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Why do you ship saphael? I mean, I'm not judging, I just don't.. see this romance you guys seem to see? And I'd actually like to know.. so tell me: would you be able to make me a saphael shipper?

I was waiting to come up with the perfect response to this. The I realize there isn’t a perfect answer, in a way it’s like Saphael. 

You see everyone can agree this ship is far from perfect. But the reason I ship it is because of the way Raphael cares for Simon. I didn’t realize it until this scene 

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I mean sure the entire clan reacts but only after Raphael does. Notice the way Raphael is instantly by Simon’s side. 

Then I went back a little to my absolute favorite moment: 

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And a vampire is carrying a dead mundane in his arms to the shadowhunters, this could not have ended well if it was other shadowhunters that came out instead. 

I strongly believe Raphael looks out for Simon because he feels personally responsible for his death but honestly would you look at someone like this 

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like this too?

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I mean!!

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and the unnecessary touching holy shit!

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and Raphael went to Simon’s mother after he found out that she’s worried about Simon (and yes it was because it’s causing a distraction while Simon is supposed to be looking for Camile but really)

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So to sum it up, I ship Saphael for the way Raphael cares for Simon. For the fact that he made up a fake af position to get Simon to stay close to him, for the fact that he takes the time to look after Simon, even after the betraly 

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But yet there you are Raphael!

Also Simon hasn’t been subtle either: 

Who looks at the guy they hate like this??

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Just kiss him already!!

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Look at how he just touches Raphael, like babe, c’mere 

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Requested by anon: 

“Did you hear about y/n and Peter?” Henry came running into Mal’s room in a hurry barging in unannounced. 

“What? No, why on earth are the two of them even talking to each other? Peter is pretty rotten to the core if you ask me which is completely opposite from y/n,” Mal questioned knowing that it had to be some very news worthy thing Henry had to say judging by the way he charged into her room.

“They’re dating! Can you believe it?” Henry announced as he was just as surprised as Mal looked when he found out. 

“Dating? God, y/n really is as mad as the Hatter.” 

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I asked a question and you make 50+ people reblog it! And you think I am immature? Yes 29 is to old to be writing fanfiction and me saying that does not mean I am under 18. Actually I am older than you. You should get a life.

Okay let’s take this in bullet points cause this is a hell of a lot of stupidity in one ask!

1. I do not make people reblog a goddamn thing! When you ask me on anon I got exactly one way to answer it. In public. Who takes offense with it and who reblogs it is nothing I can or will try to control.

2. Yes I think you are immature. Sending hate which this is - is immature. Judging others is immature. Thinking I control what other people post and reblog are immature.

3. Who decides what age you can be when you write anything? Why is writing fanfiction different from writing a book, a poem or short stories? Who decides how old you can be to publish something? I don’t care if you are 13 or 97 if you got a story you need to tell, you can write it. If you wanna write it as fanfiction knock yourself out. People like you are bullies and you refuse to see the world through other’s eyes, which again makes you immature.

4. You say you are older than me and you tell me to get a life? Who is it in whose inbox sending hate and too chicken shit to show their url? Who is it spending their sunday night judging me and quite frankly the better part of fanfic writers I interact with weekly?

5. Take a long hard look at your own life and figure out what makes you feel the need to lash out against others in this way. Do us all and yourself a favor and fix whatever that is or at the very least keep your trap shut!



“I fucking told ya. Now give me that ten bucks.” Mickey stretched his palm out to Ian, who sighed and pulled out his wallet reluctantly before smiling at you.
What!?” It was obvious you were confused and kind of mad; this was your big moment. Why weren’t they phased?
Ian raised an eyebrow. “Y/N, I’m your brother. You think I didn’t know?” 
Mickey laughed. “Look, we’re the last people to judge. Fuck who you wanna, we don’t care. Anyway, thanks for getting me ten bucks.” 

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You don't appreciate the fact that what was hidden so long? The fact that Sam and Cait are both dating other people? They did an interview over a year ago firmly denying a relationship. They are entitled to their own private lives and it's not their fault if the extreme shippers can't let go.

You have my hands tied, anon. I totally get people are entitled to their own lives and that they can live them as privately or publicly as they want to. I apologize if I made it seem as though I thought otherwise. I just don’t seem to understand all the subtleties to how Sam and Cait interact with each other. I get a vibe from them I don’t get from other costar pairs, and I guess I just looked too far into it.

