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i don’t know why this is such a difficult thing for a lot of you to do, to tag your nazi/antisemitism/racism/confederacy fuckery/queerphobia/xenophobia horseshit, but i swear to god if some of you Misery-Collecting straight white people don’t start taking those two simple seconds, i gotta unfollow you man

i’m not saying your voices aren’t necessary, i’m not saying these discussions aren’t vital, i’m not saying i don’t earnestly love each and every single one of you down to the very core of my humanity, but you aren’t discussing anything, you aren’t contributing to the enlightenment of anyone who wouldn’t otherwise agree with you, there’s no valuable insight or information added, you’re frisbeeing shit around in an echo chamber and a lot of these posts are irreparably damaging to the people these groups target and you can help to mitigate some of that by calming that raging-hot reblog finger for ten minutes, tagging it, or just…………………. not posting it at all. i know it’s compelling, but i promise you it’s a very easy thing to just… not do

and like, i am a white, middle-class gay man with the incredible privilege and autonomy to work from home with as much relative anonymity as i can possibly squeak by on- i don’t often have to expose myself to public life unless it’s by choice, so in terms of minority status, i am at the tippity-fuckin-top of that pyramid, so if the persistent downpour of misery has this much of a daily impact on me? you see where i’m going with this, yes?

point: do you know what PoC, queers, jews, muslims, immigrants, indigenous people absolutely do not need right now?

body counts. constant inundation. the incessant reminders, however well-intentioned or mindless, of the 6 new horrifying reasons to be terrified of leaving our homes that day. the sharp increase in our instinct to look over our shoulders, and the resulting adrenaline and soul fatigue this kind of hypervigilance results in. we live it every day- some of us a LOT more than others.

we do not need to be reminded, especially if you have nothing of value to add to an article full of pictures of screaming nazis and confederate flags, that our cities and towns and communities are thrumming with emboldened monsters with the means and generationally-ingrained motive to cause us physical harm, ruin our lives, terrorize our communities, actually, really, kill us.

every single time i have to manually block a post because it includes this kind of shit, pictures of swastikas or the words “white supremacy” or “faggot” or racial slurs or or or or, i get dragged back to the darkest time in my life and pals, i cannot keep going back there, to the bottomless nightmare of unrelenting torment and physical assault and constant verbal abuse and the public humiliation that ultimately malformed me into this gnarled raw nerve of a man whose PTSD often won’t even let him go to the fucking grocery store 

i know exactly how much of this is a me-problem. i get that. but broadly, for as much ally-dickswinging that goes on here, tagging your shit appropriately is like… the simplest thing you can do, and if you aren’t, i am going to assume that you do not care about me or my well-being, and that your reblogs are either performative, or purely knee-jerk Shock Mongering with no clear catalyst other than to spread an awareness of misery that we’re already aware of 

i know that’s petulant and unfair and irrational, and i know you aren’t doing it maliciously, but it’s where my basest instincts lead me- instincts formed over 30 years of fear and hiding and self-loathing, instincts to KNOW who’s going to have my back, and of making myself as small and unassuming as i possibly can, instincts that have served to keep me alive and not tied to a rural fence post bleeding to death, but that have also altered me so fundamentally that i no longer have any real grasp of who i am.

this went off the rails but the point is: tag your shit, or better yet, if you’re just collecting this shit for no reason, just………………………… fuckin stop

captainassguard  asked:

I'm sure you've heard this a bunch but I love your Marichat posts!! Honestly didn't think many people shipped it and I'm glad I found your page. Your art is awesome! I'll probably be scrolling through it all night :3

Thank you! 

haha i actually think marichat is one of the most shipped ships within the fandom? Statistically. But it’s also the one side of the love square who gets the more hate (yes i have seen all the vagueblogs from a lot of people(not only here on tumblr). i read the tags. and im also in the marichat tag every night, so i see al the hate it has). Main reason why i produce much content is to shut up the haters lol (some of them follow me idk why *shrugs*)


Thanks again! hahah have fun in my art tag but dont go that far cause you will see all the shitty drawings i posted xD 

put-a-collar-on-me-please  asked:

I am reading some of the anti posts that made it into the pro ss tags over mobile and I shake my head wondering where they get their information from and if they know how to read.

You know I was ignoring this ask for days to avoid ranting discourse? 😂 Pretty sure an anti will throw a headcanon filled fit, but whatever.

Here comes my ranting about why I can never take antis seriously.

They get their “information” out of their asses.

