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Hi Tumblr. I don’t get to update a lot these days, and this is the reason why. The trailer for the movie that Kumail and I wrote together is finally out! 

Most of my time right now is spent on promotional stuff for the movie, writing ideas for other movies, and working on friends’ TV shows when I can, so I don’t have a lot of time to answer questions on Tumblr, but I wanted to show you all why I’ve been so absent. 

I will be back, but in the meantime you can watch our movie in NY/Chicago/LA on 6/23 and in theaters everywhere on 7/14! 

Mood Swing Apologies

Yo guys!
Been kind of out of this past week due to some personal stuff falling through and me still trying to get use to my new position at work. Sorry for being so rant-y and mood switch-y on twitter and tumblr. Just trying to better my emotions and my own well-being right now :) that’s also why videos have been stale. Working on getting the motivation back up and it’s on it’s way! Much happier today and i plan to stay that way.

Thank you everyone (friends and OGfam) for sticking with me during this rough period. I got all of the technical stuff handled (my computer) just need to situate myself. :)


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Wow wow wow. I followed you on twitter after seeing a bit of GT, then a few weeks later realized you are on tumblr. I've spent the last hour over-dosing on your feed, I don't think I've ever become teary-eyed just from looking at beautifully drawn characters before. You are truly lifegoals and have gotten me seriously working on my lineart again. I now understand why people use anon, I do not feel worthy to be looked at by you. <3

Oh gosh It brings me lots of joy knowing that you like my work and that it could get you back into working on your own stuff! That means a lot to me! No need to feel unworthy!! Ahh thank you!

Seeing Their Ideal Type At A Concert

Requested by anonymous- Also, I’m sorry if it’s dumb and horrible and not what you were looking for. I’ve never done one of these before. I did some looking around and made this to the best of my abilities. I’m pretty sure I wrote these longer than most of the reactions I’ve seen, and less open ended and more story like, but that’s just how I roll. They kinda ended up almost more like mini drabbles lol. Scenarios? Whatever. Also, I felt incredibly cheesy writing these. So much cheese. 


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Your banner caught his eye first. A huge sign with his face saying “He’s our only hope!” (Kek) He walked over, prepared to give a bit of fan service, when he sees you. He thinks you are so pretty, and practically falls in love with your smile. He’s thrilled to see that you’re here for him when he notices your shirt with his face. He sends you finger hearts and his signature sun smile. He see’s that you and your friends are keeping up with even the more complicated dances, and notices by your movements that there is no way you are not a dancer. Suddenly this boy who was born extra, becomes extra X9000. Tongue is out, hips are thrusting, and he’s spending as much time on your side of the stage as possible. Unbeknownst to you, his whole performance has become about making you smile as much as possible. He catches the flower crown you throw onstage and wears it for the rest of the concert. As he leaves the stage at the end of the night, he makes a mental note to take a selca with the crown in the hopes that he’d see you comment. 


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(I would like to take a quick moment to say I’ve felt the power of his smirk while looking into my eyes. It’s no joke when I say it’s a life changer)

Yoongi’s stage presence is well known for being powerful and charismatic. So it was no surprise to you that your eyes kept being drawn to him again and again. What did surprise you was the feeling that he was actually looking right back. Several times he come over and did his lines while looking right into your eyes, and holy shit, was that a smirk? You tried not to get excited, knowing full well it was most likely fan service. What you didn’t know, however, was that he was just LOVING how into the music you were. You even kept up with his rap lines. He could see by your blush that you knew the grin was for you, so he decided to have fun teasing you for the rest of the night. Just when he thought you couldn’t get more perfect, instead of turning into a sobbing fangirl from the attention, you started teasing him back. You fan yourself when he’s thrusting his hips at you, roll your eyes whenever he says something cheesy, and pretend to puke when he does aegyo. His gummy grin came out in full force when you threw him a devil horn headband, and you raised your eyebrows at him in challenge. He prances around in the headband and the crowd is loving it. Too soon, the night is over. Two weeks later, you find a new comment on one of your youtube covers… MYG comments: ”The music’s not bad devil girl.”


