why are you making this face

Bts reacting to you being a day care teacher!

Request: Bts reacting to you teaching kids in a day care center


“So you work with kids yeah?”

“Yeah… why?”

“Maybe I could help teach! Reading and math! Condensation, percipitation, evaporation! Balancing chemicals!”

“Joon, they’re five.”

*Eyes start sparkling at the thought of teaching them too”

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“Kids you say?”


*Scoots away from you*


“Kids have boogers and pick things they aren’t supposed to… go take a shower before touching me with your germs!”

“The only kid with germs here is you!” *You stick your tongue out at him*

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“A kid teacher? Wahh, you must have a lot of patience.”

“Of course, I mean I’m dating you right?”

“Why must you attack me??”

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“Makes sense.”

“What does that mean?”

“You working there. You have a mindset like a 5 year old.”

“Excuse me? I’m an adult >:( an adult who won’t be doing anything sexual with her boyfriend since he wants to be a meanie face.”

“An adult wouldn’t say meanie face.”

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“Alright kids now gather aro- Tae? TAE?!”

“Heeeeey y/n”

“Wha-what are you doing here?”

“You said you worked with kids so here I am.”

“I didn’t even tell you where I work, how?”

*Completely ignores you to play with the kids*

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“Wanna come with me to work Jimin?”

“To the day care?”



“Why are you so excited?”

“I’m gonna be the tallest one…”

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“So you know how you work at a day care right?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Well what if we buy them camo outfits and start a kid army?”

“We’re not making my kids soldiers for your own entertainment!”

“You never go with my plans… hoe”

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Summary: After you kill the main target on a mission, Bucky can’t help but be angry with you. What happens when he finds out why you killed the target and therefore why you ruined the mission?
Words: 1835
Warning: fighting, killing, mention of the Winter Soldier book…

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Unexpected | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Smut
POV: Second Person’s

WARNING: Contains sexual content and swearing!!!

A/N: You guys don’t even know how hard this was for me to write. I’m not used to this but I really hope you guys aren’t disappointed. I literally had to take a 5 minute break after writing every paragraph. But anyway, this was requested so I kinda had to lol. Enjoy!

Request 1: Do you by chance right smut because Zach smut is my guilty pleasure?? My friend, you wouldn’t disappoint me, I promise!! - Anon who requested Zach smut

Request 2:  Hey, I adore your writing! It’s sooo good❤. I was wondering if you could do like spending the weekend with Zach and he’s your first. Xx (I’m sorry I had to change your request up a bit!)


It’s a Saturday night and you were supposed to go to Jessica’s party but you decided to stay home and finish a research paper which was due first thing next Monday. However, instead of actually doing the paper, you find yourself scrolling through Instagram, looking at pictures of your friends enjoying the party you were missing.

You let out a loud groan as you shut your laptop; to be honest you really couldn’t be bothered to finish the paper. You kick yourself thinking that you should’ve just gone to the party tonight, especially since you’re home alone because your parents are out of town for the weekend.

Finally, after procrastinating for so long, you pick up your phone and send a message to your boyfriend, Zach Dempsey. He was currently in the party with the rest of your friends.

You: I’m dying here.

A few seconds later and your phone buzzes.

Zach: Aw my poor baby. Well you’re not really missing out on much. This party’s boring without you. Wish you were here.

You smile at his reply before sending one yourself.

You: Well, I’m wishing you were here too.

Zach then sends out a sad emoji with a heart next to it and you pout as you place your phone down beside your laptop. You decided to open it up again as you stared at the page count. Great 2 pages out of 5, you think to yourself. You need 3 more pages to finish the paper.

You let out a loud sigh as you push your laptop to the foot of your bed. You then proceeded to shut your eyes momentarily. A few minutes later and the doorbell rings which causes you to suddenly sit up and wonder who that could be. You take your phone and your pepper spray as you slowly make your way down the staircase. You send a text to Zach while doing so.

You: There’s someone at the door.

You: Babe I’m scared.

Zach: Just open the door babe, make sure to have the pepper spray that I gave you ready okay?

You: If something happens to me, I love you Zachary okay?

Zach: Stop messing around Y/N and just open the door!

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Nct 127's reaction to their s/o being upset because they don't kiss her

Request: NCT dream or 127 reaction to their girlfriend getting pouty and whiny when they don’t kiss her

A/N: my heart is weak for this, it’s so cute aw- and i decided to do 127 unit, i hope you don’t mind!



Would apologise right away and feel bad but at the same time, find it cute that you wanted his kisses so badly. You’d catch him smiling slightly to him when you pout, but he does it so lowkey you hardly ever notice. But he finds it super cute that you get clingy like these at times and becomes 10× more affectionate to you, often showering you with hugs after you start whining or pouting.

“aw someone’s whiny today”

“i havent seen you in a week, i miss you and your kisses :-(”

“come here, i’d give you all the kisses you want”

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Adores it A LOT, and likes to tease you about it. Ends up giggling and smiling to himself because he finds it cute how you get upset over these small little things, and he feels loved and appreciated because he knows you love his kisses. His teasing could go on forever but he eventually always gives in because he’s soft for your pouting.

“ooo someone’s upset she can’t kiss me”

“shut up johnny”

“well if you want kissed you must be able to reach me first”

“you’re so mean-”

“/leans down quickly to peck your lips/”

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Becomes a shy ball and would be a little flustered at first, but internally he’d also find it funny as he’s the pouty and whiney one most of the time. Softens right away and like Taeil, would become even more affectionate than before. Although he doesn’t show it, he loves it when you act like that because it shows how much you love him.

