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The Marauders as Social Networks

James is Facebook. the original one that everyone know and have. thinks is the coolest, is not. still some cool shit happening though, once in a while. have a cool side and a nerd side, bad jokes, some really stupid ones.

Remus is Twitter. witty short answers, and then really long inspiring rants. not as popular but everyone loves it once they try. both great clever observations and opinions and “wher the fuk is my cofee too early fr this shit”

Sirius is Instagram. pretty cool and popular. a lot of selfies. also black and white pictures with deep quotes that represent the tortured soul of the artist. and obviously “LOOK AT THIS STIM IT IS BRIGHTLY COLOURED AND IT MOOVES OMG”

Peter is Pinterest. underestimated and unpopular but you realize once in a while that a lot of good shit comes from here. always ready to help, sometimes clingy ( “we made a SPECIAL BUTTON that appear on every picture you will ever view isn’t that amazing” )

Regulus is Myspace. emo and dead.


GRAVITY || [listen]

“A force that no one knows why exists. Only that if it didn’t exist.. If there wasn’t this mysterious attraction… This pull between objects… then none of this would exist either.”

“Thank God for gravity.”


“Can I copy your homework?”
“Yeah, just change it up a bit so it looks like you didn’t copy”

Humans are Space Orcs

So I was thinking about this and i just thought of the lengths humans go in the name of beauty: pulling hairs out, surgeries, botox, etc…

Can you imagine these aliens meeting humans and being shocked at how people hurt themselves?

Alien: Commander Alexa I- what are you doing!?

Human: Oh just waxing; I haven’t done it in weeks!

Alien: But you’re pulling out your hair? Surely that must hurt.

Human: You get used to it I guess…

Alien: But why are you removing parts of yourself?

Human: This is nothing compared to Debbie! Do you know she had breast implants put in 2 months ago? That whole surgery was quite the ordeal.

Alien: I am so confused… Do not worry Commander, I’ll get you and Navigator Debbie the help you need at once!


Another idea was humans and horror films? Like aliens would think that humans are so barbaric to enjoy watching a film in which their own species dies.

Alien 1: I overheard the human engineers the other day, and I am most truely shocked; they watch these things called ‘horror films’? But the worst part is that in these films, the humans die!

Alien 2: Why would one ever want to watch such a barbaric thing? Those humans are truely dreadful!

Alien 1: I heard one talk about a film called Psycho, and another called Jaws-

Human: Did you say Jaws? Man I love that movie. Absolute classic. I mean that scene when that old grump gets bitten in half on his own boat? Gold!

Alien 2: Engineer Jim, if I may, why would you watch something like that?

Human: It’s the experience! The heart pumping, blood racing, tingles down your spine. Plus the murder parts are just great.

Alien 1: *whispers* see I told you these humans were insane! Why were they even allowed into the Intergalactic Union in the first place?!


Requests: “i love your writing so much and im so happy youre doing bucky now lmao could you possibly do a one shot where the reader and him are arguing and it ends in fluff?” (Credits to gif owners!)

“That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard come out of your mouth! Please tell me you’re kidding?!” Y/N pleaded but the look in Bucky’s eyes told her he wasn’t joking. That if it came down to it, Bucky would get killed for her. He would just leave her without a second thought, just to save her. He had been through too much, and arguing made Y/N feel like it would make him unstable.

But Bucky wasn’t giving in. He kept thinking he said nothing wrong. In both of their cases, they were lacking the communication. Neither of them budging. “Look, hun all I’m saying is that if an enemy has a gun pointed to your head I’d offer myself before they took your life! What is so wrong with that?!” Y/N folded her arms across her chest. “Don’t look at me like that.” Bucky warned when she narrowed her eyes at him.

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Bts Reaction to Their S/o Covering Themselves because of Insecurity!

Seokjin would be stunned as your hands wrapped round your hips to cover them, he would take your face into his palms and bring your gaze up to meet his before telling you how beautiful and perfect you are; reassuring you of how your hips are one of his favourite things about you.

“You’re gorgeous, the effect you have on me is ridiculous. You really have me under your thumb; one swing of your beautiful hips and I would do anything, so use your power!”

When you began to cover your thighs to stop Yoongi from viewing them he would sigh deeply and pull you into a tight hug so as to give him an extra couple seconds of thinking time to work out how to make you feel better. After breaking the hug he would firmly put his hands under your thighs, picking you up by them and leaning you against him as he talked to you.

“You know I think you’re perfect, your thighs are alluring and gorgeous. All I want is you to love them as much as I do.”