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Namjoon was greeting the crowd when he saw you, and stumbled over his words for a moment. You were stunning. If tumblr was a person, it would be you (I crack myself up). He spent most of the night hanging around your side of the stage, doing all kinds of silly things to make you smile, talking to the crowd as much as he could get away with. He knew he was supposed to be professional and pay attention to everyone, but he just couldn’t help himself. He was pleased when he saw you get excited and sing along with his parts, and thought it was cute when you tried to rap. At the end of the night, he made sure to lock eyes with you as he was saying goodbye to the crowd and gave you one of his famous dimpled winks. Fast forward a few months later, and the boys are looking over profiles for a model to be the love interest in their new music video. Namjoon’s shocked expression has everyone looking at the profile in his hand. “This one.” he growls. It’s you. 


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He sees a huge poster of him in a puppy costume in the crowd. It makes him laugh so he looks down at the fans holding it and is shocked. You were perfect. Suddenly, he wants to do nothing but impress you. Goodbye puppy Jimin, hello Adonis. This boy is being completely disrespectful and there are way more body rolls, lip bites, and clothes being pulled off than there was supposed to be. He threw his shirt at you, and you caught it, shocked and blushing, while he grins. The night ends, and you leave a changed person, a Jimin stan for life. You are so worked up you film yourself dancing to Jimin’s solo Lie, and post it on youtube.  A few days later, it’s being retweeted by none other than BTS’s twitter. In your messages you find something from someone with a private profile. “Are you wearing my shirt right now? ;) (I’m sorry, he just seems like he would totally fuk boi text, ya know?)


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This boy would notice you right away and turn into a blushing mess. Until the music starts, that is. Suddenly he’s serenading you, and smirking, and just being charismatic AF. You were a little older than him and weren’t even a Jungkook stan, but you kept feeling yourself being pulled in his direction. He certainly moved his body in a way that suggested he knew what he was doing. Soon it was you that was a blushing mess and he loved it. You threw the plushie monkey on stage that you had actually meant for another member and he was quick to snatch it up and wrap it around his neck. He spent the rest of the night with it like that, and when the concert was over and they went to their rooms, he had it in bed with him. Some time passed, and you’re performing an acoustic cover of one of your favorite love songs at a cafe, like you do every Saturday. When the song is over, one of the waitresses brings over some tea and tells you it’s been paid for. You look around, and there in the dark corner of the cafe is a person in a black face mask. He pulls it down and winks at you before putting it back. Jungkook has found you. 


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(The gif kinda explains where I’m going with this one lol)

Ah, Tae. With this boy you never know what you’re going to get. He’s either the most adorable thing to ever exist, or so hot a single glance will melt you into a puddle. When he sees you in the crowd, sex god Taehyung is activated. He’s looking into your eyes while licking his lips. Thrusting his hips, and dancing so incredibly amazing. He’s been pulling his shirt up so much you begin to wonder why he even still has it on. Towards the end of the night, you throw up the two plushies you’d brought for him. He picks them up quickly, and kisses one before giving it back to you with a wink. You both sleep with them that night. The next day you are so inspired (infires!) that you spend all day drawing. You post what you consider your greatest work, Taehyung in all his seductive glory, on tumblr and it seems to be well received. You get a message a few days later. “Do you really think I look like that? WOW. I think you’re pretty too.”


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This man is a born show person. So as soon as he spots you, looking gorgeous and wearing his jersey numbers, he decides to put on the best show of his life. He’s talking to the crowd, dancing his little heart out and singing like an angel. You laughed at all his ridiculous jokes and cried when he did his solo. You were obviously filming and taking pictures, so he made sure to make as much contact with you as possible. At the end of the night, he looks straight into your camera and gives you his famous flying kiss. Several months later, Jin is taking an acting class, to prepare for a drama he was considering trying out for. The teacher reads off names and puts them into groups for a project. As he walks over to his assigned group, he’s stunned, because there you are.

Being a top student at university

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This post is based on my (and my friends) experience (second year student; sophomore).

I haven’t double-checked it, so I suppose there would be some mistakes. I miss articles all the time, sorry.

1. First year is the most important

Show your professors your capabilities. Let professors get to know you, their opinion will be significant later. Slog your guts out, get the best marks, show them you really care and you are intrigued in what they say. Later on if the next year/term is tougher or you are be able to fully focus on your education, professors will look kindly on you, they won’t be so strict, so your marks won’t be much lower.

