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Freshuary Day 27 — THANK YOU: Let’s all appreciate @loverofpiggies! Draw her & Fresh together in any way you want!

Welp, I let him drag the others along because why the heck not?

@loverofpiggies, thank you for the amazing characters you create and engrossing stories you tell. Can’t speak for everyone, but those definitely make my days a lot brighter! So thank you for every smile these guys — and not only these ones — bring!

The challenge itself is here

Fresh, Geno and Error belong to @loverofpiggies


INTP (f) and ISTP (m) are in a relationship.

INTP: Do you ever get jealous? I noticed that sometimes you glare at guys, but I don’t even interact with them.

ISTP: Oh, that was kind of a weird thing. Some of them were looking at you, mostly curiously, but not in a suggestive way or anything. You’re the nerd with the awkward ponytail-braid thingy, with a book in a book on philosophy in your hand (Guys, go read Tuesdays with Morrie, it’s awesome.)

INTP: Well why’d you stare at them then?

ISTP: Kind of a glaring contest, I suppose. I felt the need to exert my Se.

INTP: Ahahahaha. :) So can I conclude that you don’t get jealous?

ISTP: Oh no, I actually do, quite more than you think.

INTP: That’s normal for a human being, what do you mean “more than I think”?

ISTP: Hmmm, you talk a lot to ENTP and you find him very relatable, sometimes you tell him things you don’t tell me, like that one time your siblings set the house on fire, or when you talk about anime stuff.

INTP: Yeah, but that was kind of in the moment, I didn’t mean to tell him, it seemed apparent at the time.

ISTP: You don’t need to justify anything to me, that’s fine lol. And then there’s the dynamic between you and ENTJ. You guys are awesome as a pair, he get things done and you tell him how and what to get things done in the most beneficial and efficient way, in account of factors and materials.

INTP: Ah yes him….we get along nicely, he’s cool, and he respects boundary. It’s kind of a “best friend bordering on professional” relationship.

ISTP: Exactly what I mean. I wish I could relate to you a little bit more than I can right now. :’(

INTP: *panics as she sees ISTP’s inferior Fe come out* *grabs ISTP’s favourite sweets, milk chocolate, in a bowl* I’m proposing to you with this bowl of chocolate. Please don’t be sad.

ISTP: *snorts* Sure. *accepts bowl* When’s the wedding?

INTP: 30th February 2018. :)

ISTP: You’re cool. I like being with you.

INTP: I like being with me too. There, that’s something we can both relate to! :D

ISTP: Shut up. It was my inferior Fe.

INTP: Uh-huh. Sure.

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If you're still up to doing CS Scene Meta, would you consider looking at the scene in 4x02 when they pull Emma out of the ice wall?

I need to talk about this screencap first of all cos I was laughing my ass off when I saw it



Let’s begin.

Look how he goes from complete despair to happy elated bunny at the first glimpse of his Swan.

I’m honestly surprised homeskillet didn’t climb through the hole to go get her. 

Well… he almost did…

Why has it taken me 4 years to realise the pirate coat has a giant slit up the back?? I should hand in my fan membership for this outrageous blunder. Such shame on me. 

Emma… what happened to your face?

Poor baby can’t even stand, and both guys are going above and beyond to get her up. 




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Requested by anonymous

Why did you and Jughead keep your relationship a secret? Well simply because you wanted it to be private and you wanted to avoid the drama. You both figured it would be better if people weren’t going around gossiping about the two of you.

The two of you were in the library and somehow you ended up lip locked. You both quickly pulled apart when you heard footsteps coming your way.

“Oh hey guys” Archie said walking over toward you guys “what’s up?”.

“Oh we’re just… studying” you explained giving the ginger a casual smile. Jughead nodded confirming this. Archie raised an eyebrow but didn’t question you any further.

“Alright we can study together then”.

“Phew, that was a close on” you thought as Archie sat next to a slightly flustered Jughead. You guys would have to be more careful.



Kade: “So who’s the guy that just barged by me, eh?”
Cleo: “An idiot that threw his friendship with me away with ease. I know for sure you wouldn’t throw our friendship away easily, would you? You’re way too nice to do that.”
Kade: “Of course I wouldn’t! Why would I want to lose seeing that dopey smile of yours? And plus, I feel like you’d kick my ass if I just up and disappeared.”
Cleo: “You’re right about that.”

