why are you looking at me that way john

things i extra love:

- Lee: Out
Lafayette: In

- Hamilton shouting out his Daddy Issues™ to Washington’s face

- Ham dramatically gesturing about himself at the “I’ve seen wonders great and small” line in Story of Tonight Reprise


- The way Ham declares/defends himself with short choppy phrases (e.g. “He looked at me like I was stupid. I’m not stupid” “Then why are you upset?” “I’m not”)


- Alex’s little shimmy as he’s mocking Burr at his own game “Talk Less, Smiiiiiiiile More”


- Laf mimicking Herc’s dance moves


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first of all… 5? this how i know the devil is real… but anyway lets get into it.

5) John at the Graham Norton show. listen..a sweater+a suit jacket (in deep fall colors) was enough but what pushed this over from “i just look this good” to “fry an egg on me” is the hair - the fade, the lineup, the LINE on the side. 

4) The Queen of Katwe London Premiere. I love me some John in print. I love me some John reminding me he’s Nigerian.

3) BAFTAs. Even when he’s wearing classic colors he does it big. Why settle for boringass matte black when you can go velvet.

2)Promoing TFA - random place. The look that changed me. The long coat, the shades, fitted jeans, all black, the way he’s standing, one hand in his pocket, gazing to the side, serving LOOKS. this look changed me as a PERSON. i went from a northface jacket kinda girl to wearing on sale matte brown coats from zara.

1) TFA Premiere. Are you surprised? You’re not. The day he reminded all these regular-degular hoes at the premeire w/him that HE was the ONE. he told us finn was gonna be a jedi with this look. he came into my house on this day to wipe away my tears w/his one gloved hand, slick down my edges, steal me from star trek and i embraced him into my heart as my main. i actually didnt know sw existed before this look and really…did anyone?

shit to remember right now:

- angelo’s. “which is fine by the way” “i know it’s fine” GO WATCH IT WATCH THE WHOLE THING
- the battersea scene
- “things you wanted to say”
- literally ALL of tsot
- “i wish you weren’t… whatever it is you are”
- “hypnotizing mesmerizing me”
- “but look how you care about john watson. your damsel in distress”
- the aborted tarmac confession
- all of the princess bride parallels.
- “i wanted more. i still do”
- “romantic entanglement…” “would complete you as a human being”
- “love conquers all”

“Ahhh got it!” Sherlock jumped up from his chair and walked around the room tapping his fingers together.

“About time.” You laughed walking out of the kitchen. He gave you a funny look and turned around.

“He’s a scientist. How else would he have access to all those chemicals and, AND know how to use them? Ohhh I got you!  To think you almost had me fooled. Ooo, I have to tell John.” The world’s only consulting detective, grabbed his coat and made his way out the door.

“Sherlock—halt!” You yelled before walking over to him.

“Why are you leaving so quickly and with no goodbye?” You placed a hand on your hip and raised an eyebrow whilst waiting for an answer.

“I’ve had a breakthrough; I need to go get John.” He responded as he bounced around, ready to run, in the spot in front of you.

“Mr. Holmes,” You flipped his collar up like he prefers it, “All I ask of you is; to give me a kiss every time you leave, so I can have you with me in some sort of way in case something were to happen to you.” You ran your hands down his coat then let them fall to your side.

“I’m sorry.” He bent down to reach your lips then gave you a smile when he pulled away.

“Thank you– now go, the world needs saving Sherlock.” He spun around on his heel and began down the stairs. “Oh and Mycroft wants you to call him!”

“Tell him I’m busy!” He yelled from the bottom of the stairs. You let out a laugh and headed straight to your phone. With Sherlock’s newest break through, you knew he wouldn’t be home until later. You and Mary had gotten very close, so surely a girls night was in plan.

“Sure, I’ll be right over! Ooo, do you have my favorite biscuits?”

“Always.“ You answered laughing.

"Give me ten minutes.” Hanging up you noticed how you were suddenly craving tea, so you put the kettle on. As the water heated you cleaned up then waited for Mary to show up.


“Hello!” You heard a voice call from the front room. Walking out of the one you were in, you were met by Mary’s smile.

“Come in, come in! Have a seat. Would you like a cuppa?” You took her coat and bag and placed them on the rack.

“Yes, please. It’s colder than usual today. And to think our men will be running around London in this weather.” She said laughing.

“Ohh, I’m sure they can handle it.” You replied also laughing. You went to get her some tea with biscuits and were humming while doing so. You were thrown off when you turned around and saw Mary giving you a big smile.

“What? Do I have something on me?” You asked.

“No.” She answered shaking her head with a smile.

“Then what is it?”

“You’re glowing.” She smiled.

“Oh, we’ll thank you.” You laughed.

“No Y/N, you’re glowing.” She stuck her head out and looked at you.

“I’m not pregnant.” You denied her accusations.

“Y/N, I know a mother when I see one.” Mary smiled at you while you thought about everything that has seemed out of ordinary.  

