why are you going from one shitty

Can you imagine a spy kids au where Bitty is the perfect homemaker and bakes pies all the time and Jack is this super hockey player who takes time off to take care of his family and on the surface it looks like they have a picture perfect family with two perfect kids

but little does everyone know that Bitty and Jack are actually super spies and they’ve been covertly training their kids to be ready for #SpyThings and one day they disappear and their kids are like WTF

so then their kids have to go to their Uncle Shitty and Aunt Lardo to find out about the Family Business™ (less Supernatural more Totally Spies) and then they go save their parents from the clutches of a guy named Kent who is still not over the fact that Bitty is actually the fairest in the land and omg Jack why did you ever leave me we would’ve been perfect together

and then the kids show up and kick Kent into next year all like “omg stop macking on our dad” and then Bitty is like “yall are skipping school I can’t believe this” and Jack is just beaming because those are his kids being badasses

so yeah, uh, spy kids au


Heya guys! Mod Tictac here! i’m making this post to update you guys on something serious that you have been asking and wondering about. “Why doesnt mod vinegar post if they run the blog” 

Alrighty look guys,YES, Mod Vinegar owns and runs this tumblr. But she doesn’t post a lot as the beginning. since they started, she has been getting rude and harassing anon asks from the same person, and it brings mod Vinegar down and she loses all of her motivation to post or even draw. you might be asking, ‘why doesn’t she block them?’ another good question with a scary answer. We DO Block them. they just decide to change IP’s and come back. so, Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this blog stalker. And frankly, it;s really affecting her and the others around her, including me. She’s one of my best friends in the world, and seeing her brung down by someone shitty enough to go through and do everything to make her unhappy, is honestly the worst. especially when we can’t do anything about it. so i’m just calling this person out, whoever you may be. Just leave her alone.

Vinegar is legitimately afraid. for her sake and everybody else’, please please please respect mod Vinegar. even if she doesn’t post, she still runs this tumblr. without her we wouldn’t be able to give you guys all these shitposts we make for your guys’ entertainment.    

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Marauders ft. things they’d say

Getting in trouble
James: “well, in my defense…”
Sirius: “well, I probably don’t deserve any defense at all”
Remus: “did you just- I don’t know why I still bother”
Peter: “I have no idea what is going on”

When asked who’s the responsible
James: “sirius”
Sirius: “peter”
Remus: “james”
Peter: “responsible for what”

Covering one another’s arses
James: “I assure you that he has this medical condition that stops him from thinking clearly”
Sirius: “His middle name is fleamont give him a break”
Remus: “I honestly don’t care, and I’m not sure why you still do”
Peter: “the prank worked? So it’s obviously not sirius’ idea- no offense, mate”

James: “don’t”
Sirius: “please just don’t say it”
Remus: “but i told you it was a shitty idea”
Peter: “i regret everything”

Pep talk
James: “you can do it, but probably can’t, but let’s be positive”
Sirius: “Do you remember when you decided to shove seven pumpkin pies on your mouth? That was a better idea than this one but try to not get killed”
Remus: “you can’t do it but since you’re going to do anyways I see you on the hospital wing”
Peter: “well you can’t fuck shit up more than the last time, so go for it”

Drunk/sleep deprived talks
James: “no but i am sure dumbledore’s beard was always there. he was born with it, his mother probably shaved for a entire year to get rid of-”
Sirius: “does werewolves have bigger dicks than centaurs?”
Remus: “of course mcgonagall fancies you”
Peter: “nO hoMo but i just LOVe yOu all so MuCh”

McGonagall half of the time:

Yuu: So Guren when are you going to marry Shinya?

Guren: *casually sipping coffee only to spit it out*

Guren: Wh-what?!

Yuu: I mean you definitely love him…

Guren: *more flustered than ever* I DO NOT!

Yuu: *ignoring him* …and you’re definitely attracted to him…

Guren: AM NOT! Jesus, brat what the fuck is wrong with you!

Yuu: *raises eyebrow only to continue as if he hadn’t heard that* …and you’re always together anyway…

Guren: Because I can’t trust that shitty face not to get himself in trouble if I am not around!

Shinya: Gure~en that is so mean! I am the one who comes and saves your ass in every meeting. And I must always watch your back because you’re just so reckless.

Guren: Th’ fuck you’ve come from?! Go back, there’s nothing for you to hear here!

Yuu: ANYWAY, my point is why aren’t you officially married yet?

Shinya: Hmm, Guren why aren’t we married? Domestic life would suit you, pluuuus I get to always be at your house.


Shinya: *waves him off and mutters towards Yuu* Small details.

Guren: Besides we aren’t even together!

Shinya: Aren’t we?

Yuu: You aren’t?

Mika: They so are.

