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Would you rather date Levi or L?

for a sec i thought that this was incomplete and i was like “who is L?” and then i remembered it’s a dude from death note, but since i’ve never seen death note i wikipedia’d him and he’s reminding me of me: a shriveled, antisocial asshole that doesn’t like to talk but really likes sweets

but they’re both so…… old. too old for me. but assuming they’re just two emo teenagers in front of me i’d pick L because the emo tsuntsun levi isn’t really my gig despite how great toilet jokes are.

When Harry hears Mr and Mrs Weasley fight at the Leaky Cauldron in PoA, before the school year began; when Mr Weasley argued they should tell Harry they believed Black wanted to kill him, Mrs Weasley says to her husband “you have to do what you believe is right.”

She disagreed, she fought him over it— but the moral compass for them told them to do what is right.

That is what the Weasley children were taught. No wonder they would rather fight for those who didn’t have their pureblood status, than hide and be safe T_T

“Why can’t they understand the way we feel
They just don’t trust what they can’t explain
I know we’re different, but deep inside us
We’re not that different at all”

“And you’ll be in my heart
Yes you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more”

“Don’t listen to them
‘Cause what do they know
We need each other, to have, to hold
They’ll see in time, I know”

“When destiny calls you, you must be strong
I may not be with you
But you got to hold on
They’ll see in time, I know
We’ll show them together”

“Cause you’ll be in my heart
Believe me you’ll be in my heart
I’ll be there from this day on
Now and forever more”

Lyrics of
“You’ll Be in My Heart” by
Phil Collins

@zerosden you’ll always be my red guy, ya dork

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when you say you want them to be a household name in korea, is there a reason why you think they aren't already?

from the things I read about, watched and talked about with friends in Korea, Bangtan is still only greatly popular/known with people who listens or follows kpop closely. In the general public, not so much yet. 

This doesn’t mean bangtan isn’t popular or anything. But you get recognized more if you do a lot of varieties and bangtan hasn’t established themselves more in this aspect. But I hope they get a chance to if they want ^_^

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Remember your whole post that stated, "I hate the McElroy brothers" and someone was replied, "Why?" and you were like "I don't know" and then two seconds later "They're white and also friends with someone associated with the Hamilton play, they are obviously racists, I was right!" Now that The Adventure Zone graphic novel drama popped up, sure as hell, you're on there even though she posted "I have no interest in it" but would not shut up about "White people have to listen to us minorities! REEE

You sound like a really salty Montgomery brothers fan.

Me not liking them for being friends with LMM is not me calling them racist, especially since there are white youtubers I like that are fans of his work. I just don’t like them you hypersensitive cunt.

And I jumped on the drama because I was disgusted with seeing all the white folk insulting and demeaning people of color for having problems. To a point where they tried to bring homestuck and Steven Universe to the mix.

Do you mayo boys fans ever chill the fuck out and let people dislike them or do you enjoy getting offended by everything that doesn’t involve ass kissing them.

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Blaise x Theo? :)

this is for the @hprarepairnet hogwarts challenge!

  • it started with sarcastic conversations in the slytherin common room.
  • blaise hated incompetence, which meant he hardly liked to talk to anyone he ever came across.
  • and theo hated people, it was as simple as that. it was a relationship that worked rather well. especially in secret. 
  • “can you believe the answer weasley gave to mcgonagall’s question today?” blaise snorted, “it was ridiculous. i’m pretty sure i lost brain cells listening to him ramble.”
  • “you’re telling me,” theo muttered under his breath, “i can’t believe he has gotten as far as he has.”
  • “well, you must know why.”
  • pansy’s voice interrupted them, which immediately made theo uncomfortable. he shifted on the couch to make sure he wasn’t seen touching blaise’s leg “accidentally.”
  • blaise flashed him a look, but theo ignored it.
  • blaise wouldn’t admit he was hurt.
  • “and why is that, pans?” blaise decided to ask.
  • he knew the answer, he was bored of this conversation already. especially since it was no longer only between him and theo. pansy noticed.
  • “because he’s the chosen one’s best friend of course, but you already knew that. onto more important things. was i, uh, interrupting something?”
  • pansy was smirking and darting her eyes back and forth between the two of them. 
  • theo ignored her and turned a page of his novel, and blaise glared.
  • “we were just having an intellectual conversation,” he said rather smoothly, “i can only have them with him.”
  • pansy rolled her eyes, “i’m plenty intelligent, thank you very much.”
  • “yeah, inside your own head,” theo muttered.
  • blaise spit out his firewhiskey from laughter, and pansy glared at both of them.
  • “you both think you’re so funny. just go back to eye-fucking on the couch. it’s not like we don’t all know.”
  • theo gulped and blaise looked away, and they listened as her heels clicked away.
  • “blaise-” theo started, but blaise stopped him by scooting over to his side of the couch and planting his lips on his.
  • theo was shocked, but he didn’t pull away.
  • “i’m tired of hiding,” blaise whispered against his lips, “why does it matter if everyone knows?”
  • theo smirked, “it only matters if they know because they will be intimidated by our combined IQ, of course.
  • blaise exhaled from relief, and hungrily, theo kissed him again.
  • they were interrupted by someone clearing their throat, and they saw pansy and draco standing in front of them.
  • “fuck pansy,” draco complained, “you were right.”
  • smirking, pansy held out her hand, “pay up, draco.”
  • draco rolled her eyes and handed her a large amount of galleons. 
  • blaise perked his brow, and theo was blushing, but pansy jutted her head out and said, “did i ask you guys to stop? it was quite a show. i didn’t know theo was a lip biter.”
  • draco smirked at her words, but so did blaise.
  • before theo could continue to die from anymore embarrassment, blaise captured his lips once more.
  • blaise couldn’t hear anything other than pansy whispering to draco, “damn, that’s hot.” 

