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My Top Anime Recommendations

1. Haikyuu!! This is about volleyball. One of my first anime obsessions. It has so much comedy tho, and a lot of salty ass bitches and APPRECIATION FOR SHORT PEOPLE. I really recommend if ur new to anime. So far, I’m pretty sure it’s over but season 4 might be coming in 2017. It’s a sports anime about volley, as I mentioned and any mention of volleyball will trigger characters. 

 2. Yuri!!! On Ice A very gay ice skating show. Most of you have probably already watched it. It makes me cry way too much. And there’s a lot of kids you might want to adopt. Basically, if you ever wanted anything from your otp, watch this show and you’ll get double of that. Disadvantage is that it raises expectations for all animes smh.

 3. Tokyo Ghoul THIS IS THE SADDEST AND MOST BAD ASS ANIME EVER. Honestly, it made me so so so so upset. I cried a lot. But it’s like super cool. It has gruesome parts and a lot of things that might trigger suicidal people, those who hurt themselves or those who’ve been abused. If blood makes you uncomfortable, don’t watch. Other than that, it’s actually got a great plot and story and characters are amazingly developed. There’s a guy who’s slightly deranged tho, and a drag queen but those details can be skipped over. 

 4. Charlotte The reason I like this is because there’s a badass girl in this like what the fUck. They have supernatural powers and it’s cool BC the main character actually misused them like all the time it’s hilarious but later on he becomes so amazing and he’s so ffing domeSTIC AND CUTE. Also he’s very salty  AND OMG TE FINALE WAS AMAZING LIKE THE GUY, HE IS SO FUCKING COOL IT HAD ME CRYING SO HARD DEFFO ONE OF THE BESTEST ANIME

5. Bungou Stray Dogs Literally you will fall in love with the main character so fast lmao. Suicide mentions like, constantly. At first, it’s supposed to be humor but in the second season; the arc of one of the characters is so good and will explain why he mentions suicide so much. AGAIN WITH THE HUMOR. And unlike other supernatural animes I’ve watched, this one doesn’t make people with powers the bad guys. They’re very appreciated. 

6. Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi / Escape The plot is amazing. Made me cry a lot. The characters are great. Basically, it’s about how this guy goes back in time to prevent things from happening and oh mY GOSH ITS GREAT. 

7. Ajin 

Another super cool supernatural one. definitely worth it. Graphics are great and so are the characters. Its ongoing and the second season is about to end. you’ll seriously feel love/hate

 8. Free! Any mention of water will make main character strip. Quite gay. I haven’t watched all of it but I’m about to finish it in a few episodes. Again, this is good for anime beginners. Also, trigger warning for those who’re afraid of drowning.

9. K. That’s literally what it’s called. I think it stands for Kings but yeah. It’s also really good and it’s about head clans that are looking for a colorless king who can transfer into different people ad make them do awful things so they get targeted by the different clans (blue, red, etc)

10. Mob Psycho 100 ~ THIS IS A MUST WATCH. I keep adding new animes I know but this is important. It’s humor is on point, unexpected twists are everywhere. The characters are lovable and it’s really good for beginner supernatural anime. It’ll make you cry and laugh.

BONUS : DEATH NOTE. Okay, the plot is incredible. Things that you won’t be able to think of and they’ll leave you mind blown. Characters are human af like it’s supernatural but everything is so natural, like the nature of people. Warning: like, everyone dies. Don’t get too attached to characters. But yeah, it’s an old anime and has 37 episodes in total I think, but it’s super good!!

That’s about my top 10 (plus one bonus)

Bts reaction to you insulting friends in a loving way:

Anon requested:  hai~ I don’t want to be a bother but I was wondering if you could do BTS reacting to their s/o playing around with their friends by throwing insults at each other (like calling each other bitch/hoe ad saying mean things) but it is in a loving way. thank you so much and if you don’t want to you don’t have to do this!!! I just found this blog and I think you are amazing at writing, so I think you will do this well!

A/ N: Omg you’re not a bother and why would I not want t do this, you guys can request freely I don’t bite.


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Tries his best to not look scandalized but fails each time. It won’t take him long to adapt to it though, Mama Jin sometimes needs a minute to understand what’s going on. 


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Smiles each time like what a badass I own. Doesn’t seem to mind it as he himself cusses quite often.


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Laughs real loud each time you and your friends start insulting each other

Rap Monster:

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Doesn’t mind it at all, he might as well not pay attention to it unless you bring it up.


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Laughs shyly as he asks you why you keep insulting them, not actually knowing that you don’t mean it.

V/ Taehyung:

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Confused baby like are you sure you don’t mean it? That was really extreme are you sure they are not hurt. Might as well look a bit uncomfortable. 


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Likes it so much he might as well start experimenting with others. If the hyungs reject his new style, your friends won’t be the only ones you hear insults from.

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Okay so the cookie comic with Jack and Mark made me remember that a year ago I found your blog. Ever since then you have been one of my favorite artists and I hope that you keep making amazing art for more years to come. Thank you ❤️

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omg actually y’know I was browsing through my entire blog and like mannn nostalgia that’s why I drew that. I’m so happy ;-; thanks guys for sticking w me and my wonderful crap and puns 

i love you all sm mwah

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share a dating experience that went horribly wrong!!

omg its funny I get this message lol, omg so recently I started using this gay app called Grindr more often. I always have people messaging me but one guy had caught my eye, so we talked for a few weeks and he was super sweet. Then I decided why not yes to him wanting to meet me, so we made plans to meet, and omg omg the guy who I met was a completely different person, I literally freaked!!! I had no idea I was being catfished and I was so scared tbh, but I decided to look into a way to not being cat fished ever again, so I found this app called Love Lab and its amazing because its an app that checks if the person is real and not just a scam or impersonator, trust me this has saved me from any other awkward meets!! You should download it here and try it out if you use dating apps!!

lai guanlin first meeting! AU

summary: in which you meet the new guy from taipei in your neighbourhood at the park playing basketball and you help him overcome his language barrier ft. seonho

length: 1.3k

a/n: i just saw wanna one yesterday at kcon and they are amazing. i have a fan account coming up soon basically i had hi touch with them (as well as monsta x, sf9, pentagon - i’ll explain why i got so many without spending any money) im also hardcore monobebe now rip me hyungwon was so smiley during hi touch omg and changkyun and kihyun are perfect. i wrote this a while ago lol so its not edited. but HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUANLIN (i told him this in chinese but no idea if he replied) im so hekjdqekjfheq post concert depression is peeking i stan all the groups that were at kcon now ;;; thats like 30 groups i stan in total now rip me 

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note: normal font is speaking in korean and italics is speaking in chinese 

  • you’ve been living in seoul for 2 years already
  • you were born in australia and from there you had lived in hong kong and france 
  • and hence you could speak 4 languages fluently; english, korean, chinese and french 
  • your mum was chinese and your dad was half korean and half french 
  • people were always in awe of how “cool” your ethnicity was and you definitely agreed it was unique
  • but you didn’t like how once you finally had settled into a new country, you’d have to move to another and try to adapt again
  • and it was also really easy to lose touch with the friends you’d made
  • anyways enough of that lmao
  • you are now living in the city of seoul in korea 
  • and you were lucky that you fitted in quite well and your neighbour was yoo seonho who was probably the most outgoing kid ever who knew literally everyone 
  • so he basically introduced you to everyone 
  • he was one year younger than you but very smart so you guys were in the same grade 
  • you two would often walk home together and crash each other’s houses to do  homework together

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Reggie Mantle x Reader: Tomboy & Skirts [Part Three]


Part 3??? Omg this is amazing. I love it.

