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Dan’s Daily Doodle: Day 138

So… I have an announcement to make. Tyran will be retired as my sona soon, and replaced with this sona Kaide. I feel the design and at heart the character is no longer me. He represented me how I felt at the beginning of the year and i love him dearly. But he’s no longer me

Hence why Kaide exists, He is to be me very soon once i’m happy with his development and i am very VERY Excited about it. You can see my two original sketches of him looked a little off, so the coloured one is closest to how I feel he’ll look! 

we want to live by each other's happiness

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by philthestone

Erskine tilts his head.

“Why do you want to fight?”

Jake could say a million things.

“I’m Jewish.”

Words: 19847, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Callout Post

This is a callout post for @the Irisco fandom 

1. First of all, where are you guys at? I see you lurking about in the tags, or on your blogs. I have the receipts to prove that this is a fandom.

2. Why aren’t y'all posting in the tags as often?

3. I know people are out there thirsty for some Irisco drabbles, and prompts. Why aren’t we hitting each other up and getting stuff together. C'mon now. 

4. I see y'a reading this post and not messaging me. I see you. And I’m calling you all out. Let’s get it together Irisco fandom. We have possibly more moments in this new season with Cisco and Iris bonding/interacting so let’s get ourselves in formation. 

Tl;dr: Irisco fandom, where you at?

Sigh. This is why I don’t like answering asks about character hate even when I answer neutrally people still take it as hate. I didn’t even tag that just to be respectful to the character and the people who love them.

And yet people take the time to read the answer but apparently not enough time to actually comprehend the answer as neutral and not at all offensive. 

Sigh. You all need to chill. 

And for the others who have been respectful towards me and that post, thank you for being understanding. I’ll post some stuff and move on from this.

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oh man the charlie brown thing is so real. it’s why i’ve never really read it much. i once mentioned this to my mother and she was like ‘oh yeah, charlie brown is obviously super depressed, i could never read it either.’ so yeah, team hugs for charlie brown all the way

I never read the comics much, but I’ve seen lots of the little old movies, and now the new one (which I am conflicted on–it seemed like a solid Charlie Brown story but the animation style was Not For Me. Some things are not meant to be CGI, Hollywood!!!), and the more I think about it, the more I feel for this child!

He is anxious and depressed and everyone is so mean to him and calls him a blockhead and you guys he just wants to hang out with his dog and fly kites and adopt sad Christmas trees why can’t Charlie Brown be happy

… Nooo, I’m not tearing up over a comic character, why do you ask?

10 reasons to why WoSo is like Game of Thrones
  1. Everyone has at least one player that they hate with a burning passion.
  2. You’re in a constant state of “Oh no, please don’t get hurt” when your fave is playing.
  3. You’re basically willing to fight anyone who disrespects your team.
  4. You’ve mastered the art of drinking, all while being able to discuss the game.
  5. Every little detail gets overanalyzed.
  6. You wait all week for the games, and when they are over you feel kind of hollow and just want the next week to go by faster.
  7. Trying to keep your cool, when talking to someone who doesn’t follow it, but asks you about it anyway.
  8. So many underrated players.
  9. No matter how many curve balls they throw your way, and how pissed you get, you’ll always come back.
  10. WoSo fans are about as dramatic as Game of Thrones in itself.

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There has been a lot of hate in the dramione tag recently, with people saying the ship doesn’t make any sense as Draco bullied her at school and that Hermione could never be able to forgive him for that. Since you ship it, I’d like to know how you overcome this issue and why you like it better than romione or drarry specifically.

I feel like this is going to be long, but it’s an interesting question lol. My answer will have to be taken as a whole; if you just read the first lines, you won’t get my point at all. But I think it is worth reading. It won’t be a ‘how to ship dramione’ (if you want that it would probably need another ‘essay’ like this one tbh hahaha). I’ll mostly explain why it isn’t wrong and why it isn’t the bully and the victim trope. I hope anti dramione will read. The whole thing.


Originally posted by dramionegranfoy

Ok, so first of all, people all have different scales for right and wrong. If I was Hermione, I would easily be capable of forgiving Draco. I don’t usually ship a bully with the bullied, to be honest, but Draco and Hermione are a whole different thing. They’re far from just… this. I consider every ‘problem’ as unique and try not to categorize people. I don’t have a category for bullies and a category for bullied. It’s not even that black and white. Draco was bullied and abused too, by a lot of people. Hermione bullied him too (slightly and she was mostly influenced by Ron and Harry, and… it was probably merited, though extremely unnecessary sometimes, like when he was lying on the floor, helpless, and they literally kicked him. Like, seriously, it’s not because you think what Draco did to her was worse that it means Draco didn’t suffer as well, because he did (thinking the opposite is kind of sexist, because yes, boys have feelings too), and simplifying the both of them as just the bully on one side and the bullied on the other is just… dismissing what he went through too. It’s not all about Hermione, guys). Talking about this, to do a quick comparison, Draco bullied Harry like a thousand times worse, and to be completely honest again, I’d have preferred being Harry way more than Draco as all the things Harry told Draco or did to him are like hundreds of times worse to me than what Draco did to Harry. I would even have preferred being Hermione if I had to choose the kind of bullying I had to go through between her being bullied by Draco, Harry being bullied by Draco and Draco being bullied by Harry. At least if it had been done to me. Maybe you have a different vision of things, but things don’t get on people’s nerves the same way. And they don’t hurt the same. 

Ok, let’s start FOR REAL now.

Now let’s think about it… Who actually started? Hermione (same thing between Ron and Draco… Ron is the one who started). Draco dreamt of being on the Slytherin Quidditch team. He had been chosen as the seeker. And what did Hermione say? That he had no talent at all and had been picked on the team only for his money (rude lol). Draco was already insecure. He had talked about her to his Father and his Father had abused him because of that. Even in front of Borgin. He abused Draco because he talked about her and because she was better than him at school. He made him feel ashamed, and not especially loved. Draco wanted to make his Father proud. But, Lucius was proud his son was on the team, finally, as Potter had already been on the team since the previous year (year Draco hadn’t said a single bad thing to Hermione), and he gave brooms to the whole team. Hermione denied that and made him sound like an idiot in front of people who despised him, and even in front of someone he had offered his friendship to (and Harry had refused it to him, as Harry thought he was a Dudley number 2 and because Ron had laughed at him as he had heard things at home and was prejudiced just as Draco was towards his family). And she made him sound like an idiot in front of his team also. So yes, he insulted her back. With a word he didn’t quite understand yet back then, ‘mudblood’. What does mudblood mean anyway? That your parents are muggles? That you’re not really… one of them, a part of the community of wizards? Draco repeated the words a few times, it’s true. He used it again, but not that often. But the first time he used it, Hermione didn’t even understand the meaning of it, which is normal since she’s a muggle-born. She couldn’t care less, as she didn’t understand herself the meaning of it, and even less the deeper meaning behind it. They were 12. When I was their age, I wasn’t even in high school yet. And it is true that later that year he said he wished she would be one of the students to be attacked, but god, he was 12. I’ve said worse things in primary school, without meaning them really. But she wasn’t there when he said it in the common room. He thought he was talking to Crabbe and Goyle, who were even worse than him, but pure idiots at the same time. He didn’t want her dead for real. He just didn’t think it through and never tried to be rational about it. At least at this age. And effectively, Hermione didn’t understand herself the word. She only saw the reaction of the other kids, especially the older ones. Draco saw he was getting a reaction when he would say this, so he kept saying it. But the books are from Harry’s perspective, you know. And pretty much everything Harry sees of Draco is bad. If someone wrote a book and I was a character, they could write all the things I’ve said or done that weren’t nice, leaving the rest, and… Maybe you’d consider me a bully too, though nobody would tell you that in real life to be fair. It seems worse also as it’s in a book and you read it fast, and only the ‘significant’ moments. Hermione and he were in almost all the same classes. They weren’t trying to kill each other every two seconds. They maybe even did some team work sometimes and it isn’t included in the books. They were at least comfortable enough to go see the other one to say anything they needed to say.

