why are you looking at joe like that

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Has jack moved into the building joe lives in? in joe's new vlog when he was saying 'We're great neighbours, great neighbourhood' or whatever you could just hear jack saying 'yeah we're neighbours' and i'm sure its the same lift


I cant believe more people aren’t talking about this. You’re 100% right, Joe did say “we’re great neighbors” to Jack and Jacks new flat looks EXACTLY like joes (same doors, same flooring, same kitchen layout basically). So, unless everyplace in London just looks the same, lol, it seems to me that he’s moved into the same building :)))))))))))))

Is this an analysis? I don’t even know

Caspar: This is my friend Joseph Sugg

Joe: Don’t you say roommate anymore? Say roommate, for old times’ sake

Caspar: *laughs while crying inside*

Look at them I’m crying I can’t

Joe: Where are we going?

Joe’s excitement though and look at Caspar look at him just rip my goddamn heart out why don’t you

I can’t with them fuck this

Joe: I know you’ve got a toaster because when you moved in I had to help you set it up


Joe: Come here

The way Caspar looks at him I can’t

Caspar: Bullshit! You wouldn’t have said a year

He knows oh my

I can’t even

Caspar: It’s something very special, not many people in the world have it

Joe: A Caspar Lee book?

Look how he made Caspar laugh aww

Caspar: I feel like you take condoms everywhere, cause you always think you’re gonna get lucky

Well in that case it doesn’t seem so unlikely Caspar

Look at their happy faces <333

That was the best part though :’D

I don’t think I can come up with an appropriate caption for this

Carrying on with the bloopers

Caspar: Come a bit closer

Joe: Baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover

Why what a well fitting song Joe

Just stop will you

Caspar is just so fascinated by every word Joe says why does this hurt so much


Can I just say I missed this

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Hi! Sorry to bother you but the link to DBC isn't working for me do you know why?

Look’s like it’s a url change! It was literally working last night lol, sorry about that guys!

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here you are:

DBC -  It’s 1995 and five kids are stuck in detention the night of year eleven prom. There’s the bad boy; Dan, with his battered leather jacket, bad attitude and lame crush on Phil, the hot-headed geek who hates him. Then there’s Emma; the strange red-head with no voice, Louise, the pretty rich girl and Joe, the guy who’s captain of every sport in the school, but his only interest is drama.  Something happens that night, forever trapping the five of them in Batley Arts High School. They maintain their ambitions and aspirations despite being dead for twenty years…

- Eliza

This is kind of random because this video is so old, but still I felt like it deserved a kind-of-analysis just because of the feels (you can watch the video in this post by @inlovewithjaspar)

Joe: I haven’t seen Caspar in over a month!

Oli: Who did you miss more, me or Joe?

Because we can’t tell from this video at all

Caspar: Who did I miss more, you or Joe?

Yeah tell us Caspar because we can’t tell AT ALL

Oli: I feel very left out

Oli: I feel very very left out

Aw mate but why would you

Joe: Look at Oli third-wheeling us

I think rarely has anyone ever third-wheeled harder than Oli right now

*Titanic theme tune*

Joe: Aw I missed you man

Again, we could hardly tell





Caspar is so going in for a kiss fuck me and my life

Then Joe remembered that this was live on camera

Caspar: I missed you so much

Oli: I missed you too, buddy


Caspar: I missed you so much!


Joe’s smile I can’t he missed his fragile little bean so much it hurts

And look at Oli’s face of resignation

But in the end I think we can all agree that there has rarely been a video that managed to put so much love in just one minute


Pairing: Josh Pieters X Reader

Request: No

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt: I felt like writing Christmas fluff

“Why are you so nervous, (Y/N), we have this YouTube Christmas party thing every single year.” Your best friend and flatmate Conor asked with a knowing look on his face. Blushing you finished off your makeup sat at the foot of his bed as he looked through his Christmas jumpers. 

“Since me, you and Jack made that stupid deal when we were drunk, I can’t believe you’re sticking to it.” You sighed, Jack and Conor had made a deal with you that you would kiss Josh by the end of the party or you’d have to let them pick your videos every week for a month, no exceptions.  

“We’re doing you a favour, you’ve liked him since you moved here like two years ago, and even before that when he flew over from South Africa. (Y/N), it’s been years.” Conor prompted you. 

Nodding to yourself you picked up the outfit and headed to your own room to change and mentally prepare yourself not to word vomit when you saw Josh tonight since he’d just gotten home from South Africa, he decided to visit early this year to have Christmas at home then come back to spend Christmas with you, Jack and Conor. 

Pulling on the baggy ‘KISS ME UNDER THE MISTLETOE’ black jumper, black skirt and small heeled boots you smiled to yourself in the mirror. Packing your bag with your phone, emergency lip gloss and mints. 

“Knock knock, I come bearing alcohol.” You heard Jack say from the other side of your door, smiling at him you let him in and sat down with him on your bed. 

“So?” He asked as you sipped the vodka and coke he handed you, a blush rushing to your cheeks. 

“What?” You asked innocently, making him roll his eyes. 

“You gonna kiss him?” He asked, you couldn’t stop yourself from smiling, before nodding.