It would be just like any normal day, Tae had wanted to play today (like most days) with you and you had agreed. During your game Tae had gotten a call from the rest of the guys saying he had to come in. He would look at you with a frown and caress your cheek, “Jagi, I have to go…” and all of a sudden things would feel so wrong for you. Everything was out of wack, this is what you guys did every day, it was routine. You fumed slightly and Tae noticed the drastic change in your mood. “Jagi…are you mad at me” he’d ask with a downcast expression. You’d give in and sigh explaining why you got so mad and upset. Tae would be understanding and nothing would change with the way he would treat you. Instead he would be so glad you told him, his smile as bright as ever.
“I still love you the same Jagi…lets play for a little more, I can be late”

Namjoon is very observant of you, things you do and in what way you would do them. I don’t believe you would even have to tell him at first, he’d have slight hints but never would outright tell you that. He wanted you to tell him. He would come up to you on a usual day while you were watching tv. He’d plop down next to you on the couch and hold your hand. He would be unusually quite which would cause you to look at him. But you just can’t read him, you’d furrow your brows becoming somewhat frustrated and uncomfortable at the silence. Until finally he says “Jagi, if there’s anything you ever want to tell me I’m here to listen” in the most caring voice you ever heard. Immediately this would trigger sadness and you would outright tell him. Joon would also be understanding of it and would never ever judge you based on it either. He’d hold you close and whisper “Shh baby girl, don’t worry, I’ll always be here for you, thank you for telling me” 

Yoongs and you would be at home having a lazy day together. Resting on the bed, you guys start talking about everything and anything. Eventually you lead up to the point of mentioning something that bothered you quite a lot. Yoongi took it differently and answered sarcastically, thinking lightly of the matter. Unknowingly putting you on edge, you couldn’t exactly read his facial expression. You couldn’t tell if you had angered him with your words at all. In a dejected matter you look away and Yoogni picks up on your change of emotions. “What is it babe?” he’d ask curiously, concern dripping slightly in his words. Looking back at him, you were confused. Frustration was starting to surface so you told him about your Autism. Yoongi would take a second to process what you said and would nod at you, rubbing your cheek slightly. He loves you for you so this wouldn’t matter at all to him. In his eyes it means no change in his heart for you.
“You’re my girl you know that right? Nothing will ever change that baby”

The moment he finds out is when you start freaking out over something that seemed so minimal to him only to find out it wasn’t to you. He would calm you down and tell you to breathe and try to relax. He would put you at ease and hold you tightly in his arms, not even once thinking of letting go. “Baby, why are you so worked up?” he would ask gently and stroke your hair giving you a moment to breathe and tell him. Once you did he would take in a breath, “Baby, I didn’t know you were dealing with all of this by yourself”..he would sigh feeling disappointed in himself and not being there for you all those times things went wrong for you. He’d pull you away slightly and kiss your forehead, smiling at you. He would feel sadden by the fact that you’ve been dealing with this all by yourself, you, his baby had been struggling with this inside of you all this time. 
“Baby, lets work together, whenever you need me, I’m here”

He would be the one not really sure how to take what you just told him. “Jagi..I’m sorry I never knew”, he would also take you into his arms briefly. He would definitely stutter, trying to find the right words to say. But none would really come instead he would try to show rather than tell because the words wouldn’t come out of his mouth. He didn’t care though, he would still love you because he fell for who you were and your Autism would never change that. 
“Just know I’m always here jagi, through thick and thin, I want all of you”

You would be at home all alone, Jimin on his way to the house. You didn’t feel quite right, actually you felt completely wrong but didn’t want it to affect your happy mood. You’d be seeing Jimin after so long since they went on tour. As hard as you tried you just couldn’t shake these negative emotions and just broke down and started crying on the couch not even noticing the door open. Jimin’s once happy expression of seeing his girlfriend again turned into a heartbreaking frown upon seeing your tears. “Princess, why are you crying?? Did something happen??” he would immediately rush to your side and wipe your tears. Through breaths you’d explain to him that you were autistic and that today just wasn’t a good day. He’d look at you sadly and take in what you just said. He didn’t like seeing you upset but he would love you entirely. 
“Princess, no more crying okay, I’ll make you feel better!”