“Oh my god.” You sat down looking around the room. “How do I tell Sherlock?”

After Mary went home, you took a pregnancy test just to be sure and it was positive.

“This is for real.” You told yourself quietly.  Just a few minutes later Sherlock walked in so you went out to meet him.

“Hey.” You leaned on the door frame giving him a smile. “Did you solve the case?”

“Yes, as usual.” He smirked. He put his belongings down and looked at you again. Instantly he knew you were hiding something.

“Did something happen today?” He asked coming closer to you. You placed your hands on his face and gave him a kiss.

“Let’s sit down.” You followed right behind him and sat in the chair John would normally be in.

“So I’m just going to say it.”

“Mhmm.” His eyebrow lifted as curiosity set in.

“I’m pregnant…” You let out a deep breath. Sherlock didn’t move. He didn’t blink. For all you knew he wasn’t breathing. You sat there uncomfortable for the second time since meeting Sherlock. The first being when he told you your entire life story with just the way you smiled.

“Sherlock?” You put your head down to look in his eyes. “Are you alright? Do you want me to give you some space?”

“No.” He answered, shaking his head slowly.

“Ok, well I’m going to make some tea.” You got up and went to the kitchen. While you waited for the water, Sherlock came over and gave you a hug from behind.

“Oh– are you back, Mr. Sherlock Holmes?” You laughed turning around with his arms still around you.

“Think of all the cases he’ll be able to help me solve!” The detective looked around in thought, then to you.

“He’ll? You think it’s a boy?” You smirked.

“Well my mom did have two of them, it’s reasonable.”

“Oh lord, if he’s anything like you–”

“He’d be incredibly handsome, smart and love science.” Sherlock finished your sentence for you.

“Look out London.” You smiled giving out a slight laugh.

“There’s a new detective in town.” Sherlock grinned before bending down to kiss you.

I’m writing a fic that’s slowly straying further from “silly dirkjohn” to “John egberts trauma and why he refuses to admit he likes boys”

But I just can’t decide whether this boy is gay or bi. Honestly, if you’re looking at the comic you could go either way. He dates Vriska for a short period and generally makes comments about how according to Karkat he and Rose are supposed to be married, but I can’t help but read those as not genuine.

Vriska is a giant lesbian and there’s no way their relationship was at all fulfilling. John and the way he talks and interacts with girls just reads to me as someone not just closeted, but not coming to full realization of their orientation. But I can’t decide if John is bi, and he’s just heavily relying on the attraction he has to girls to ignore everything else, or if he’s gay and that attraction is something forced, some form of compulsory heterosexuality.
At 16 I vividly remember flirting with a boy I could tell was minorly into me because it felt wonderful and validating to have a boy paying attention to me, but then he tried to ask me out and I immediately felt sick.

And it goes further- at 19-20, why would John still be in denial about this? By then he’s got two very close friends in loving gay relationships, he’d witness firsthand Dave’s coming out.

You know, I think it ties into his dad. Homestuck has a lot to say about the toxic power of masculinity (just take a look at caliborn) but Dad is very much shown as a masculine figure too, though it’s just a neater and more specific aesthetic of masculinity. John loves his dad, that’s not under question, and his death affects him greatly. I almost wonder what a John would be like where his dad didn’t die when he was 13?

Maybe it’s not for a few years that John starts questioning things, but he’s sticking himself so rigidly to that standard of masculinity his father held up, and to him that includes being straight. John probably doesn’t have a lot of mentors and older people around him that are gay so to him being gay is being flamboyant and knowing from the second you’re born that you’re gay, and that’s unrelatable to him. His father was a good man, and John wants to be like his father, and liking men doesn’t fit anywhere in that.

This post got away from me but yeah closeted John speaks to me very much. I think I might go with gay? I’m still not sure I think either reading could hold weight.

Sherlock spoilers ahead:


1. We have Mycroft, Sherlock and John in one room and Mycroft tells John to leave, so the Holmes brothers can ‘be under family’ and Sherlock hisses: “that’s WHY he (John) stays!”

So John is Family.

2. Freaking Euros asks Sherlock to play the violin and when he does she looks at him and asks: “Have you had sex lately?”

Euros would not be wrong. She’s never wrong. Why would she assume that? 

3. Mary’s last note: “miss you” where she tells John and Sherlock that she knows “what they really are”


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Sherlock Vday challenge Day 11

Sherlock x reader

Note: I know, I know, I’m running late once again, but to my defense, I’ve been sick as hell the whole weekend plus we’re in the end of our term (I believe that’s how we call it in English???) in school and I had hundreds of exams and tests for the past two weeks so yeah… Any way, the prompt was “This is not what it looks like, I swear.” written for @prettyxlittlexwriter​‘s sherlock vday challenge, thanks once again for beta-reading and finding a proper ending to it, you once again saved my life dear :)


Need you for a case.

I’m picking you up in ten


Get dressed.


“For the love of- What was he up to this time?!” I grumbled.