“aw babe don’t pout”

“but you ignored my kiss just now”

“come here, let me make it up to you”

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Teasing you 24/7 about it. He isn’t afraid to show that he loves it and he’d purposely avoid kisses so as to see that side of you. And would attack you with kisses at the most random times because he loves seeing your expressions. This guy seriously Smiles non stop and would get all fuzzy and happy because he feels loved by you, which at the same time, makes him more cuddly than he already is.

“you want a kiss? no hehe”

“yuta you suck”

“oh… then all the more you don’t deserve a kiss /sticks tongue out/”

“so mean”

five minutes later and he attacks you with a big hug and pecks your face all over with that bright smile of his

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Would act like he’s annoyed with you and probably whines back too but in fact he enjoys it and finds it cute and adorable. Would purposely frown and act like his mad, making you feel bad but then he flashes you his gummy smile and hugs you. Tries to act cool™ by always avoiding your kisses when in reality he’s weak for them and his heart is beating like crazy whenever you do it.

“you’re so annoying, why are you so whiney today omg”

“you know why doyoung”

“what? i don’t know”

and when you glare at him, he softens and leans in to give you a kiss

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Brightest sunshine!! Giggles to himself a lot and won’t stop smiling at your actions, calling you cute and adorable. At times he likes teasing you and making you pout more but other times he gives in and ends up showering you with kisses, hugs and pecks on your face. Loves it most when you act like that because he knows you truly love him and his kisses, and he’d be more than willing to give you more.

“babe you’re so cute”

“yeah if i was maybe you shouldn’t have ignored my kiss”

“aw someone’s upset”

“come im sorry, let me give you all the kisses i can right now”

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Another shy ball and wouldn’t know what to do, other than just giggle and pinching your cheek as he finds it super cute. Only teases you occasionally but still manages to be the sweet person he is. Eventually kisses you and you’d notice how he’d blush and smile brightly to himself, as his eyes stare at you lovingly.

“it’s been two days since i saw you :-(”

“do you miss me that much?”

“of course, especially your kisses”

“hehe come here”

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This clueless bun actually thought you were genuinely upset with him, he’d apologise sincerely and it’s so adorable you end up laughing and giggling because how is he so pure??? But after time goes by he notices it a lot and finds it really cute, and as he’s shy, he doesn’t show it so he’d giggle to himself softly whenever he sees you pouting.

“goodness, im so sorry, i’ll kiss you now!!”

“really? aw”

“anything for my princess don’t be upset!!”

“im not upset omg you’re so cute-”

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Another one who would tease you for it and would also act like he’s mad but on the inside he’s all fuzzy and screaming because he loves it a lot. Would play hard to get like Yuta, but always end up failing because he gives in to your pouts- it’s one of his weaknesses. From time to time, he’d avoid your kisses so he can see you act like these, but most of the time he’s the clingy and affectionate one.

“someone’s being so clingy today”

“you’re like that too shut up”

“ooo there goes your kiss bye”

“i hate you”

“/giggles and pecks you on the cheek/ i lovd you too”

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To the woman who loves her next:

She is stubborn, but be patient, she will open up when she’s ready and when she does oh god, please don’t take advantage of that. She’s broken, she’ll need you to sleep with her on the phone, she’ll need you to sit in silence with her while she cries, so I beg you please just do that. Sometimes she won’t talk about it, but you’ll know, you’ll learn the cry, you’ll learn her silence, you will know why. When she tells you to fuck off, hold her tighter, when she hangs up on you, call her back, when she gets angry, don’t fight back, she’s hurting, hold her like so tight, make her feel the kind of safe she says she doesn’t need but she does, I promise you that. She’ll say she’s fine with tears running down her face while trying to comfort you, while she’s wiping your tears, but please wipe hers as well, I beg you. She’ll be strong for you, she’ll bottle up her feelings because she cares more about yours but always assure her it’s okay to cry, that it’s okay to talk. That you will listen to her. She’ll love you with her whole heart, don’t take advantage of her, love her whole heartedly, love her with every ounce of love you have to give, god knows she needs it. Wrap her up in your arms and protect her heart like nothing else because oh god, she’ll protect yours. She’ll stand up for you, she get angry, she’ll fight your battles for you and she’ll get quiet when she’s pissed off but she’ll love you like no one else ever has, so take care of her, she’s the woman you won’t ever want to let go, so please don’t, please don’t do what I did, please hold her hand always. She’s one of a kind and oh god don’t you dare let her go.

—  What I wish I learned. Take care of her. S.H

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If you're not comfortable writing this, I'd understand if you ignore it but BTS reactions to when they find out their SO (who is recovering from anorexia) wasn't eating well when BTS was on tour because no one would eat with them. Ty 💕💞

Sorry this took awhile my love! 

**trigger warning**

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Jeon Jungkook: 

“Is that my shirt you’re wearing?” Jungkook asked. You just picked him up from the dorm, you knew he was tired from his flight, but still he insisted on coming to your place. “No? It’s mine.” You replied, glancing over at him in passenger seat. Jungkook was studying you, his dark eyes sweeping over your face, then your arms, and finally settling on your collarbones.
“Pull over.” He says, catching you off guard.
Even though its sudden, you pull over on the shoulder of the road. After a few minutes of you two staring each down Jungkook finally says, “I thought you were wearing my shirt because it looks two sizes too big.”
You tapped the steering wheel nervously. Nothing gets pass him. “You said you’d be fine when I left baby.” He says softly. “You told me you wouldn’t make me worry.”
Reaching out he takes your hand into both of his. “I couldn’t eat without you, kookie.” You reply quietly.
After watching a few cars pass by Jungkook suddenly let’s go of your hand. “Let’s trade seats.” He says with decidedly. Curiously you unbuckled your seat belt and hopped out, as you pass by each other, Jungkook suddenly reached out and pulled you close, then wordlessly, gives you a peck on the lips. Flustered, you sit in the passenger seat. He still wasn’t talking, but he was humming along to the radio with his hand on your thigh. “Here.” He says. Looking out you noticed it’s the restaurant where you two ate at during your first date.
“Be healthy, jagiya. I love you.“ 

