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A Heart in two (KaiSoo)

Again. It’s ringing again. He tried calling me again. I didn’t count but I think it was already more than twenty times but I didn’t pick up the phone once. Why? Because I know what will happen. He will end it completly. Why I am so sure about this? It’s because I fucked up big time, I did something you can’t just look over and say nothing happend. I lost him through my own dumb actions. Nobody should be treated like that. Nobody should experience this pain. I didn’t have a reason to just straight up ignore him and hide everything we have or had. He probably felt that I didn’t love him at all. Yes I wanted to hide our relationship because some might think it is wrong. That wasn’t even the painful part. I left him alone just because my brother found out. Because he said I shouldn’t date him. That nobody will accept us. At first I didn’t care, all that mattered to me was that I love him and nothing can break this but when he threatened to hurt Jongin I couldn’t do anything than to him. I can’t let anything happen to the person I love the most. He means everything to me. And because of that I left him alone. Broke all contact we had just like that and with that I broke his heart and mine. The moment I said it was over I literally heard my heart shatter and his sobs didn’t make it any better, so I just hung up the phone and changed numbers. He somehow still got my new number and is texting and calling me nonstop. I didn’t pick up one call or read one text. If I did I would just break even more. I am broken. Really broken. I don’t even know how I am anymore. It feels like I’m just an empty shell that somehow tries to survive even if it has no reason to live anymore. The only reason I keep on this painful life is him. He’s my only reason. He’s my only one. I hope he moved on and lives his life. Without me. Without a burden that stops him from living freely. Yeah right I’m just a burden nothing more. It’s not easy being in love. Two hearts unit to one. Both want to love the other and also want to be loved back or else it wouldn’t make sense. It would just be a one sided love. Unrequited love. But sometimes one wants more of this love or expects more love. It’s basically like you have one heart for two people and the other wants more than a half of this. If both want this it is not possible. It leads to complications. To problems. What these problems are can differentiate from couple to couple. Our problems lead us to a breakup. Unwanted by both. And this breakup lead to two broken hearts. One surely can’t be healed again no matter how hard they try and with the other heart I don’t know. I really hope he can fix his broken heart. He deserves it, he deserves everything good actually. And I. I deserve everything bad there is. Funny how I’m still not dead. Should I try? Is it worth it? Probably. But still, something holds me back from attempting suicide. Two weeks. It was two weeks since all this happened. It seems like a short time but it isn’t. Two weeks of plain torture felt like months. My brother won’t leave me alone. He says I did the right thing. Yeah sure the right thing. So me being broken is right? Probably. The days dragged on slowly. In these days I tried to at least do something. So this is the day were I will finally go out again. Not really to interact with anyone but to just get out of this suffocating house I once called home. It really isn’t anymore. So as I was outside I listened to some music. “Avere un cuore in due non è facile” It was a song I recently listened to and it fits so well to all what happened the last few weeks. As I walked I didn’t look at my surroundings at all. So as I crossed the road the car that was heading towards me did go unnotices until it hit me. I didn’t scream. I didn’t even feel the pain. I was too shocked. Shocked that I just got hit by a car. Shocked that under the bystanders was him. His eyes went wide. I saw his mouth open and close but heard no sounds. As I hit the road evrything seemed to go in slow motion. He came running to me. Holding me in his arms while crying and everything that left his mouth was a garbled mess through tears and the fact that I really didn’t hear that much