                                                                                         Can’t you ask John?

Not really.


Pretty please

                                                                                         Why do you need me

                                                                                                            this time?

I’ll tell you in the cab.

Make sure to be dressed properly,

we’re going to a fancy place.

I sighed. That man could get me to do everything he wanted…


“We are formally invited to a reception for Valentine’s day evening and it will be our sole chance to catch the butter knife killer.” Explained Sherlock, as I climbed in the cab

“The butter knife killer? You’re starting to sound like John!”

The man gave me an unamused look.

“The fact is, the killer will be at the reception and I need your help, if I was to go alone, people would notice.”

“Why don’t you go with John?”

“He’s with Mary.”

“Why didn’t you asked Molly then? She’s dying for a date with you!” I pouted, not at all happy to be forced to spend my Valentine’s day with him.

“She’s got a boyfriend Y/N, they’re even fiancés and she’s surely spending her Valentine’s day evening with him.”

“Well what if I wanted to spend mine with my boyfriend?” I tried.

“You’ve got a boyfriend?!” exclaimed the man, turning to me.

I could have sworn jealousy flashed in his stormy eyes for an instant.

“Sadly, no.” I grimaced, “But it was worth a try.”

He shook his head once again and turned back to the streets, eyes scanning every passer-by as the cab would go pass them.

“Anyway it’s not like if you have any choice left now.” He mumbled.


A few minutes later, we were both standing in the entrance of a room full of rather distinguished guests.

“How did you even got invited for this?” I asked the detective, as he offered me an arm.

“Dear Y/N, after all these years we have known each other, I’m sure you could deduce it.” He smirked, leading me through the crowd.

“Come on Holmes, we don’t have time to lose if we want to catch the killer, just tell me.”

“It wouldn’t be much fun if I was to you know…” he stopped and showed me a man entering the room. “Look who’s there.”

It was a well-dressed man, small and skinny, moving with a certain grace and ease through the guests, chit chatting with some of them, going from a small group to another one.

“It’s William Johnson, the host. His family has always been one of the richest and most powerful in the country for some obscure reasons. You think it’s him?”

Sherlock nodded softly, his eyes scanning him, deducing every tiny bit of information he could get from him.

“I’ve known him for years Holmes, he’s harmless.”

“I wouldn’t be as sure of myself if I were you. Anyway that’s why we’re here.”

He lead me through the crowd, directly to where our host came from. He stopped and pulled me in a tight embrace, his chin resting on top of my head. I clenched my teeth, resisting the mighty need to punch him right where it would hurt the most.

“You know your way around the mansion?” he whispered in my ear.

“Oh that’s why you needed me instead of anyone else.”

“You know the way, yes or no?” he insisted. “It’s our only chance to find the right evidences to stop him.” He released me from his embrace and took me by my shoulders, “Y/N, please. For me.”

“You win.” I sighed. “Follow me.”


“How long have you known him?” inquired Sherlock, looking at an old picture of William and me.

I looked at him, the blue light passing through the closed curtains of the room giving a mystical taste to his feature as we searched through our host’s papers.

“As long as I remember. Our parents have always been close friends. We even dated a few years ago but we lost track of the other one after uni… I can’t believe he would be our killer, this is so… unlike Bill.”

“Are you sure?” The tall man handed me a ripped piece of cloth. “The rip fits perfectly with the one find on the last victim.”

“Not as sure as I’d like to be…” I sighed. “If you’ve got all you needed we’d better go before some passer-by hear us.”

Putting everything back to its rightful place, we left the room for the vast and empty hallways. We had almost reached the rest of the guests, the babbling of the crowd faintly audible in the background, when two voices resonated through the air. We rushed to the closest door, trying to open it, but failing since it was locked. I gave a panicked looked to my companion and he pinned me against the wall, his lips crashing onto mines in a passionate kiss. I passed an arm around his neck as we pulled apart, panting, his gorgeous blue eyes fixed in mines as we kissed a second time, hoping the two intruders would change to course quickly.


Sherlock and I pulled away as I started to panic.

“THIS IS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE DAD I SWEAR!” I screamed in panic, recognizing my parents, who, of course, had to be invited by William.

“No, no I guess it surely isn’t what it looks like…” said my father.

“James, don’t be harsh on her, it was about time she found herself some real man.” said my mother, trying very hard not to laugh.

My father looked at us for a instant, deciphering how he should react. He sighed and shook his head, extending an arm to my mother.

“Make sure to bring him next time you pass by love.” she told me, before they left.

I turned to Sherlock, clenching my fists.

“I am never going to hear the end of it. You owe me one Holmes.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make this up to you. It is Valentine’s day after all.” smiled the detective, leaning to kiss me once again.

You made my friggin’ life miserable. How? By the way you raised your kids to all want to be the same and to hate anyone who dares to be different. Oh, no, you’re probably thinking, you didn’t do that.
You sure did. I’ve seen you in your cars staring at me and my friends. Look at those creeps. Look at their clothes and the music they listen to. Why can’t they go out for sports or at least root for our team?