You’d wake up a total mess, things weren’t connecting in your mind and you felt entirely alone, words even failed you. Jin wasn’t home today since he had practice with the guys and you never bothered him when you felt like it wasn’t going to be good but today was worse. You ended up calling him, tears spilling from your eyes as you explained why you were like this and how sorry you were. He didn’t want to hear any of it and hung up. You thought he hated you now that he knew the truth and just as you were about to give up the door opened and he ran in. He pulled you into the tightest most loving embrace. “(Y/N), you’re never alone please don’t feel like this.” You would weep in his chest as he rubbed you head softly. He knew what you were going through was complicated and he wanted to help you however he could. 
“From now on you tell me if things are bad and I’ll rush to you sweetie.”

*I hope I didn’t offend anyone with this reaction, I personally have a cousin who has autism and I’ve seen many of her sufferings. She’s a great person and one of the brightest people I know. Love everyone no matter what  (´。• ω •。`) ♡*

So I’m already seeing all these posts about the “plot twist” of the Oscars and all I have to say is, do you guys not know how to praise the things you like without tearing down other things?

Yes, I’m glad Moonlight won. It deserved to win, especially now. But believe it or not, it’s actually possible to be happy about that (and surprised by the mix-up) without tearing down La La Land. I just saw a post that talked about being happy that Moonlight won over “the epitome of white mediocrity.” Seriously? La La Land was a fun, entertaining movie that doesn’t deserve to be hated just because someone messed up and accidentally gave the Oscar to the wrong movie. Why do you guys have to be so hateful all the time?

some angsty coming out of the closet memes as requested.

“ wait… you’re joking right? this isn’t real. “
” i need to be more open and honest with you all, even if you like or dislike it. “
” this is who i am and if you don’t like then i don’t like you! “
” please don’t be that family that disowns me for being who i am! “
” fine, throw me out! you’ll regret it one day when realize it’s stupid! “
” why can’t people just accept me for who i am? “
” you think i want to be this way! you think i enjoy people put down about something i cant help! “
” i’m doing anything wrong! it’s just who i am! “
” i can’t believe you guys don’t accept me over this! “
” no child of mine is going to sit here and take action to this! “
” no, no, honey, it’s just a phase, you’ll get over it soon enough. “
” this is not just a phase! this is how it’s always been! “
” great, so, this is what i get for being open with who i am. “
” what kind of family stops loving their child over something they can’t help! “
” you’ll have to live it, one way or another. “
” so what? half the world is struggling with the same thing as me! “
” you don’t understand and never will so please stop talking about it. “
” you’re supposed to love me regardless of what i do with who i do it with. “
” you can’t keep this little act up forever! “
” it’s not an act when it’s something that been there my whole life! “
” what’s the meaning of this? who taught you this stuff? “
” honey, please, maybe some therapy will help better understand. “
” you can’t be serious about this, no. “
” why can’t you just accept me the way i am? “
” what’s wrong with me? what’s wrong with you! “
” there is nothing wrong with me, why can’t you see that? “
” i don’t want to be trapped in the closet! “
” please, please, don’t do this to me! not now! “
” you can’t just run around and keep acting like that! “
” i am going out and you can’t stop me! “
” well, honey, that is your personal business, but thanks for sharing. “
” stop treating me like i’m a criminal! it’s perfectly normal! “
” what’s so wrong with liking something you can’t stop? “
” i didn’t just decide to be like this! it’s always been like this! i just decided to tell you! “
” well, that’s me and it’s never going to change. “
” i will fight for it because it’s a part of who i am! “
” i don’t deserve to be treated this way! like a serial killer! “
” i’ve done nothing wrong! people do it all the time! “
” it’s not just me, it’s a whole community! why can’t you try to understand? “
” no, you just think you know everything and you don’t! “
” well, i’m not forcing myself on to something i don’t like! “
” i will never change this about me, i can’t even if i wanted to! “
” i can’t believe you just told me that! “
” what do you think your parents are gonna say about it? “
” i will never live with someone who doesn’t support me. “
” so, is it okay if i still crack jokes about it or? “
” do you people ever take anything seriously when it comes to me? “
” it’s not a joke! it’s a real thing! “
” i can’t believe i’m being laughed at by people who are supposed to love me. “
” wow, so you guys think that it’s funny now? “
” don’t you dare use that tone with me! “
” this is who i am and you have to deal with it someday! “
” how can it be so wrong? “
” i’m not in the wrong over something i have no control over! “
” you can’t just kick me out over something like this! “
” i thought that out of everyone who’d you understand the most. “
” i just want to be supported, is that so much to ask? “
” it is not something to laugh about it! “
” you’ve got to be kidding me, all these years? “
” why didn’t you say something sooner! “

