why are you even making a fool out of yourself

Dancing on the Highway - Part 2

Dancing on the Highway Chapter 2

Word Count: 3,194

Summary: Reader and Sam realize that something is amiss when Dean doesn’t come back to the motel. Returning to where Dean had defended her from Lex, they split up, only for Reader to discover that foul play was involved. She’s recklessly determined to not only find out what happened, but where Dean is as well.

Warnings: Sorry for the fluff and the honey nut feelios.

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Part 2

Wallowing in self-pity was surprisingly easy to do in a cheap, dank motel room. Even with Sam watching you with curious eyes, you let yourself sink into misery. The date with Lex had turned out to be a major bust and your subconscious apparently wanted to torture you with dreams of what happiness looked like. The dream had hurt you deeply, showing you exactly what you wanted out of this life, only to have reality make you see just how much of a fool you actually were to think you could have it. Why would Dean have chosen you when he had so many beautiful waitresses and randoms to hook up with for an easy one night stand?

That’s when it struck you.

“Sam… how often does Dean stay the night with a girl he picked up at the bar?” you asked, rolling over to sit up on the bed.

Sam smirked for a moment like it was a joke and his face suddenly fell. “Never… he never does.”

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I know you still love me,
And I hope you know that I still love you.
No matter where you go,
Who you’re with,
Or what you say about me
I know you still love me.
You’re not fooling anyone not even yourself,
What you’re thinking isn’t going to make it easier to get over me,
Lying to yourself and others around you wont help you forget the memories,
And all of those carless days giggling about nothing and everything under one of the same trees.
I figured out why you did what you did,
I’m not angry
I’m just worried about you.
Ill always be waiting for you,
But I don’t know how long ill be able to do it alone.
—  I’m getting better I am please come back im not the same man
Friends after all - Dean Winchester x Reader - Part 18 (Sneak Peek)

So, you don’t get hit by a car obviously but don’t be fooled! This sneak peek looks like a promising happy chapter but after all the tears are shed! And it’s a lot!


“Gosh please just stop!” he said a little over-dramatically and you laughed softly at him.

“Why don’t ya make me moose?” you teased and unexpectedly he laughed even more.

Sure your drunk flirting was not something you were proud about. It was just you making a fool of yourself.

“Just when I thought you couldn’t get any cuter.” he looked at you with a wide smile, almost talking to himself.

But you still caught it, and in your drunken state, you looked down sheepishly and said “Look who’s talking.”

“What?” he breathed out, obviously having caught it.

“Nothing, never mind. I’m not completely drunk but some alcohol is still talking.” you shook your head, feeling your cheeks turn red.

“No. No you said something… You- (Y/n) you think I’m cute?” he raised an eyebrow, a small smirk on his lips.

“…No?” it was so fake you wanted to kick yourself for it.

He laughed “(Y/n)…”

“Sam” you said just as seriously, trying not to let anything show.

“You just said you think I am cute.”

You scoffed “Pfff no!… Unless you’re smiling, or laughing, or talking about your childhood, or talking about your job, or reading, or doing anything else with that huge body of yours that should be awkward but is actually insanely attractive and oh my gosh what the hell am I saying this out loud?!” you clapped your hands over your mouth, feeling your face burn hot.

He was clearly trying to hide his smile but failing majorly at it “…Really?” he breathed shyly.

“No! Of course not! Because you are incredibly hot when you wear those tight gray shirts as well!- Fuck what the hell am I saying?!” you groaned under your breath, shutting your eyes tightly and trying to hide your face behind your jacket.

“I told you coming with me was a terrible idea.” you grumbled, looking down at your feet.