why are you going from one shitty

Can you imagine a spy kids au where Bitty is the perfect homemaker and bakes pies all the time and Jack is this super hockey player who takes time off to take care of his family and on the surface it looks like they have a picture perfect family with two perfect kids

but little does everyone know that Bitty and Jack are actually super spies and they’ve been covertly training their kids to be ready for #SpyThings and one day they disappear and their kids are like WTF

so then their kids have to go to their Uncle Shitty and Aunt Lardo to find out about the Family Business™ (less Supernatural more Totally Spies) and then they go save their parents from the clutches of a guy named Kent who is still not over the fact that Bitty is actually the fairest in the land and omg Jack why did you ever leave me we would’ve been perfect together

and then the kids show up and kick Kent into next year all like “omg stop macking on our dad” and then Bitty is like “yall are skipping school I can’t believe this” and Jack is just beaming because those are his kids being badasses

so yeah, uh, spy kids au


Heya guys! Mod Tictac here! i’m making this post to update you guys on something serious that you have been asking and wondering about. “Why doesnt mod vinegar post if they run the blog” 

Alrighty look guys,YES, Mod Vinegar owns and runs this tumblr. But she doesn’t post a lot as the beginning. since they started, she has been getting rude and harassing anon asks from the same person, and it brings mod Vinegar down and she loses all of her motivation to post or even draw. you might be asking, ‘why doesn’t she block them?’ another good question with a scary answer. We DO Block them. they just decide to change IP’s and come back. so, Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this blog stalker. And frankly, it;s really affecting her and the others around her, including me. She’s one of my best friends in the world, and seeing her brung down by someone shitty enough to go through and do everything to make her unhappy, is honestly the worst. especially when we can’t do anything about it. so i’m just calling this person out, whoever you may be. Just leave her alone.

Vinegar is legitimately afraid. for her sake and everybody else’, please please please respect mod Vinegar. even if she doesn’t post, she still runs this tumblr. without her we wouldn’t be able to give you guys all these shitposts we make for your guys’ entertainment.    

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Marauders ft. things they’d say

Getting in trouble
James: “well, in my defense…”
Sirius: “well, I probably don’t deserve any defense at all”
Remus: “did you just- I don’t know why I still bother”
Peter: “I have no idea what is going on”

When asked who’s the responsible
James: “sirius”
Sirius: “peter”
Remus: “james”
Peter: “responsible for what”

Covering one another’s arses
James: “I assure you that he has this medical condition that stops him from thinking clearly”
Sirius: “His middle name is fleamont give him a break”
Remus: “I honestly don’t care, and I’m not sure why you still do”
Peter: “the prank worked? So it’s obviously not sirius’ idea- no offense, mate”

James: “don’t”
Sirius: “please just don’t say it”
Remus: “but i told you it was a shitty idea”
Peter: “i regret everything”

Pep talk
James: “you can do it, but probably can’t, but let’s be positive”
Sirius: “Do you remember when you decided to shove seven pumpkin pies on your mouth? That was a better idea than this one but try to not get killed”
Remus: “you can’t do it but since you’re going to do anyways I see you on the hospital wing”
Peter: “well you can’t fuck shit up more than the last time, so go for it”

Drunk/sleep deprived talks
James: “no but i am sure dumbledore’s beard was always there. he was born with it, his mother probably shaved for a entire year to get rid of-”
Sirius: “does werewolves have bigger dicks than centaurs?”
Remus: “of course mcgonagall fancies you”
Peter: “nO hoMo but i just LOVe yOu all so MuCh”

McGonagall half of the time:

Yuu: So Guren when are you going to marry Shinya?

Guren: *casually sipping coffee only to spit it out*

Guren: Wh-what?!

Yuu: I mean you definitely love him…

Guren: *more flustered than ever* I DO NOT!

Yuu: *ignoring him* …and you’re definitely attracted to him…

Guren: AM NOT! Jesus, brat what the fuck is wrong with you!

