why are you shaking my heart

Then he placed his hands on her shoulder and gave her a light shake,

“Why are you destroying yourself for people’s lack of love? Why are you dismantling yourself for people’s lack of appreciation? Just why?”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #116 // “Why are you living in the echoes of their shadows?”

Before I got here, I was in the hospital.  I have… well, I had? I don’t know.  This thing that I couldn’t shake where I felt like, because nothing was ever not going to be pointless and empty then, uh… why go on.  

And then I got here and… it’s amazing I survived as long as I did not knowing that I was a magician.  

I can’t go back.

Bless Eliot’s “I just came out here for a cigarette and now you’re pouring your heart out at me and, oh Christ, now you’re crying” face.

If you ever wonder if I’m okay,
let my lie make your heart stop for a centisecond,
let my lie make your smile afraid to appear on your lips,
let my lie make your whole body tremple and all your insides shake,
“I’m okay,”
I lie proudly, smiling outside and sighing inside,
feels good saying this,
feels so good I almost believed myself,
but why wouldn’t I be okay though?
the sky did not stop showing me his stars,
the sun did not stop setting and rising,
the rain did not stop pouring,
the snow is still white,
my dad still makes my mom laugh,
my brother makes me coffee when in good mood,
my favorite songs are always with me,
the birds are still singing,
and I am okay and will always be,
“I’m okay,”
I say proudly.
And this time I did not lie.

“If you claim you care about me, why don’t you show it?” she spoke slow, you could hear her voice shake nervously.

“I can’t explain.” he was sorry.

“You never could.”

“How am I supposed to tell you that I get shy when it comes to you, whenever I’m around you I get so tense I can barely move and whenever you speak my heart stops. Don’t even get me started on your smile, your smile is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen by far, when you smile it feels like I’m complete and I can’t do anything but stare. Yes, I do care about you. Sometimes I care so much, that I forget to show you.”

She glared at him in shock.

My low blood sugar

Spelling a word wrong, knowing that it’s wrong, but not knowing why.

A sudden drop then being jerked awake into cold sweats in the middle of the night.

 A forgotten blip in time; what are you doing, where are you, who are you, why are you?

Ravenous nausea.

Weak. Can’t make a fist. Shaking. Can’t sleep. Why can’t I sleep? I just want to sleep.

Crying. Frustrated. Why can’t I just… I just want… please.

Heart beats sound in my ears.

I can feel foot steps on the other side of the building. Too many foot steps.

Apologies. I can’t do this right now. Can you repeat yourself. I didn’t mean what i said. I was just…

I was just… low.


“I’m not leaving,” you snapped,

“Get out,” Raphael growled,


“You don’t want to mess with me,” Raphael warned,

“You don’t scare me, you know?” you crossed your arms,

“Then why’s your heart racing?” He cocked an eyebrow,

“I might be a little turned on right now,” you looked him up and down as he took a step back,


“You heard me,” you kept up your fake confidence,

“W-well… Well-”

“Well what?” You pushed,

Raphael gave up his stuttering, shaking his head as he left the room, leaving you with a triumphant smile.


W̺̺̣̱̬̼̆̈͋̾A̴̓͗̒̈́́͏͕͓͔Ë̷̝̹̹͓̀ ̷̫̘͎̞̦͓̳̜̏̈̓̋͗͆̃͡Ǹ̙̼̖͎͖̔̈́ͮͨͬ̌A̅̽ͩ̂̇ͬ̀͏̘̬̰̙̟̱̟̖̭E̩̠̩͊ͧ̌ͦ̒̕͟ ̻̮̅͊͞M̽̈̐ͥͤ̏̋͂̾͏̷͎̦͙̕A̰̱̫̟̅̆̑ͩ̽̀M̵͚̬̲̲̻̬̤̯͆̓Ę̫͈̎̃̀̒̎͊̔̚͢͜ͅU̵͉̪̣͓̺̼̖͈͋̃͝L̩̳̹̪͖͍̱͐͗̇̀ͨ̂̕ ̡͓̲͎͖͈̗ͪ̋̃ͨH̢̥͕̞̹̼̻̫͖͋̍̔͝É̢̯̪̝̤̼̞͚̭̟̐ͧ̈͌ͩ̚͜Ū̶̧̺̠̦̱̅ͥͪ͜N̹̠̬̰̝̞͔ͨͧͣ̅̚̚D̶̢̯̭̙͆̓͑̑̈̏̚͡Ẹ̛̫ͮ͋ͅǓ̢̢̻͔̹͖͚̂ͥ̈́̔͡N̤͕̄̈́̀ͤ͒̂̑̈́̕E̵̦̗̗̿̎ͥ̂ͯ̑̋͗͑̕U͖͚̼̞̲͉̬ͫͪ̉̎ͯ̏ͦ͞ͅŅ̹̳͔͍̺̣͋ͩ͊́ ̝̲͗̊͆͟G̡̛͓̩̅̓͋ͨ̇̅̑̀̚Ê͆͒ͧ͊͆̾̀ͩ҉͙͇̭̙͞Ô̜̲̤̫̜̑ͫ͞N͕̝̞̰̪͍̩ͩ̉́͡Ḑ͆ͮ̾ͨ̓҉̨̹͚̮͍͙E͊́̀ͨ̋̈́ͤ҉̪̕