@johnhenrywatson, it’s alright.  I’m alright.  I hope you are.

I don’t know how to talk about these sorts of things.  Perhaps this is easier.  

I need you to know that I’m alright now.  I understood in the moment.  I didn’t at first, until I saw your face.  I didn’t realise that night what I had done to you when I jumped.  But when you looked up and you saw me standing there in that stupid disguise, I saw that I had hurt you so far beyond what I could have ever imagined.  And I knew why you might want to make me feel, for just a moment, even half of what I’d made you feel.  

You didn’t know, John.  You didn’t know about the fresh wounds I was carrying.  You had no way of knowing that, when you threw me down.

I don’t blame you.

May I Deduce You? ~Sherlock Holmes Imagine~ Part 7

Hello humans! Part 7 is up! I hope you guys are liking this! :) 

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6

*Not My Gif*

I felt my whole world come crashing down in front of my eyes. No. It can’t be
true. Were they playing a trick on me? If so, this is way too far.
I shook my head and backed away. I felt tears pouring down my cheeks as John looked
at me. This had to be a dream. I must be dreaming. Why would Sherlock…
I couldn’t even think the words, let alone say them.
“I’m sorry Y/N..” Mycroft said.
I shook my head and turned my back. I ran as fast as my feet would take me. I ran and ran
until my legs felt like they were about to fall off. I could still practically hear his voice
in my head, yelling my name.
Telling me to stop being dramatic.
Making his smart remarks.
Telling me he loved me…
I stopped at a park bench and sat down. I held my head in my hands and broke down. I cried harder
than I ever had before. I could have my heart broken by Jim a million times and it still wouldn’t
equal the pain I was feeling. I held my knees to my chest as I sobbed. I sat there for hours.
“Y/N..” I heard John’s say.
I heard his footsteps get closer and closer, until he they stopped and he sat down next to me. He put
his arms around me and held me close.
I continued to sob into his shirt, when I heard him start crying.
“I know….I know…” I heard him whisper softly.
“What happened John?” I asked him after what felt like forever.
He looked at me with pity in his eyes. He hesitated, then finally spoke up.
“He jumped..off of Bart’s hospital.” He spoke softly.
I closed my eyes tightly and tried to not have another breakdown.
“They found Moriarty’s body at the top of the building.” He continued.
‘I gave him a fall’
“He did it so Jim would let me go..” I spoke as I realized.
“What?” John asked looking down at me.
“He made a deal with Jim. He would give him a fall.. if Jim let me go..This is all my fault..” I said.
“No it’s not.” John said.
“Yes it is. If I hadn’t dated Jim and just listened to Sherlock..” I said.
“No. Y/N this is not your fault. Moriarty is evil. He would of gotten Sherlock to do it anyway.” John said.
I looked down. Even though John told me it wasn’t..I knew it was my fault. Why was I so stupid? Why didn’t I listen to
Sherlock and break it off with Jim? I wasted all my time with Jim and I never realized I wasn’t in love with Jim.
I was in love with Sherlock.

*A Couple Days Later*
John had walked me back to my flat. We had just gotten back from the funeral and I couldn’t bare to see 221B. I couldn’t bare
to see all of his stuff.
John pulled me close and hugged me.
“Stay strong yeah?” He said as he pulled away.
I nodded and tried to smile. I walked into my flat as John went back to his. I laid down on my bed as tears poured down my
cheeks again. This was all my fault. I closed my eyes and tried to take a nap, so I would stop crying.

I smiled at Sherlock who was sitting in his chair. He smiled back and gestured for me to come over. I walked over to him as
he softly put his hands on my cheeks and pulled me down. He placed his soft lips on mine. When I pulled away, I opened my eyes
and it wasn’t Sherlock who kissed me. It was Jim. I screamed and backed away. He smiled an evil smile. I ran into the other
chair and fell to the floor.
“Sherlock is dead….Sherlock is dead…” He sang over and over as he laughed.
I cried as I back away from him.
His voice echoed off the walls. He stood up and kneeled down next to me. He put his face right next to mine and smiled.
“Did you miss me kitten?” He asked with a playful smirk.

I jolted awake from my sleep. It was just a nightmare. I sighed and laid my head back down. This happened over and over. It
was the same nightmare over and over. I tried to distract myself. I worked extra hours, I tried to think of something other
than Sherlock, which was the most difficult thing I ever tried. I still remembered his beautiful blue-green eyes. His soft
lips. His incredible voice.
2 years later, I was still having those dreams. John had met a girl named Mary, who was a total sweetheart, and they started
dating. Me not so much. I just wasn’t up for dating. It didn’t seem fun anymore.  
As I dreamt the same dream again, I was awoken by my phone ringing. I reached over and grabbed it.
1 am.
I saw John’s picture on the screen.
I swiped the screen and answered it.
“Hello?” I answered trying not to sound exhausted.
“Y/N…I need you to come over..” He spoke quietly.
“Is everything okay John?” I questioned.
“Not really.” He said.
I jumped up and slid my shoes on. I didn’t care if I was in my pj’s. Something was wrong with John and I wasn’t wasting any
I ran down to 221B. I ran up the stairs and into the living room. I saw John standing by the door. I grabbed his shoulders and
looked at him head to toe.
“John are you okay?” I asked trying to catch my breath.
“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. Listen we need to talk.” He said, looking upset.
“Is everything okay?” I asked.
He sighed and got ready to talk when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tall figure with curly hair and beautiful eyes.
I looked over and saw him. It felt like time froze when I looked at him. Was my mind playing tricks on me again? He face lit up as he smiled at
me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There he stood.
Sherlock Holmes.