Okay but I really need a apart 3 because what the hell???? That cliffhanger why??????


A/N: I kinda forgot I left you guys on a cliffhanger I’m soo sorry babes I thought I would’ve posted this sooner. I kinda want to end it here, but some of you gys actually want a part of the trip. If you guys want the trip or are okay with this please comment or shoot me an ask so I have an idea if I should continue this or end it right here.

Words: 1110

Summary: A picture taken out of context may actually be a good thing for the reader x Reggie.


Warnings: I don’t think so.

Part One - Part Two -

The picture spread like a wildfire, you in Reggie’s shirt and sweatpants. Your phone ran out of battery and you were tired, you were very confused as to why your phone blew up in the morning. Sure you had friends other than Reggie, but your phone never had this many messages. Each one containing a picture of how you looked last night and your wet clothes in you book bag peering out. You could see why people were jumping to conclusions, but he was your best friend and that was it.

You chose to ignore everything and decided to get ready for school, soon this would all be over you thought. It was your last day in Riverdale before you both left to you trip.

Reggie got up extra early to pick you up your favorite breakfast and drove to your house. He thought that maybe it would help the rumors that were taking their toll around town. The tall caramel skinned football player was very surprised to find you okay.

Something he had grown to love about you. You could never let the whisperings of people bother you. You were always so strong, there was only a few times he’d ever see you break down. One of the few times he saw you spiral for the worst that even to him you were unrecognizable was when your father left you and your mother. You always told him that pain was hard, but you would never acknowledge it unless you had to. He admired how you could be so strong.

The ride to school was a bit quiet even as the music played through the radio. Reggie a bit uncomfortable to bring up the picture, and you just wanted to get the day over with wearing the last skirt of the deal.

“You know we could just skip school today” Reggie finally spoke as he found a parking spot.

“Why would we do that?” you challenged “It’s the last day before break.”

“I talked to Dilton this morning, he took the picture down” Reggie gave you a small smile.

“Our hero” you smiled back.

You both walked out of his jeep and made your way into the school. All eyes on both of you. You began to get nervous and that scared you. You weren’t one to care what these people thought. They were idiots to care so much about a rumor. You hated the tension that picture brought to your friendship. You hate that maybe Reggie cared about this, the fact the all he wanted was for you to be protected and you couldn’t even acknowledge what had happened.

You reached the middle of the hallway to see the perpetrator of the picture. Cheryl Blossom at the end of the hallway making her to the both of you.

“Seriously (Y/N) we can go” Reggie turned to face you.

“No, let’s give the people what they want” you grew annoyed at everyone.

“Wha-” you interrupted you best friend as you pressed your lips against his.

The gasps escaped everyone’s mouth and the red haired bombshell stormed out hating that her plan to break you backfired.

Reggie pulled away first, angry not because you kissed him. He’d dreamed of this day, but this is not how he wanted it to happen. Kissing him only made people think that something more had happened between the two of you and he would never let anyone ruin your good name not even himself.

You were kind of proud of the courage that took over your body, but you were also angry at yourself because you cared about Reggie way too much. You could see the trouble in his eyes of what you had just showed the idiots of that school. You didn’t like to see him that way, you felt like you had disappointed the only person in that godforsaken school who really cared about you. You saw in his eyes how his mind was racing. You weren’t one to run away from your problems but you rushed out of the school like it was the only solution.

He didn’t go after you, he didn’t know what to do and neither did you.

You went straight home and changed. You packed your things for the trip not knowing if was going to happen, but you wished for the best.

Back at school Reggie finally had enough and decided to confront the resident queen of Riverdale High.

“Why did you do that?” Reggie questioned Cheryl.

“I was in the mood for some chaos” was all she said as she crossed her arms.

“Nothing happened” the dark haired boy replied.

“That’s not what it seemed in the hallway” she challenged.

“Tha- That is none of your business Blossom!” he tried to contain his rage as everyone in the cafeteria stared their way.

“What do you see in her anyway?” Cheryl cocked her head.

“That’s what this is about?! The fact I didn’t want to date you?” Reggie calmed himself down “You wanna know? You really want to know?”

“Something you could never beat” was all he could say as he stormed out of the cafeteria making his way back to your house. He hated himself for being rude towards Cheryl even if she started this, but all he wanted was to protect you and if that meant making her come down from her throne for a bit.

He tried your phone but it seemed to off. He arrived at your home and used his key and you weren’t there just your packed bags for the trip. He tried to think of every place you could’ve gone.

He arrived at Sweetwater River as you were seated on the bridge that was built in memory of Jason. Your feet dangling in the air as your arms rested on one of rails as he joined you seating himself next to you.

“I’m so sorry Reg” you croaked trying to hold in your tears as he put his arm around you.

“Hey, you have nothing to be sorry for” Reggie pulled you tighter to his side.

“Yes I do, I disappointed you. I let their rumors get to me, I wasn’t strong” you looked him in the yes.

“You didn’t disappoint me, and you don’t have to approve yourself to anyone” he placed his hand on your chin “Can I do something?” he asked and you nodded yes.

Reggie proceeded to continue what you started in the hallway. Your lips moved in sync, the kiss so passionate as your lips yearned more of each other. Your lips connecting perfectly as if they were the last two pieces of a puzzle.


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Love Your Writer Day!

Day 5! Give it up for day five of the SnK no hate awareness week by @snkartists! Once again, I’m making a list for all the beautiful writers I know in this fandom, whether they make fics, drabbles, headcanons or meta, we all write and today is the day we are celebrated! THIS IS A LONG POST, PLEASE BARE WITH ME LMAO. Here I go:

@shulkie( @perksofbeingawaifu): Okay, I’ve always loved your fics and we just recently started talking but like you’re so great??? I love you??? You’re extremely nice and really funny, and your fics are Grade A+++, “Halocline” may be ending but your talent isn’t and honestly??? Honestly??? Shulkie you’re a blessing to us all, thank you for existing and putting up with me on discord pfft.