Now, 13 years old and older, aka that time you started High big fucking lol school.

Hermione tried to reason him, as early as in book three. But she thought he was right, in fact. She tried to change his mind, while she shared his views. The only difference in book three between the two is that Hagrid was her friend, while Hagrid wasn’t his (his Father told him awful things about Hagrid, which were probably true to be fair, and Hagrid was prejudiced too towards his family. He had been in detention too with him and he had been scared as fuck that time, even before entering the forest. He and Hermione agreed on how dangerous Hagrid could be sometimes, on how his classes were ridiculous as well, etc. She didn’t punch him because he was mean to her or anything, but because he was saying mean stuff that she knew were true in a way. After all, Draco had really been hurt by Buck; it was an accident, at least in the book. But Hagrid was Hermione’s friend and she saw how he liked Buck and she didn’t want Buck to be hurt either. Hell, she wouldn’t want any creature to be hurt. When Draco was hurt by it, she was the first to react and to say he needed to be transported to the Hospital wing).

Year four, Lucius still knew who Hermione was. He made her feel uncomfortable. Lucius did, not Draco. Then after the match at the world cup, Draco was alone and asked her friends what the hell they were doing and that they should hurry up to bring her somewhere safe. Hermione didn’t know what to think, as Draco couldn’t care… The way his Father had looked at her earlier… But then he explained the problem was she wasn’t a ‘witch’, that the people out there were attacking muggles and that for them, it made absolutely no difference if she was a muggle or a muggle-born. She could simply be a target, just like that. Ronald wouldn’t accept it, so Draco told him to ‘have it his own way’, but that Ron was wrong no matter how stubborn he would get. And he said a pretty mean stuff, which to me sounds extremely sarcastic though… like… if you don’t hurry up you’ll end up like these muggles, in the air, like… Yo, they’re showing their knickers to everyone, can’t you see? Is that what you want? Because… That’s what he said, right? Not in the nicest way, of course, but it was direct. He also thought Ron and Harry were being stupid at the moment, and he had fun getting them a bit angrier, especially Ron who seemed to only want to slap him (as usual). Then Hermione decided they should leave, and when she started walking, Draco called her and said she should keep her head down, taking in her appearance, with her big bushy head. He said that because curses were coming their way and she could be hit by one at any time and get hurt. So he bullied her that time, but warned her as well.

Then next thing, in the train, she was still totally curious about him, probably because of this reason. And she started eavesdropping; even asking her own friends to shut up because they were talking too loudly and she couldn’t understand what he was saying anymore. She got angry at what he had said, to his own friends, in another compartment at that! And when he visited them a few minutes later, she was still angry. She told him she wanted him to leave, and he did right away, without big drama except for a little sarcastic line that was not even directed at her. Then next thing, he realized her teeth were smaller (because of him, though it was an accident that time in Potions and his spell had been directed at Harry, not her at all and he didn’t even deny being the one to cast the spell). He was eavesdropping when she told Ron someone had invited her to the Yule ball. It ended up with her calling him a bouncing ferret, having imitated his own ‘style’ just before. Draco also noticed, and he probably was the first one to, that Ron liked her more than as just friends. He made several comments about that.

Being a ferret must have been a very traumatic experience for Malfoy, so clearly it wasn’t nice. But she definitely didn’t mean it entirely as she was concerned when it happened to him, she was angry at Mad Eye and thankful McGonagall had been there. Then, the next thing, Draco sees her at the Yule Ball and finds her so pretty he is completely speechless, at the point that after the Yule Ball happened, Pansy started telling everyone for months how ugly and definitely not pretty Hermione was. Pansy was talking way more about how Hermione was not beautiful despite everyone thinking she was beautiful than of her blood. And only after the Yule Ball (and in the train before 6th year, Pansy is, black on white, checking to see how Draco would react at knowing Blaise found a blood traitor pretty… Like… Pansy’s jealousy can’t get any more obvious). If you want to give Hermione a bully, that would be Pansy way more than Draco. Draco wasn’t the one to talk about her to Rita Skeeter, it was Pansy. Draco wasn’t the one to read her the articles out loud. It was Pansy. Draco actually didn’t say a mean word to her for like a year, or more after the Yule Ball. Hell, I think the next thing he told her was that time he took points from her in fifth year. And that time, Voldemort was back to life, and he felt so ‘important’. Well, that’s how he wanted to feel, but he didn’t feel that way. His parents would never have accepted him to be a death eater yet, nor accepted him to hear the ‘conferences’ with or about the dark lord. He wanted to be a part of it, in a similar way as the golden trio wanted to be part of the Order already as well. Except that they weren’t on the same side. Draco didn’t witness anything really bad during his fifth year; Voldemort was silent. Voldemort had no reasons to really ‘hate’ Lucius either. Draco thought the beautiful world his Father talked about would be there again, and that his Father would finally be proud of him. Draco thought all these bad years he had spent at Hogwarts would be over and something better would arrive soon.

He started understanding the sad reality when his Father was sent to jail. Harry had already talked against his Father in newspaper earlier that year, and then Lucius was sent to jail because of the golden trio, etc. And at the end of the school year, Harry yelled at his face how proud he was to have been the one to send his Father to jail. Draco was already trying to understand why things had turned out so wrong, and he really loved his Father, and he didn’t know what to expect from now on as they were heading back home. He tried to attack Harry in the train, but Harry and his friends were faster (Hermione wasn’t there) and turned Draco into something similar to a slug, then put him in the luggage net so his mother finds him that way (which is incredibly horrible, especially since her husband had just been sent to jail and that there are chances Voldemort was already at the Manor). Draco really didn’t have it easy. People had great expectations when it came to him. And back to Pansy, Hermione despised the girl way more than she disliked Draco. When they were made prefect, Hermione complained because she had been named prefect too. She didn’t make any comment about Draco being a prefect too, despite Ron bringing it up. Hermione didn’t ‘hate’ the guy. It’s such a strong word. She knew where he was coming from. Pansy is another story. It is obvious she did hate the girl. And when she hated someone, it was extremely obvious. Just look at how she punished the ones who would betray the D.A. Just look at how she locked Rita Skeeter in a jar, in the form of an animal, only because she was writing stuff (mean stuff, but still) in the newspaper. Just look at how she brought Umbridge to the centaurs. Just look at how she quitted divination and told the guys several times Trelawney was rubbish, etc.