Literally, they just repeat the butthurt bullshit the stupidest (practically satirical) blogs say and state them as “facts”, becoming a nuisance and laughing stock to anyone that knows their shit.

Let me tell you the stupidest shit I’ve seen some antis doing that just made me stop having fucks to give about their opinions.

1. The SNS fandom and their blatant sexism and hypocrisy.

“I can’t ship Sasuke with Sakura because he tried to kill her. ” (They ship him with Naruto or spite ship him with Karin that he stabbed with a chidori. They also think it’s okay with the Naruto thing because he’s a “guy” which is nice sexism when they claim it’s not)

The shipping fandom with the most fake interviews happens to be the SNS fandom. My favorite fake was the one that claimed that Kishi meant for Naruto to be BL. I’m only stating this cos some of them in previous fights with me were desperate enough to link me to this fake shit that usually had freaking DeviantArt as an only source and crappy Japanese Google translate. (lmfaooooo)

“Sasuke and Naruto are soulmates so them not ending up together doesn’t make any sense and is homophobia.”


A.) Kishi based Naruto’s and Sasuke’s relationship on his relationship between him and his real life brother.

B.) The romantic soulmate shit they love spouting so much about… Sasuke and Naruto have the reincarnated chakra of Indra and Ashura who were BROTHERS and also the ancestors for Uchihas and Senjus. They can say people saying SNS is a brotherly bond as being “homophobic” but it’s the truth that Kishi was going for this. The only “queerbaiting” they got was from fake interviews by butthurt fans and fillers that was milking the yaoi fangirls. Like the so-called second kiss in the waterfall (yeah, it’s filler).

Then there’s them saying that they should have been canon because they’re the main bond.

Let me break it to you. SNS being the main bond doesn’t make it the best bond. In fact it’s a mess. If you want a well written male bond in Naruto, look at HashiMada which pawns the ass of that mess.

In fact in an interview Kishi admitted that it wasn’t a well written bond when told that while Naruto was chasing after Sasuke, Sasuke was only thinking about ITACHI.

Then there was Sasuke telling Sakura small tidbits about his plans throughout part 1 that she even figured out that there was something off with him and was leaving the village while Naruto “the soulmate” was surprised with that outcome, lmao.

2. The SK fandom. Do I even need to go over this?

“Sasuke chose Karin for his revenge journey so she’s important to him!”

Do you even know Sasuke? He left Konoha because his BONDS there were holding him back from power for his revenge.

Karin didn’t have a “bond” with him. She was just a tool that enabled his darkness and self-destruction.

He didn’t even know her last name was Uzumaki when traveling with her and yet he knew that SAKURA was a medic despite being separated from her, pffffft.

The so-called Taka “bond” was him blatantly remembering Team 7.

The only Karin bond there is is her helping Sakura deliver Sarada.

The powerful babies bullshit is just that… Bullshit. They even think that Karin has Ashura chakra (sorry, but Naruto is that chakra reincarnation, hop off that please 😂😂) or that she’s more powerful for being an Uzumaki when she isn’t exactly a powerful combat ninja (she’s actually quite weak).

Until the end of the Gaiden she still appeared on databooks as being “obsessed” with Sasuke and wanting to make him hers. She wanted to lick him, ravish him in his sleep, and thought that he was hot when WOUNDED.

I wouldn’t put the entire blame on her tho because she’s a sensing nin type so she had a sensitivity to chakra, especially dark chakra so her attitude could have heavily depended of the chakra influencing her at the time.

How is this healthy again? Super glad Karin has matured as an adult and looks like she’s in a healthier state of mind, but the people of her pairing don’t help her at all.

PS: that whole her being a CSA victim was based on filler from the anime that didn’t even have anything blatantly showing she was abused in that manner at all.

It’s all made up by her fandom.

To add on they made up that whole “Sarada’s mom is up for interpretation” on some made up bullcrap.

Kishi had intended a scene of Sakura giving birth to Sarada and scrapped it and said it was up for interpretation.

Get it. The BIRTH scene not the MOTHER.

The rabid shippers read that with their asses and made yet another thing up. 😪

Just like they made up that the only thing holding Sasuke and Sakura together is Sarada when Sasuke pretty much said that Sarada was proof that his feelings are connected to Sakura.

“The Real Deal”.

The man loves both of them and has to be away from them going to other dimensions to keep the world safe because he’s the only one that can do it with his Rinnegan.

Quit being stuck on curse of hatred Sasuke, lmao. Even TobiFREAKINGrama talked about the Uchihas​ strong capacity of love which lead them to lose their minds when they suffered a great loss.