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Should I be concerned that the guy I'm going out with isn't taking me seriously since he said that he "rather get coffee, because he doesn't like to get food on the first date"? Or am I overthinking it

Well, the way I see it, there are a few reasons why he’d rather get coffee first:

  1. It’s cheap. You can go get coffee together for a couple bucks each. Get to know each other and feel out each other’s personalities without spending a ton of money on it (which, as a college kid myself, is very important).
  2. It’s mobile. If you feel like it, you can take the coffee with you somewhere else. Take a stroll through the park on a chilly day with a piping hot macchiato, for example.
  3. It’s less cumbersome than food. With coffee, you take a sip, swallow it, and can keep the conversation going with a question about him or an answer to his question. With food, you have to take a bite, then chew it, then swallow it, and then possibly have a drink of your accompanying beverage before you can speak again.
  4. There’s something for everyone at a coffee shop. If you like it black or half full of syrup, or if you prefer tea or water, you can get it at most any cafe. With food you have to agree on a type of cuisine and make sure your date doesn’t have any food restrictions, so it can be a whole thing before the date even starts.
  5. It comes in a cup with a lid on it, so you’re much less likely to spill things on yourself. I know I can be a messy eater, but I have no qualms about devouring an entire plate of food before a first date’s very eyes; he may want to ease into that.

So most likely it’s him wanting a cheap, non-messy, potentially mobile way of getting to know you! I hope this was of some help to you. I know I tend to overthink things like this, and going through why it’s a good thing helps calm me down. Best of luck on your date!

anonymous asked:

I need some advice. I started dating this guy in January, and its my first real relationship in years. Things seem to be going smoothly, but I'm not sure if this relationship is good for me. I'm very clingy for the most part, and I love talking with him. However he is very distant, and refuses to carry on convos via text sometimes. I feel like he just doesn't actually care as much as I do about the relationship. I feel horrible 24/7 bc of contact issues. Do you have any advice to help me?

i think you should talk to him about it. ask him why he seems so distant. talk about it and find a way that works for both of you so that there’s no bad feelings

anonymous asked:

it's extremely reductive of YOU to call people on here "kids" even in your own "venting" post, and to say that your own OPINIONS of how people form opinions are "basic rules" when nothing should govern how people form opinions. it is completely unperceptive of you to say because one hasn't consumed something directly they cannot elevate or assume the view of people they know, respect, and trust. that's what reviews and friends' recommendations are for. anyway, "K, thanks."

Well, first of all, I call everyone “kids.” I’ll walk up to a group of my friends and say “hey kids.” I’ve been doing it since I was also a kid. For me it has literally nothing to do with age, just like saying “hey guys” to a group of people has nothing to do with gender, which is why I didn’t even consider that it would be taken that way.

Second of all, I really don’t think it’s outlandish to say “hey if you want to express an opinion about a movie or book, you should probably watch that movie or read that book.” I’m not saying completely disregard other people’s opinions of something. Obviously it’s actually great and really interesting to hear other people’s opinions about something because it can enhance your own experience of said thing. Like, if you want to, go read a think piece about a movie after you’ve seen it or BEFORE you’ve seen it, but you should still SEE it if you want to talk about it. If you don’t want to talk about it and you really don’t care about it at all, then whatever. But like, if you got into an argument with somebody about a movie you haven’t seen and halfway into the argument you admit you haven’t even seen the movie, that’s not really going to help your point is it? And I think most people whose opinion you respect wouldn’t say “just take my word for it, you don’t have to see it for yourself,” and if they did, well…that’s pretty sketchy. 

And all of this that I’m saying is specifically in regards to things like books and movies and tv shows, etc. Obviously you HAVE to listen to other people’s opinions about things if you CAN’T experience it firsthand, like sexism or something. Obviously a man can’t experience sexism firsthand, so they HAVE to (or should) listen to the opinions of women. But for something accessible like watching a movie or reading a book, why WOULDN’T you engage with it firsthand if you wanted to say anything about it?

smiley1060  asked:

Okay seriously I get told all the time that bi and pan are the same and it's always people who are just. 'There's only two genders, boy and girl how can you be into more than that' But. Here's the thing. Fun fact. There's only two SEXES genders and sexes aren't the same!!! Why do you?? Do this?? My gawdd.





Hey guys, so I would just like to address some rumours that have been going around about Uproar. Just so we’re in the clear about it. 

