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After plenty of enthusiasm from fellow AoS fans, we decided to host a hiatus rewatch. So, what is it and why do we need it?

The AoS Re-Watch is a place where each week of the hiatus, we will be watching one episode and Tweeting, posting on Tumblr, and basically creating as much buzz as possible! We’ll also be hosting a slew of fun activities to be done outside of the Tuesdays!

Why? AoS is yet again on the bubble, and we want to make sure we let the Head Honchos know that we care about the show, we’re watching the show, and that we can still make it noticeable…even when the show is not on air!

We encourage you to create:

  • Episode gif sets
  • Multi-episode parallel gif sets
  • Fan Art
  • Write a missing moment
  • Write a meta about a varying aspect in a episode
  • Write a review of an episode
  • + Any other fan creation you think of

Seasons 1-3 of AoS can be found on Netflix. We encourage you to watch season 4 via either Amazon, iTunes, ABC On Demand or some other legal streaming network (such as Hulu) to help boost ratings!

We can’t wait to see what the AoS fans create!


Week 1 - Feb. 28: 4x09
Week 2 - Mar. 7: 4x10
Week 3 - Mar. 14: 4x11
Week 4 - Mar. 21: 4x12 / 4x13
Week 5 - Mar. 28: 4x14 / 4x15

April 4 - AoS returns!

Live Watch on Tuesdays: 6-10pm EST!

Twitter Tags: #AgentsofSHIELD #MyFaveThingAboutShieldIs #ILoveShieldBecause #AOSRewatch (let us know what you’re using!)

Weekly activities will be posted the Monday before! 

Have fun, everyone! Any questions can be directed here

(And special shoutout to @agl03 for getting the ball rolling)!

Anyone ever think about why some TV shows (or movies, books, etc) inspire you to be active in the fandom, and others don’t? I don’t know about other people, but I typically have one TV show at time that I’m truly obsessed over, and want to discuss with others, and read/write fanfic for. My other TV shows I just watch. I enjoy them, but most of the time when an episode finishes, I don’t really think about it again till it airs the next week. 

Are there factors which make a show a fandom show for you?

Honestly, I don't know why I watch TV Shows...

It’s a whole lot of heartbreak for maybe a second of bliss. Then, it ends and you feel empty and with dissatisfaction that you crave to fix but there’s no way to fix it. So, you’re just left with nothing except bitterness and a hole in your heart.

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Nicknames: Rachel, Shades
Star Sign: Leo
Height: 5′9′
Time right now: 2:15 pm

Last thing I googled: “bulbasaur”
Last movie I watched: Rogue One I believe
Last TV show I watched: Steven Universe

When I created this blog?: 2 years ago

Why did I choose my URL?: My friend gave me this url because I love Professor Sycamore so much!

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Pokemon team: On Sun it’s Sparky the Raichu, Lala the Primarina, CIpher the Hypno, Roxy the Lycanroc, Bouncee the Tsareena and Swiper the Salazzle
Favorite color: Blue and pink

Lucky number: 12!

Favorite character: One of them is Hinata from SDR2!

Number of blankets I sleep with: Just a comforter

Name: Rachel

Birthday: 8/1/89

Relationship status: Single

Chinese zodiac: SNEK
Siblings: None

Favorite Smell: Laundry detergent is nice

Pets: None sadly

Wake-up: 11:30 am on weekdays
Sleep: Whenever, lol

Type of Phone: Moto X

Love or Lust: Love I guess

Lemonade or Iced Tea: Iced Tea

Cats or doggos: Dogs, I’m allergic to cats

Coke or Pepsi: Coke for sure

Day or Night: Night…

Text or Call: Text please

Make up or Natural: Both is fine
Met a celebrity: I met Hanson once!