 “Yeah, I am but like what if he doesn’t kiss me back or anything and I ruin Christmas tomorrow because it’s all awkward.” You sighed, overthinking had always been one of your worst traits. 

“Well, that isn’t going to happen. Trust me, Josh wouldn’t be a dick about this (Y/N).” Jack said, you nodded again before Conor came to tell you both the taxi was here. 

“Down that and grab your bag.” Jack winked, pulling a santa hat onto his head. 

“Bet the girls love that.” You laughed, walking with him to the taxi. 

“It’s how Jack gets the girls, dresses up as sexy santa.” Conor laughed making you all laugh. 

Shortly after you all arrived at the location of the party; Oli’s house. You piled out of the taxi and into his apartment, music was blasting and everyone looked super festive. 

“Josh here yet?” Conor asked Oli as he welcomed you in.

“Don’t think so mate, think he said something about dropping off his bags before getting here.” Oli shouted over the loud music. 

You danced to the music, drank, ate and had a laugh with everyone there as the night progressed. Conor and Joe were planning a video together and Jack was with Oli trying to open a bottle of goodness knows what, so you decided to finally go pee. The bathroom half muted the songs and left you alone to take everything in for a minute, you pulled out your phone and checked Josh’s twitter. 


He tweeted that 10 minutes ago, so he really should be here now, you began to worry you wouldn’t get your chance before someone knocked on the bathroom door. 

“Just a minute!” You shouted, cleaning yourself up and checking the mirror before opening the door. 

“I’m so sorry I really didn’t mean to take that long-” You began before you scanned the tall figure, with the ginger hair and kind eyes. “Josh!” You squealed, hugging him as he laughed. 

“Hey, (Y/N), how are you?” He asked, you nodded pulling back. 

“I’m good, so good. How are you? How was South Africa?!” You asked, you couldn’t be any happier that he was back home. 

“Home was nice, I like little breaks of family time because it makes it really special whenever I see them again. I miss them so much sometimes but when I’m away I miss London and you guys.” He smiled, you’d settled on the couch. 

“I get what you mean, it’s just good to have you back.” You smiled, he wrapped his arm around you pulling you close. 

“Oh, I almost forgot! I got you something from home.” Josh said, pulling a small, blue velvet bag out from his pocket. 

“Josh, Christmas isn’t until tomorrow!” You objected, but he handed it to you anyway. 

“This isn’t for Christmas.” He smiled, you curiously opened the little bag to reveal a silver necklace with a crescent moon charm. 

“Just for when I go away, I thought it would be nice since my mum always said we’re never apart because we both look at the same moon. It’s the same with you, (Y/N), we’re never apart because we always look at the same moon.” He said, you wiped away happy tears as he began to lean in, you closed the gap between you both and kissed him softly. 

“Well, looks like we didn’t need to buy mistletoe.” Jack said, making you laugh. 

The Lords As Memes

I’m sorry I have to it is my destiny

Nobunaga: Navy Seal Copypasta/Salt Bae (he’s just so dramatic???? nobu why u do dis)

Mitsuhide: This is Fine (yoooo honnoji amirite i’m so sorry)

Yukimura: INIGO MONTOYA or, alternatively, this

Saizo: Why the fuck you lyin’ (Me @ Emotionally Unavailable Saizo™: ᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐ ºʰ ᵐʸ ᵍºᵈ ˢᵗºp fᵘͨᵏ'ⁿ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ)

Masamune: Cinnamon Roll Types (he’s ‘looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll’, if you were wondering)

Kojuro: Don’t talk to me or my son(s) ever again; bone app the teeth

Shigezane: Joe Biden (let’s face it, Biden and Obama are basically Shige and Masa)

Hideyoshi: You VS The guy she tells you not to worry about (I’m thinking very specifically of the Harambe version)

Inuchiyo/Toshiie: Moon Moon/Gabe the Dog(Bork)rip

Ieyasu: smile.jpg; Petty Skai Jackson (idk whenever I think of yasu I think scary petty child I’m sorry)

Mitsunari: Me, an intellectual inhale my Richard mitsun

Kenshin: HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA pls don’t kill me

Shingen: Get you a man who can do both

BONUS: Side Lords

Hanbei: And Not A Single Fuck Was Given

Yasumasa: Howbow Dah (scary petty child #2)

Kanetsugu: This is why we can’t have nice things (they don’t even have nice things, just all the trash Kenshin refuses to throw away)

Sakon: She’s A Wolf In Mouse Clothing (I haven’t even played Mitsunari’s route what am I doing)


Helloooo! This is really random but I quite like it, I mean it’s alright so why not post it? I REALLY NEED REQUEST GUYS! I am in a lack of inspiration lately but thanks to the lovely @twistedlywrites I do have a few ideas! But please, you need to send in some stuff! By the way, there might be another part to this story, if you want to ;) xx

Y/N was pissed off. More than ever. Joe was late, once again and he was not answering her messages. She was incredibly angry. She looked down to the dinner she had made with all of her love and wanted to smash the plates down. She couldn’t help but go through the worst of scenarios because maybe he was cheating, maybe he was wasted, maybe something happened. She already felt her eyes wet from anger. She was not even hungry anymore.

