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still trying to break in this t-t-t-tablet so here are some morioh sketches!

Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 147

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we need to talk about this bc oh lord, how ??? anyway heres another fic rec, i hope you all are surviving the week!!! 

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lets start~

1) Tasty Tryst

by @jeonjagiya

a taehyung x y/n fic 


strawberry farmer au 

( this plot is so good, please do read it ) 

its been in your tradition to sell your family’s famous fruit preserves using the recipe from your grandmother but somehow this year’s farmer’s market makes you wonder why isnt your preserves selling out as usual but it seems like taehyung knows why and he’s willing to help you using his fruits, especially those damn strawberries

2) You Look Like You Need A Drink

by @jeonjagiya

a yoongi x y/n fic 


you just had a bad week and to be honest you just wanted it to end, but somehow you managed to stumble into a bar to meet a handsome young bartender

3) Manners

by @lilyjhs

a jimin x y/n fic 


its time jimin starts teaching you some manners 

4) fuckboy

by @yooyugyeommie

a jungkook x y/n fic 


fuckboy au 

5) Vixen

by @emboyz

a taehyung x y/n fic


( the plot twist was good ahHH )

6) The Devil Himself

by @jhopehatesnakeu

a namjoon x  y/n fic 

ongoing series with 2 parts to 

tutor au 

failing math class has made you lose almost all hope from passing and a high chance of retaking it during next semester but your teacher decides to help you out and get you a tutor, who you were definitely fond of but you would give it a try, and boy were you loving the tutor 

7) Lowkey

by @rapmonluv

a jungkook x y/n fic 


you were an art student and today’s class is drawing real people and that person just seems to be jungkook, and he’s nude. 


8) Begin Again

by @tayegi

a yoongi x y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out 

being divorced was something you had a difficulty adapting to but you decided its time to let go and you knew who to call for help, none other than yoongi 

this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon~ 

The best part about Ameridan being a dragon slayer is he’s 5′4″. He’s 5′4″ and he slays dragons for a living.

soft-raphael  asked:

For the prompt thingy #1 with Saphael ๐Ÿ˜‰

“Why are we at a strip club?”

“Can you stop doing that?” Simon asks while drinks his cocktail. Raphael looks at him and raises his eyebrows.. is Simon Lewis rolling his eyes at him?
“Doing what? I’m not doing anything” Raphael looks at the crowd and wonders why he even accepted to go there. Obviously Magnus used the “what if your fledgling can’t control his bloodlust in a room full of mundanes?” card and Raphael couldn’t say no.
“You’re doing that thing you do with your eyebrows and eyes” Simon points at his own face to let him understand.
“Oh you’re talking about the thing i do when you always talk?” Raphael can’t help the smirk on his face when Simon turns his face and sighs. “And why are we at a strip club?”
Simon shrugs, “Because it’s funny?”
“A lot of sweaty mundane bodies in the same place. Wow, i’m really having a lot of fun right now”
Simon can’t reply because he feels a hand on his shoulder and looks at the man who’s approaching him. “Hey” he says.
Simon is embarassed and a bit nervous and can’t hide the redness on his cheeks, “Mh.. hi”
Raphael tips his head and looks at the man and then at the hand on Simon’s shoulder.
“Are you here alone? Would you like to dance?”
Hell no. This isn’t going to happen. It looks like the man didn’t notice the lack of distance between Raphael and Simon so the older vampire takes a random cocktail from the counter and turns around to wrap his arm around Simon’s waist.
“Hi baby, sorry if it took me so long but the row at the bathroom was endless” Raphael smiles and looks up at the man. “Who are you?”
Simon looks confused and doesn’t know what to do so he decides to stay at Raphael’s acting because that man was making him really uncomfortable.
“I was.. actually i was just leaving” and with that the man disappears in the crowd. Raphael follows him with his eyes and he probably doesn’t notice that his arm is still around Simon’s middle. Simon looks at Raphael and smiles. “Can you stop doing that thing with your eyes?”
Raphael turns his face to Simon. “Doing what?”
“The thing that you do when you’re jeaaalouuus” Simon sings the last part and laughs.
“What? I’m not jealous”
“Then why is your arm still around my waist?” Simon smiles and keeps Raphael’s arm on his middle when the older one tries to let him go and kisses his cheek. “Thank you, Raph”
Raphael smiles and shakes his head when Simon places his head on Raphael’s shoulder. “You’re welcome baby”

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"Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” with vampire Fidds and ford please!

Characters: Stanford Pines and Fiddleford McGucket
Word Count: 325
17. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
Prompt List.

“Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” The vampire huffed as he crossed his arms and leaned against the wall. “Great, just great.”

“Can’t…can’t you just move the stones?” Ford asked.

Fiddleford glared at him. “I’m stronger than you, but I am not that much stronger.” He jabbed a finger at the rocks that blocked their path. “So we’re stuck until my clan can get us out.”