Stop calling Sasuke “abusive” or say he’s only “abusive” when with Sakura. He was in a very dark place and couldn’t even control his hatred most of the time. The real Sasuke without that curse holding him down isn’t abusive in the least.

The antis see him now and call him OCC when that’s the REAL Sasuke. Hell, he was a sweet kid before the massacre, cut him some slack.

3. NS fandom:

Oh lordy. This is the fandom that think the Promise of a Lifetime scene and the failfession are actually pro NS.

How the fuck is promising Sakura to bring back Sasuke for her pro NS? How is her “confessing” to Naruto pro NS when she was really trying to get him to desist going after Sasuke and was planning to end Sasuke’s suffering herself even if she died with him?

Remember these are the people that call Naruto a liar based on a filler episode in which he told a FILLER character that he was going to “fight” for Sakura’s love.

Oh and sorry, if Naruto had been married to Sakura he still would have been stuck in the hokage office. A different spouse doesn’t change the circumstances of his fucking job. I don’t ship naruhina (I don’t like the shippers) but hop off Hinata’s ass with this lame ass argument. If anything that woman is holding up the fort raising two kids while Naruto works himself to exhaustion.

Blah. I’m all ranted out. I can almost bet a salty anti will try to start some shit with me but idgaf. I can’t take them seriously and these are just some of the reasons why 😂.

Ship pairings, love pairings, whatever. But if you’re going to try to be an anti to make a pairing look superior, know your shit first.

Otherwise stfu and just reblog fanart. The fandom could use some less toxicity.

firefly-hwufanficwriter  asked:

👀 Observation (1/2): 👀 I think maybe part of the reason why blogs can get lost in the crowd is because they might not know yet how the fandom, or Tumblr in general, works 🤔 For example, maybe a new fan artist who makes beautiful art uses the (#play choices) or (#choices: stories you play) tags instead of the much more popular (#playchoices) tag, so nobody sees their posts 🎨😰🎨 Or maybe a new fanfic writer wrote a great story, but if the formatting of their post results in one huge wall of

👀👀 Observation (2/2): 👀👀 wall of text with no spaces between paragraphs, it would take a LOT of effort to read 📝😔📝 I would advise small blogs to ask big blogs for advice, since there may be fandom-specific things (like which tags most people use) or Tumblr website quirks that they might not know about 😃 Good luck, everybody! 😊🙋😊 (People are welcome to ask me too, but I’m a medium-sized blog, not a big blog, so my advice might not be as valuable or as effective 😅😆 Hee hee 😋) 

You’re completely right! If you’re a smaller blog, then it never hurts to ask someone with a larger following/more experience. Tumblr can be so damn cumbersome and particular with how its tags work and such.

Further tips for the Choices fandom (maybe?) - some are simple but do help:

1. Like @firefly-hwufanficwriter said, learn and use the popular tags! For the Choices fandom, #playchoices is the most immediate and thoroughly-browsed general tag. Be aware of the “five tag limit”, wherein only the first five tags on your post apply to the whole of tumblr. Any other tags written after those initial five will not allow your post to appear in those website-wide tags, only on your blog. As such, tag relevantly. If you drew a piece of art of say, Jake, you’d want to tag like #playchoices, #jake mckenzie, #endless summer, #pixelberry, #artists on tumblr. Your post will then pop up in five specific, popular tags and will probably get more noticed.

2. If you write something, do not post it all in one big, long chunk! I’m not sure if this is just a part of tumblr being glitchy, but text posts with giant chunks tend to not get included in tags at all for some reason. Not to mention, it’s just going to annoy someone to have to scroll for 15+ seconds to get to past the post on their dash, not draw in their attention to want to read it. Your best bet is to push most of the text beneath a read more, with something like a small excerpt/summary/etc. of your fic above the read more to tell passersby of its contents in a way that can draw them in. The more I think about it, I’m not even sure this ask will appear in the playchoices tag when I go to tag it, but oh, well.

3. THIS IS A BIGGIE!!!!!!!!! If you find art or writing or whatever else you like, promote it and support it!! Tell the author that you loved their work, what you liked about it, and reblog, reblog, reblog. You’ve probably heard it a million times on here, but it’s about as baseline as it gets: exposure can’t be gotten if no one is willing to share. Don’t just like the pretty art, reblog it. Don’t just read the great fanfic, reblog it! REBLOG EVERRRRRRRYTHING!!! Reblog multiple times!! And don’t be afraid to reblog your own things, too.

