why are you not cooperating today

  • Jughead: I worked on your construction project today.
  • Fred Andrews: Yes, I saw. Nice work.
  • Jughead: Alright, cool. Thanks, dad.
  • Archie: Oh my God.
  • Jughead: What? Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Betty: You just called Fred Andrews "dad". You said, "thanks, dad."
  • Jughead: What? No, I didn't. I said, "thanks, man."
  • Fred Andrews: Do you see me as a father figure, Jughead?
  • Jughead: No, I see you as a bother figure! Because you're always bothering me!
  • Archie: Hey, show your father some respect!

Ok I was looking up Dylan and Cole earlier today bc I like to reminisce in their unbelievable beauty and if you don’t reblog this for Dylan’s glo up I don’t even know why you’re on Tumblr I’m sorry

Bet On Me

Reggie x Reader

A/N: This is my first ever fic and I hope you all like it!! Requests for all other Riverdale characters are open!! (This is my first fic because Reggie is bae)

Word Count: 3369

Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, violence, heavy make-out session (is that even a warning?)

Summary: Reggie is dared to date Y/N, the sweet and popular untouched cheerleader. He does so, although not expecting to fall for her in the process.

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Protective | archie andrews

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

a/n: please please request ideas for short series or one shots!! i like to cater to you guys and sometimes you really do come up with some cool ideas!! love always R🌹

as the years went on you’d think bullying and slut shaming was a thing of the past, you were sadly mistaken. in fact it seemed to get worse and more and more creative as the times went on.

i obliviously walked into school head held higher than normal as i spot Betty and Veronica standing near my locker, smiling brightly i approach them a little bounce in my step as I over to them.


i gawk smiling like an idiot, i had my very first date last night with one Reggie Mantle and you think it went rather well. we had a meal at pops and then went to the drive in to watch a movie where we stuffed our faces with junk food and spent the night cuddled up in the back of his truck with some small make out sessions before he dropped me home just before curfew.

I was still grinning, the gang wasn’t very thrilled with the idea of me going they said that he was a stupid football jock that just wanted to get into my pants and last night just proves that they were wrong - for once.

my smile fades as i glance at their concerned expression, i grab my books and close my locker as they glance from their phones to others loitering in the halls before first period before finally glancing at me.

“what?” i laugh glancing the hall to see many eyes on me, i spot Archie his expression the same as the girls.

“okay what the hell happened”

i ask breaking the silence, tapping my fingers against my books growing impatience at their lack of emotions and words.

“will someone please tell me what’s going on!”

i practically yell, Veronica glances at her phone again and i snatch it from her grasp as the red headed boy stops in front of us mumbling a small greeting.

i glance at the phone and see that the photo Reggie had taken off me last night in the drive in cuddle up to him, only he’d modified the picture and photoshopped maple syrup running down my face.

“oh my god” i say my breathe catching in my throat i click on the comments and instantly regret it the words ‘slut’ ‘ugly’ ‘whore’ 'attention seeking’ came up regularly along with comments about my weight and seemed liked everything else 'what a freak’ i give Veronica back her phone and sniffle tears pricking my eyes.

I look up to see Betty and Veronica staring me down

“do it say it!! okay 'i told you so’ okay I get it”

the girls shake their heads scrambling for words to comfort me

“forget it” i whisper pushing past them

“(y/n)” i hear archie call but I ignore him keeping my head down as i rush to class, everyone laughing and sharing comments as I pass.

i round the corner and slam into a body, we bump heads and i cuss grabbing my fallen bag and glances to see Jughead concern etched on his face “I saw the picture are you okay?” i sigh sniffling.

“no” i whisper

he places his hand on my shoulder rubbing it soothingly “i didn’t even do anything juggie- Archie’s and the others are just itching to tell me that they were right- again!”

“it’s okay- we know it’s not true. people believe what they want okay you-” jughead tries to soothe me running his hands up and down my arms.

“jughead” we both look up to see the smug look of Reggie

my blood boils and I shove his chest “i can’t believe you” i spit tearing up at the sight of him.

“what’s wrong baby?” he coos placing his hand tenderly on my shoulder i shudder at his touch and rip my shoulder from his grasp “don’t touch me reggie!” i warn.

he steps forward and jughead stands in front of me protectively, he laughs clapping his hands looking to his boys standing behind him “would you look at that” he howls getting up in jughead face.

“don’t even think about it” i seethe standing in front of jughead pushes at reggies chest.

as much as i wanted to cower behind juggie i knew that Reggie wouldn’t flinch punching him and the last thing i wanted was for my best friend to get punched in the face.

“oh c'mon i wasn’t going to punch your little boyfriend” he teases winking at the both of us “he’s not my boyfriend reggie- he’s my friend and i will not let some jerk bully my friends” i shout “or me for that matter”

he bites his lip pulling me into the wall pinning me down “god your hot when your angry” he whispers huskily into my neck.

“get off!!” i yell looking desperately to jughead for help but Reggies boys were holding him hostage.

“i mean it Reggie get off” i yell everyone decides to gather to watch the show, i thrash trying to get out of his grip but it’s useless.

“oh come one little (y/n) you weren’t this shy with me last night” i squirm “your fat ass wasn’t mad when I had my tongue in your mouth” he smirks and i cringe knowing that he was right.

“MANTLE” i head a loud voice

“archie” i say breathless my eyes begging for help

“let her go now” he orders edging closer

“or what andr-” he didn’t get to finish his sentence before archie ran and shoved Reggie off me and onto the floor.

grabbing me by the waist and pulling me into his arms

“so this is your boyfriend?” he howls “Andrews and (y/l/n) nice, I mean Arch buddy you could do way better she’s not much of a 10” he chuckles the group agreeing with him

“you okay” he whispers i nod “im okay now” i smile at him

“hate to break up the love fest but she’s mine archie, her face might not be all that but boy is her body”

the group whistles as they look me up and down taking in every once of me, i felt disgusted and disappointed that I ever thought Reggie was more than a jock with a good body.

the moment didn’t last as reggie grabbed me and shoved me into jughead, that flicks a switch in archie as he punches the boy in the jaw they wrestle around punching other and i yell for them to stop jughead holding me back.

the teachers are alerted and rush over to separate the boys as soon as Archie’s pulled back i run over to him placing my hands on his cheeks examining his face.

“arch” i say sadly glancing at his bruised eye and split lip.

“Andrews, Mantle my office NOW”


“i can’t believe the fought over you!” Ronnie squeals helping me zip up the back of my cheerleading uniform “swoon!” she finishes skipping over to Betty.

“it wasn’t over me, reggie was being an ass and Archie was just being a good friend” i conclude pulling my hair into a half up half down look adding blue ribbon for school spirt.

“have you spoke to him since it happened?” Betty asks sitting in front of me worry filling her voice.

“no, he had detention at lunch” she nods and i feel guilty “he came to see me after school but i just wanted to be alone. ill see him tonight” i try and smile knowing that Reggie would also be at the game.