Smile or Eyes: Smile

Light or Dark hair: Uhhh either is fine lol

Shorter or taller: Either

Intelligence or attraction: Well isn’t intelligence part of attraction…
Chapstick or lipstick: Chapstick I guess

City or Country: City

Last Song I listened to: “Spicy Boyfriend” by Shawn Wasabi

Fruits or Veggies: Fruits

Anime or Cartoons: Both lol

Phone case: It’s blue! I also have a pink lacy one.

Showers or Baths: Showers but baths are nice too

Dream Job: Noooo idea

Milk and Cookies or Donuts and Coffee: Donuts and coffee…

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hey I just wanted to ask you what #MalecDeservesBetter is about? I'm not very updated on the fandom stuff so I'm a bit confused?

To cut it short, Anon, #MalecDeservesBetter stands for equal representation of m/m and m/f ships on the show.

Or you just watch this video I just reblogged because they explained this issue and hashtag in a very calm and profound matter without hate or swear words—definitely a must-watch!

Dating takuya

-lots of teasing

-would put things on the highest shelves

-lots of dates

-cute dates

-one time you were walking down the han river eating cotton candy and you said “the sun is going down” he would say looking at you “I can still see it”

-always spouting cheesy one liners

-forces you to watch him practice -other members make fun of you

-you wonder why they’re so touchy with each other

-even tho most of them have girlfriends

-would often eat Ramen together -sweets kisses

-he often pecks you when with others

-but he gives full blown kisses when your alone

-teaches you japanese

-always calling you when promoting in Japan

-huge cuddler

-expecially in bed

-kinda like a puppy

-has many different ways to show his love towards you

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👀👀👀 any body got that video of the celly kiss??

Okay so at first I was going to say no because I’ve been searching for Q highlights from specific games and it’s hard. (Was I looking for that 10-11 Mooseheads vs Titan game this season? No……)

But then I did some more digging around and I did find videos for that game (considering how it was the President’s Cup clinching game). Jo’s goal was a beautiful rebound from Nate’s rush. But two things: 1) the video quality of Q games is like horrible they’re filmed with a potato I swear and 2) the angle is really bad and they don’t show the kiss. It’s worth watching imo though because this Mooseheads team was just so good and junior boys cellying is like 1000x more puppyish and excitable than NHL cellying.

(I hate those cowbells btw every time I watch a Moose home game I’m like…why. Why are you going to torture me like this.)

*record scratch* — ok but like fuck CN for the whole “bloodstone” promo hype that freaked everybody out and then let them down HARD with a fairly weak (imho) episode…….

like for one thing you dont want your fans to feel like that???? while watching a new episode theyve waited patiently for over the span of months and months of awkward and horrible scheduling/”bombs”??? new gems reveals are what everyone’s waiting for???? WHY FUCK WITH THE FANS????!!

and on the other hand this sort of fan trolling thing CN promotes will only hurt the show itself and blow back on the crew/ratings………. y i k e 

I don’t understand why some people are freaking out because fans of Clexa are now fans of Sanvers. They all say “why are you giving up on Clexa?” Giving up? Seriously? I still write Clexa fan fiction and don’t have any intention to stop. However, last I checked Lexa wasn’t coming back to the 1OO anytime soon (if ever), especially since Clarke gave Roan the chip in S4. Sanvers is current. Each week, you can watch their relationship grow. Just because people want to see themselves in TV, a show that doesn’t include Clexa, doesn’t mean we’ve given up on such an epic ship. So if you’re like me and you like Sanvers and Clexa, don’t let people tell you that you are betraying Clexa because you’re not. It also doesn’t mean you’re moving on, maybe it’s just too painful right now.

