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Nickname: jade???

Star sign: Taurus

Height: 5′3″

Time right now: 9:18 PM

Last thing you googled: how do painkillers work

Favorite music artist: I have broad tastes, so it depends, lol. Recently, lots of Smashing Pumpkins, Mountain Goats, kinda getting back into Yeasayer after forgetting about them for a few years, lol.

Song stuck in my head: Devo - Blockhead. Don’t know why! They just pop in there sometimes. So catchy…

Last movie I watched: Star Wars: Rogue One. It was…alright? I couldn’t get super into it. K2-SO was great, digitized Mon Mothma and what’s-his-name Imperial Guy were cool/weird.

Last TV show I watched: Lucifer

What I’m wearing right now: pajamas and wool socks, baby 

When I created this blog: *shrug* Early 2014, maybe?

The kind of stuff I post: Fic. Mostly Undertale, since that’s what the overwhelming majority of my followers are here for, and a lot of my other fandoms are old/dead. Limited reblogs.

Do I do asks regularly: Lol, “regularly”…

Why did I choose my URL: It was the first thing the random generator spit out.

Gender: Lady

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff, yo.

Pokemon team: I have a particular fondness for Grass and Ghost types, so mostly those guys? 

Favorite color: Green

Lucky number: 13, particularly of the Friday variety. More for me while all the scaredy-cats stay home. :V

Favorite characters: Papyrus (no shit), Ganondorf, Bertie Wooster, Varric Tethras, Cassandra Pentaghast, Mob, Kotetsu Kaburagi, Sam Vimes, Joan Watson, Manny Calavera, the Bonne family, any given incarnation of Ratchet, Lina Inverse, Samwise Gamgee, probably about a zillion more as soon as I’m reminded of them… 

Dream job: 2nd 2nd Assistant Space-Whale Scrubber. Gotta love that glittery pant-suit.

Number of blankets i sleep with: Three. Gotta keep the monsters away.

Followers: 1575, which was incidentally the year the black plague hit Venice, according to the internet.

I always kill these things because I don’t know who to tag. Gonna keep that streak going and just say do it if you wanna.

This is the most awful suggestion I’ve ever heard. This is how you get people not to take LGBT folks seriously! You’re encouraging people to “try it” just for kicks! And “switching back?” How many LGBT people do you think have heard that shit before, like “Oh, it’s just a phase, you’ll grow out of it?” Why do you want to validate the people who say that shit?

Bonus points for somehow feeling that “becoming a threat” will 1) work and 2) earn you actual respect.

EXTRA bonus points for discussing the “cis” population like there aren’t cis lesbians/gays/bisexuals.


the artist cycle

Stage 1: have an idea, get overly excited about how amazing it’s going to look

Stage 2: start to put said idea on paper, get overly optimistic about how it will turn out

Stage 3: have all of your hopes and dreams for the idea crushed as you realize it’s right outside the reach of your skills but you keep going

Stage 4: finish piece, post everywhere because you’re so happy it’s done, feel amazing

Stage 5: go back to look at posts, notice something wrong with work but it’s already posted, facepalm

Stage 6: slowly but surely begin to hate said piece until it consumes your soul

Stage 7: new idea is born from hatred for other piece, and it’s going to look amazing

and repeat

The Joker x Reader - “The Wedding”

Frost is getting married and you need to help him improve his dancing skills. Of course J doesn’t like it, but you’re not going to let your best friend embarrass himself at his own wedding. The Joker really needs to learn to cut it out.

Best friends saga: http://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/153980061476/the-joker-x-reader-best-friends




You are in the gym room at the penthouse, working out like crazy before J gets home. Why? Because if he sees you work out, all sweaty and panting, he always gets…ideas and then you have to stop what you’re doing and have fun with him. Good way to burn calories, but the regular, classic work out it’s great from time to time.

You are exercising on your back, lifting your waist up and down in the rhythm of the song you are listening to in your ear buds. Suddenly, you see J coming in, wearing just his sweatpants with a huge smirk on his face.

“Oh, no,” you think, “he’s back already?! Dammit, I only got 35 minutes in this time.”

You take one ear bud out and watch him come in front of you, kicking your legs open even more and he slowly drops on top of you, purring.

“Heeyyy, baby, you’re early,” you kiss him, disappointed and kind of not.

“Meeting was boring; I had to cut it short. Come on, Princess, let’s work out together,” he winks, with that naughty spark in his blue eyes and you know what that means.