Request an imagine in the ask :)

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"i heard you talking in your sleep" with Sherlock and little sister! reader if you want?<3

Indeed I’ll take this one :D I love the Sherlock and little sister ones :) Thank you, anon!

“I heard you talking in your sleep.”

“Hmm? Oh… I’m sorry…” you sat up groggily and blushed softly, looking up at Sherlock standing over the bed. 

“No need. You have every right,” Sherlock shrugged it off. 

You said, “Do you want your bed back?”

“Absolutely not. John did convince me it was only right to give you the bed since you are our guest. The couch is far less welcoming, but it is fine for now.”

You nodded, “Glad you’re considerate, Sherlock.”

“Oh, by the way, you kept repeating Mycroft while mumbling curses,” Sherlock smirked, “Should I offer my assumptions as to why you hate our brother dear so?”

You blushed and narrowed your eyes, “No.”

“Fantastic, I will. So, you’ve been living with our dear older brother all this time, with occasional visits to Baker Street. And every time you return home, you argue with him when he asks how I’m doing. He’s annoying that way, I know. So you end up locking yourself in the room he provides for you and wait for the next time–”

“Enough! Bloody shit, Sherlock…” you huffed, frowning. 

Sherlock sighed, “I was just getting to the good part where you’d rather spend time with me,” he showed a small smile.

You frowned, blushing again, “Shut up… let me go back to sleep…” you yanked the blankets up above your head, hiding from Sherlock.

The detective sighed, “Should I…. sit with you for a bit? Would that make you… feel better?”

“Piss off…” you grumbled. 

Sherlock frowned, “While normally I wouldn’t mind if you were angry at me, as has been most people in my life, but I’d rather not sleep with you hating me.”

You sighed, “Just don’t go doing drugs. That’s all I ask.”

Sherlock sat down at the edge of the bed, “Get out from under there. I’m trying to be… eck, brotherly.”

You frowned and sat up, tossing the covers off, “What a brilliant way to win me over, brother dear,” you rolled your eyes.

Sherlock grinned, “I’ve just told you how poorly I do the human interaction thing.” 

You scooted over and said, “Sit with me then. I don’t want to be alone,” you finally admitted, “Mycroft leaves me alone all the time.”

Sherlock crawled into the bed with you and he sighed, “I won’t leave you alone, Y/N,” he hesitantly hugged you.

You cuddled into Sherlock and sighed pleasantly, “Why can’t I stay with you?”

“You’re better off with Mycroft. I can’t say more than that.”

You huffed, “Jesus…”

“Go back to sleep,” Sherlock goosed your side.

You jerked and snorted, “Hey! Noho tickling, Sherlock.”

Sherlock grinned, “Who’s tickling?” he flicked his nimble fingers back and forth across your tummy next, his other hand holding your wrist back. 

“Youhuhu, yaha ahaharsehole!”

Sherlock smiled, “We’ll sleep together tonight. Does that sound good? If you talk in your sleep again I will wake you,” he dug into your ribs sharply.

You shrieked and arched your back, “ACK! FIHIHINE!”

Sherlock chuckled softly, removing his fingers from your torso, “I should do that more often. I know how much you love it.”

You blushed, “Don’t ahanalyze me like that, Sherlock.”

“Oh, I will never stop. It’s a gift.”


Life On Mars S02E07 - Sam: You know they’re going to have to arrest you. So why did you call me? Gene: Because if this goes the way it looks like it’s going, I want you to lead the investigation. Sam: You need my help. Gene: Just be the picky pain in the arse you normally are and I should be fine. 

Here’s some non-bellarke questions/thoughts that have been rolling around in my head last night as I was dreaming about The 100 (bellarke):

1. It seems the title The 100 has a whole new meaning now. On purpose??

2. Why would Clarke just leave that list in a desk that anyone can find? Wouldn’t you want to hide it away and never look at it again unless absolutely necessary? But instead, let’s make it easy to find.

3. I was crushed when Murphy said he’s already been working on Abby. I thought you were a non-asshole John! Way to ruin that for me.

4. I am loving the Indra-daughter plot line.

Hey there *waves nervously*

Um, well, I guess I should say thank you for everybody who’s reblogged my Martin Freeman oriented shitposts, and followed me in the past… *looks on clock* 48 hours? Like, guys, you’re totally crazy. Why? Are they that funny?