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nickname: gracie

star sign: capricorn

height: 5′5

time right now: 6:00pm

favorite music artist: grimes, lana del rey, mazzy star, wet, weezer, édith piaf, lorde, sky ferreira

song stuck in my head: halah by mazzy star

last movie i watched: jane eyre

last show i watched: criminal minds

what am i wearing right now: pajamas

when did i create my blog: winter 2015

what kind of stuff do you post: art, models, fashion, instagram pics

do you have any other blogs: nar

do you get asks regularly: occasionally, depends on the day

why did you choose your url: roses r pretty

gender: gal 

favorite color: pink

average hours of sleep: 6-14 lmao

favorite characters: padme amidala, leia organa, luna lovegood, severus snape, holly golightly, james bond

how many blankets do i sleep with: like 4-5

dream job: fashion magazine editor, designer, photographer, personal stylist

followers/following: i follow 170+ blogs & at the moment have 11200+ followers

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why do you like Jughead from Riverdale so much?? (I don't watch the show but i follow you on like everything and its so cute so i was just curious!)

Oh my god I’m so sorry- have i been constantly posting about it?? oh mygoodness i will stop that im sorry

Well! There’s a lot really! 

  1. As sad as it sounds- Its refreshing to see someone; maybe not a cannon ace in the show, but an asexual inspired person in the media. As an Asexual person its just so … nice to see. Im all for Jughead being cannon ace in the show (He is in the comics!) And Aromantic too! I know its not specifically said in the comics but i can totally see it. 
  2. Im a sucker for dark, mysterious and sarcastic people alright 

i know when you copy and paste my posts..just like that.. no shame no respect.after all those post are for you i don’t gain anything but a headache and eyes burn staring at the pc for hours to get you updates.. i just loved super junior for so long don’t make me giving up now. try to make some changes next time or i will reveal all your dark sides..i will cap[already did] your dark work and post it here and show everyone.. remember that bad things you sent to me trying to fool me as a different person??  you went too far but i got you..you just didn’t feel ashamed till now acting like it’s not you..but we know.. first you bully me with many different accounts and now you’re simply coping my posts and add the same credit do you know sometimes i add the wrong credit and watching you copying my posts and add the same wrong credits..why to get notes? good god work hard to get things.

why don’t you stop you said you were a friend..shame on you..

i spent hours working on posts and you just come and copy them??? do you want me to show you a bad face? 

don’t force me to to post your dark side it’s been a year and you still don’t care of what you’ve done..didn’t even say sorry.. (A)  i thought you were my friend…everyone thought you were my best friend on tumblr..

look…last time i let you do that.. and please don’t act innocent no more everyone know you and everyone talked to me privately about you people have eyes btw..and i’ve showed them caps of your bully accounts ..shame on you being in this fandom doing such bad thing and never care about us.. we all have those caps now..please be careful 

we all want to support super junior unlike you…only thinking of yourself.
poor eunhae…go stan the devil..and you say why you have bad dreams ..look what you do to the people in here.. just know when to STOP.

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Also, another post that was in the Magnus tag right after Monday's episode and after the promo had aired: "Did Magnus punch/hit Alec?? Because I am not okay with that!!" Sure, if Magnus suddenly became an overly tall, skinny, white dude and Alec suddenly became a shorter latino man!

I saw that one too, god help us all. Honestly, I realize it’s a fast clip, but PLEASE. Why the fuck would you ever jump to the conclusion that Magnus Bane of all people would fucking physically punch his boyfriend that way? Seriously? No matter how angry he got, he would never, and the fact that people actually thought it could have been? Is disgusting. Flat out. What show are you watching where you really think Magnus is punching Alec?

Magnus who never even touched Alec in s1 unless he had permission. Magnus who even know is careful about touching him. Magnus Bane, who was nervous about having sex with Alec because he might lose him. People really thought that man would punch Alec??

Not to mention that the dude getting punched- Raphael, obviously- is very clearly not white. And the giant dude doing the punching is clearly very white. I’m just… 

This fandom has me pressed. I think most people don’t even think about or realize why they’re so quick to demonize Magnus- or Raphael, who’s essentially an addict being tempted and used and enabled at this point- no matter what they do. The answer is racism, by the way, I know we don’t like that word but it’s the truth. Even the most aware white people still do racist shit and commit micro-aggressions against people of color.

