why are you my mushroom!!!

Dating Yugyeom would be like:

• His nervous laugh appearing every time you ask for a kiss

• And when you don’t ask bc you just grab his cute cheeks and give him a peck

• He loves when you call him ‘oppa’ but he doesn’t recognize it

• “Yugyeom oppa~”

• “Aish don’t do that”

• But everyone knows that he likes it so the boys tease him a lot

• “Yugyeom oppa~~~”

• “I hate you Jinyoung hyung”

• You always try to do his hair bc you hate his ‘mushroom’ hairstyle a lot

• “Why you always touching my hair?”

• “Yugyeom it’s time to stop being a mushroom”

• The other boys would laugh a lot but Yugyeom tho

• “Yaaaah Y/N”

• “No, wait, let me try again I think I can fix it”

• But you can’t bc you’re not a hairstylist

• He would always ask you the same question

• “Wanna come to see us practice?”

• And you saying always “yep”

• Sometimes he would teach you dance moves bc he likes it when you dance

• Even though you’re not a dancing machine like him

• “C'mon Y/N try this”

• “Yugyeom we have been dancing for two hours”

• “So what”

• He buys you food after bc you were great in his 'dance class’

• Wanna cuddle? Well, he’s a giant teddy bear so you two cuddle a lot

• He tells you jokes that BamBam told him and you laugh

• But they’re so bad you wanna hit that dab machine for telling your boyfriend such bad jokes

• Sharing room with him and BamBam

• “Y/N…”

• “Yes?”

• “Do you love me?”

• “We’re dating Yugyeom”

• “That not what I wanted to hear”

• “You guys can shut up? I’m the one who doesn’t want to hear that”

• BamBam is done with both of you but it’s okay

• “If I’m the giant maknae you’re the small maknae Y/N”

• “When will you stop reminding me that I’m a smurf compared to you?”

• “Never”

• When you two are bored the only thing you can do is prank the other boys

• “Aish…I’m so bored…”

• “Me too…”

• “Wanna prank the hyungs?”

• “Yeah, why not?”

• You’ll be the most problematic couple in this world

• But cute tho

[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter Twenty Seven)

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Mark and I are chatting in the staircase in the scientific block.

“Miss Kraige, that’s quite a right arm that you have.” Mark says, quite appreciatively, caressing the cheek I slapped yesterday. I laugh at him.

“Does it hurt?” I ask, and he makes a pretty pout.

“A kiss will make it better.” He taps his cheek with his finger, asking for a kiss. I pull him by the collar of his jacket and kiss his cheek, everywhere, big kisses that make him smile and giggle like a fool. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him on the lips. He kisses me back, tender yet playful, his lips flicking against mine. The bell announcing the lunch break rings, but I ignore it. I kiss his earlobe, and I can sense him checking his watch.

“As much as I would love to kiss you all day, I have to go.” He says, pulling away from me.

“Just a little bit more.” I plead between two kisses. I capture his mouth with my lips to prevent him from retorting. He pushes away from me.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to refuse your offer.” He says, and I whine.

“What do you have to do?” I ask.

“I’m eating out with Lauren and Mr. Ryan.” He says.

“My cheer coach and my sciences teacher? Is that a way to stalk me?” I raise an eyebrow at him.

“I want to make sure you’re a good girl.” He smirks. A good girl? I like him calling me like that. I remember that day when he fed me vanilla yogurt. My muscles clench deep down in my belly.

“You don’t need to ask my teachers to know that.” I put my index on his lips, and he kisses it. My finger skims over his lower lip, and I slide it down his chin, down his neck, between his collarbones, his pecks, and he looks down as I run it down his abdomen, stopping right above his belt loop. He looks up at me, and his eyes have darkened. I hook my finger inside the waistline of his pants and pull him to me, capturing his lips with mine. Then I kiss his earlobe, his jawline, his neck.