First off, Mod Mercury and I, Mod Bowie, have no affiliation whatsoever with the RPG That’s The Spirit. We have similar colour schemes, yes, but we are not the same writers who run TTS. We’ve said this before, I’m sure, so I don’t get why we keep having to say it. The only RPG either of us mod is here at Uproar. There’s no way to really prove this fact other than our word. Which should be enough. 

Another thing, is the rumour that we control our members. I don’t know where this rumour came from, but it’s actually pretty harmful to us. We strive to make this a good, free experience for everyone to show off their creativity through their characters and writing. If you feel we’re controlling you, by setting certain rules, or banning certain individuals, you can always come to us about it. 

The fact of the matter here is that we want to make sure you guys are all comfortable here. If you feel like we’ve made you uncomfortable, or are being unfair to you, please be very vocal with us. We can’t predict everything you guys feel and automatically know when you’ve felt wronged. If you feel we’ve wronged you, lease, please, please come to us about it, not some talk blog, where we might or might not see it, and things can get taken so out of context. 

We can’t know a problem is persisting, if we’re not aware of it. So please, if you have anything to come to us about (even us!!!!) please do not be afraid to tell us!

anonymous asked:

as a trans guy omegaverse makes me very uncomfortable tbh. the whole idea that im ~submissive~ and ~so overcome with lust ill do anything~ because im a guy who can have kids (though not in the way omegaverse imagines it since it ignores trans peoples existence) is very gross. not to mention it portrays mlm in a very harmful mannerism by making them seem aggressive and even violent because of their sex drive. its all really gross and employs a bunch of bad tropes.

this is why we keep up this blog. it makes me, another mlm trans guy, extremely uncomfortable as well. omegaverse exists because society hates trans guys (both mlm and not, in this case it’s related to mlm however), and there’s no way around that. 

remember that your trans status doesn’t need to put you in a certain “position” or “role” in bed, even with a cis partner! you’re not tied down to heteronormative and cisnormative notions about “how” sex should be!

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Prompto why does the Final Fantasy wiki page describe you as a skirt chaser? I don't think you are, to be honest! 😩 whyyyy? I understand you though, and I know you just wanted to be loved. But its not right to call you a skirt chaser! :(((

a s-s-skirt chaser?! (╬⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾)

no way! maybe… maybe it’s because people get confused when i talk about how cool all the women i know are? i mean, there’s monica and iris and cindy and aranea and lady luna… (*´▽`*)

a guy like me… i’m lucky to know so many awesome people, right~? o((*^▽^*))o

but… just because i like them doesn’t mean i like them, you know~? 。(*^▽^*)ゞ


You guys want to know why the CW market has flat-lined and users are saying they don’t want to get into it because of drama/bitchiness/superiority? It’s because of the shit that gets posted on this blog and on the forums. I don’t buy CW’s for this very reason. You guys are WAY too fucking into it. You’ve created these rules and hierarchies and just this atmosphere that’s charged with tension and beef - and it’s a fucking item on a virtual pet site. Like, it’s a game. It’s fun. It’s something we do to kill time and escape from pressures of every day life. And mostly, Subeta is like that. But the CW community? What the fuck, guys. You make it so difficult, so stressful.

You’re acting like children, and like y'all have some kind of superiority complex. Your moral indignation because someone wants to buy an item and then sell it for profit - um, what???? Why is this even a thing? They bought the item, who gives a flying fuck if they want to turn around and sell it for 500 csc or 5,000 csc or in exchange for a real live elephant - they own the item, they can do as they please. They bought it fair and square, and they beat you to a slot. If you’re going to be jealous, at least be fair and blame the slotting system as whole, or admit to being jealous. There’s no reason to accuse people of being shitty when they literally haven’t broken any rules, and are just following the basic principles of commerce - buy what’s in demand and sell it back at a higher price. Do you track down someone who bought the last pair of shoes at a store, and make them explain to you what their intentions are, so you can judge whether or not they’re “shitty” for taking them away from someone who’s more “deserving”? What if they want to trade those shoes for a friend’s sweater - that’s not allowed? It’s beyond stupid - it’s so entitled and spoiled and just fucking obnoxious. I’m just astounded that people care so much, that this makes them so upset, that they post several topics about it and spew venom at people who just have a difference of opinion.

And it’s not even this one particular thing. Everything that has to do with CW’s is just DRAMA central, because people who draw pixels and submit them as onsite items seem to think they are the supreme authorities, and fuck what anyone else says, we should all just agree with what they say.
I bought CWs from the pawn shop because it meant I didn’t have to interact with any of you people. Now that the pawn shop is gone, I’ll just keep the 10,000 csc or so that I buy each month and spend it on stupid shit, because there is no way I’m giving even a cent of my money to you immature brats.