Ok, So I’m re-watching episode 5 and “Pause” is still one of my fav clips. There is just something so achingly intense about the whole thing ~ I just really wanted to say why I think it’s so awesome ~

- The way Isak walks into the room, he can barely do it, he is so smitten he doesn’t know what to say and you can see how unsure he is about Even and just how nervous he is - he wants to go towards him but he is terrified.

- Isak’s stuttering sigh kills my heart every time! ditto Even’s shaking lip. These two are completely gone already. They are so in love and so scared of what is to come and they want to be together so badly but they are still so unsure how the other feels. 

-For me this whole scene reminds me of one of those Jane Austen TV adaptations - like “Pride and Prejudice” or “Persuasion” {bear with me here}, where the characters are really in love but they don’t know what to say to each other and what is right or wrong but they are so captivated that they can’t look away, they can barely breath. It’s aching, it’s yearning, it’s hungry, greedy stares and flushed faces. This scene is pure romance. AND I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS AT ALL. I was completely bowled over by this scene. 

-the way the scene is shot so close, like the kitchen scene where they nearly kiss. This is the first scene where Isak looks at Even like his eyes have misted over, like he is possessed, like all he can see is him and time has stopped. 

- the acting! - {I know we say it all time time!}- how you can really feel how uncomfortable Isak is when he talks about his Mum, like I can feel it crawling under my skin as he squirms - but he does it anyway because he can’t imagine for one minute not being this close to Even,not holding his hand and touching foreheads, this boy who was so closeted and who now is talking about telling his parents {I really think he would have done it then as well}. And Henrik! - so subtle - how those couple of looks to the ground for one-tenth of a second had us all being like “something’s wrong!”…….

- I know all of the words now {in Norwegian} and random lines will pop into my head when I’m busy doing something or when I’m out and I just grin to myself like the fool that I am!

- “My uncle is NOT Donald Trump!” - “Phew! ok!”

- the nose slide at the end!!!!


After some time without “talking” to each other, they did a housou playing Splatoon, and…

Lon: Somehow, my heart is beating really fast…

Soraru: Why?

Lon: My hands are shaking too

Soraru: Should we stop playing?

Lon: No www that’s not it…

Soraru: Eh? What is it?

Lon: I’m telling you that it’s not that kind of thing

Soraru: What are you talking about…?

Lon: I don’t know, my body is strange

Soraru: “Could it be ‘love’?” There are a lot of comments saying that it’s “Love”. If you fall in love, your body and your hands start shaking? Isn’t that dangerous?

Lon: -laughs-


Listen to my heartbeat
It calls you whenever it wants to
Because within this pitch black darkness
You are shining so brightly
Your eyebrows slightly grimacing at the sunlight
Gently shaking your fine soft hair
Intoxicated by your scent, my heart is tickling
Like the way you are stroking my cheeks
Like the dust drifting along freely
You’re right there but why are you beyond my reach

But can it make me love you less…no never …!!! SARANGHAE TAEHYUNG !!!!


Having an affair with Rick behind Michonne's back would include :

(It would include you breaking my heart 😢 Why? lol XD anyways, I guess, yay? omg this is sad guys…Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Secret kisses in the armory or anywhere where you can both hide and sure that you are unseen

-Him always glaring at other men approaching you and you noticing him before subtly shaking your head for him to stop

-His touches usually lingering over you whenever you would hand him something

-His foot always rubbing against your leg subtly whenever you sit near or across him during dinner

-You wearing lingerie under your outfit and finding subtly ways to tease him in public and him trying his best to contain it

-Him always taking you out on runs just so you could both have sex openly

-Him touching your thigh and rubbing you subtly under the table whenever you would sit next to him during dinner

-You and him having cute nicknames for one another and only using them for each other

-Him loving to leave hickeys on you just to show to other men that you’re taken

-Carl almost catching you both on multiple occasions and having his suspicions, only for the two of you putting a halt to your relationship for a while

I love you - three words made out of glass falling out like my teeth used to in my darkest dreams. The moon is hanging in the sky like a pale eggshell which absorbs the light of the stars through the black night. I’m nothing more than shaking whispers; an open chest, offering you my heart and your face is a mask of shadows which I can’t read. My last sentence is lying between us, kissing my tears with bittersweetness while I’m waiting for my salvation which you aren’t willing to give me but then your lips open up to carry my heart.
—  the night when I finally understood why people fear silence || j.n. || based on a prompt by inkstay