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I've just realized that Robert was so deep into that hug that he didn't pay attention to Chas, Aaron had to squeeze his shoulder to make him let go.

you know it’s been a good week when you don’t even instantly know which hug is being spoken about, anon 😌😂

during the goodbye scene? I love the way they break apart from that hug. rob moves his hand and presses aaron even closer to him and aaron’s hand goes up to squeeze rob’s shoulder a bit and they just literally both look like if it were up to them they would never let go of one another. oh my god.

why 👏🏼 does 👏🏼 it 👏🏼 get 👏🏼 more 👏🏼 painful 👏🏼 with 👏🏼 every 👏🏼 rewatch 👏🏼

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A part of me wants them all to go at once too... but idk if I could deal with both Daesung and Seungri being gone at the same time. I at least need one of them in my life to keep me going ; ;

Even if they spread it out, I think the plan was for Daesung and Seungri to enlist a year apart. So, no matter what we’d still have over a year where they were both enlisted. :(
This is why I say it’s better to just go all at once. It’ll be over quicker. Just do the solo projects this year & then all go at the same time. Then when TOP gets out, he can have his solo. Then, before you know it, they would all be out and back together.
But, it’s YG… so they’ll probably fuck it up. *sigh*

Things I’ve said while very tired {Sentence Starters}

  • “You need to do the sleep. I need to do the sleep.”
  • “I don’t think that’s supposed to do that thing, is it?”
  • “Well, whatever floats your goat, friend.”
  • “This game tears families apart… I get to be the racecar!”
  • “I want one of those. I’ll ride it into battle.”
  • “It needs to not be cute. That’s not even fair. It’s not.”
  • “You can fight my face, then.”
  • “Stop laughing at my incompetence, that’s rude!”
  • “Yes, I just put the mayonnaise in the cabinet. Don’t judge me.”
  • “My hands stopped handing an hour ago.”
  • “Have you ever wondered about frogs? Just… frogs?”
  • “Sleep is for the WEAK! —- And I am the weak, apparently.”
  • “I’m not tired. YOU’RE tired.”
  • “I could wrestle a bear if I wanted to!”
  • “I’m ready to fight! I’m not sure who I’m fighting, yet, but — !”
  • “Can I boop your nose? Just a little boop?”
  • “Can I just sleep here tonight? Walking to my room requires effort.”
  • “I might be barely conscious, but I’m still the winner!”
  • “It’s three am and I’m making a bagel. Clearly, I have my life together.”
  • “Am I trying to science this show, again? I am, aren’t I?”
I hate how I can’t ask you how you’re doing so I pretend that you’re miserable.
I tell everyone how you’re a wreck, how I abandoned you, how you can’t sleep and you cry. You cry so much.
Even if it’s untrue I want to believe it. I want to believe that you’re so goddamn miserable that on your planet Earth the sun never shines and you miss me and you realized that you love me. You love me so much.
And it’s sad really because I saw you the other day and you were laughing. And your sun was shining.
It’s my world that’s falling apart without you.
—  Why Did You Forget About Me?
2x07 Theory: Malec

So I was asked to write my 2x07 theory and I think I’ve completely put everything together.

So Jace has sex with a random chick (at Magnus’ apartment, like ew we have no room for straight people here get out) and Alec and Jace have a conversation about why the hell Jace is there in the first place. I think that Alec walks in on Jace and the girl doing the do and is utterly repulsed by it. Okay so this sight may have played a hand in Alec’s thinking of sex. I’m not saying he didn’t have those desires before, I’m just saying that this had him wokeTM .

So, Alec goes to none other than his lovely little sister for a sexual consult, to which Izzy is absolutely ecstatic. (number one #malec shipperTM) She probably says something along the lines of “You just know” or something. She then proceeds to explain to him the intricacies of gay sex and he is very confuesd a) because he knows how it works he’s a grown ass man, and b) why does his little sister know so much about the intricacies of gay sex.