And despite Draco ‘hating’ her in the first books, except the first one of course, and that because of her blood, he never brought up the ‘issue’ of her parents being muggles. Nothing stopped him, right? Wasn’t it even supposed to be his real issue with her? He talked a lot of times about Molly and Arthur. He even laughed directly at Harry’s face for being an orphan and made ‘jokes’ about his parents being dead. In this sense, Drarry is actually way more toxic than Dramione can be, for example (I have nothing against the ship, thanks lol). That and how Harry yelled how much he was proud to have destroyed his life and sent his Father to jail. This is the kind of things I couldn’t forgive easily. Why? Because it remains. Because it was uncalled for, sometimes out of a specific context. Because it was meant to be mean and was meant to hurt. Nothing else.

Draco thought believing in blood ideals was normal, and hell, it was actually normal. Not a lot of people believed in it anymore, but it was still normal in his family. And in other countries as well. Hermione knew it, too. She went out with Krum, who was going in a school where no muggle-borns were accepted. At all. There were pro pure-blood laws. Draco could read books and check the law and see that he was right. His parents told him it was right to think this way. He was a kid. He believed it. He believed it, because that’s the society he grew up in.

But he changed his mind, didn’t he? The problem with ‘the bully and the victim’ is usually that the bully will tell the victim that he or she has changed, but in fact he or she didn’t really. That’s where Draco and Hermione are different. First, Hermione knew Draco wasn’t evil at all. She didn’t even think he had it in him to really hurt someone. She didn’t even think he had it in him to be a death eater, and even with proofs she wouldn’t accept it. Because she knew better. And there wasn’t a power imbalance. Some people say that, but I don’t think it’s true. Hermione was so stubborn and independent. She would try to reason him, she would defend him, she would ask if he was alright when he was hurt, she would walk towards him and shout at him with no hesitation because he was mean to other people. She would tell him to shut up. Most of the times she wouldn’t even care. And most of the times in the book, she wasn’t even aware. Because he wasn’t talking directly to her, because she wasn’t there, or because he was doing it in her back. Like when he would imitate her in class instead of listening to said class. When he would say sometime cryptic, she would also always understand. She knew how he worked. When Harry would say something weird about Draco, she would be like: that doesn’t sound like him to do that, etc. She didn’t ‘hate’ him. She thought he was annoying. She was mostly annoyed because she would agree with him when she shouldn’t, because he was trying to tell things without really saying them, and she was curious because she knew he knew more, but she also knew he wouldn’t tell them what he knew. She was mostly annoyed because he, Harry and Ron would always fight over Quidditch, and she hated Quidditch exactly for this reason; because it caused fights. She was mostly annoyed because he wouldn’t shut up. She was mostly annoyed because she knew she was a muggle-born and she wanted to succeed and to prove to the others that she belonged. And if she didn’t feel like she belonged at first, it wasn’t Draco’s fault. When she arrived at Hogwarts the first year, it’s with Ron she had problems for at least two months. Two months with no friends in an unfamiliar place and world is definitely long. But yeah, Ron was young. He couldn’t know how much it was hard for her.

Draco had the same wish as her. He wanted to belong. He was jealous of Harry in the latest books, because Harry had Hermione and Ron as friends and their friendship shone. He had always hated Ronald, for good and bad reasons according to him. He had no rational reasons, despite what he thought, to hate Hermione, and even though he thought she was annoying a bit too with her know-it-all attitude (to be fair, Ron and Harry were often annoyed too lol) and despite the fact he had been abused at home because of her, he still wished he had a friend like her. And yes, even that time in Diagon Alley when the golden trio entered the shop and Draco was there with Narcissa, Draco didn’t say Potter was there; he told his Mother about Hermione being there. Narcissa, two years later, recognized her at the Manor because of this precisely.  

Draco changed a lot during the war. When the golden trio was at the Manor, Draco tried his best to not identify any of them. Hermione included. Even when his Mother asked him to wait before identifying her because she wanted to say how sure she was that it was ‘Granger’ because she had seen her before in the store and all, he still hesitated afterwards. His mother had just said it was her and still he wanted to lie and say it wasn’t her. Bellatrix wasn’t even in the room at that moment. When Hermione started being tortured, he was sent downstairs and he ran in the stairs to get the goblin, and he was shaking and looked pale and determined. He didn’t want her to die, he didn’t even want her to be hurt; it made him looking sick! When the chandelier fell on her, it hurt him so bad in the face because he was just beside it. He didn’t try to move and was looking in the direction of the chandelier. He would have had time to move or to turn around, like everyone else (hell, even Bellatrix who had been holding Hermione had the time to move) but he probably hesitated, still frozen in place, realizing it was going to fall on her, and it’s not like he had the time to do anything; Bellatrix had been holding her. And right after, Harry stole his wand just like that, seeing that Draco was too weak to fight. So weak that Narcissa actually had to help him stand up.

POST WAR !!!!!!! (w/ TCC spoilers, none about the plot though)

Originally posted by secret-creek

Hermione and Harry defended him at his trial. While Harry had had his visions to realize Draco didn’t enjoy being a death eater (visions he hadn’t even shared with her) and the battle of the Astronomy Tower, Hermione came to her own conclusions. Even before knowing for sure that he was a death eater, she knew that if he was, he wasn’t one at heart. Honestly, I’m not surprised at all she tells Ron in TCC that he (Ron) should let her deal with Draco alone. She always did, and always had been irritated at Ron’s impulsive reactions (which was exactly what Draco was seeking back then).

As I said, the problem with ‘Bully and the victim + romance’ is the bully saying he or she would change, the victim believing him or her, while it isn’t true. That is what could end up being toxic or an abusive relation. The thing is Draco is genuine. And that he decided to change on his own. Hermione didn’t have to ask him to lol. He genuinely wanted to change, and knew he had been wrong big times. He even confronted his parents about these beliefs, telling them where he now stands. Astoria is a pure-blood, sure, but she seems to be a cinnamon roll. And she’s a blood traitor, and by changing his beliefs, he is too. And while I am sure Astoria helped him confront his parents and all, it is obvious he made his thinking on his own, otherwise he just wouldn’t have accepted being with her in the first place if she was a muggle lover. He accepted her this way, he could relate to her, etc. And he had a reason to confront his parents. And he raised his child in the belief that every human being is worth the same. He had a child for love, not for the blood line. He was insecure as a Father, as he didn’t want to be like his own Father. He knows his Father loved him and loves him; but it’s not because you love your parents and that they love you that they can’t be abusive. I know about that. I’ve been in a similar family. Not with these prejudices of course, but it was just as unhealthy growing up.