Veronica touches up my face with a little makeup before the three of us head to school for the pep rally, my mood lifts a little football games were a ritual for me. i loved cheering with B & V and watching Archie play. Often we managed to drag Jughead and Kevin to the games to watch us all tonight that was one of those nights.

we meet the squad in the change rooms and grab our poms poms getting ready to go out onto the field to get the crowd pumped

“you will speak with him before the game right?” Veronica asks me worried, i nod following the girls out onto the field “promise”

“WOOHOO GO THE BULLDOGS” we cheer running and flipping out onto the field hyping the crowd up i spot jughead in the crowd and i jog over to him when Cheryl isn’t looking

“juggie!” i yell catching his attention “have you seen arch?” as the words leave my mouth the bulldogs run through the banner Archie leading the pack with a huge black eye. i glance at him guilty, he doesn’t see me searching through the crowd of river vixen. “ill talk to you later” i tell him he smiles frustrated giving me the 'I know your not okay’ stare.

i jog over to the drinks table where Archie stand his back facing me, i approach place my hand on his shoulder causing him to spin around relief flooding his expression as he realises it’s me.

“oh thank god it thought you weren’t here and i know you love the games and I didn’t want you to not come because of reggie and-” i cut him off placing my hand on his cheek touching the purpleness around his eyes gently.

“oh arch” he’s hand shots up to touch mine “im so sorry” i tell him tearing up

“hey it’s okay-” and just like that he’s swept up onto the field with all the others “arch” i call out trying to get he’s attention.

“hey it’s okay” i feel Betty’s hand on my shoulder “we gotta get ready” i nod turning to face her following her back to the squad getting ready to perform


the game finished miserable as the win was taken away from us in the last 5 minutes, the bulldogs look dull as they exit the field heading to the locker rooms. i sigh and grab my bag walking after the boys i needed to speak with Archie.

“(y/n)” i hear jughead call, choosing to ignore him i walk faster hoping to catch archie before he got into the locker room

“hey!” he yells panting as he catching up to me “ignore me much?” i roll my eyes

“i need to talk with archie okay? now are walking me or not?” i stop glancing at him “fine but yes i am because i swear to god if reggie lays a finger on you” i roll my eyes pulling him behind me

“yeah yeah you’ll kill him”

i push through the crowd of half naked boys as they undress ready to hit the showers, i struggle to find the boy before i spot the familiar red mop of hair. i weave in and out of the crowd before i edge closer to him.

he mustn’t of seen me because he turned and crash into me losing his towel in the process, jughead covers my eyes as Archie scrambles to re adjust his towel “(y/n) jughead what are you doing-”

i put my finger on his lips silencing him “let me talk please” i tell him, gaining the attention of everyone in the locker room.

i realise now why Jughead thought this was a bad idea

“look im sorry about today- your eye you losing the captain spot- you shouldn’t have gotten involved Archie it wasn’t your fight! you warned me and i didn’t listen and now your in trouble with your dad and the principal and you have a busted lip and a black eye all because of that freaking jerk!” i yell tearing up feeling stupid

“I know how much football meant to you, you need it to get into college to study your music and i completely ruined it for you because of a stupid stupid idea to prove a point!”

i run my fingers through my hair a few tears falling down my face, i wipe them as quickly as they fall Archie looks defeated not knowing what to say

“(y/n)-” he steps forward but stops as loud clapping fills the locker room

“what a speech” i growl facing Reggie

“oh go fuck yourself Reggie, haven’t you ruined enough lives today!” he smirks leaning against the locker his towel hanging low off his hips.

he reaches out to brush my hair behind my ear and Archie moves in front of me but i clasp my arm around his bicep “he isn’t worth it” i spit tugging Archie toward me.

“did i tell you how good you looked in that uniform” he licks his lips “that mini skirt, it’s like your begging for someone to kiss you, you look in desperate need let me help you princess”

he attempts to walk over to me but i extend my hand to his chest playing with him

“you know reg your right, i do really need a kiss” i tell him pulling my bottom lip with my teeth and fiddling with the bottom of my skirt fluttering my lashes.

i can see Archie adjusting his towel all the boys seem to be getting rather bothered by my act, Reggie steps forward reaching out to grab my waist but i spin grabbing the back of Archie’s neck and pulling him in for a kiss, jumping up to wrap my legs around his waist.

i deepen the kiss cheers from his team mates fill the air, i break away breathless kissing him once more before Archie sets me back down.

“much better” i sigh glances at a very frustrated Reggie “oh and reg you might wanna take a cold shower for junior” i tug at his towel leaving him completely naked before peeking Archie on the lips.

“see you outside”

he blushes scratching the back of his neck as he watches me walk out with jughead, i bite my lip swinging my hips feeling confident as i wait outside the locker room

“wow” jughead exclaims pacing back and fourth as the rest of our friends spot us and walk over to us, i roll my eyes at him grabbing his jacket to stop the pacing.

“hey” i greet the girls

“Pop’s?” Betty asks

we nod “yeah of course!”

“okay well lets go im sure archie can catch up” Veronica smiles grabbing my arm

“oh ill just wait for him we’ll meet you there!” they narrow their eyes jughead refusing to make eye contact not wanting to be interrogated.

“uh i haven’t spoken to him yet so i can do it on my way over before we met yous” they share glances with each other before nodding at my story.

“okay fine, jughead are you going to escort your ladies” he rolls his eyes pushing off the wall as the girls loop their arms with his and heading toward our favourite hang out.

the boys start exiting the locker room glancing at me as i wait fiddling with my hair and avoiding all eye contact. standing up to reggie wasn’t all that and but he whole makeout session could’ve been prevented but i was feeling epic.

“(y/n)? where are the others?” i glance up at the voice smiling at the red headed boy

i suddenly feel nervous my knees wobbling and my cheeks heating up at my name coming out of his mouth.

“uh they um- they are going to pops- i um told them that we’d yanno met them there” i finishes awkwardly glancing at my feet as I scuff them.

“that is if you want to go- if not i can just walk myself-” he smiles shaking his head at me “no no i wanna come” “good” i smile and with that we set off to Pop’s silence filling the air.

we reach the diner and i stop spoting our friends in the booth next to the window, Archie notices and stops turning to face me “you okay?” i nod

“im sorry about what happened before” i blurt worried that i misread Archie’s feelings toward me. nervousness washes over me and my smile slips from my lips.

“hey hey- no don’t be- it was amazing, your amazing” he finishes grabbing my hips and tugging me toward him.

“if im not mistaking is mr Archie Andrews finally making the first move?” i hint playful playing with his shirt, he laughs playfully placing his soft lips on me and closing the small gap between our bodies.

“you know Reg was right about the whole cheerleader outfit” i raise my eyebrows “hot as hell”

i kiss him back before lacing my hands with his and pulling him into the diner walking over to our friends sliding in next to Jughead as Archie takes the seat next to me siting closer then usual he drapes his arm across the back of the booth touching my shoulder soothingly.

“okay what the hell happened in the locker room?” Veronica asks sipping her milkshake.

“oh they had a huge make out session infringed of reggie it was intense should’ve been there” jughead spills earning a smack up side the head from Archie


i blush covering my face and leaning into Archie, i peer through my fingers and see the two girls staring intensely at m “what!” i complain giggling.

the group fall into a fit of laughter and i smile up at Archie as he tightens his grip around my waist making me feel safe.

this is where I belong.