@erensjaegerbombs: Heidiiiiii, you’re so great??? I sob?????? You not only write, “The bartender is A+ by the way, but you beta, do awesome edits, make meta and headcanons and… you are so nice?? One of the best bloggers in our fandom, we truly don’t deserve her help me

@perfectfearsomebeauty: Okay… Amy.. Amy… Amy, my love I?? You’re wonderful and your headcanons are amazing. You’re nsfw headcanons always have me gasping for air but your sad headcanons fuck with me in the best way? Amazing person right here

@corporalmizuki: STELLA, girl. Okay, her fics are?? Beautiful, like.. she has the best characterizations and ideas, like.. beautiful beautiful ideas??? Help me I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

@ereri( @aurieackerman): I’m crying, she’s a blessing to us all?????? She always has the best metas and answers all her asks with class and kindness. Like, she just walked into the fandom, threw some magic and rose petals around and had me fucking swoon, like??? A literal sweetheart and she just joined discord and is someone I would really like to talk to, beautiful person right here I sob, what did we do to deserve????? Nothing, that’s it, I cry thank you for existing.

@eren–gayger: I’m crying, BERRY, my beautiful strawberry, beautiful person, you’re so sweet and all you’re fics are????? That mechanic Levi I wanted to cry was so so good like… yes. You’re precious thank you

@erenbaegerr: Nada, Noddie, hun, you bless me like??? Beautiful person you are like how. Great fics, great fic ideas, beautiful contributions like??? What did we do to deserve this angel, A+ Bagel right here, thank you for being among us.

@synstruck: I sob?? Syn is really cool, he was on my list yesterday too! Because his art is amazing that’s why. He writes, under the same url on ao3, also I recently found out he wrote one of my fave ereri fics, called “ten kisses” and like?????? Omg?? Amazing, he’s amazing, his talents are amazing, he does amazing and I think I just broke, what are words.

@spacebumblebees( @morebeesthanyoucouldimagine): Kayuuu, you’re so great, they are so great tbh?? They write and draw as well, another extremely talented bean. Sweet like honey and they are just wonderful, as well as their fics I sob. Go check them out please, just please, go, shoo, they are so great I cry.

@icecat45: WHAT ARE WORDS????? They go by the same url on ao3, they wrote this fic called “To trust an alpha”, it’s an a/b/o fic BUT LIKE????? It’s amazing??? Is2g it breaks all usual tropes that you see in abo and the fic is 100% cute, fluffy and best part all consensual, and they have the best fic ideas and when we talk I just feel so blessed like? They like talking to me? Me? Oh hunny, blessed.

@sciencefictioness: I???? They go by the same url on ao3, they write “Lunacy” and rip me to pieces it’s so good???? Like what.. how.. they also wrote “Red Heat” and like ever? Best person ever tbh, they are extremely talented and tbh we don’t deserve them, ahhh

@agent-2-6: CHEZZA, my guaco.. my chezire.. amazing???? She writes so many good fics and she also cosplays because she’s talented like that. When I see her on the chat, I always smile because?? So cute and sweet?? Yet also full of smut I can’t with her, she’s the best. She’s A26 on ao3 go check her out, also she started “ The Great EreRi Melon Discourse of 2k17” lmao, Chezza 🍈 it’s a honeydew

@dont–you–heichou–me: Chris, Christian, boy, he’s great tbh??? He has also the best headcanons and he’s really fun to talk to, like omg help, his ao3 is Christian_Rose_99384 and he makes the best ideas??? He’s amazing please check him out

@pinkheichou: LIN, SWEETHEART, ?????? Best person ever??? YOU RARE PAIR FIEND, I’m kidding more like friend, you’re so lovely???? Best fic ideas tbh, got a rare pair? P sure they ship it, like… the best, just best, you’re the best Lin

@gray-x-natsus-matching-hip-scars: I cry they write so good???? Best writing?? I weep, they have amazing headcanons and the ereris.. the soft, tender, beautiful ereris, I cry thank you for writing such beauty

@raindrop-rouge: addwjcdhdeiedbddwksn what are words??? I don’t know her?? Is it a food?? I’m kidding but BOY, beautiful writer over here blessing the fandom more and more each day??? I don’t know how they do it but they do??? Like exsqueeze me?? Same url on ao3 and I’m sorry I CAN’T pick a fav all the fics are so lovely??? Thank you for existing, wtf are words, thank you ahhhh

@sugarplum-senpai: best canon verse fics ever I weep??? I love canonverse and they fill all my needs for Canon fics??? Beautiful canon ereris???? It’s so great?? I wanna cry, also they are a sweetheart like.. best person tbh???? We need more people like them in the fandom ahhhh

@raefill: RAE, Rae is so great, great person, great writing, great to talk to, the epitome of greatness like slay my life already will you? I don’t deserve such goodness

@milleandra-nebula: I’m cryinf, okay, best fics.. I’ve followed them for so long I forgot what made me follow but I’m constantly blessed??? Best decision ever, their fics are soo good. Whenever I see something written by them on my dash I wanna keyboard smash in the tags, I’m a mess and all those beautiful people keep enabling me to be so ah

@im-eren-jaeger-sexual: I saw a fic by them on my dash and????? Omg?????? Yes, I had to follow, and so should you. CUTE PERSON ALERT, this is not a drill, cute person plus great fics equal one hell of a time!?? Thank you for existing ah

@mongoose-bite: crunchy is… he’s a blessing??? I’ve followed him for so long and he’s so chill, his works are amazing??? Seriously he when he writes

@monsoondownpour: Three words. Beautiful. Amazing. Ethereal???? Her ao3 is just monsoon and she??? Wrote “street brat” I die??? That fic watered my crops and fed my five children??? It saved my marriage and brought my country out of a drought???? Bless her I cry, I cry so hard, where are my tissues

@bfketh: How long have we been blessed with them???? The world may never know, they are beautiful, with beautiful fics and ideas. Like.. how?? Yeah idk either but I’m crying lord help

@fuzzyporcupine: I’m dead, I’m ghost typing this, but I’m blessed, they are thespazzbot on ao3 and wrote “what’s eating you” and “be good for me” two beautiful fics??? Great writer I just don’t understand, great person too, help

@cinnamonskull: DILF EREN, good shit????? Beautiful writer, things just.. flow??? Like I don’t know how to form my thanks but they seem amazing, with amazing fics and prose, beautiful just beautiful

@wishingsebastianstanwasmyman: BEAUTIFUL, JUST BEAUTIFUL, their fics are????? Amazing?????????? Can I just keep adding question marks??? Because I don’t know how they do it??? Omg their ao3 is the same and all their fics are amazing???? I’m dying go read them all, do a binge read, put them on read later, bookmark all the fics I don’t care just read their fics plz

@dallyingdivergent: Gaby is so amazing like?? I recently read one of her fics and I had to read it again, I felt so blessed, help me, plus she’s a total sweetheart I just.. I cry, that’s what I do, I cry, ty Gaby

@kahleniel: Kahl is great like?,??? Same url on ao3, her fics will end you, and you will cry and be happy they did. They are so sweet tbh like it’s not fair just.. such a well rounded person with amazing writes, I cry

@glassesgirl0401: Frau! Ahhh, I cry, her ao3 is Arlene0401 and you need of go look at it right now, no excuses, it’s all great, she great too, what more could you want ahhh

@captain-cleanliness: guy… GUY, he is???? Himself??? I can say that much, he is guy and guy is unique. All he does is write smut pfft, now I’m just kidding but he’s so great???? His headcanons are amazing like omg, he’s the best ahh

@mastia: cutest ereri fics I weep, like why and how and what???? I can’t form phrases like a person, but this person is beautiful I weep

@mikannnie: Cas is great, beautiful headcanons and loves yumikuri and the Warriors alike. Like.. really good headcanons, go check out their blog, beautiful I tell you!!