But on the other hand, I can understand how people feel. You believe in something so long and then get it ripped from your grasp and told it’s not real… it hurts. I get the pain.

Reiterating a point I made earlier: everyone is entitled to their own lives, but also their own opinions.

UPDATE: to reiterate another point, I am also completely oblivious to all that has happened so far. I’m trying to stay out of this drama because I honestly have no valid opinion on it at all. I can’t say that I don’t like seeing Sam and Cait together, because I totally do, but I respect them enough as people to not assume things. It bothers me when people talk about publicity stunts and gay rumors and things along those lines. I implore this of you, dear anon: why can’t they just be happy? Why can’t we all just like what we like without getting judged for our own opinions? I understand why some people are so intimidated to speak out. This is why.

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The reason I left my college's LGBT club: "You're a confused whore. You're gross and looking for male attention. You don't belong here; you don't know REAL oppression." This came from a grown ass woman. She said it because I said I was bisexual. And then my favorite: "You wanna date a boy? Boring! Why don't you pick a girl so it will be much cuter and gayer." Like, keep in mind, this woman is about 26 and trying to control who a 16-YEAR-OLD dates for the sake of fetishizing her and her partner.

then people ask me why i think that some lgbt fellas are sexists and phobic towards bisexual people smh. 

but anon you did the right thing and left they are supposed to be there and support your sexual indentity not judge you and show their phobia over it -mod founderel 

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Who has the best butt for buttsex (not for looking at)?

1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what butts ye sex, it shall be sexed to you again.
3 And why beholdest thou the dick that is in thy brother’s butt, but considerest not the dick that is in thine own butt?
4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out of thine butt; and, behold, a dick is in thine own butt?
5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the dick out of thine own butt; and then shalt thou see clearly the dick in thy brother’s butt.

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Why do you dipshits piss a fit over anything that is even a sliver simular to "all lives matter" I mean wasn't it not Martin Luther King Jr who said "Judge a person of the contents of their charactor, not the color of their skin.". Now why is it that people nowa days have managed to do complete 180 and are in support of segregation. You lunatics love to look at black and white photo examples of racism, but you fail to learn from how we moved on those days. STOP inciting a god damn race war. FUCK

Quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. in order to dismiss the prevalence of racism in today’s society. That’s rich. 

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hey seo, can you tell me why people inthe studyblr community are reluctant to let friends copy their notes? i don't mean online friends - but real life friends. where i'm from, we all let eachother copy notes, and it's seen as strange to not want to do this, so i'm very surprised. i understand it's a culture difference and i'm not judging - i would just like to know why. (sorry for my bad english, i hope it isn't hard to understand)

for me, i feel like it’s unfair to take another person’s hard work and effort? usually, when people ask me for notes, it’s because they don’t want to take notes themselves or it’s the night before the test and they need study materials. furthermore, i feel like it’s not as helpful to take another person’s notes + you don’t gain much out of it vs taking the notes yourself.
i also had issues with people just redistributing my notes?? as if it’s theirs to give??? that really irritated me and i’ve developed sort of a distrust around it?

idk about how other people feel about it but those are my thoughts on it. i only share my notes with a few irl friends that i trust a lot since we study and work on study guides together.

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I agree with e*vgenia being overscored, but can you make an estimate by how much? I'd like to know but I'm not too confident in my scoring knowledge

Actually, my rant wasn’t about that. I’m mostly wondering why judges seem to be willing to give 10s for Evgenia’s clean performaces, but not for Yuzuru’s among men. I wonder what last year’s Seimei and this year’s H&L lacked, since they did not receive, say, perfect 10 for PE for example. *i’m not comparing Yuzuru and Evgenia, I’m just wondering about judging and standards guys

That said, if you had asked me last year, I would have said by a lot. But imo Evgenia has improved a lot in the last few months. She’s not (and maybe will never, idk) be one of my favourite skaters, but her improvement on her jumps is there for everybody to see. They have more height, better landings and her programs are packed with transitions. She has room to improve especially for things like SS (there I’d say she is overscored) or even IN/PE imo (because her programs…she should change choreographer let’s leave it at that) and her StSqs aren’t stellar imho, but she has already improved a lot. 

