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I swear on your mum’s life, I will punch you in the face right now.

EXO Rection to Their Crush Liking Them Back


Minseok would be so excited. He’ll scream, shout, and jump around with the boys but that would increase tenfold if he found out directly from you. If he found out directly from you, he will hug you so tight and scatter your face with so many kisses and not let you go for the rest of the day. Miseok won’t be able to stop talking it either.

“(y/n) likes me back! I can’t believe they like me back!”

“Minseok… I know. I am (y/n).”

“But still! You like me back!”

“And these are the times I question why I do.”


Lu would claim he wasn’t surpised but whe all know he practically died inside when he heard that you liked him back. He’d just look at you with a smal eyebrow wiggle and is just “well, who wouldn’t like me back?” You’d roll your eyes and the moment you show him affection, like a kiss on the cheek or a hug, he’d melt and get all giggly and squirm against you.

“You’re such a girl Lu.”

“What? No, I’m a manly man (y/n).”

“You giggled and blushed like a schoolgirl when I held your hand.”

“I don’t remember that. You must be mistaken.”


When Kris finds out you like him back, he will try and do something sexy or try and seem seductive but it ends up making you laugh. He’ll laugh out of embarassment and wouldn’t be able to face you, wondering why he even did that. The embarassment would increase when you walk over to him, motion him to lean down to your height, and kiss his cheek. R.I.P Kris Wu.

“Kris. I need to tell you something but you have to look at me.”

“Is it that I’m an idiot?”

“Well, if you come closer maybe you’ll find out.”

He leans down and you kiss his cheek.

“Yes but you’re my idiot though.”


Junmyeon would be absolutely speechless to find out you like him back. You’d probably confess yourself instead of someone else telling him and you’d have his hands in yours as you look at your feet. You’d have to repeat it because you muttered it the first time and when you look up, you’ll see his jaw open and his eyes wide. It took him a minute before he cupped your face and kiss you everywhere he could minus your lips(he wants to make that one special).

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this.”

“Well, if you were the one leaving me all those love letters then I know just how long.”

“You have no proof that those were me though.”

“I know your hand writting Junmyeon. Don’t lie to me. Besides, they were sweet.”


Yixing would hear that you like him and would go to you to ask you out immediately. He’d do it with flowers and everything, becuase you only deserve the best and sweetest. He’ll take your hand and place a kiss on the back of it before pulling out the flowers and asks you to be his. He’s been waiting a long while for a hint that you like him back and he’s not going to let you go now that he has you.

“Yixing, I-! What are you doing?”

“(y/n), I heard that you liked me so I was wondering…”

He rubs the back of his neck shyly as he pulls out the flowers.

“Will you be mine?”


No matter where he heard it, Baekhyun will just end up grabbing you and just cuddle you on a couch or a bed. He won’t let you go for the rest of the day, just burying his face in your neck and gushing about hou much he loves you and how glad he is that you like him back. Baekhyun will just be a needy puppy after finding out you like him so don’t expect to be going anywhere or doing anything that day.

“Baekhyun? Where did you come from?”

“I love you too jagiya!

“What? Where did you even hear that?”

“Doesn’t matter becuase I know it’s true and I’m not letting you go now.”


Jongdae being Jongdae, he will yell at the top of his lungs in victory of winning your heart. He will get just as excited as Minseok did and would soon be bouncing off the walls. The moment he sees you after he finds out, he’ll be so excited that he’d just grab your face and kissing you then and there. You would be hella confused but wouldn’t object in the slightest.

“I heard yelling, is everything okay in here?”


“Yes Jong-”

You didn’t even find out why you heard yells but you coud care less at that point.


Chanyeol would be beyond happy and would end up doing an excited little dance. You’d find it the cutest thing it the world and end up wrapping your arms round his waist, burying your face in his chest. You two would end up just standing there, hugging each other.

“You’re too cute for you’re own good Yeolie.”

“That’s not a bad thing is it?”

