why are you not watching this show

i don’t know if ya’ll are watching the gifted but here are a few reasons why you should

  • its basically an x-men show and x-men is the best marvel, not up for debate
  • cool new powers not seen in the xmcu
  • they portray mutants how they were originally brought up which are a marginalized community so in a way mutants are like poc, lgbt+, immigrants, etc.
  • the story arc is interesting and keeps you invested
  • there are many characters that are realistic and complex
  • they know the law doesn’t support them (mutants) but they fight on anyway 
  • they try not to harm humans even if they’re garbage
  • magneto was right is the premise for this series lmao
  • speaking of magneto, his daughter is in it and kicks ass
Partners in Crime- Theo x reader

 Author: @redstringlovers

Characters: Theo x reader

Request: So this was from a prompt list which you can find here. The prompt was “You’re one hell of a girl” and “You’re one hell of a guy” with a character of my choice.

Warnings: tiny swearing and fluff

Word count: 2,534 words

A/N: Did Sammie actually write a fic that doesn’t involve DOB? Why yes, yes she did :) Thanks to the anon for requesting this and @susybird for proofreading as always! Hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think :)

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“Where is she?” Theo barges in through Scott’s house, anger showing on his face.

“Theo, calm down-“ Theo pushes Liam out the way and looks to Scott.

“Don’t ever tell me to calm down. You guys were supposed to be watching her.”

“And we were! Look, we don’t know how she got taken okay? Everything was secure.”

“Yeah, well clearly we have two totally different meanings of ‘secure’ Scott.” Theo runs his fingers through his hair, letting out a big sigh before sitting down.

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Shamy - pumpkin picking 🎃🍁🍂  

Halloween is just around the corner and although where I live is still quite warm, autumn it just starts to loom. It’s my favorite time of the year and I don´t know why, but Shamy + Autumn give me so many beautiful feelings, I imagine them drinking hot tea under a blanket watching movies (not scary ones, G-rated ones for Shelly) preparing their Halloween costumes or baking pumpkin pie in the kitchen, I love it! 💕 

From next week I will publish my version of the costumes for this year of the whole gang, can’t wait to show you! 🕷🕸

Hope you like it and have a wonderful day! 😘😘


do yourself a favor and spend an hour watching this delightful human just proving that he is the most ridiculous ever to ever.

i feel like i need to do a minute by minute rewatch. BECAUSE THERE’S SO MUCH HERE. you guys. he’s chair dancing and singing to shawn mendes. but then questions why he would go to places that tear up his reputation. unless he had a bad reputation and then david would approve of tearing that up. and he also does tagalog tongue twisters and i snorted. and he shows the employees at the radio station a video of his grandma dancing and he giggles adorably. and he keeps trying to talk to tour groups of students but they won’t talk back to him, only take pictures. and he says filipinos are great selfie takers and a lady calls him pogi and he says salamat and he tells everyone he can’t dance or act but he likes doing both anyway and he does a shark dance and makes seal noises and says he likes grandma shark the best and he wants to do more tongue twisters even after the interview is over and he pretends to be weight lifting with the radio in the background and says he doesn’t like naughty lyrics and he keeps leaning close to the camera so we all get mesmerized by his eyelashes and he and kari have competing giggles and he is full of light and happiness and overall alien princeling glow. 

also. he does a wave and eyebrow raise at the very beginning. lmao. honey.

just. yeah. 

that recap was not in order at all. and it was not minute by minute you need to watch there’s much much much more. just do it.

Actual conversation I had

Me: *going from tumblr to instagram*

Friend: wait go back click the home button

Me: *goes back to home screen

Friend: *sees destiel fan art*

Friend: that’s gay, why would you do this to my favorite character

friend1: leave her alone

Friend: no but look at her home screen

Me: *shows other friends*

friend2: *shows fan art from show I don’t watch and they get into conversation about gay ships*

Friend: you started this

(Friend dosent think Cas and dean are gay(or bi I guess))

anonymous asked:

I’m kinda of new to the Gamegrumps and I know Jon used to be on the show but now it’s Danny. And I’m in no way complaining about Danny, I honestly love him, but do you think you could explain the hate to Jon? I’ve seen some people call him racist others just say he was a jerk but I’ve never really watched him or their old videos so I’m not super sure why he’s so bad