I love the man and Sherlock and he’s an amazing actor, and I love what he does to his characters. In my silly way I wanted to express that we wouldn’t have the John Watson we grew to love without him because it seems like we could have had a totally different John Watson if it wasn’t for him. I know, those scripts are not final and there was going on a lot of improvisation, and I love what he brought out of the character.

So, thank you Martin Freeman?! *scratches head*

I don’t know what I wanted with all this rambling, I think I’ve lost my string of thoughts.

Oh, and welcome to justshadethings, new followers! I just felt like it’s time for this kind of shit, isn’t it? I’m not good at things like that. Or anything at all…

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Yup, Martin’s reaction totally sums up mine to this fuckery that’s happening in the Sherlock fandom. What? What??

*shade out, into her bush*


David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and John Barrowman at Capital Records (mostly high quality)

From the radio interview, conducted by Denise Van Outen and John Barrowman:

DVO: Did you get attacked on your way in, from fans?
DT: Not attacked…
CT: We got acknowledged
DT: We got acknowledged, welcomed…
JB: They were attacked.  Listen, it’s really weird for me to sit here and interview you guys.
JB: What was your favorite monster, Catherine?
CT: My favorite monster was the Ood.
JB: Why?
CT: Because they remind me of my cat.
JB: You’ve got a pretty ugly cat!
CT: Not that my cat looks like it has giblets falling out of it!  No, honestly, it’s the way… it’s Paul Casey isn’t he?  He plays the hero Ood?
DT: Yeah, yeah, yeah
CT:  He makes them very compassionate, doesn’t he?  And they are!
DT:  That and the fact that those rubbery latex heads, you just wanna bite.
CT:  You just wanna sink your teeth into it. It’s what I want to do to my cat.
DT: Woah.  Squidgy and lovely.  I want to gnaw on an Ood tentacle.
JB: I have to say that, you guys are so weird.

Person: Why don’t you like Mary?

Me: She shot Sherlock Holmes

Person: But look she’s awesome she lets John solve crimes without interfering like his previous girlfriends 

Me: She shot Sherlock Holmes 

Person: But she’s such a badass look she’s not afraid to speak her mind and is very clever 

Me: She SHOT Sherlock Holmes 

Person: okay okay but she only shot the guy John mourned for two years because she loves John so so much

Me: What part of ‘she SHOT Sherlock Holmes’ don’t you understand?

Person: You just don’t like her because she gets in the way of your ship.


It isnt that Max refused to help John, its how she talked to him that bothered me. I get her situation and I get why she’d say no but the condescending way she talked down to him from her perch of better. She talked down amd insulted him as if he was nothing. Lime he wasn’t even someone worth fearing then to take it personal with the name comment. Thats what bugs me. We can argue what was owed or the friendship idea but for a former prostitute to look down her nose at you when all you are asking is money…money she got from her pirate ventures…to save your life. She didnr have to look snd talk to him like vermin. She talked nicer to Berringer.

Wanna Bet?

PART 1/?

Pairing: John Murphy x Reader (College AU)

Author: see-the-fandom-imagines
Warnings: lil’ bit of swearing, mentioning of sex
Word Count: 1932

A/N: This wasn’t a request, but I’m just absolute John Murphy trash and kind of fell in love with this college AU and well, however, I wrote it without even thinking further. Please just tell me if you want me to continue this story!
Summary: Murphy is bored, and then he is surprised. But mostly bored. And broke.

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John Murphy was bored. There was no way else to put it. He leant against a table, his head hurt, it was loud and crowded, and he had no idea why he had agreed to come here in the first place.

„Mbege, this is the worst party you ever made me go to“, he complained to his roommate, who just handed him another beer. „Oh, don’t be a dick, Murphy. It’s not that bad.“
Murphy looked around the small basement, that someone had decorated rather sloppy. It looked more like after a nuclear cataclysm, than anything else. Some lonely garlands were hanging from the ceiling, and the floor was filthy and full with old balloons, that most of the guests had popped hours ago.
Since Mbege first had to persuade Murphy to actually leave his room and join him, they had come rather late, and basically everybody else seemed already to be drunk.
„Yeah, it’s lovely“, he finally sneered, pointing into an edge, where a dark haired boy stood bent over, his body heaving almost rythmically. „I love watching people puke their guts out. It almost has something meditative, don’t you think?“

Mbege scoffed and looked around himself, while Murphy considered if it would be worth to get drunk enough to at least stop loathing everybody around here.

„I may have an idea“, the taller one spoke up, but Murphy remained unimpressed.

„You didn’t even listen.“

„I don’t need to listen. The last idea you had was coming here, and I think the girl this guy over there is almost fucking, is actually a guy.“

„I get it, dickhead, you’re bored, and this party sucks. But what if we make it a little more interesting. At least for ourselves?“
Murphy didn’t answer. He couldn’t say that he wasn’t interested in whatever plan his roommate had thought of, yet, most of this plans always ended in disaster.