“I’m a good, good girl.” I whisper as I nip at his throat. I can be good to him. I remember the last time I tasted him. It was so long ago, it’s been weeks. Suddenly, I’m have a yearning desire for him. I run both of my hands up his toned chest, then slide then down again, and I start massaging him through his pants. That should keep him with me, right? He grabs my wrist.

“You’re being very bad, right know.” He whispers, his eyes burning. He takes my chin in his hand and tips my head back.

“I really have to go, and you’re torturing me.” He says. Torturing him? I like torturing him. I take his hand and place them on my hips.

“How about we stay after class,” I wrap my arms around his neck.

“and I’ll show you how good I can be.” I whisper. Mark takes my lower lip between his teeth and tugs.

“You love classroom sex, don’t you?” He says, his voice hoarse.

“Only with you.” I bite down on my lip, the memory of yesterday making my blood boil.

“Well that’s given, since I am your first.” He says. Suddenly I want to play.

“Where did you get that idea from?” I tease, tracing the line of his neck with my index. Marks lips quirk.

“How very brazen, miss Kraige. I am going to need a name, a number, and an address.” He says, making me laugh. I kiss his cheek and slip away from him, still giggling.

“Bon appetit.” I sing, climbing up the stairs.

“This discussion is not over.” I turn to look at him, and he’s smiling from ear to ear. I blow him a kiss and run away before he decides to chase me, I know he could.  When I reach the top of the stairs and walk in the hallway, I notice Henry rumbling through his locker. I have to corner him.

“Henry?” I calk walking to him. He looks at me, recognizes me, and then returns to whatever he’s doing.

“Hi, mushroom.” He sighs.

“Why do you never answer my text?” I ask him.

“I was busy yesterday. You said you have something to tell me?” He replies coldly. I wanted to talk about yesterday, and tell him I would take my distances from him. I could do it now, but he looks strange to day. As if something died in his eyes, he looks, lifeless.

“Henry, what’s up? You’re acting so weird.” I ask him. He closes his locker.

“I have to talk to you.” He says. Oh.

“Roof?” I propose, and he nods. Why is he so strange? He wants me to stay his friend, but then he doesn’t answer my text and acts cold towards me. I feel bad because I’m going to officially tell him to back away from me.

We go to the roof and sit where we are used to.

“Tell me. What’s wrong?” I ask him. Henry sighs and rubs his anxiously. I’ve never seen him like this.

“You first.” He breathes, pinching the bridge of his noise.

“No, tell me. You’re worrying me.” I reply. He closes his eyes, exasperated.

“No, Abby. You tell me first.” He’s almost hissing. Woah.

“Okay, first of all, I am sorry that Mark punched you. He’s too impulsive.” I start, but he doesn’t react. He just stares at the ground.

“Henry, you have to understand I’m in a very delicate position.”

“You know, you’re my closest male friend. I’ve never been close to boys. And I know it’s not going to be the same now. I want to do my best to stay as close to you as possible, but I think it’s gonna be really complicated.”

“Mark doesn’t want me to talk to you, but at the same time I’m worried about you. I care about you, Henry.”

“Say something.” I plead. Henry rubs his eyes nervously, and then he sniffles. He’s crying?!

“I’m sick.” He whispers.

“What?” I grab his shoulder to make him look at me, but he doesn’t move.

“I’m too tired. It’s not worth it.” He puts his head in his hand and pulls at his hair.

“What are you talking about? You have a disease?” I ask. He looks up at the horizon, his hands on each side of his nose.

“My head,” He runs his hand in his hair.

“is full of… thoughts. Bad thoughts.” He looks at me, and his eyes are wide and teary. Henry crying is heartbreaking.

“It’s like I have ten other me inside, and they’re always fighting.” His voice is shaky, and his throat is tight.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” I murmur. Henry sighs, and puts his head back in hands. Fuck, how could I not see it?

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I ask him.

“I want to be normal. But I’m not.” He says.