@foreverautumnblog: CAN I CRY???? IS IT ALLOWED? I love her fics sooo????? Much????? I cry, she’s Foreverautumn on ao3 and she’s written the EreRi fic “half light”??? Amazing, I loved that fic but, /but/ she wrote “words are trivial” and??????? Do you know how much that fic blessed me??????? Do any of you??? No???? Well it blessed the living fuck outta me like dear sweet baby Jesus, I???? It’s amazing beautiful fic??? I’m cryinf help me, also she’s so sweet and funny and we don’t deserve her, thank you for existing as well, you are a blessing to all your fandoms

@julystorms: what are words. Great meta!!! Like is2g all their meta has me weak, like… they interpret everything so beautifully, I agree with them so much???? Great person, awesome meta, you can’t go wrong, I screm

@dirtylevi: Beauuuutifffffulllll person. Like Grade A plus plus meta and answers, their blog reminds me of target, I go ifor one thing and come out blessed af. Like bless them, just donit, and go follow, I cry

@l-e-v-i-ackerman: HE IS GREAT. He is loveatfirstsight one ao3 and he wrote “3am” like?????? That fic was the shit??? He’s grest,funny and really grey, amazing headcanons, treasured blogger, what did we do to deserve

@crying-abt-fictional-people: WORDS, writer, this person?????? Great tbh?? Hey are elliewritesthings on ao3 and ???? Omg they wrote “show me how much you love me” and i?? I have no words?? Plz go read it it’s A+ ereri goodness I weep, an Angel I tell you

@baegerbombtastic: Best BEST, like??? They are driedupwishes on ao3 and like???? They have the best fics, omg they wrote “summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation” and… it’s so cute??? Like I read I once and I had to go to the dentist because it gave me a shit ton of cavities??? Like what.. what.. thank you for existing I’m deceased

@appleapplepeach: I cry, OKAY okay… they are appleapple on ao3 and they make the best fics???? Like I love. They wrote the EreRi fic “Grounded” I loveeee that fic???? It’s so amazing like shit, shit shit, some good shit, it’s beau, please check out their works, I’m crying as I type, beautiful

@assistent-official: BLESS YOU?????? I’m constantly graced with long thought out headcanons on my dash and I love them all??? Bless don’t ever stop being amazing with your amazing headcanons

@nutella-and-ereri: Best blogger right here, like all her headcanons bless me?? Like how can you agree with someone so much.. just omg, plus a really see the person, we are unworthy. You are great yo

@margri3t: They are a cute, a living cute, same url on ao3 and they have cute fics?? Please go check them out, I’m swooning

End of my long ass list and like… all those people are just *shakes fist* so lovely??? Our writers are just so talented, we don’t deserve them I cry so hard, thank you for being you and this blogger love yall and hopes you get all the respect you deserve!!!! 💕❤😇

I basically watched Star Trek because of a german parody movie about it in 2004, with so much humor in every scene you just have to laugh the whole time.

And 12 years later, after the parody, they did it again and made a parody out some scenes of the new Star Trek movies. 





*Screaming* (*≧▽≦)

Okay…  I should have done this before but here goes…

  • First of all, I never thought that my artworks or doujins would get so many likes and attention. I am still disbelief of what just happened. I am just an ordinary artist and a potato. Q_Q
  • Second, I never expected that most of my NaLu (especially the Nerd and Gangter and The Neko Lucy AU) and Dragneel brothers doujins were everywhere in YouTube. Some of them were dubbed and translated by amazing people in their own languages. And some of them were montage by the talented and amateur people. It’s so beautiful. OMG. (Thank You so much for your support and time, and thank you too for the credit guys! *cries*). I don’t know what to say. I’m crying when I type this. (Okay, I’m being OOC.)
  • Third, I want to thank especially those people who work hard and taking time to work on my doujin. I really really appreciated it. You guys are the best and you guys work so professionally! You guys rock! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
  • And last, these guys doing voice acting and they catches my attention so I want them to give publicity. (I should have done this before)

(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* (⁎⚈᷀᷁▿⚈᷀᷁⁎)


He’s voice acting Natsu. (I’m in love with his voice. Okay, don’t get wrong) I really love how he voiced Natsu. It’s so funny and lovely. He’s the perfect role for Natsu. xD He’s soo good and amazing. OMG. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


She’s voice acting Lucy. I love her voice. It’s so beautiful. She’s also amazing and talented. She’s also the perfect role for Lucy. Why is she so good? I’m so jelly. (*・▽・*)

Isamu Mamuro

He’s the one voice acting Zeref. Glob, he’s voice is so perfect for Zeref. Aahh, I love it so much! He’s amazing.

I FREAKING LOVE THEIR VOICE. I wonder why these guys haven’t in the company yet. ;-; Go and subscribe them! They are so nice and awesome people!

And before I finish, there’s one doujin AU dubbed that melts my heart. It’s Neko Lucy AU. They really put effort and feelings to it. I was totally shocked when they dubbed this. OMG. It makes me fall in love with this doujin all over again.

Go and check this out!

Part 2

Part 3 

PS. I don’t know why you guys like this doujin. OMG. xD

Other doujins

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Darling, What Did You Expect? (Zach Mitchell X Reader)

Fandom: Jurassic World
Pairing: Zach Mitchell X Reader
Word Count: 4,311
Prompt(s): Zach is 18 and the reader is 2 years older and he has a giant crush on her, but she has the kind of mindset that anyone younger than her is still a kid. He tries to prove her wrong. I was thinking there could be awkward parts for laughs and fluff + Maybe a love/hate relationship kind of thing with Zach from Jurassic World? Cause I feel like he’d be really good at antagonizing people haha.
Sorry I didn’t follow them exactly, but I hope you like this, nonnies!!  <333
Author’s Note: I like to imagine that in the film, Gray is like eleven and Zach is like sixteen, and in this, Gray is thirteen and Zach is eighteen!!  (:  Also I have this headcanon that Zach listens to Fall Out Boy??? And also that Gray is 100% a band kid.  ((:

“Your name is Gray, right?” You asked, walking up to the boy and raising an eyebrow.

He nodded as he put away his trombone.

“I just wanted to say that you did a really good job today.” You leaned slightly closer and lowered your voice conspiratorially. “Don’t tell anyone, but you’re a lot better than most of the eighth graders I’ve taught.”

Gray chuckled, and you smiled.

“Do you take lessons, or are you just naturally gifted?” You didn’t want to hold the kid back, but band was sixth period and you didn’t think his parent was here to pick him up yet.

“Naturally gifted.” He said sheepishly. You grinned.

“Naturally gifted people are often the best musicians.” You frowned at him after a moment. “Lucky duck. I play violin, and it took me three years to get even kind of good at it. Anyways,” You started, swiping your purse off your desk and slinging it over your shoulder. “I should let you go.” You looked out the window of the band room. “Your parent is probably here.”