And you know what? In the tags, I’ve seen a lot of hate too recently, concerning how Hermione is used only to redeem him. The thing is… He did that by himself? He changed. Astoria was the one to bring light to his darkness, but Hermione could have been. That doesn’t mean anything else than what it means. Draco did his own thinking. Making life seem more beautiful is another story completely. Draco was probably confused and insecure and an outcast after the war. He surely secluded himself, and if we’re logical, he probably suffered from depression and post-traumatic stress. But to be fair, Hermione probably suffered from post-traumatic stress as well. We never hear anyone of them talk about what happened at the Manor in the books. I know Hermione is resilient, but she went through some traumatic experiences as well, way worse than Draco saying she was a know-it-all and that her hair was all funny and bushy when she was doing potions. Seriously, they went through a war. Do you seriously think after such a war she still cares about this? I wouldn’t. Especially since the ‘insults’ are the quality of a 6 years old. She could care about mudblood, but the thing is the reason she could have cared was because she wanted to prove she belonged. But she became war heroine, she used the word mudblood on herself, she went back to Hogwarts to finish her studies, she was called the brightest witch of her age, she became Minister for Magic, and before that had a high position at the Ministry. And maybe most important, she knew that even the one who had told her such things knew he had been wrong. And she knew he was genuine. And in a world with Astoria and Scorpius, probably even more. But in a world without Astoria and Scorpius too, she could easily know too. She already knew in a way, that he at least had started to question his upbringings. In TCC, he seems important enough to be at Ministry conferences. In TCC, where they aren’t even ‘friends’ at the beginning, they’re still kind of fine. When there’s something, she still tries to reason him. But to be fair, in TCC, JKR has been cruel with him. It’s perfectly understandable how a mess he is.

In an alternate universe where Draco is still present after the war and interact more with Hermione, a relationship is not impossible at all. Draco and Hermione have a lot in common; they have similar general interests, have a same thinking pattern despite him being more emotional and her more rational. They can relate on a lot of levels, and they could heal together. They could start as friends and gain a form of trust, they already had in a way to be fair. They could realize they work together, that they smile when the other is around, etc. They could be each other’s comfort; they could be something good the war created. Hermione could help Draco feeling more confident, Draco could motivate Hermione. He would never be abusive to her, as the reasons he could have been abusive to her do not exist anymore, and as he genuinely wants to be a better person. He would not be abusive to her, because when Draco loves, he actually could do anything for the other person. He could even sacrifice himself. He would never be abusive to her; if anything, he would feel insecure at first and always try to make up for everything he did to her in the past. Which is why the two of them being friends first makes the more sense, in my opinion. And if it’s Harry who’s friend with Draco first and Draco and Hermione have to be around each other, not as friends but in a friendly manner, they could also see each other in another way, a better way, and start liking who they became as adults. And who cares who you were in the past? If you love each other now, just go for it? You know the past is completely over and that it will never be this way again. Like… absolutely never. You know it can only get better. You know that when you used to dislike each other, it was before that war. Another era. You know that when you used to dislike each other, you didn’t know each other properly and hadn’t tried to. It’s not even about starting back from the start, as there had been no start. The start being Hermione insinuating he had no talent in Quidditch. What hurt him the most that year is how he broke his leg at his first match (because of Dobby, but also because of Harry who is actually the one who made Draco fall off his broom on purpose) and that people were laughing at him, his team captain yelled at him while his leg was broken, the Weasley twins heard that and told the whole Gryffindor team, who then started thinking what Hermione had said had been true; that he had been chosen for his money or his name. Draco wanted to be someone. He didn’t want to be liked for his money. But it seems that’s the only thing that seemed to work in the end. And if what’s said is true in TCC, that he really wanted to become a professional Quidditch player, then this just probably got even worse for him to have been told such a thing, thing people ended up believing.



There’s nothing wrong in Hermione and Draco falling in love. After what they’ve been through, they deserve their happiness. Hermione’s feelings in canon could be debated, but certainly not Draco’s. Everything he said about Hermione contradicted with his actions, his words or his thoughts in the end. In TCC, she’s the one who goes after him, again, to try to reason him, to try to explain him they don’t mean him or Scorpius any harm. She’s the one asking him to come back because they need him, because they need a strategy. She’s the one who tries, both in TCC and the epilogue, to reason Ron about him and/or his son, and to make things go smoothly. Draco genuinely smiles at things she says and even says he likes being bossed around by her, and the thought of it makes him smile. To himself. In TCC, he defends her in front of McGonagall and she is moved. She tries to make him comfortable with and/or not hurt by the others. And yet in TCC they hadn’t spent a lot of time together. Imagine younger. And with time. The friendship they could have developed. But without Astoria, Draco would want more with her than just a friendship. He wouldn’t push things, but I suppose in the end there would be sexual tension and a lot of sparks. It’s either that or them becoming very good friends and comfortable around each other enough to cuddle as friends and to be playful and tease each other. And have intellectual talks also, as to be honest, Draco seems to have become a very well-thought person after the war, and seems very accepting of others. He dislikes conflicts. That made him more impulsive lol, but he dislikes it (he either decides to leave or to throw things because it feels good, aka me lol, or to justify what he’s saying (except with Hermione… he’s just like… k, but I’m right.).

There’s nothing wrong in shipping Dramione. It’s a man and a woman who have been through a lot together. It started with the worst, when they weren’t on speaking terms, and then ended up with the best, knowing they could only get better. Ron had been mean to Hermione too, in first year. She became friend with him for years before dating him. He hadn’t been as mean as he, but Ron still made her feel unaccepted, like she had no friends. Later he made her feel not good enough for boys, and not beautiful enough. He was her friend and he got mad at her for months for stupid reasons. He didn’t believe in her projects, such as s.p.e.w. and he made fun of it, etc. And he made her cry several times. I love Ron, Romione can be cute. But they were friends (once again, I have absolutely nothing against the ship). Draco and Hermione weren’t. Romione has a lot of work to do on themselves as well, they have a lot to forgive each other (these unhealthy jealousy things too), and especially to forget. It’s ok, they were best friends, young too, and they always needed to be friends again in the end because at the end of each book Harry needed them lol, but after Voldemort died they still had to work it out. I wasn’t surprised when JKR said they would need marriage counselling. Not all weddings are perfect and Romione is thus still a good ship, as they were friends. I love them, still. They’re extremely far from being my otp, and extremely far from my own relationship goals as well (especially as I lived it, almost in the same way as them and at the same age). That doesn’t help, but I love both of them as characters and after a few months, years of dating they could just be friends. That’s life as well. Not all relationships work, especially not between best friends. It’s great when you still manage to stay friends though and I have no problem seeing them staying in extremely good terms after breaking up, as they’ve been through a lot together. On the other hand, you have Dramione. They weren’t friends or anything close when they were mean to each other. It didn’t hurt as much. There was no betrayal or feeling of betrayal anyway, or anything in the slightest. That’s how getting to know each other isn’t entirely a “we’re starting back from the start”… but a “let’s get to know each other for the first time, this is our real start”. Seriously, high school is waaaaay behind me, even if I’m still young lol. I hold no grudge against anyone. High school seems like it was in another life, so I can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like after a war. And considering high school started, for them, during their 3rd year at Hogwarts… I feel like I was such a kid at 13, even at 17 lol. Draco was slightly younger when he realized he had been wrong big times, when he seemed like he wanted to accept Dumbledore’s offer. When he sacrificed himself and his emotions for the sake of his family (its honour and the security of his mother and father. The sake of it all was on his shoulders. He grew up too fast; he probably needed it though).