It’s Hard Enough - Cooper!Reader X Jughead Jones

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Hi love! Could I please request a fluffy Riverdale imagine where the reader is Betty’s little sister by a year who receives the same pressure from their mom, but hides it well from her sister and everyone else, when she is actually completely overwhelmed and stressed out to the point where she’s having an anxiety attack and Jughead or Veronica helps her?

Just because I love him, I chose a Jughead x Reader prompt. But, anon, if you want one with Veronica please message me!!! And maybe…if you want a Part Two (?)

It’s hard enough being a Freshman at Riverdale High, but you had an amazing older sister who put your mother’s standard too high. Betty is an amazing sister and you love her, it’s just that everyone loves her. After Polly went away and Jason went missing, things started to go further down hill for you. Your mother put unneeded pressure on both you and Betty, but Betty handled so much better. She broke free from your mother’s poisonous ways and started doing things for herself. This left you alone with the overbearing woman and no where to go. You managed to hide the damage your mother was inflicting upon you quite well. So well in fact that your sister and her friends thought you were just fine. The first day back to school, that changed.

“That’s really great Archie!” Betty said, shooting the redhead the most adorable heart eyes. You nodded in agreement as you listened to Archie's’ music demo. You were about to speak up when everyone at the lunch table turned their heads. “Can I sit?”

You turned and saw a very pretty Sophomore standing near the table. “Veronica! Yeah, sit!” Betty said, giving her a sweet smile. Kevin moved over, allowing you to make room for the girl to sit next to you. “What song is that? It’s really good but I haven’t heard it before.”

“It’s Archie’s demo.” You said, and the girl looked at you in confusion. Betty laughed, “Sorry, Veronica, this is my little sister Y/N. Y/N this is Veronica, she just moved here from New York.” Veronica gave you a kind smile and a hello which you tried to copy as best you could. You just weren’t feeling it today. Veronica must’ve picked up on it because her eyebrows furrowed slightly. “Yeah, I thought we’d have to pretend to like it but, it’s actually really great.” Kevin said causing Archie to smile softly. You smiled a little too, happy that at least one person you knew was doing something good in their lives. “You are alright?” Veronica asked while Kevin and Betty discussed Archie’s future in the music business. You just turned to look at her and with no answer, you got up and left the table. You felt tears gathering behind your eyes as you walked past Cheryl Blossom’s table, you heard someone in their group mutter “freak” and you suddenly were pushed over the edge. You picked up your pace and walked quickly back inside the school. You darted towards the nearest bathroom. You felt eyes on you and saw the Sophomore from your writing class watching you. You just walked faster to the bathroom and when inside, you locked yourself in a stall. The weight of everything that had occurred was finally crashing down on you and it was hitting hard. You felt light headed as your mind replayed the conversation of the future you had with your mom, the pressure for success she put on you because God forbid she had another broken daughter. Veronica’s simple question brought all of it back, the family drama that occurred with Polly and then Jason’s disappearance. You were far from alright, but the thought of telling someone that felt more scary than the pressure itself.

You managed to pull yourself together enough where you stopped crying, and got ready for your next period. When you would see your sister and her friends in the hall, you’d just say you had a stomach cramp or pain and went to the nurse. They’d question you and Veronica would be skeptical, but you’d smile and lie your way through the day.  

You told Betty that you had a group project due in a few days and that your group was meeting up at Pop’s. Of course, being the good sister she is, let you go off on your own. “Just text me when you get there and when you need a ride, okay?” You nodded and gave her a fake smile. “I love you Y/N, be safe!” You walked off towards the diner, happy that now you didn’t have to go home for a little while longer.

The diner was basically empty, minus a few usual patrons. You ordered some fries and sat in a booth in the corner. You looked outside the window and saw the rain drops fall against the glass. It was a soothing distraction, taking your mind off the current situation just for a few precious moments. The silence was interrupted by someone sitting in the empty side of the booth. You turned your head quickly and saw the quiet Sophomore from early today. You just stared at him and his odd hat, and he stared at you just the same. “You’re Y/N Cooper, I saw you earlier today in school. We have Writing class together.” You nodded, suddenly getting nervous. “You’re Jughead Jones.” You said, equally as monotone as he did. “I’m not normally one for caring, but what happened today, right before lunch ended?” You swallowed hard at his question, and he saw your unease. “You looked very, very upset, that’s why I ask.” You felt a tear slide down your cheek at his sudden kindness. You wiped it away as quickly as it had appeared. “Everything going on it’s…taking a toll on me, but I’m-” You stopped talking, not trusting your own voice to continue. Jughead seemed to notice and didn’t say a word. He just waited until you composed yourself and continued. “I’m,” you looked into his eyes for a split moment and saw that there was no fooling him, “not fine.”

You found yourself opening up, just a little, to the mysterious boy before you. You mentioned the pressure your mother put you under, that derived from what occurred with Polly and Jason. From there, he started to talk about the summer, the Blossom twins, and how he remembered your older sister. “Polly was very nice. Said ‘hi’ to me even when I didn’t even look at her.”

“That was the type of girl she was.” You said, trailing off. You missed your eldest sister and you knew that Betty did as well. “Maybe,” Jughead started, slightly hesitant, “you should talk to your sister Betty more.” You stared at him quietly as he continued, “If she was under the same pressure she might be able to help you deal with it. It’s just an idea.” He said, and you felt your lips twitch up into a small smile. “Thank you.” Your phone screen flickered on and you saw the time. You hurriedly got out of the booth and stood. “My sister is going to be here soon.” He nodded, and made his way out of his side of the booth. “I’ll walk you out.”

The two of you waited under the rain-guard outside the diner in a calm silence. For some reason you turned and saw him looking at you. “You don’t have to stay. You’ve done enough for me.” He shook his head and looked towards the ground, a small smile played on his lips. “I’m just going to leave you alone when you feel this down.” You nodded, your heart beating a bit faster than before. “Thank you, again.” You whispered quietly, he turned to face you once more. “If you ever need to talk, to someone that isn’t your sister, you can find me in the library at lunch time.” You gave him a soft smile once more and saw the headlights coming from down the road.

“I’ll see you around, Jughead.” You murmured, but he caught your hand before you walked away. “I hope you smile more.” He said in a hushed tone as he slipped a piece of paper into your hand. You looked a his face, his gaze hidden slightly by his dark hair. He pulled away and with one last glance, walked back inside the diner. You darted to Betty’s car through the rain and shuddered when you got inside.

“Get buckled.” She said, “How’d the group project go?” As you finished buckling your safety belt, you turned back to the diner and saw Jughead typing away at a laptop through the window. From a distance, it looked, almost like, he was smiling. You turned to face forward and sighed. “It went pretty well.”  


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when your mans is lookin like a snack

Pairing: Zach x fem!reader

Request: Okay here is something that came to mind, just a idea for someone to work off of, okay so today I was watching 13rw & thought of a smut were Zach & his gf are both virgins or at least she is & after a while of dating they fuck & b/c she’s like Tonys height Zach had to like pick her & fuck her against the wall (ect) & he gets carried away b/c she’s a flustered mess under him & the next day she comes to school & her back hurts & she lost her voice & it’s just funny smut

Warning: sin {oral - male on female, rough secs?}

Word count:1043

This is my first Zach imagine and smut! I hope you like it! I hope it’s accurate lmao. 