Magnus is an actual angel. And any time he isn’t, any time he as actual emotions they’re even blown out of proportion- saying he’d do Alec pro bono in s1 and fandom acted like he was going to rape Alec- or it’s minimized and ignored- his questionable consent in 2x7- by fandom.

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Star sign: Taurus. Holla atcha bull
Height: 5'3
Time right now: 12:17
Last thing you googled: aluminum sulfite. Hate chem
Song stuck in my head: some Latin hymn from choir
Last movie i watched: 13th
Last tv show i watched: Star
What im wearing right now: All noir
When i created this blog: July 2016
The kind of stuff i post: trash
Do i gets asks regularly?: nah
Why did i choose my url: it was my blog name before deactivation and I was known in the fandom by the URL so I just kept it
Gender?: Idk but don’t assume it like the very uptight sjw feminists who reaches so far up their ass to try and validate stupidity on Tumblr would say.
Favorite color: black
Average hours of sleep: ranges lol. I’m in college. Nough said
Lucky number: 3, 4, 314
Favorite characters: me
Dream job: “whatever Melania Trump did that made her so rich” SAME SAME

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i only watched broadchurch a couple months ago (because of you obvs) and i cant imagine what waiting 2 years must have been like! why do british shows do this....

Well, I always see it as quality over quantity. I don’t mind waiting longer if it means the writer doesn’t have to give up creative control and is given the space to research things properly and do their story justice.

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hey can you tell me what's up with supergirl show. I've started to watch this week (i'm still in the first episodes) and I swear Kara's lesbian, the writers are not even trying to hide it, but i took a look at the fandom and people are pissed at the show. Why's that?

OH BOY. That’s a loaded question :-)

Most of fandom, not even all Supercorp fans are frustrated with the writers this season.  They definitely did the Sanvers coming out storyline very, very well.  However, many are worried that they will continue to push both Alex and Maggie into the background.

Many viewers are tired of what has been happening with Kara’s character development, or lack thereof.  The Kara and Mon-El relationship isn’t one that is incredibly appealing.  It’s a “been there done that” storyline and one that Kara doesn’t need.  I could probably go on and on about that, and I’m not even the best person to do so.

I’ll be honest, I don’t *like* Mon-El, but I can tolerate him when he’s not being a complete fratboy who thinks the world owes him something for simply existing.

I believe that he would be better as a younger brother role in relationship to Kara.  I’ve seen many of the fandom accuse him of abusing Kara. I won’t say that I view their relationship in that way, necessarily, but it’s just too expected and forced.  The complete opposite could be said about Kara and Lena Luthor.

Not sure if I answered your question really. Sorry about that.  I’ve seen a lot of different opinions from fans, with reactions ranging from anger to apathy.  Depends who you ask.  But most you do, probably would agree that they don’t appreciate what the writers have been doing with Kara.  Also, many of us fear that they will end up making Lena Luthor be evil, just because she’s a Luthor.


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Gender :female
Favourite animal:dog
Number of blankets I sllep with :two
When was your bog created :I’ve had tumblr for many years but these past few months I started using it more often
Current number of followers:60 and I have no idea why(thank you so much)
What make you create a tumblr:probably because of the Tv shows I watched
Where are you from :Greece
Do you like spicy food:not at all
Biggest fears:not doing anything worthy in my life and bugs
Top 3 hobbies:reading books,watching Youtube,sleeping
How many siblings do you have:two ,a brother and a sister
Somewhere you’d love to visit:England
If you could meet one person who would it be:Jacksepticeye no second thoughts
Artist/band you’d love to see in concert:melanie martinez,twenty one pilots
Favourite youtubers:Jacksepticeye ,Markiplier,Roberidk
Something you are looking forward to :graduate from high school and get into a university so that I can become a teacher
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