“Why do you even listen to K-pop?”

“You don’t speak Korean. You can’t understand them.”

“I just like to know whats being said in the song.”


Welcome to episode 5078 of the "The internet fights heroically to win a battle it's ALREADY won." show!

Internet: Hey! I need to tell you all something! Cat-calling is actually a BAD thing! It’s harassment and it insults women!

Every Functioning Member Of Society: … Yes, we’re well aware. That’s been an established fact for the last five decades.

Internet: No! No! You guys all totally encourage it because “rape culture”, and we need to spread the word of how terrible it is!

Every Functioning Member Of Society: Rape Culture? You mean that thing that doesn’t actually exist? Listen, we KNOW how rude it is. We all look Down on the catcallers and shun them as pathetic, lecherous dickheads. And those who take it further into assault are seen as the most vile of human beings.

Random dickhead: But she was totally asking for it! Why else would she dress that way?!

Internet: See! SEE! You guys are all defending it!

Every Functioning Member of Society: You DO realise that we all acknowledge that rambling as the desperate, pathetic and idiotic attempts of a mental three year old to save face that it actually IS, right? None of us agree with him.

Random Woman: Well, I actually LIKE being catcalled.

Me: Good for you, you’re entitled to your interests. I personally like to occasionally punch myself in the balls but that doesn’t mean you should do that to strangers.

Internet: No! I won’t hear a word of it! You all encouraging cat-calling, and I’m going to post an article on how it needs to stop!

Every Functioning Member of Society: Yes, I’m sure it will stand out in stark contrast to all the other 9,000,000 articles all saying the exact same thing. Truly, ‘tis a desperate struggle you face.


always you
listen, follow the rules
break them, consequences
will come your way
pay attention to what i say
i’m sorry, my love
that’s what i always said
is that what you think of me?
am i your love
your sun
your everything?
you, my world
whom i would travel for
as long as i live
whom i would take care of
even when you don’t need caring
whom i will always keep safe
whom i would die for
but why is it that
i care so much
cry so much
hurt so much
for your love
when you treat me like nothing?
- if you’re so held back, break free from their grasp
~just me

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It would be cool if you guys could use "quasiplatonic relationship" instead of "queerplatonic relationship" to be more inclusive of LGBT people who are triggered by the word queer due to negative past experiences/abusive situations. (But most people who like the word tend to have zero respect for LGBT people who are traumatized by it or just uncomfortable and think we should "just get over it already" so Idk if you guys will even listen to me or consider what I'm saying.)

I use the word that’s requested. If a request said “[name] and [name] are in a quasiplatonic relationship”, that is what I would put in the caption!

I understand that “queer” can be hurtful, which is why I tag it with “q word”, so people negatively affected / triggered by it can blacklist it.

As such, I will continue to fulfill queer requests, as for some LGBTQ+ individuals, it’s a word that makes them feel happy, important, and represented. Just as I will happily fulfill quasi requests as well for those who prefer it.

I hope that helps!

My favorite TV portrayal of God will forever be from Joan of Arcadia. In a show where God makes an appearance every episode, decisions have to be made on what they will appear as. The first thing is that God REGULARLY changes in appearance, often multiple times an episode. In the two seasons, there are many one off appearances with three showing up with slight regularity. Those three are, basically, a cute teenage boy, a little girl, and a grandmother-esque woman.

The second thing that sets this version of God apart is that there are NO displays of power outside the odd dream. The show’s creator made rules and adhered to them. When asked to prove that he (in cute teenage boy form) was God, he points to a tree and basically says ‘lets see you make one’.

