why are you awake at 2am

I Like You [Min Yoongi]

Warning: Contains smut. Do not read if you are underage.

A/N: This is very, very long. Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy. Thank you to @katythekitty for your suggestions with the plot. I guess in a way this is kind of your requests? Idk. 

‘Y/n?’ Yoongi’s voice questions softly as you stretch across the floor of the dorm, arms reaching above your head to get into that tight spot in your lower back. His foot pokes out from his position on the low couch, gently nudging your thigh to roll you slightly on your side.

‘Mmm?’ You respond, the sleepy tone in your voice giving away the true nature of your state. The few cans of beer were sitting heavily in your stomach, a beverage that since your college days had always had you yawning before the night was over. Lazily, you flop on your side, scooting across the wooden panelled floors.

‘I was just checking you were still awake. It’s 2am and the movie finished. Want me to flag a taxi for you?’ You let out a slow whine, body wrapping around his feet to clutch his ankles tightly.

‘Why, you don’t want to hang out with me?,’ You pout, clinging to his legs like a small, fluffy koala. You could almost feel his body tense under your touch, an audible breath hissing through his teeth as your arms claw their way up his black denim jeans. ‘C’mon, Yoongyoong. I thought we were having fun. We are only two movies into this Harry Potter marathon… We’ve still got another 6 to go. Where’s your stamina?’ Your hands reach up to tickle behind his knees, before sitting upwards to envelop the entire lower half of his leg into a hug.

‘Fuck… you’re weird.’ His face was still flat, expression blank as he watches you crawl your way up his body, coming to sit comfortably next to him, lounging into the comfort of the soft black fabric of the long hoodie he had chosen to wear. Instinctively, your hands wrap around his waist, head placing itself in the crook between his shoulder and arm.

‘You love it, though, right?’ It takes a second, his body heaving with a deep sigh - the air of which dusts lightly across the crown of your head - before you feel his arm drop, grasping your shoulder and pulling you a little closer to him.

‘Not really.’ He responds just as flatly, a flicker of a smile lacing across his face so briefly you you wouldn’t have seen it if you weren’t trained in finding it. It’s the only evidence you have of what he was really saying.

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I would have come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together-knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.

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I'M HAVING THE WORST DAY so I would lovvvve to read stucky "it's 2am and I'm drunk and need salt for my fries and I know you're awake so OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR" 😁😁

“You need /what/?” Steve asks the handsome man who has lived across the hall for three weeks.

“Salt,” the man says, holding a soggy McDonald’s bag in one hand and a flashlight in the other. He is tearing up. “I need salt.”

“Why?” Steve asks.

“To exorcise demons,” the man says, then winces. “No, that sounded so much cooler in my head, but I can’t lie to you. I have all of these french fries but none of them are salty. I need salt for them, or else the world may end.” He pauses, then amends, “/My/ world may end.”

Steve gives him a once-over. The guy from across the hall is typically put-together. Steve has only ever seen him in a suit, with his hair slicked back. Now, he’s stubbled, wearing a t-shirt so worn that Steve can practically see his nipples through it, and a leather jacket. He also smells like a brewery.

Honestly? Steve kind of likes him better this way.

“How many fries will you give me?”

The man’s eyes go wide, like this question has caused him actual thought and, frankly, hurt. He groans. “Five!” he shouts. Steve holds back a laugh. “I will give you five french fries in exchange for your salt.”

“Ten,” Steve counters.

The man’s mouth opens, like he genuinely cannot believe that Steve would have the audacity to ask this of him. Steve can barely restrain his laughter. Then he shuts it, straightens up, and nods with firm resolve. “Fine,” he says, “but only because they are getting cold.”

“‘Course,” Steve says, then opens the door wider. “C’mon in.”

He’d feel more self-conscious about the way his apartment looked if he thought that the guy from across the hall would remember this in the morning. As it is right now, he doesn’t feel self-conscious in the least, and is actually sort of excited for his fries.

“So what’s the occasion?” Steve asks. “Why all the fries?”

“My fiancé dumped me for a secret agent.”

Admittedly, that wasn’t what Steve was expecting. “Sit,” he says, pointing to the couch. The guy from across the hall sits. “I’m Bucky,” he says, then adds with wide eyes, “and I’m really sad.”

“I’m Steve,” Steve says, “and I’ll get the salt.”

“Thank you,” Bucky says, then starts to cry.

— —

The next morning, there’s a knock on the door.

Steve opens it, blurry-eyed and tired. “Hi,” he says, when he sees it’s Bucky. “You feeling okay?”

“No,” Bucky says, “but I brought you a present.”

“What?” Steve asks.

Bucky holds out a cylinder of Morton’s salt with a red bow on top. “I’m sorry for last night,” he says.