Guren: Now where the fuck have you come from!?

Shinya: Gu~uren, now I’m hurt. How can you say something like this! You’ve hurt my pure feelings! How can you not believe in our love?!

Guren: Kill me now.

Mika: Besides I saw you together meeting last night. And you were more than friendly.

Guren: And how the fuck did you see that?

Mika: *smirks* I was on my way to Yuu-chan’s house.

Yuu: MIKA.

Guren: ALL of you get the fuck our of my office now!

Shinya: …*pouts*

Yuu: They are so together.

Mika: They should just accept they’re married by this point.

Guren: OUT!

Shinya: …you’re still my husband though.

“Everyone has their vices,” she says, “but mine are visible.” As in, comfort-eating, for which she refuses to apologise. “If I shot all day and I want a fucking hot chocolate and a chocolate croissant I’m going to eat it. Am I going to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner? No. Is it OK to do it? If you want. But, you know, no one is coming at celebrities for smoking two packs of cigarettes. Or people who post a photo with their drink at the end of the day. So why is it OK to do that to me? Life is shitty, so why would you judge somebody for dealing with it in the best way they can?” 👊🏻From my interview & shoot with guardianfashion out now 🔥 (corset is orchardcorset)

anonymous asked:

Have you heard about a picture of Josh's going around from last night and how people see scars on his legs??? It's a whole thing on insta and how the photo is probably fake but some are saying it's real. What do you think?? No one is posting the photo whether is photoshopped or not but its all so shitty. Even if they are real, why tf are people reposting this shit and making it a huge deal. It's his business and we shouldn't be blowing it up like this. Idek

1) probably fake. the only things I saw on his legs were hair and his tat.
2) if he does have scars, maybe… don’t point them out?? lmao?? if ppl wanna talk about that shit, they should do it in private instead of speculating publicly as if he’s a zoo animal. that’s disgusting. you wouldn’t talk about scars on someone who wasn’t famous.
3) stop looking for scars on josh and tyler. the clique has a wholeeeeee lotta fun examining pics and saying “oh wow there’s a scar! must be self harm!”
4) they won a Grammy last night. why don’t we focus on that instead.


Kingsmanniversay Day 6: Reconnaisance Mission: What would you like to see in the sequel?

With Chester King and several agents dead, Merlin assigns himself as the temporary Arthur while still maintaining his Merlin duties. He goes back to being a field agent to make up for the lack of other Knights, often working with the newly appointed Lancelot and Galahad.

Then one morning he recieves an anonymous tip about a man seeking revenge against the spy organization. He goes alone to find the man…but instead finds a ghost from the not-too-distant past.

3am Thoughts

I think one of the main reasons I choose to keep going in life is like watching a semi bad movie. The whole time you’re wondering why you’re still watching this shitty movie, all while you’re looking at this glowing exit sign, constantly tempting you to be free from this movie. But at the same time the movie has had some decent parts, and you have already engaged yourself, devoted yourself to this movie and you want to see it through, you have to see how the plot develops and how it will truly end. Bc if you leave too soon, the movie, to you, has ended, but to everyone else it still goes on, and you could miss out on so much. And for all you know, that movie could have a happy ending or something later on will make that bad experience worth while, but if you leave that theater too soon you’ll never be able to see that something.

-S.B. 2/21/17

anonymous asked:

white trans men are the main ones that are being transphobic tbh. bc once i went to my local lgbt center and the youth group director, who was white, said to me, a tpoc, i feel better off in a different group with black trans men of color. and im like, what's wrong with this group? it's my first time here? i was referred to you? and ever since i said no to their offer, they turned a cold shoulder to me. so i haven't been back to the lgbt center since because i feel that if i do go back(part one)

i mean i think trans men as a whole have ALOT of work to do but its true that they are more conformitive to cisnormative behavior. Thats why i usually stick to getting information from non white trans people, cause white trans men dont experience the same mistreatment so like half the time they try to do a shitty objective based argument when these opinions and ideals people have are literally inciting violence. Not down with it and not gonna fuck with people who are down with it lol. Im sorry that you had to go through that, i feel u tho, pretty messed up how you cant even feel safe in a youth center 

izzyovercoffee replied to your post: “if any of you were wondering why I was crying…”

i laugh every time you say dumpsterfire even tho it’s mean but i just !!

I’m glad you think it’s funny because that’s going to be my tag for it from now on.

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Why is yaoi one of your shitty sinful things? Is it because you think gays are going to hell?

???? No that’s not it at all. It’s up there for two reasons.

A.) Otaku is actually a very big obession and can lead to a Hikikomori lifestyle(meaning someone who has pulled away from the world to focus on themselves via games anime and other nerdy things. This thing is all they care about because it has such a grip on them). This is actually a serious issue. Its an addiction. Thats why there’s the figure and the manga together, because they both represent it.