It’s far from a typical high school bully and its victim. If you have been bullied, I definitely don’t ship you with your bully. Draco and Hermione are just in the specific context in which they can overcome this. I don’t even know another similar context as theirs. I ship them post war only, or at least when Draco started realizing (on his own; events can help though) he was wrong and started wanting to change. For himself. Not for someone else. The only reason I would ship them before 6th year or anything is if they had been friends from the start, in an AU. But following canon, after the 7th book, with Hermione defending him and all, them becoming friends, etc… (and that’s actually canon!) is my way to ship them. Or them discovering after spending some time around each other, friends or not friends, that they are attracted to each other. That happens. And why deny it, when things will only get better. Why deny it, if the feeling is strong. Why deny it, if they can bring something good to the other and both become better people. Why deny it, if they can be happy together and overcome their past. Why deny love when it comes? Why, if the two of them would make a great couple and could get along for a lifetime. Why, if Draco is ready to confront his parents and to fight for her, the way he fought for Astoria? Why, if he is canonically able to act friendly with her two best friends and Ginny, etc. It takes times, it takes talks, maybe. But if they can relate, if they don’t even need to talk to understand each other, if they’re already acting like an old couple even before going out together… What is wrong if they love each other? What is wrong if they realize the past is… past and can forgive each other? Nothing says they have to forget, but I know if I were in their situation I would be like… I can’t believe we used to… and that now I just can’t imagine my life without you.

Love is never wrong. Abuse is. If someone ships Dramione and enjoys it in a toxic way, I don’t get it. What I love about them, is that they’re living in the present. Is that they accept each other as they used to be and as they are now, as they understand each other as they used to be, and as they are now. As they leave behind the people they used to be and their flaws and focus on who they are now and today, and on the positive. And with a little kid, they could look forward for even more positive.

Draco and Hermione are not the “bully and the victim = awh romance”. Lol. Far from that. They’re more than that. Not just as separate people… but together as well. They’re not you and the guy who made you cry in front of the whole class and threw garbage at you. They’re not you and the guy who spread rumours about you that made everyone stare at you on Monday morning. They’re not you and your ex who told everyone you’re just a fucking slut, or something. Far from that lol. These kind of things just happened, and have nothing to do with beliefs. Your bully could change his behaviors, but still be an arse. Draco did change his beliefs. He had beliefs because of his upbringings. Because it was the society he grew up in. He even was supposed to go to that school where no muggle-borns were accepted, hell. He changed his mind, confronted his parents about it. It’s not about saying… I was wrong to throw garbage at you because finally you ended up having big boobs. It’s about… Ok, I can’t believe I was that misguided and I’m actually ashamed I thought that of you, because it’s fucking horrible and doesn’t make sense. And Hermione be like: it was time you realized it, git. Maybe if it wasn’t of the war it would be different. Maybe Hermione would have had a harder time believing he was genuine. But gosh, I don’t think anyone could deny he is like 394% genuine. Hermione has been through the same war. They need talking. They need to get to know each other. They need to relate. They need to connect. For the first time. And realize they enjoy each other’s presence. At least, the adult versions of themselves. They’ve been through so much their friendship would just be so strong. Awkward at the beginning, maybe, but they wouldn’t take long to get to know how the other works and it would be such a relief.

Dramione is beautiful. When well done. Being one of them, I would see it as a gift from the sky. I love both characters. And their characters together even more. I love the way they would interact, once they get to be truly themselves and say what they really think when with the other. Dramione is not wrong. The way some people ship it, maybe is. But Draco and Hermione together certainly is fine. Love isn’t a bad thing, and it comes from all kinds of places, and sometimes it comes when you least expect it. Just welcome it =).

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whats the point of tagging stuff like family mention, parent mention, food etc when all those things are in the harry potter books/movies? if someone follows the blog they must have read the books or seen the movies - if theyre so triggered by those things that they cant bear to see them mentioned on their dash then why would they be in the harry potter fandom and be on this blog? not trying to sound like a dick, i just genuinely dont understand

good question! when you’re reading a book, you’re more likely to expect those kind of things, and can prepare yourself for them. when you’re just scrolling down tumblr you have no idea what you might see or read. i think a lot of people who block those tags only block them for a “warning”, and will then view the post anyways.

additionally, when they first read harry potter, they might not have had to block those things - it maybe a more recent development that they, say, don’t want to read about fathers etc.

finally, a lot of tagging isn’t necessarily “triggers” - a lot of it is, but many of the things you mentioned are often more used as like a “i really don’t want to think about this right now” rather than a “i will literally have a panic attack” - i want our blog to be accessible to everybody who wants to read it, and i don’t want anybody to have panic-attacks or be overly uncomfortable from our blog. it’s about making people happy, not making them sad :)

rad peeps you should totally follow

wanted to share the love today about some amazing people <3
the list is very asagao heavy im aware (theres only like two people who are not themed in asagao stuff), but you gotta go with the main fandom since thats all ive been reading lately. sorry

in other words, have a list of some wonderful people who have either written amazing things, and/or contributed awesome headcanons/ideas/etc., cause even if this is to celebrate fanfiction writer appreciate day, i feel like the fan source material is just as important as the actual content <3


im sure im missing someone and i am so sorry, so im asking people to reblog this post and add names here, even if they are duplicates, to share the love cause everyone deserves to be included! <3

@unhinged-mod, @lonelypoppytart, and @senpailenpai peer pressured me into making a gemsona…

Her name is Pink Topaz, she works for white diamond, and her weapon is a parasol.
Besides that I haven’t decided much…

…I still need to fully learn how humans works

Masterlist: Smut- During the Quarter Quell

This masterlist is going to feature stories which take place in Catching Fire either the night before the Quarter Quell or during the Quarter Quell and contain smut.  Fics of this nature are considered Canon-Divergence. 

Please make sure to read the tags and summary before diving into the fic. Some stories may feature subject matter which is not to everyone’s tastes. As with all masterlists, if you find a story that fits but is not on this list, let us know by sending us a message or fanmail with the story link.