Hoseok would begin to blame himself the second you tried to cover your stomach with your hands, had he not been praising you enough? He would look like a kicked puppy for a second before remembering that he needs to cheer you up, he would put that aside before removing your hands and bending down to you stomach level. He would place soft, sweet kisses leading from your stomach all the way up to your lips.

“You’re so beautiful. All of you… is so beautiful”

Namjoon would be so caught up in the moment that it would take him a second or two to realise that you were looking at the floor and covering your thighs with crossed arms. He would bite his lip in sadness, why couldn’t you see what he saw because if you did you would love yourself too. He would sit you down on the bed across from him and talk to you, wanting to convince you of your perfect body.

“I could write hundreds of songs but I could never explain how beautiful you really are; they could never compare to the person sitting in front of me right now”

You had helped Jimin become more confident in his body by praising him and telling him how much you love him every single day but he would realise in the moment that your palms moved to hide your hips that he hadn’t been doing the same. He would put his hand on his hip and pull at the thin sheet of skin that laced over the bone and show you that everyone had padding there.

“You tell me how amazing you think I am all the time even when I have this so why can’t you allow yourself to have the same padding on your gorgeous hips, it makes my hands fit even more perfectly?” 

You couldn’t bring yourself to even look at Taehyung once the clothes has come off, you held your stomach in protection, wanting to hide from his gaze. He on the other hand couldn’t see a single flaw that you thought you had and the fact that you saw the most beautiful things about you as ugly. He would tackle you onto the bed tickling you and screaming praise at the top of his lungs as the loving and loud person he is. 

“Admit you’re perfect. Admit that you’re the most gorgeous person ever or I won’t stop tickling you.”

Jungkook would understand you feelings of insecurity because he used to be less confident than he is now but he has fought and become a stronger person so he would know exactly what to do when he saw you hiding your hips in your hands. He knew is was a long process to gain confidence so he would start slow, by telling you he understands what you feel.

“I know its hard to love yourself but just know that I’m here for you and I think that you are beautiful, every single bit of you is gorgeous. I promise I will help you learn to love yourself.”

A request from an anon <3

I have a LOT of requests in so it will take a while for any that have been submitted but I’m not going to close my submissions or asks because I always like new material to work on :)

-Aylee x

muse (m)

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❝paint me, sculpt me, make me yours❞
→ kim taehyung (ft. jeon jungkook)

He was a painter, and I was his muse. He was silent, yet his heart was loud. I met him one day in a art gallery, then I met him in the park, then I met him at the art room of our university. A few conversations, a few heart beats missed, a few calls to him, a few texts returned, then my heart was his.

He painted me the night sky on our ceiling, promising our love was as infinite as the universe above. If only I knew that some infinities were smaller than others.

If only he had painted me better, if only he had held me longer, if only he had stayed with me forever, then I could have been happy.

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Surprise - Spock

Requested by anonymous.

You awoke to shuffling on the other side of the room. You smiled and rolled over to see Spock getting ready for the day, looking over at you as he got dressed.

“Morning,” you said sleepily. He smiled at you as he fixed his shirt. 

“Good morning.”

“What time is it?”

“Late,” Spock said, sitting down at the edge of the bed. “You overslept. Again.”

“I’ll be fine,” you said, sitting up in bed. You crawled across the covers and wrapped your arms around Spock, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “I wouldn’t have overslept if you hadn’t kept me up all night.”

“I didn’t hear any complaining,” Spock said, a small smirk growing on his face.

“No,” you said, standing up. “You’re right. But you’re wrong about one thing, I’m not going to be late.”

“Why not?”

“Because even if I am, my husband won’t rat me out,” you said, pulling your blue dress over your shoulders. “No matter how much he cares about following rules.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” he said, walking towards you, wrapping his arm around your waist. You leaned up and kissed his lips passionately, a little reminder of the night before.

“You better get going,” you said, looking over at the clock. “I promise I won’t be late.”

“Okay, I’ll see you soon,” Spock said, smiling at you. 

“Y/N, I was beginning to think you abandoned me,” Jim said, spinning around in his chair. You smiled and stood next to him.

“I could never abandon you. What’s going on?”

“Well, we just sent Spock down to meet with the ambassador of the planet.” You took a breath and looked down at the tablet in your hand, trying to watch Spock’s movement.

“Ya know, you look especially beautiful today,” Jim said. You looked up from the tablet and he winked at you.

“Thanks, captain.”