So while Jon and Arin had a bit of a “colourful” past on the show, the main issue stemmed from a bunch of tweets he released several months ago. Basically he went off on a anti immigrant, racist rant for about two hours and subsequently a lot of people no longer want to be associate with him. He also has not apologized for any of it. I can’t provide links since I’m on mobile, but if any of my followers could, I’d appreciate it

But yeah I used to like him a lot myself before he revealed his views. It was really shocking for a lot of us, though I know some people thought this of him before because of his behavior in earlier episodes. All I can say is that it completely surprised me.

anonymous asked:

So there’s this guy at my job and as a joke I call him daddy then it became a serious thing like I think he’s likes it and even responds to it in front of coworkers and customers and recently I added him on snap and he added me back but then yesterday I went to watch his story that I saw early in the day and I think that he unadded me and blocked me like only his username shows up and his story won’t show up like nothing happened to make him do that that I know of what did I do wrong? Help pls😭

Maybe it’s your snap playing up? Cause I can’t think why he’d block you. Or just simply ask him about it, to clear the air xx

Season 3 of Supergirl, after 2 episodes:
  • Haters are gonna hate, but Kara grieving the loss of Mon El gives Melissa an opportunity to showcase even more her acting range. So talented.
  • My favorite relationship on the show, aka Kara & Alex is getting more screentime… ABOUT TIME! I could watch a show just about them to be honest.
  • Sanvers, I’m just gonna say this: why did Floriana have to leave the show? WHY?! 
  • Lena: “I grew up in a house with the most deceptive people in the world, I can tell when someone’s lying to me”. Little does she know…
  • Digging the mystery surrounding Sam and her superpowers. Can’t wait to watch that story unfold.
  • The villains, the action sequences are so well done.
  • And of course the incredible ensemble cast: James, Winn, J’onn,… 
  • Simply put: Dear Show, I LOVE YOU!

PS: would any of you be interested in reading my “Supergirl Random Thoughts Of The Week”, like I did for my TVD recaps ? 


Ship: Gail/Marjorie
Film/TV Show: My Two Loves [ Film ] 1986
Canonical Pairing: Yes | No | Undecided
Characters: Gail Springer, Marjorie Lloyd
Actors: Mariette Hartley, Lynn Redgrave
Ending: Happy | Sad | Ongoing | Undecided
Other Traits: Older Ladies, 1980s, Friends to Lovers, Love Triangle, Bisexual
Why you should watch it: So the first thing you have to remember when watching this is that it’s from a different time. Otherwise you’re going to wonder why Gail does not understand gay. BUT that being said, I am shocked at how forward thinking some of this was. I particularly enjoyed the quote “No woman becomes a lesbian out of a reaction to men. She becomes a lesbian because she loves women”. Really thoughtful, adult way of looking at this relationship for the time period. Also like.. Mariette Hartley was every girl’s wet dream at some point wasn’t she? And Lynn Redgrave is delightful. 
What you may not like about it: They do skip by a lot of the intimacy here because of the time frame (and what was allowed on screen at the time). They obviously weight the affection of the heterosexual pairing in the film, but again, it’s understandable for the 1980s. The love triangle’s kind of a bummer too.

*** Special thanks to a user from our Facebook group for this share ***

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Watch on youtube here

anonymous asked:

Yo ibuzoo watch out for them ancient greeks gonna resurrect and sue you for plagiarism lmao (honestly though all those hateful anons are just showing the reason why we need more wlw fiction... you are doing awesome work 🌹)

You are an angel dear anon and yes, we need more wlw fiction and I will add a couple of extra poems just out of spite now.


Which do you prefer?

Just a little experiment:

Reblog if you think teenagers and adults can watch Disney movies.

 I was just told by a friend that I was “too old” to watch Tangled, and I’ll prove her wrong.


Heyah guys ! 

This one took me way too long to draw (and i’m not a huge fan of it. The drawings are really meh XD).

The previous “What Should You Watch”:

-Lost [X]    

-Wynonna Earp [X]

-In The Flesh [X]

And once again, if you have questions about the shows or suggestions etc… my ask box is open.


“Motive means opportunity. The three pilars of criminal investigation for the last century. But it’s 1977, and suddenly motive is elusive. What, why, who. What happened? Why did it happen that way? Which should lead to Who did it? The question is not only why did the killer do it, but why did the killer do it this way?” —Mindhunter, S01E01.