

  Then when you’re finally there, birthdays are just a reminder that you wake up sore and when you get up in the morning, your bones sound like a chorus of ice being harvested- crackles and pops.

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És mégis mától mindörökké
Én fognám a kezed majd
Es így mától mindörökké
Le is győznénk miden bajt
Mi egy hegyet is elhordunk együtt
Mire jó az ellentét?
Amikor mától mindörökké
Melletted lennék

Why is no one talking about how adorable the Hungarian lyrics are in For The First Time In Forever (Reprise)? ‘Cause… Anna… why are you so adorable?