why are you doing th

Listen. not ONLY does the comic imply that lance knows what furries are and that they exist in the voltron universe, but that lance HIMSELF is a furry, since he deadass flirted with them right afterward. and You know What else? they fucking implied that there is space weed. Space Weed. In the same comic. So now we know, yes there is Weed and Furries in Voltron: Legendary Defender. why did dreamworks need to establish this?? They went out of their fucking way to bring up furries and weed why did th 

Do Ji Han (Actor) phone call with Taehyung
TH: Hello? JH: Hello. TH: Yes. JH: Taehyung-ah, where are you? TH: I’m going to our maknae Jungkook’s graduation for a bit right now. JH: Congratulations, Jungkook-ssi. TH: Why? Where are you, hyung? JH: Hyung is doing an interview right now… TH: Okay. JH: Hyung is gonna ask you something. TH: Okay. JH: Within [the Hwarang cast], who is the most handsome? TH: In between us? JH: Yeah. TH: Between my hyungs? JH: Yeah. TH: Hmm…I think it’s Minho-hyung. (Clip: It’s not Banryu*) It’s not hyung, though~? JH: Bye. TH: No, it’s hyung, it’s hyung. JH: (To staff) You heard that right? Thank you, Taehyung-ah. TH: Okay. JH: Hyung will call you later, okay? TH: Okay, I got it. JH: Taehyung-ah, I love you~!
*T/N: Banryu is Do Ji Han’s character in Hwarang.
(video cr: Vlack Verry)

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
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The Valkyrie

Hi everyone! Here’s my May Study Challenge. The tag for this challenge is #maysc. Please tag your posts for it with this tag so I can see them! Please don’t tag #heynay in your posts, as I’m reserving that tag for non-maysc posts that people want me to reblog! I’ll also be being a little more selective with what I reblog this month than I was with the April study challenge, but if you put it in the tag I’ll probably reblog it! Have a great month of May!

1 (M). Describe where you want to be right now (academically or otherwise).

2 (Tu). What’s your life philosophy, in one paragraph or less?

3 (W). What are your goals for this month?

4 (Th). May is AP Exam season! What are your tips for studying for tests?

5 (F). How do you sit while you’re studying? What’s your chair like where you study?

6 (Sa). How much of your stationery and study materials travel with you to class? How much is left at your study space?

7 (Su). What is one good experience you’ve had within the last week?

8 (M). Have any teachers changed your life?

9 (Tu). How do you keep yourself motivated to study for a class when the teacher or professor is bad (i.e. mean or doesn’t teach effectively)?

10 (W). How long do you spend studying and doing homework each day?

11 (Th). What is one thing that you did within the last month that you’re proud of?

12 (F). How has the studyblr community affected your studying in real life?

13 (Sa). What’s your favorite song at the moment?

14 (Su). What tips do you have for other students who are in your grade specifically (i.e. for high school or college freshmen/sophomores/juniors/seniors)?

15 (M). What subject is hardest for you? How do you go about studying for it?

16 (Tu). What’s your favorite study method?

17 (W). Do you prefer group projects or individual ones? Why?

18 (Th). Do you like background noise while studying, or do you prefer it to be silent? If you listen to music, what’s your playlist?

19 (F). What’s your daily routine?

20 (Sa). What’s something you enjoy doing outside of school? Do you ever have any conflict between academics and hobbies?

21 (Su). Do you prefer to write with pencil or pen? Why?

22 (M). Who do you consider a role model? Why?

23 (Tu). What type of learner are you (visual, kinetic, etc.)? How does this translate to your study methods?

24 (W). At what part of the day do you usually study?

25 (Th). What’s something you’re trying to improve on (academically or otherwise)?

26 (F). What’s your style?/What do you like to wear?

27 (Sa). What subjects do you find the easiest?

28 (Su). What’s your dream life like?

29 (M). Why did you start a studyblr?

30 (Tu). What inspires you?