of what surrounded me. Surrounded us. Someone probably called an ambulance because a few minutes later I was brought to a hospital by one. Jongin begged to drive with the ambulance. To be with me. If I could I would have smiled but even this was to painful right now. When was the last time I smiled? I don’t know anymore. So as I was in the ambulance Jongin finally got them to let him drive with me. This whole drive he held my hand and cried, telling me to stay awake. To stay with him forever. I just looked at him. No sound leaving me. Everything that happened afterwards seemed to go really fast. I was brought to the Emergency Room. There I fell asleep or the medications made me fall asleep. So the moment I woke up I was confused to find myself in a normal hospital room. So I survived? There was a sound from the door and a nurse walked in, shocked to see me awake. Was I out that long? Seems so. She walked out of the room and got the nearest doctor. “Do Kyungsoo right?” he asked. “Yes that’s me. Why?” he looked at me. “A mild concussion but nothing serious like amnesia.” he mumbled to himself. “I’m Doctor Yoo.” I just nodded in response. “You have a few fractured ribs, a mild concussion and a broken leg. We gladly could stop the inner bleedings you arrived with. If it wasn’t for the person who came with you, you would be dead right now. He gladly did a blood donation so that we could save you.” he said. I let the information sink in. “What person?” I asked. Who came with me again? I seriously can’t remember. “He said is name is Kim Jongin.” Jongin? He really donated blood to save me? To save a person who broke his heart? To he person he should hate? At this moment the door opened again. This time it was him. A tear left my eyes. Why is he here? He walked inside and stood beside my bed. The doctor just said a few other things and then left the room, so I was alone with him now. For a few minutes there was silence. Nobody dared to speak. “What are you doing here?” the words came out harsher than they should. I really am glad that he is here. “Can’t I visit you? Can’t I visit the one I love when he got hurt. When there was this chance that I would lose him forever? Kyungsoo do you seriously think I would leave you alone at times like this?” I just stared at him speechles. He still loved me? “Why would you still love me? After the things I did. Why would you still care about me? I’m not worth it Jongin.” “You are totally worth it Kyungsoo. I don’t care what happend. All I care about is you and that you are safe. That you aren’t hurt. I still love you no matter what.” Tears ran down my face. This were the words I longed to hear. But that this would become real was something I didn’t expect. “Please Kyungsoo. Please try again. I want you back. You are the only one I want. Ever. I don’t care what others say or think all I want is you and you alone.” I cried even more. “I still love you too. So much. But I had to do this. My brother…h-he treathend me that he’ll hurt you. I couldn’t live with the thought that you get hurt because of me. But that is clearly what I did. How could you still want me?” “It’s love Kyungsoo. That’s the reason I still want you. We can work this out together and nothing will stop us.” “I don’t know Jongin. I don’t want to risk losing you again.” “You won’t because I wouldn’t let you. I can’t live without you. So please let’s try this again. Aand this time we are stronger than before. This time we’ll fight.” “Okay. Just let’s not start it here. Let’s go somewhere else. Where no one can find us.” “If that is what you want them we’ll do it” he smiled and kissed my forehead. That was the first time in a long time I smiled. It felt nice to be happy again. He is my happines. The only thing that I need to keep going. He intertwined our fingers and smiled at me. The most beautiful smile on this earth. I smiled back at him. It was sincere. It was meant for him. With that he kissed me tenderly. After our kiss he pulled a chair next to my bed and sat there the whole time talking to me until he had to leave with the promise of coming again. This whole time our fingers stayed locked together in a not to tight grip. With that our love story began again. This time it will be better than the last.