Third is that while Joan basically works for God and is given a mission each episode, she always has the option not to listen. Most of the time, she’s not even given a reason why she should do something like get a job or join the cheer squad or keep her friend in school. She’s not told how to do it or helped through.

Is this the blog for this post? No. Do I care? No.

kl/ance shippers who make content of one of them abusing the other Disgusts me like first of all waht the hell why would you do that what the fuck!!!!! and second of all. listen. the content you make is literally giving anti-k/lance (mostly allur/ance shippers or shitlapins btw) shippers ammo to say “he ha lance is abusive!!!! even kla/nce shippers say so!!!!” please stop what you’re doing.

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You shouldn't be upset when people post your photos. They like them, that's why they're sharing. Stop being selfish.

Um, excuse me? I’M being selfish? All I did was ask people to credit the original creators of the work (like me). The act of sharing in itself is fine and dandy (if the person doesn’t explicitly put “do not repost”) but what these people are doing is STEALING.

Listen up:

When you don’t credit someone while posting the work, you’re trying to pass it off as yours. Your followers who see it are going to think it’s yours.

And that is disgusting. All the hours these creatives have spent working on them all gone to naught and you’re just taking credit for their work.

It’s not really that hard, honestly. CREDIT. Just put their name/username/url when you post. It is LITERALLY that simple.

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(Adopt anon) Geoff and Jack finally go out for a date night when the boys prove themselves capable of listening to/behaving for Ryan. They come home to four empty pints of ice cream, a bunch of candy wrappers, and the largest pillow fort they've ever seen in front of the TV. The lads are all knocked out. Ryan doesn't understand why Jack is mad because "yea they had sugar but look how well they're sleeping now" "that doesn't make it ok to give them that much sugar at once, Ryan"

Ryan: Meh, they’re fine.

Jack: You’re grounded.

Though she’d have to wait until he woke up because he passed out in the pillow fort with them when Geoff and Jack get home.

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Relationship Status: Single, cause why frick frack when you can snik snack?

Favorite Color: I love all colors but red and blue colors are always my more favorited colors.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Usually chapstick but I do wear lipstick a lot too.

Last Song I Listened To: Im Coming Home: P. Diddy ft Skyler Gret

Last Movie I Watched: Beauty and the beast. (The french live action one)

Top Three Fictional Characters: All Sailor Moon characters, Hunk/Pidge (I love them both too much okay?) and Allucard. (also SHREK)

Top Three Ships: Klunk (Keith x Lance x Hunk),Shatt, and Destiel, (Dont judge me okay)

Books I’m Currently Reading: Um

I read too many at once but a lot of them are about how some books were created, and a lot of dracula related stories

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wow another misinformed person who thinks that straight aces and aros are lgbt. why am i not surprised. not every one belongs everywhere. you can accept straight aces and aros, but do not tell them that they are lgbt because they 100% are not. lgbt spaces are for lgbt people case closed. maybe you should brush up on lgbt issues before you invite straight people to be a part of our community.

Please take a step back and listen to how you just conducted that sentence. I’m not quite sure where you’re coming from in life, but it sounds like you’ve been through quite a bit with your identity. So have I. And when I found myself a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I finally found a huge group of people who accepted me and supported me. I hope the same happened for you. And if not, I hope it happens soon, because everyone deserves that.

Consider people who observe no sexual or romantic attraction, which are legitimate identities, who feel wrong for one way or another. They’re asexual and/or aromantic, regardless of gay or straight, and that still falls under the A in the acronym, but I keep hearing that one half’s not different enough. Not oppressed enough. I would first say, none of us know everyone’s story, and there’s no way we will, so we don’t know what everyone has gone through with their identity. And second, when did this community become solely about how oppressed we are? [EDIT: Upon reviewing this, I should specify it is important to note the group was founded because of systemic oppression, and that is VERY important. I mean that we are also a group of support and lifting ourselves up and being proud of who we are as a diverse community, as well as continuing to fight the systemic oppression that faces many of us]. If we, as a group, achieve what I hope we can achieve idealistically and not be oppressed, are we still not a group to be proud of? Why wouldn’t we want this group to be an absolute celebration of all legitimate varieties? A celebration of all our unique experiences and struggles? They’re all different and valid.