Yuu: *raises eyebrow only to continue as if he hadn’t heard that* …and you’re always together anyway…

Guren: Because I can’t trust that shitty face not to get himself in trouble if I am not around!

Shinya: Gure~en that is so mean! I am the one who comes and saves your ass in every meeting. And I must always watch your back because you’re just so reckless.

Guren: Th’ fuck you’ve come from?! Go back, there’s nothing for you to hear here!

Yuu: ANYWAY, my point is why aren’t you officially married yet?

Shinya: Hmm, Guren why aren’t we married? Domestic life would suit you, pluuuus I get to always be at your house.


Shinya: *waves him off and mutters towards Yuu* Small details.

Guren: Besides we aren’t even together!

Shinya: Aren’t we?

Yuu: You aren’t?

Mika: They so are.

Guren: Now where the fuck have you come from!?

Shinya: Gu~uren, now I’m hurt. How can you say something like this! You’ve hurt my pure feelings! How can you not believe in our love?!

Guren: Kill me now.

Mika: Besides I saw you together meeting last night. And you were more than friendly.

Guren: And how the fuck did you see that?

Mika: *smirks* I was on my way to Yuu-chan’s house.

Yuu: MIKA.

Guren: ALL of you get the fuck our of my office now!

Shinya: …*pouts*

Yuu: They are so together.

Mika: They should just accept they’re married by this point.

Guren: OUT!

Shinya: …you’re still my husband though.

“Everyone has their vices,” she says, “but mine are visible.” As in, comfort-eating, for which she refuses to apologise. “If I shot all day and I want a fucking hot chocolate and a chocolate croissant I’m going to eat it. Am I going to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner? No. Is it OK to do it? If you want. But, you know, no one is coming at celebrities for smoking two packs of cigarettes. Or people who post a photo with their drink at the end of the day. So why is it OK to do that to me? Life is shitty, so why would you judge somebody for dealing with it in the best way they can?” 👊🏻From my interview & shoot with guardianfashion out now 🔥 (corset is orchardcorset)

Here we go (pt two)


-hes learning from his dads so well my sweet ango
- magno
- taako “i dont trust anyone or anything” one episode later “angus i trust you completely” taaco
- i love how much the boys love angus my sweet sweet boys with their sweet boy
- merle the master of shitty one liners
- reminder to myself as a dm: dont give players magic keys that work on everything
- oh my god maaaaagggiiiee ;-;
- what a great BOY
- NAT 20
- oh OH,,,oh johann…
- lucretias a virgo
- ok good i thought so y'all were so worried smh his memory is fine
- badass
- nuuuude????
- “in this room by yourself surrounded by a bunch of invisible corpses” is such a badass line i love it
- she IS the only one who can cause shes DEAD
-oh no
- oh sweet best friends i love them so much maggie needs a hug
- theres still 18 minutes left, how much more can you destroy my heart ditto??
- US
- I’m so glad lucretia is good I’m so relieved
- here we go
- A G A I N ???????
- oh my god I’m actually SHAKING griffin you bastard you brilliant brilliant bastard
- this was such a good episode my heart is racing holy shit
-thank you griffin mcelroy

anonymous asked:

eyyy, in that pleb post, you cut out the part where she said she doesn't side with jon's views and thinks he's incredibly misinformed which is why she isn't making a comic, but go off i guess

Nah, people were asking her to make fun of Jon’s views and she refused. No one’s accusing her of agreeing with him, just thinking “black people are criminals” and “non-whites should leave the U.S.” are more acceptable than things she’s made comics about, like “slurs aren’t cool”, “censoring LGBP relationships is bad” and “you shouldn’t misgender people”. 

She also accused people of “joshing around about letting Jon off the hook while totally ignoring shitty behavior from every other dickhead on the internet”, as if it’s hypocritical to be mad at JT right now if you aren’t perpetually angry at bad people online.

