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Well, I had a bad day today (Omg I rly need to stop complaining to you guys, why are you even following me?!) last time I felt like shit, it made me feel better to do something nice for all my amazing followers + I am like 20 away from 600!!! Wtf?! (my blog is honestly turning into “liz doing stuff”, sorry about that!!!!!) 

So, inspired by Ana (who was inspired by Nat) I’m doing compliment/advice/promos!!

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Dance (Peter Parker x Reader)

Second post today because why not? Please request things because I am terrible of coming up with things to write. Today’s request is by @imagine-peterparker : OMG where the reader finds Peter awkwardly standing by the food table at a school dance, and they talk for awhile, asking why he’s there and stuff, and then she invites him to dance and fluuuuufffff love ya

You thought junior prom was supposed to be special. The best time you’d have during High School until senior prom. Well, how wrong you were. The buildup to the event was amazing. A guy who went around with Flash, named Jack, had asked you to the dance. He seemed very nice when he asked you, so you’d agreed. You bought a basic but beautiful black dress and heels that made you feel great. The night of, you looked wonderful with your hair and makeup done perfectly, your dress looked even more stunning on you than it had when you tried it on, everything was like you’d imagined.

However, when Jack arrived to pick you up, he didn’t look to pleased. You brushed it off and went with him to the limo that was picking you up, along with the rest of Flash’s friends and their dates. When you got into the limo, you noticed all of the girls were in bright coloured poofy dresses that showed too much cleavage. “Who’s funeral is it?”, “What’s with the black?”, “Thank god it’ll be dark in there, why the hell did you choose her?”, “I could’ve set you up with Lindsey if you were that desperate, Jack”. Insults were thrown your way the whole drive to the school. With tears welling up in your eyes, you rushed out of the car and into the school, heading for the bathroom.  After sorting yourself out, you walked into the gym looking for your date. He was grinding with some other girl on the dance floor. You felt your heart drop a little bit before you sulked off to the food table.

A boy you recognized from a few of your classes was leaning against the wall by the end of the table. “You’re Peter, right?” you asked him. “Um… yeah? Hi. (Y/N), right?” You nodded before standing beside him. “You came here with Jack, right?” he hesitantly questioned. “Yeah but he’s a massive dick so… Also, he’s kinda dancing with another girl so I guess we had a mutual agreement to split.” “Oh. So, um… you look really um… pretty, tonight. Not that you don’t look pretty all the time because you do but I’m just saying that you look really nice… now,” he rambled on, making you blush and giggle. “Thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself. Where’s, um, where’s your date?” you asked him quietly. “I ah… don’t have one. My Aunt May forced me to come here. Told me it’s ‘a once in a lifetime thing’.”

You stood in comfortable silence for a few minutes. “Do you want to dance with me?” you asked him softly. “Sure! Um… I mean, yeah that’d be cool,” he told you. You began walking to the dancefloor but the music changed. A slow song. He stopped walking, seemingly frozen, until you tugged his hand. He snapped out of his daze and awkwardly followed you to the floor, which had been mostly evacuated. You set your arms around his neck and he put his on your waist, making the both of you blush. You began rocking side to side gently. After a few moments he leaned forward and whispered in your ear, “Looks like your previous date is looking at us. As well as almost everyone else in the room.” You suddenly grinned, a plan forming in your mind. “Let’s give them a performance to watch then.”

Peter definitely understood what you meant because he took removed one hand from your waist only to interlock fingers with you. You began stepping in boxes, him leading. Every once in awhile, he’d give you a twirl. He’s actually a really good dancer, you thought. When the music was about to end, he took his hands away and placed them on your cheeks. “I’m going to kiss you now,” he whispered confidently. “Please do,” you responded. He did. It was the best first kiss ever.

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Omg, guys we have hit 8,000 followers! This is amazing!!! 

I am so happy that I have gained so many new friends, because you guys are my friends, even if we have never met XD And I really appreciate all your support and requests you send in to me, which is why I want my 10,000 follower mark to be something special that you guys all want. 

I probably won’t do a part 10 to this Fandom Crossover College series, but what I do for my 10,000 mark is completely up to you.

I have had someone ask for a Q&A, what do you guys think about that?  