I don’t think there should be a 15 point gap between her and, say, Wakaba (Wakaba’s jumps are so effortless) or Mai, but she deserves her wins. 

This doesn’t really answer your question, and I’m sorry, but I’d have to re-score her, and that takes time :)

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hi remember me. im the brosten anon back with fox hc this time. matt: "im gonna tell you something and im gonna need u to not judge" allison: "uhhhh" matt: "out loud" allison: "oh yeah i can do that", nicky: (gasps in spanish) kevin: "did u just say 'gasp in spanish' out loud", [at fox practice] nicky: (slams into allison) "PUNCH BUGGY NO PUNCH BACK", wymack: "nicky can i talk to you" nicky: ooo someones in trouble. and its me. idk why i did that"


fjhjhfjf gasps in spanish nicky would

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Hey I hope you don't mind me saying this but as a Muslim I support you a 100% I think it's sad that you have to handle the fact that you're an "ex-Muslim" that way. I know a lot of "ex-muslims" and I know the struggles they go through living with muslims. Even I get judged for being a feminist Muslima that supports gay marriage so I can't imagine how it is for you. I also want to thank you for not talking about Islam in a bad way which a lot of "ex-muslims" do. Everything has its negative side.

Hello anon !! Oh no, I don’t mind at all, why would I, I’m thankful you came to share these words with me <3

Thank you for your support and for understanding, as a Msulim, more than anyone, the situation I am in as an ex-Muslim. 

I understand where you’re coming from, I’ve got ex-muslim friends who speak bad of the religion, so I know how good it feels for you to see an ex-muslim who respects Islam *modest blink*, those people are just agressive towards the beliefs they once had, because they fought against them in their head and now they pursue that fight against Muslims in a personal unhealthy way (and I’m totally not speaking about logical crtics of an idea), and they feel superior because they let them go, when in fact adopting a different belief doesn’t put you in a higher level.

I respect all religions and I respect people’s freedom of choosing the belief they want to adopt, as long as it stays personal and between the believer and themself, and it doesn’t trepass it into imposing one’s beliefs upon the other.

SPREAD LOVE <3 And hail Yousef and Sana !!

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How about more Ain x Jin

“Someday, we’ll have to stop these secret midnight meetings.”

He meant for it to sound definitive and stern.  Instead, it came out plaintive, and Jin laughed, tweaking Ain’s nose.

“And why would we do that?” she purred.  “My brother is covering for me.  Your Elgang doesn’t know, and wouldn’t judge even if they did. Your Goddess doesn’t seem to be striking you down yet.  And if push came to shove…”

“If push came to shove, I would have to kill you,” Ain hissed.  “I don’t want to do that!”

“Lower your voice, someone might hear,” Jin scolded.  Ain swallowed and looked down.  He had been rather loud.

“If push came to shove, who said I wouldn’t choose your side?” Jin asked softly.

Ain stared up at her.

Jin looked off into the distance, biting her lip.  “I’m sick of the demons,” she confessed softly.  “They treat my brother and I, capable as we are, as nothing more than slaves. I’d like to be… more than that.  I’d like to shake off the demon drugs Scar has my brother addicted to.  I’d like to be your girlfriend properly.”

“But Ishmael-” Ain whispered.  Jin looked back at him and smiled.

“Is Ishmael so cruel that she’d not look past my horns and into my heart?”

For that, Ain had no answer.

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Thanks for drawing my attention to the Sana- Noora comparison. I was a fan of Noora's character in S1, and it was easy to see the shared personality/lifestyle traits...but now, to me, Noora's character has shifted in direction so it wasn't quite so clear to me. Wow. Julie really keeps us viewers thinking beyond the surface of each clip.

aww you’re so welcome my darling anon! 

right? I completely forgot as well? Like we know they share so many traits…that’s why they stick together because unlike the others they aren’t keen on partying and they both have similar morals… 

but maybe we also let appearances fool us into forgetting how similar they are underneath…

which is the point. 

we are all so quick to assume and judge that most of the time we forget we’re doing it

the pepsi max girls probably have no idea they are doing it either. They just think Noora is so cool and pretty…

even though she has spent just as much time with them as Sana and is just as much of a norwegian party girl as sana is…

it’s wow it’s truly amazing how Julie has done this. 

how much appearances impact the way others treat and judge and accept someone.