Gray shook his head immediately. “My parents are divorced, so I’m staying with my mom right now, but she’s at work and needed my brother to pick me up. I’m pretty sure he’s going to forget.”

You rolled your eyes. “Brothers are the worst. I’ll wait outside with you, if you want?” Gray nodded enthusiastically, and you followed him out of the room, locking the door on your way out.

You sat on the steps leading up to the school, and you chatted more about Gray’s taste in music and what instruments he’d like to play in the future while you waited for his brother to show up.


An hour later, and Gray’s brother still hadn’t shown up. You glanced at your watch and huffed at the time, climbing to your feet.

“Okay, your brother officially sucks.” You said and offered Gray a hand to help him up. “Can I drive you home? I don’t think your brother’s gonna show up anytime soon.”

He seemed to contemplate it for a moment before nodding. “Sure.”

You grinned. “Awesome! I can show you this great band in the car. You ever heard of Fall Out Boy?”

“I think my brother listens to them, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard one of their songs.”

“Your brother has good taste in music, I’ll give him that. No, but seriously, they’re amazing.” You said enthusiastically as you unlocked the doors to a __f/c__, vintage Volkswagen Beetle. You slid into the front seat while Gray climbed into the passenger seat, and before you even buckled up, you fiddled with the CD player that you had gotten installed in your car and pressed play.

Instantly, the sound of Fall Out Boy’s Young Volcanoes filled the air, and you couldn’t help but sing along as you started to drive. Gray wrinkled his eyebrows together in confusion as you drove, and it wasn’t until you pulled up at the grocery store that you realized you hadn’t told him where you were going.

“Oh, god, I’m sorry! I figured you’d be hungry and since your brother is kind of a jerk I wanted to treat you to some ice cream or something. We don’t have to though, I just thought it’d be fun.”

Gray was already getting out of the car, beaming at you excitedly. “That sounds awesome! You are the best substitute teacher ever.”

You grinned back as you pulled the keys out of the ignition and stuffed them in your purse, following Gray into the store.

“Pick out whatever you want, kiddo.”


Thirty minutes and almost fifty dollars later (believe it or not, only fifteen of those were spent on things purposely chosen by Gray, the other thirty five was spent on stuff that you wanted Gray to try and a Fall Out Boy CD so he didn’t need to borrow his brother’s), you were back in your car, both licking ice cream cones that were quickly melting.

“Okay, so, how do I get to your house?” You asked as you started your car while simultaneously trying not to drop your ice cream.

Gray gave you directions, and in no time, you were pulling into the driveway of a cute, suburban house. You parked your car and hopped out, carrying the bag of stuff for Gray and walking up to the front door.

You pounded on it with more force than necessary (but seriously, who leaves their thirteen year old brother alone at school for an hour and a half?), and you blinked in surprise several times when a shirtless guy opened the door. He had a towel haphazardly tied around his waist, water dripping from his hair, and a confused tilt to his lips that was kind of adorable.

Basically, he looked like a model for Abercrombie and Fitch and god damn it assholes were not allowed to be hot!

“Do I know you?” Gray’s brother asked, and made no move to adjust the towel that was hanging ridiculously low on his hips.

You shook your head. “You don’t know me, but you do know Gray. You know, your brother? Who you were supposed to pick up? School ended an hour and a half ago.” You gestured at the sandy-blonde haired boy to your left.

He waved, and Gray’s hot brother smacked a hand to his forehead. “Oh my god, Gray, I’m so sorry. I completely forgot.”

Gray shrugged. “It’s fine.” He turned to look at you and grinned before throwing his arms around you, surprising both you and his brother. “Ms. __l/n__ gave me a ride home.”

You smiled at him as he pulled away. “It’s __y/n__, Gray. Ms. __l/n__ makes me feel old.”

“How old are you, exactly?” Gray’s brother chimed in, and you turned to look at him.

“Too old for you.” You answered and ruffled Gray’s hair before walking back to your car. Zach’s mouth had fallen open at your response, and Gray carefully leaned up and shut it.

“Don’t wanna catch flies, do you?” He said, and chuckled to himself at the affronted look on Zach’s face.

“Whose side are you on?”

“The side of the person who gave me a ride home.” Gray said simply, looking down at his bag of new stuff excitedly. You were the coolest teacher ever.

“See you around, Gray.” You called out to the younger Mitchell brother, waving at him as you drove away.

“…Was she listening to Fall Out Boy?” Zach asked, looking at his little brother in surprise.


“Woah.” Zach said.

You were kind of ridiculously awesome (and hot), and Zach found himself hoping that he could see you again.


“You want me to stay?” Your week of being a substitute teacher for Gray’s band class was almost over, but the principal had called you to her office and offered you a full time position. They had been trying, and failing, to locate a full-time band teacher, and all the kids loved you, so they thought they’d at least see if you were interested in the position.

You thought about it for a moment.

You had never really liked being a substitute, most kids were brats, and music was the one thing you were actually trained in. Maybe being a real teacher would be fun.

“Okay.” You said, and the principal grinned.

“Great! We’ll see you on Monday, then.”


“How would you guys feel about doing a play?” You asked, three weeks later. You had decorated your classroom now, and it was filled with posters for bands and musicals and in your opinion, it looked awesome.

“Depends on the type of play, I guess.” A girl with a pixie cut piped up from behind her flute.

“A musical, of course.”

You heard murmurs from your class, and most of them seemed to like the idea.

“I was thinking we could do The Little Mermaid. There’s plenty of roles for everyone, and you guys can totally show off your talents by playing the music. I’d need to teach you a couple of dances, but I think it could be fun.” You said, shrugging.

“I’m in.” Gray, who had become your star pupil, added, and you grinned.

“Awesome! I kind of already approved it with the school, so,” You grabbed a giant notepad from behind your desk and propped it up on a music stand. “I took the liberty of drafting up a list of characters, we can add more, of course, but these are just the main ones, so, yeah. Who wants to be Ariel?”

You were expecting people to be fighting over the role, so you were surprised when no one raised their hand.

“No one, really? She’s so fun to play!” Still, no one volunteered, so you went onto the next role. “The Prince?” A couple people whispered to each other, but no one volunteered for that either.

You went through the rest of the cast list easily, and when everyone that wanted a role got one, you looked back at the notepad and sighed. You still needed an Ariel and a prince. It appeared that none of your students wanted to play the leads (you couldn’t blame them; you had played Sandy in a play in high school and you were shaking pretty much the whole time), so you were going to have to find someone else to do it.


When school got out, you kept Gray behind. “Hey, Gray, are you sure you don’t want to be the prince? I think you could do a really good job with it.”

He shook his head. “I’m really happy with Flounder, actually, sorry.” Gray looked you up and down. “Why don’t you play Ariel?”

“What? No. I can’t! I need to direct the play and conduct you guys during the really intense musical parts.”