2. Luck

Believe me, we are not always fully prepared. Sometimes our knowledge is incomplete because we don’t had enough time to learn, the topic XYZ is so shitty that we simply don’t get part of it. It happens that we have to count on our luck. The final test is coming in a few hours and you still know nothing about ABC or XYZ. You don’t have enough time and you know you won’t get it in half of an hour. Fuck this, fuck that – you hope you will be able to answer a questions. You’ve got nothing to lose, joke that it would be nice, if you got a question about QWE. If the professor knows you, remembers you and is aware of your knowledge, there is a huge possibility you’ll get this question.

3. Talk to people before your final exams

It’s partly connected with “Luck”. Talk to people who already had their finals (not only to your peers but also to older students). It’s not about questions, because you won’t get the same ones, that’s for sure. It’s more about getting to know the professor’s way of thinking, asking questions, choosing topics. Ask people how much you need to write/say in order to get a good mark. Ask people what topics are professor’s favourite, what do you need to know, how to impress them. Mark down what questions did your friends/other students get – learn them if you know that this professor likes to ask the same thing, pay less attention if you know they like to change them. But never left them aside, you have to know at least part of the answer to be save.

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I texted you today. Not because I missed you, but because I was used to running into your arms when I was scared. I was so used to having you with me when I needed help. When I needed you to comfort me with lies. I was used to seeing three small dots, and reading some sweet shit you probably got from Drake.

I told myself “I’ve moved on,” and I believed it. I knew I did. But whenever I see you, whenever I see something that reminds me of you- of us-I melt down.

Until now I don’t what happened. Why did we let go? Did we know that nothing could bring back the feelings that ceased to exist? That talking wouldn’t mend the rapture we made in each other’s hearts?

I have many questions, but I can’t find answers. It’s like nothing could satisfy my thirst, my yearning for your love.

I texted you today, and you didn’t text back. Perhaps you never will.

Dogs of Future Past - Part 33

Sans gets back to Toriel’s place, where it seems like people are finally starting to believe him…although perhaps it’s too little, too late.

Yes, am going with a mid-week update! This is going to be the last written part. The rest is comic from here on out!

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

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Semi hiatus

Um, my exams started yesterday (13/03) and we are also doing essays and some teachers are giving us some works so it’s getting hard to have time to be here and post things. That’s why I want to “"take a break”“, I won’t be online as much as before and I won’t be posting as much as before. My exams will be over next month (12/04) and then I’ll be back! I’ll have my queue on (24 posts per day, 1 post per hour). Having all those school things and tumblr to take care of was making me really stressed! So I hope you all can understand and won’t unfollow me T^T I’ll be online on the weekends and when I get time.

Thank you for reading ╰(´︶`)╯♡


There’s things I do which probably make no sense to you
I understand completely why I do them but I’m terrified to tell you why
And in the back of my mind, I wonder if you ever care

I chatter too much when I get worried you’re getting bored of me
But that feels like I’m getting too much in your face
So I stop and take a step back in order to give you some space
Because all I wonder is if you’re looking at me thinking
“God, could she be anymore self-centred?
Does she really think I’ll sympathise with her?”

At least when I’m trying to be open and honest
Because you don’t do the same and it makes me concerned
I wonder if all you’re doing is getting everything from me just to use it against me after
When all I want is to know you better and for you to trust me

Because when I’m with you,
Everything is as calm as an untouched ocean and my heart is completely steady
I feel like I am just in this protected bubble and I want you to know how comfortable I am

But that changes, only because of my anxiety with you
Then my heart starts racing a thousand miles an hour imagining how you’d rather be with anyone else
That you feel like you’re dragging someone along with you, a leech you can’t seem to get off your shoulder

- @sayingsandhummings

Fuckin Tumblr...

Why must you fuck up and crash during the uploading proces almost everytime i pour out my soul writing a long ass philosophical post with a video? SOMEONE IN YOUR COMPANY NEEDS TO GET FIRED.

i swear this fuckin app worked Better back in 2012 when i joined. Fuck you Tumblr staff. Id love to personally Fuck you all in the ass with a chainsaw. Twice

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What do you think is the best way for indie developers to advertise their games?

Social media. 

Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram. Why? 

Free  ✓
Easy to share content  ✓
Easy to cross-post between them  ✓
Access to a ton of people  ✓
Use tags to show your content to people who enjoy similar content  ✓
Best way to track growth and interest in game  ✓
Quick and easy feedback  ✓
Get in contact with others doing similar work who you may join forces with  ✓

Other places like Reddit or forum boards works as well and might be better if you are looking for direct feed back (a game dev board or for me /r/pixelart). But yeah any indie dev team needs to be at least trying on social media. Don’t spend a dollar of advertising until you have a large following or the game is released and you use money you make to advertise it more. 