And then they go shopping in Japan bc they wanna get away from cockblock JaceTM and when they are there, Alec decides to buy Magnus an omamori, a Japanese good luck charm because Alec is soft af.

Magnus is shook!

and then you have Alec going in for the kill. But it’s just a quick smooch because they are soft boyfriendsTM

Then here we have Magnus and Alec cuddling up into each other on the balcony being all domestic and shit. Things from this point become erotic and something clicks in Alec’s brain and he’s just like ‘I’m ready to lose my flower leggo’ and they begin to take it into the bedroom but then Alec stops to tell Magnus that he is worried he won’t ‘be good at it’ or something like that and the Magnus will say…

And then…

They make love.

How does this story end? Well…

we all die.

the edge of the unthinkable

basically what would have happened if chapter 61 was the other way round // seeing as it’s snowbaz’s anniversary I felt I should write something. It’s a bit of a mess but I hope you enjoy :) 

I’ve always thought myself intelligent, but at this moment in time I’m about as dense as Simon Snow.

Bloody Snow. He’s all bones and curls and constellations of freckles.

Impossibly beautiful, even with that wild, distraught look in his eyes.

I don’t know why I’ve followed him here (probably because I’m in love with him). I still don’t know what he’s doing, apart from the fact that I don’t like the look of the cliff behind him.

“Snow – ” I venture, not expecting to be able to finish my sentence, waiting for him to interrupt me like we’ve been doing to eachother for years.

(At this point I want to just let him. I want to roll over and surrender and just let him win).

His eyes are glittering, their normal everyday blue reduced to flames of pain and hurt. “Fuck off, Baz!”

He’s too close to the edge of the cliff, too close to the unthinkable, and I wish yet again that we had never come here, never chose to try and find out the truth about Simon’s mother. I wish that she had never come through the veil in the first place, even if it means I’m closer to Snow now than I ever thought I would be. (Still enemies. But that’s not going to change).

“Si – Snow, calm down. You’re behaving like an idiot.”

“You don’t understand!” he practically howls, his magic fizzing and churning in the air, so thick I can taste it. “I killed her, Baz! She died because I was born!” He takes a step back and I want to scream at him, pin him down so he stops moving so he can’t do anything stupid.

“Snow.” I try to keep my voice calm; it’s swallowed by the wind and the force of his magic. “Get away from the cliff.”

“You don’t understand.” His voice is a broken whisper. His heels brush the thin air while the sea churns below.

“Lucy loved you!” I yell over the wind. “She called you her ‘rosebud boy’.”

Blue eyes, bronze curls. An outline drawn with shaky hands and watercolour paint.

I hate that I love him.

“This is what I deserve.” A small, broken smile plays across the shattered hurt of his face, his eyes pools of pain.

And he turns towards the empty air. Towards the edge of nothing and the boiling, churning sea below.

And the world falls in on itself like a dying star, because, let’s face it – Simon Snow is a supernova, the centre of the universe. Without him, there is only oblivion.

He is infinity, and he thinks he is a monster.

Simon!” His name is torn from me and hangs, raw and desperate, in the air. Before I can think about it, my wand is in my hand and pointing at him.

Make a wish!” I scream. Simon seems to stumble, as if hooked in the air.

Time stops.

And my hand is reaching for him, grasping the back of his jacket and pulling him towards me, away from the endless drop, away from the unthinkable.

“This isn’t what I deserve,” I hiss as I drag him away, my arms around his chest. He collapses on top of me, a shaking, sobbing mess of curls and freckles and tear-streaked cheeks.

“Snow.” I whisper. My hand traces his back, gently, awkwardly. The boy I love is in my arms, but, God, I wish he wasn’t.

Not like this.

Never like this.

“You idiot,” I mutter as he sobs into my shoulder. He finally looks up, his ordinary blue eyes red and dull with grief for the mother he never got to know. “I killed her, Baz.”