She suddenly jumped a bit at the sound of him turning the keys in the lock and she felt her heart because she knew they would argue. She watched him step in as Joe smiled warmly at her but she stared at him, coldly. He frowned but took his jacket off and walked towards her, leaning in for a kiss but she leaned back. “What’s wrong?” Joe asked, the confusion evident on his face. Y/N flinched at his question. “Are you serious, right now?” She spoke, her voice being loud and rough. Joe stepped back in surprise. “What again?” Joe questioned, raising his eyebrows. Y/N suddenly got up, the sound of a plate smashing on the floor echoing in their shared appartment. “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you?” She snapped, tears starting to scroll down her cheeks. The hurt was obvious on her face but Joe still seemed confused. “Three hours, Joe. Three fuckings hours, sitting there, waiting for you to come home so we could eat the dinner I cooked us.” She yelled, letting all of her anger out. “I’m sorry, love. I was out with the guys and-” Joe said, his voice soft and welcoming but Y/N ignored it and cut him off. “You are late, once again. What do you expect me to do? Wait for you all my life? That’s not how it works, Joe!” Y/N cried out, turning on her heels and making her way to their bedroom.

Joe followed her quickly, the panic and guilt growing in his chest. “I was simply out with my mates, Y/N. My phone died out of battery, what did you want me to do?” He snapped back unconsciously as he watched his girlfriend get out a bag and throwing a few of her belongings in it. “What are you doing?” He said, a slight crack in his voice. He was terrified. “Packing.” She simply answered and the panic only grew bigger for Joe. “No, no, no. Please, calm down. It’s not a big deal, I mean I’m sorry, okay?” He rambled, walking in front of her so she would stop, his two hands holding her arms. She couldn’t look at him, she was too upset to even let him touch her so she stepped back. “Sorry doesn’t make it this time.” She spoke, her voice almost quiet as she took the bag and made her way to the door, followed step by step by Joe. “You can’t leave. Please, I love you. Don’t.” He spoke, grabbing her wrist. This time, she didn’t do anything. “I’m sick of it, Joe! I can’t handle this anymore if you’re going to make me wait for you all the bloody time! I’m done.” She said between her sobs. Joe was suddenly breaking apart, his whole body started to shake. He could not lose her. “Please, don’t.” Joe spoke, the tears forming in his own eyes as he let got of her. “We’re done.” Y/N said in a voice crack and before Joe could stop, he watched the door close, silence falling over the flat.

It took Joe a moment before he realized that she was gone and it felt too weird not having her here. Not kissing her, hugging her, hearing her laugh. As much as he tried to fight them, the tears couldn’t help but fall and he realized how much he fucked up. He never mean to hurt her that much, he was telling the truth. He was out with his friends and his phone died so he couldn’t reply to her. Before he got home and left his friends, he couldn’t wait to spend his night next to her in bed, enjoying her presence and how he would apologise and it would be okay but he was wrong because he hurt her without realizing it. He was ashamed of himself and couldn’t be more mad. He let himself fall to his knees, watching the mess he had made, wishing he could go back because she was now gone and he was almost sure that she wouldn’t forgive him but he was not going to give on her. On them. Because it was the best that had happened to him and he couldn’t let her go so easily. He couldn’t let the love of his life slip away.

We’re Just Friends (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Joe put his arms around your waist and his head on your shoulder, whilst you were talking with Alfie. You smiled and gently put your hands over his around your stomach.

“You two are the cutest,” Alfie said, interrupting his own sentence.

“No,” you both said in unison which made Alfie laugh.

“Whatever you say,” Alfie said before he left you with a cheeky smile. Joe let go of you and you turned around to look at him.

“Why does everybody keep saying that we would look cute together? We’re just friends,” you said with a little laugh. Honestly, you didn’t mean what you just said. You and Joe had been really close for ages now, and you acted like you were a couple but when people confronted you with it, you both took a step back and denied it completely. But you were falling for him, and you were too scared to admit it.

“Y/N?” Joe said and he sounded really serious. You looked at him with a curious look, but you got interrupted by Zoe.

“Dinner is ready!” she yelled from the kitchen. You and Joe had been invited to Brighton to stay with Alfie and Zoe for the night, just to catch up and film some videos.

“Never mind. I’ll say it later,” Joe said but it looked like it was something important.

“You sure?” you asked, a bit concerned about his serious tone.

“Yeah,” he then said before kissing your cheek and walking towards the dining table.

You wondered what he wanted to say all night, and it made you quite nervous actually.

“Goodnight guys,” Zoe said before closing the door to the extra room where Joe and you had to sleep for the night. You and Joe were used to sleeping in the same bed, so that was no problem. Actually you loved waking up next to Joe. You slipped under the covers and Joe joined you shortly after. You turned off the lights and sighed.

“It’s been a good day,” Joe said before putting his arms around your waist and spooning you. You loved nights like this, when you and Joe were this close. It made you feel safe.

“What did you want to tell me earlier?” you asked, thinking it was a perfect time to ask.