This is the most awful suggestion I’ve ever heard. This is how you get people not to take LGBT folks seriously! You’re encouraging people to “try it” just for kicks! And “switching back?” How many LGBT people do you think have heard that shit before, like “Oh, it’s just a phase, you’ll grow out of it?” Why do you want to validate the people who say that shit?

Bonus points for somehow feeling that “becoming a threat” will 1) work and 2) earn you actual respect.

EXTRA bonus points for discussing the “cis” population like there aren’t cis lesbians/gays/bisexuals.


So here's a list of fuugen fics you have to read

I’m not even going to try to embed the links cos I’m a lazy arse and I wanna get back to reading but I making this because I know I will be using this later myself so why not have it for everyone

FYI many of the authors are on tumblr if you go track the fuugen tag you’ll see them and I follow most of them but since I have like 22 tabs worth of fuugen fics open I’m not even going to bother linking them (they sometimes post their tumblrs in their bio or blurb so look)

Anyway, Imma shut up, so here (in no order whatsoever):

I’ll update if and when I find more good stuff UwU

EDIT April 22nd 2015: MORE FICS~

Let them talk all day about you. Accept the fact that people will always spread rumors, whatever you do. Whether you show them some love, affection and care they will always have something to say. Whether you change to something that they want you to be, they won’t be contented. They will still talk behind your back. Accept it.
Some will hate you and cause drama involving you. Some will drag you down and be a hindrance to your life. Some will give you pain and worrying throughout the day. But, neglect them. Learn to detach yourself from toxic people. Instead of fighting back, share them a smile. Let them wonder what you are up to. Show them that you are not getting affected thus, you’re using them as a motivation to be better. There’s always a reason why they are talking behind you, they are insecure. Let them waste valuable time talking about you, just continue living your life.
Capricorn & Pisces
  • Capricorn, comes and sits next to Pisces in the cafe: Hey there
  • Pisces, reading a book, doesn't even look up: Shouldn't you be working instead of bothering the customer?
  • Capricorn:
  • Capricorn, bites lower lip: Shouldn't you be doing me instead of reading?
  • Pisces, goes wide-eyed and glances at Capricorn:
  • Pisces, smirks pervertedly: Your right- I should. What time do you get off?
  • Capricorn, about to make a witty remark: How about we meet up at-
  • Virgo, yelling from the back: Capricorn! Instead of flirting why don't you help me make these damn orders!!

People kept tagging stuff like “HOWW??” and “wtf why not me??” in my last post on Tumblr, and… it’s really just practice.

So, here’s some old subway/metro sketches.These are from a few years ago actually lol
Keep a pen and sketchbook on you at all times, no eraser or pencil, and you’ll get better at freehand sketches. Force yourself to do it. Mess up? Sketch right beside it and try again. I bought the cheapest pen and sketchbook that I could find (dollar store stuff).Also, I’m that creepy girl staring at you and drawing on the subway. Lol
On the other hand, I’m going back to work tomorrow for the first time in about half a year so I might not post as much…but I dont post that frequently here anyways so…XD;;

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Chosen Ones

I asked God why did you make me black
He said the same reason that the United States was built on your back
So whenever white people say that you’re lazy you can just laugh
Because you have to work twice as hard just to get half
Even if you’re half black half white you don’t get half their privileges
That they pillaged from us half a century ago from our villages
It’s funny the same place that they picked apart like vultures
Is the same place that they claimed lacked culture
Like the moors ain’t teach them what we today call science
Like before they came we wasn’t doing just fine
Then I asked God if all of this is true of Africa
Then why did you let these outsiders traffic us
He told me because their nations would be nothing without you
I’m talking America France England Brazil and Canada too.
I mean why would they try so hard to enslave us
It must be because everything we do resembles greatness
The same women they call welfare queens
Are the same women they enslaved to cook and clean
Raise your kids while they still raised their own
And they have the nerve to call our house a broken home.
Like the war on drugs being the new slavery don’t mean shit
Like the pre school to prison pipeline don’t exist
I asked God why do you let them defame us with these lies
He told me because like Maya Angelou you shall still rise
Even though black women are treated the worst
When it comes to getting an education they rank first.
We fought against the elements went from slaves to presidents
When they tried to make jail cells our permanent residence
I told God I hear you but when it comes to credit we still don’t get it
He replied I’m gonna tell you this one time so don’t you forget it
You are the very first people the chosen ones
Straight from the powers that be you are a hole in one
A slam dunk a touchdown ain’t nothin better than being brown
The baddest peoples to touch the ground that’s why they try to keep you down
They hate you cuz they ain’t you
That’s why they act like vultures and re appropriate our culture
Just know that you being black was a gift that was heaven sent
Tan their Skin because they can’t steal melanin
Black culture is a billion dollar industry
They just don’t wanna credit your artistry
From hip hop, to duttty wine, to black twitter feeds
They taking all the harvests while you plant all the seeds.
Everybody wants to be black until that oppression kicks in
But I need you to remember this before that depression kicks in
When it comes to questioning the ways of the powers that be
It’s not always about what you are but what you are about to be
So before you go cursing the color God gave you
Remember being black is the shit that’s why he made you- M4hl IV