She’s an apologist for his behavior, but go off I guess.


So this week, my heart is bruised and disappointed. From shitty Emmerdale writing and watching a fandom combust…again.  But strangely, I’m not bitter. Why?? How am I still riding that damn positivity train?? It’s simple really.

Kurt & Blaine - Glee
Will & Sonny - Day of Our Lives
Ian & Mickey - Shameless
Kevin & Scotty - Brothers and Sisters
*hold on imma bout to get old school*
Nathan & Haley - One Tree Hill
Logan & Veronica - Veronica Mars
Max & Liz - Roswell

Just damn. Shit happens on TV. I mean jeezus christo, we went to hell and back. I’m not saying it’s okay, but true love certainly ain’t black and white, and no couple is immune to shitty writers or drama. OBVIOUSLYYY, ughhhh. All of these OTPs were central to the show with major fan bases who had a soulmate kinda love. And guess what, they all had a cheating storyline at one point or another. It sucks, but it is what it is. Five out of seven are happily still together, and four are married. Of the two couples that aren’t together - one actor left the show, and another character fucking DIED. So I mean, I count my blessings in Robron’s case.

In the immortal words of Jack Twist, “This is a goddamn bitch of an unsatisfactory situation.”  I feel like I’ve been bitch-slapped by my best friends. I certainly wouldn’t wish it on anyone, let alone my favorite OTP or fandoms.  My heart cries. But unfortunately, I’ve seen worse.  It sucks and it’s maddening when writers fuck up our favorite characters for the sake of story. (And I am in the camp that the timing on this particular fuck-up was  particularly fucked. up.)  And as tired as I am of screaming at my TV when writers fling shit at my OTPs, I can’t not root for them. Because more often than not?  They…come out of it. (Unless an actor leaves or one is fired - *waves at Shameless and DOOL* fuck you) And KNOCK ON WOOD, I don’t think Ryan or Danny are going anywhere (jeezus holy mary buddha and zeus please gods).

This absolutely does not mean I condone cheating (hi Rob), hiding major shit from your husband (hi Aaron), or sleeping with your married very drunk ex (hi Bex). It just means that I’m loyal, and I’ve made it through worse shit. And I’m glad I stuck with it, because as bruised and battered as I am, I got to see most of my OTPs love each other through the pain because they are endgame supercouples, glory be in the highest!  Every single person in the fandom is absolutely allowed to feel how they feel and should handle this whole mess in the most healthy way possible for them as individuals. (As long as they don’t personally attack anyone because that’s just being a bully, whether it’s deserved or not). As for me, I’m hanging by my claws to the sails on this ship and will fight for my boys as long as they fight for each other. And they will. I signed up for “messed up, forever” when they did.  In my observation, true love isn’t about never making a mistake (AHAHAHA noooo and thank god bc I’d be doomed). It’s more about hanging on with your claws to the sails of the ship if you feel there’s something worth fighting for.  And for me, (and for Robron), there certainly is. 

Yeah, about that Ciro + Brandon "female character" post thing...

Why are some folks here getting their panties into such a tight wad for? Jesus Christ.

Seems like Ciro and Brandon made the post in good faith, just to do something nice, nothing else to it, and people have to shit all over them.

I hate going into the whole female character debate with this show, it’s one of the reasons why I generally stay away from this tag these days, so I’m not going to psycho-analyze right now. But in all honesty, if it’s not damaging to kids, Imma just sit back and enjoy my lil cartoon without getting super-critical over it (used to do that).

This shitty, self-entitled attitude that some people have? Yeah, that’s not gonna persuade male writers to listen to and respect your opinion. To you, oh master critics, I say…


Kingsmanniversay Day 6: Reconnaisance Mission: What would you like to see in the sequel?

With Chester King and several agents dead, Merlin assigns himself as the temporary Arthur while still maintaining his Merlin duties. He goes back to being a field agent to make up for the lack of other Knights, often working with the newly appointed Lancelot and Galahad.