“No. No it is not”


Kyungsoo gets all flushed and blushy around you. He’s good at hiding his crush from you and everyone when he was unsure of your feelings towards him but now he can’t even stop smiling when someone mentions your name. It’s even worse when he’s around you. Kyungsoo won’t be able to even make eye-contact with you.

“Kyungsoo, are you okay? Why won’t you look at me?”


“I couldn’t hear you, what did you say?”

“I said I like you too (y/n).”

“I’m glad the feelings are mutual but I’m going to kill Byun…”


Honestly, it’d be surprising that you two wouldn’t be a couple already because Tao makes his feelings as obvious as he can. He has no shame about having a crush so he’d be surprised it took so long for your feelings to be returned. Even so, he’d be ecstatic to hear that you like him back after so long. 

“Took you long enough.”

“Tao, don’t make me regret liking you back.”

“You know I’m joking with you. But I have been waiting a long time to hear that from you.”

“Yeah, you’re very bad at hiding that you like me.”

“I wasn’t trying too.”


Jongin will get all flustered and shocked, taking a few steps back as his face gets all red and he gets all giggly. He’ll try and tell you that he likes you back but he’s so happy that he keeps stumbling and shaking from excitement. You’d get concerned and ask him what’s wrong and the only way he can figure out to show you what he’s trying to say is to give you a quick but sweet kiss.

“What is it Jongin?”

“I… (y/n)..”

“Are you okay? You’re shaking.”

He cups your face and places a small kiss on your lips.



Sehun, being the child he is, will get so happy that you like him back. He won’t be able to sit still at all after he found out and woud justcling to you. He will do anything to keep your attention on him, getting all whiney when you start talking with someone else or won’t pay attenton to him. 

“Sehun… I’m happy you like me back but you don’t have to be this clingy.”

“Yes I do.”

“I was texting my mom and you threw my phone into my closet.”

“You’re suppose to only pay attention to me.”

“It was my mom.”

“I don’t care. No one takes my jagiya’s attention from me.”

For those who think Lana is in on whatever Theron is up to, just these lines from Rishi to think about:

Lana: I made a calculated strategic decision. And it worked, as we can all see now.

Theron: And if you’d talked to me about it, I would’ve volunteered. But you didn’t even give me a choice!

(so, considering how close they’d gotten by Iokath and the fact that they were working together to find the traitor, why do I feel like she uncovered something and this time brought it straight to him…)

Then this:

Lana: We couldn’t risk the Revanites knowing that your capture was a ploy. You had to be in the dark for the plan to work.

(And this could suggest so many things about how they thought when planning, especially about the Outlander. Of course, if Theron is doing something on his own, he may throw Lana’s words in her face… Of course, if you tell Lana she should have given Theron a choice…)

Pride Prompt Request

This was requested by @holding-on-to-francis: 72. “Do not tempt me.” with Pride?

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

It all started when you came into work wearing a tight skirt and blouse.  Your outfit caught Pride off guard and he wondered why you would wear it in the first place.  He saw the way Chris looked at you when he came in and it irritated him.  After a few hours of you walking around the office, Pride had had enough.

The agent followed you into the kitchen, grabbing your arm and pulling you into the courtyard.  He immediately pushed you up against the wall, his hands planted above your shoulders.  His face was dangerously close to yours and you knew that you had done what you set out to do.

“Ah don’t know why ya came to work dressed like this, and right now ah don’t care,” Pride said in a hushed voice.  “Ya have clothes upstairs, and you’re gonna go change into somethin’ less distractin’.”

“Why don’t you make me,” you instigated, raising an eyebrow at the agent.

“Don’t tempt me [Y/N],” Pride whispered, taking a long breath to calm himself down.  “We’ll discuss this later.  Now go change your clothes.”

You sighed, your lips forming into a flat line.  “Fine,” you mumbled.  “Is that all you wanted?”