M4hl IV

Thank you

I guess it’s time to post this, anyways, a few months back, I shared a post it’s called My Story and it had a lot of responses and I haven’t replied to any of them. 

(If you want to read it, it’s already linked, but because it’s a page and not a regular text post. It doesn’t work for some devices so just copy this link: http://bts-orbit.tumblr.com/mystory and paste it in whatever browser you’re using and you’ll be able to read it)


I didn’t want it to leave my inbox just yet. 

These responses helped me get through a lot of bad days or those times when I’m done, when I question my worth. If ever I feel like the whole world is against me or nothing good is happening. I go to your messages and I’ll instantly feel better. 

So here is my thanks. 


Thank you so much! It does take a lot to share that but I figured that I wanted to spread the word that even if you think you’ve reached the very bottom, the time will come when you’ll be able to climb your way back up. Thank you for the hugs and the love  It’s time to send my hugs and love too. (they’re being shipped as of now 😂


*Virtually hugs you back* Aww, baby don’t cry and thank you by the way! (I see you in my notifs frequently ;) But hey, your nose is cute, I don’t have to see it to know that it’s cute. And okay, don’t mind those bullies! I’m glad I’m not alone with the bts/kpop thing 😂 I’m happy I showed it to you guys too 😊 I’m not regretting that I shared it because it just made me more stronger


(come on guys, don’t go anon on me, i love knowing who you guys are : ( like really, you don’t have to be shy when it comes to me)

That’s one of the reasons why I shared my story, before I actually shared it I was reading someone else’s story and it just moved me, it pushed me to share my own to let people know that it gets better and that you just have to wait because no good thing ever comes quickly. I’m glad that my story gave you exactly what I wanted you to have, hope.


Awww babe, I know it’s hard to love yourself but you have to at least try  : ( Now I’m sad because you don’t love yourself (appearance) Although this is a cliche or corny idk phrase but, what matters is on the inside not the outside, so I’m still happy because you love your personality, but still loving your appearance is still a big thing since you won’t live happily if you’re not comfortable with your own face and body. You were made like that (lol) and you have to embrace it.


I don’t need to see you to know that you’re beautiful xo


You’re going to make me cry Anonie ahhahah. I’m ecstatic that I somehow gave you courage to push on <3 Life does get better, cliche but it’s true. Sometimes life suddenly brings you down again but always keep it in your mind that it’s just another bad chapter in your life and that the next one will surely be a great one for you.

Anyways, thank you so much sweetie <3 It means so much to me to be called such words hahaha. I would’ve laughed at you if you told my 12-year-old self that I would be admired. Although I don’t get why’d you be envious of me tbh.

I love you too cutie pie ahaha and yes, Bangtan is doing a great job of keeping me up and alive, it’s impossible to be sad whenever you see them. Thank you again Anonie! I hope you have great day xo


Hello~ You accidentally forgot to anonymous your third asks, but I covered it up for you, but I’m lowkey happy that you did because it made me really happy to know who you were.

Thank you so much, you don’t even know how much I cried reading your messages, and sharing my story can be used against me but it’s that or not being able to share to the world on how serious bullying is and how dangerous the effects are to the person.

I’m honored to be a role model to you. But okay, seriously cutting and suicide is not the answer, I’m glad that you were too afraid to do it because I don’t want you to be in the same position as I was, I don’t want anybody to be in that position. Ever.