Then one morning he recieves an anonymous tip about a man seeking revenge against the spy organization. He goes alone to find the man…but instead finds a ghost from the not-too-distant past.

So imagine your dad James in Fallout 3 was from the Enclave.

  • It explains why he knows about the bible and has such faith in it.
  • It explains why he was so instrumental to Project Purity because he’d be the one with the most knowledge and education.
  • It explains why he ditched the project after his wife died because women didn’t die in childbirth in the Enclave fuck the wasteland.
  • (It was still selfish and shitty but now it makes a biiiit more sense.)
  • It explains why he irradiated the PP because he knew what President Eden was going to do with it and such high radiation exposure would kick Autumn off the Enclave’s ‘pure human’ list thereby giving him a ‘fuck you’ from the grave.

It doesn’t fix everything but goddamn does it fix a lot.

every teacher i had up until fifth grade was fantastic!!! like they clearly wanted to be teachers and loved working with children, but then that year it was just…bad. i guess it was just prepping me for the shitty teachers that i’d inevitably face once i got to middle school or something

but i hear so many stories from other people about awful teachers and it just baffles me because teaching isn’t just one of those professions you can be hired for and still excel in even if it wasn’t what you got a degree in??? like you have to go to school for it and student teach and get certification otherwise you can’t be hired????? why would you put all that effort in if you never liked kids, or bothered to understand them, in the first place??????

the signs as things my leo friend has said
  • aries: once he asked me if i had the spare key to his apartment, and i was like, my vagina has no lock
  • taurus: girl cry alone!!
  • gemini: i'm so obsessed with joe biden
  • cancer: honestly, if he was my brother, i'd get a confederate flag tattooed on my ass because hello incest
  • leo: why do i have to crush on jason bateman, the whitest of the whites
  • virgo: u know that was worse? going to brandy melville
  • libra: i knew she had to be from florida!
  • scorpio: u know too much about me
  • sagittarius: i'd kill chris evans, he looks like a meninist
  • capricorn: my men must AT LEAST be 40
  • aquarius: you're one of my few friends that i really do love
  • pisces: i had such a shitty day yesterday :((( but it ended really well because i accidentally crashed a party in a bar & they insisted i stay so i am feeling pretty good

He held the Canon up to his face.

“Hi, I’m Eren, and starting today, I’m going to give reasons why I love this one person.”

From that day on, everyday he’d drop one reason why he loved that one secret person, he wouldn’t say who until the end though.

Day #1: “He never says I love you.”
Day #2: “He’s short.”
Day #3: “He’s the strongest person I ever met.
Day #4: “He expresses his love in different ways.”
Day #5: “We hardly fight.”

It went on until day 317, the final day of his video. It was December 25th, the day of his lovers birthday, the day he was going to give the video to him.

Day #317: “Even though we have our differences, I still love him no matter what. I’m unfortunately in love with a now 31-year-old man named Levi.” Eren smiled brightly at the camera, love painted in his eyes. “And I know he loves me too.”

Merlin help me, but I cannot listen to another bloody Celestina Warbeck retrospective!”

Harry’s eyebrows shot up.

“There are thousands of other artists out there,” Malfoy continued, his voice growing louder and shriller with each word. “Surely one of them deserves some attention. And can you please explain to me why the reception is so shitty in this place? I can only get three channels. Three! How is that possible? It runs on magic. Piece of crap.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty bad.”

“If I hear A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love one more time, I’m going to start screaming.”

Harry snickered. After living at the Burrow all summer, he knew the feeling.

Malfoy turned his glower on Harry. “Seriously, I’m starting to wish those curses had killed me.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Yes, because dying from your innards exploding out of your stomach is definitely preferable to listening to Celestina Warback.”

“Hey, I’m the only one in this room who has experienced both of those things, and I’m telling you, it’s too close to call.