4. Apparently, tumblr has issues with outside links in posts sometimes. Especially art. It has been known that if you have an outgoing link to another website in the text beneath your picture, it may not appear in the tags. I myself have experienced this, and it’s a pain in the ass. So if you are posting your drawing, it may be relevant to not post any kind of links (@ing people is fine tho) in the text below your art.

5. Be open to starting conversations and friends. This isn’t even about exposure or anything, but more positive fandom interaction. Interacting in a fandom is not a competition, it’s about enjoying yourself alongside others. It’s going to be a lot more pleasant of a run if you have friendly people to share it with.

These are pretty basic, but even just knowing some of these small quirks can change a lot about how your work gets viewed, so have at it!!

Friday recs Canceled!

First I wanna apologize for this and secondly I’m gonna tell you the big picture of why I decided to cancel my weekly recommendations.

Life’s been quite chaotic lately and these past few weeks were rough on me, like you would not believe! 

Meaning that at the moment I don’t have enough time to read everything I’m tagged in and It feels wrong to just put links there knowing I have no idea what your story is about. Also I received a couple of not too rude msgs and asks about why I’m not reading or adding every single fic to the list… That was still a bit annoying and made me feel like it’s my obligation to do this list, which is not!

Besides it takes me at least an hour, hour and a half to put to everything together and sometimes I just don’t have the time (sometimes I do, not always though.)

So no more weekly recommendation lists. 

I’m still gonna be reading your stuff whenever I can. So keep tagging me-I’d read whaever I can- and sporadically if I have read enough and find myself with some time to put a list together I will and probably be more thorough with description and feedback.

Thank you and have a nice weekend!!

Tagging forevs and some other awesome peep below the cut.

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Lay It On Me

So I wrote this Daphne Greengrass x Neville Longbottom flower shop AU last night so here? Enjoy?? Idk why my brain does this tbh.

Thanks as always to @hexmionegranger for being an absolutely terrible influence and the best beta reader/screamer and friend

and tagging in case you wanna read it: @flintwoodandco @olivieblake 

The first time she walked into the greenhouse shop Neville thought she looked like she might be trouble. By the time she left, he knew for a fact that she was.

“I need flowers,” she said, stumbling into the store just after nine in the morning, wearing last night’s dress and heels, mascara streaks running down from her green eyes. Her dark blond hair was piled up in a messy bun on her head and her lipstick was smeared across her cheek. She looked positively deranged. Beautiful, for sure, but completely unstable.

“Okay,” Neville said, noting that she was going to be one of those customers; the customers who refuse to tell you what they are looking for and expect you to read their minds. It was like pulling teeth some days. “What kind of flowers are you looking for?” Neville asked, picking up his mug of tea and settling in for what he was sure was going to be a much longer interaction than he had hoped for this early on in the work day.

“I want to send a message. Flowers, they can mean different things, can’t they?” She walked over to the shop counter and started unloading the contents of her purse onto it: keys, lipstick, gum, another lipstick, a day planner, yet another lipstick, mascara, a small toiletry bag, and finally the wallet she was apparently searching for.

“Yeah, there’s a whole language of flowers. It was popularized in Victorian times, actually-” Neville began, excited at the prospect of this situation taking an entirely different turn than he had anticipated.

“Great, I need flowers that say “I hope your dick falls off and you get hit by a bus”. Do you have anything like that?” She looked up, meeting Neville’s eyes for the first time since she walked in. He was struck for a moment by how truly pretty she was, aside from the fact that she was clearly completely unhinged.

“Er, not exactly that sentiment,” Neville said carefully. “Would you settle for simple hatred?”

She froze, “Wait, are you actually giving me an answer?”

“Yes? Was I not supposed to?” Neville stepped back a little, putting the counter between them in case her rage was being redirected at him. It was times like this he almost wished he had a panic button.

(read the rest on ao3)

Anti’s get a life. Yeah I go into your tag time to time but now sending someone a way to kill themselves and false accusations of child pornagraphy are to far. You know I could go on and on about how all of the fandom doesn’t support Sangwoo/Bum or how most of us actually hate Sangwoo more than nazi’s but you wouldn’t listen.

Yeah I like reading rough sex. I ship Sebastian and Ciel along with Soubi and Ritsuka aka to underage relationships. Do I feel shitty about that? Sometimes. I enjoy reading and looking at fics about bloodplay, I’m a sadist at heart, I live off of angsty fics and psychological thrillers. Does that me a bad person? No. Most anti’s have their own dark deeds that they wouldn’t want to attacked by so why bring it up?