I grasp his shoulders, angry now. “Simon Snow, you are a fool. You didn’t kill her. It wasn’t your fault.”

“I’m a monster.”

“You’re beautiful.” The words slip out in a long-withheld torrent. “You – you’re the centre of the universe. “

And then, because I’m weak. Because the I want to hold him and keep him safe forever. Because I’m tired of pretending for years.

“For fucks sake, I love you. God knows I wish I didn’t. But I do. Hopelessly. Simon-”

And then he kisses me.


I still dream about it sometimes. The cliff and the sea and how close I was to losing him.

But I always wake up, and he’s there. Simon Snow, all sunlight skin and golden curls and constellations of freckles.

Every morning I wake up to the boy I love in my arms, and this time, it’s perfect.

Summary : UNHhhh Live @ Beaux a.k.a the night canon trixya rose from the ashes

- ‘in 100% seriousness’ Trixie thanks ‘Beaux’ for bringing them together (her and Katya) as they are very good friends but never get to work together

- then they hold hands and pretend to be awkward about it and it makes it even fucking cuter

- Trixie says something about Katya trying to kiss her in one of their apartments ???? After eating pot candy (thank you to Mrs-Kashew-Davis who heard that when I couldn’t)

- the 'real T’ from Katya : she’s trying to have sex with Trixie but she shuts her down and here’s why - Trixie wants to cuddle and Katya just wants to 'fuck her butt with my dingaling’

- they were in bed and Trixie said she felt eyes on her and she opened her own eyes and Katya’s looking at her and says 'you know I’m not gonna go to sleep until you make out with me’

-Trixie wants Katya to win all stars as 'i would like you to buy me things’

- Katya says if she wins the all stars $100,000 cash prize she’s going to pay Trixie $20,000 to have sex with her

-Trixie says the spook is that Katya could have her for $8

The conclusion - Trixya is so fucking alive

Things Uttered At The Haus

(Based on my own grad school experiences/having very thin walls in my apartment building)

-*offended whisper* “Why don’t you look at me during?*
“What the fuck dude? Have you been watching Game Grumps again?”

-”It’s three am and I’m making pot brownies because what is life anymore even? Let’s just eat the chocolate and chill out until we die.”


-*slams a thermos of gin and tonic on the table* “So before we go through our writing group critique, I feel like we all need some of this.”
“Getting drunk at eleven in the morning? Now we’re real writers!” 

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three thousand and eighty-seven
for @requiemofkings​ for the @aftgexchange​ valentine’s exchange

Neil calls Andrew when he and Matt get to their apartment even though it’s five-thirty in the morning on the east coast. He forces himself not to say what they’re both thinking—that the distance is too long—and instead just tells Andrew, “We just got back. Going to bed now.”

“Check Twitter,” Andrew says, voice dragging at the edges, heavy with sleep.

“Why, did some journalist say we hate each other?”

Long distance is hard. So is picking out a Valentine’s Day present for your boyfriend who lives on the opposite coast and has even less interest in Valentine’s Day than he does in everything else.

You chose her. You married her. You have a kid with her. So why is it when you’re lying in bed awake at 3:00 am I’m the one you call. Why is it that when you’ve had a rough day my number is the first you dial just waiting for me to say “Hi Prince.” You left me for her so why is it that you still have my pictures saved and even after 5 years of being apart you’ve still managed to hold on to them. You’re with her so why is it that every year on my birthday at 12:00 am you’re the first to say “Happy Birthday.” You’re married to her so why is it that when we both walk past you, your eyes linger on me. Why did you choose her if you love me?

Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #350


8:10 pm

Reasons why Even is a #whenyou’vefoundthemanofyourlifebuthe hashtag:

  • Loves Gabrielle
    • Makes pouty faces dancing to mainstream pop on the radio in the kitchen
    • Will serenade you even if you refuse to join in
  • Won’t text you back :(
    • Will instead painstakingly draw his phone twice and wait until you have gym to slip the note into your pocket, which takes a longass time
    • Might instead somtimes quietly pine outside your apartment and show up 30 seconds later when you text, unclear
  • Humors your disgusting cheese toast seasoning suggestions which results in terrible food for the both of you
    • He says it’s not that bad, a liar and too nice
  • Beatboxes poorly (on request)
  • Tells random people how beautiful you are
  • Writes your initial in a heart on a shop window like a total sap
  • A hoe for Baz Luhrmann
  • Walks away dramatically just assuming you’ll follow
    • Is right
    • Looks annoyingly cool
  • Texts you unfunny Seinfeld memes at 1am
  • Tells ridiculous stories with a completely straight face
    • Ups the ante until you notice
  • Steals the clothes right off your back, half your wardrobe is missing at any given time
  • Uses incomprehensible emojis
  • Never lets you live a single thing down
  • Claims you can’t lie for shit
    • Which can only be disproven by incriminating yourself, tricky
  • Instantly charms everyone you know resulting in a lot of lowkey crushes, his power is too great
  • Too Tol, creates an optical illusion that you’re short
  • Eyefucks you in public, too much blushing
  • Inconveniently good-looking
  • Will not stop giving you eskimo kisses, even when you just want to kiss him ashgfjd
  • Continues to serenade you through text
  • Vaguely paraphrases movie quotes and still makes you guess them
    • It was from Pretty Woman :(
vilkasdaina replied to your photoset “Ok so I thew this down in like 15 minutes but the idea of Sigyn-…”

*sobs* (Can we see the hypothetical cradle!Loki?)

I didn’t expect Sigyn to get that far, like Thor stops her before she even gets close to the Cradle. BUT IF SHE DID I imagine the Loki clone would fall apart in her arms because a) Loki’s really alive so there’s no soul to put in the fake body and b) his DNA is alien and the Cradle is geared for Midgardian substances. 



“I-I don’t understand! Why isn’t it working?!”

  • “you were really drunk last night and that creepy guy wouldn’t take a hint and give up even though you clearly weren’t interested, you passed out before you could call someone to pick you up and i couldn’t find your contact info so that’s why you woke up on my couch, hi” au
  • “i moved in the apartment next door and you brought baked goods to welcome me, i didn’t have the heart to tell you that they were terrible and now you think that i loved them and make some for me every other weekend” au
  • “i was on my way back from the library at 3am and saw you sleeping on a bench” au
  • “you’ve rented this movie at least 7 times now, you’re cute but i seriously worry about your taste in films” au
  • “you happened to be walking by while i was playing a contact sport and i accidentally tackled you and holy shit did i break your nose?!” au
  • “you died, but now you’re suddenly alive?? also why are you acting like you’ve never met me?” (character A dies in one universe and character B is unknowingly transported to one where they’re still alive but have never met) AU au
  • “our friends set us up on a blind date and even though we work/have class together we’ve never actually talked” au
  • “my friend convinced me to go camping in the woods and i thought you were a bear because of all the nose you were making but you’re actually just really lost” au
I swear to fuck my school is in fucking Nightvale or some shit

Our classes have just ended and we were by the lockers - ours are in the narrow hallway, so it’s always crowded. I noticed a large group of people were gathered around this one girl from my class - I’ll call her Jane.
You know that little webbing thing you have between your thumb and your finger?
Jane’s webbing thing looked like it was ripped apart or some shit. There was blood, so fucking much blood, and my friend asked her what happened to it. She just smiles and calmly says “I don’t know”.
What the fuck.
Why was she so calm.
What the fuck is this school.
I know most of you probably won’t even believe it, but to be honest I wouldn’t believe it either if I didn’t see it myself.

All I Wanna Do

Requested by: @smutfictionaddicted

6 + Jay Park (for the drabble game, if you’re still doing it, please and thank you). - CL (from @smutfictionaddicted)  A/N: I’M GONNA APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE CAUSE THIS PROBABLY ISN’T WHAT YOU HAD IN MIND I’M SORRY! If you want something more smutty let me know boo! Part of my reader/pairing request series.