“Oh…” Joe answered, sounding very surprised by your question.

“It’s just… I’ve been thinking about all of the “you should be together” comments lately, and I just feel like we’ve grown really close lately, like. We’re acting like a couple but we’ve never really discussed what we are,” Joe said and you smiled to yourself in the dark. You turned around in Joe’s arms so you were able to look at him in the dark.

“And what do you think we are?” you asked feeling butterflies in your belly.

“Well, it’s obvious that I like you Y/N,” Joe answered and you smiled at him.

“I like you too,” you said and Joe smiled back before pulling you closer to him.

“Soooo?” Joe said and you laughed.

“I know it’s hard for you to say, so yes Joseph. I would like to be your girlfriend,” you said, making it easier for Joe, because you knew how bad he was at expressing his feelings.

“I know I’m bad at this, but I’ll do my best for you,” Joe said and before you could answer you both leaned towards each other, and your lips finally met in a kiss. Your belly exploded with butterflies and it felt so good to finally know what you and Joe were.

Parties Can Hurt Sometimes Part5 (Dan Howell)

This chapter hits me in the domestic feels between Dan and (y/n)! 

“You kissed him!?” Exclaimed Zoe a bit too loud for my liking

“Shh Zoe” I said pulling her away from a group of girls near us so they couldn’t hear “Please don’t be so loud what if someone hears you?”

“I’m sorry but I’m just shocked” She said as we kept looking around the shop “You guys kissed and you’re telling me this just now. I mean why didn’t you told us on Sunday?” She asked referring to herself and Tanya

“Because I knew you would both freak out and start asking not only me but Joe as well for the details and I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable.” I said shrugging as I took hold of a cute flowery bowl “It’s bad enough I pretty much rejected him, I didn’t want him to also feel uncomfortable with you guys asking him about it. Do you like this one?” I asked Zoe still holding the bowl

“It’s adorable and you’re right. He doesn’t need that not after you rejected him” Zoe said chuckling

“Zoe it’s not funny” I whined letting out a small chuckle myself “I feel really bad about it but still I couldn’t just lie and tell him I felt the same besides he knew it would have been a lie”

“I know, don’t worry too much about it. But you sure you guys didn’t do anything more than kiss?” She teased

“Oh my.. I shouldn’t have told you anything I knew this would happen” I said as we both laughed, looked around a little more and then went to pay for the things we got

It had been exactly a week since the Gleam party and I was currently staying at the Zalfie house hold. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to tell Zoe about my kiss with Joe but I had been so busy and focused on other things that I kind of forgot to tell her. It was good to talk about this with Zoe because apart from her I really didn’t know who to talk about it with. Phil was off the list by a long run because if he knew that meant eventually Dan would too and I wasn’t sure I wanted Dan to find out at least not right now. Not to mention that Phil would go crazy on me because of it, asking if it had anything to with me trying to forget about Dan and much more in the lines of that which really wasn’t. Kissing Joe felt great, I don’t regret kissing him for a second but I did feel bad about rejecting him after all he is a really good guy and an amazing friend. Things would be much easier with me liking Joe instead of Dan and I wouldn’t be stuck in all this mess and would have lost one of my best friends because of it.

“We’ve never been to this place before” I said as we sat down on a table near one of the windows

“I know, Mark and I came here the other day and he said you would probably love the place” She said as we opened up our menus

“Of course he did. Speaking of I’m yet to buy the last few presents of him for Christmas” I said looking through the menu and seeing what sounded like a really good meal

“Have you finished buying everyone their presents or is it just Mark?” Zoe asked laughing a bit

“I have the main presents for most people but I’m yet to buy other presents. I mean how am I supposed to know what to buy Alfie?” I asked her shaking my head

“I know, I still find it hard to get him something for Christmas every year” She said to which we both laughed, putting down our menus our waiter made his way to us taking our orders and going to get us our drinks “You’ll know what to get him, he even likes silly gifts”

“Good to know” I said as our waiter came with our drinks

“So who else is left then?” She asked taking a sip of her drink

“Well there’s Phil, Anna.. Umm Dodie, oh and Dan..” I said looking at my drink

“Have you talked to at all?” She asked looking at me with a half smile “I mean you guys were going to spend Christmas together weren’t you?” She questioned

“We were supposed to, it was the plan but things change, plans change. I mean I could always go to Dodie’s, she’d invited me before” I said remembering the small party Dodie and a few of our friends did at her place

“It’s not the same (y/n), this was a big deal. I mean you were going to spend Christmas with his family” She said with a bit of a frown

“We were but it wasn’t a big deal Zo, really. We were friends and that’s all we ever were. I mean I have known him for nearly three years now if he had feelings for me he would have told me” I said shrugging

“Yeah just like you told him how you love him” She said with a raised eyebrow making me squint my eyes

“Touché but things are different now. He has a girlfriend that I believe he really really likes, we are no longer friends and to tell you the truth I don’t think we’ll ever be friends again” I said dabbing the inner corners of my eyes to stop the tears from falling

“Don’t say that. You just have to give him some time to calm down” She suggested

“I have given him time. Two weeks to be precise and he’s yet to talk to me. Zoe I think it’s time we just accept the the truth and know that Dan and I are no longer friends and probably never will be again” Sitting straight I cleared my throat and looked at her “Now could we please just talk about something else?” I asked hoping she would stop asking about Dan

Thankfully she changed the subject and we talked about everything and anything. She mentioned there was a video idea she wanted us to do later today if not tomorrow to which I said yes and loved the idea. Soon after our food arrived and Mark was right I did ended up loving the place and wanting to come back whenever I had the chance.