“Henry, I thought you could tell me everything.”

“Tell you I’m fucking crazy?!” He hisses, looking up at me. Crazy? I remain silent.

“I’m sick of this. I can’t.” He sobs.

“Henry, please explain to me. Tell me.” I plead.

“I’ve killed people before.” He says.


“I like killing people. It’s thrilling.” He breathes. He looks horrified. What? No!

“Blood. Screams. Cold corpses. It’s my heaven.” He shrugs apologetically. No! It can’t be true. Not him, not Henry.

“When you rejected me, I wanted to kill you.” He says. Kill me? Run, Abigail. Leave, now.

“But I love you too much to kill you. Not you, I’ll never hurt you.” He adds. Fuck! He’s in love with you, mad at me, and emotionally unstable. Mark saw it, but I didn’t. His bad presentiment, I bet he didn’t imagine that. Neither did I. Henry ruffles through his bag, and I get up from cement block. He pulls out a silver gun and turns around to face me.

“No, please!” I scream, holding my hands up. Where the fuck did he get this? Henry frowns at me.

“Hey, calm down.” He murmurs. I glance anxiously at his weapon. How can I stay calm? Am I going to die?

“You didn’t hear what I just said? I’ll never hurt you.” He says. I don’t believe him anymore.

“Since prom, the urge, it’s still there. I need to kill.” He says. Tears spring to my eyes. I’m going to die.

“Sit back down.” He orders. No, please, no.

“Henry, put that down, please.” I plead, tears rushing down my face.

“Fuck, Abby! I’m not going to shoot you, sit back down!” He yells, startling me. I obey, and sit next to him. He reaches out to me and I flinch. He freezes for a moment, then he wipes my tears away. I hiccup.

“You wouldn’t date a killer. But the urge is still there.” His caresses my face with his knuckles. Oh, it can’t be possible. It can’t be happening, no. Not again, not that. Henry grabs the back of my hand, and he presses his lips against mine.

“Mmh!” I moan, but let him do. I’m paralyzed by the fear. I address a silent prayer to god, begging him to stop all of this. Henry pulls away from me, his eyes closed. Why are you doing this to me? Why did I do to deserve this?

“Your lips are so soft.” He whispers. He opens his eyes, and his thumb caresses my trembling bottom lip. He sighs and sits up straight, facing the horizon. He takes a deep, long breath, and closes his eyes.

“I need to stop. For you, Abby.” He brings the gun to his temple, and there is a loud detonation. I jump, bringing my hands to my mouth. Henry lays on my knees, unconscious, maybe dead.

Everything is silent. All I can hear is the erratic beating of my heart, and my thought bumping inside my head. What just happened? Did he just shoot himself? Because of me? This thing that just happen in films or fanfictions, just happened to me? I’m paralyzed. I sit there without moving, my hands over my mouth, and my eyes lost in the horizon. I hear rushed footsteps and muffled voices.

I see feet in front of me, four persons are there?

“Call an ambulance.”

Oh, it’s Mark.

“Lauren, call the police!”

Always, always yelling. Someone runs away, they are only three.

“Go make sure no student come here.”

Another person leaves, and Mark appears in front of me, crouching down.

“Abigail.” His tone is wary. I think he’s holding my shoulders, but I feel numb.

“Abigail, what happened?”

My scalp prickles, so much that I think I’m overheating.

“Abigail.” He shakes me.

“Abigail, answer me.”

“Abby.” Mark calls. I need to stop. For you, Abby. I can see Henry putting his gun on his temple, and his face cringe right before he pulls the trigger. The noise. I don’t want to hear it. I cover my ears and scream on top of my lungs, as loud as I can to cover the sound. Not again, not again.

“Abby, calm down!” Mark shakes me. Henry is still on me. No! I squeeze my eyes shut and scream louder. Go away!


No! Go away!

“James, help me.”

I scream and scream, and suddenly I feel Henry’s weight off me. And then I’m standing.