“Is there a reason why you’re naked in my bed?”

There were a lot of things you expected to find when you came home to your apartment. The left over dishes from this morning’s breakfast in your sink and post-its with filled with grocery wish-lists. You were pretty sure that seeing Jay’s perky man titties peaking out over your bed sheets was not one of them. Although, you definitely were not complaining.

You kept an eye on him as you started to shimmy your shoulders to help wiggle out of your coat. Jay knew he had your attention even before you tried to act like he didn’t. He drew one leg out from between charcoal sheets and plopped it on the bed with a dramatic flourish. His hand running up his thigh as he wiggled his eyebrows in your direction.

“You know you’re excited to see these gorgeous ass legs.”

“Oh yes my life is now fulfilled!” You clasped your hands together and raised your voice up to a higher pitch. You gave a little jump for added effect that sent Jay’s eyes rolling. “Seriously, did you go drinking with Loco again?”

“Ugh woman seriously?! I’m waiting for you naked, in bed, and you burst into questioning me instead of bustin’ out of them clothes?”

“The only thing that’s gonna be “bustin’ out,” is your ass when I knock it out of my bed.”

Jay groaned as his body bounced back against the mattress, his arms splayed out around him, taking up all the extra space.

“You never cease to amaze me with your jokes.”

You knew he was being a smart ass. His pout visible even as you turned to start untucking your shirt from your skirt.

“What can I say? I don’t disappoint.”

Eventually my calls began to go unanswered. I started sleeping in the bed of a boy who lived in the same town as me and I stopped making you happy. My mother stopped asking about you and eventually things fell apart on both ends. I stopped trying and you never even started to. I think I could have been in love with you. I know I could have loved you better than anyone else. But I also know you’re not brave enough for that. I hope someday your knees stop shaking and I hope someday you’re as quick to try as you are to leave. I hope love finds you and I hope it’s so good to you that you question why you never tried to keep it sooner.

Unexpected (Part 7)

Yoongi starts to make amends with everyone and tries to get his life back to the way it was before the breakup.

Warning: Sex stuff, ridiculous amounts of dirty talk, I don’t even know why I bother warning people – if you read my writing, 99% chance of utter filth will be incorporated in the plot.

Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 (final)  8.5 (bonus)

It was late when Yoongi finally left your apartment to head home.  You had asked him to spend the night again, but he declined saying that he had to go back and try to make things right with the other guys after messing up practice yesterday and blowing it off completely today.  You understood, but still had difficulty letting go of him as he tried to exit and begged him not to change his mind. Yoongi kissed you and promised that he was sincere and wouldn’t be easily swayed again.

He was nervous as he stood outside the door to his apartment, thinking about what he would say to the others when he went in.  If Yoongi could have his way, he would have liked to just pretend that he hadn’t been a miserable asshole to everyone in his life for the past few weeks and let things go back to normal on their own.  That might have been an option if he hadn’t had that fight with Tae and disappeared for a full day, but now he would be forced to actually make amends.

Yoongi took a deep breath, exhaled, and opened the door; everyone was sitting around the table together eating some chicken they had ordered in.  Jungkook noticed Yoongi walk in first, calling out to him, “Hyung, you’re back!  What happened to you?  I was getting worried.”

Before Yoongi could answer, Jimin jumped up from the table and motioned for Yoongi to come sit next to him. “Hyung, are you hungry?  Come have something to eat.”

Yoongi walked towards the table while Jimin made some room for him.  All eyes were on him, except for Taehyung who kept his eyes on the food sitting in front of him, absentmindedly picking the meat off the bone with his chopsticks.  Tae’s bangs obscured his eyes, but Yoongi could still see the bruises, his face was partly swollen and a scab had formed on his lower lip from where the skin had been torn.