************ ************************

Three months later

Three months, I still couldn’t believe it’s been three months since we’ve stopped being friends. It definitely felt weird to say the least, I tried so hard not to be in a place were I knew he would be. Phil and I had come with a system when it came for me to being at their apartment, he knew I wouldn’t want to be there when Dan was so I would only be there on times he would be out or at Samantha’s apartment. Throughout the months I had to slightly interact with Dan about 5 times just normal things like when I was about to leave and he got home earlier than expected but nothing more than that. That was until today, I was currently on my way to their house trying my hardest to get there as fast as possible. Getting woken up at 2 am with a phone call is always annoying but hearing Phil’s worried voice I was more than awake and ready for anything he had to say. The fans knew about Dan’s existential crisis but never to what extend they would go, there were times like this one were it was too much to handle for him. It wouldn’t be a funny ‘oh you’re having another existential crisis’ it would turn into him curled up in a corner crying his eyes out over everything that went through his head. It would usually take Phil hours to finally calm Dan out, a few months after we’d become friends Dan had one of his crisis and I was so worried I tried to help in anyway possible, at the end I’d managed to calm him down. Kneeling in front of him and making him look me in the eyes would calm him down a bit after that I would hug him on the floor as he made our limbs intertwine in every way possible so I was as close as humanly possible to him. That I learned was the only way I could calm him down and I would do it for as long as needed because I hated seen him like that. So naturally when Phil called me about half an hour ago asking if I could come help because Dan was having an existential crisis I didn’t hesitate as I got out of bed and got sort of ready, by that putting on a onesie and getting into my car. I didn’t care that we had stopped being friends, I still loved him and cared deeply for him no matter what.

After a few minutes of  finding somewhere to park and a few more of going up the stairs I finally made it to their front door taking deep breaths as I knocked on the door. Soon after Phil opened the door letting me in as he guided me to where Dan was, getting inside Dan’s room I saw him in the right corner near his bed letting out sobs as he hugged his legs making my heart break seen him that way. Phil smiled and nodded at me as he left to probably the kitchen to get some water for Dan. Slowly I made my way over and knelled down making him acknowledge my presence.

“Are you okay?” I asked with a sad look on my face

“No..” He breathed out as I noticed how much he was shaking

“You’ll be okay. I’m here now and you’ll be okay love” I said putting my hands on either side of his face so he could look me in the eyes “I’m here now, okay?”

Looking me in the eyes for a bit he then slowly nodded as he opened up his arms and got himself into a sitting position so I would sit on his lap. Getting closer I straddled him and hugged his neck as he hugged my waist as tight as possible but not to the were I couldn’t breath.

“Do-Don’t leave ple-please” He stuttered out between a sob making me pull away slightly so I could look at him

“I’m not going anywhere Dan” I said caressing his cheek “I promise okay?”

“Okay..” He said pulling me closer again so my head was next to his

“Please stop crying, you I hate to see you cry” I said hugging him a bit tighter

We stayed like that for probably two hours, as I was starting to fall asleep I heard Phil talking to someone making me straighten up and pull away from Dan who was confused as someway along the time he had fallen asleep. Getting off of him just as Samantha came into view making me frown as to why she was here at this time of night.

“Hey Danny” She said walking toward where we were sat as I got up I saw Phil near the doorway “Hi (Y/N)” She said smiling at me then looking back at Dan

“Hi.. I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but what are you doing here? I would’ve thought you’d be asleep at this time of night” I said getting up and starting to walk over to Phil

“Oh I know but Phil had called me but I didn’t get the missed call until later” She sitting down on the bed as Dan got up

“You called her?” Dan and I said in unison

“I was desperate. Dan was bad again and I didn’t know what to do” He said shrugging

“Well now that you’re here there’s no need for me to stay. Besides you’re better now, right?” I asked Dan as he just looked at me

“I am better but you don’t have to go” He said as he walk over to where I was completely ignoring Sam

“I really should go.” I told him once he got in front of me “Besides remember what you said? To you, we’re no longer friends..” I said looking down at the floor then back at him “I’m glad you’re better now. Goodnight” I said to him and Sam as well

I got out of the room with Phil behind me as we walked towards the door. Saying our good nights I started walking down the stairs and headed back home as I could still smell Dan’s cologne on my onesie. If I missed Dan before I definitely would miss him even more after spending the last few hours cuddled up to him. Once home and in bed I couldn’t stop thinking about a few things one of them being the thought of what would happen for Christmas after all. What would I do now that I wasn’t going to Dan’s parents? Would I spend it alone getting drunk and being sad of myself or would I go to Dodie’s and have a fun evening? Had Dan told his parents Samantha would be going instead of me? I felt bad because I loved Dan’s parents and was really looking forward to spending Christmas with them but now I couldn’t no matter how much I tried.