Alight - GlassBelle

A Soft Place to Land - JuneJetson

One Time Before the End - Indyjb

Why? - batbaby


Before the Quell - Snofums

Everything - stephi-247

Heart on Fire - horsebugball24

Just What Friends Do - lexyrose

The Sharp Edge of Memory (formerly - Persuasion) - titaniasfics


A Good Last Day - VS_Brewster

All I Ask - HPfanonezillion

Beauty On The Roof - ATigressAshore                

Bed of Roses -  everydayescapeartist

Burning Alive - cloverleafsky

Catching Fire Missing Scene - Twilight Fan Gal

found a place to rest my head - loveleee

Give them a real show - grumkinsorsnarks

Glad You Feel The Same Way - I-Love-shiney-Volvos

hold me, hold me (never let me go) - loveleee

Just me and you - sookieandsamfan

Mirage - MockingJayFlyingFree

Our Last Night - sookieandsamfan

Save the Last Kiss - orea domina

The Last Night - jm105

Tonight I’m Gonna Hold You So Close - mrsbonniemellark                

Tryst - papofglencoe

Unwritten Moments - themockingjayandpeeta

Completed: 8/23/16

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please stop whitewashing your svt gifs. in the hoshi getting chubby gifset he looks like a ghost. you even fucked up in the first two gifs and his neck and face don't match.

woah owah woaaahhhhhHHHH first of all…have you seen their vapp? it’s not my fault that they turned on that hideous filter (although seungkwan did turn it off half way through bless)

i already know that he looks like a ghost and i did my best not to but how to unwhitewash a severely whitewashed filter???? why don’t you try my friend :^)

ALSO have you read my tags?? i already stated that i wasn’t satisfied with my coloring and i’m sorry that it didn’t help reduce the ghost effect.

ALSOOOO compare my colored one and the non-colored one:

you be the judge of how well i did cuz yeah i know it still looks awful 

finally, check out my gifs and see for yourself if i whitewash my other ones cuz i really don’t support whitewashing at all, heck i even got an ask saying why my gifs are too dark????????

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Hello there I hope I'm not annoying you! I was looking through the Mob Psycho tag and found your post with your headcanon anout Mob being autistic and I was wondering if you could tell me more about it because it seems interesting! Again sorry to bother and I hope you have a lovely day

hey!! ur not annoying me at all! to me, one of the main things that made me lock in this headcannon is the “get a clue” scene. as an autistic person myself who also has trouble “reading a room” “reading a face” or “getting the joke”, this scene really struck a chord with me. mob’s trying to have fun with the other kids but they think it’s creepy that he can’t “read them” ie “get a clue”. 

another thing is his constant neutral face. a lot of autistic people have a habit of showing their emotions through other means than facial expressions which is very much mob to me. he shows his love for tsubomi through through trying to impress her, not by “flirting” (aka the bane of all autistic ppl. i do not flirt, nor understand flirting). 

the third thing (not the final, though, there are more smaller things) is the whole concept of the counter itself, going from 0-100 with how emotionally volatile mob is. to me, i can relate to this, and relate this to mob being autistic, because it seems a lot to me like using spoons throughout a day/week. if you use too many spoons (have too many emotionally or physically draining/upsetting things happen to you), a meltdown is going to happen sooner or later. these can be small or large depending on how it’s handled by yourself and those around you. 

mob goes into a removed, trance like state based around whatever the central feeling is (rage, sadness, etc) and has no choice but to surrender to his overpowering, confusing, and terrifying emotions. for a normal autistic person, this is expressed through going nonverbal, crying, shutting down, etc. for mob this is expressed through massive destructive bursts of energy. 

“We don’t want X in the community”

***Discalimer*** I don’t know if I’m making sense, and please don’t use this as like receipts or an understanding of my actual opinion on something without telling me what you got from this and me either confirming or denying it first, because I don’t know how much of this is saying what I want it to say, and I don’t want to be attacked because I can’t put my thoughts down well.

What made me think of this was some responses to the diagnose trump debacle, which is incredibly ableist, because there’s this idea that people have to be ill to be bigoted, which is not true, but it’s being countered with the idea that people can’t be ill and bigoted. Or people can’t be legitimately part of the community and problematic or things of this nature.

And I’m sorry if this seems really poorly put together, or if it doesn’t make sense because honestly I’ve been on the verge of a shutdown most of the day from the heat, and I’ve done things, and I’ve only done hungarian today, and I’m in a massive ball of many things, so articulation will be hard, but I will forget what I’m saying later, so I have to get it out poorly or it won’t come out at all.

I’m going to use my dad as an example.

My dad abused me, and caused me PTSD, my dad was a failure as a dad, and as far as I’m concerned he’s a failure as a person. My dad was a drug addict, my dad clearly has undiagnosed mental health issues, and is also most likely an undiagnosed autistic. My dad is disabled, in multiple ways *and* he’s a shitty person.

My dad being a shitty person isn’t because of his disabilities, and his disabilities aren’t because he’s a shitty person. But I can’t cut people like him out when I advocate for all disabled people. When I advocate for the right for gay marriage I’m advocating for great marriages like that between my grannie & gramma and I’m advocating for terrible marriages like that between my mum & christine.

You can’t just decide you don’t want someone in the *community* in this context that means less an actual community of which you can totally say you’re a shitty person and not my friend, and more the umbrella of people you’re advocating for.

Like basically there are shitty people everywhere and sometimes when you’re advocating on a large scale (i.e. related to like laws organizations etc.) you’re going to be advocating for some shitty people’s rights. 

The way I have always felt about this, is I want to advocate for rights that I think even shitty people should have. For example I don’t think shitty people should be tourtured or poisoned, so I can safely advocate against ABA and MMS and Kelation for Autistics, because it’s something I wouldn’t want to happen to my dad, even if he’s a shitty person. 

I don’t think anyone should be discriminated against based on their nationality, sexuality, race, colour, gender etc. regardless of whether they are shitty or not. 

Like I feel like especially on tumblr, and other younger advocacy type stuff, Are you advocating for your demographic (i.e. your race disability gender, sexuality etc.) or are you advocating for your friends.

And if you *are* advocating for your friends, another person’s sexuality Gender, or disability status, shouldn’t be such a concern for you.

I see this a lot to with the whole ace discourse thing, like if you’re on the wrong side then you don’t have X sexuality, but that’s not how sexuality works, and if you’re truly advocating for the sexuality, you’re advocating against for the people, okay this gets confusing in intracommunity issues.

This might be babble at this point, I’m not sure how much sense I’m making here. I know the thoughts but they’re not coming out the way they’re supposed to, or maybe they are, my processing is going on really terrible. 

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sorry to ask but do you have any proof that Utsumi is a fangirl of rin or rinharu? I remember reading something and told my friends but they wanted evidence. Sorry but I would love to read all the reasons why Utsumi love Rin :)

Hi anon! I have an archive and Free! Archive tag where I saved my favorite quotes from Utsumi and the rest of the staff :D I recommend checking it out, this way you can choose the quotes you find most meaningful. The archive tag has stuff about other fandoms too, but 90% of it is about Free! lol

You can also check out @seakittens Masterlist of quotes related to Rin. It’s super thorough so I’m positive you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more in there! :D

And… I also have a few Utsumi tags. That one has three of my favorite quotes about Rin and RH, but there’s also this tag and this interview where Utsumi discusses how she was won over by Rin and Haru’s relationship. If you add that (the fact that it’s RH’s type of dynamic that Utsumi has a natural inclination for, that she says they’ll always find their way back to each other in the end), this quote right here (her deep emotional attachment to them) and this super shippy and adorable skit she wrote for them, plus the Rin and RH illustrations she has drawn, I believe you’ll make a very strong case to your friends :’D Hope that helped!