Ford was about to say something back before he thought better of it. They were trapped in a small cavern, there was no point in making the other angry so he sat down near the light that leaked through the stones. He pulled out his journal and started writing things down.

It took a few minutes for Ford to realize that someone was watching him write and sketch over his shoulder.

“Oh, don’t mind me Stanford,” Fidds said when he noticed Ford stiffen. “Just curious what you even do with those books of yours.”


“Don’t get snippy with me, I know you do all that paranormal research and whatnot. I’m just curious how you can get yourself a grant to be allowed to do it.” He snatched the book out of Ford’s hands. “Do you trick them into thinking you are doing something else with the money?” He flipped through the pages ignoring the ‘vampire’ inserts. He’ll let the man have some privacy about those thoughts.

“I am completely honest about my work.” Ford grabbed back his book from the vampire’s hands. “They knew from the get-go what I was going to do and they agreed to let me at it.”

“Who would allow that?”

“Someone who believed in my work!” Ford yelled before he turned his back on the vampire and sat back in his spot.

Fidds tapped his fingers on his arm as he watched the other man carefully. “Seems to me someone wants something a little more than notes about fairies and gnomes…”

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Hi I'm fairly new to the twrp scene but am VERY much into it and I'm still in that stage where I just wanna know everything possible about the band. I was wondering, obviously I'll respect the bands wishes, but do you know the reason why anything pre-device is not "canon"? Or like at all findable on the internet? I'd like to see their evolution but I respect that they have their vision now I guess

Hi there! Welcome to Hell!

TWRP believe Pre-Device is misrepresentation of their current forms and vision, to put it shortly. If you’d like to read more on why right from the camel (Doctor Sung)’s mouth, please take a look at this /r/TWRP reddit comment thread.

If you ever have any more questions, feel free to drop us a line at any time or take a look through our tag #Space Mail! It may already have answer. If you’d like a more condensed version, we also have an #FAQ tag.

– Mod Hogan

You think I am the only one who feels harassed, let’s talk about Cole

Last night I was showing my friend Cole’s personal FB account because I find it funny how I have mutual friends with every single one of his friends, and then, as we went through photos, I wasn’t able to click the button to see who liked it anymore. I thought that was weird and refreshed the page. The account was gone. He made his personal FB unsearchable WHILE I was on it.

So I went to show my friend his FB page. That doesn’t exist either. He’s deleted that as well.

Someone sent him something last night to make him delete and privatize his accounts. 

And then if you need a memory refresher, if you look at photos he’s tagged in on Insta, Lili is in almost none of them, why, it’s not because people weren’t tagging him for those few days he turned tags back on. He untagged himself from photos with Lili in them BY HAND. Do you know how much time, effort, and frustration that is?

If you REALLY think Cole enjoys SH, think again. 

anonymous asked:

You've probably already answered this... but, why Anthropology? What first interested you and why did you choose this? Thank you.

I get this ask once in a blue moon, checked tagged/ask or tagged/anon for previous responses. 

But I always like giving a new one because it might show how i’ve progressed (or regressed lmao)

When I took my first cultural anthro class, I knew that I had finally found what I was interested in. I was always fascinated with difference, specifically cultural difference, and this is what got me in that intro course. WHY are we different, HOW are we different, WHEN did these differences occur. I look back now and realize I was fetishizing other cultures and was being the epitome of early 20th century anthropology. 

I’ve also just have always been a really open person? I was obsessed with difference and was overjoyed whenever I got to experience things that weren’t middle-class white america. That’s how anthropology got me in, then it fixed me, and spit me back out. I didn’t know it would turn me into a queer marxist, but hey, i love my life

kageyama bros fight!



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Yo buddies, here are my samples for @tsumire0301​, @jearwork​ and mine Lazuli Family zine “Lapis and Peridot: wife and wife family life”!

Only my samples are in english but the whole anthology zine it’s in chinese!, this is thanks to them /// i really appreciate their support and patience.

This is my very first doujin btw (yes, zine/anthology/doujin… Comic), and it was an adventure making it wwww

It’s a Taiwan Exclusive fanzine ;o for now

About this amazing cover, actually we worked all together to make it possible✨

Sketch: Me
Lineart: Tsumi 
Background + Color: Jear

btw, fun fact:Turquoise could be harsh asshole to peri but she’s all sweet to Lapis, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about her peri mom, she care about her as much as lapis mom.

WHY ARE THERE NO CURVY WOMEN WEARING SAREES POSTS? I love #sarees but everytime I search for some on #socialmedia I never see a curvy or plus size woman wearing one. I would be so great for me to see how it would look on a woman of my size. Where are the plus size women who wear #sarees too? I you have a picture of yourself in a #sari, please tag me and use the tag #curvysaree. Please, also use all the sari hashtags I used on this post. I would be very happy to see your posts. 😉
#Model / #Actress
Left - #MynaNagalakshmi