“One more thing,” Pride said lowly.  One of his hands came to cradle your face and Pride pressed a hungry kiss to your lips.  The kiss didn’t last long enough for either of you, but you were at work and didn’t exactly have time for something like this.

Pride took a step back from you, smirking at you as if this whole thing had never happened.  You reached up to Pride’s face, wiping some of your lipstick from his lips.  You winked at the agent before walking into the kitchen.  Pride had a feeling this wouldn’t be the last time he would see you in that outfit.

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“It was her time” she told him “the scientists will harvest what they can from her what’s left of her body…”

“You evil bitch” he screamed kicking her shins “I hate you. I hate you. Why can’t you be the one to die?”

She swung her hand as hard as she could across the boys face. “That’s your future little monster. Your nothing more than a lab rat.”

He rubbed his cheek while the taste of blood filled his mouth from where he bit the inside of his cheek. He stood on wobbly legs. He couldn’t do anything but glare helplessly at the vile woman in front of him. Her smiled drooped a little he continued to glare defiantly before her. All the years he had lived here he had never hated anyone more or as much as he hated Cinnamon. “I won’t always be little” he said. It was a promise. A vow that one day she was going to pay for what she had done that day and he was going to be the one to make her pay.

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Gilderoy Lockfart Dare- Cut a lock of your own hair Truth- Thoughts about Kingsley and what do you like the most about him?

The spinner landed on…

Gilderoy: I actually wonder why he stood up for me during the prefect meeting…

Gilderoy: I know I’m amazing and godly and all, but everyone knows that yet none of them have ever stood up for me…

Gilderoy: He’s my friend, I like him.  I like his courage.  Most people wouldn’t hit Potter in the face, but he did.  For me.

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please don't feel ashamed or whatnot when you reblog yourself, as a new follower it helps immensely because I wasn't around and a little unwilling to scroll so far back so I think it's helpful as hell 😄

Yoooooo thanks! Thats why I do it, just in case. I mostly feel bad for my mutuals who’ve been following me for months and have seen me do this on multiple occasions xD <3

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No demands, just asking. Will you be sharing your amazing breasts and body with selfies on tumblr still... or do we need to purchase a MV vid?

Of course I will, I’ll always post pics to Tumblr. I know I haven’t posted nudes here in a while which is why you’re asking I’m guessing? No reason for it other than I’ve been liking my face a lot more than my body recently

I’m just building, 700 followers gift will be a Salon/Barbershop!

*The Previous build I had got deleted by the new update ‘cause my dumb ass forgot to remove my saves and trays with my mods folder, ugh!*

I know I haven’t released any new CC or builds but y'all know why we don’t bother no more 'cause some of y'all are the biggest two faced disrespectful thieves out here stealing people’s creations and taking credit when you know damn well your sorry ass didn’t put in the work! 😒 All I’m saying is stop being Bitter Becky’s & Debby Downers and give credit to the people who deserve it, I personally do not know nothing about meshing or creating build items that I use in many of my builds and I have way too much CC to remember where it all comes from but I try my best to give the creators their credit!

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Hibari with s/o who likes theme parks?

At first he wouldn’t get why you like the crowded loud place, but when he notices how your face lights up when you go to theme parks he’ll do all he could to make you happy.

You will go to all the theme parks and have them all to yourself so that there is no crowds and you can go on all the rides you want. It will be a regular thing for you two to go to a different theme park when you both had free time.

“Typical Orlesian, alwa-”

“Fuck you.”

“Excuse me?”

“If only I could excuse you from my sight right now. Is it not an Orlesian wine you are drinking right now? And the shoes on your feet, made by an Orlesian, no? Yet there you sit, judging me, looking and acting like some Ferelden dog, and not even a mighty Mabari hound, but some pitiful mutt that was not wanted by its mother.”

“How dare y-”

An echo was heard, that of a palm striking a face.