“J, I really need to work out, I need to fit in my dress. I am the maid of honor,  ’kaayy?” you try to reason with him. And afterwards I need to rehearse with Frost again. But, mostly, I need to fit in my…”

He doesn’t let you finish:

“Let’s work out then. Push me up, Kitten, I’ll help you lose some weight, not that you need to,” he is quick to add, kissing your neck.

“I’m all sweaty, you should really…”

J interrupts again:

“And that’s how I like it, Doll. Come on, push me up.”

You humor him and he gets on his elbows, this way he’s not too heavy and you push him up with your waist as high as you can, then he lets himself fall on you and you collapse back, not being to hold him up.

“Again!” he commands, kissing you.

You do it again.

“Hey, Kitten, what does this remind you of, hmm?” The Joker growls in your ear, starting to get impatient.

You giggle, aware he won’t give up until he gets what he wants:

“If Frost walks on us right now, he will have a heart attack and won’t be able to get married.”

“Don’t care, the old man needs to learn some new moves anyway. I bet you he’s boring in bed.”

“No he’s not!” you are quick to defend Jonny, not even thinking about what you’re saying.

“And how the hell would you know, Princess???” J suspiciously glares at you, lifting his head up from your cleavage.

“Ummm, shut up and let’s work out,” you wrap your legs around his waist, pulling down on his sweatpants.


You swing with Frost around the living room, counting the steps so it’s easier for him.

“One, two, three, four, switch, one, two, three, four, auchh!!!!” you yelp in pain when he steps on your toes again. You have your shoes on but it still hurts.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” Frost apologizes, embarrassed he messed up again.

“It’s ok,” you sigh, resigned.

“Frosty!” J’s voice grumbles from the couch where he’s sitting, watching you two.” If you step on my girl one more time, I will blow your brains out, got it? She won’t be able to wear her high hills she loves so much if you break her toes. I won’t be happy about that, do we understand each other?!”

“Yes, boss, I’ll pay more attention,” poor Frost replies, frustrated. He’s really not doing it on purpose.

“Leave him alone, J, he’s trying his best.”

“Obviously he sucks so if that’s his best…” J huffs, taking the safety off his purple pistol.

You roll your eyes, taking a deep breath and restart your lesson.

“Yo, Frosty, you might wanna distance yourself from my girl a bit more. You’re holding her too tight!”
“Because he’s nervous, baby,” you mutter, irritated at his antiques.

“Of course, Mister J,” Jonny is fast in doing what he was asked, still dancing with you.

“My God, Frost, you have the grace of a pile of bricks,” J teases from the couch, snickering.

“Leave him alone, J, you’re making him…auu…chh…” you soundlessly scream when Frost steps on your toes again. You have your back turned towards the Joker so he didn’t see your grimace. Jonny turns you around and when his back is towards the Joker he silently tells you: “I’m so sorry.”

“One, two, three and four,” you restart your counting and Jonny messes up. At least he didn’t step on you. “Hey J, come on, let’s show him how it’s done. You know how to dance. If he sees it will help him. Come here,” you signal for him to join you.

“NO!” J shortly answers, sucking on his teeth.

“Coooome on, please, we’re running out of time and he needs to get better.”

“NO! Don’t want to, let him embarrass himself.” Gosh, he’s so stubborn sometimes.

“I’ll let you work out with me as much as you want,” you finally blur out, fully aware this is your last resort. Jonny gulps, pretending he didn’t hear it, but appreciates everything you do for him.

“Well I’ll be damned, Pumpkin, why didn’t you say so?” J finally gets off the couch and comes to you, yanking your waist and starting swinging with you around the room which such ease it makes Frost open his mouth in awe. He had no clue The Joker is such a good dancer.
“Pay attention, Frosty boy, this is how you dance with your girl, “ J boasts, enjoying you in his arms and glad he got such a good deal out of it.

After a while he stops and lets you go back to Frost, but stays nearby.

“Ok, Jonny, here we go: one, two, three, four…” and you start moving again when, bam! he steps on you.

“That’s it!” The Joker decides since he has a short fuse anyway.

He yanks you out of Jonny’s arms and he positions himself in front of your best friend, threatening:

“I am gonna teach you how to dance, you clumsy pile of bricks and if you step on my toes, you’re fucking dead ! Don’t you dare touch me, I warn you, just follow my steps!!” J snarls and you are thinking to intervene, but then… it might just work.