Holiday Misfortunes - Part One

Pairing: Conor Maynard X Reader

Request: No

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt: (Y/N) doesn’t get along with Conor, but she decides to go on a “lads” holiday with the guys.


“I need to book your ticket, (Y/N), are you coming or not?” Josh asked, you had all gathered in the Maynard/Pieters flat to discuss holiday plans.

“Does, he have to come?” You said with pleading eyes looking towards Conor’s room.

“Yes, he does have to come. Why do you hate him so much anyway?” Joe asked, you sighed at his question.

“I don’t hate him, he just pisses me off. He’s annoying and always has to be the centre of attention.” You said, knowing he could hear you.

“You’re probably just being a girl.” Jack said, he’d tried in the past to get you to like Conor but something about him just didn’t sit right with you. The two of you clashed too much.

“Come on, maybe once you get to Barcelona you’ll see he’s not a bad guy.” Mikey pleaded with you.

“I’m not sure the county we’re in will change him, but sure. I’ll come.” You finally agreed, they all cheered causing Conor to come out of his room.

“What are we celebrating? Did Oli get a date?” He laughed, you bit your tongue at his remark refusing to laugh.

“Nah, (Y/N) is coming to Barcelona!” Oli smiled, Conor’s eyebrows raised.

“You are?” He asked you.

“Yup, see you there.” You smiled sweetly, but rolling your eyes.

“This is going to be a long ten days.” Caspar said.

“Well, now it’s all booked lets all have a drink?” Jack suggested. You all agreed and pulled whatever alcohol he had out of the fridge.


Last night was a clear mistake. You’d awoken back at the apartment you share with Joe and Caspar.

You couldn’t recall getting home, getting into bed or even changing out of your jeans. But somehow you managed, or no doubt Caspar put you to bed.

“Good morning sunshine, how are we today?” Joe smirked at you, coming into your room with two tablets and a glass of water.

“I’m fine, I’m just never drinking again.” You said, thankfully taking the tablets.

“Well, you better get used to hangovers if you’re going on holiday with us.” He laughed.

“Speaking of that, fuck I need to pack!” You said, realising you were leaving tomorrow.

“Oh fuck, Caspar are you packed?” Joe shouted through to Caspar’s room.

“Nope!” Caspar called back, making you both laugh.

“This is going to be a hectic day.” You sighed, getting up to make breakfast.

After quickly making yourself, Caspar and Joe some bacon sandwiches, you brewed yourself a coffee and took your breakfast to your room.

“Don’t interrupt me today, I will not be happy to see you.” You warned the guys, they just nodded and continued watching the TV.

Playing some music you finally started packing, you’d woken up around 11am so it was now 1pm. Grabbing your suitcase from you wardrobe you opened it up and started raiding your wardrobe and draws.

You threw in two bikinis and a one piece swimsuit, four dresses, three jumpsuits, a few baggy shirts, shorts, light coloured halter neck tops, a few little tank tops and some dresses for clubbing as well as underwear and other essentials.

Adding in some sandals, converse, a few heels, some vans, suncream, your hair straighteners and curlers, and everything else that came to mind.

Eventually you’d finished packing around 4pm, so you gathered up everything else you’d pack in your bag tomorrow morning and arranged them on your bedside table.

“(Y/N)! We got pizza!” Joe called, you suddenly felt your hunger hit you and followed the delicious smell of pizza to the two boys on the couch.

“Thank god, I don’t think I could be bothered to cook!” You smiled, thankfully taking a pizza box and digging in.

“Play nice tomorrow, yeah? Conor really doesn’t want to ruin the holiday with arguing and I’m sure you don’t either so let’s just play nice?” Joe asked, you signed but nodded in agreement.

“I promise.” You smiled, taking another bite of the pizza.

You finished your pizza and settled into bed on your laptop, but unfortunately you found yourself on the internet a little bit too long. It was 3am when you finally got to sleep.

Your alarm pieced your ears as it whined at you to get up at 6am, you cursed yourself for staying up but judging by the looks on Joe and Caspar’s faces they did exactly the same. You threw on some jeans and a baggy shirt, brushing through your hair and applying your makeup before grabbing your suitcase to meet the guys.

“Car just arrived, look how punctual we are.” Caspar laughed as you walked outside, locking up the door.

“Barcelona, here we come!” You smiled, happy you’d decided to come, despite Conor.

Once you arrived at the airport you met up with everyone else and made your way through all of security before you were sat waiting for your flight to be called.

“I need to buy new earphones!” You suddenly remembered, you had about an hour before the flight was due.

“Yeah, actually I need to buy some too.” Conor said shyly. You couldn’t help but want to tell him to piss off, but you promised Joe.

“Okay, anyone else need anything?” You said with begging eyes.

“You’ve just reminded me actually I’ve forgotten mine too! Bloody hell how unprepared are we.” Oli laughed, you gave him a thankful look before you all walked to one of the shops in the airport.