Namjoon turned to Yoongi and spoke, “So, have you been at your ex’s place this whole time?”

“Yeah,” Yoongi replied sheepishly. “I got blind drunk and passed out in front of her place last night so she took me in.  After I woke up, we talked and worked things out.”

Jin looked sternly at Yoongi and asked, “Are you saying the two of you are back together?”

“Yes,” Yoongi answered, “we are officially back together.”  

Tae slammed his chopsticks down and got up from the table, mumbling that he had lost his appetite and was going to his room.  Yoongi felt pangs of guilt as he watched Tae walk down the hall.

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okay so I 100% accept the headcanon that Grantaire just    collects stray cats wherever he goes


imagine Enjolras and  Grantaire living together and Enjolras just slowly noticing like random bits of catfurniture creeping into the apartment until one day he finds loads of cat hair on his jacket and just 

“Taire? Are you hoarding cats in our house without telling me?”

and Grantaire is just looking really shifty and “……….. what no why would you even suggest such a thing Apollo, i am offended that you would even insinua- SHIT LEONARDO NO” AND THIS SCRAGGLY BALL OF BLACK FUR JUST SHOOTS OUT FROM UNDER GRANTAIRES BED AND STARTS RUBBING AGAINST ENJOLRAS’ LEGS??

and Enjolras is most surprised by the fact that he isnt even surprised and just sighs and goes “how many..?”

“*mumbling* four”



Enjolras doesn’t even have the strength to argue with him just kinda glancing down at the cat which has now settled on lying across his feet like “Leonardo? Fine. what are the others called?”

And Grantaire just lighting up because HEY ENJOLRAS HASNT SAID HE CANT HAVE THE CATS THE CATS CAN STAY YAYYYYY and proudly presenting him with 3 more ugly looking creatures, who probably have the capacity to be very handsome once Grantaire has managed to sort them all out, and announcing their names are “Michaelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael”

and Enjolras is quiet for a really long time before “You-       You named our cats after four ugly turtles who live in a bloody sewer?”

Grantaire goes from exhilaration (oh my GOD HE SAID OUR CATS) to a hideous blend of indignation and fury because OH MY GOD ENJOLRAS YOU DID NOT JUST OVERLOOK FOUR OF THE MOST TALENTED AND FAMOUS ARTISTS IN HISTORY OVER THOSE FUCKING MUTATED NINJA ARSEHOLES WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU?! before scooping up his cats and leaving the room leaving Enjolras in some sort of shocked/horrified state and Grantaire being really sulky and not talking to Enjolras for the next 24 hours

until Enjolras comes over and apologises for insulting the cats (which he doesn’t particularly want to do but he does it for Grantaire god dammit because he loves him) and suggests they host a housewarming for the cats to cheer him up as they are official members of the apartment now. so they invite all of Les Amis over for a cat party and its all going super well with Grantaire showing off his new fur babies and then Courf speaks

“Grantaire, i think i speak for us all when i say why are they nam-”


“-ed after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?”

and Enjolras basically has to hold R back even though he knows theres no real threat because nobody could ever hurt Courf hes an angel 

and now no one is ever allowed to mention TMNT in front of Grantaire ever again

Headcanons on Rukia’s marriage (because the timeskip and WDKALY explained nothing)

Disclaimer: While I’ll never acknowledge 686 or the novel as anything but a nightmarish AU that’s best killed with fire, this is me trying to build some coherence from the ending/WDKALY garbage pile. Why? My inner INTP compels me I guess. And this is an IR post. RRs might want to scroll on if you come across this. There’s nothing for you here.

I’m never going to believe that Rukia would marry Renji of her own volition for ANY reason as long as Ichigo’s alive – not prolonged separation, not Soul Society’s laws, not if Ichigo loses all his powers.

Even if Ichigo and Rukia were kept apart for some reason, it’d be completely ooc for Rukia to suddenly decide to marry Renji. 