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You are Beautiful (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hello! If your requests are still open, I would love to request something! Could I have a Jughead x Reader fic where the reader and jughead are dating and the reader is very insecure about herself and constantly questions why Jughead is with her? Maybe she talks to Archie about it and he reassures her that everything is fine? Could there be fluff at the end? Thank you so much! I love your writing!

Plus size reader x jughead

A/N: It took me a while to do this but I do hope you enjoy it! I added two requests together and changed it just a bit. Requests are Welcome!


You Are Beautiful (Jughead x Reader)

Looking down at the tight black dress hugging your figure, negative thoughts flood your mind.

It’s too tight. Turning in the mirror, you sigh in frustration. You could see fat everywhere.

Your chest tightens at the thought and you peel the dress off. Screw this, jeans and a sweatshirt it is. You change quickly and rush out the door. Hopefully the girls won’t be mad.

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we all have days where we just c a n n o t make our brains cooperate. (i’m having one today, which is why i’m writing this post instead of doing my medical history readings!) here are some tips to help manage your workload when that happens.

do a warm up

start with your smallest, easiest assignment and work your way up to that dense 200 page reading. it might seem tempting to try to get the hard stuff out of the way first, but you will end up just blankly staring at the first page forever. instead, get yourself in a working mood by getting all your quick reading responses and problem sets out of the way first. i find that it helps to start with something interactive/less boring so that you can jumpstart yourself a little bit.

public shame yourself

go work in a public place where other people can see your computer screen. keep yourself accountable by letting other people’s judgement motivate you! (is this healthy? probably not. does it work? definitely.) you’re much less likely to hop on tumblr if you know that people walking by can see you scrolling.

change your routine

sometimes this is the easiest way to snap yourself out of a rut. if you usually work somewhere quiet, try moving to a lively coffee shop (or vice versa!) try working at a different time of day. even something as small as changing your playlist or switching tables at the library can help. sometimes you just need a different energy.

throw your phone out the window

cute anti-procrastination apps really don’t work when you’re determined to fuck around (as someone who once literally installed a whole new browser just to get around a site blocker that i downloaded, i know this for a fact) so sometimes if you have an urgent project you have to take the nuclear option. try to go completely off-line if you can and leave your phone/computer at home. if you can’t do that, delete any apps or programs that might be distracting. download your readings and look at them in a pdf viewer separate from the internet. turn your phone all the way off. if you really, really need to get something done, don’t give yourself the option to slack off.

give yourself breaks

i know this contradicts the last point, but take breaks if you need to take breaks. if you push yourself too hard you really won’t be any more productive. think of it as a modified pomodoro method - 25 minutes of straight focus is wayyyyy too long for me when i’m in an i-forgot-how-to-read mood, but doing 10 minutes of work followed by a 10 minute break is much more manageable. just plowing through when you lose focus doesn’t get you anywhere.

don’t be too hard on yourself

this is easier said than done of course, but remember that it’s not the end of the world if you have an unproductive day. there’s nothing less productive than beating yourself up about how much harder you could be working. reading one page/doing one problem/writing one paragraph is still something. treat these accomplishments like the little victories they are and you’ll have a much better mindset.

anonymous asked:

Hello🙌 I'm a lover of your writing and your works and was wondering if you had the time or interest if you could do a fic where Betty is stranded on the side of the road and has no one else to call except her Serpent ex boyfreind Jughead you can do whatever you like with it I just liked the concept Thank you very much ✌

Sure! Thankyou so much!

“Shit shit shit!” Betty slammed her foot into the busted tire of her Mini Cooper, her stilettos bouncing back and piercing her calf. “Why?! Why me?! Why today?!” She groaned, head titled towards the sky and arms extended at her sides.

It had been six years since she stepped foot in Riverdale, she was a successful author and was coming back from a press tour all over Europe, her first novel “Love me Serpentine” had done amazing and was in talks to be adapted into a feature film. She was rich, she was famous, she was wanted and still…. she was so unhappy. She spent her days holed up in her home in North Carolina, hidden deep in the mountains writing. She would write and write and write for days locked away and entirely lonely.

Veronica had moved back to Riverdale, she ended up marrying Archie after college and he had taken over Andrews Construction, Ronnie was happy and they had just bought there first home together, that’s what brought Betty to Riverdale, stranded on the side of the road with no one picking up there phone. She had practically missed the house warming dinner and it was getting dark.

“I can’t.” She whispered to herself, desperately looking down at the number lit up on her cellphone. “Maybe he changed it? There’s no way he still had the same number after all these years.” She spoke aloud, the voice in her mind calling back “you still have the same number Betty Cooper.”

“Screw it.” The beautiful blonde pressed the green telephone and brought the phone to her ear, listening to the ringing.

“Betty.” The familar low drawl asked from the other line, it’s sounded almost frantic. Hopeful. Beautiful.

“Hi juggie.” She whispered.

A sharp gasp broke across the phone, a shuddering breath and then

“Are you okay? Where are you?! Archie said you lived in North Carolina now?! Is everything okay down there? I could get a plane.. let me check online.. stupid fucking apps on this phone…” he mumbled, Betty couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face when she heard the tapping of Jugheads fingers on his phone.

“No Jughead! I’m okay, I’m actually in Riverdale and well.. maybe I’m not okay. My car broke down, I have no tools to fix it and I can tell the transmission is blown but I can’t really get in there without..”

This time it was Jugheads turn to cut off Betty,
“where are you? I’m coming to get you.”

Betty closed her eyes, leaning against the tiny car and finally relaxing her shoulders as she let the tension and stress leave her body, this is what he did for her.. even after all these years she still felt safe at the mere sound of his voice.

It was only ten minutes later when a truck pulled down the road, Betty’s eyes widened when she saw the

“Jones Mechanics”

Sticker on the side of the truck. Since when had Jughead been interested in that? He owned a mechanics shop. She squinted against the harsh lights of the truck, standing before it, her hands extended and a soft smile filling her face. Of course this is how they would meet again after all these years. The damsel in distress.

Meanwhile Jughead was struck dumb, his eyes drawn only to the vision in front of him.

Illuminated by his headlights Betty was glowing, her soft blonde hair was long now, almost to her waist in perfectly smooth curls blowing gently with the wind, she had on sky high stilettos and a pencil skirt tighter than anything Jughead had ever seen, her long toned legs put on perfectly display as the simple white blouse she wore was unbuttoned dangerously low, stepping out of the car he admired the way she had filled out, curves running about her body, his eyes found her grassy green ones and everything he had ever felt instantly came flying back. God she was perfect, she always was and always would be.

Betty stepped towards him, admiring his broad shoulders and long wavy black hair, it was curling around his ears a bit now and added boyishness to his chiseled jaw and scruffy chin, the leather jacket he had on held the familiar Serpents Emblem and Betty did her very best to ignore that, choosing to wrap her arms around Jughead instead.

