why are you feeding a panda who is not even alive

I Don’t Like ‘Em

Fandom- The Outsiders (Dallas X Reader)

Warnings- It’s cute.

Note- Requested.


  The pink demon in front of you turned in her sleep and you flinched. You were so close to falling asleep, you could taste it. Your eyes burned with tiredness and the effort of keeping them open. You don’t remember sleeping in the last four days. When did you last sleep? It felt like it had been years. Your eyes closed for a split second and you waited for the crying to wake you. Nothing. Only silence.

  You had been babysitting your niece for four days. Your brother was paying you to take care of his daughter for an entire week while he was on vacation. You understood why he needed one so badly. You’d only been around Rosie for four days and you were ready to die. You felt yourself fall into a light sleep. Oh, finally. It had been days and you were so exhausted. Rosie was a fussy baby who needed constant assistance. You’d never met anyone who need to use the bathroom so much. She was only two months old, so you weren’t that mad at her for shitting on herself every hour. It was like clock-work.

  The doorbell rang. Your eyes snapped open just in time to see Rosie’s bottom lip quiver before she burst into tears. You were ready to cry, too. You had to leave Rosie in her crib, since you were too tired to properly move. You stumbled through the hall and into the living room. You fumbled with the door handle for a minute. You opened it to reveal a smiling Dallas Winston.

  “What’s that noise?” Dally scrunched his face up and looked through the door. The living room was around the corner, so he couldn’t see her. You pulled Dallas inside and shut the door back. You practically dragged him into the living room. He caught sight of Rosie and grimaced too.

  “Help me.” You pleaded. He looked down at the baby and back at you. You batted your eyelashes at him, but it didn’t work that well. Dallas shook his head and made a frustrated face.

  “I don’t like kids. I just-ugh.” Dallas rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his grease-less hair. You made a funny stuttering noise and grabbed his hands.

  “You don’t have to like her. You just have to let me sleep for an hour or even half an hour.” You pleaded. “Please, Dallas?”

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