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Interrogation Portion

Author: Emmalee
Player/Team: Colton Parayko/ St. Louis Blues
Prompt: Can you do a Colton Parayko imagine where you are an identical twin and he’s terrified to meet your twin please? ❤️ Ps your imagines give me lifeeee
Rating: Pg
Word Count: 600 Words
A/N: I’m glad as hell that I am your source of life lmao. Enjoy!! I should hopefully be able to update even more later today.

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The 7 Elements of a SCENE

There are few things as soul-crushing in the writing process (at least to me) than getting a bunch of characters in a room with the intention of something happening, then the characters proceed to stand around and stare at each other.  

Or worse, look at you like this. 

My characters didn’t know why they were there. I didn’t know why they were there either. I had no clue what they were supposed to be doing, so I’d start throwing random instructions at them: “Fight, characters! You guys should fight now! Maybe fighting will make this event have a purpose!” Which inevitably resulted in characters going through the motions of battle for no apparent reason, like they had all lost their minds.

What was the problem? I didn’t know how to write a scene. I didn’t know what a scene was. I had a vague definition that it was something about changing scenery, or just “something happening”.

It’s not. And once I learned what a scene was, my characters got to stop pummeling each other, while wishing they could pummel me. 

So what is a scene? 

The definition of a scene is kind of like the definition of a story. Story is change, a massive change in the life of your main character. A scene is change too, but much smaller, and part of that huge story change. You couldn’t have the BIG change without these tiny changes. Thus, a scene is not switching scenery. It’s not flipping to a new Character’s POV. It’s one segment of change, which triggers the next change, which triggers the next, which gradually build into sequences, which build into Acts, which build into story. 

So what goes into a scene? How does it work?

1. Alternating Charges

If a scene opens positive, it will turn negative by the end. If it opens negative, it will end positive. Simple. 

2. Character Goals

Everybody in a scene wants something. If they don’t want anything, they shouldn’t be in the scene. And these characters, with their often opposing goals, are going to employ different tactics on each other to get what they want. Which creates …

3. Escalating Conflict

Conflict is created when one character wants one thing and another wants something else, right? So the characters in the scene are each pushing for something different, each new tactic increasing in determination. And what are these actions called?  

4. Beats

The beats of a scene are exchanges of action and reaction. One character does something, another character reacts. All exchanges (beats) are pushing the scene onward, building tension and conflict, until finally …

5. Turns & Revelations

The scene turns. The positive has changed to negative. Something has been discovered. The story has spun in a new direction.

6. Connection to Story Objective

Every scene must be connected to the BIG goal of the story, the main character is taking small actions to reach that big goal. If it isn’t obviously connected to this big plot, it won’t make sense. Your reader won’t know why the heck they’re reading the scene. Which brings us to … 

7. Logic & Necessity  

Every scene must be necessary. It must be able to be linked with the previous scene. “Because that happened in the previous scene, THIS must happen in this scene.”

So! To see how that all works, let’s break down a scene from Tangled. (Because I used it in the last post to map out how a premise works, and my little writer heart can’t resist symmetry.)

Which scene? The one right after this happens: 

Opening Charge: Positive. She’s realized everything. 

Rapunzel’s Goal: Rise up against her mother – finally. 

Gothel’s Goal: Regain control.

Escalating Conflict: They’re fighting over who controls Rapunzel, and this battle causes them to go from “mother and daughter” to “enemies”. The conflict builds nicely in this scene, causing the story turn.

Connection to Story Objective: Throughout the movie, the big thing Rapunzel wants is freedom, she wants her life to begin, she wants to have a new dream. This is the moment she figures out how to do that; it’s not escaping the tower, it’s escaping Gothel’s control over her.

So! Here’s the scene.

Beat 1

“Rapunzel? Rapunzel, what’s going on up there?”

Ignores her. Still processing the tremendous implications of this revelation. 

Beat 2

“Are you alright?" 

"I’m the lost princess.” (Dumbfounded. Almost whispering it to herself.)

Beat 3

“Oh, please speak up Rapunzel! You know how I hate the mumbling.” (Bullying.)

“I am the lost princess! Aren’t I?” (Fighting back. She will not be bullied anymore.)

Beat 4

Gothel stares, stunned. She’s rendered temporarily speechless, because her secret’s been revealed finally, and her victim is actually fighting against her.

“Did I mumble, Mother? Or should I even call you that?” (Accusing. Drawing herself up taller. Looking down on Gothel and glaring. She’s seeing her clearly for the first time in her life.)

Beat 5

After a pause, thinking up a tactic. “Oh, Rapunzel, do you even hear yourself? How could you ask such a ridiculous question?” (Laughs. Ridicules. Attempts to make her feel childish, dumb, worthy of being mocked. Tactics which have always worked. She even begins to hug her.)

Rapunzel pushes her. “It was you! It was all you!” (Still accusing and angry, but pain is beginning to show. It’s almost like she’s giving her a chance to explain herself.)

Beat 6

“Everything I did was to protect you.” (And Gothel doesn’t say anything redeeming. She’s holier than thou, regal, bestowing kindness on an ungrateful, stupid child. Trying to control through guilt.)

Rapunzel rams her out of the way. 

Beat 7

“Rapunzel!” (Shouting. Now trying anger.)

“I’ve spent my entire life hiding from people who would use me for my power …” (Leaves her.)

Beat 8

"Rapunzel!” (Still trying the anger angle.)

“But I should have been hiding from you.” (Throwing the truth at her.)