“It takes away from the fact that you were late this morning.” You bumped your hip against his chair and bit back a smile. “Don’t worry, I don’t care.”

“Thanks, Jim.”

“Yeah, you can make it up by going on a date with me,” he said. 

“I can what?!” you asked as the tablet beeped. You looked down and saw a message from a member of the team that went down to the planet. 

“I mean, I do have a pretty good reput-”

“Jim, shut up!” You tapped the pad until the video message appeared on the big screen. You adjusted some controls until the picture came through.

“Chekov,” Jim said, turning his attention away from you and towards the screen. 

“Allo, captin,” he said with a smile.

“What’s going on?”

“We were meeting with the ambassador when there was incoming fire from a hidden Romulan ship. We have neutralized the situation and taken care of the foreign ambassadors.”

“Is everyone alright?” you asked, stepping into the frame.

“Mr. Spock took a hit to his side, but everyone else is okay.”

“Send him up,” you said immediately. Jim looked at you curiously but nodded.

“I agree with Ms. Y/L/N, I’ll send word to Scotty and he’ll beam you up. Thanks, Chekov.”

“You’re welcome, captin.” Jim flipped a few more controls and turned off the screen.

“Okay, so I’ll go down to Scotty,” you said, halfway towards the door. Jim laughed and followed you, grabbing onto your arm.

“No, I’ll go see Scotty. You head down to Med Bay and get Bones prepped.” You nodded and looked down. Jim’s hands moved up to your shoulders and made you look at him.

“Hey, he’s gonna be okay.”

“I know, I know,” you said, clearing your thoughts. “Thanks, Jim.”

“Of course. And to repay me-”

“I’m not going on a date with you!” you said, stepping into the elevator. 

“Why not?!” Jim asked as the doors closed. You smiled to yourself and waited patiently until the doors opened on the Med Bay floor. As soon as they slid open, you sped down the hallway. You burst into the white facility and walked towards Nurse Chapel.

“Y/N. What are you doing down here?” she asked.

“Where’s Leonard?”

“He’s in his office. Are you okay?”

“Not really. Thanks,” you said, walking away from the nurse who was giving you a suspicious look. You knocked on Leonard’s office door frantically until he opened up.

“Dear god, woman, what’s wrong?”


“Yes, Spock is usually wrong but-”

“No, he was shot. Scotty is working on beaming him up.” Leonard’s eyes widened and he walked out of his office.

“Chapel, I need you to get surgery room one ready,” he said, slipping on a medical shirt and gloves. “Y/N,” he said, turning towards you.


“You need to get out of here.”

“What? Why?” 

“Only family is allowed during surgery.”

“Surgery? You haven’t even seen him yet.”

“Y/N, he got shot at, I’m gonna have to do surgery. And you can’t be here,” he repeated.

“Jim will be here!” you argued.

“Jim’s the captain.”

“I’m his wife!” Leonard stopped what he was doing and looked up at you. You made eye contact with him, realizing what you said.


“I’m his wife,” you repeated.

“Since when?” he asked, blinking repeatedly. You grabbed his arm and pulled him to a secluded corner.

“Since the academy.”

“And you’ve never told anyone?”

“No, because it’s not anyone else’s business. Please, keep it between the two of us.” Leonard sighed and folded his arms.

“Okay, fine. You can be there during surgery, but you’ll have to come up with an excuse for Jim.”

“Don’t worry, he’s been trying to ask me out all day,” you said as the doors to Med Bay opened. “He won’t mind if I’m there.”

You followed Leonard towards the commotion and saw Spock laying on a stretcher. There was blood seeping from his side and he looked up as you as they wheeled him in.

The smallest crack of a smile spread on his face as they rolled him along. You instinctively walked towards him but stopped when Jim stood in front of you.


“Hey,” you said, your eyes still following Spock.

“Hey, Y/N, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just wanna make sure that Spock’s okay.”

“Don’t worry, me too,” he said, touching your arms again. 

“I’m gonna watch the surgery,” you said, walking away from Jim and into the viewing room. Jim walked up next to you and crossed his arms. You nervously bit your nail as they started to prep him. 

“Y/N,” Jim said, bumping into you. “He’s gonna be okay.”

“I hope so.”

“Hey, how’s he doing?” you asked as soon as Leonard walked out of the surgery room. 

“He’s stable. We got the bullet out and he’s in recovery now.”

“Can I see him?” you asked. Jim looked at you strangely and smacked your arm.

“Give him some time, Y/N. He doesn’t need to get back to work right away.” You rolled your eyes and turned back to Leonard.