31 (W). Look back at your goals from day 3. How did you do?

me: kids should be allowed to be silly and have fun in fandom spaces

some clown: so when you say “kids should be allowed to have fun” do you mean kids should suicide bait people? youre not being specific enough op! why do you hate mentally ill people op, why did you do th

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Prinxiety /logicality Do you remember the youtube trend the chapstick challenge it's basically where you put on different chapstick while the other person is blindfolded they have to kiss to guess what the chapstick is Logan and patton decide to bet Roman and Virgil ( who doesn't want to do it because they are trying to keep there crushes on eachother a secret ) to see who can guess the most chapstick and Roman loves a good bet. It ends with a confession after all the kisses they share

He Tasted Like Cherry Chapstick

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Hey, you guys wanna play a game?” Patton asked excitedly while sitting beside Logan on the couch in the commons as the darker trait walked out from his room for the first time of the day. The boy gave him a suspicious look, taking a seat in a chair across from them, intrigued.

A game? Really?” he sighed, rolling his eyes.

Yeah, It’ll be fun I promise!”

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  • me last year: oh boy, i’m so excited for phase 4! i can’t wait to hype it up!!
  • gorillaz:
  • me this summer: oh boy, i have so much spare time!! i would love some new content, or even the album!!
  • gorillaz:
  • me now: i’m studying for finals and don’t have time to talk about gorillaz

redraw the same thing over and over and over and over and over and

Yoongi, Jimin and Taehyung react to: finding out their girlfriend is a lingerie model.

REQUEST :Hello~ I was wondering if I could request Jimin, V and Suga react to finding out that their girlfriend is a lingerie model? Thank you! I love your work! 😁
YOONGI: (You had left some important  things back at your apartment and asked Yoongi if he could come and drop them off at your photoshoot)
YG: *Calls you* Hey, Y/n, I’m in the lobby do you want me to come up and give you your shit or do I leave it with the receptionist? Please don’t make me come up.
Y/N:*Laughs*  Come up here babe, you’ve never seen me at work, have you?
YG: No, you’ve never invited me *huffs*
Y/N: Well I’m inviting you now so hurry up and come to the 16th floor.
YG: UGHHH! Why do you have photoshoots all the way to the top floor?
Y/N: I don’t know, maybe they like the view you get from up here, oh and Yoongi
YG: What?
Y/N: The elevators aren't working so you’ll have to walk up the stairs okay, love you bye! 
Time skip
YG: *swings the door open* Y/n here’s your shit!
Y/N: *takes the bag from him and sets it aside* Thanks, babe *kisses his cheek* You’re just in time to watch me work honey, so take a seat, there’s water over there and some snacks I’ll be back in a bit.
YG: *grabs a water bottle and sits down where you told him* ‘What is she modeling now?’
Y/N: *you take off your robe*
YG: 'Okay so she’s modeling lingerie…’ *spits out all the water he had*  LINGERIE?!

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JIMIN:(You mentioned you had a photoshoot today so he tagged along)
You walk him into your dressing room.
JM: So this is where you work huh?
Y/N: Yup, I’m gonna go get ready, I’ll be back in a few.
JM: Hmm let’s see what she’s modeling this time.* looks through the clothes on the rack*  Dresses, dresses, lingerie, skirts, what a minute lingerie *smirks* I hope she wears this.
Y/N: Jimin I’m back.
JM: *puts the lingerie back and walks away from the clothes* All done babe?
Y/N: Yup, I’m gonna change so could you wait for me outside?
JM: It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked *smirks*
Y/N: *blankly stares at him* Out
JM: *puts his hands up in defense* I was just playing *laughs* But it’s true.
Y/N: *pushes Jimin out the room*
Y/N: *You change into the lingerie* *sighs* Great time for that pervert to tag along. *steps out the dressing room*
JM: *Jaw drops when he sees you* Damn babe you should borrow this to wear at home *winks*
Y/N: Jimin park your ass over there and try not to pop a boner.
JM: *shrugs* I’m not promising anything 
Y/N: Pervert 
JM: You look great love!