Beat 9

“Where will you go? He won’t be there for you.” (She’s tried everything else. It’s time to attack her heart.)

“What did you do to him?” (Fear)

Beat 10

“That criminal is to be hanged for his crimes.” (She’s keeping up the disapproving mother act, but striking her right where it will hurt her most.)

“No.” (She’s stopped. Shrinking in on herself. Staring, horrified. And Gothel thinks she’s won.)

Beat 11

“Now, now.  It’s alright. Listen to me. All of this is as it should be.” She goes to pat Rapunzel’s head, a gesture symbolic of her superiority, her physical, mental, and emotional control over her victim.

Rapunzel grabs Gothel’s wrist. “No! You were wrong about the world. And you were wrong about me! And I will never let you use my hair again!" 

Beat 12

Gothel wrenches free, stumbling backwards in shock and anger, breaking the mirror in the process. 

Rapunzel walks away. She’s escaped Gothel emotionally now.

Beat 13

"You want me to be the bad guy? Fine. Now I’m the bad guy.” (Well, now emotional control is over. It’s time to start stabbing Rapunzel’s boyfriend.)

This action has no reaction, interestingly. It leaves us hanging, a cliffhanger created with only beats. 

Closing Charge: Negative. She’s now a full-fledged villain, the motherly persona shed, and she’s determined to get what she wants whatever the cost. 

Turn: It changed from positive to negative,  and now we’ve got a Flynn-stabbing witch to deal with.  

Revelation: She’s always been evil. She has always been the bad guy. The motherly act was just that, an act. 

Logic & Necessity: This scene fits with the previous scene, and the one that follows.     

Though I’ve seen these concepts in many books, the place I first learned about it (and the best resource for scene design in my opinion) is the book Story by Robert McKee. It’s helped me countless times, is one of my favorite books on storytelling, and I highly recommend it if you write anything.

I realize that these definitions were a little vague, so I’ll be explaining things more thoroughly in subsequent posts. 

Harsh words sentence starters || Send one for my muse’s reaction


 "You’re embarrassing!“
"You act like a fucking child.”
 "Sometimes I can’t remember why I ever loved you in the first place.“
 "What did I tell you about trying to hold my hand in public?”
 "I don’t want people to know that I’m dating you!“
 "You’re pathetic…”
 "You make me sad. Just looking at you…“
 "I can’t be around you anymore.”
 "You’re not worth it.“
 "You’re nothing. Not to me. Not to anyone.”
 "Stop looking at me like that…like you’re expecting me to care. You should know better by now.“ "You’re useless.”
 "Loving you was the most idiotic thing I’ve ever done.“
 "Pretending to love you was excruciating.”
 "You thought I could really love someone like you?“
 "I’m just…getting tired of you.”
 "I have to get out. You’re ruining my life.“
 "I used to dream about you but now you’re the star of my nightmares.”
 "You’re a disappointment.“
 "I tried to love you..I really did.”
 "You’ll never be anything to me.“
 "I wished you realized how much I’ve grown to loathe you.”
 "You’re so ignorant.“
 "You look ridiculous!”
 "I’m not going out with you in public looking like that.”
 "Every one makes fun of you.“
 "You make me look bad.”
 "You’re a waste of time.“
"I’m not yours anymore!”
 "It’s not [her/him]! It’s anyone! I could love anyone more than I love you.“
 "You don’t deserve me.”

Transcript of “THE DOUCHEBAG”

(Isak is on the phone with Eskild)

Isak: No, but Eskild, if he’s sleeping, then just let him sleep.

Eskild: So I shouldn’t wake him up and ask how he’s doing?

Isak: No, why should you do that?

Eskild, No, I don’t know. You told me I was supposed to look after him.

Isak: Yeah, I told you to keep an eye on him because he’s depressed, not watch over him like he’s a baby. Just let him sleep.

Eskild: Yeah, I think he just woke up. Talk to you later.

Vilde: Hi Isak!

Isak: Hi Vilde.

Vilde: Did you see the message I posted in Kosegruppa?

Isak: Uhh.. Yeah, Kosegruppa.. No, I didn’t.

Vilde: Why are you laughing?