“How dare YOU. Every day I deal with some common peasant making fun of my accent, the clothes that I wear, how I have my hair, why I wear a mask and the make up upon my face. How exhausting must it be to spend your day thinking of things that have nothing to do with you? I am proud of my culture, if that displeases you then you can endure a lot more than a slap.”

- Clément being done. 

For those wondering what happened after I emailed my parents and came out to them?

Here’s their reply, (my mom calls me Bear after that cartoon Little Bear)

“We saw your messages this morning Bear. It’s a lot to process. Just know that our love for you is now, and always has been, unconditional. We will take your advice and do some research on our own and then we can talk. Love you Bear”

And for those who asked why I came out over email instead of face to face,

Email provided me with a high ground of sorts in which I can make sure my parents read all of my words and have time to think them through before responding, I know they heck their emails early morning and I know at night they often drink and like to argue.

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Why do people lie about your intentions? I saw someone lie and say you are giving people false hope regarding LadyQueen.

I think Lana and Anwar playing off each other would be hot and super compelling.  LT is in the basket of potential LGBT characters.  But if it’s not her and it’s not Tiana there is no LGBT Regina story.

It’s just logic.  I’m not saying anything will happen.

And the next person who talks about false hope deserves a punch in the face.  False hope is a thing for cancer patience and criminal defendants.  Stop acting like people hoping or speculating for reputation aren’t adults who can have the freedom of their own imaginations. 

why your sign is problematic

aries: can be insensitive and insulting. may hold a grudge and unearth past conflict even after you’ve apologized to each other. they know what is bad for them but do it anyway.

taurus: close minded when it comes to other people’s perspectives. also tend to have a victim complex and may contradict the standards they set for others. (ex. lie when they expect others to be honest)

gemini: quick to lie and manipulate others to reach their goals. if you prevent them from reaching said goal, be prepared to face a totally different person-a cold, spiteful one. they also complain about their problems for ages before they solve them.

cancer: cares too much about how others perceive them. they let their desires slip away because they can be too scared to act on them. sometimes they joke too much when it’s inappropriate for the situation at hand.

leo: they can be pretentious about insignificant things. (ex. want people to know they have THE BEST taste in shoes.) can be too prideful to ask for help and gossip too much.

virgo: another sign that always has to be right. can be critical of others but are mostly hard on themselves. like taurus, they can have a victim complex and refuse to look like the bad guy.

libra: too passive. although they are loving, they may be hesitant to step in and defend their partner for the sake of avoiding drama. though they would be very upset if their partner did the same.

scorpio: overly possessive. can easily become self centered. their head may remind them to be family oriented, but their heart may lead them astray in favor of a love interest. also portray themselves vastly differently infront of those they want to charm.

sagittarius: they care too much about everyone’s opinions. may ignore their morals in the moment in favor of impressing others. (ex. may mock others just to be funny/seek approval.)

capricorn: like leo, they are pretentious. they unironically believe they are the smartest and want you to notice. if you don’t, it’s because you’re too stupid to. care more about wealth than love. probably mansplainers.

aquarius: expect people to read their minds. they can be enamored with you or hate you and act the same way in either case. they either withhold their feelings or release them in intense bursts that others don’t understand.

pisces: may have a hard time separating reality from their idealized world. that’s not to say dreaming is bad, but certain ideas they uphold can be impractical. for example, they may be upset at the idea that not everyone can be friends and not everyone may like them.

It Ain’t Me: Part 7

Jungkook x reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Genre: Angst

Words: 2.4 K

Part 6 | Part 8

You took great interest in reading novels and visualizing them in your mind however, one thing you were never able to visualize without cracking up was when people said, “It’s as if time slowed down.” How could one not crack up at that? It took a comical tint when you tried to visualize it in your head. However, now you weren’t so sure about that because you were feeling exactly like that. The moment your eyes landed on Jungkook and Seulgi, you could swear Kronos himself had come alive to make things worse for you because a heavy feeling settled on you, and everything suddenly seemed to be moving at a very slow pace.