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Kim Taehyung: 

"Go to sleep, I will see you soon!” Taehyung urged over the phone. Hanging up, you closed your eyes and fell into sleep. Hours later you feel the bed shift, followed by a warm hand on your back. “Honey, I’m home!” A voice whispered teasingly.
“Tae!” You said sitting up and reaching out for him. Immediately his arms circled you.
“Oh?” He says. You try to look at his face, but his expression is unreadable.
“You’re thinner!” His hands started to move across your back.
He sighed heavily, “you promised me jagiya.” Feeling a tear slip, you say, “I know, Tae. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t eat alone. I didn’t have an appetite.”
Taking your face into the palm of his huge hands, forcing you to look into his eyes. “You’re never alone. I’m always with you.” He whispers, pressing his forehead against yours. “I brought us snacks, let’s eat and play!”

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Jung Hoseok: 

“Jagiya! Haven’t you eaten anything good lately?” You’ve only been reunited for 5 minutes and he’s already trying to subtly ask about your health. But of course, he knew you weren’t. “Um, of course!” You say hesitatingly. You were walking hand with Hoseok, down the street from his dorm. 

“"I remember when I first met you, you were going through a really hard time.” He started, “"I told you I’d always be there for you, no matter what the case may be.” He was right. He’s always been there, supporting me, cheering me on.

“Jagiya, why haven’t you been eating?” He asks, a touch of sadness laced in his voice. It broke your heart to hear his voice that way. You took a deep breath. Before you could even begin to explain, he had already taken you into his arms.

“i couldn’t do it. I had no one to eat with, i didn’t want to be a burden on anyone. And I missed you so much…” you explained tearfully. Hoseok placed his lips firmly upon yours. “"It hurts me knowing that you were suffering while I was away. I promise baby, I’ll never let you go back to that point.” You nodded tearfully. 

“"Now let’s go have jin-hyung cook us something yummy!” He said practically dragging you to the dorms.

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Park Jimin: 

It’s late into the evening, but you came to the airport to surprise Jimin anyway. Thankfully his manager thought it’d be okay, only if you waited in the van. As the minutes ticked by you could feel the anticipation. Then suddenly the door swung open. “Ah! What?”
Jimin said in quiet shock. He had shades and a mask on so you couldn’t see his face.
“Jimin!” You reached for him excitedly. Realizing it was you he took his shades and pulled his mask down, showing a bright smile. “Jagiya! You startled me!” He quickly sat next you, throwing one arm around your shoulders. “You came all this way for me?” You nodded shyly. As the other members started to file in, they greeted you warmly but you can see their eyes surveying you. “Have you eaten?” Jimin asked quietly. He knew. He knew the answer without you even saying anything. The car ride to your apartment seemed to take eternity. The tension in the air, mostly coming from Jimin was thick. So when the car stopped you didn’t hesitate to jump out. What surprised you was turning around and seeing Jimin grab a couple of his bag and telling the others bye. Once inside your apartment, he immediately started cooking. “Why haven’t you been eating? Is because of me?” He questioned. He’s sounded hurt. You hugged him from behind.
His back tensed.
“Because I couldn’t eat without you here. Food just doesn’t taste the same without you here with me.” You say into his back.
“I love you jagiya. Let’s eat.”

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Min Yoongi: 

As soon as you’d run into Yoongi’s arms he’d place both his hands on your arms and push you back, holding you at arms length. “You’ve lost weight.” He’d say flatly. Then his hands would slip away, he’s upset. “Have you been eating properly?” He’d ask, studying your face, waiting for you to lie. Yoongi knows you better than anyone. While away he’d call everyday, making sure you were taking care of yourself. And of course he knew you were lying.
“No. I haven’t been able to-” you started,
Yoongi huffed in frustration, interrupting you.
“I couldn’t eat without you. I’m sorry.” You blurted in a rush closing your eyes.
After what seem like an eternity of silence, you felt his arms wrap around you.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” His voiced filled with emotion. You shrugged tearfully. He held you tighter, then released you. You looked up at him curiously.
“Lets go eat.” He’d say, offering you his hand.

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Kim Seokjin: 

Right before his flight back home, he’ll FaceTime you. “Jagiya, we’re about to board. I just wanted to see your face-….have you lost more weight?!” You tried to hide your face with your hair, but of course Jin’s sharp eye couldn’t miss anything. “I will see you when I get home. Wait for me.” He says suddenly ending the call. Hours later he you here a knock at the door. You knew it was Jin before opening the door. He came in with bags full of groceries, giving you a hasty hello. You watch him as he prepares a meal, still not saying a word. Finally you walk behind him and hug him. He sighed, “why haven’t you been eating? You promised-” you cut him off, “I couldn’t eat because no one would eat with me!” You blurted, you felt his whole body turn stiff. “I was so lonely. You weren’t here…I didn’t want to bother anyone else…” you didn’t realize tears were streaming down your face until Jin’s hand softly stroked them away and held you in his arms. He didn’t say much, but you can feel the regret radiating off of him. “From now on, I’ll eat with you everyday, my love." 