Is this awkward or what?! Frost looks like he’s going to pass out soon and J has such a determination on his face that for once you don’t interrupt his rampage. Jonny nervously follows J’s steps and so far he didn’t mess up, thank God. It really might be what’s he needs to succeed in such a short amount of time that’s left.

“Why the hell are you getting married anyway, you idiot?” The Joker continues to be aggravated and scolds Frost. “It’s so stupid and useless.”

Before Jonny can answer he can tell that what J said bothered you big time.

“Mmm…why is it stupid, J?” you ask, getting more and more upset.

“Because there’s no need for it.”

“Please shut up, boss, please stop talking”, your best friend repeats in his mind.

“It’s the most stupid thing ever!” The Joker snaps, scoffing.

“And…he’s fucked,” Jonny concludes, worried, watching you as you start blinking faster, shaking your head in approval, your eyes getting teary:

“I see…” you utter. “Is that why you never asked me to marry you?” your voice got shaky and J is finally looking your way.

“Well, yeah, Doll, you should have known by now!”

Oh my God, boss, you’re really fucked now,” Jonny thinks and stops following J’s steps as he watches you storm out of the penthouse.

“Hey, Princess, where are you going?” he screams after you, confused. “What’s wrong with her?” he inquires, waiting for his henchman to answer.
The look that Frost gives makes The Joker doubt about his amazing speech abilities:

“Was I not supposed  to say that?”

Jonny lifts his shoulders instead of saying yes.

“Shit… I’m screwed,” he finally realizes, but still adamant in teaching Frost how to dance, this way maybe you’ll forgive him a bit.

“Aren’t you going after her, Mister J?”

“Not now, you flipping have to learn how to dance for your stupid wedding!” he barks. “Last warning: if you step on my toes, I am shooting you on the spot and I am not even joking, got it?!”

“Y-yes sir…”

And that’s how Jonny Frost learned how to dance for his wedding.


You didn’t talk to J since the incident and refused to see him; you went to stay with Jonny’s girlfriend, this way you can help her with the last details anyway. Since you’re her maid of honor and J is going to be Frost’s best man, you can’t avoid seeing him at the wedding. An island was rented for the wedding, far from any curious eyes, cops and Batsy. All the important fellow underworld gangsters are invited at the event. Harvey Dent still has his minister’s license from back when he was senator so he will officiate the ceremony.

When you get to the front of the crowd under the flowery arch, waiting for the bride, Frost is already there, looking sharp as a needle, yet very anxious. The Joker is by his side and you avoid looking at him but eventually you kind of brush your eyes around the area just to notice how handsome he looks in that purple suit, with his slick green hair and that devilish smile on his lips, checking you out without even trying to avoid being so obvious.

You sniffle and grip your bouquet even harder, winking at Frost and then look around in the crowd, waving at a few people,…smiling, then casually glimpsing at The Joker….he still stares at you and for some reason it makes you blush and you have no idea how delighted he is. You sure are pretty in that red, form fitting dress you’re wearing.

After about 30 minutes you have to go and sit down for a bit, your high hills and bruised toes are killing you. J is quick to follow and nonchalantly places himself right by you, sighing. You don’t say anything.

He turns his head towards you and keeps on intensely staring, until you feel your ears burning and you have to look at him:

“What?!” you frown, contemplating getting up again and leaving.

“You look so beautiful, Princess,” he smiles, biting his lower lip with his silver teeth.

“Shut up, J,” you are quick to cut him off, playing with the flower in your hair because for some reason you feel uneasy.

He takes your left hand and places it on his thigh, then by the time you can take it back he puts a wedding band with a huge diamond on your ring finger. You gasp and try to take it off:

“I don’t want your stupid ring!” you mutter through your clenched jaw, struggling to keep it low.

He slides it back on, fighting you:

“Yes you do want my stupid ring, stop being stubborn!” he mutters, forcing you to keep the ring on but you won’t have any of this crap.

“I said I don’t want it!”

“Yes you do, you pain in the ass!”

Probably you’re getting pretty loud because Frost turns around with a “What’s going on?” expression on his face. Other guests are glaring your way too. You pretend everything’s fine, smiling and placing you head on J’s shoulder so it won’t seem weird.

“Take your stupid ring back, you jerk!” you whisper in his ear, elbowing him, trying to take it off again when you hear Harvey:

“If anyone doesn’t want this couple to be together, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

The Joker is fast in lifting his hand up and you don’t remember being so swift pinning it down.

“What the hell, baby ??!!! If you do this, I’ll never let you work out with me ever again, I swear!” you mumble, upset he would dare do such a thing to your best friend.