Isak: No, I had just almost forgotten Kosegruppa existed.

Vilde: You’re still in? The revue starts now. You can’t just be in on the partying and not the work.

Isak: Of course I’m still in on Kosegruppa, Vilde! What do you think of me?

Vilde: Yeah, because all the groups are going to have a Christmas gathering on Friday and the rave pre-party at yours went so well, so I was wondering if we could have it at your place?

Isak: Yeah. 

Vilde: Yeah? Is it cool with your flat mates?

Isak: Yeah, it’s probably fine.

Vilde: Good! Then I’ll send out the invitations. 

Isak: Go ahead!

Isak: Hey.

Emma: Hi.

Isak: There’s this douchebag in second grade who’s going to have this Christmas gathering with Kosegruppa on Friday, so he’s wondering if you want to come because he thinks that would be very nice.

Emma: I have switched to th PR-group, so..

Isak: I understand.

Emma: But you should tell the douchebag I’m very glad he asked.

Isak: Yeah, I’ll tell the douchebag. He’ll appreciate that. 

Emma: Do that.

Isak: Yes.

Emma: Yeah, bye. 


He had wanted to die.

He had wanted to die on Starkiller, wanted to be absorbed into the scarlet infinite of the universe, to be consumed by the astral expulsion of matter, the ultimate ascension into perpetuity, to be forever sublimated as energy from the galaxy’s greatest weapon, the fearsome child of his own making swallowing him back up into the great, gaping, maw of its event horizon.

He had tasted the metal of the blaster against the flat of his tongue: sour and bright. He had closed his eyes and tried to think of a crimson wave of light. Instead, he had seen a field of snow.

His wet-eyed, shaking, paralytic silence is his refusal. Ren is correct: he is a disgrace. He blinks, drops his gaze.

“Coward,” says Ren.

“Get fucked,” he says. (His voice breaks. It sounds so weak.)

Aware of His Own Halo by @badspacebabies

I finally read the fic and I just can’t??? There’re so many moments I adore but had to draw this one or I might have exploded.

I knew that look dear
Eyes always seeking
Was there in someone
That dug long ago
So I will not ask you
Why you were creeping
In some sad way I already know

So I will not ask you where you came from 

I would not ask, and neither would you

Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips 

We should just kiss like real people do~

Hozier’s Like Real People Do played through my head the whole time I read this scene 

This is it. this is the scene that wrecked me. I haven’t even finished reading this fic…. 


In the AU when Galra!Keith learn that Altean!Lance is the prince

(Just a tiny scene i had in my head.XD might end up drawing it.:))





Galra! Keith- I… I WAS BUSY! I don’t follow the news that much, its normally just a bunch of gossip!! AND I DIDN’T TOUGHT THE PRINCE WOULD BE THE KIND TO GO FLIRTING AROUND LIKE THAT!

Altean! Lance - FIRSTLY, I DON’T “FLIRT AROUND” AND SECONDLY , YOU….er….you looked cute thats all. *pout*

Galra! Keith- WELL….erm…i tought it was kinda cute that you said you where the prince when you…hrm…flirted…with me….

Altean! Lance- ….

Galra! Keith-….

I love this screencap for several reasons. 

  • They’re pouting
  • They’re pouting because Allura fucking throw green go at Pidge.
  • Pidge’s face screams: you dare to mess up with me bitch? bring it on. 
  • Keith. Looks. So. Pissed. Why you dare to mess up with Pidge, Allura? Pidge is the darling of Voltron and you should know that already. 
  • They’re pouting
  • Keith says, “Pidge go loose”, and then he fucking tries to attack the princess like can this guy chill.
  • They’re both amazing together and I hope we get to see more of their friendship in second season, all I’m saying. 
Yes I get jealous
Yes I get over protective
Yes I get a little clingy from time to time
And yes I’ll drive you insane sometimes to make sure you’re okay but it’s only because I love you. I love you and I can’t lose you because if I lost you my whole world would be crushed. If I can’t have you in my life there is no point in living anymore. You’re the reason I get up in the morning and why I keep going on the bad days. But there are never really bad days when I have you. You never even have to say anything because just when I look at you it’s like all my problems disappear and nothing else matters except you and me in that moment. So if I were to ever lose you, my whole life would be one bad day knowing I can’t see you to make it better. I will do everything in my power to keep you safe and to make sure that you feel loved and special like you should always feel. So I’m going to be over protective and jealousy sometimes to know that you’re safe here with me forever. And it’s all because I love you.
—  I love you

have some more “YAT” images from muh DA

and yeah, Molly’s adopted :>


(This edition of the manga reads left-to-right).