Imagine Rukia like, I thought I deserved death till you convinced me otherwise by breaking into the fucking afterlife for me. You changed my world, figuratively and literally. I have lingering thoughts about you when I’m about to die. My happiest memories are overwhelmingly with/about you. I once had a crush on a man who looked like you. But i’ll marry Renji. He’s waited more than 40 years although he spent all that time not talking to me and then our reunion consisted of him slicing my face. 

Just. Ridiculous.

For Rukia to choose Renji over Ichigo, the RR bond must surpass the IR one, which it clearly has not. Let’s not even bring up Ichigo and Rukia’s entwined destinies - at no point in the manga has Rukia been shown having tender thoughts about Renji or has it been shown that she prioritises Renji over Ichigo in her heart (I’ll do another post about that one day).

And the FB arc has already given us the answer to what would happen if Ichigo and Rukia were kept apart – “time goes on but these bonds will never break”. Ichigo and Rukia were still shown to be each other’s Most Important Person™ when they eventually reunited; Renji and Rukia were still just friends; Ichigo was still indifferent towards Inoue all that time. So even if they were forced apart again after 684, nothing between them - all four of them - would change.

So what would be a possible in-character reason for Rukia marrying Renji?

^We know that Rukia always, always places Ichigo’s well-being ahead of her own, sometimes even being cruel to him as long as it ensures his safety.

What if Rukia married Renji to keep Ichigo safe from Yhwach?

Post-684 headcanons (under the cut because this has gotten long):

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What did I do

Short Imagines because im a sad gay right now. Its gonna be a Newt ignores you to protect you imagine

Newt POV

I rush pass y/n to leave the apartment. I glance and see a sad look on their face. It pains me to look, I want to turn around. I want to go up and hug them. Say im sorry. But i keep walking. 

“Its for their own good” I murmur to myself. 

I stay out the whole day, getting things for my creatures and spending some time in Central park. When night falls, I make my way back to the apartment. I’m greeted with a glare from Jacob. Y/N and Jacob are great friends. Of course Jacob would be cross with me. Queenie pulls me aside with an even more cross look. 

“Mr. Scamander you better have an excellent reason for why you have been making y/n so upset” I ponder for a moment. Letting my thoughts tell queenie. Her face softens. 

“Oh honey…Im sure you don’t have to worry about that" 

"I dont know queenie” She’s about to answer when Tina and Y/n walk in. 

I see Y/n’s eyes are puffy. Guilt washes over me and I look away. Queenie goes over to talk to Tina leaving me and Y/n alone. Tension fills the room. 

“Newt. why do you hate me, what did I do?”. Their voice cracks as they speak. 

“Nothing.” My voice wavers and y/n gives me a look. 

“Clearly I did something Newt, you haven’t spoken to me in a month. We were so close, We talked about everything. Why, what did I do” Desperation fills their voice. 

“Its nothing, Tell Queenie and Tina im going down in my case” I start walking to the bedroom when y/n’s voice rings out 



“Newt…T-these creatures, they dont scare me. I want to stay and help you I want-” y/n starts. 

“Your not the right person for this job y/n.” I say harshly. 

“Newt your dont mean that, Right?” Y/n’s heart is breaking. I can feel it. but im doing this to protect them. 

“I do, I-I work better alone.” I pause as silence fills the room again. Its a painful silence. 

“I’m leaving.” I say almost a whisper 

“Im sorry. Im going back to London tomorrow. I was going to say something tonight.” I turn to Jacob, Tina, and Queenie who were watching at the door. 

“Im sorry i didnt say something sooner. I believe its best I stay somewhere else tonight. I’ve had a wonderful time here but I think its best for me to go now. Goodbye.”
The tears are coming from my eyes lessen and I grab my things, Say a goodbye to everyone. and walk out the door. Away from New York, Away from my friends. Away from Y/N.

What did i do to make them stop talking to me. I thought they cared. They talked me out of dying once and I talked them out of dying too. I love her…What did I do