I love the story she’s teaching, it’s making this season so much more important to me, and Noora’s involvement this season feels much more necessary than I originally thought. 

It’s so important. <3 

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Can you tell me why you think "phan" is real it's for science pls and thank

I’m gonna go ahead and get this one out of the way, too, so ‘that was snarky’ anon can judge me doublefold: 

No, I cannot. Because that’s boring for me.  

If you want to come chat with me about it and make it a two way conversation I am totally down for it! But requests like this just feel like someone is asking me to do their homework for them. 

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No but why is the book problematic? What's wrong with them? I only read the first 2 and they seem okay to me. Its a little... Off... In some parts, but other that it seems okay.

ok im not really sure if this is the same anon that told me to go fuck myself if it is then i wish you love and happiness (also if it is then why are you judging me for not reading the books if you’ve only read 2) and if it isnt then i’ll gladly explain nonnie, btw im gonna talk about the books and casserole clam

Let’s start with the LGBT/queer part of the books/problems:

  • Alec is biphobic. He makes fun of Magnus for having been with men and women.
  • ALEC WAS SUPPOSED TO DIE IN HER FIRST DRAFT i see she loves malec so much she was gonna have her only male gay character die FOR LOVE GUYS
  • Casserole said how she “headcanons” Raphel as asexual, which first of all was kinda weird?? bc she changed his sexuality and then said “its a hc” like she is the literal author??? everything she says has to be canon???, and second of all it’s rude towards the ace/aro part of the fandom bc not having any rep is terrible and having someone give you that rep and then take it away from you is the wrost thing ever
  • Alec’s sexuality is HIS ONLY STORYLINE, he is the token gay character. 
  • Apparently there’s a lesbian couple in the books that is sent to an island or something
  • Magnus is canonically bisexual but then she “headcanoned” him as pansexual bc for her they are kinda the same, what she is doing only shows how little knowledge she has over queer stuff and how little respect she has for her characters’ sexualities.
  • Simon and Izzy, a straight, white (in the books) couple get a happy ending, and Magnus and Alec, a same sex, biracial couple don’t. Now, because the straights are gonna hate me for this, i’m not saying straight white couples don’t deserve happy endings i’m just saying that if she is such an ally then why didn’t she give BOTH couples a happy ending?
  • Malec was denied proper development in her books, to my knowledge not even the most important parts of Alec’s ONLY storyline (the token gay) where in his POV, their entire relationship was in the background (she like sends them away for half a book i think), it wasn’t even put in the main saga of the books even tho alec IS a main character.
  • After the show became such a popular thing she was like “oh i’m gonna write more malec” what did she do? she decided to write smut, which only proves that she fetishizes gay sex, reminder that this is a STRAIGHT woman that is writting about two male characters doing something sexual only bc she wants a t t e n t i o n.
  • she prides herself for being an ally but in reality she is a straight person that has internalized homophobia and DOES NOT ACCEPT IT AND TRY TO CHANGE IT

Now let’s go to the racist part of the books:

Its very clear, and even in the show, how much social differences downworlders and shadowhunters have, it’s not subtle how much she was trying to make racism a thing in the books. Shadowhunters have so much internalized racism towards downworlders i don’t even think they notice it, and it’s even obvious in the show how much they seriously don’t think downworlers are equal, and yes i’m talking about EVERY CHARACTER, but im not here to talk about the show, anyways… you know how i said Izzy and Simon get a happy ending? well that’s bc Simon is turned into so many things but hey hey surprise he ends up becoming a shadowhunter and being happy with the love of his life bc now he is not filthy and digusting like the downworlders now he derserves respect and love. You see, it’s not that it is a bad thing to talk about social differences in YA novels because you can eassily educate people (if you are well educated yourself), BUT cc did such a bad job with it she souldn’t have tried, why not leave simon as a vampire but have him be respected by everyone? why not have sh realize they are racist and that they should change? why not at the end of her books have laws be changed so downworlders can be equal? LOL NO WHY DO THAT WHEN I CAN CHANGE SIMON AND MAKE HIM PURE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE

Anyways let’s move to the incest part:

Now imo this is the most controvercial issue in her books, CC has an incest fetish, it’s disgusting and so so so wrong…

Someone asked her something about TVD and she was like “lol why don’t you ship the ones that are brothers”, she wrote a fic about ron and ginny , her entire story is like an incest fest, Clary and Jace find out they are brothers but do they stop being weird and sexual with each other? nope they keep doing it BUT ITS OK BECAUSE ITS LOVE AND THEY ARE NOT ACTUAL BROTHER AND SISTER if that is someone’s actual excuse to see Clace as something romantic then please ask them what is wrong with them, even if they aren’t brother and sister they THOUGHT they were and while they THOUGHT they were they were still all over each other BUT ITS LOVE SO ITS OK, also isn’t there a part where sebastian tries to rape his actual sister (clary)? ha the rape part wasn’t disgusting enough??? ADD SOME INCEST, isnt that how clare’s brain works?

Can we also talk about how Alec has a crush on Jace even tho they are B R O T H E R S… maybe not blood related but they are still brothers and it’s just so fucking wrong. Tbh im surprised she didn’t try to have Izzy be attracted to Alec.

I read a post yesterday about someone that said how the incest stroyline was such a huge part of the books and that they hoped the writers did a good job with it… WHAT KIND OF PSYCHOTIC THINKING IS THIS there is no good way to treat incest what the fuck is wrong with cc stans????????? its all so wrong


Ok so now… my issues with book!malec: 

it’s so…bad???

For what i have read this relationship is really toxic, Magnus and Alec start their relationship when Alec is 17, which is not only illegal but oh so wrong, they don’t communicate at all (i think Alec almost takes Magnus’ inmortality away and doesn’t even give a fuck if Magnus is ok with it), Alec is such a biphobic asshole toward Magnus…

Straight people like to complain so much about Show!Malec but this is literally one of the very very very very few same sex relationships that is healthy AND THEY HAVENT EVEN STARTED THEIR OFFICIAL RELATIONSHIP give me a break

I really want to point out how hard it is to create a queer character/relationship and not fuck it all up if you are straight and know nothing about queer romance, she tried and failed. It was awful and gross and please NEVER let her write queer romance ever again.

(Her cishet stans talk about how much Alec/malec’s stroyline matter so much to them, dude IM QUEER IT ALSO MATTERS TO ME BUT HER POTRAYAL OF IT WAS TERRIBLE SHUT UP)

Ok so now let’s jump to the anti cc boat:

  • She enjoys toxic relationships (she made a character go back to her abuser).
  • Enjoys incest.
  • Is such a petty woman isn’t she like 40 wtf
  • almost got a girl kicked out of college
  • slut shamed izzy, which was extremely rude because emeraude and the writers have done a great job they dont derserve this shit
  • made her stans attack a fan
  • something is gay? time to sexualize it but dont worry she is such a great ally she is great her representation is 10/10 total knowledge of the LGBT+ community
  • so manny more terrible things tbh

And i know some of you are gonna be like BTU HSE CRATED TEH SADHOW HUNTERS WORLD lmao no she didnt she plagiarized everything, there is like a chart someone made where they compare everything in TMI with Dark- hunters and my dude it’s pretty fucking similar. And she didnt exactly create her characters, she took the personalities from HP characeters and put them in her books, oh yeah that reminds me people are actually saying tmi is better than harry potter??? no it isnt???? leave hp alone

Did i forget anything please tell me i’m here to add things to this list.

Also if you cc stans are gonna come crap on my blog or this post, im gonna ignore you so don’t waste your precious time please.

Edit: I forgot how Izzy and Clary literally hate each other for no reason other than the girl on girl hate trope, which is childdish and gross

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About Mitch: "Mitch has never stepped a foot inside of a studio" - it may be true, maybe Mitch has never recorded a proper song in a studio, maybe his shoe soles did once touch a studio carpet but how does that give anyone rights to judge Harrys friendship with him? That's what everyone always does. They assume Harry's feelings (Larry alert) bring up some "facts" and insist it is true. It's like me saying, you must not love your husband, cuz i have facts here and your feelings dont count.

Anon, I don’t get this ask at all. The story being pushed is that Mitch has no professional experience. That’s a lie. We’re pointing out it’s a lie.

We’re wondering why they need to lie.