BTS as things my friends have said

Namjoon: “Nothing happened. You didn’t see anything. I didn’t just drop my drink, and the lamp is not broken. Stop looking at me.”

Jungkook: “You should come to the gym with me some time! I go at 8 every morning… Why are you looking at me like that? What? Don’t most people?!”

Seokjin: “I’m making dinner, and no, I don’t need your help. Last time was a bit… Tell you what. How about you sit waaay over there and grate the cheese.”

Hoseok: “Those people just gave us a weird look but like?? What’s weird about skipping through six flags? The real question is why aren’t they skipping too?”

Taehyung: “You guys all know that I’m secretly a furry, right?”

Yoongi: “How about everyone else goes for a walk and leaves me alone to sleep on the couch.” *Is asleep in 0.2 seconds*

Jimin: “I’m not cute!! I’m SCARY! Fear me! … Can I have a cookie please?”

A/N Obviously this is just for fun. I’ve seen some of these floating around tumblr and I thought “my friends say all kinds of weird things” and decided to do one of my own (it took like 2 minutes but it was fun). <3

shit my friends insist i said more than once sentence starters;
  • ❝can you believe my sister commented on my last instagram picture that i look like satan?❞ 
  • ❝listen… i may be tiny but my kicks can reach very high don’t try me. ❞
  • ❝ actually, you’ve got it all wrong, darling. my middle finger salutes you. ❞
  • ❝ i look like shit, this is exactly why no one wants to date me. ❞
  • ❝ did you know in that in eighth grade i kicked someone’s knee and broke it? ❞
  • ❝ he deserved it, no one fucking compares me to a semi-trailer and gets away with that. ❞
  • ❝ do i look like my brother’s keeper to you? ❞
  • ❝ the best thing that happens when couples combine their names on facebook is that you can block them both in one press. ❞
  • ❝ you know, it’s so weird that the saying is butterflies in your stomach, it should me just flies because usually the person you fall for is a piece of shit. ❞
  • ❝ you know you should all just break up with your boyfriends and just date me, we could be each other’s sisters wives. ❞
  • ❝ yes it is morning, good however it is not. ❞
  • ❝ why do birthdays happens only once a year? i want to get birthday gifts every week.
  • ❝ i’m literally the biggest sinner in this city. ❞
  • ❝ how does my grandma always sees me from her window, for fucks sake, there’s a building in front of hers! ❞
  • ❝ i just hope my grandma won’t tell my mom she saw us kiss.. ❞
  • ❝ if you piss me off one more time i will throw my phone at your face. ❞
  • ❝ scaring people is kinda my thing. ❞
  • ❝ what do you mean thanks? bow down to your fucking queen. ❞
  • ❝ what do you mean thanks? lose your clothes. ❞
  • ❝ why yes, throwing water balloons at our boss is a good idea. ❞
  • ❝ well you see there’s thing thing called google, how about you use that instead of driving me nuts. ❞
  • ❝ oh for the love of god, all i wanted was a bit of silence and rihanna’s voice is that so fucking bad? ❞
  • ❝ we should watch porn together, that will be fun. ❞
  • ❝ who’s idea was it to do this again? ❞
  • ❝ i swear i’m a nice person once you get to know me. ❞
  • ❝ i am not a midget! i’m 5′0 for godness sake! ❞
  • ❝ when will the aliens save me from this awful planet? ❞
  • ❝ do you think anyone will notice if i burnt down the school? ❞
  • ❝ honestly, who cares, i mean if i break my leg then i will get babied by you so just push me off the bar i beg of you. ❞
  • ❝ i wish i was an ice cream cone. ❞
  • ❝ you can’t handle being punk rock, you can barely handle being cheesy pop. ❞
  • ❝ if you punch me in the face i’ll give you a dollar. ❞
  • ❝ honestly i’ll give everything for the hulk to fight me. ❞
  • ❝ i feel as if someone is baking me in an oven. ❞
  • ❝ do you think i’ll be a good wife? ❞

You’re kissing me gently
The way I like it
And all I can think is,
“You’re so lovely,
And you’re so mine.”