Honestly I am so satisfied with Malec

I’ve never shipped a couple like Malec that is so sweet (anyway I have never shipped an official couple).
The primary point to me is that Malec is an official cp. So it can have kisses, hugs and even the implicit sex scene (maybe one day it will come true I m so looking forward to it) The previous shipments I love are all not the official ones so that any intimate moments like kisses (sex is impossible mission for my sweethearts) only exist in my brain (damnit how poor I am). So why so dissatisfied? I am so happy to see the way they treat each other (OMG I wanna fly to the heaven). I am addicted in their amazing relationship I’ve never seen one in the screen before.
You guys complain too few kisses (I ve never seen a kiss from my other shipments so far ok?), complain no sexy scene (now we’ve got one but still cant shut someone’s mouths up), complain too rushing into sex (come on! That was Valentine’s Day! What do you guys wanna see? Even Jace was able to have a sex, Malec didn’t have the qualification to have a sex? Someone said Alec ignored Magnus’s opinion. But in this case, Magnus actually was eager for the sex but just worried about unfulfilling Alec’s expectation (it was Magnus who didn’t want to push Alec but not that he didn’t want the sex) then Alec said “there is nothing you need to worry about, because I want this”. Alright, Magnus wanted sex so did Alec. You guys rejected their desire? I don’t understand.)
Try to be gentle to those staffs ok? I really appreciate show creator bringing malec to me. Even though their storyline is not so wonderful as your expected, you guys are not allowed to yell at those who are working so hard to operate Shadowhunters. You ship show!malec then ship it, if you think it fails your favor then change the channel and don’t ship it, that is it.

Finally, sorry for my poor English XDDD

How I see the signs

ARIES: you literally stress yourself out and make everything a bigger deal
TAURUS: you’re an amazing friend like omg I love you guys
GEMINI: I. Love. Geminis. Y'all are so funny and always know what to say
CANCER: so supportive. You genuinely want everyone to feel good.
LEO: adorable af
VIRGO: how do have so much energy??
LIBRA: why are all of you so hot? It’s so not fair.
SCORPIO: you are assholes. Hilarious assholes, sadistic assholes, beautiful assholes, but assholes none the less.
SAGITTARIUS: like Gemini you guys are so funny but you’re like unintentionally funny which makes it better.
CAPRICORN: moody af. I know everyone knows cancer as the moody ones but capricorns are just as, if not more, moody. They just internalize it.
AQUARIUS: you’re so odd. You find joy in annoying people or something.
PISCES: actual balls of fluff with a grenade inside

anonymous asked:

Girll you and me are so alike! Before i met my bf, i was exactly like you, always falling for guys who would never like me back and doing it whole heartedly eventhough i knew i was gonna get hurt like bitch!! Why r u being so dumb?! (This is to me) but you know what, its acc made me so much stronger in the long run. I cant wait till one day we become friends and both have houses full of children with amazing vibes and so many memories and we laugh about all these stupid boys who let us go🙌🏽✨💕

can i frame this message?? my heart is so full right now thank you so much for sending me this omg!!! love u ❣️💌💞

anonymous asked:

Omg please look up "AJ" on urban dictionary!! The definitions are just amazing 😂😂😂😂😂

The top definition:

“AJ is a nickname for a male. Usually short for first and middle names. AJ’s are ladies men and get a lot of girls. They are very flirty guys, but when they get into relationships they become loyal and tend to let their significant other control them or whip them around. VERY good in bed, and also a very good friend.”

Why is this so real😩😩 you know how whipped AJ is by his wife🙃😂😂

so i put together a list of my favorite apartment building au’s under the cut, so if any of them seem like smtg fun to do let me know! i’ll prolly add to this list at some point and like reblog again but this is what i could find for now!

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could write a modern au with a John Laurensxreader based off the song called Traveling Soldier by the Dixie chicks where John goes off to the middle eats and the reader doesn't know if he's coming home and misses him? You can decide if it ends in angst or fluff. Thank you! I really love you writing and blog by the way. Your amazing!!!