“I’m pretty sure you can do that and still play Ariel.” Gray pointed out. “Why not? Your voice is awesome, and you’d probably do the part better than any of us could.”

“I mean, I guess I could. I already know all of the songs but I still need someone to play the prince.”

“Leave that to me.” Gray said, and you did not trust the mischievous smile that stretched across his lips.

“Gray,” You started, but Gray didn’t let you finish.

“I’ve got this! Trust me!” He called out over his shoulder as he bounded out of the room.


“Do you remember my teacher that you’re madly in love with?” Gray asked, stepping into Zach’s room without knocking.

Zach rolled his eyes as he took off his headphones. “I was not madly in love with her.” Zach objected, and Gray shrugged.

“Sure you weren’t. Anyways, we’re doing a concert/play thing for The Little Mermaid in band and she’s going to play Ariel, but she needs a prince.”

“Okay.” Zach said, waiting for Gray to continue.

When Gray said nothing but continued to stare at him, Zach blinked in surprise.

“Me? You think I should be the prince?”

“Yeah! You obviously like her, and you’d get to kiss her for the play.”

Zach narrowed his eyes at Gray. “First off, why are you helping me?”

Gray shrugged. “I think she liked you too. And she’s super awesome, and you’re kind of a jerk sometimes, but you’re pretty awesome too, and you both deserve to date somebody awesome.”

Zach smiled and ruffled Gray’s hair affectionately. “Secondly, I can’t act.”

“It’s a play for a middle school class, none of us are professional actors. Actually,” Gray said, furrowing his eyebrows. “I think __y/n__ might be.”


Gray didn’t respond, but he did climb over Zach, go to YouTube on Zach’s computer, and hastily type in “__y/n__ __l/n__ The Little Mermaid”. It brought up at least a dozen videos, and Gray clicked on one that showed a picture of a slightly younger you on a stage.

You were dressed in a __f/c__ clamshell bra, a __f/c__, sparkly, mermaid tail, and a deep red wig that actually looked pretty amazing on you. You were sitting on a rock, and as soon as Gray clicked play and Zach unhooked his headphones, your voice filled the air.

You were singing Part of Your World, and while Gray was impressed, Zach was mesmerized. If Zach thought he had a crush on you before, it was nothing compared to seeing you looking so at home.

Even though you weren’t smiling, there was a small twinkle in your eyes that let Zach know that you were happy. You were meant to be on stage.

Zach wondered vaguely why you had given up acting, but he didn’t get to voice his thoughts because Gray beat him to it.

“I wonder why she started teaching. She looks so much happier on stage.”

Zach nodded in agreement, and after watching the video for a moment longer, he spoke. “I’m in, by the way. Tell __y/n__ that I’d love to do the play if she lets me.”

Gray grinned. “I’ll tell her tomorrow.”


“What?” You asked in disbelief. “You want your brother to play the prince?”

Gray nodded. “Zach’s only a little younger than you, so it’d wouldn’t be illegal or anything for you to kiss him during the kissing scene.” Gray assured you, and you fought the urge to ruffle his hair. Gray was too adorable for words sometimes.

“How old is your brother?”


You gnawed on your lip thoughtfully. You were twenty, almost twenty one, actually, and the idea of kissing a teenager, even one as attractive as Gray’s brother, just felt wrong. You knew it was only two years, but he was still a teenager and you were an adult. It would just be weird.

Your mind flashed back to Gray’s brother’s stupid little smirk when he caught you looking at his abs, and then to his abs. Damn. The sight had practically ingrained itself into your mind.

“Okay.” You said after a moment of silence. “He can play the prince. We’re going to meet after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays for practice, let him know?”

Gray’s grin was infectious. “I will.”


“You’re late, Mr. Mitchell.” You chastised, tapping your watch as he walked onto the stage and took a seat next to Gray.

“Sorry, __y/n__, it won’t happen again.”

“It had better not. And it’s Ms. __l/n__ to you.” You responded, and you could hear a light “Ooooh” spread throughout your students. You always encouraged everyone to call you __y/n__, so it was odd to hear you asking someone to call you by your last name.

“Yes, ma'am.” Zach said easily, leaning back on his hands and looking up at you as you ran through your notes for the practice. He didn’t think he was imagining the slight blush that dusted your cheeks for the first five minutes of the meeting.


A month later, and Zach was just as unbearably attractive as before.

You, Gray, and Zach were the only ones who had showed up for practice on this particular Wednesday (you thought Gray might’ve had something to do with it as he had mysteriously disappeared to the bathroom twenty minutes ago), and Zach was becoming way too good of an actor. You were in the middle of practicing the Kiss the Girl scene (you had to play the song off your phone since no one had showed up, traitors), and it was awful.

It involved a lot of Zach looking at you longingly and you pretending not to notice, and you knew he was too young for you but you were finding it seriously hard not to kiss him.

The music swelled in the air, and you fiddled with your hair and looked over at Zach, and you had to pretend to be surprised to find him staring at you. You straightened up and smiled at him, and you both leaned in, before Zach leaned back away and pretended to focus on his rowing. You forced a pout onto your face, and after a moment of just letting the music play, Zach as Prince Eric spoke.

“I feel really bad not knowing your name,” He said and smiled at you, and god why did your heart feel like it was going to pound right out of your chest??? “Maybe I can guess.”

You nodded at him hopefully.

“Is it, ah, Mildred?” You made a face and shook your head. Zach chuckled, and fucking hell why did he have such a cute laugh? “Okay, no. How about Dianna?” You shook your head again. “Rachel?”

“Ariel, her name is Ariel.” Sebastian’s voice came floating out of your phone, and Zach pretended to contemplate that for a moment.

“Ariel?” He tried again, and you nodded, grabbing his hand excitedly. “That’s kinda pretty. Okay. Ariel.” Zach said and smiled at you.

Your hands were locked together now (you couldn’t help but notice just how nice it felt to hold his hands), and the music increased in volume as you and Zach pretended to float on a boat.

You and Zach both leaned towards each other, slowly letting your faces get closer. You both puckered your lips, and you watched Zach’s eyes slip closed. You knew you were supposed to do the same thing, but as you leaned forward and the music continued to play, you just couldn’t do it. There was nothing to stop you from kissing; at this part in the play, someone was supposed to be rocking your boat but A) you hadn’t finished making the boat yet and B) there was no one there to rock the boat. You could kiss Zach, no one would know, but instead, when Zach’s face was only centimeters from yours, you turned your head to the side.

Zach’s lips brushed your cheek, and his eyes flicked open, revealing the hurt in them. You looked away immediately, grabbed your phone, and climbed to your feet. You paused the music and stuffed it in the pocket of your sweater, frowning at the confused expression on Zach’s face.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said, waving at him and dashing from the room.

The moment you were gone, Zach groaned and pressed his face into his hands. He should’ve known that Gray’s plan wouldn’t work. You were mature and beautiful and you had a job, and Zach was just an unemployed kid who still lived with his parents.

Zach’s crush on you had only grown in the month that he had really gotten to know you, and he wanted to kiss you more than he had wanted anything in his life.  