Is this demographic of people with a legitimate sexual and/or romantic identity to make their own little group? To be made to feel like outcasts in the real world as well as in this group? I feel that this just furthers the negative, unfriendly attitude that already greatly exists in this world and I don’t wanna promote that. I just would think something like excluding would be for those who make us feel unsafe and that would only be on a case-by-case basis, not for a whole demographic who feel out of place and just want to belong, right? I don’t wanna be that way to people the way the world was to me. They’re not lgbt, but they are A, and that’s part of the LGBTQIA+ community, right? And of course I can’t change what you believe. And you’re right, I can accept them! I shall, because acceptance in this community is what inspired me and helped me when I felt lost, and I want to be that for others. [EDIT: I also want to stress that, the bottom line here is that all I’d like is for us to take time, ALL of us, asexuals and aromantics included, to educate ourselves, try to understand and respect each other’s individual struggles/experiences/stories, because they ARE all different. Empathy and trust is key because this line of distrust does not seem to be going in a positive direction. It seems to be leading to negativity, divisiveness, and name-calling and I don’t like seeing that. That’s not what I think many of us are trying to achieve. Sorry for typing so much haha]

30 day otp challenge | day 2: on a date

houses going through rebellious high school phases


  • fights anyone
  • always wearing merch (tshirts, beanies, wristbands)
  • interrupts the teacher with dick jokes
  • skips class to take a train or bus anywhere
  • redyes hair every second week, bright af colors
  • multiple lip/ eyebrow piercings
  • constantly making kms jokes
  • still listens to my chemical romance and will mug anyone who judges them
  • splashes water over toilet cubicle walls and giggles
  • “did you do your homework?”
    “what homework?”

  • asks sad people if they’re okay
  • makes everyone do shots at parties but takes ten years to drink their own
  • tries to drag their wallflower ravenclaw friend everywhere
  • cruisers and beer
  • aggressive facebook posts
  • panic at the disco.


  • septum piercing
  • chokers
  • flannels and chunky boots
  • “wtf is math”
  • “why do we even need to know this shit”
  • glares really hard at slow readers
  • skips class to smoke weed behind the school
  • or sleeps with their face attached to the desk
  • colorful artwork hidden in their artbook
  • schoolbooks are full of worksheets they’ll never finish 
  • liked halsey, martinez and matd before they were cool
  • unironically listens to vaporwave
  • memelords and queens
  • emotionally plays piano when no ones around to hear them fuck up bc embarassing but
  • will totally play for their punkass slytherin friend
  • drinks with friends over going to parties anyday
  • clings to a bottle of vodka when they do go to parties
  • doodles all over their exam papers and likes drawing on the whiteboard
  • twenty one pilots.


  • dark lipstick
  • lowkey fashionistas but will also show up in trackpants and tshirts with half-did hair
  • always correcting the teacher or finding ways to humiliate them
  • cheats on tests bc they spent their prep time writing/ reading gay porn
  • starts shit with everyone to polish their insulting skills
  • legitimately terrified of family gatherings
  • black nail polish
  • has loud gryff friend that they tolerate bc they’re cute
  • listens to music when they breathe
  • their bones are made of musical talent, true fact
  • reckless driver but still obeys all the laws
  • took some form of martial arts as a kid so is able whoop ass when ass whooping is needed
  • super smart in elementary, is now riddled with the anxiety to succeed
  • possibly skipped a grade and has to deal with their friends making fun of them for being younger
  • makes out in stairwells
  • cries in them too
  • do not approach when mad, aggresive rambling with lots of long words
  • nirvana.


  • pastel/white hair
  • flower crowns (not real flowers tho)
  • skips school to go shopping
  • professional at cheating on tests
  • spits on people
  • “it’s not a phase mom”
  • drinks alcohol straight. like people are scared of them bc where the fuck did all the whiskey go
  • smokes
  • has already been suspended, to juvy and to a mental hospital once or twice
  • lone wolf but
  • has a pure af hufflepuff friend that gives them bandaids if they get into a fight
  • video games
  • standing up for people who can’t defend themselves
  • always in the principals office
  • likes to steal earphones and candy
  • “well fuck you” “because fuck you” and “fuck you”
  • the one behind all the really rude nicknames (that everyone uses) for teachers
  • shit talks a lot but feels bad about it inside
  • movie soundtracks
  • someone: why do you like the xmen so much?? i mean they're cool and all but so are the avengers
  • me internally: because the xmen are a group of oppressed people who are Constantly fighting for their survival and equality, while also fighting for all of mankind, the people who actively discriminate against them, when they really don't have to (unlike the avengers who mainly spend their time fighting each other or not caring about mutants). Their story of oppression is relatable to those who deal with discrimination and oppression in real life, therefor making their story all the more compelling. Not to mention, the xmen stories have magneto who is one of the most interesting, complexing and captivating villain, (if you can even call him that), in the entire marvel universe.
  • me out loud: idk they have pretty cool powers