“I missed you Jughead Jones.” She whispered into his neck, relishing in the way he shuddered under her touch.

“Missed you too Betty Cooper.” He mumbled, twirling a strand of blond hair around his calloused finger.

When they finally pulled away after what felt like ages Jughead stepped back and observed the car.

“I’m not even gonna look, I trust you, you taught me everything I know. I’m just gonna hook her up to the back and we’ll get her to the shop.”
He walked to the back of his truck and pulled out cables.

Memories of hot summer nights, two teenagers covered in motor oil making love in FPs old green truck flew through Betty’s mind as she watched Jughead work effortlessly.

“Never thought I’d see the day. You’re a grease monkey Jones, how did this happen?” She teased, sitting shotgun in Jugheads truck

“Just took it up a few years ago, it was a way to stay close to..” he stopped abruptly, shaking his head, cheeks flushing “just like cars I guess.” He finished lamely, the true answer not lost on Betty. When Jughead hopped into the truck and put the keys in the ignition Betty fell into the worn leather seat, eyes closing slowly.

“Read your book. It was amazing. Always knew you could do it.” Jughead spoke suddenly, Bettys eyes flying open.

“Thankyou” she whispered. Every word in that book had been about him, she’d even dedicated it to him “to my Romeo” the first page had read.

“Jughead I… I missed you.” She broke the silence, her hand dropping on his thigh as she took a watery breath “I miss you everyday. Everyday I write more and more and I think of you 24/7 I want… I want to be here. With you. I want you to edit my writing, I want to read yours again because I know you’re still writing. I want to be here.” She choked out as Jughead pulled over, shifting in his seat to stare at her.

“I’ve been waiting for you to come home. He started, Betty gasped, her eyes widening “I’ve waited five years for you to come home. To come back to me. I opened the mechanics shop because I knew you would come back, you love fixing cars and I love… I love you. If you’re ready, truly ready to come home. I’m right here. I always will be. No matter how long I have to wait.” His voice was strong and serious, his gaze never moving from her face as his hands came to cup her cheeks

“I love you Betty Cooper. Always have. Always will.” He whispered before dropping his lips to hers, her fingers tangled in his hair as his found their way under her top. With his lips on hers betty sighed into his mouth


For Better or Worse - Part 1

*Deep breath* ok, here we go! I went and wrote my first Bughead fanfic. Or, the first part at least. I’m so self conscious of my writing but hoping it’s ok! (Also sorry if this is maybe a bit long? Shall I shorten the next one?) Let me know what you think :)

*Update* Part two is here: https://adorebughead.tumblr.com/post/161871889720/for-better-or-worse-part-2 —————————————-

Betty Cooper had known since before she could even remember that she wanted to marry Archie Andrews. After their very first kiss she hadn’t a doubt her mind, and she had intended to carry that with her for the rest of her life. Of course, they were only children back then. Archie had distanced himself for many years during high school, keeping Betty as a close friend but never wanting to pursue anything more, but Betty had always known deep down that they were meant to be together and that eventually Archie would realise that too. At least, that was what she had thought up until she was sixteen.

During that school year, things had happened and things had changed; things that she had repressed ever since. She had never told Archie that she wasn’t really in love with him back then, she’d realised pretty early on that it was just the idea of him that she was so desperately drawn to, but it had been ten years since that night on her doorstep. She knew that she was in love with him for real this time. She was, most definitely. The boy with the red hair who had stolen her heart from the day they’d met. The boy that she was going to marry. Why wouldn’t she be?

Applying a thin layer of pale pink gloss across her lips, she stared vacantly at the person looking back at her. She didn’t want to think about the past today. She’d spent way too long stuck there, and now it was time to move forward. It was time to be Betty Andrews.

“Well,” she muttered. “You did it, Betty. You finally got what you always wanted.” She smiled, unable to look herself in the eyes as she smoothed down her perfectly slicked back ponytail. The very essence of Betty Cooper. The Betty Cooper that she had always supposed to have been. In fact, she’d been smiling almost non-stop for the past four years. After having graduated from college, she had spent the majority of her time keeping as busy as she possibly could. If she wasn’t writing for The Register, she was at home helping Polly look after the twins, or working part time at Pop’s for some extra cash. As life piled up on top of her, she couldn’t help but grow closer to Archie.

He had finally admitted his feelings for her at graduation just moments after everyone had thrown their caps in the air amidst a mixture of cheering and crying. He had taken her aside and hoped to sweep her off her feet like they’d always imagined when they were kids. She would’ve been lying if she’d have said she had felt nothing, but it was too soon back then. She wasn’t ready for anything. She still wasn’t sure if she was ready now, eight years on, and the smiling was starting to grow painful. The truth was that Archie had provided her with a sense of safety and comfort and familiarity, and she was twenty-six years old now. She couldn’t have waited around forever. She had taken four years to recover after what had happened, and then spent the following four with Archie, up until this very day. The day she never thought would come. Their wedding day. She forced herself to look back up, tightening her ponytail as she did so.

“Knock knock,” a familiar voice chimed as Betty turned her head to see her mother, Alice Cooper, stood in the doorway. “Are you almost ready, sweetheart?”

“Almost,” she replied, returning her gaze to her reflection and shifting slightly in her seat. She looked down at her engagement ring, soon to be paired with the wedding ring that she had wanted ever since she was a little girl. Everything was so perfect. Just like her. The perfect girl next door and the perfect boy next door joining together to make the perfect little family. This was how it was always supposed to be.

Alice’s smile faded slightly, sensing something was off. She approached her daughter and carefully put a hand on her shoulder. “Is everything ok?”

Betty looked down, feeling something familiar burning up inside of her, trying so desperately to contain it. She burrowed her fingernails into the exact same spot, the exact same scars, scars that nobody knew about. Nobody, except one. She pushed even harder, using all of her force to bury the memory. Almost instantly, and as if nothing had happened, she brought herself back.

“Of course,” she smiled. “Why wouldn’t it be?”

Alice stared at her daughter for a moment, unable to see anything other than the image of herself all of those years ago waiting to marry Hal. For some reason, it brought on an overwhelming feeling of deja vu. Betty had always been good at hiding how she felt, but Alice knew that she had never been the same since what had happened all of those years ago; she knew it better than anyone. As she removed her hand, she considered stroking her hair but changed her mind at the last minute. Instead, she looked towards the ground and swallowed.

“He’s not here,” she said, keeping her voice low and cautious. Betty flinched, unable to catch her breath for a brief moment.


Alice didn’t move, keeping her eyes firmly on the floor, her voice now just a whisper.

“You know who.”

Without another word, Betty was standing up and smoothing down her dress as she brushed her cheek to wipe away the slightest remain of a tear. Alice had jumped at the sudden movement.

“I’m ready now,” she announced, looking up to meet her mother’s eyes for just a second. There was something there; a knowing. Breaking away, afraid of revealing too much, she looked over to see her father, Hal Cooper, who was now stood in the doorway with an expression of pride spread across his face.

“You look beautiful,” he smiled, holding out his arm for Betty to take.