Once you’d gotten your earphones, and Conor’s brownie that he couldn’t resist, you all made your way back to the guys.

“I’m so exited!” You beamed to Oli.

“Girl, you ain’t ever partied like you’ll party over the next ten days!” Conor laughed doing a silly accent. You couldn’t help but laugh at him, he had brownie crumbs all over his face.

“Bloody hell, did you just laugh at something Conor said?” Oli spoke, shocked.

“No, I’m laughing at how ridiculous he looks.” You said sternly before checking your phone.

“Let’s go, quickly before the guys leave without us.” You said, beginning to walk quicker.

“Well thank goodness you made it, our flights been called.” Josh smiled, you picked up your suitcases and walked to the plane.

Settling down between Josh and Caspar you pulled out your earphones before plugging them into your phone.

You found yourself drifting into a light sleep, but before you knew it you were passed out, your head falling to rest on Josh’s chest.

Once you’d landed everything was a blur, you got off the plane, gathered your suitcases and got into taxis before you arrived at your hotel.

“Right, now everyone is here this is how the rooms have been organised. It’s me and Caspar, Jack and Mikey, Oli and Josh and..” Joe started, you glared at him.

“(Y/N) and Conor.” He finished. You could have slapped him, in fact you felt your hand jerk but you fought it.

“Okay, well I said I wouldn’t argue. Let’s not argue. It’s fine.” You smiled, all eyes were on you as shocked expressions filled everyone’s faces.

“But don’t fucking expect me to actually stay in that room. I’ll come stay in your room Joe.” You finished coldly.

“There’s the (Y/N) we know and love.” Jack spoke trying to lighten the mood but in all honesty you couldn’t believe Joe had put you in a room with Conor, you wanted nothing more than to strangle him.

Feel free to leave feedback guys!! Part one was so much fun to write and I can’t wait to continue this imagine!! Have a wonderful day/night!!

A Jaspar Date
  • Joe: Hey, Honey.
  • Caspar: What's up?
  • Joe: How's the date going?
  • Caspar: It's good. Why did you bring all those people?
  • Joe: I don't know. Just... so that... I'm just scared because it's the first time I go on a date with you
  • and I just want all my friends for support. You were meant to sit on the other side of the table so you could sit next to me.
  • Caspar: It's embarrassing because I told my Mom it was just us.
  • Joe: Oh, we can still take a selfie or something - from a good angle so it looks like we're on our own.
  • Caspar: They weren't supposed to be here.
  • Joe: It's fine. Look, all the flowers I bought you. It wasn't going to be a bouquet, but I thought I'd get you a pallet instead. Just stick it in like that. It's more arty, isn't it?
  • Caspar: It's very cool. It looks very arty. It could be from a venue.
  • Joe: Why are you not making eye contact when I'm talking to you?
  • Caspar: I'm shy.
  • Joe: Aw. Okay. How's your water going down?
  • Caspar: It's very good. But I wish it was sparkling.
  • Joe: Ah. Sorry. I mean, I can... I can sort it out for you
  • Caspar: How?
  • Joe: I can ask the lady if she... we can swap it.
  • [Caspar laughs]
  • Joe: How's your food, honey?
  • Caspar: Mhm.
  • Joe: Is it nice?
  • Caspar: It's cheese and pasta.
  • Joe: Aw.
  • Caspar: And yours?
  • Joe: I haven't tried mine yet, I wanted to make sure yours is okay first.
  • Caspar: Thank you. That's very nice of you.
  • Joe: Are you still too scared to look me in the eye?
  • [Caspar laughs and hides his face]
  • Joe: What's up?
  • Caspar: I'm just nervous about this.
  • Joe: It's alright, mate.
  • Caspar: It's because... when you meet people online and then you meet them in real life...
  • Joe: Am I taller in real life than you expected?
  • Caspar: No.
  • Joe: Aw.
  • [Cut]
  • Who needs fanfiction anyway if you can have reality. I think I may now retire from my job as a fanfiction author.
the signs as halsey tweets

aries: There’s a song on my album called “Young God” and I hope every single one of u loses your virginity to it.

taurus: Yo calling me “fat” and “chubby” is not going to create a force field around that pizza headed for my mouth. I like the way I look. Get bent.

gemini: The hardest part about having my own place is that I already know what snacks are in the cabinet and don’t get to be surprised :(

cancer: I know I’m not some hot male rockstar but if you guys wanna throw bras on stage at my shows, feel free I could use some.

leo: Throw some glitter on that bitch. Done.

virgo: I have cotton eyed joe stuck in my head why do things like this happen to me.


scorpio: I have tied my hair up with my underwear way too many times in my life.

sagittarius: Female. 20. Sad. Selfish. Seeking Time Machine.

capricorn: subtweet: ur not even a joke ur a dad joke.

aquarius: I’d sell my soul for a 10 piece…McNugget.

pisces: I’m so happy I’m not allergic to shellfish cause god I fucking love scallop

There were so many things going on in Josh’s video I don’t even know where to begin, but let’s try and get an overview

Y’all know that I’m Jaspar trash Number One, but let’s just take a minute to appreciate the beauty that is Joesh:

Joe looks like he wants to straight up get into Josh’s pants

Caspar: I’ve never been so afraid of a tiny person before


Back to Joesh:

Wow Joe is really going for it holy Jesus

If he did this with Caspar I would not be alive anymore

Control yourself, Joseph

Josh was so flustered oh my god I can’t :’D

Jesus Christ Joe, I’m crying this is too good

I am so done haha

Sleepy Little Lamb is not amused

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Midnight Whisperings

This is based off a conversation i had while talking to Anne ( @pudgypatrick ) and figured why not write it? 