“Dammit, woman, you know how to negotiate,” he cracks his neck, debating. “Keep the ring too and we have a deal.”
“DEAL!” you are fast to agree so that the ceremony can go on and avoid embarrassment.

The Joker purrs, kissing your hand and then your ring, so pleased with himself. You just smirk, more pleased that he is: your little plan worked.

And that’s how Jonny Frost was able to get married without The Joker ruining the event.

You’re not his best friend for nothing.



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Wow wow wow. I followed you on twitter after seeing a bit of GT, then a few weeks later realized you are on tumblr. I've spent the last hour over-dosing on your feed, I don't think I've ever become teary-eyed just from looking at beautifully drawn characters before. You are truly lifegoals and have gotten me seriously working on my lineart again. I now understand why people use anon, I do not feel worthy to be looked at by you. <3

Oh gosh It brings me lots of joy knowing that you like my work and that it could get you back into working on your own stuff! That means a lot to me! No need to feel unworthy!! Ahh thank you!


iasip meme : 1/5 : recurring characters
   >   The Waitress

How do you still not know what my name is!

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NAC: I'm so glad seeing this blog being active again. I really missed seeing all these confessions when I scrolled through my Tumblr. And I finally saw my own confession!!! Thank you for your hard work. :))

Thank YOU so much. I really appreciate getting such sweet messages and I’m glad that you enjoy this blog and that you saw your confessions posted. It has been so nice being back and talking about this show again. I’ve been reminded of why I liked running this blog. I hope you have a great weekend! xx

Tag Thing

I was tagged  by @notnaturalanahi, thank u ma hoe. 

Rules: Answer the questions, then tag followers you’d like to get to know better.

Name: Nini

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Star sign: Pisces

Height: 5′7/8ish

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Favorite Color: Blue/Red

Favorite Animal: Cats and Red pandas

Current time: 15:08

Cats or Dogs: Cats, no competition.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Piper Halliwell, Willow Rosenberg, Lexie Grey.

Number of blankets I sleep under:  1.

Favorite Singer/Band: Xtina, Mariah.

Dream Trip: Asia-Japan or South Korea

Dream Job: Singer, working with Xtina. Nah…never really had one. 

When has this blog hit its peak: Like…back in October/November? I think I’ve reached my peak already. 

Why did you decide to get a tumblr: I was bored. Had a tumblr but it was only for celebs. Then I had nothing to do, found out about fanfic. Loved it. But no one writes males. So…I guess I had to be the one to do it. 

When was this blog created: September.

Why did I pick my URL: I’m awful at names, couldn’t think of much, but then I was like… ‘I’m awesome as hell. Imma be writing fics. And u know what, I’ll become the master of it’. So…yea. I’m that kinda person. Get over it!

Tags: @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @salvatorexwinchester @wayward-mirage @babypieandwhiskey @chelsea072498 @plaidstiel-wormstache @riversong-sam and anyone else who wants to do it. 

That’s how this works isn’t it? You make the girl get attached then you leave her out in the cold without any explanation as to why you shut her out.

This is what you do, this is your ‘move.’
My question is not 'why?’ and it is not 'what does it take to get you back?’

Instead, I want to know who hurt beyond repair to make you like this? Who broke your heart to the point you are too scared to love someone again with all of your heart?

—  Who made you cold?

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I really don't get why ppl hate TD and stalk you guys and your posts (I don't know how exactly tumblr works but from what I understand what you post doesn't appear in their bogs unless they search for it?). Maybe she will come back maybe not, why antis care about TD though? It's not like you take over their blogs and force them to read and believe things they don't want. It's such a stupid waste of time on their part

Team Delusional posts appear only in the “tags” which they are marked for. For example, this post will show up in the “asks” tag as I hashtag it “asks”. While a post can appear in a tag that it isn’t tagged for, there are ways to minimize that kind of thing happening. We are careful with our posts, so the haters really can only see our posts if they go through the appropriate tags or through our blogs. They want to read our posts. These trolls have kept up with us for so long and so thoroughly that they know our lingo, our theories, and even some of mannerisms. (For example, 1kkleosu has referenced the Taylor Swift gifs I use.)

The trolls do all of this because they are afraid that we could be right. Many of them are C@rylers, and they know that should Beth return, then their ship will plummet to the bottom of the ocean. Their fear causes them to lash out, drives them to bully us and to write pitiful response metas. It’s all wrapped up in their denial that their ship wasn’t canon and never will be.