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Kim Namjoon: 

"Baby!” You’d hear the door open and Namjoon’s loud, excited voice. Wrapped in only a towel you quickly grabbed clothes out of the closet. Before you could get your shirt on, he’s standing in your doorway. “Did you miss…..” he started. Your back was to him so you couldn’t see his face. You didn’t want to see the look of disappointment on his face after seeing how much weight you lost again.  Then gentle hands turned you around. Namjoon gazed down at you with round eyes.
“Baby?” He’d ask, striking your arms, “what’s going on? You’ve gotten thinner, are you okay?” His words sounded rushed, you can tell he was worried.
“Um…” you started, trying to come up with an excuse.
Namjoon shook his head, “talk to me. Don’t shut me out.”
Taking a deep breath, “I missed you. We’ve always eaten together, but after you left, I had no one to eat with. I was alone.” You hung your head in shame.
Namjoon took you in his arms and held you tightly. “If I had known jagiya, I would have FaceTime you with every meal, no matter what time it is.” Pushing you back to look into your eyes he says, “we’re in this together. Depend on me." 

Note: I hope this was good for you guys! Remember if anyone is going through anything, I’m always open to talk and help in any way I can!

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I wish you write a fic where Aaron is on his way to a meeting and it's a long train journey. To kill time, he starts scrolling through his phone. He goes over all the stupid text convos with Rob. And then looks through the photos that he's taken of him and Rob. And reminiscing the little story behind each one. And he realises how happy he is with Robert. We don't usually get things from Aaron's POV and how much Robert means to him. Would really like it if you wrote this insanely fluffy fic. :)

i changed it slightly if thats okay (very slightly) but this was the most!! fun to write anon, so thank you for this gorgeous prompt! (it got a bit long, so enjoy.)

we keep this love in a photograph

aaron reminisces about some of his happy moments with robert on a train journey home (1,811)

Aaron settled into his seat on the train, a cup of tea in hand as he began his long journey home to Emmerdale. He’d had to get the train down to London for a few meetings, and he wasn’t exactly looking forward to the three hour journey home. He didn’t deal well with long journeys at the best of times, and he was bone tired and just longing for his own bed, in his own flat (and maybe a pint, before he slept for at least two days.)

London was busy, and exhausting, and it was the first time in a long time he hadn’t gone with Robert by his side, his husband there to distract him from boring train journeys and busy cities with a smile and an overly enthusiastic list of things for them to do together.


Aaron barely held in a sigh as he thought about his husband. They’d been fighting a lot lately, over ridiculous things, and it was driving Liv, and his mum, and everyone else insane.

Rooting for his phone, Aaron sat back in his chair and glanced at his screen, seeing he had a few messages from Adam, and Liv. Replying to the work related texts from his best mate first, he turned his attention to Liv’s snapchats, wondering what ridiculousness his sister had sent him now.

“Robert, why does your face look like that?” Liv asked, her camera pointed at a serious looking Robert, who was hunched over his computer.

Robert glanced up, rolling his eyes at Liv, his blonde hair ruffled and out of place. “If this goes on your snapchat story, I’m going to let Aaron make dinner for the next month and you can get scurvy.”

Aaron couldn’t help but laugh at Robert’s response, and the cheeky face Liv had pulled in the next snapchat she’d sent him.

Liv was brilliant, she really was.

Feeling more lonely now than he had before, Aaron started to scroll through his photo album, skimming through the thousands of photos and videos he’d somehow ended up with. He’d never really considered himself a sentimental person, but he had a lot of good things to document over the past few years.

Pausing at a recent photo of Robert, Aaron felt his heart swell with love for the man in the photo. He’d taken it one lazy Sunday morning, Robert in bed with the duvet pulled up around his waist, reading a new book.

He was always lost in his own world, when he read, Aaron remembered, totally lost in the pages until he’d read it from cover to cover. After a quiet, sleepy round of Sunday morning sex, Robert had decided he’d stay in bed and enjoy his book for a while - Aaron had gone to get them both a cup of tea when he’d come back to see Robert so enthralled in his book, he’d had to take a picture.

It was one of those little things he’d learned about Robert after they’d decided to give their relationship a proper go, his love for reading. Aaron knew the easiest way to keep Robert happy, or brighten up a day was to just buy him a new book, the newest science fiction novel or murder mystery.

Aaron wasn’t a reader, really, but he liked seeing his husband so invested.

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Love Yourself

WARNING - self doubt , assholes degrading the reader . 

Request - Thank you so much @melconnor2007 for the request . I hope you like it . 

Hi I was wondering if you could do a one shot requests on Bucky, something along the lines the reader and Bucky have been dating for ages, but she’s struggling with being happy about the way she looks, when she over hears some other agents or people talking about how good looking Bucky is and how muscles he is, then they start saying how the reader isn’t pretty enough to be dating Bucky, and she gets upset locking herself in her room, and Bucky breaks in and is reassuring telling her how pretty she is and how much he loves her and it’s really fluffy if that makes any sense please 

A/N- This wasn’t easy to write . For the first time , I started with a blank page thrice . Tbh , there was a time I felt like this but I no more do . I don’t give shit about people think about the way I look . I like myself and that is all that matters . I don’t like people who choose to like or not like me over superficial things like appearances . So I am open to anyone who wants to speak with me . I want you to make yourself feel better . And one day I hope you realise that you are  beautiful . I LOVE YOU 

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Why do I dislike Tales of Zestiria the X?

Recently I’ve been asked one question numerous times: “Why do you think the anime is shit? You only hate it because it doesn’t focus on SorMik, right?”

Now guys, I think it’s vital for me to answer this. Because let’s face it, we will never see face to face if we don’t discuss the matter. And look, here I am, typing this out because I feel this is important. So if you’re curious and want to understand why a lot of us dislike the anime then please bear with me because this will be long (6 pages in Word, 6!)