B.) Yaoi fangirls are often OBSESSED with gay men to the point of it being unhealthy. Now dont get me wrong, its okay to ship things in a respectable mannor, but when it not only consume their lives so that they fail school and it gets dragged to shipping real life people and asking gay men to let you watch them, its unhealthy and disrespectful. Its an obsession and can also lead to Hikikomori lifestyles, which are NOT good.

aromanticguzma  asked:

It gets worse: people are copying parts of your fic (usually the first line) and using it as a meme. One person even took that comic from forever ago about how you can be LGBT+ and still be an ass and they put up a screenshot of the whole fic where the words go in one panel. They turned your smut fic into a meme. Why are they Like This

lmao I knew about that, actually. It’s kind of alarming, because the fic is so sexual. Like, okay, I wrote a fic, and they think it’s shitty. That has nothing to do with discourse? But they’re treating the fic like it has some bearing on my politics and the quality of my theory? And they’re treating discourse like it’s a meme, and not actual harassment of real people. Heck, they’re using meme-ness to harass me.

Like, really, they sound like Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way calling everyone “sluts.” That’s literally the kind of mindset going on there.

Henrietta: so this is why you didn’t come here after school today?

Firkle: Yeah…this is an idiotic assignment I have to do with tha thick-headed canadian boy from my class.

Henrietta: You mean Ike? hey isn’t he the one…

-abruptly interrupted-

Firkle: I don’t want to talk about that…can we move on? I still have to do the homework.

Henrietta: Ok go on.

Firkle: Well…

Firkle: I mean they are the only ones who are not stupid conformist unlike the rest of this shitty town…mindless people,  imbecilic as fuck!

Henrietta: wow you really are mad aren’t you? imbecilic as fuck, good one.

>> Askbox is open for Firkle and Henrietta

the signs as things my leo friend has said
  • aries: once he asked me if i had the spare key to his apartment, and i was like, my vagina has no lock
  • taurus: girl cry alone!!
  • gemini: i'm so obsessed with joe biden
  • cancer: honestly, if he was my brother, i'd get a confederate flag tattooed on my ass because hello incest
  • leo: why do i have to crush on jason bateman, the whitest of the whites
  • virgo: u know that was worse? going to brandy melville
  • libra: i knew she had to be from florida!
  • scorpio: u know too much about me
  • sagittarius: i'd kill chris evans, he looks like a meninist
  • capricorn: my men must AT LEAST be 40
  • aquarius: you're one of my few friends that i really do love
  • pisces: i had such a shitty day yesterday :((( but it ended really well because i accidentally crashed a party in a bar & they insisted i stay so i am feeling pretty good

He held the Canon up to his face.

“Hi, I’m Eren, and starting today, I’m going to give reasons why I love this one person.”

From that day on, everyday he’d drop one reason why he loved that one secret person, he wouldn’t say who until the end though.

Day #1: “He never says I love you.”
Day #2: “He’s short.”
Day #3: “He’s the strongest person I ever met.
Day #4: “He expresses his love in different ways.”
Day #5: “We hardly fight.”

It went on until day 317, the final day of his video. It was December 25th, the day of his lovers birthday, the day he was going to give the video to him.

Day #317: “Even though we have our differences, I still love him no matter what. I’m unfortunately in love with a now 31-year-old man named Levi.” Eren smiled brightly at the camera, love painted in his eyes. “And I know he loves me too.”

Merlin help me, but I cannot listen to another bloody Celestina Warbeck retrospective!”

Harry’s eyebrows shot up.

“There are thousands of other artists out there,” Malfoy continued, his voice growing louder and shriller with each word. “Surely one of them deserves some attention. And can you please explain to me why the reception is so shitty in this place? I can only get three channels. Three! How is that possible? It runs on magic. Piece of crap.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty bad.”

“If I hear A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love one more time, I’m going to start screaming.”

Harry snickered. After living at the Burrow all summer, he knew the feeling.

Malfoy turned his glower on Harry. “Seriously, I’m starting to wish those curses had killed me.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Yes, because dying from your innards exploding out of your stomach is definitely preferable to listening to Celestina Warback.”

“Hey, I’m the only one in this room who has experienced both of those things, and I’m telling you, it’s too close to call.

(repeated punching sounds)

Yang: And this is for abandoning me as a baby!


Yang: And this is for giving me a shitty message!


Yang: And this is for not saving me from losing an arm!


Ruby (tearfully): Yang! Please, you have to stop!

Yang (angrily): Why should I?!

Raven (spitting blood): Why should she? Frankly, I’m with Yang’s side on this one. I’ve had this coming for a l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g time.