YOU’RE AMAZING ANON! TANK FOR LIKING MY DRABBLES!! and i decided to listen to the song. I cried, i really did. there’s tears still on my cheeks as i write this. why is this so sad omg. im extra excited to write this one next :D 

its that time of the month guys ignore me pls

anonymous asked:

OMG I LOVE YOUR TUMBLR ¬W¬. Well....I HAVE ALWAYS TOUGHT THAT WEEEEEEEE NEEDED MORE BLACK CHARACTERS, SPECIALLY ONE DATEABLE (is that the word? My english sucks btw XD) LIKE WTFFFFFF, I DON'T FULLY LIKE ANY OF THE GUYS (Only Viktor from the manga </3) and i feel like we are missing something T^T.. OH WELL WE HAVE DAJAN BUT HE APEARS TWO TIMES AND BYE, LIKE WTFFFFFFF, WHY???? At least we have Kim, i love her so much omg she is my bae <3 Agh, anyway, i hope you have an AMAZING day~ <3

((I read this around 6 am and in m head, I read this as of you were yelling and I was bruh? why so loud? But I’m glad you’re excited and means a lot! Positive messages in the morning equal good vibes))

It would be nice to have more dateable characters of color that are both male and female, but alas this game doesn't have that.

I know there an otome game in the workings now that are working in more diversity and it’s Sweet Elite and Women of Xal (I believe the beta is out for this one)

Signs Reaction To Something Going Wrong



Gemini: Guys just calm down, this isn’t that important you know.

Aries: *stares at gemini* I WILL PUNCH YOU IN 5…4….

Gemini: okay okay im sorry jezzz…

Virgo: *rocking back and forth* omgomgomg

Sagittarius: kay guys, we can think of a new plan don’t worry we….

Scorpio: not worry, NOT WORRY …. okay deep breaths *starts to try and take deep breaths*

Cancer: guys i think *sniff* im going to cry…

Aquarius: um……..

Capricorn: okay guys, let me think of all the bad decisions i made okay?!

Aquarius: seriously guys it -

Leo: THIS IS MY FAULT OKAY, ITS ALL MY FAULT! *screams dramticly and falls to the ground*

*everyone frezzes*

Everyone but pisces : WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING

Pisces: i- *giggles* its funny when things go wrong *laughs*

hmm well i think pisces might of lost it …. :/

Hello kind anon! If you are dating Jiyoon from 4Minute, tell her she’s amazing pls. omg Thank you >////< I’m so glad you like it. Thank you for requesting and enjoy!

Jin: Sunbaenim! It’s an honor meeting you. (Y/N), why didn’t you tell me sooner? I would’ve prepared a meal in advance.

Suga: I feel betrayed. You didn’t tell me you were dating. Protect (Y/N) well, alright?

Jimin: I loved your song. You know, the C.R.A.Z.Y one? Yeah. It’s great.

V: I think I could pull off that shade of green…I ship you guys really hard by the way.

J-Hope: You’re dating Jiyoon sunbaenim? Why am I just learning this information now? I thought we were friends!

Rap Monster: I hope both of you are very happy together.

Jungkook: How did you two meet? Where? Have you gone out on many dates? You two make a great couple.

Blogrates and Harry Potter profiles?

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…in the gym

October 5, 2016

2009, New Orleans. 

Drunk girl: where are you guys from? 

Me: Ohio DG: Oh, I’m sorry.


2016, England.

Gym receptionist: oh, where are you from?

Me: Ohio… in America.

GR: OMG that’s so ace! What brings you to England?

Me: my husband is from here.

GR: yeah, I guess love is a good reason to move.

Oh, man but Ohio sounds amazing.

Me: 😂😊👍🏻💗 


Reason #infinity why I love living in England. It’s going to be so hard giving up being a novelty when we move back to America. My ego is going to deflate so hard. Leg day in the bag with 400+ calories torched. I made up this round of circuits (run through twice) and, to be honest, it may have been a bit too ambitious. I’ll let you know tomorrow when I try to get out of bed. 

Weigh-in // -5.2 pounds. I’m back. ✌🏻️

at ship week day 7: favorite brotp

i’m not submitting this 2 days late what are you talking abt silly also groans bc why can’t i have good watercolor paper that doesn’t crumple every time i try to do shit

i just wanna ramble a little about these guys because i love them so much, said ramble under the cut!! 

( ok legit reason why this is so late: i didn’t have internet yesterday )

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