Yoda said it best:

your day off feat. adhd
  • option 1: you wake up. its your day off. "oh, i can sleep in" you say. you sleep in until 11 and feel guilty. you make a list in your mind of what you want to do today while scrolling tumblr instead of writing it down. you get up after an additional hour and a half and realize you are in a state of impenetrable brain fog. you make eggs. you eat the eggs. you go back on tumblr. suddenly it's 5 pm. fuck, you say. you put in a load of laundry. you realize you never got dressed but you have nowhere to go. "ill get some work done." you start some work. tumblr. you suddenly remember an obscure topic you found fascinating and wanted to research. suddenly its 11pm. why are you tired? its okay its your day off, you guess. you dont want to feel guilty. ill go to bed early and get up early, you say. you spend 2 more hours on tumblr. you forgot the laundry. you forgot everything. its 1 am. how did this happen. ill get up early to finish the laundry. ill go to bed now. tumblr. you call someone because now you're sad and you don't know why. its 3 am. you wake up an hour late the next day.
  • option 2: you wake up. you immediately take your meds. you fall back asleep. you wake up, your eyes flinging open with the sound effect of breaking glass like that one episode of spongebob. You are Very Awake. Let's get dressed. its my day off. i should make plans. i love to leave the house and feel the sun on my face, you say. you eat one corn chip and you're already full. you do laundry while playing loud music and taking videos of your dog (or other pets), because your dog (or other pets) is (are) amazing and you love them. laundry done what time is it. 2 pm time for lunch. just kidding time for a run. why is your mouth so dry? oh you're dehydrated. drink a gallon of water. its 4 pm. hey guys lets see a movie tonight, im young and alive and i love my life! you see a movie with your friends. what a great day. its 11 pm. oh wait you had work you had to do. thats ok lets just do it now real fast but wait why is your stomach in agony. oh you havent eaten anything besides one corn ship and a gallon of water. you start to crash from the meds. you have no emotions now. at least the laundry is done and you left the house, you say. you go to bed at 12 and wake up on time the next day.

To those of you who give a shit about sources, references, footnotes, bibliographies, and all that: Why don’t you just leave me alone and go get your PhDs in photo-sourcing?

This is a Tumblr blog. A fucking Tumblr blog. It is not connected with Harvard University’s library system, and is not meant to be a scholarly resource. It’s just a bunch of cool images I found on the web and otherwhere. I am not going to fact-check the veracity of the info provided by otherwhere; I am not going to provide links back to otherwhere; I am not going to turn this blog into a well-organized repository. That’s a lot of work that nobody’s paying me to do. 

One easy option is for you to go away. Leave me alone. 

Another option is to start a campaign to shut this blog down because I don’t live up to your expectations.

Your third option is to enjoy the pretty pictures and hang out with me while I get all nostalgic about the NYC I used to know.

I don’t give a shit which option you choose. But I do wish you’d stop complaining. 

(Thanks, by the way, to all of you who are just hanging out with me and enjoying yourselves. I like you a lot.)

Demon Luke Part 6

AN I feel so bad for neglecting these and everything on this blog, I swear I’m not done or even close to being done. I’m going to start getting back to work on these because some of these requests have taken much longer than they should’ve. Also, if you haven’t heard about my idea for Michael’s birthday yet, click here (if you’re reading this that’s not on tumblr, message me for details). I’m trying to get a good plot line figured out for demon Luke, that’s why it’s taking so long.

Your POV

Even though Luke’s a pussy little bitch, I couldn’t help but think about him. I knew he’d be thinking about me too, since he can hear my thoughts and all. But I wonder what’s going to happen now that he’s realized he’s fallen in love? Can he stay up here with me? Will he still have his job? Where will that leave us?

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Seeing a therapist twice a week even might not be enough for you. If you’re like me you might need to do a lot of self-therapy because therapists as a whole move too slow. They can’t accomplish in a few sessions what you need accomplished to handle your day to day life? Why? Because you have too much on your mind. You think a variety of thoughts, you deal with a multitude of issues, all at the same time. It’s overwhelming and you need something to slow it all down. There are books and resources online, here on tumblr even, that can help you get started. Whenever you have free time, take the initiative to start working for yourself. At least that way you’ll feel less hopeless - you’ll feel like you’re doing something to combat the mental illness. You’ll feel as if some of the power is coming back to you.

11 Random Facts

I was tagged by @sukiiieee a while back. LOL but i’m always on my phone for tumblr, so i’m finally on the computer and bored asf at work so why no.