To make this a little bit easier for me, I’ll assume that you haven’t played the game or watched its walkthrough yet and that you like the anime. But of course if you did either of them it’s good, bc at least you’ll know what I am talking about.

And so, I shall do a character analysis in this post, comparing the game and anime selves to each other while I name some other issues as well. I won’t list all the inconsistency and plot holes the anime has for I’d be here even after my death.

I’m going to try to make you guys understand that while the SorMik fandom is not happy, there are more pressing issues with the anime than that.

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How does Adrian fits into the Hogwarts au?

His eyes were wide at the lake, and even wider at the castle.

He knew candles could float, but god, not so many of them.

He tugged at the collared shirt Maggie’s friend James had gifted him – so he could feel its stiffness under his flowy robes. Maggie had said she’d talk to Professor J’onzz about getting him out of wearing robes altogether if they made him feel like he was in a dress, but he didn’t want to stand out.

Not on his first day at Hogwarts, anyway.

So he straightened and his eyes found Maggie’s at the Hufflepuff table and James’s at the Gryffindor table as he lines up to get Sorted.

He knew the girl Maggie was secretly-but-not-so-secretly dating was somewhere at the Slytherin table, and as he crossed past the Ravenclaw table, Winn grabbed his hand supportively with a smile, and Kara did the same as he passed her seat across from Maggie with the rest of the Hufflepuffs.

The girl he’d met on the train – Yve, she’d said her name was, and though everyone else was calling her Butler, he still thought that last name thing was kind of weird, so he just thought of her as Yve – was walking next to him, and he found himself aspiring to her level of chill, to her collectedness. But he caught the glimmer in her eyes as she took in the Great Hall, and he found himself grinning at her broadly.

She returned it, and she squeezed his hand.

He squeezed right back.

He felt a pang when she was sorted into Ravenclaw, pretty early in the process – that damn alphabet, even at magic school – because he was standing all alone, then. He found Maggie’s eyes and held them as the line of first years got smaller and smaller.

Until – “Rodriguez!”

He gulped and he was surprised by how scratchy the Hat was on his ears and close-shaved head.

It barely touched his head before it shouted that he should sit with the other Hufflepuffs, and Maggie and Kara cheered.

He caught exactly one grin from the Slytherin table: that would be Maggie’s girl.

Maggie and Kara took him to the lake the next morning before breakfast to celebrate, and sure enough, Adrian had been right about the short-haired girl in the green-striped tie.

“Morning, babe,” she said, checking that no one was around but the new kid and her little sister, pushing Maggie slightly against a tree and kissing her soundly.

Kara lashed out a hand over Adrian’s eyes and cleared her throat loudly.

Adrian laughed. “It’s okay, I’m not a kid, you know!” he said, even as he became acutely aware that the third and fourth and fifth years he was hanging out with were practically towering over him.

“Course you’re not, kid,” Maggie called to him between breathless kisses, and Kara adjusted her glasses furiously.

“Ade,” she said with a giggle, her hands on Alex’s waistline, Alex’s still framing her face – a tender smile on the Slytherin’s face that didn’t at all match her reputation – “this is my girlfriend, Alex.”

Alex finally turned and took her hands off Maggie, and, to Adrian’s surprise, she greeted him with a broad grin. “Heard a lot about you, Adrian. Congrats on the Sorting.”

Adrian just nods, and he wonders for a moment why he’s having so much trouble speaking.

He realizes it suddenly, with a jolt.

Alex is holding Maggie’s hand casually while she talks to him. They’d just made out against a tree, and they were making each other smile and no one was treating him like he was a girl and no one was making fun of him and everyone was happy to see him and they were holding hands and kissing and making each other smile and they were both girls, both girls, both girls.

There are tears stinging his eyes suddenly, and Maggie realizes immediately, kneels immediately, asks permission to touch him immediately, and when he gives it, she holds him to her chest immediately. Lovingly.

Because at Hogwarts?

At Hogwarts, maybe he can be as queer as he pleases.

And at Hogwarts, he’s not going to be the only one who’s out, and proud, and happy.

And that?

That’s going to be just as incredible as all the magic he’s about to learn.

the-dragongirl  asked:

Flash fic prompt: Clone dads, Waxer and Boil trying to figure out how to feed picky eater Numa.



             “I don’t like it!”

             “Num’ika, you haven’t even tried it yet,” Waxer said plaintively, offering the ration bar to the girl again. Numa scowled at him and turned her head away from the offending bar.


             “But you need to eat!” Waxer protested, feeling a little desperate. The 212th had been out in the Outer Rim for longer than planned, and while they were nearly back with the main fleet, where they would be able to refuel, they had finally run out of fresh (or, as fresh as they ever got) provisions, leaving them all on rations bars.

             Needless to say, Numa did not approve.

             “I don’t like them!” The little twi’lek said again, crossing her spindly arms over her chest. Waxer had to bite back a plaintive noise.

             “But you’ve eaten them before!”

             “Nu-uh. I don’t like them.”

             “Is she still not eating?”

             Waxer looked to see Boil, a cup of caff in one hand and his own half eaten ration bar in the other.

             “Not a bite,” Waxer said miserably.

             Boil frowned, and sat down on Numa’s other side. “You’ve got to eat, Numa,” he said sternly. “I know they aren’t best but―”


             Boil scowled, but Numa only scowled right back. Waxer dropped his head onto the table with a groan. He’s was out. Boil’s turn.

             “Why won’t you eat them?” Boil demanded. “Aren’t you hungry?”

             Numa scowled and pursed her lips, but said nothing. Boil frowned, and looked at the ration bar Waxer was still holding, unwrapped but uneaten.

             “What don’t you like about them?” he finally asked.

             Numa blinked and hesitated.