She took it quite willingly, making a point not to look at her mother again as she did so. Observing the almost empty room, an intense feeling of loneliness began to pour over her. Just down the hall there were hundreds of people waiting for her, but the silence was deafening.

“Have you seen Veronica?”

His smile faltered. “Yes, she’s inside with the others,” he replied, refusing to look her in the eye. So much had happened. So much that nobody dared speak about anymore. It felt like everyone had been treading on thin ice for the past eight years, and that feeling seemed to never fully disappear, no matter how much they had all wanted it to.

“I’m so glad she came,” Betty replied. “Even after- you know…”

“Betty,” Hal snapped. “This isn’t the time or the place to rake up the past. Please.”

There were a few moments of silence as they proceeded to walk down the hallway, the muffled sound of chatter growing closer and closer. All of a sudden, Betty’s head was spinning. She had tried so hard not to think, but now everything that she had been blocking out was slowly creeping its way back in. She started to replay her mother’s words in her head over and over again and she couldn’t seem to stop. He’s not here. Why would he be? Had she really expected him to show? Had she wanted him to burst through at the last moment and tell her not to go through with it? Had she just wanted to see him? To scream at him? To kiss him one more time?

“Dad,” she cried, a little too loudly, bringing the both of them to an abrupt halt.

“What?” he said. “What is it?”

“Can I just, have a moment?” She replied. “Just to go outside and take a breather?”

He studied his daughter’s face, searching for something that he couldn’t find. He sometimes felt as though he wasn’t even looking at his daughter at all, as though something in her had changed. Something he could never quite put his finger on.

“What? Why?”

She was rapidly struggling to breathe, that uncontrollable depth of darkness grabbing a hold of her chest. “I just- I just need a minute to myself. Could you say that I’d had a problem with my dress? That should buy me a few minutes.”

“Betty, I don’t-“

“Dad,” she clutched his arm tightly, panic and desperation soaking her words. “Please.”

Hesitantly, Hal looked towards the door just a few yards away where so many people were waiting. Almost the entire town of Riverdale had shown for this; one of the biggest events of the year. He couldn’t help but think of Archie behind those doors, stood in his tux waiting for his bride. He was there himself in this very church once before so many years ago. Worrying if she’d show. Worrying if she’d change her mind.

“Ok,” he whispered, “but be quick.”

“I will.”

Welcoming the sound of the slight rustling of the trees, Betty steadied herself against a balcony entangled with bloodshot roses as she inhaled the smell of petrichor. She glanced back to make sure her dad was out of sight, before closing her eyes. She exhaled deeply, shaking her head and clutching her temple. She had done so well up until this point. What was wrong with her? Why was this happening now?

She took a few moments to gather her thoughts before releasing a subdued sigh and pulling herself back together in the best way that she knew how; it was second nature by this point. It was time to snap back to reality, whether she liked it or not. Turning on her heel, she started towards the door but Hal wasn’t there. The doorway was empty, in fact, which she couldn’t help but think was a little bit odd. It had definitely been longer than the minute she had been promised.

“Dad?” she called out, beginning to feel uneasy at the silence that followed as a shiver crept its way down her spine. She hated herself for it, but in that moment she wondered if she would be able run away without anyone seeing her. The thought of it made her stomach flip as she turned again only ever so slightly.

That was when she saw it.

A silhouette, a shell, an image she had only ever dreamed about for the past eight years. A person that was no longer real to her, but merely a figment of her imagination. A reminder of another life, just a small trick of light in everything that she did and everywhere that she went. She froze dead in her tracks, unable to catch her breath for even a second. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

He was on the other side of the terrace, far enough away that she was at a comfortable distance, but close enough that they were breathing each other in with every passing second. He looked up then, his eyes burning directly into hers. The darkness, the sorrow, the longing. Ten years and not a thing had changed about the way he looked at her. Her lip quivered. His voice cracked. Suddenly, she was sixteen again.

“Hey there, Juliet.”

  • veronica: bettssss
  • betty: ...
  • veronica: bettyyyyyy
  • betty: ...
  • veronica: betty?
  • betty: *sigh* what?
  • veronica: are you okay?
  • betty: peachy. now what do u want?
  • veronica: i was thinking we could go have fun today. hang out.
  • betty: i'm pretty busy...
  • veronica: oh...maybe tom?
  • betty: still busy.
  • veronica: but-
  • betty: why don't u ask cheryl though? i heard she's free.
In your arms;Haechan

Genre: Fluff

Request: Can you make Haechan clingy scenario? Thank you so much,have a nice day (or night)💖

A/N: i’ll be doing a concept/scenario somewhat similar to jaehyun’s one here, so im sorry if this is too short, but i hope you enjoy reading hehe


“You promised me you’d come over today,” Haechan’s sad and whiny voice rang loudly from the other line of the phone, and you heard him sigh again.

“Donghyuck, i’m really tired right now, i promise i’ll go over as soon as i’m up tomorrow?” you tried asking him in your sweetest voice, but in response, you heard him whine again, and you pictured him pouting in your mind, like he always would. He scoffed then let out a small frustrated puff, “That’s what you always say”

You felt bad, school had been keeping you busy for the past few weeks and the last time you saw Haechan was two weeks ago.

Honestly you were so tired, all you wanted to do was to lie beside your boyfriend, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, and to take a break from all the work.

But break had just started today and as soon as you got home, you stayed in your bed and hadn’t left it since.

You were too tired to even move an inch.

But as much as you wanted Haechan, he wanted and missed you so badly too.

He wanted to hug you so tightly and necer let go, while peppering small little pecks around your face.

Which was why he had been calling you since the moment you got out of school, asking you go over to the dorms to see him.

But your lazy ass wasn’t cooperating, and you dreaded the fact that it’d take you half an hour to get there.

“I’ll just see you tomorrow, i promise” you told him, in hopes that he’d understand.

But you knew he wasn’t going to give in.

Which is why you are lying on his lap now, his fingers getting lost in the soft locks of your hair, the other hand intertwined with yours, the feeling you missed the most.

It was 9pm at night and the dorm is silent and empty, the other members all gone out to spend time together. The sounds of the television echo throughout the living room, and only your breaths can be heard.

Both of you missed each other so much, you just want to enjoy his presence beside you now.

For him, he was contented and happy that he managed to convince you to come down just to see him, and he was thankful.

He missed you so much, he needed to see you right away.

He looks down at you and gives you the longest and most loving smile ever, and can’t help but giggle to himself.

“What is it?” you playfully ask, pouting your lips, then pinching his cheek.

He blushes a little, then shakes his head.

His fingers continue to brush through your hair, and continues admiring every single feature of your face.

He leans down, and gives you a small peck.

Immediately, you jump up and you feel every part your whole body jumping, the family tingling sensation on your cheeks and stomach starting to form.

You see Haechan give you the most innocent smile, then opens his arms wide.

You know what he wants.

You wrap your arms around his torso, then pull him tightly to you, your head is buried in the nape of his neck, as he rests his chin lightly on your shoulder.

You missed this warm embrace.

“I missed you so much, my ugly”

“I missed you more, and your stupid roasts”

The both of you stay in this position, and slowly, you slowly start to relax, your sleepyness kicking in again.