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TAEHYUNG: (Jimin found a magazine with you on it modeling lingerie)
JM: Hey your girlfriend’s a model right?
TH: Yup why do you ask?
JM: Oh no, it’s just that I found a magazine and the model looked exactly like her
TH: Which magazine was it?
JM: Uh I can’t remember which one *laughs nervously*
TH: Was it recent? I could ask her if you want.
JM: No! Uh, I mean no that’s fine.
TH: Okay then, no need to get all weird about it.
JK: *comes running into the living room* TAEHYUNG!
JK: Okay weird but whatever, Tae did you see Y/n’s new pictures?!
TH: The ones from a magazine?
JK: Yeah! You aren’t reacting?! Why aren’t you reacting?!
TH: Because I haven’t seen them.
JK: But if you haven’t seen them then why was the magazine in your room?
TH:  It’s Jimin’s room too you know… Show me the magazine! 
JK: Here! *gives Tae the magazine*
JM‘Oh shit I better go’ *tip toes out of the living room*
TH: LINGERIE!?! JIMIN YOU’RE DEAD *chases after Jimin*
JK: *Keeps looking at the pictures* Woah Taehyung you lucky son of a bitch.

TH: *Calls you* Y/n I’m gonna need you to come back right now.
Y/N: What? Why?
TH: We need to have a little talk about some pictures of you, so don’t make me wait baby girl.

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Please do tell me if I have any mistakes
Thank you for requesting, hope you like it

What's Wrong?

A/N First of all I’m so sorry this took so long track started up and I’ve been doing nothing but working out and sleeping and also this isn’t my best work but I was having some problems writing it how I wanted so I’m sorry that this isn’t my best work but it’s finally up.

Warnings: Minor Character Death
Pairing: Pan x Reader
Words: 748


“P-Peter,” you said quietly, standing in the entrance to his tent “Are you awake?” Your voice was shaky and it sounded pathetic but you couldn’t help it, not after what had happened.

At the sound of your voice Pan all but shot up in bed for two reasons. One, you called him Peter and you never did that and two, you sounded terrified, “What’s wrong Y/N?” he asked urgently, swinging his legs off the side of the bed as you walked closer.

You shook your head, you couldn’t talk about it, you were too scared. You physically couldn’t. You stood in front of Pan, you didn’t want to sit on his bed, he didn’t like it when people touched his stuff.

His eyes widened, taking in the state you were in. Your clothes were tattered and covered in blood and you could feel bruises forming all over your body. “Let’s get you into something clean,” he said softly, his mind racing a mile a minute. You watched as he walked to his closet and pulled out a tunic and leggings. You stood still, wrapping your arms around yourself and shivering, you couldn’t tell if you were just cold or if it was nerves.

Pan walked back over and seemed to be thinking something over before he said “Arms up.” You did as he said and put your arms up, he began taking off your shirt and any other time you would’ve objected but right now you were thankful that he was helping you. Pan helped put his shirt on you and then he did the same with your pants. When you were finally dressed he sat down on his bed and patted the spot next to him “Sit down,” he said gently.

You tentatively sat next to Pan, staring at your folded hands in your lap. After a few moments of silence he reached out and grabbed one of your hands and asked, “Y/N, what happened to you? You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?”

You took a few deep breaths. You had to tell him. He’d find out eventually and honestly you were surprised he didn’t already know. “I-I killed Devin,” you whispered, your voice just barely audible. “It’s all my fault. I’m so sorry.”

“What?” Pan was completely shocked, he knew you’d never kill one of the boys but why would you lie? “What do you mean?”

“Th-there was an accident,” you whispered, a tear falling from your cheek “And I killed Devin.” You paused, whipping away the trail left by the tear “And then Felix… h-he hurt me,” You could feel Pan stiffen next to you.

“He what?” Pan said his voice colder than ice.

“He beat me,” you started “He said he would beat me within an inch of my life for what I did, he said I was careless and I never could be again. I had to be reminded of that.”