             “They make my mouth sandy,” she finally said, flinging her words like a challenge at Boil.

             Boil arched a brow. “Sandy, eh?”

             Numa nodded. Boil hummed.

             “Well, I can’t say I disagree, kiddo. We’ve run out of juice, but…” He glanced down at his own pitiful meal, and then slid his cup towards Numa. “Here. Try it with this.”

             Waxer’s head shot up off the table. “Boil!”


             “You can’t give her that!”

             “Why not?”

             Waxer gaped him, and then looked at Numa, who had taken a bite of her ration bar, a sip of Boil’s caff, and considerate look on her face. Then she grinned.


             Waxer watched in silent horror as the seven year old began eating with gusto, and drinking the caff with equal energy. Then he turned, and glared at Boil.

             “She is going to be up all night, and you’re going to be the one to deal with it,” he growled.

The Wedding- Alex Nylander

Originally posted by nylanderhoe

Ok so this one got away from me so sorry! But it’s adorable in my opinion, so I hope you guys like it! Enjoy!

Warning: none!

Anon Request: I love how much you write and post and everything !! Youre an amazing person❤️💛💚💙💜 could you do an imagine where you dated Alex nylander for a while but then he broke up with you and now you know youll be attending the same wedding so you take someone else as a date to make him jealous and then he pulls you a side to tell you that he wants You back? Sorry if its confusing 😂😘


              “You look hot” Willy said.

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Atushi’s faces in ch51 are a blessing

look. look at his face. 

AND THIS. also look he got ignored

atsushi is done with your shit, aku

this is the face he makes after neARLY GETTING KILLED

following that thought:

The translator’s note covers this one: “well excuuuuuuuse me, princess”




this chapter was a fucking blessing until the very last panel god fucking dammit asagiri why are you like this 

Early Morning Sun

Shawn Mendes 
Words: 900 
Warning: Slightly smutty 
Notes: I started writing this at 6am. Idk why, but here you go XD 

The morning sun filtered into the room, its warm rays hitting my face in a way that the bright light blinded me, even with my eyes tightly shut. Calling on every cell in my being, I manged to shift my heavy body, shielding my face against Shawn’s shoulder. He groaned sleepily, moving his arm to rest around my waist as I pressed a gentle kiss against his bare skin.

So very slowly, my body began waking up for the day. My eyes slipped open for a moment, I was met with the cheerfully lit room, making my eyes squeeze shut. I tried again, his time with more luck as I forced them to stay open, eventually adjusting to the light.

The room looked oddly beautiful for such an early time. I could see now that the sun was just beginning to rise, casting hues of pink and orange and yellow on the walls around us. Outside, birds began chirping as a few cars drove along the mostly vacant road below.

My focus turned back to the Shawn as he shuffled beside me. At first I thought he was going to wake up, his back slightly arching causing the white sheets to pool around his back, but he soon settled down again, a couple of light snores escaping his parted lips.

It was crazy how he still managed to look so good, even when he was asleep. Despite his long eight-hour flight a few days ago, his face still seemed bright, no dark circles or anything. He just looked so soft and innocent with his messy hair and almost rosy cheeks.

I trailed my fingers along his arm, ghosting over every curve and dip of his muscles until I reached his back, stopping to draw shapes along his sun kissed skin. Glancing up, his eyes were still shut, but there was a small grin playing on his lips, giving me a sigh as my fingers slipped over the more sensitive patches, dancing over the angry looking red marks. I smiled to myself, remembering what happened last night.

Shawn suddenly shifted again, this time moving onto his side to fully face me, only to be met with the same blinding sun light as his eyes fluttered open.

“Hi.” He greeted sleepily.  

“Hi.” I repeated as I combed my hand through his hair, brushing out some of the messier strands. His eyes fell shut again, his head leaning into my actions.

“That feels nice.” He purred, his voice muffled by the pillow making me giggle. Shawn’s eyes snapped open at the sound, his grin growing bigger, “I had a dream about you last night.”

“Was it good?” I jumped at the feeling of his hand on my thigh, fingers tickling my bare skin as they slid higher and higher under the hem of grey long-sleeved shirt I stole from his suitcase before falling asleep.

“Very.” I expected him to say more but he didn’t. Instead his head fell to my shoulder, his lips leaving hot little kisses along the exposed skin there. I tilted my head, giving him more room meanwhile his fingers finally found their place at the hem of my underwear.

“Seems like it.” I choked on my words when two of his long fingers dipped under the band. Well, someone was eager.

“You were doing some wonderful things with your mouth.” It sounded like he was trying to hold back his own groans, “I feel like I should pay you back.”

Cursing under my breath, I hooked my leg over his so his hand had more room. He quickly took this to his advantage, finding the sensitive spot that made me shiver.

I felt his smirk against my shoulder, “Is this okay?”

Breathless, I nodded. My hand found his hair, guiding him up our lips could meet in a gentle kiss. Shawn hummed contently, his fingers starting their leisurely work on me. We kissed for as long as we could, keeping the same painfully steady pace until the burning in our lugs became too much to handle.

Biting my lip, my breath hitched again as he fit a practically great spot. Shawn watched my face with lazy eyes, figuring out what felt good for me so he could do it again and again. The grip on his hair tightened as the pressure deep in my stomach continued to build.

“Does this feel good, Baby?” His smirk was back, chuckling at the spew of curses I mumbled under my breath, the palm of his large hand rubbing against me every time his fingers ventured deeper. This happened a few more times before the pressure finally caved in, sending waves washing over my body. My hand caught his, stilling his actions, every little feeling severally heightened by pleasure.