Soon enough, your head is on his chest, snoring lightly as your arm rests lazily above his stomach.

Haechan laughs at this sight, his hand reaching up to outline your jawline, then brushing your hair again.

His arms are around yours, and he doesn’t want to let go, ever.

He smiles unknowingly to himself, then whispers to you softly, “I love you so much”

A/N: After 1x07 I typed out a quick little text post (which you can read here) and it inspired me to make it a full-fledged fic about Jughead moving in with Fred & Archie. Hopefully this will help pass a little time until the new episode. Almost 5k words of Bughead fluff. Enjoy!

just looking for something (something like home)

He moves in with the Andrews men early on a Saturday morning.

Not that he could really call it moving in considering his entire life fits into a backpack but at least he’s got a room to call his own.

The basement, to be exact.

Fred sets up a cot in the corner, near boxes of Christmas decorations (he’s pretty sure those haven’t been touched since Archie’s mom left) and old rusty tools and lawn equipment. He sets his backpack on a rickety tool bench but doesn’t move to unpack.

“Sorry it’s so cold down here,” Fred is saying as he throws a fitted flannel sheet over the cot’s mattress. “We’ll get you a space heater or something before winter comes.”

“Alright,” Jughead says although he’s not really paying attention. It’s not that he’s not grateful for Fred’s generosity, he is but he can’t help but think about his dad at home alone. Probably drunk, even though he promised to get his act together.

Just a month, maybe two.

Not a chance in hell.

Jughead is glad Archie is at football practice because there’s a question on the tip of his tongue that he’s a little embarrassed to ask.

“Just curious,” he starts but his voice shakes a little and his hands are sweating. He runs them down the front of his pants and clears his throat. “Is there a uh… um…a girl policy?”

Judging from Fred’s expression he’s just as surprised Jughead asked as he is.

“A girl policy,” Fred repeats. “Well, Archie has girls over but they usually keep the door open. And no sleepovers.”

Jughead laughs and holds up his hands. “Yeah, of course. That’s not really what I was talking about. More just…in general.”

Fred gives him a knowing smile and it makes him want to melt into the hard concrete floor under his feet.

“Betty is more than welcome in this house whenever she wants. She always has been and that won’t change just because you’re dating.”


What a foreign concept. It’s something he’s still getting used to, if he’s being honest. He’s never had a real girlfriend before and he’s not even sure he knows how to be a boyfriend.

Then again, Betty kissed him after he walked her home so he’s hoping that means he’s doing alright so far.

“Great,” he says a little too enthusiastically and he blushes a little when Fred grins. “Thanks, I mean. Betty is…”

“A great girl,” Fred finishes and Jughead nods. “You’re a lucky guy, Jug.”

He just laughs and shakes his head because that is a statement that is so unfairly untrue that if he didn’t laugh about it he’d probably cry.

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Why Don’t You Ask Her

A/N: Three months later and this is finally being posted. I don’t know if it’s actually been three months, but the point was that it’s been a long ass time. Sorry to whoever requested this btw.
I feel like the ending uses names too much, but like the same pronouns can get confusing okay? 
Never the less, I hope y’all like it.

Pairing: Jughead x Fem!Reader

Words: 2,838 

Warnings: swearing, angst (lmao this became way more angsty than i had intended it to be), and that’s all I can think of

Request: (From the dialogue list) 16 with Jughead please. Like the reader feels like she isn’t good enough because Jughead is always writing and hanging out with Betty or something!

16. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

masterlist | prompts

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Never Ever.

Jaebum x reader

synopsis“After all these time of me hurting you, why?” “Because Jaebum, never ever, I would fall out of love with you.” 

word count: 1356

genre: angst

“I love you.”

A salty, wet drop of vapor rolled down onto your cheek as you shot up from the bed, eyes darting across the dim room to a small bed table. Stretching your hands towards the digital alarm clock to tap the button, causing the artificial light to shine all over your room, displaying the time “3:07a.m.”

“I love you.” The words that used to haunt you the most at 3am somehow found its way into your head again: Jaebum’s never ending, soothing voice roaming the halls of your head, locked inside the depths.

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The Bloodhound // Riverdale

Summary: Reader is a licensed private investigator for the family’s business upon graduating high school early. Having been sent to Riverdale to trail the high school music teacher Geraldine Grundy, Reader has to ensure her reason of being in Riverdale is secret especially with the sensitivity of the town. Hard to do when Jughead Jones calls her career the minute they converse.

Characters: Reader x unknown pairing, Jughead Jones Alice Cooper, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews (mentioned), Geraldine Grundy (mentioned), Hal Cooper (mentioned), and Polly Cooper (mentioned).

Words: 1772

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters.

Warnings: Swearing, rude!Betty Cooper, Grundy-Archie affair, and lying.

Author: Caitsy

Requested: No.

Tagging: At the bottom.

A/N: When Grundy explained why she changed her name…I called bullshit. That pervy cougar has more than an abusive ex and I know it. Especially with her cougar eyes looking at those teenagers before she fled.

Master List

Prompt List


Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

It was summer when you were walking around town while hiding from everyone, you worked for your dad. You didn’t live in the town but you were an extremely young private investigator. At seventeen you had gotten your license after graduating high school a year early and joined the family business. Getting off topic here but your Dad had sent you to Riverdale for one of his customers.

You had your normal phone along with possibly sixty burner phones hidden under a loose floorboard in your motel room. They were critical in your line of business if you didn’t want to be tracked by the police.

You were hiding behind a unkempt building that seemed to be ignored by the town of Riverdale. You watched at the pastel mint green classic Volkswagen beetle slowly moved passed a construction sight. Inside of the person of interest with sunglasses on hiding her disgusting teenage boy preying eyes while seductively biting a straw.

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Speak Now, Part 11 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

A/N: If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the song this fic has been based off of (”Speak Now” by Taylor Swift), now is a good time lol.

It was wedding day.

You woke up to being jarred around the truck as Jughead rounded a bend in the road. Sunlight was just barely peaking out over the trees, coloring the sky in a luminescent blue.

You stretched your neck, sore from leaning on Jughead for so long.

“Morning, sleepyhead,” Jughead said, eyes on the road ahead of him.

“Did you sleep at all?” You asked. “It’s nearly morning….”

Jughead smirked. “I’m a writer, (Y/N). Sleep to us is like a fine wine. Nice once in a while, but never daily, or to excess.”

You chuckled. “But it’s your wedding day.”

Jughead frowned. “I know,” he said quietly.

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Buddy and Ummi: The Surprise Visit (Damian Wayne x Mother Figure!Reader)

Summary: As Dick Grayson’s girlfriend, you meet his new younger sibling, Damian Wayne. The young boy doesn’t know how to express that he needs a mother figure, but once you figure it out, you’re happy to be just that.
This is the fifth part in the series. If you haven’t read the first four parts you can find them in the masterlist below.

Word Count: 1065

Series Masterlist

Since Bruce wasn’t Batmanning (is that a term? It is now lmao) due to Alfred’s request, Dick stepped up to take over patrol that night with Jason (Alfred argued that Tim needed rest too, claiming that coffee wasn’t a proper source of energy), which meant he had to spend more time on patrol than a usual night, but it also meant that he would stop by after patrol and stay the rest of the night with you, like he did after most long nights on patrol or missions that lasted longer than planned.