(repeated punching sounds)

Yang: And this is for abandoning me as a baby!


Yang: And this is for giving me a shitty message!


Yang: And this is for not saving me from losing an arm!


Ruby (tearfully): Yang! Please, you have to stop!

Yang (angrily): Why should I?!

Raven (spitting blood): Why should she? Frankly, I’m with Yang’s side on this one. I’ve had this coming for a l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g time.


Frisk: * … Thank you.

Sans: * … just don’t get too comfortable in that, sweetheart. you know you’re going to have to give it back once you get to the surface.

a/n: I do not own the Flowerfell AU. It belongs to @underfart-snas​, and I was simply hit with inspiration from the wonderful Overgrowth fanfiction. What I write here is just my own interpretation of the characters. (Also, shitty art. But there you go.) Hope you enjoy! Also, yes. Floweypot is on Sans’ head. … Why not?

The flowers have sealed one eye shut, leaving the other one twice the workload. 

It doesn’t really matter in the end, you think–but you have to laugh at that, because when does anything matter in the end down here?–but it doesn’t matter that the human can’t see out of one eye, because they always have their eyes shut anyway. 

Sometimes, you want to laugh at the absurdity of the entire ordeal. Here you are, a traitor to people you couldn’t give a shit about, trying to guide a human so up to their eyes in optimism and “kindness” that it’s literally giving them death markers all over their skin. 

“Marked for death”. Papyrus once said the Reaper himself would pass you over as not worth their time. You don’t care. It’s easier for you to slip into the shadows that way and catch up on some sleep, and it’s good that it’s not eternal, because the two joys you can get down here are the condiments of ketchup, and annoying the ever-living shit out of that egotistical thing you once called your brother.  


The human–Frisk–begins to shiver and cough. Violently. They try to brush of Flowey’s concern with an unconvincing smile.

(You would know. There’s a reason you’re so good of a liar you can still convince your brother you are nothing more than a lazy bastard. Sometimes, you can even convince yourself.)

“what’s up, sweetheart?”

“N-Nothing. We’re Underground.”

A joke in their condition? Impressive. You almost laugh.

“We shouldn’t have fallen into the water. Now you’re going to get sick.” Flowey pokes its little head up, and points the two toward a tiny cove within the rock walls. “Let’s go over there. It might be warmer, and we’ll be safe from prying eyes.”

It’s not long before you get a fire glowing. The human… Frisk, doesn’t reach out to warm their left hand. Only their right palm, and even then, their hovering is calculated. They’re making sure not to get too close.

Flowey eyes them with worry, but says nothing. You wonder if they’ve had this conversation before, in a RESET-loop that didn’t involve you joining them on their impossible death-sentence. Either way, they speak more in glances and facial expressions. Maybe their words are for your benefit.

“aren’t you cold there, sweetheart? i don’t know much about humans save the obvious, but falling into sub-zero waters can’t be good for you if you’re dressed like that.”

Both of them turn their heads to look at you. Flowey looks like you’ve just told him how flowers shit. Frisk just stares at you with a blank expression. 

“… I like my clothes.” Frisk mumbles, pulling their collar up. Flowers bushel together on their neck, until it looks like they could just be wearing an elaborate crown of buttercups on their head. 

“i’m glad you haven’t lost your fashion sense in a world of people trying to kill you, honey, but i meant that it is not exactly weather-appropriate.”

“… It seams I was careless in choosing my attire for today, then.”

You blink for a few moments, before slapping your knee and throwing your head back and laughing like a deranged madman. You keep it as quiet as you can, of course–you know that flower would spike your skull if you landed the kid in trouble because of laughter–but puns are such a wonderful thing, really, and it is terrible, but also the first attempt at humour in years you’ve heard that didn’t involve bloody murder and genocide. 


Frisk smiles at you. Their hair is still damp, and the ends of it begins to curl upward. Even their hair is constantly looking up.