But Murphy’s silence didn’t bother him very much, and he just continued talking.
„Okay, what about this. Look over there.“ He pointed with his finger to a place a little to the left from where his gaze had lingered earlier.

„You mean the guy, that probably dies tonight of alcohol poisoning?“

Mbege rolled his eyes. „No, man, I mean the only one at this party, that doesn’t seem completely wasted.“

Murphy looked over to the (h/c) haired girl his friend was talking about. She was in the same course of studies as he was, yet, she was one of the best, while he barely even visited the lectures. He had noticed her before, but he didn’t think Mbege had been referring to her, as he talked about making this lousy party interesting, not getting even more bored than he actually was.

„(Y/n)?“, he asked, visibly unconvinced, that anything involving her could actually be fun.

„(Y/n)“, Mbege confirmed and grinned.
„Okay, that’s it, I’m outta here.“ With these words Murphy pushed himself away from the table he had been leaning on, and placed his bottle on top of it. But Mbege seemed like he didn’t want to give up.
„I heard she’s still a virgin.“

Murphy sighed, increasingly annoyed. „So what?“

„I dare you to sleep with her.“ 

Murphy faltered in his movement. „What?“

„Come on, she’s probably the most modest girl on the entire campus. I bet a hundred bucks, that you can’t score with her.“

„And I thought this idea would be shitty. I was wrong. You actually managed to make it worse.“

Murphy turned around to walk away, but Mbege just chuckled. „Oh, come on, don’t act like you’d be Mr. Moral.“

Murphy lifted his hands, looking at him in mock innocence. „Maybe I’m not, but at least I’m better than shit like you, trying to seduce innocent girls.“

It was quiet for a moment, between the boys, before Mbege burst out in laughter. „Yeah, right. You’re the biggest piece of shit between us all, Murphy, and you know it.“
Murphy scoffed.
„So you’re in? I’ll change the bet to two hundred dollars.“

The boy sighed, and looked over at (y/n), who was sitting alone at the bar, keeping her eye on her friend, who was dancing with some guy in the middle of the room. It wasn’t like he was very fond of (y/n). Truth be told, they had barely even talked to each other yet. It was more than obvious, that he and (y/n) would always be in different worlds; in college, as well as later in life. She would graduate with a perfect score and would probably get some kind of office job, where she could vanish under every other worker, would eventually find a husband until she would become a stay-at-home mom, caring for her three children.
Murphy, on the other hand, wasn’t even sure if he would finish college.

He actually couldn’t care less about her.
And he could really need the money.
„Make it two hundred and fifty“, he said, and shook hands with Mbege, who had a smug look on his face, obviously sure that he would win.
Well, he’d see about that.

(Y/N)’s POV

You sat at the bar, watching your roommate and best friend Raven dance with some random guy, who looked drunk enough to have danced with a palm tree without noticing. In every other situation you would have pulled her away – well, in ever other situation you wouldn’t even have come with her to a party like this – but since her boyfriend had left her for someone else, the only thing you could do was to take care of her and make sure that she wouldn’t sleep with the next best guy, because she was too drunk to realize what she was doing. You sighed, taking another sip of your drink, which you didn’t dare to place on the counter. This place was fishy enough, you didn’t need to challenge it.

You checked your watch, thinking about taking Raven and leave, when you noticed that someone stood in front of you.
„Hey“, he said, making you raise your eyebrow.
„Yes?“ This guy was weird as heck. Yet, you knew him from somewhere.

For a few moments there was nothing than awkward silence between you, and you just began to think, that he, too, was probably too drunk to realize what he was doing. So you put your drink on the counter and got ready to go and get Raven.
„Hey, not so fast“, he said, and you got mentally ready to kick him in his guts and run off.
„…This party blows.“

You scoffed. You didn’t know if you should laugh at this statement, or actually start a conversation.

„Good that this conversation is so interesting“, he continued, letting his gaze wander over the other guests.
„Well, so far I haven’t been the one talking, so the only one making boring conversation is you.“
He turned back to you, looking surprised for a second, before a grin spread over his face.

„I infer from that, that you’re not bored at all, and you completely enjoy this party“, he sneered, looking around once again. 