“But this our tag-” Bullshit you guys crossed the line when you first attacked us weeks ago. If you cared so much about your tag you wanted being telling people to kill themselves.

Also most of those posts you screenshot are jokes so congratulations you played yourself. You feed off of Killing Stalking by constantly complaining and boohooing about it when you could just I don’t, BLOCK the tag. Stop telling people to block you or to unfollow you if they like ks that’s there business and you’ll lose a lot followers that way.

So stop causing drama and go watch some TV or something.

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Like I read the Angel/Demon Hamburr fic. And now I can't help but imagine like Hamilton as an Angel and Burr as a Demon . Why? Because I see angel as loud and obnoxious who think their opinion is the best and that yours is shit. While Demons are overall calm and collected, manipulative but smart. And like Alex and Burr would always be like "You're a manipulator!" "You're a mess."

oh shiiiitttt. i think someone sent me an ask with demon burr and i wrote a lil something on it, but just headcanons, not a whole one shot. i have no idea where it is though lol it was a while ago. but try searching the tags! cause yeah i can see that, too, it’s an awesome idea!

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Name: Asia(but please don’t call me that u-u)

Nickname: Mudsy, Mumu, Mama, Mom, Bunny, bunbun 

Zodiac sign: leo 

Height: 5′7"

Orientation: poly//pan

Ethnicity: white

Favourite fruit: peaches 

Favourite season: fall

Favourite book: i don’t read much u3u I guess I like the book “Girl on the Milk Carton.“

Favorite flower: I really like hibiscus flowers!!!!

Favorite scent: sugar cookie
Favourite colour: 🌈 

Favourite animal: bunny or penguin 
 Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: plain iced coffee

 Average sleep hours: what is a regular sleep schedule

Favorite fictional characters: Robert, Morty smith, Dwight Fairfield, Jake Park, Ace Visconti, Lum, Huntress, Haku, Howl, Ms. Fortune, Eliza, Zone-Tan…. more and more

Number of blankets you sleep with: I have like 4 blankets on my bed but I only use one!!!

Dream Trip: anywhere with the right people :)

Blog created: December 2015
 Number of followers: 415

I tag @pericote (do it ❤️), @mogadeer, @mochachinobear, @colorlesstiger, @alakamame, @mrblaz,

Y'all can do it if you want uvu


So this is for any closeted trans people, whether you’re non-binary, ftm, or mtf.

If you’re closeted and you want a haircut, but can’t show a picture of the haircut you want without outing yourself, I AM HERE.

I will, for absolutely no cost whatsoever, photoshop a picture that you give me to look like your biological gender, while still retaining the original hair of the person. All that I ask is that you reblog this post to spread the word. Message  me the picture, and the gender you want it to look like, + any additional info.

Even if  you don’t need/want this, I’d appreciate the signal boosts :)


The marks appear halfway through the third trimester of her first year at Dupont. Alya had just gotten out of the shower when she spots it in her bathroom mirror. Etched into the skin beneath her right shoulder blade, the words follow a curved trail along her spine in tiny cursive. It takes the combined help of her Ladybug compact mirror, her camera phone, and a whole lot of squinting for her to finally make out what it says:

“while loving someone deeply gives you courage”

No capitalizations. No punctuation marks. No hint of whether the phrase begins or ends the rest of the sentence.

-the writing on our skin by @charme-miraculeux

Inspired by the wonderful soulmate story written by Justine!! If you have not read it yet, I would strongly recommend it! You can read it on tumblr here or on ao3 here!


I wanted to give my intake at the whole “Lance with Keith jacket” so I did a little doodle of Lance, then I though about the possibility that the show follow, even if for a brief time, the old Voltron(so Keith became the black paladin, Lance the red ones and Allura the blue) and things … got sidetracked. 

And with that I mean “I’m inking, but there are four - or they were five? - minicomic and It’s a bit boring, but I’m drawing Pissed Keith, So Done Shiro, and Matt Meeting Lance, so whatever. I’m going to finish them, I hope”.



I haven’t watched the latest episode yet, and it took me way too long to realise that Reiner and Bertholdt were not, in fact, trying to dance

Two Sides to Every INTJ:

INTJ: why are humans such idiots? All these idiots, running into walls and screaming and gossiping behind each other’s backs. Teenagers suck. Why are we all so horrible. This is why everyone hates me, I am evil.