You noticed every detail within a matter of a few long seconds. Their intertwined hands, the transition of Jungkook’s expression from shock to disbelief to anger, Seulgi’s widened eyes with a twinge of fear in them and the change in Yoongi’s body language, which suddenly seemed passive aggressive with his hands casually crossed across his chest but eyes, hardened and angry.  

After what seemed like an eternity of jumbled, nonsensical thoughts appearing and disappearing out of your head, you took a deep breath and snapped out of your trance. You forced your shocked features to accommodate a poker face and turned around in your seat to face the bar.  

You couldn’t even bear to look at them.

Yoongi noticed your noiseless but pronounced decision and strangely enough, he came back on your side and sat down as well. You looked at him with slightly questioning eyes but he just gave you a knowing look as if to say: I told you I’m on your side on this.

You gave him a small smile despite your resolve to not show any emotions under the scrutiny of the two unexpected visitors but only because you couldn’t help yourself. How funny was this situation? Your boyfriend and best friend, well-ex boyfriend and ex best friend, were not by your side but this unexpected friend, who you had never thought would be with you offering you support, possibly at the expense of his friendship, was doing just that.

You couldn’t tell if it was the alcohol or Yoongi’s unexpectedly supportive behavior this night but you were feeling warm on the inside despite all the tension surrounding you. At least there was one person, one friend, who was here, sitting by your side and listening to you.  You didn’t have to get affected by their presence. It’s not like they hadn’t individually made it clear to you that they were perfectly happy with each other. You could enjoy this night without paying attention to them and you would.

Your resolve, however, slightly weakened as you noticed Jungkook had broken out of his stupor and was very evidently walking towards you and Yoongi, leaving Seulgi in her place. He looked confused and angry. Your eyes were unresponsive throughout his short journey till Yoongi’s stool but your heart began beating so fast you could feel your ears vibrating with its movement. Nonetheless, you maintained your calm exterior until Jungkook stopped right behind Yoongi.

“Hyung, what the hell are you doing here?”

Of course, he wasn’t even going to acknowledge you.

You looked at Yoongi, expecting him to respond to Jungkook’s question but were surprised to find him looking at you.

“____, you want to get out of here? I’ll take you home.”

Your mouth fell slightly open at his blatant disregard for Jungkook’s question and looked up to find him mirroring your expression. Maybe Yoongi hadn’t noticed Jungkook?

“Y-Yoongi…” You gestured behind him to tell him about Jungkook. He looked at you and then turned back in his stool. You looked carefully at the exchange between the two friends, the tension getting the better of you.

Only, it didn’t last long.

Yoongi looked at him for two seconds and again, turned back towards you.

There it was. He was doing this on purpose.

“I know.” Yoongi said to you. “However, what I want you to pay attention to right now is my question. Do you want to get out of here?” He looked at you intensely, waiting for your answer.

At that moment you realized, he was telling you to make a decision much more important than just leaving the café. You either stay there and talk it out with Jungkook or leave him behind.

You considered both the options. Stay here and talk it out with him? Tempting. After all, you had tried so hard to get him to meet you even once without any success and now that he was finally in front of you, you had the chance.

But why should you?

It shouldn’t be you who’s getting anxious. It shouldn’t be you who’s hanging by every word that comes out of his mouth. It shouldn’t be trying to prove something to him, to offer explanations when there is not an iota of truth in the accusations put upon you. It’s been a while too late for you to even consider this option.

Leave him behind? Also sounds tempting. After all there’s contempt in you. Anger, frustration and hate. Yes, hate. You hate Jungkook for not believing you. You hate him for not listening to you. You hate him for not even giving you one chance. You hate her too. You hate them both. But why should you be the one running away?

Without newfound determination, you looked at Yoongi who was patiently waiting for an answer. You glanced at Jungkook as well, who was looking at you suspiciously.

“I want to stay here. Of course, if you want to leave we can.”