Fluffy fetus Peterick (this is trash but thanks)

TW: light angst and fluff, warnings for depression/suicide mentions 

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Middle Of A Conversation

Joe cursed as he trips over one of Y/N’s shoes, kicking it down the hall.

“Can you please pick up after yourself!” He calls out in anger. Moments later she appears from the bedroom, a confused look on her face.

“What are you yelling about?”

“I’m so sick of tripping over your shit all the time.” Joe tells her, pulling a glass out of the cupboard.

“Cause you don’t accidentally leave stuff lying around too?” Y/N rolls her eyes, moving forward to lean against the counter.

“I pick it up though, don’t I.”

“Why are you so pissed off?” She asks him, watching as Joe moves around the kitchen, his movements stiff.

“I’m not.”

“Yes you are, you’ve been acting like an ass all day.”

He’d been short with her all day, snapping any response and ignoring her most of the time. And now he was yelling at her because she had accidentally left a shoe in the hallway.

“I’m tired.” Joe says simply, moving past her and heading down the hallway. She followed behind him, stopping in the doorway as he sat down in his computer chair.

“Then why don’t you take a break from editing and come relax?”

“Because not all of us can afford to sit around and do nothing.” He snaps at her, turning in his chair to glare at her.

“Well if you’re going to be like this, then I’ll just leave you be.” Y/N replies shortly, turning and heading towards the living room.

“So you’re just going to walk away in the middle of a conversation?” Angry footsteps follow her in to the other room, and Y/N turns to face him, their eyes clashing in a glare.

“This isn’t a conversation! It’s just you being an asshole. What is wrong with you today?”

“I’m tired of picking up after you. I don’t have time to take care of you, I’m busy with my job. It’s why we have this house after all!” Joe’s voice raises in volume and he takes a small step forward. Y/N flinches at his tone, having never seen him this angry.

“I’m leaving. I refuse to speak to you when you’re like this.” She turns to head for the door, but is stopped moments later by Joe grabbing her arm tightly. He spins her around, her back slamming in to the wall behind her. Y/N winces at the contact, cowering slightly at Joe’s angry glare.

“You don’t get to just leave in the middle of a conversation!” His grip tightens on her arm, and it brings tears to her eyes.

“Joe, you’re hurting me.” Her voice is small and it snaps something in Joe. He releases her arm instantly, the anger melting away as his eyes widen and his mouth drops open. Taking a step back, he stares down at his hand in horror.

“Oh my gods, Y/N…” He brings his eyes back up to her, noticing the tears starting to fall from her eyes. “I’m so sorry. I don’t…I never…shit.” He moves back from her again, allowing her to step away from the wall.

“Just go. Please.” Her voice shakes as he stares at her. “Go!”

Joe jumps slightly before nodding and turning to grab his jacket and shoes, walking out the front door. Y/N falls to the ground, more tears falling.

It’s a couple hours later and she’s sat on the couch, a blanket around her, her knees pulled up to her chest. Her eyes stare at the dark tv screen, the room is dark as well, but she can’t bring herself to get up and turn on a light.

The front door opens and closes gently, the sound of Joe kicking off his shoes echoes throughout the room.

“Y/N?” His voice is soft as he walks in to the living room, turning on a lamp. His eyes meet hers as they land on her form sat on the couch. “Hi.”

“Hi.” She mumbles, watching him move across the room. “I didn’t know if you were going to come home or not.”

“I can leave if you want.” Joe stops in front of the couch, watching her. But when Y/N shakes her head, he sits, leaving some space between them.

They both sit in silence for a bit, the events of what occurred hanging between them.

“How’s your arm?” He finally asks, pulling at the end of his jumper.

“It’s okay.” She shrugs, shifting slightly.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened. I can’t believe that I did that. Fuck, Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Joe turned on the couch to look at her, wanting to reach out and take her in his arms, take back everything that happened.

“What if it happens again?” She finally shifts, lowering her legs to turn and face him.

“It won’t. I promise. I swear it. Y/N, please, you have to believe me.” He pleads, finally reaching forward to take her hand in his.

“You scared me…a lot, Joe.”

“I scared me too.” He admits, rubbing circles in to her hand with his thumb.

“Don’t let it happen again.”

“I won’t.”

Y/N’s eyes search his for a moment before she launches herself at him, throwing her arms around him as they go backwards on to the couch. She buries her face in his chest, Joe’s arms moving around her.

“Don’t be an asshole anymore.” Y/N mumbles into his jumper. “I love you too much to hate you.”

“I love you too, Y/N.” Joe buries his face into her shoulder, relaxing for the first time that night.