“How’d it go?” Gray asked, stepping into the room and frowning when he saw the melancholy expression on his older brother’s face. “Dang. I really thought that would work.”

“Thanks for trying, little bro, but I don’t think she likes me.” Zach sighed. “I’ll just…” Zach groaned again, burying his face into his knees. How could he show his face around you now? If you hadn’t known before that he liked you, you did now. And you would almost certainly start treating him like the child you thought he was and fuck just thinking about it made his heart ache.

“She does.” Gray insisted, rubbing his brother’s shoulder comfortingly. “I just need to get her to admit it.”


The next month of practices were brutal. An awkward sort of tension had blossomed between you and Zach, and, of course, your students noticed. They didn’t comment on it, but you knew that they felt it.

Hell, you were pretty sure that the janitor who had wandered into the band room to clean one Thursday had felt it.

And it was killing you. You and Zach had developed a sort of love/hate relationship. He’d tease you, and you’d sass him right back, but now, Zach rarely spoke during practice unless he had a line. Even then, he could rarely look you in the eye.

You held him back one day after practice to try and figure out what had happened. You knew it had something to do with the Kiss the Girl incident, but you thought that he had understood why you couldn’t kiss him.

“What’s wrong, Zach?” You asked, genuine concern bleeding through your tone. You were worried. Zach had lost all of the passion he had developed for acting.

He shook his head, ducking his face away from your gaze. “Nothing.”

“Bullshit.” You rarely swore, so the sudden curse made him tilt his head up to look at you in surprise. “You hate me for not kissing you, don’t you? I’m sorry. I can’t kiss you. If I kiss you, I’m not going to be able to stop and you’re still just a teenager and you’re just too young for me and-”

Zach interrupted your rambling by pressing a finger to your lips. “Go back for a minute, please?” There was a ghost of the smile that you had loved and missed so much resting on his face, and it made your heart somersault.

 "I can’t kiss you before the play starts or I’ll never want to stop. I like you, okay? But I’m almost three years older than you and normally that wouldn’t bother me but you’re still a teenager, damn it, and I teach teenagers, Zach! What do you want me to do?“

Zach’s face was suddenly right near yours, and his brown eyes were staring into your __e/c__ ones with an intensity that surprised you. "I want you to kiss me.”

You gaped at him for a moment. “Zach, I literally just told you why I can’t do that.”

Please.” The way he said please made you feel like someone had just ripped your heart in two, so without thinking about the consequences, you surged forwards and crashed your lips onto his. He responded immediately, his hands flying up to cup your cheeks as he kissed you back eagerly.

He backed you up into a wall, taking control of the kiss, and you gave it to him willingly. Zach nibbled gently on your lower lip, and you opened your mouth obediently, letting his tongue slip into your mouth. You moaned into the kiss when you felt his tongue fight with yours and fisted your hands in his hair, tugging him closer to you. You needed to feel his body against yours.

He came willingly, his body molding and bending against yours as he kissed you deeply. He pulled away after a moment, and you could hear his labored breathing, so similar to your own. You opened your mouth to speak, you didn’t know what you were going to say yet but you were going to come up with something, when his lips attached themselves to your neck. You let out a squeak in surprise before relaxing into the sensation of him licking and nipping and sucking on your throat.

“Zach,” You groaned, reluctantly pulling him away from your skin. “The show is in two days, I can’t have marks.”

Zach smiled at you sheepishly. “Too late.”

“You asshole,” You whined, turning your head to the side and poking lightly at the pale purple flesh. That was going to darken ridiculously, you could tell.

“Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.” He said and pressed another quick kiss to your lips in apology.


The final two rehearsals for the show went swimmingly (pun completely intended) now that the tension between you and Zach had dissipated. Everyone had cheered when you and Zach showed up to rehearsal together, your hands linked and your smiles soft and shy (no one had cheered louder than Gray, though).

Finally, it was opening night for the show, and you were way more nervous than you expected.

“I’m nervous. Why am I nervous?” You asked, obsessively smoothing out your tail. Zach caught your hands in his and brought you into a soothing kiss.

“I don’t know. Why are you nervous? You’ve done this play like a dozen times.”

“I know, but-wait, how’d you know that?” You looked at your boyfriend in confusion. “I didn’t tell you about that yet.”

“Gray figured it out and he showed me one of the videos. You were amazing, by the way. But I bet you’re gonna do even better tonight.”

You arched an eyebrow. “Oh? And why’s that?”

“Because I’m your prince and sparks fly whenever we’re around each other.”

You snorted. “That was cheesy as hell.”

Zach grinned. “I know. But you’re not freaking out anymore, so I must’ve done something right.”

You seemed to contemplate it for a moment before leaning up and kissing him sweetly. “You’ve done everything right.” You looked at your neck to make sure that the mark Zach had left on you was completely covered up with makeup. You didn’t need the parents of your students to see your hickey.

“It’s covered, don’t worry.” Zach said, and you knew he was bummed out about it. He liked seeing the mark on you.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, catching him in a quick embrace that surprised him until you spoke, your voice a low whisper in his ear. “I’ll let you leave as many marks as you want once the show’s over, okay?”

Zach smiled. “Can’t wait.”


The show went amazingly, all your band kids nailed their musical numbers and all your actors were incredible. Ticket sales were so high that the principal requested you do one more week of performances, which all your students happily agreed to (Zach was not so enthusiastic about that).

When the final performance ended, Zach dragged you into your makeshift dressing room and pinned you to the wall before everyone had even vacated the auditorium.

Needless to say, by the time you drove to your apartment, there were half a dozen fresh love bites littering your neck.

End.  <3

  • Jungkook: And thats why I have been so off lately. He just makes me crazy hyung! what about you?
  • Yoongi: Hoseok is such an awesome person. he's so talented and driven. And the way he shines is amazing. His dancing is flawless the way he moves just makes me want to give him things...Like this this dick and a ego boost. Some good head and life advice. This ass and and the secret to life. Am I crazy?
  • Jungkook: 😨 Omg hyung, no! I completely get it. Jimin makes me feel exactly the same.
  • Yoongi: ok, good. We are fine then.
  • Jungkook: Yup, just two guys with very subtle and unnoticable crushes.
  • The rest of BTS: *Sees Yoonkook talking and flailing around while smiling like idiots in a cloud of pink hearts*
  • they're over there fangirling again....
Blessings Part Four (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)


Request Queue

A/N-(So I wrote down a good portion of this in a notebook while wifiless in Colorado AND THEN I LOST THAT NOTEBOOK which is also the notebook that had my epic poly fic in it ugh, but anyway I wasn’t gonna post this until I got that work back, but fuck imma just re write it



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1000 Followers Celebration

Originally posted by etudiant-en-ph2

OMG You guys are so amazing!!! Thank you Thank you!! I never thought I would make it this far!!! Thank you again. I appreciate everyone of you!!! 


When I was working on this week reading list, I realized that I had read about 6 coffee shop AUs in a week. And I had this thought why always a coffee shop. Why not a candy store, book shop, a boutique that they wandered into looking for a gift or a flea market, or a really random museum. 