Yoongi smiled at your response, gauging the hidden meaning behind your words. You were not going to back down or hide in fear. You were going face the situation if it came to that. Or so you told yourself.

“Okay, we’ll stay here.”

You could see Jungkook getting agitated from the corner of your eyes. His breaths were shorter now, and his free hand- the one was not in his pocket was fisting and unfisting repeatedly. Of course, he was confused. He wasn’t going to just back down because just because he was ignored a few times. He brought his hand up to Yoongi’s shoulder

“Hyung. What is happening here?”

Yoongi finally looked back at him. “Why are you here, Jungkook?”

“What do you mean why am I here?” Jungkook asked him with incredulous eyes. “Why are you here hyung?”

“I am having a drink with _____, as you can see. Why don’t you go enjoy your time with your girlfriend?” Yoongi gestured, not so subtly.

A number of emotions passed through Jungkook’s face but his anger didn’t budge. He looked at you finally and even though you should have been prepared, you were still surprised by the amount of hate his eyes held as they looked into yours.  He looked at you as if you had once again let him down.

“Is this your way of taking revenge ____?” He spat out, his tone attracting a few stares from the people sitting around you. But you couldn’t care less about that. You were more focused on his words. You knew he was trying to rile you up.

“My way of taking revenge?” You scoffed. “C’mon Jeon, you know me better than that.”

“I don’t though, do I?” He shot back, his hand tracing his chin in derision. “I would’ve been prepared to see you shaking your pretty little ass for other men if I did.”

You felt a sharp jolt of pain hit your chest at his words. All sarcasm and humor left your brain as it tried hard to make you believe that the love of your life had openly shamed your character. You caught people staring in your direction, giving you unsavory looks but you tuned it out. All your focus was getting invested on keeping your goddamn tears in. You looked down at your lap and swallowed the huge lump in your throat.

“Jeon Jungkook, it’ll do you good to leave right now otherwise I swear to fucking god I’ll break your face.”

Yoongi’s voice rang out as he abandoned his drink and stood up to face Jungkook. Despite being slightly shorter, his aura was more intimidating and commanding. He didn’t flinch as he lightly pushed Jungkook in the stomach as a signal for him to back off.  

Jungkook looked at his hyung, clearly taken aback by his words. 

“Hyung,” He grit his teeth and stepped forward once again. “What do you think you’re doing right now?” His tone lowered considerably but you noticed that it was not out of respect but anger.

Yoongi was not one to be intimidated though. “I said, get the hell out of here punk, before I break your face.”

“Have you lost your mind, Hyung?” Jungkook exclaimed. “You will fight with me for…” He looked at you like you up and down, like you were something filthy, something untouchable. “Her?”  

Yoongi’s eyes grew wide at the vulgarity of his expression and he growled, bringing his hand up to hit him. Before he could land a punch though, you stopped him by grabbing his arm. It wasn’t like you felt generous towards Jungkook, far from it really. But you had had enough. Your heart felt like it was placed on a bed of needles. What had you even done to deserve such contempt? The tears had long escaped the holds of your fragile will and were falling down your face rapidly.  You heartbeat was skyrocketing, a little too unstable to be normal. You got up, you wanted to get out of here otherwise you would suffocate to death. However, the moment you got up from your seat your legs gave out. Yoongi rushed to grab you before you could fall down and held you in place.

“___! What’s happening? Talk to me!” His touch was light but through your blurry vision you saw the worry on his face.

You pressed on his arm to bring him closer to you and he complied, putting his ears near your mouth.

“I want to get out of here,” You panted. “I think I’m getting an anxiety attack.”

Jungkook’s heart fell when he saw your knees giving out. He reflexively reached out but Yoongi beat him to it. Had he gone too far? Were you drunk? He didn’t know. What could he do? He felt so very angry, so hateful. How could you sit here and enjoy your time? Did you not feel any guilt? Why did it have to be Yoongi? He had too many questions and no answers. Everything around him was hazy.