I know a lot of things are just meant to be temporary.
Distance sometimes kills a long-time love
No matter how hard you fight it
And “I miss you” sometimes loses its meaning
No matter how much you try to mean it
But why should it matter, how long our love lasts?
With you, I always get lost in time.
We could be together for an eternity
And I still wouldn’t have enough.

You look at me inquisitively and smile.
I can’t help but smile back
Because my heart feels warm whenever you’re around
Like it’s a fountain of sunlight that’s spilling over the edges,
Drowning everyone in proximity with a loving light.

You smile
And I melt into sunlight.
Oh god, you’re lovely
And oh god, you’re mine.

—  A dedication to the light of my life

ch. 186 highlights!

  • this is probably the first time He Tian has friends over and he looks so happy and relaxed. his apartment is no longer empty. the parallel is beautiful.
  • basically the first thing Jian Yi does is to push Zhengxi down on He Tian’s bed and tell him they should “sleep here tonight” aka together aka just the two of them ok Jian Yi alright [coughs] dropping hints, I see.
  • and He Tian kicks them the way he always does because he’s just so tired of their gayness [lowkey no.1 shipper]
  • Guan Shan threatens them with a green onion like ‘I’m not afraid to use it’ HOW’S THAT NOT ADORABLE
  • Zhengxi is #done with this shit like ‘why am I here help’ [he looks grumpier this time? hmm maybe not]
  • He Tian asks Guan Shan to teach him how to chop an onion, in the cutest way possible “how should I know if you don’t teach me..” [internal screaming]. and I bet his wound still hurts, but even so, he sits there beside him, smug and shit and they’re newlyweds af. 
  • Jian Yi asks He Tian if he has ever kissed someone before, which is a great thing because it means he will no longer avoid what happened. maybe? are they finally going to discuss about it, on their way back home or? the timing is interesting, too. he didn’t want Zhengxi to hear him. so maybe he’s still afraid to have a conversation with him, right now he’s probably looking for some sort of advice. for how long has he been thinking about this? hmm. good. 
  • of course He Tian proudly says yes and Guan Shan glares at him and… HE’S SO FLUSTERED!! cute lil precious bean. for the first time he’s blushing so so bad because of him. the things He Tian does and says used to annoy him, mostly, but this, /this/ is different. this means a lot. his reaction might suggest that he… is slowly falling for He Tian. that he isn’t “disgusted” at all [well, we didn’t really believe that, did we]. I mean, why so conscious if you don’t care? …. tbh I don’t even know why I’m saying this, we’ve seen how much he cares for him, especially in the previous chapter, and this confirms further that there’s a change [excited? well, I fucking am]
  • “That feeling was very intense/deep.” — idk about you, but for me, this sounds like a well-wrapped love confession! teasingly, of course, he wants Guan Shan to hear it. and Guan Shan’s reaction is probably the kind of reaction He Tian secretly wished for. underneath his teasing attitude, maybe He Tian simply wants Guan Shan to.. understand that this is actually serious. that the kiss meant something for him. we’ll see.  
Keith being impressed by Lance’s badassery is a thing ...

… or at least, I want to believe it’s a thing. I want to make it a thing, hence why I wrote the Keith unintentionally spies on Lance in the training room fic. I mean, look at this little badass:

Look at Keith’s reaction to them “being a good team” and, yes, I know I’m the one millionth person to point this out, but I feel like there’s respect and camaraderie in that gaze:

(Gif by Jinxette from Voltron’s wiki.)

Except, you know, what I wrote in fic form was less Keith being all good team battle-bud camaraderie and more holy crap Lance is actually kicking ass and taking names so now he should definitely take me — what?