“Abby, stop!” I open my eyes and Mark is dragging me away. Thank god.

“Are you hurt?” I turn and look at Henry. He’s in the same position as before, but I’m not under him.

“Abby, look at me.” Mark stands in front of me, blocking my panoramic vision. Now, I see him.

“Tell me what happened.” He says. What happened? Where to start… I wipe invisible sweat off my face, but my hand actually does get moist. I look down at my hand. Blood! I wipe my cheeks and check my hands, they’re red with blood. I look down at my clothes. Blood, everywhere. There are pink bloody bits on my skirt. His brain exploded on me? My stomach twist, and I manage to turn away before vomiting on the floor.

“Fuck!” Mark curses before holding my hair as I empty my stomach. I cough, and when I sit up, all my strength leaves me. My legs feel like jelly. The adrenaline rush is over. I threaten to fall backwards, but Mark catches me. Suddenly I feel a sharp, horrible pain in my lower belly.

“Ah!” I wince. What’s going on?

“What?” Mark breathes. I untuck my shirt from my skirt and lift it. I have a hole on the right side of my lower belly, just next to my hip bone. It’s bleeding? A bullet? I look up at Mark, incredulous.

“Mark…” His name comes out as a plea. I’m helpless, it’s too much. Help me.

“No.” Mark breathes, his voice barely audible. My legs give up on me, but Mark holds me close.

“No, Abby, no!” He yells, laying me down on the floor. It hurts. It fucking hurts so bad. It hurts so munch, the pain radiates everywhere, like a poison, paralyzing me.

“Call an ambulance!” Mark turns to Ryan, and I hear his fast footsteps as he runs to the door.

“Shit.” Mark mutters under his breath, taking his jacket off in a hurry. He puts it into a ball and presses it against my wound. Ah! It hurts terribly, the pain is unbearable. And I try to breathe it away, but my body is completely overwhelmed by pain, and my head is in panic. Am I going to die?

“Baby, stay with me, okay?” Marks alarmed eyes look at me. I try to nod weakly.

“Don’t fall asleep.” He says, and I nod. I want to tell him not to press so hard, but my throat is tight, and I can’t steady my breathing.

“Oh, Abby. What happened…” It’s almost a sob. I try to reply, but all I manage to get out is some shaky hiccups.

“Slow, baby. Breathe.” Mark murmurs, and I try, I really try. All I can sense, all I can feel, all I am is pain, and all I can do is suffer. The pain is metaphysical, slowly taking control of me, possessing me, oppressing me, smothering me. I’m smothered by pain, and at some point it starts blocking my ears. Every sound is now muffled, and I feel better.

“Baby, stay with me.”

Relaxing, yes I need to relax. Let the pain do whatever it wants to do. It’s way stronger than me, stronger than my will to stay with Mark.

“No, baby, no. Please, no.”

There… There… It’s better like that. I can feel the pain drift away.

“Abby, open your eyes. Please, baby.”

Oh, Mark. I can’t.

“Fuck, Abby! You stay with me, you hear me?! Fucking stay with me!”

Always mad at me… I can hear him yelling at me, and for once I don’t have to hear it until he’s done. The sounds, the sensations, even the pain, they all fade away. See? Relaxing was the right thing to do. Darkness sinks in.

im just gonna come out and say it, ive unmade friends over the badger badger badger mushroom mushroom song. i have cut ties and ended relationships because of badger badger badger mushroom mushroom, noone knows where or who those people are anymore. their friends and family just stopped hearing from them after a while and they probably have a fair idea why as well. if you sing badger badger badger mushroom mushroom in my vicinity youre signing your life away and you might as well know that, so im saying it now. you have officially been warned

Friend: What the fuck why would you eat that
Me, taking a bite out of my mushroom swiss burger: what are you talking about
Friend: You’re not natural
Me, biting out of my pizza w/pineapple: sounds like you don’t like good food