So my challenge for you is to do an alternative to the coffee shop au. I am not picky as to where you just cant use a coffee shop. 

Here are the rules. 

1. Must be reader insert for one of the characters I follow or a ship I follow (McKirk and Stony)

2. I will take sign-ups til August 11. 

3. All Entries are due September 30. 

4. Please use the Keep Reading link if your story is longer than 1000 words. I will add it to the list but I wont reblog if you don’t. 


6. And the last and most important rule HAVE FUN. 

Thank you again for all the support. You are all truly amazing. 

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outerds  asked:

I can't stop thinking about how NICE and SMILEY Jon is when they first met. I understand why Dany was defensive but I just love that he's so sweet with her before she goes dominatrix on him. Like you can tell that he wasn't expecting her to be so cute. He's already a nice guy but I think his pleasantness was partly fueled by his initial attraction to her. <3

he was definitely taken aback by her beauty!!! No doubt it contributed to his behavior lol

I loved that it started it off polite and then they started bickering.. it was amazing ! I love it when couples start off like that (although they’re attracted to each other 😉) and omg yes! He was very “smiley"😏


Thank you for sending 💕❄️🔥

I really have no words to express my feeling rn. Just thank you all so much this is crazy like why are you people following me! I’m just some ordinary guy who reblog things. But seriously thanks for following I really appreciate all the support you guys give me I’m so honoured to be a part of this amazing fandom and I’m just incredibly thankful to you all!

Apologies for the quick doodle just need to express feelings ^-^

Love you all

Dance (Peter Parker x Reader)

Second post today because why not? Please request things because I am terrible of coming up with things to write. Today’s request is by @imagine-peterparker : OMG where the reader finds Peter awkwardly standing by the food table at a school dance, and they talk for awhile, asking why he’s there and stuff, and then she invites him to dance and fluuuuufffff love ya

You thought junior prom was supposed to be special. The best time you’d have during High School until senior prom. Well, how wrong you were. The buildup to the event was amazing. A guy who went around with Flash, named Jack, had asked you to the dance. He seemed very nice when he asked you, so you’d agreed. You bought a basic but beautiful black dress and heels that made you feel great. The night of, you looked wonderful with your hair and makeup done perfectly, your dress looked even more stunning on you than it had when you tried it on, everything was like you’d imagined.

However, when Jack arrived to pick you up, he didn’t look to pleased. You brushed it off and went with him to the limo that was picking you up, along with the rest of Flash’s friends and their dates. When you got into the limo, you noticed all of the girls were in bright coloured poofy dresses that showed too much cleavage. “Who’s funeral is it?”, “What’s with the black?”, “Thank god it’ll be dark in there, why the hell did you choose her?”, “I could’ve set you up with Lindsey if you were that desperate, Jack”. Insults were thrown your way the whole drive to the school. With tears welling up in your eyes, you rushed out of the car and into the school, heading for the bathroom.  After sorting yourself out, you walked into the gym looking for your date. He was grinding with some other girl on the dance floor. You felt your heart drop a little bit before you sulked off to the food table.

A boy you recognized from a few of your classes was leaning against the wall by the end of the table. “You’re Peter, right?” you asked him. “Um… yeah? Hi. (Y/N), right?” You nodded before standing beside him. “You came here with Jack, right?” he hesitantly questioned. “Yeah but he’s a massive dick so… Also, he’s kinda dancing with another girl so I guess we had a mutual agreement to split.” “Oh. So, um… you look really um… pretty, tonight. Not that you don’t look pretty all the time because you do but I’m just saying that you look really nice… now,” he rambled on, making you blush and giggle. “Thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself. Where’s, um, where’s your date?” you asked him quietly. “I ah… don’t have one. My Aunt May forced me to come here. Told me it’s ‘a once in a lifetime thing’.”

You stood in comfortable silence for a few minutes. “Do you want to dance with me?” you asked him softly. “Sure! Um… I mean, yeah that’d be cool,” he told you. You began walking to the dancefloor but the music changed. A slow song. He stopped walking, seemingly frozen, until you tugged his hand. He snapped out of his daze and awkwardly followed you to the floor, which had been mostly evacuated. You set your arms around his neck and he put his on your waist, making the both of you blush. You began rocking side to side gently. After a few moments he leaned forward and whispered in your ear, “Looks like your previous date is looking at us. As well as almost everyone else in the room.” You suddenly grinned, a plan forming in your mind. “Let’s give them a performance to watch then.”

Peter definitely understood what you meant because he took removed one hand from your waist only to interlock fingers with you. You began stepping in boxes, him leading. Every once in awhile, he’d give you a twirl. He’s actually a really good dancer, you thought. When the music was about to end, he took his hands away and placed them on your cheeks. “I’m going to kiss you now,” he whispered confidently. “Please do,” you responded. He did. It was the best first kiss ever.

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The struggles of being a fanfic writer...

Me: I am proud of my stories and I write them for myself and my own enjoyment. Kudos and Comments are wonderful and make me happy but I don’t need to be a popular author to be happy with my fics ^_^ 

Also me: … why does no one like this story????? My last one had so many more likes ::sobs hysterically:: 

Also me: ::stares in awe at the ridiculous amounts of amazing fanart on tumblr:: Is it possible to bribe artists to do fanart of my stories? I can bake >_> Maybe I can send them cookies 


(Seriously though I love my followers you guys are the best and probably already show me way more love than I deserve) 

Stupid- Miles Wood

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Ok did ANY of you see that fight last night? Omg it was so fantastic I love the Devils! Anyway got another request for the AMAZING Miles Wood! Enjoy guys!

Warning: None

Anon Request: I loved the Miles Wood imagine! Could you do another one with him where you two are dating and you get into an argument before he leaves for a week and you don’t talk while he’s away, and when he gets home from the trip he thinks you left him but you didn’t? Thanks!!


              “I don’t get why you’re so upset with me, Miles! I’m the one that should be pissed with you!”

              “You have no right to be mad! She’s an ex!”

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uh kay..just wanna share this amazing moment my coworker,who is btw a 68y/o woman,who only know 1d because of harry and how he used to go out with TS,asked me “who is the guy you like from 1D, you know the guy you always watch on you tube?” coz hello, i have to stream BTY non-stop (sue me,i don’t care!!!!)..i said “Louis, Louis Tomlinson..why?”..she said “just want to know, coz you’ve been watching him so much and looking at his pictures”.. so today,i received my post-birthday gift, this shirt and a pillowcase with louis’ face on it (she said she’s sorry it came late on the mail, and will give it as soon as it arrives)..i’m like, omg, this is amazing!!!..i mean, we have 35years age difference but she understood how to be a fan girl..i mean, i always believe this,if you are a good person, good vibes go your way.. and she said she remembers how it is to be a fan girl (coz she LOVES steven tyler, i mean she even dresses the way he does sometimes 😆) and thinks it lovely that she sees herself in me when she was young..amazing, unbelievable, such a sweet moment..dear lord, i’m so thankful of old and new friends, i don’t understand how i get to deserve this..