And yes, if I can do it, then so can you. I just wanted to say that your quote “Age doesn’t stop the pains of life” really struck me, because no matter how old you are, you’ll still feel pain, you just have to find the strength to win over it. You can be strong too, anyone can be, but do remember that just because you don’t see any progress you’re not strong enough. Waking up and living the day even if you don’t want to is strong for me. Remember that. Just keep going, move forward, live (literally just quoted young forever)

I believe in you.

awkward pie anon 

Hello~ This is what I was always thinking about, just because they’re family they think you won’t get hurt by the things they say or do. But the fact that it’s your family that’s actually doing it brings more pain. You know that they just want you to be healthy(?) and all but instead of doing it nicely they insult you up to the point that it affects you. 

And I get how you feel especially when you went outside your comfort zone and wore a skirt, I’m girly and I wear dresses, shorts and skirts all the time no matter what my weight was but since I was really insecure at that time I always had to be assured if I looked nice or something.

Having something pointed out about what I was wearing always made me so anxious and self-conscious because I kept thinking what was wrong with it or if it doesn’t suit me. And I’m sorry that you have to go through all that but like I said, loving yourself (fully) is hard, it may take a long time but when it happens, trust me, it’s a great feeling. 

Also, when you started crying suddenly, all I could think of is that you’ve been keeping it all inside and maybe your body just couldn’t take it anymore, resulting to you breaking down.

I’m happy that I gave you motivation and don’t worry, it’s a long process but the outcome is really pretty and cute ahahaha, jokes aside, it’ll happen okay? You’ll be comfortable with your own skin. Thank you for supporting me and not hating me pie anonie. It means a lot (you don’t even know how much it does) I hope you’re having a great day xo

~ ~ ~

So this is my thanks to those who left their messages at my ask. I’m still overwhelmed with all the nice messages I got. Knowing that I have your support and love (lolol hihi) gives me more motivation and hope.

Right now, my life is, I guess alright. I’m going to say it, I have depression, I don’t know if that should be considered as a big thing but yeah. It went back, tbh I think it never went away. It was just buried deep inside because happiness started to stack up. But it managed to crawl all through that and affect me once again. 

Actually, it started I think mid-March but I kept on denying it, I accepted it end of March (I think) It was hard, I broke down because I thought I was getting better. I mean I did get better but I never expected for me to go through all this again.

I’m telling you guys this because I don’t want to give false hope that once you finally get the happiness and loving you deserve, everything will be sunshine and rainbows. You’ll still have thunder and storms, and that’s okay. It’s life’s way of making you stronger.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to escape this again and for good. Everyday I’m living and doing my best to win this battle and you’re all helping me win it. I can’t thank you guys enough. I am also getting heaps of support from my friends. 

The first person I told about it cried when I said it to her. I couldn’t take it anymore, everyday there’s always something heavy inside of me so when I said it to her, the weight didn’t exactly disappeared, it lessened. She cried because I started to cry, it’s funny really because we were sitting on the floor and nobody dared to approach us and ask why we were being emotional. 

Asking for help and support isn’t a bad thing, don’t be afraid to tell someone about it. 

Anyways, thank you again, your words will forever be in my heart <3

Confession 1 Replies
goatkibble replied to your post “7 Reasons Why Part 1”

You’re overworked too :(

I actually haven’t been provided any overtime recently which is making me struggle really badly financially. The recover center is still in a trial period. 

simcatcher replied to your post “7 Reasons Why Part 1”

Hold on ! It takes courage and time but know you’re just strong enough. There’s always a way to keep on going. Life is beautiful in a twisted way, and so are you ! (not in a twisted way lol.) I hope it gets better real soon. Also I miss you on my dash. Take your time and treat yourself &lt;3

Thank you <3 this meant a lot to me. I’m going to try to get myself back into my routine, that should hopefully help. 

reverieinsimlish replied to your photo “Guess who just got Tumblr working on her phone again?!?! I’m back…”

You didn’t fail anyone! If you need to take care of yourself, do it! But welcome back, too! :)

I just feel awful because I was actively following so many blogs and now I feel like they think I don’t love their work still when really I just haven’t had the motivation to read anything.

wannabecatwriter replied to your post “7 Reasons Why Part 1”

I hope you’re feeling better. Depression really sucks. It’s the worst feeling when you don’t even have the energy to go about your every day life. So, hang in there.

Thank you so much, the hardest part for me right now is the low energy. Doing anything other than sleeping and working just drains me right now. I can sleep for 12 hours and still be sleepy.