why are you looking at me that way john

“It’s a tiny bit sexy”

/!\ This is a Mary-villain post, so if you don’t (want to) believe she’s a manipulative abuser, maybe scroll past this post and read something you’ll like more. :)

Mary is demeaning John’s worth and abilities at the beginning of HLV, by suggesting he isn’t capable of handling the situation with Isaac and to know what to do before he enters the drug den; and then says he looks sexy with this tire level she doesn’t think John knows what to do with it (see this post), as if she was attempting to apologize.
To put that more schematically: she suggest something insulting + something flattering in the same move.

That rings such a bell to me, that’s what my sister does all the time. She says something mean and demeaning to you, and on the same move she rubs you the right way by flattering you.

I don’t know why she does that, what I know is that it makes me feel like shit, she’s an hypocrite an manipulative person (who lies constantly,- I’m starting to believe that if my sister wasn’t capable of kindness and generosity sometimes she would be just like Mary), and I noticed the compliment is more easy to focus on so I excuse her, even if I know what she just did was mean.

From what I know for having experiencing it, Mary manipulates John so he focuses on the compliment and excuses Mary.

He may even start to think she’s right and believe he doesn’t worth anything.

Because by acting like this she buries a feeling that needs to be expressed and reflected, she doesn’t give John the time to think about it. In a way, she forces him to bottle up, and so it stays unresolved, making its way. It attacks self-worth and makes you doubt about yourself, and never, at any moment, you think the other person did wrong.

I do only because I’m aware now, I understood how my sister works and so I’m better at protecting myself from her, but that hasn’t always been the case; John doesn’t seem to be there yet, mostly because at this point he has a lot to process in his life, but something tells me he’s on the way to understand Mary even before she reveals herself as an assassin - I think that like it was the case for many of us viewers, he felt something was off with Mary without knowing what exactly.
And after all, if the theory about his abusive father is correct, it does rings a bell to him as well.

She’s not trying to apologize, apologizing implies the person feels remorse, she’s trying to make herself appear nice so John forgives her.
Mary is manipulating John, pure and simply, just like my sister does with people around her.

And if it was only that scene I would think, well, maybe I’m misreading, but that’s not the only occurrence, Mary really presents the characteristics of a manipulative abuser throughout s3
And even in TAB, though I think in that specific episode it’s Sherlock’s point of view (repeating: I believe the first modern sequence is real, only seen through Sherlock’s perception of reality twisted by drugs, his own thoughts leaking out of his mind) and the fact he sees what she does, only can’t quite explain it fully.

I believe he struggle yet to decide in what exactly Mary is a problem (though he knows she’s a threat), because the only possible option is emotionally unbearable: she manipulates John, and uses him to fulfil her purpose. He just needs to believe John saw in her something good and that his happiness isn’t ruined, that he isn’t leaving for a suicide mission while letting John with someone who will hurt him.
It’s not really that he doesn’t see nor understand Mary, he definitely does (plus I believe Sherlock knows exactly what an emotional abuser looks like…), it’s mostly that he doesn‘t want to be right about her, that’s the most probable reason why he tried to tie her to Mycroft in his dream, both working together to keep an eye on him, somehow he too tries to excuse Mary, when it’s obvious she has darker motives.

Anyway, I think both Sherlock and John are very close to fully understand Mary, she will soon be exposed.

The pink lighting that started from the moment the “stay away from sherlock holmes” scene ended and then continues for the rest of the ep, I just, bless this pink. Sherlock looks v soft when he rejects John in angelo’s

Also “I’m really not looking for anything right now” like … series 4 I’m expecting you to dive into this the way you hinted in tab with “what made you like this” “nothing made me, I made me …… redbeard?” WHAT YOU DOO DONE REDBEARD


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44 Laurens/Gil

I did both because I’m a glutton lol

Laf/John “If you die, I’m going to kill you.”

John and Laf had known they were going to be their respective best friend’s best men since before they had even proposed. Their friend group was small, so it was a pretty easy assumption. To make it easier to keep George and Alex happy, John and Laf had made a point to schedule their stag parties on the same night, that way they would be too busy having fun to worry what the other was doing. This looked like it was going to work swimmingly for Alex and George. But Laf was panicking a little.

“Why will you not just tell me what you and Alex are planning on doing?” he asked, exasperated as John filled out waivers for whatever activity he wouldn’t explain.

“You’ll be busy with George anyways. Relax, Papi, I won’t kill my side of the wedding party. The paperwork is really just a formality,” John said, smirking even as the words left his mouth.

Laf groaned and put his head in his hands. “Fine, but if you die, I’m going to kill you.

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C – Coming back to you by Leonard Cohen
H – Halo by Beyonce
A – All about us by t.A.T.u.
R – Rise by John Dreamer
L – Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding
I – Innocent by Taylor Swift
E – Everytime by Britney Spears

I’m little shocked how that list looks like… I’m really a manly man, trust me. OKAY?!

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Black… And blue, pink, green and purple but BLACK it is.


The Last Time by Taylor Swift


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