His jealousy flared the moment he saw you pulling Yoongi towards you and mumbling in his ears. Yoongi nodded and immediately put his hands around your waist pulling you up. You leaned on him for support, closing your eyes.

“Get out of the way, I need to take her home.”

Jungkook looked at Yoongi when he realized he was the one being addressed. Yoongi’s eyes were stormy; Jungkook could tell he was really angry with him. But why? Why was he angry with him? Jungkook grit his teeth. Why did it have to be him? Why couldn’t he see that you were the one who betrayed him? He was the victim here. He looked at you as your shallow breaths brushed away the few hairs falling on your face. Your face shined with sweat and tears and your lips were dry. He narrowed his eyes. Were you sick?

He again reflexively reached out to touch your face but you opened your eyes just in time. There was an unreadable emotion in your eyes but it was one that sent shivers down his spine. His hand froze mid-air.

“Don’t fucking touch me Jeon Jungkook. I don’t want you anywhere near me.”

Jungkook’s heart hammered in his chest at your words. A feeling of guilt settled over him as he looked in your eyes. You were the one in the wrong and yet your eyes were fixed. You stare was unflinching.

Your stare was unapologetically true.

His eyes widened. He could sense the seed of doubt growing in his mind but he quickly dismissed it. He couldn’t be wrong, he knew he couldn’t be…but what if he was? What would he do then?

He was forced out of his thoughts as Yoongi’s hands roughly pushed him out of the way. He staggered back but collected himself before he bumped into something. When he looked up again, Yoongi was already half way to the doors with you in his arms and you…you were sleeping?

No. No goddammit. You were unconscious.

“Shit.” Jungkook muttered under his breath and ran forward, concern taking over his senses. Yoongi was almost near the door when Jungkook rushed and stopped him.

“Hyung! What happened? Is she okay?” He asked, a little out of breath.

“Knock it off, kid. We can discuss this later. She needs to get out of here and she doesn’t want you there.” Yoongi told him sternly, once again turning away to step out. Once gain, Jungkook stopped him.

“Please, Hyung! At least tell me what’s happening to her! Is-“

Yoongi’s voice was steel cold when he interrupted Jungkook.

“You’re a fucking piece of shit, you know that? A brat. Do you think you can just step in anytime and do any thing you fucking want to? You practically called her a whore in front of everyone and you think you get to show concern 5 minutes past? If the situation was any different, I would have beaten the shit out of you. Get it together, you fucking bastard.”

Silence settled around Jungkook after Yoongi finished. There was nothing he could say. Despite the noise, all he could register was the stillness around him as he looked at you lying in Yoongi’s arms and Yoongi holding you protectively.

“Oh and Jungkook?” Yoongi’s voice rang in his ears and he caught his hyung’s eyes once again.

“Your girlfriend is waiting for you. Have fun.”

With that, he opened the door and rushed out, leaving Jungkook standing there immobile behind the doors, unable to decipher his own thoughts and feelings.

To be Continued…

Much love, 


Innocence [M]

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Pairing: Jimin x Female Reader

Genre: Roommate AU!Smut, You have been warned; this fiction is full of smut.

Words Count : Almost 2,1k

Warnings : [M] for Mature Content, this fiction is pure smut.

Author’s Note: Hi guys admin Sunshine is here, so I’ve asked you guys about smut fiction ideas and then I mixed them up a bit, I hope y’all can enjoy this long sinful fiction

“S-i-x fucking months” You said out loud.

That was true actually. It’s been already six-months since you had sex, you were already horny and your roommate’s existence didn’t help at all. You were like a cat in heat, you wanted to have sex but you didn’t trust anyone about sex, they didn’t know your body—they were not good enough for you. You took a deep sigh, your roommate was at the next room and he was sleeping although it wasn’t that late. You were getting hornier and you couldn’t hold yourself any longer; you started to play with yourself. At first you thought this could be the only solution for your little-horny-problem but you forgot how thin the house’s walls were. 

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