I let out a tiny whimper when he pulled his fingers away, my legs clamping closed at the emptiness. A dirty thought popped into my mind as Shawn went to clean his hand like he normally did. I quickly grabbed his hand, slipping his two digits into my mouth. His mouth fell open, and while the taste wasn’t the best, I pushed past it, enjoying the look of pure shock on his face as I sucked off the wetness, my eyes not once dropping from his wide ones.

“Shit, Alex.” He let out his own curse, desire burning in his eyes as he pulled his fingers free. My face burned hotter than the sun, knowing that was probably the dirtiest thing I’ve done which is pretty lame. But Shawn didn’t seem to care. Grabbing my hips, he rolled onto his back, dragging me on top of him.

“Want to recreate some of my dream?” Shawn asked with a cheeky wink, his cockiness fading when I pushed back against his hardness making me laugh.


anonymous asked:

If any of you had the opportunity to speak to Chu directly for a few minutes, what would you say? If I ever get the chance I'd want to summarize all the bullshit he's pulled and ask for an explanation

“What the fuck, dude?”

no but seriously

will we ever get a follow up on all the storylines that have been dropped? (Zarya, the God AI’s, Orisa, Sombra, Symmetra, etc.)

Will Pharah ever get her own arc or developement or just voice lines that don’t have to do with Ana, but with herself as character?

Why do you have such a shit taste in ships?

Why do you refuse to fix the voice lines?

Why do we get all this information about Genji when we don’t even really know Tracer, the actual face of the game? Why are characters like Symm and Lucio constantly shafted to the point where they are not even allowed to have a real cameo in the existing comics?

Why do you think ‘making the story up as you go without a plan’ is a good idea?

Why does your metaphor for oppression suck so much? + If we are supposed to sympathize with the omnics, then maybe don’t write missions and brawls where we are supposed to kill them en-masse

Why do you refuse to respond to valid concerns and criticism and call constructive feedback ‘being yelled at on twitter’

Why is the lore still coming out at such a slow pace? Especially for charactes like Lucio who could have a comic every second because his story would not interfere with the OW story and therefore wouldn’t need much planning

Do you have anyone on your team that checks the releases for inconsistencies or contradictions? because it doesn’t seem like it.

Why do the retcons only happen half-assed? Why do you not plan to correct the past pictures that have mistakes in them and continue to confuse people? You cannot blame people for being ?? at your shit when you refuse to fucking fix your screw-ups

half of the cast are women and yet there is not a single woman on the writing team afaik.

- Farron

shywookiee  asked:

for the writing prompts, how about mckirk + different ways to say I love you? that's always something I love to read about ^^

  • It’s past midnight when Bones finally makes his way into Jim’s quarters. Not that the day- and night cycle are that obvious on a space ship, but judging the tired look on Bones’ face he knows full well he just worked a double shift. “Why aren’t you asleep yet?” he asks Jim, who simply shrugs. “I was going through important messages,” he replies, and Bones huffs. “Liar. I can hear Doctor Orion MD from the speakers of your PADD,” Bones replies, letting himself fall down on the couch next to Jim, and Jim happily pulls him in closer. “Hm, what can I say? I have a thing for sexy doctors.” "You know that show is painfully inaccurate?“ Bones comments while they both watch a little further. “Who cares? It’s about the sex, the lies… it’s fascinating.” Though as the screen shows a couple of panicky doctors rushing to save an unknown alien race’s life, Bones frowns. “That’s not even how you use that tool! They can’t even hold it properly.” “Okay, Doctor Bones MD,” Jim says, placing his PADD down and crossing his arms, “you tell me how it works, then.” And honestly, Jim couldn’t care less about how these tools and instruments work. Though seeing Bones, animated and passionate about his profession, Jim listens to him fondly.
  • Bones finds Jim tired and stressed after a 4 hour long chase from an alien ship. The Enterprise suffered damage, though nothing Scotty can’t fix with enough time and manpower. Jim is still going through messages, making sure every crew member is alive and accounted for. “Are you alright?” Bones asks when he enters their quarters, and Jim nods. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he replies, leaning back when Bones places his hands on Jim’s shoulders, “how are the wounded?” “Mostly fine,” Bones says, “a few stay overnight, but they’ll be fine in a day or two.” “Good,” Jim sighs, smiling lightly when Bones pulls him up. “C'mon, you need to rest,” he says, “but before we sleep, I have something for you.” “Oh?” Jim asks, immediately interested, “is it sex? Because I’m pretty tired, but I think I can-” “No,” Bones interrupts him, “look what I found, though?” “Scottish whiskey?” Jim asks when Bones pulls a bottle out of his bag, “is that- Scotty’s?” “Why, yes,” Bones says, filling two glasses and sitting down next to Jim, “figured you needed a bit of relaxation after today. Scotty won’t miss it for a while.” Jim laughs, taking a sip and almost instantly relaxing in good company and a strong drink. “What would I do without you?” “Probably overwork yourself,” Bones replies, and Jim smiles. “You know what would make this perfect?” “Are you going to say sex? It’s sex, isn’t it?” Bones asks, and Jim grins. “You know me too well.”
  • There are times where they pass a nebula or other space anomaly, and it colors the sky around them in beautiful blues, purples, and pinks. They pass one at night, too, before Jim and Bones are both asleep. Initially just quietly talking, huddled under the warm sheets. Jim’s attention is instantly taken by the beauty of space, staring outside in awe. “D'you see that? It’s beautiful.” “Yes,” Bones agrees, though he finds himself staring at something else entirely.
  • Jim is furious. Furious because Bones wanted to join on that away mission even though Jim told him not to. He’s furious because Bones deliberately ignored Jim calling him to retreat when the battle around them got a little too heated for Jim’s liking. He’s even more furious when Spock drags the doctor out of danger afterwards, hurt and unconscious. He wants to yell at Bones so bad, but it doesn’t feel fruitful when the other isn’t awake enough to hear him, and so Jim sits at his bedside quietly, going over his argument in his head countless times until he’s perfected the way on how to scold Bones. The moment Bones opens his eyes though, he’s forgotten all of that. “You’re an idiot,” Jim simply says, leaning in to rest his forehead against Bones’, fingers cupping the doctor’s cheeks, “don’t you dare scaring me like that again.”
  • "Are you well supplied?” “Yes.” “And you’re certain there’s enough fuel in that shuttle? Because I swear to God, Jim, shuttles are fragile.” “Yes, Bones.” “Well, at least make sure you wear that seat belt properly.” “Bones,” Jim interrupts him, “I’m going to be fine. It’s just a long weekend.” “You’re traveling in a shuttle,” Bones counters him, “do I need to remind you about the dangers of traveling in small shuttles?” “Please don’t,” Jim replies, leaning in to press a kiss on Bones’ lips, “I’ll be back after the weekend, and I’ll be fine.” Bones smiles at that, arms sliding around Jim’s waist. “For the record, I’ll miss you, too,” he says, and Jim huffs. “I never said I’d miss you.” Bones laughs, arms still steady around the other. “You didn’t have to.”