Unsettling Stories

Category: Short Stories

Ratings: Mature

This writer posts dark, twisted short stories not for the faint of heart. Each is cleverly crafted and gasp-worthy with twists and turns that keep you guessing.

They frequently post new material and reply to messages. 

Make sure to check their tagging policy before reading if you are sensitive to certain material or subjects.

Most of these will leave you either 1) crawling under your covers or 2) desperately feeling the need to shower

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Personal Favorites:

He Went Ahead: Teens have an unfortunate incident in an abandoned building

Stop Being Such Babies: Reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of the woods. Really.

All Thumbs: An embarrassing habit.


Eisuke x Soryu - An Alternative Love Story

Okay! I have never done anything like this before, and I would appreciate no hate *^-^* : if you don’t like the idea of two voltage males being together… don’t read it.

There isn’t any smut until the end I would say it was tame, as they don’t… get down to business…! Please feel free to share opinions.

Tagging: @pinkkbeblackk, @carinecaldre69, @tokyoloveletter, @yukinojowifey1 , @annamreed,@humorcomchantilly and @donnaintx!

It all started with a simple day in the penthouse, business as usual for Eisuke. Until Baba had opened his damn mouth. The bastard.

Why would you tell Soryu about the possibly of another job if he was going to leave?” Eisuke says in a scowl, the comment hanging like a dead weight in the room.

Baba clears his throat, “Boss, I was only passing on information.”

Eisuke sighs, and holds the frowned crease on between his eyes in stress. “Is he considering it?”

God was that his voice? Quiet, and submissive? As if Soryu leaving would impact him at all.Tch.

“Who is the job with?” he asks more dominantly, with his usual confidence.

“Shinichi Hishikura.”

Stone silence, in which Eisuke was thinking whether throwing his laptop against the wall was an overreaction.

“Boss?” Ota questions and I let out a long, held in breath. Shinichi Hishikura was a smart man, and he wouldn’t challenge Soryu and I’s partnership if he wasn’t offering something tempting.

If he didn’t know it was strained. Which was an understatement over the recent months.

We had hardly spoken.

“Dammit.” I whisper under my breath, and walk toward Soryu’s adjoining suite before Baba stopped me.

“B-boss?” “Yes-” and suddenly, I knew. I knew why I was so apprehensive about this. “He’s not just offering him  a business deal.”

My heart stopped in my chest. “W-what?”

Baba eyes meet mine, and he looks at me with don’t-give-me-that stare, “ You know he’s wanted more with you for a long time, he has to move on at some point Boss and Hishi is offering him a two-in-one kind of deal.”

“Don’t call him that.” I snap, and my temper continues to rise when I think about Soryu leaving with Hishikura.

“Sorry, Boss.” Baba says and looks across at me, “But… if he could make him happy, why wouldn’t you let him go?“ he asks softly.

I turn away and stalk into Soryu’s room because I was done with the thief already and because the thought process I was rocking was far too selfish- even for me. Still, as I open the door to suite all I could think was,

because he’s supposed to be my best friend, but I couldn’t help but think that I had already lost him.

As I enter the room, I notice the black leather bags at the door and stormed past a shocked Inui as I barge into his room.


Soryu jumps in shock and turns to stare at me, “What are you yelling for?” he asks and crosses his arms.

“You’re leaving for Shinichi Hishikura? FOR HIM?!” I boomed, and he looked at me with a guilty  expression. “You aren’t leaving this hotel.” I vow.

Eisuke, I’m leaving tomorrow.” he responds brusquely, and I shoot him a look that could kill.

“You can’t.” I say quietly and Soryu stares at me for a moment, then starts walking toward me with purpose in his eyes.

I would not back down, so I didn’t step back as he came to stand in front of me. “Eisuke, I don’t want to leave you.”

I hated how my heart leapt at that statement. “Then don’t.”

“He wants me, and he’s willing to give double the cut that you do.” he argues, and I find myself more angry at the first part; I could always provide him with more funds.

“Wants you?” I question.

“Sexually.” Well, didn’t that shut me up.

“Soryu. I want you to stay with the group. We’re your friends.” I ask, my anger pulling through.

“I’m sorry Eisuke, but he has a great investment opportunity for me and I want to see where this can lead me."  He had already made up him mind.

"SORYU.” I say angrily, my need to control the situation getting to me.

“EISUKE.” he mocks and my anger spiked.

“Don’t you dare leave me!” my anger was boiling up, and I knew better than to push the Dragon back…but did anyway.

“Why! Why can’t I Eisuke?” Soryu asks, as he staggers back, exasperated and too exhausted to meet Eisuke’s fire.

“Shuichi Hishikura is an evil, exploiting man, who won’t let you get a word in Soryu. I promise you that!” Eisuke says, and Soryu swirls his head to meet the billionaire’s; Forehead to forehead.

Soryu stops, and gives out a chuff of bitter amusement, “I’m sorry, but what do you think it’s like being with you?”

“I give you lean way- he won’t!” I argue, hand in my brown, soft hair as I scrunch it in frustration.

“He’s also willing to give me what I need.” Soryu says, and Eisuke looks at him shocked.


“No? As if you have a option? An opinion even?!” Eisuke says nothing to this, the war of hearts reaches hiatus.

“This is your problem; this has always been your problem! Ice cold, billionaire can’t admit he loves anyone! Needs anyone! That he needs me!”

“I won’t let you go to him!” My chest hitting against Soryu’s in delicious friction. “Soryu..” I whisper and he looks at me in question. “You’re my best friend.”

“I know I am, and that’s all I’ll ever be isn’t it?” he says and my voice catches in my throat.

“You’re the only one that has stood by me, I can’t lose you.” I say bluntly, and he stares at me with a sorrow he had never shown before.

“I can’t wait for you anymore..” he replies.

“Soryu..” I was speechless, confused and devastated that he was leaving, and I poured all that emotion in his name.

“Eisuke, look at me.” he says, his shoulders tense, as he uses his hand to tilt my chin up. His skin had always sent electricity through me.

“You don’t love me.” he says sternly. “-and I need to find someone who might.”

“He’s nothing like me.” I say out of stubbornness, and pull my head away regaining control. Soryu laughs and I take in the sight of him, making sure I burn the details into my mind.

Slicked back hair, husky calming scent, grey suit that clings to his muscles.

“He’s very much like you.”

I was aroused, angered and confused. Soryu suddenly looks down and a brilliant flush hits his cheeks. “Eisuke?”

I say nothing to my aroused state, and his stormy eyes widen. “I just can’t discard you like I will. I won’t hurt you like that.”

Soryu goes for me, closing the gap behind us and putting us nose to nose.

“Say it Eisuke.” he whispers in my ear, “Say the word, be with me for a month, a year longer than that… say the word and I won’t go tomorrow. I’ll stay here with you until I grow old because you know once you open that box there’s no getting out.”

“Say it.”