(there are a small minority of CW artists and sellers that are exempt from this rant, but in general, everyone else just plain sucks. You guys make people feel unwelcome, and you bully them if they don’t agree with you. And the best part - you don’t even bother trying to listen when people are telling you there’s a problem, you literally alienate your own customer base with your crappy attitudes. Have fun trying to fill your slots; I know I’m not alone in boycotting this shitfest).

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Please continue with the AE universe!! You girls have found such a unique way to talk about really important life themes, and I honestly feel like I learn something every time I read one of your books. I really can't put into words why I resonate so deeply with AE so badly, but I feel like you guys possess such a special gift of storytelling in a way that captivates the reader, and I'm not ready to let go of that universe :( I really hope you consider extending the series

Thankyouthankyou!! Everything you said means so very much to us (more than we can adequately describe in words). We truly hope we’ll be able to continue writing in the Aerial Ethereal Universe. We have such a strong love for the setting and every single character, so we’re even more happy to know that you do too *BIG HUGS* 

Podcasts WE 3/4


- @lakeclarity - it’s the first episode of a new horror podcast about TEENAGERS, so, basically my jam. Came out yesterday and will be recurring every Sunday. Haven’t heard it yet but here I am, present and excited to invest. 


- Hello From the Magic Tavern - just heard this morning and, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure how they were going to continue after the last episode. But they did and it was great and hilarious as always. Arnie, Adal, and Matt are all present, just with different hats. And you can tell the difference between Adal and Chunt. Totally. 


- @archive81 - I’m still lost af, but in a good way. I’m super into Dan and Rat and looking forward to more info on wth is going on. But these guys are good at the subtle punches to the gut.

- @kingfallsam - I mean… after the last episode, I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS. And even more questions… I always look forward to the story these guys tell and I’m never prepared for the buckets of tears I end up shedding BUT IT SO GOOD.

- @thebrightsessions - as I’m sure tumblr is well aware, BRIGHT SESSIONS I HAVE MISSED YOUUUUUUU I don’t think a week goes by without me whining that I don’t get to hear from my favorite atypicals AND NOW IT’S BACK and I just anticipate and welcome the pain @thelaurenshippen has continually promised on twitter because I am a masochist.

Any other AD postcast dramas coming out? Am I missing episodes? 

anonymous asked:

I wasn't going to add my input on which matsu you relate with since you obviously have a strong idea which one you relate with. (I vote totty on you btw) <br> The reason why people don't often see you related as Ichimatsu is because of how social you are with people on tumblr. I see ichimatsu just reblogging more than responsing ask or stating opinions online. If Ichimatsu always state his true feelings on social media, it's a bit strange since he's quite shy about this kind of thing.

first things first, you guys saying that I’m like choromatsu really and genuinely does not bother me. I asked what matsu you guys thought I was like, and you responded honestly, and that’s all I care about. I’m joking when I say I don’t want to be compared to choro, and just because I happen to disagree with that doesn’t mean I’m mad about it in any way. if people thought I made that trait list post just to prove people wrong, let me tell you that wasn’t the case. I was planning on making that from the very beginning.

I mean all I can say about this entire thing is that I’m really… not. there are a shit ton of asks in my inbox that I haven’t responded to yet simply because I don’t know how/I don’t feel like it, and if you met me in real life, I’m much quieter than I am on here. and tbh there are lots of things that I hold back on here and would never say in such a public setting lol.

but yeah, you have your evidence to back up which matsu you think I’m like, and that’s all that matters.

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Did you know you know you or Drake is my favorite Jewish Canadian? The Ryans, either Gosling or Reynolds, are the hottest but you're cool in Will Arnett's voice sort of way since you both show your individuality. My question is what day is your wedding? I'd like to light a candle or burn some incense on your first marriage and maybe eat some poke for Mitchell. How much of your brand or social media be part of your ceremony? What can your audience do to participate in your wedding? Suggestions!

why do you guys send me questions like this!!!!!!!! “my first marriage” i think you mean my one and only marriage because i found the best person for me in the whole world.

anyway not everything is for the internet and i don’t believe our wedding should or will be any different but maybe if we have a wedding registry we would discuss sharing it lol except we already have everything we need so idk if we are even going to make that, asking people for shit seems uncomfortable.