Or something like that ;D

I followed through on my promise to gather it all up as a one-shot (with a newly added epilogue), and posted on AO3: 

Like a Bolt from the Blue …

… because Keith felt attacked by his sudden feels/desires for Lance since they came out of nowhere for him. Poor Paladin ;)

You know Jawnlockers

The biggest moment I fell in fierce love for Molly Hooper was the moment she said, “I don’t count.” I’ve always loved her until that point, but this is when it stopped being a crush and became “I will twist someone’s balls for you” kind of affection.

Look at her face when she said that. She is terribly self-aware of her worth in Sherlock’s life. She knows she is only useful to Sherlock at some instances. She knows he is not interested in a relationship. But she doesn’t demand anything more from him. She goes on dates, she dresses up, has fun etc. She doesn’t sulk and cry about it, because that to me, that is demanding something from the other person. “Why am I not happy? This person should make me happy, look at all I do for him!” Molly Hooper isn’t like that. She just simply… Cares. I daresay it makes her happy and content to be able to care for someone. All she wants is the opportunity to help her friend, Sherlock, when he needs it. Even as the episodes progress from that moment, I have never seen Molly demand for anything. She doesn’t act like anybody to Sherlock, but a friend. If there were any romantic undertones at all, it is very subtle. This is the kind of angle we like. Sherlock is a difficult man. But we find Molly Hooper’s love for him pure and redemptive. Maybe… Just maybe, this is the kind of love Sherlock needs. A love that understands. Doesnt demand. Doesn’t challenge. Simple and straightforward. Just a constant, quiet force that he can rely on when he needs to. We fantasize about the eventual catharsis, yes: The moment Sherlock decides he needs this kind love and returns it back. but like our hero Molly Hooper, we are content to simply… be.

You know what this reminds me of? The Sherlolly fandom. Like Molly, most of us are terribly self-aware of our worth. Molly Hooper is not an ACD character so we know that she will always take less preference than the canon ones. Most of us don’t even want our ship to be canon. What we want, really, is to be happy to ship two characters we like. We don’t deserve judgement or chastising. We don’t deserve mockery. We most certainly don’t deserve hate. We are content in our place, and while we hope and want things, we certainly don’t demand it.

So please, just let us ship in peace. Let us continue being ourselves and liking the stuff we like. Like Molly Hooper, we are content with our place under the sun.

What Cersei Should Have Done in Game of Thrones
  • Ned: Cersei, I know you are an adulteress and your children are not Robert's.
  • Cersei: Why do you think that?
  • Ned: Two Baratheon-Lannister marriages a hundred years ago produced black-haired kids. And Robert has three bastards with dark hair. Your kids are blond.
  • Cersei: Yes. Like me.
  • Ned: And Joffrey looks nothing like Robert. My daughter Sansa pointed that out.
  • Cersei: Isn't she one of the four out of your six kids who look nothing like you?
  • Ned: ...
  • Cersei: Fuck off, Ned.
  • The end.
When you find out there’s a BTS comeback in February

So I decided to make a quick imagine cuz I just got the news that they’re coming back next month like WTF?? I know I should be happy but everything is happening so fast that I wonder if they had enough time to rest >< 

Note: Jimin is the cutest mochi ever

Y/N: *stares at phone in disbelief* WHAT THE FUCK??


Y/N: *speed dials Park That Ass Jiminie*

JM: *staring at the phone ringing* it looks like Y/N found out

JM: *picks up* Hey Y/N Wha-


JM: *chuckles* the secret’s out eh?



JM: *smiles* You’re so cute

JM: You should be saying words of encouragement to me instead


JM: *shakes head* aisshh this girl, you worry too much

Y/N: *pouts* hmph, why can’t I worry? You always work so hard and practice so hard that you don’t even get proper sleep 

JM: Trust me Y/N, it’s to make sure that I don’t make any mistakes and be able to showcase a better performance you know~

Y/N: …..

JM: If you keep worrying like this, you’ll start bleeding out of your nose 

Y/N: *scoffs* Did you know that you’re an ass?

JM: I know but at least I have a big one *smiles


JM: *giggles*


Y/N: *sigh* If you think I’m gonna let you off the hook this easy-

JM: *throws a heart* I love you too 

Y/N: *cheeks reddening* I.. hmph. love you too idiot..

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