“Please.” He sighed and nodded.

“Just for a little while.”

“Thank you,” you said, rushing towards the door. It slid open and Spock turned to face you.

“Hi,” he said.

“Hey, how are you feeling,” you asked, running a hand through his hair. 

“I’m fine,” he said, moving your hand. You sighed, knowing that he was trying to keep up appearances. 

“I was worried about you,” you said just above a whisper. He took your hand in his and smiled at you.

“I’m fine,” he said again. 

“I told Leonard about us,” you blurted out.

“You did?” he asked, his face changing expression as little as it could.

“Yeah.” Spock opened his mouth to say something but closed it a moment later. His hand grabbed onto your chin and tilted your head up ever so slightly. 

“Good,” he said before bringing his lips to yours. You kissed him softly, something you had been wanting to do since you heard the news. When a thud sounded from the hall you pulled away. 

The door opened and Jim walked in with his mouth opened. You turned to look at him and tried to say something but Spock spoke first.

“Captain, I understand why you might be angry. It was unfair of Y/N and myself to hide our marriage from you.”

“Marriage?!” Jim asked, looking between the two of you. 

“Yes, Y/N is my wife,” Spock said. 

“So that’s why you wouldn’t go on a date with me,” Jim said.

“You asked Y/N out on a date?”

“Yes,” you said. “And yes, that’s why I wouldn’t go on a date with you.”

“That’s the only reason?” Spock asked with a smirk. You looked back on him and smiled.

“Of course it’s not,” you whispered. 

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” Jim said, pulling your attention.

“No offense, Captain, but it’s not mandatory to tell you.”

“What Spock means,” you said, walking towards Jim and putting an arm around him. “Is that our personal lives are our own, and we’re sorry we didn’t tell you. But you know now.”

“Okay, okay, you’re lucky you got shot. I can’t be mad at someone who almost died.”

“I did not almost die.” You shushed Spock and walked back over to him.

“Thank you, Jim.”

“Yeah, just watch Spock and we can talk about this later. You can make it up to me by going on a date with me.” You and Spock both shot him a look and he smiled.

“Just kidding.” The doors closed behind him and you turned back to Spock.

“Jim and I are friends but I’m getting a feeling that I should punch him.” You raised your eyebrows and laughed at Spock.

“Don’t worry, Jim’s been asking me out for years, my heart only belongs to you,” you said, leaning up to kiss him. Spock pulled away with a smile before his face fell.

“For years?!”


Pairings: Loki X Reader

Summary: You always wear a shirt no matter what and Loki wants to know why.

Warnings: None that I can think of

Word Count: 800+

Originally posted by talkinboutmyimagination

Loki ran his fingers up your arm, his lips pressed against your bare shoulder. “We should get out now.” You hummed, watching the sunset. “Why? It feels nice.” Loki kiss your neck. “Why? I’m hungry.” 

Loki gripped your hips and pulled you flush against him. “We’ve been in the pool all day and my starving. Let’s eat!” Loki’s hands tried to push up your shirt, but you were quick to push his hands away. “Don’t.” Loki kissed the side of your head. “Let’s eat.”

You pulled a dry shirt over your head as Loki came around the corner. You looked at him, his skin was slightly red, hair still damp. “It seems that Steve prepared dinner for everyone.” You smiled. “Great!” 

Loki reached out and grabbed your arm gently as you went to go by him. “Love, why is it that you don’t take your shirt off, or even allow me to touch under there? And don’t say you aren’t ready for that step, I’ve seen everything else…” His teeth nipped at your neck. “Loki…” 

He hummed. “I’m just not comfortable taking my shirt off.” He kissed your neck and stepped back. You looked at him, biting your lip. “You know I love every part of you. Why would you think that under this would be any different?” 

He tugged a little at the helm of your shirt. “Loki, I’m not taking it off. So stop.” You moved away from him. “Just stop doing that.”

In all the time you had been with Loki, he hasn’t seen you without a shirt on. Not once. You slept in one, you swam in one. If you weren’t wearing one during your more inmate times, you had a sheet covering you. 

Anytime Loki brought it up, you would give some half-assed answer and then change the subject. Loki wasn’t going to lie, he was getting frustrated that you didn’t trust him enough to share whatever was underneath there. 

He didn’t care that you covered yourself up, that you didn’t want anyone to see, he just cared that you didn’t trust him. He told you every last thing about him and about his life, yet you couldn’t tell him about this one thing.  

You were laying in bed, face still slightly pink, sunburn evident. Loki was laying next to you, glancing at you every now and again as he read. You were on your phone, headphones in as you watched a video of sorts. 