“He had no right, I’ll kill him for this,” Peter muttered beside you, practically shaking with rage.

“No,” you whispered “Don’t. He was right.”

Peter gripped your shoulders and turned you to face him before he said “He had no right to do that and he’s wrong. You aren’t careless. I know you. You would never do anything to hurt one of the boys, I know that for a fact. Okay?”

You shook your head, “No. Peter it’s not okay!” You exclaimed why couldn’t he understand “I almost killed one of my friends tonight and I’m just such an awful person for not thinking about what could’ve happened. I should’ve been better. I should’ve thought ahead. I shouldn’t have been so-”

You were cut off mid-rant by Peter gripping your chin in his hand and pulling you into a kiss. You hesitated before ever so slightly leaning into the kiss and resting your hands on his shoulders.

After a few seconds he pulled away and he said quietly “You made a mistake, that happens. You’re okay though and Devin’s okay. I’m going to have to deal with Felix but you are just fine and I want you to understand that. I’ll take care of everything in the morning.” He paused and held your hands gently in his own, “Now come to bed with me.” He whispered.

You nodded your head and Peter smiled before crawling back under the covers and pulling you down with him, your back pressed against his chest.

“It’ll all be okay Y/N,” he whispered, “I promise.”

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uh I'm assuming that anon isn't a ym shipper cause if they were they wouldn't say that which makes me wonder why would they follow you......

IMO namjoon having written (tho whether its as a lyricist or a composer I’m still not sure?? I’ve seen diff trans from what he wrote on fc so) serendipity just cements his position as president of the ym fanclub that anon is legit being bitter abt strangers having fun on the internet abt their ship lmao what’s the point (also,, if yg didn’t have a hand in creating the song then just think abt his rEACTION WHEN FIRST HEARING IT its rly just a win win situation here 

 Yeeeeees we need to chill because it’s not like any other shippers go wild when they see material of their shipp right?? 🙄 (also Namjoon wrote the song?? even more reasons to make it the ym anthem please)

Wow how do non ym shippers even find your page?!?…. like ummm wtf why do they even care about your posts. Obviously they care… it’s beyond me why???..I’m a YM shipper but yo I’m a realist and we jus have fun online with our theories ya know I’m not going to a ji/kook blog and sending judging annoyed messaged to them get yo life trolls! 😘LY

right,,,,,,,,,, why do people bother me when they can just block lmao i’m not doing anything wrong but if you don’t wanna see it then you don’t have to ?? i can let people have fun w w/e they want too this isn’t a hard concept to grasp


Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: After being paired up together for a school project, Peter’s nerves are put to the test with the Reader he adores oh, so dearly.

Word Count: 3,761

Warnings: language, shy!peter, a little bit of soft peter (?) cuddle sesh, kissing (barely), er… school projects (ew ??).

A/N: Y’all, I frickin’ LOVE shy/awkward Peter, so hopefully I did this well enough. I too am awkward and quiet as hell, so I’ve added some of my own *spice*. For the anon that requested this, I might’ve changed a few things, so I’m sorry and hopefully you still like it. Also, I apologize I haven’t been posting a lot. Just started summer classes and got a job !!! Anyways, enjoy reading and feedback is always appreciated.

Walking quickly into Midtown High, Peter dashes towards his locker avoiding any shoulder bumps or accidental run ins with any bullies lurking the halls. Not only that, he was going to be late for his first period of the day, where he saw you. Now, he knew you had no idea who the fuck he was, but he didn’t care. Peter would rather lurk behind than face you with his undying confession of love for you.

How embarrassing would that be, amiright?

He loved to gaze at you from afar, sometimes catching your eye, only to think you were addressing to the person standing behind him. However, that wasn’t the case, but did Peter know that? Of course not. He was too entranced by the fact that you looked in his direction.

His thoughts of you are pulled away as the first bell rings and realization sets in.

Oh fuck, I’m late!

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