Frisk shakes their head. “… You should laugh more often.”

You scoff. “and why’s that?”

“… Because it’s warm, and I forgot I was cold when I heard it.”

Frisk’s free eye opens wide, and you’re not able to look away. Every colour that ever existed must be in that eye of theirs, and if they RESET again, the flowers encroaching their face are going to seal it up. 

You pause, and stand up. You walk over toward them, and ignore it when they stare at you with confusion. You shrug off your thick jacket, drape it around their shoulders, and look away with arms folded.

You won’t look. You can’t look. 

You shouldn’t care.

The sound of Frisk gripping the material isn’t so easily blocked out. “… Thank you.”

Shrugging, you sit back down opposite them, and warm your hands on by the dimming firelight. “just don’t get too comfortable in it, sweetheart. you’re going to have to give it back once we get you to the Surface.”

rant....... (again)

“boys will be boys” is one of those sayings that enforces misogyny and rape culture and if i see any of you using that god awful excuse i will unfollow ur ass immediately, why don’t you understand that 5sos makes shitty decisions and they have to apologise THEMSELVES, you do not go making excuses for a misogynistic act that they involved themselves in. “Boys will be boys” is a disgusting excuse and i actually cannot believe some of you are spewing that shit from ur own mouths

Why You Should Be Worried About Will the Space Friend

Spoiler alert: It is Not Why You Think You Should Be Worried About Will the Space Friend

I know I said I’d write a full blown meta but I’m sick and having a shitty day so this is gonna be choppy.  But, here we go: I’m almost certain that Will the Space Friend was actually killed by the Space Monster.

But we saw him alive, you say!

Allow me to introduce you to the Skrull, aka one of main antagonists in the Secret Warriors comic series:

  • Skrull were created at the same time as the Kree and Humans from the same DNA
  • The Skrull are VERY smart and scientific
  • Due to a Very Unfortunate Series Of Events, a branch eventually became Very Angry and capable of Shapeshifting
  • They basically went out into space and whenever they encountered another species, Shapeshifted themselves to look like it
  • Unfortunately, things went downhill when the Skrull encountered the Kree and the Cotati. 
  • They basically locked them both up on a planet (blue area of the moon) to see who would survive and be worthy of joining them??
  • d o not mess with the skrull
  • (too late actually bummer)
  • Fun story, the kree killed specifically ALMOST all of the Cotati (who are telepathic. plants.. we will revisit this it is okay)
  • and then overpowered the skrull and stole their tech (awesome science nerds, you’ll recall)
  • They then ABANDONED the Blue City (which is the planet where the skrull held these alien hunger games)
  • this is the blue city (which would be in ruins now)
  • *sips tea* but that’s none of my business
  • but if it were i’d revisit the bit about the plant-species and remind you that not all of the cotati were killed
  • *sips tea* stILL none of my business
  • back to the skrull
  • when they found earth, they started placing sleeper agents via their super cool shapeshifting powers
  • this is where the secret warriors come in–Fury literally creates them and puts them in charge of the Skrull invasion because while the Skrull can make themselves look however they want, they can’t get the powers–therefore, Inhumans and Nuhumans were least likely to be replaced

Aside from hydra, the skrull are the sw’s greatest enemy and an ENORMOUS part of their storyline. I could say more about how I think this will manifest itself this season but this is already getting long, so lets get back to Space with Will the Space Friend and the mysterious Space Monster.

  • Will the Space Friend commented that his men weren’t themselves anymore and that he had to make sure that Jemma was herself, that was why he locked her up
  • Whatever monster is on The Mysterious Planet is definitely humanoid
  • shapeshifting
  • im p sure Will the Space Friend was killed and replaced by Skrull after he helped Jemma escape
  • they are literally going to bring Will the Space Friend into the heart of SHIELD

TL;DR–Will the Space Friend, bless his sweet astronaut heart, is but a mere plot device to get the Skrull Invasion rolling