Rules is to tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself and tag 11 people, tag backs are allowed but if you do get tagged again you must not repeat any of the facts you mentioned in the previous round.

I’m a rule breaker so ya don’t have to follow that ^

1. I’m super into horoscope, but also super lowkey about it lol.

2. with that in mind, i’m a pisces sun, capricorn moon which is conflicting as fuck yallz. i hate it so much. my capricorn moon just kills it for my sun. (its actually fun to read about your natal chart, so ya should really try it out lol)

3. I’m an english major and half the time i bullshit my reading and papers. i dont wanna be in school anymore. if i could switch my major, i would so do creative writing.

4. I’m also light weight when it comes to drinking. I ger super fucking friendly and talkative. I also get touchy, so I’ll hold hands or grab butts. I’m notorious for that.

5. I have the hardest time being vulnerable. I don’t like people knowing that I’m sad/mad. but in the long run, it’s just more damage on myself

6. My hands and my finger nails are my favorite body features.

7. That reminds me, i love holding hands. There’s just something so intimate about it that i love. The security and all. Lmao sorry for being sappy asf yallz.

8. Never leave a bag of chips around me when I’m high. Plz. Srsly. It’s so bomb but the day after i feel like i ate rocks. Just don’t eave any edibles around but ice cream.

9. I’m so fucking nice and friendly i hate it. Like its not cool. 2k17 is my year to be savage and petty (das my new years resolution), and to cut people who treats me like shit.

10. Babies are the fucking cutest. I have a soft spot for them so much. I can not resist them, they make my heart flip. But idk if i want one…. lol.

11. I pep talk myself a whole fucking lot. But it helps me. I sit in my car and literally say to myself “bitch you are amazing, you got this.” And whatever else i have to say to myself, lol.

Now i tag @bangtans-moving-castle @salvador-picasso @wonhosgxrl @sabaideesundae @saemae14 @fabulr @momoxxpeach @beriingandwells @snooopid @

why are persona fans so goddamn whiny smh

Like jfc yall are ungrateful af
Atlus was so goddamn happy to showcase P5 and was excited to meet fans like us and yall just complain about shit like dual audio. Hopefully after AtlusUSA gives in and makes it official dlc you’ll stfu. Goes to show you can bitch about every little thing and you’ll get whatever you want, right Tumblr?

Goddamn, Atlus works hard. It was wrong of me to complain about it like a little brat in the past but now I realize that they’re busting their backs to get the perfect game out to a fanbase that honestly doesn’t deserve this great treatment; that they’re just as excited as we are for the game to come out. Just please pipe down and be patient, fellow p5 fans. please.

Why We Broke Up and Why Ultimately We Won’t Get Back Together.

You know I loved the laughter glinting in your eyes like streetlights in the night
and your soul of similes and your mind of metaphors. Our conversations spanning galaxies, our hearts never bored. Of each other. And we fit into any cliche love song or romance novel.
Young love, fresh forever, never grows old, but we did grow old.
Wilting like the freshest flowers do, the inevitability of how fleeting our lives are, how replaceable love can be, how trust once tarnished is scarred forever, how walls once broken down can never build themselves up again, how cracks on a vase can still be seen no matter how much super glue you apply.
How no amount apologies could balance out your lies.
And yes I cracked- just like a vase, and you tried to piece me back and I wanted to let you, but you had done me wrong in more than one way. So I picked up my pieces, not wanting anything to do with you, running from my problems far far away,
And I heard your voice hurling your cries of hurt and heat, begging for me to stay, acknowledging you were completely to blame.
I looked back at you, my heart hitting the floor, because no matter how bad it is it’s hard leaving someone you once adored.
And I loved you.
And I left you.
Tears streaming, blinding me.
Sadness seeping in, uncontrollable.
Debating decisions, wanting to go back to the more desireable.
Reminiscing. Duvet days with a netflix haze.
The not so empty I love yous and spellbinding smiles.
Words captured by the light behind your eyes.
It seems to me, I’m just scared I’ll never feel again.
I loved once, I’ll love again.
Not just memories but a person.

—  S.H.Latif 
Dammit Tumblr [9/24]

So apparently tumblr’s new way of ruining everything is to keep enter from working on reblogged posts. This obviously poses a problem for RPers who want to add gifs or paragraph breaks, but shift+enter does work - it drops it down a half-line, so doing it twice should get you back to where enter alone normally does. Adding gifs still works; the spacing between the text and gif is a little off, but it does automatically allow you to enter text beneath the gif.