„First of all. Only boring people are bored. And second off, hey, that is my party.“

The brunette faltered in his movements. „Really“, he said, looking at you, rather non-believing.
„Of course. I actually live here. This basement was my great-grandmothers, and it has been passed around in the family since 1845.“

He wet his lips, looking to the ground, as he finally realized that you were screwing with him. He looked like he wasn’t used to people retorting his sarcasm, and to your great pleasure he seemed amused. „Well, your party sucks“, he said, not hiding the smirk on his face. „I hope your great-grandmother did it better than you.“
„Oh, I don’t think so. We still use her garlands.“

The boy in front of you chuckled, as you pointed at the pulled down decorations, that indeed could have hung here for the last hundred years. „So what are you doing at this lame party, if you hate it, uhm…“

„Ts, the host of the party doesn’t even know my name? I’m disappointed, (y/n).“

You shifted on your chair, ignoring his cocky smile, yet, did not look away from his face. You knew that you had seen him before, plus the fact, that he knew your name could just mean that he had to be in at least some of you lectures. „You think I remember the name of everybody, that keeps skipping class? I definitely have better things to do in life… John! Ha! It’s John!“
Now you just hoped, that this was actually his name. Otherwise this could get very embarrassing for you.
„Wow, I’m impressed. My reputation proceeds me“, he smirked, while you threw a quick glance over his shoulder, just to check if Raven was still there. „It’s Murphy, by the way. No one calls me John.“

„Whatever you say, John.“ You looked back at your watch. It was getting really late, and you had to get up rather early tomorrow. „However, I better pick up Raven, before she does something stupid.“
You pushed yourself up from your chair, and just wanted to walk past Murphy, when he stretched out his arm, blocking your way. „So you just wanna leave me like that?“

You gave him a fake smile, before quickly slipping through under his arm.
„Pretty much, yeah. If you should feel the urge to talk to me again, I will be in the lecture tomorrow.“ And without acknowledging him any further, you went towards Raven to finally release her from talking to an unconscious guy on a chair.

Murphy’s POV

Murphy smirked, as he watched (y/n) go away to pick up her drunk friend. He was quite surprised. This could get actually get pretty interesting. He had always thought her to be the good girl, with the top grades. The boring one, that nobody payed attention to, because she didn’t have anything interesting to say anyway.
As he lost sight of her in the crowd, he made his way back to the table where he had left his roommate a few minutes ago, and in fact, he was still standing there. Well, not alone, but with a rather slutty looking blonde pressed against his lips. A grin grew on Murphy’s face, before he slapped Mbege on the back, and said in a loud voice. „See, I told you you could get someone, even with your herpes.“
Instantly a high squealing noise sounded from the blonde, as she pushed Mbege away, and ran towards the bathrooms, with a more than disgusted look on her face.
„You’re an asshole“, Mbege said, leaning back against the table. It wasn’t like he wouldn’t be used to this. „I guess you owe me two hundred and fifty dollars?“, he asked and ran his hand over his lips, to remove possible smeares of lipstick – or more likely the remains of her saliva – from his face, but Murphy shook his head.
„You never set a time limit. Oh, and red is definitely not your color“, he smirked and pointed at his lips, causing Mbege to rub frantically over his with the back of his hand, even though Murphy was sure this woman hadn’t even used lipstick.
„Nah, still there“, he teased, before he simply went past his friend, and finally out of the stuffy room, heading for the dormitory.

After all, he had to get up rather early tomorrow.

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Lessons in romance. Chapter 16

And here’s a new chapter! I know I said it might took me a while… but well, those essays are boring!

Anyway, enjoy!


“Are you aware your brother is cuddling with John in the library?”

Mycroft hums, not looking up from the document he’s reading. “Why do you think I’m working in the kitchen?” he asks absentmindedly. “You should have seen the glare Sherlock threw my way when I walked in there.”

Gregory huffs, amused. “They’ve made up, then.” Mycroft hums once more, already having gotten bored of the conversation. “You should probably call your pals at MI6; let them know that little favour won’t be necessary after all.”

Mycroft rolls his eyes dramatically. “It was an american freelance team. And I’ve already called them.”

Gregory blinks and Mycroft realizes he was kidding. He blushes a little, feeling a tad embarrassed, but not overly so. Sherlock is his baby brother after all, and so he takes his well being very seriously.

Still, he doesn’t know how to salvage this conversation, since it’s evident he has messed up horribly. “Should I be concerned?” Gregory asks after a while, his tone teasing, aiming for levity and Mycroft attempts to smile reassuringly.

“Of course not,” he replies as calmly as he can, wanting to elaborate despite knowing it’s not particularly wise. “I- This is Sherlock we’re talking about. If you- as heartbroken as I’d be if you decided to break up with me, I assure you you’ll have nothing to worry about.”

“Huh. That’s… reassuring,” he says with a grin and Mycroft knows he’s not being serious and that he believes such time won’t come. He’s not quite so certain himself, although he does believe he wouldn’t wish any ill to befall onto Gregory, even if he left him brokenhearted.

“You realize it’s far more likely it’ll happen the other way around, right?” Gregory asks after a beat and Mycroft looks up from his reading once more, a mighty frown on his face. “Me being the brokenhearted one,” his- boyfriend? clarifies. “You know, everytime I come here I’m half convinced you’ll tell me you’ve decided I’m not worth the hassle.” He smiles self deprecatingly and Mycroft’s frown deepens. “You’re way out of my league, really.”

Mycroft scoffs, standing up and going to his companion, wrapping his arms around his waist and kissing him gently but deeply, determined to show him that he doesn’t think that at all.

He’s the one who got the better deal here, after all.

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