As he pushes our bodies against the wall, our hips meet and his face comes to close to mine. His breath hitting my ears, and his lips brush my cheek.

Suddenly I push him off, getting panicky about the contact, and Soryu goes with it shaking his head. “Get out. Just leave Eisuke. You could never accept us for what we could have been, and let me go.”

“Like I’m gay?” I challenge and he shakes his head.

“What do you think that reaction means Eisuke? You’re rock hard and you know it.” he asks, and he shrugs. “You’re not gay. You’re bi or maybe you just want me. You don’t seem to know any better than I do, fine, but I’m not waiting for you to come to realise the fact you could love me-”

My throat was dry now, “-but you won’t even TRY. But Shinichi will give me what I need. Don’t worry about that, oh and don’t come to me when you figure yourself out either.”

He walks away from me,looks around the room he had stayed in for so long and picks up his last bag of stuff. He doesn’t look back at me when he walks out of the room and just…

leaves me there.


As I had woken up this morning I kept thinking that he couldn’t be leaving, that I couldn’t let him leave. But he was, which meant… I had to stop him.

I couldn’t let him go.

I showered, put on my usual tailored suit, took my morning coffee and walked into the lounge to find…absolutely no one.

Which meant he was leaving now, and I ever so slightly pick up the pace.

As I descend out of the elevator, come up to the balcony I was repeating the thought in my head, ‘Please -don’t already have left.’

Please don’t gone already, Soryu.

Then I saw him.

Shinichi and Soryu stand in the foyer, deep in discussion about something. The group were there as well, ready to say goodbye to their friend… my best friend.

“Say it. Say it Eisuke, and I won’t leave tomorrow.”

I had been a goddamn coward running away from him yesterday. But I hadn’t slept last night, and now I wanted him.

Too late? I would could call it fashionably on time.

Thump. Thump.

Soryu’s head turns as if he knew I was there and it flips up; stormy grey eyes met my caramel. “Hishi’s” follows his, and the edges of his mouth lift up in smirk as he sees me. He knew I would do nothing, could do nothing to stop this.

The lack of control over my best friend made me begin to sweat. As if mapped out I see a route to get what I had always wanted, hundreds of eyes lock to mine.

But I level mine at Soryu’s in one last plea not to leave. His quizzical stare was pleading with me to get away. To leave. To just let him go.

I couldn’t let it happen; he was mine. He belonged to me.

My eyes shifted to Hishi’s as he places a comforting hand on the Dragons shoulder. He looked up in clear confidence, and gave me a challenging, ‘What can you do now?’ look, as if he had already won. He shrugs, and bows his head as if in thanks for Soryu.

No, I shake my head. No.

My friends look at me in slight fear, judging my unpredictable nature. The artist was anticipating anguish drama, the detective was looking out for trouble and the thief was clear to show he didn’t want any hearts broken. Not one.

Mr Kenezki, my management, tries to stop me as I slowly take my first down the grand foyer. My goal was the lobby. My focus the Dragon.

“Mr Ichinomiya?”

“Not now.”

Thump. Step. Thump. Step.

I had lost myself in that stare long again, I had long ago lost my soul to that male. The beat of my heart was matching that of the rhythm of a marching band.

Last step, and no possibly of backing down. As my feet hit the lobby, I keep my eyes trailed on the group of males. As I walk through the hotel I feel hands tugging at me, and I scowl harshly to my left.

Perfumed, busting females were flushed against me, clinging to my suit, calling my name is seduction.

“Mr Ichinomiya…”
“Come to my bed…”
“Let’s play poker, of the strip variety.”

Here we go, Soryu had thought. He was going for them, he has misunderstood. Been so stupid to think. After all this time, still misinterpreted Eisuke’s actions…again.

But for the last time, at least.

But Eisuke side stepped them, his eyes still blaring into Soryu’s. His focus clear. It raised the temperature in the room with an electric buzz that had everyone I had passed looking to where I was going next.

I had to get to him, before he leaves me again.

Unable to quite believe this was happening, that Eisuke was coming for him; Soryu’s chest begins to breathe heavily, his breathing rapid, his eyes tracking my advancement toward him. His cheeks begin to colour, the shock attempting to be hidden in those eyes.

Eisuke pulls Soryu’s jacket toward him with brutal force and kissed Soryu hard. As a gasp erupts from the lobby as people watch them; Soryu’s hand finding my hair, mine finding his capable shoulders. He pulls at the soft locks, and kisses me back as I deepen the kiss.

I could dimly hear Mamoru’s, “Well, it’s about time…”

My kissing him in front of everyone was doing its job: showing everyone he was mine. Our lips were wet as we kiss hard and I pull back slightly just for anticipation of a second kiss.

He looks at my lips with dark desire and I meet him back for another kicking explosion of passion.

“Eisuke..” he groans softly and I bring our bodies together, holding him at the shoulders as our bodies both shudder.

“I love you, you aren’t leaving me..” I whisper and he inhales sharply. “I need you, as a best friend and as more…”

“I never thought you would ever admit that.”

“I have.. I’ll say it as many times as you need me too.” I whisper in his ear and push him back.

“Goodbye Hishikura.” I say purposefully, and he scowls harshly at me. I put Soryu behind me and glare at him. “You can leave or be escorted out.” I say and look pointedly at Mamoru, Baba and Ota.

“Always have to get the best of everything don’t you?”

“He’s mine.”

“Evidently.” he smirks and I go to formly introduce my fist to his mouth but Soryu pulls me back.

“You want to keep fighting a battle you already won, or go upstairs with me?” he whispers in my ear, and I smile widely.

“Upstairs… I choose upstairs.”


Eisuke throws Soryu against the wall, kissing those lips passionately to show him who was Boss, who was in charge. Not Shuichi Hishikura. HIM.

As their tongues intertwine, they both grow hot. Eisuke feels up those strong, capable shoulders. This wasn’t a gold digging female, this body had been trained and mastered in deadly force able to take down the Japanese underworld. Didn’t that make it hotter? Breathless and panting Eisuke groans, “Mine.”

“No, I’m not yours…” He replies breathlessly, and Eisuke looks into those eyes. This male would fight him tooth and nail for control, and he was going to love it. The silver, gray hair fell over his face was soft. Eisuke’s chest swelled 5 times its usual size as he saw a face that was flushed, eyes that were glazed over and mouth that was parted for him. Soryu was…full of sexual arrogance.

“You will be soon enough.” and they both went weak at the knees in anticipation as their hips were pressed together to reveal two very large bulges.

As Soryu hands went everywhere it was welcome, Eisuke kept kissing that mouth of his, tasting him as the zipper was undone to his pants.

As their eyes met he let out a shaky breath, and as Soryu grabbed on to Eisuke’s cock the businessman let out a hiss. It felt like he was being touched for the first time. There wasn’t a lot of fiction, but that isn’t what did it for Eisuke.

It was that, as this trained, male presence took him over and overwhelmed him in the best possible way: all he think was that after all this time, all the diverging away from one another; being friends, being enemies, the females and the waiting..that is was finally..finally…