He shimmied his way in through your apartment window around 3 in the morning, and you stirred from your sleep. No matter how quiet he was, you always woke up to greet him, a sleepy, lopsided smile on your face. He changed from his Nightwing costume into the sweats he kept at your house for nights likes these, and slipped in between the sheets next to you. You cuddled into his chest and closed your eyes to sleep again, but Dick wasn’t tired. He instead began a conversation.

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EXO: Distracting Their S/O From Reading

A/N: Of course, love! Thank you for my first ever request. Hope you like it :) Have a great day~

Minseok (Xiumin)

—It was a rainy Friday afternoon when you and Xiumin were seated comfortably on your living room couch. The hot beverage that sat on your coffee table got colder while the two of you enjoyed the warmth from the blanket you two shared. Your attention was focused on the book you held in your hand, eyebrows scrunching as the story got more intense in each page you flip. Xiumin couldn’t help but stare at you in awe. His thumb reached for your faced, tracing your tensed eyebrows. You would raise the book higher to cover your face, but only ended up with your boyfriend pulling you onto his lap pressing butterfly kisses on your face.

The two of you would end up in a tickle fight, while the book that once owned your attention is thrown somewhere on the floor.

Junmyeon (Suho)

—Junmyeon always respected your personal space. He understood that you had a few hobbies wherein you needed silence and some time alone, like reading your favorite book. Although this time, he was itching for your attention. He’d walk pass you numerous times, thinking of a way to talk to you, but would later walk away and plopping down on a chair with his lips pouted. You would hear him loudly clearing his throat from across the room, and when he realizes you are still ignoring him, he would start to sing in a weird tone.

“Sweetheart, do you have something to tell me?” you finally broke the silence and laid your book on your lap. “In fact, I do.” he stood up and walked his way towards you. “Please notice me”

He was very clingy that day.

Yixing (Lay)

—"What are you reading?“  "The Chamber of Secrets.”

“Like.. The Harry Potter?”  "Yes.“

"Is it good?” “Yes.”

“Why do you always read Harry Potter?”   “Because it’s good.”

“So is Twilight not good?”  "It’s okay"

“Then why aren’t you reading it?”   “Yixing..”

You groan before facing your boyfriend next to you. He looked at you with wide and curious eyes, his lips forming a small innocent smile. “Can I please finish my book?” you shook your book in front of him to express your frustration. You loved getting attention from Yixing, but this was the only day you had free time to finally finish the book you’ve always wanted to read. Yixing is taking none of it.

“I’ll let you finish your book..“ Yixing started, biting his lip. “But can you first tell me how Harry Potter got his scar?“ he finished, pointing his forehead as if he had his own Harry Potter scar.

You didn’t finish reading your book, but you had a great time looking into your boyfriend’s eyes as he listened intently to your explanations.


—It wasn’t his intention to distract you from reading your book, but he was just really really loud.

You were resting in the living room, your favorite book in your hand, when Baekhyun decided to come and play Mario Cart in the same room. You weren’t against him playing video games, you actually enjoyed watching him play from time to time. But today, you wanted silence to understand what you were reading. Too bad Baekhyun never stayed quiet longer than 30 minutes, well except when he’s asleep.

“Baek.. Can you tone it down a little bit?“ you asked. “What did you sa-OH OH WOAH THAT WAS CLOSE. OH NO oh wOaH WHAT waS tHaT?!“

With a deep sigh, you had no choice but to move to your room. You could still hear him though.

Jongdae (Chen)

—Jongdae wouldn’t admit it, but he secretly loved watching you read a book. The way your hair falls to your face when you tilt your head to read the lower part of the book, or when your eyes would slightly grow bigger in every plot twists. His heart would skip a beat seeing you so engulfed in something you loved to do. He may not admit he loved watching you, but he does admit how much he adored you.

You would hear him say sweet comments about how you looked adorable laying on your back with your arms outstretched to hold your book. He’ll offer to massage your neck if it felt stiff, and if you wanted more pillows for your head to rest on.

You’ll end up abandoning your book, only to find yourself wrapping your arms around your loving boyfriend. Hmm.. what a sweet distraction.


—You enjoyed listening to your boyfriend softly strum his guitar while you read your book. The acoustic sound added a slight impact to what you were reading. You’d tell Chanyeol to play a happy song when the story was happy, and a sad song when it was a sad scene. Today, Chanyeol wasn’t cooperating.

“Chanyeol.. This is The Fault in Our Stars. Why are you playing Old McDonald Had a Farm?“ you questioned. “Because Eeya Eeya Yo?“ He shrugged, continuing to play the guitar. “Please stop.“ “Old McDonald wouldn’t like that.“

You did finish reading the book. But now, you can’t forget Chanyeol singing Wheels on the Bus while the main characters shared their first kiss.

Kyungsoo (D.O.)

—Kyungsoo wasn’t even distracting you, but you feel like he was.

When he stands up from his seat to go to the bathroom, your eyes would dart to him while following his every movement. After a few minutes, you’ll look up again only to see him scrolling down his phone. Even the way he adjusted his foot underneath him made you lose focus.

You groan in annoyance, now catching Kyungsoo’s attention. He’ll ask you if anything was wrong, only making you more flustered. “Is your book really that effective?” he asks in amusement, unaware of the reason behind your uncomfortable reactions.

Maybe spending time with your boyfriend is better than reading that lame book anyway.

Jongin (Kai)

—The strong storm outside was the reason behind the lost of electricity in the whole city. It was cold and quiet, and Jongin wanted some cuddles. He’s been clinging on your waist the whole afternoon, his head resting on your tummy while you laid still reading a book, the only source of light you had was the faint light from outside the window. Jongin kept moving underneath you, distracting you from your serious reading.

“Jongin, stop moving too much.“ you mumbled, your eyes not moving away from your book. “But the blanket is so small. My feet are exposed.“ he whined, adjusting his position once again. A shock gasp escaped your lips when you felt cold feet press against your thighs “I told you they were cold.“ He laughed.

A cup of coffee and a larger blanket later, the two of you cuddled in your bed. The frightening sound outside seemed to fade as your boyfriend hummed a soft melody in your ears.


—You have two favorite things in the world: Books and Dogs. As much as you love these, you can never have them both at the same time.

Sehun was across the room, teaching Vivi new dog tricks for his entertainment. You wanted to join in playing with the canine, but you had to finish reading your book before the movie gets released next week. So you sat alone, hearing Sehun’s faint voice and the dog’s barks. Only after a few minutes, Vivi suddenly jumped on you and started licking your face.

You shrieked at the sudden action, jumping up and falling to the floor. “Sehun! What is this?!” you screamed as your chest heaved, rising and falling in a fast pace. He sat on the floor, hands clutching his stomach with his laugh echoing in the house. You realized Sehun threw a treat to your direction for Vivi to follow.

For revenge, you threw your book at Sehun, hitting his face. You did feel a bit guilty after realizing it was a hardcover book.

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