He set his book down and rolled over onto his side, facing you. You send a smile his way and returned to your video. Loki’s eyes were raking up and down your body and then he saw your shirt was raised up just a little. 

His eyes flicker up to you, you hadn’t noticed. His reached out and gently moved it up a little further. Scars were riddled on your hips and from what he could see your stomach.

You gripped his hand that held part of the shirt up. His green eyes locked with yours. “What couldn’t you just leave it alone?” Your voice was barely above a whisper. Loki sat up and tried to pull you near him. 

“Don’t touch me.” You pushed his hands away, sitting up. “I’m sorry. I…I just saw a few and I-“ “And you couldn’t just leave at that!  You just had to see more!” 

“Why couldn’t you trust me to see that? I told you everything, showed you everything and yet…You couldn’t let me see a few scars!?” You shot up to your feet. “It is just a few scars!?”

You pulled your shirt off and Loki’s face fell. Your whole top half was covered in scars and burns. From your stomach to your chest. Large ones, little ones. Improperly healed burns. 

The skin was distorted around some of them. “Is that what you wanted so desperately to see? This ugly mess of scars!” Loki stood in front of you. He cupped your cheeks and brushed away your tears. “It’s beautiful.” 

You tried to pull your face from his grasp, he held you tightly. “You are beautiful…” One hand left your face and ran over your stomach. “These are beautiful.”

Loki sat on the edge of the bed and pulled you by the hips. He kissed your stomach, your ribs, hips. “I love them…” You watched him. 

“When you’re ready to tell me about them…I will listen…Listen to the story behind everyone.” Tears were still in your eyes as you nodded your head. Loki pulled you into his lap and kissed you fast. 

“I’m going to kiss every one of them and show you just how beautiful these and you are.”

On why I don’t allow reposts even with credits

Translations via Google Translate:

First comment: “Oh. For the first time I see how the American (or not) artist mentions VC on the art.”

Third Comment: Do not copy, it’s said … Although I do not want to blame for this, but … I wonder why they do not want to copy the creations? The author is specified.

First, let me get this out of the way. To the first comment: No shit Sherlock. I have to mention VK (or BK or whatever) because you guys keep taking my art. Clearly it’s not working though.

Okay, now onto the main point, which is my response to the third comment. Sometimes when I decide to contact a reposter instead of reporting, they will say something along the lines of “Well, I credited you.” Sometimes they’re polite about it. Sometimes they’re downright rude. Regardless, crediting does not give you an excuse to repost.

In an ideal world, credit would always be given where credit is due. However, we are far from being ideal. Let’s suppose our first reposter credits me. Good. Now let’s say the next person comes along and sees the first repost and decides to repost that post. Multiple things can happen here:

  • They repost with correct credits to me.
  • They repost crediting the first reposter.
  • They repost without credits.
  • They repost saying “Credit to the artist or whoever.”

Obviously, the ideal scenario would be the first. But like I mentioned, we don’t live in an ideal world. If the second reposter correctly credits, it does not mean the ones following will. Eventually credits will be lost and then you have an art piece circulating the internet and no one has any clue whose art it is. You would not believe how many people say: “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were the artist. I found your art from _______ and they didn’t have any credits.” The majority of the Russian reposts I find on YouTube will credit a VK page. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Another thing is, a lot of consumers don’t pay attention to credits. They automatically assume that the reposter is the artist. As you can tell, this will sometimes come back and bite the artist in the ass when people start accusing the artist of copying the reposter (which has happened to me).

So there you have it folks, why I don’t allow reposting even with credits.

If you require something to be canon before you allow yourself to enjoy something in fanon… why are you here in the first place? Wait until the show is finished then join the creative side of fandom… because things will change in canon… and if you’re basing your whole consumption of fanon by what is canon, you’re going to have to eventually drop something you enjoy. Why even bother shipping? If your fandom-approach won’t allow for changes to some bits of canon, then why…? I guess I don’t understand limiting yourself to canon while also participating in the fandom and fan creations. Nothing wrong with wanting to stick to canon, but these peeps keep demanding everyone *else* stick to canon too. Having personal limits is dandy, but.. again, maybe fanart and fanfics aren’t for you until canon is wrapped up. There are plenty of fandom spaces for theories and for talking about your favorite episodes that doesn’t involve shitting on others’ fun.

Like dude- I’m here to play in the sandbox and sip my wine- go play with your non-posable action figures instead of trampling over my glitter sandcastle.