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Victor/fetish!Yuuri - Victor knows Yuuri's had a rough day. It seems like everything's going wrong for him, and by the time he gets home, he's cranky and withdrawn. Cue an indulging Victor and a bottle of cologne to make Yuuri feel better. ;)

“Yuuuuuuuuri hey,” says Victor, sitting down next to Yuuri, who has been lying on the couch playing Neko Atsume for the past thirty minutes while tears stream silently down his face. “So, listen, I know today has been rough for you, but I think I know something that will make you feel better. Want to guess what it is?”

Yuuri does not want to guess what it is. After attempting to persuade him for another ten seconds or so, Victor removes a bottle of Lavender-Rose scented cologne. 

“Vitya, put that away,” says Yuuri, sitting up. “I thought we threw that out because it set off your allergies so badly.” 

“Why would I throw away such a valuable treasure?” says Victor. Before Yuuri can answer, he sprays the perfume in front of his own face, and breathes in. At first, his breaths are calm and even, but within seconds he is hitching wildly, his chest heaving, his eyes slamming shut. 

He’s about to bring his elbow to his face to catch the oncoming sneezes, but Yuuri wraps his arms around him and starts kissing him on the cheek before he can. 

“EHHKK-ISHIEW! Ahh…hhhkCHHIEW! HHH-kkch!” 

The sneezes mist Yuuri’s hair. Victor smiles, scrubs his furiously itchy nose with his hands and says, “does that make you feel a little better, lapochka?” 

“Yes,” breathes Yuuri, tightly clutching the back of Victor’s head. “Yes. I just hope you don’t end up regretting it when you’re still sneezing thirty minutes later.” 

“I wouldn’t regret anything that made you happ…happy…hap…?HAPSHHHIEW!” 

I Just Realized....
  • 707: I wish there was a way to make money faster...
  • Yoosung: why dont you sell your chips?
  • 707: ...Why in face would I do that?
  • Yoosung: They're a highly appreciated delicacy worth 3 times their actual amount. You could make a hundred dollars easy just selling 4 out of the thousands you have.
  • 707:
  • Yoosung:
  • 707: *opens a bag and digs in*
  • 707: ...okay, and...?

virgoimagines  asked:

I love using your writing prompts! They really help me a lot! You're awesome! Could you make up some argument prompts?

1. “Why do you always do that?! You twist my words around all the damn time!!”

2. “If you hate me so much, why don’t you just leave? Better yet, why don’t you tell me to leave?!”

3. “They’re my parents! I’m not going to hate them no matter how much you hate ‘em!”

4. “Get out of my face with that shit. Don’t ever talk to me again.”

5. “You didn’t sweep before you mopped? What the hell? That’s why there’s mud on the floor!”

6. “How many times do I have to tell you to put the toilet seat down BEFORE YOU WILL ACTUALLY LISTEN TO ME!”

7. “I’m not even kidding, Joshua. I fell in again.”

8. *silent treatment*

9. “Sleep on the damn couch, I don’t care. Ask Alexa, I’m sure she can call a side hoe for you.”

10. “Don’t make me laugh. I’m mad at you.”

It Doesn’t Make You Crazy

Here is my second part in my Mental Health Series. They aren’t connected, just different issues.

[Note: Not everyone with social anxiety, or any kind of mental illness acts the same way another person does.]

I hope you enjoy!

Masterlist Here

Word Count: 961 words

Warnings: social anxiety

The passenger door slammed beside you, Harry running around to the drivers side, getting soaked from the rain.

Tonight was perfect for him, but for you, you wish you would have just stayed home. The night replayed in the back of your head, as tears streamed down your face.

You’d been dating for almost a year and half, and Harry knows your thoughts on crowds and new people. Which is why he shocked when you agreed to attend the Graham Norton Show with him.

You had sat backstage with him while he got ready to perform, Louise combing product through his hair. Harry would peer at you from the corner of his eye to make sure I wasn’t turning purple, or breathing into a paper bag.

You had pretty much known everyone in Harry’s green room anyway.

When you were escorted to sit with Anne and Robin, you felt off and a little nervous but remained calm, because you Knew Anne and Robin, and knew that if something happened, they’d protect you.

The performance was beautiful, the interview was witty and cute, and when it was time to head back to the greenroom, you quickly said your goodbyes to Anne and Robin.

The security guard wasn’t the same one who had walked you to the seats, and that’s what caused you to be weary.

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