Steve can’t help but smile as he takes the salt. “It wasn’t a problem, really. Made my night a lot more interesting.”

Bucky looks down, straightens out his shirt. “You’re really chill,” he says. “And I know I’m a mess, but I appreciate you letting me into your apartment and everything.”

“We could do it again the next time you have a break down,” Steve suggests, then adds, “or whenever, really.”

Bucky looks up. “Yeah?” he asks, looking kind of cute and shy beneath long lashes.

Steve shrugs. “Sure,” he says. Then, “But the fry tax goes up if you’re in a good mood. I’ll need my own order.”

Bucky groans, Steve laughs, and together, they empty that new container of salt.

it’s 1am, im awake again
in a perfect world, id be asleep by 10
. it’s 2am im drinking to forget 
in a perfect world, we never even met
. it’s 3am, im thinking of you 
in a perfect world, you’d think of me too
. it’s 4am im throwing up your lies
in a perfect world, i never wondered why 
it’s 5am im writing of the past
in a perfect world, we were made to last
—  shykissing, sleepless nights
6 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as burns, character death, and general harrowing-ness

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From an idea of Nate @isakiyakis.

We decided to create a voting fandom party for Isak and Even since the poll is closing tonight at 2am norwegian time.

It’s not the best time for europeans to vote so we thought it would be funny to throw a little fandom party to keep us awake. The party starts at 9pm (we always refer to norwegian time).

If you want to partecipate these are the rules:


9pm gifset: favorite episode of season 3

9.30pm evak headcanons

10pm isak and even + song

10.30pm isak and even + incorrect quotes

11pm favorite isak and even’s body part

11.30pm favorite evak quotes/ why is evak important for you

12am favorite evak glance/ evak fanart

12.30am gifset: isak and even with friends

1am favorite evak moment

1.30am poll memes

  • TAG YOUR POST WITH #evakvotingpoll AND #skam. It’d be cool if we can trend skam tonight :)

Note: the party will be activated only if 500+ people decide to partecipate. Spread the word – also on instagram and twitter if you have accounts there..the more the merrier :) !!!!

Let’s make Henrik, Tarjei and Julie proud. ❤️ ALT ER LOVE ❤️

I’m tagging some of the most active blogs: @alterskam @c-ardamom @cardamom-minutes @chickenparmaham @cuddlyevak @dailyhenrikholm @deepinskam @duerdigg @evaknaesen @evakshalla @evakskam @evaktexts @evakvaltersen @evakviigmoon @evenbec @evenvalterson @fairieswithoutwings @folerdetdufoler @hemrikholm @henrikhol-m @infiniteisakeven @isak–skam @isaksavedeven @isak-valterson @isakinloveblog @isakkxeven @isakp3 @isaks-even @isaksbestpillow @isaksredscarf @isakthesnake @isakvalty @isakxevenallday @isakyaki @issyisak @josteninski @kardamomme @kardemomme-kisses @kardemommeevak @kierensczerny @kosegruppaa @linneaxskam @metaphoricallocker @minkefreak @momecat @nalle @reasoniwantyoutostay @romialmi @sanaandthesun @sanaknows @sanasevaks @schembel @shakerrmakerr @shameeven @shameforskam @shytarjei @skam-obsessed @skamaddicted @skamforfaen @skamisak @skamisako @skamly @skammedxevak @skammmed @skamownsmysoul @skams @skevak @smolsonisak @smolwolfgang @softestisak @softnorwegians @sonhoedesrazao @sskkam @stardefiant @stayinherewithyou @tarjeiandhenrik @tarjeisandvik @tarjeitrash @tessalabessa @tocapturethisvoice @toneelspeler @v-ltersen @westiris @whenitisreal @willnotaskagain @wingsareatplace

The things I have in my favorites album: You half wide awake and naked. A sunset shot where I held you close for the first time from behind. A collection of photo booth strips long since then. You on the beach staring at the waves while I nursed a can of beer. A pile of love bottle up in expensive red wine and gummy bears. You blowing out birthday candles before we fell in love. You soaked in the sunsets light frozen in another time.

Decided to dye my hair purple yesterday for the heck of it [I wanted to dye it for a while now, but couldn’t decide whether to go through with it or not, so my sister made the decision for me.] A pastel might have looked a bit nicer, I think, because I’m so pale, but, I think I can live with this. [Who knows, maybe I could dress up as Raven for comic con or something…]

Apparently as it fades it will become more of a silvery pink.

Wine and Bubbles

olicity || explicit || smut & fluff || 1331 || more fics

summary: prompt: one more time - Oliver and Felicity treat themselves to a quiet night in, featuring wine and bubble baths. // other hiatus fics
a/n: I decided that I needed to write some tooth rotting fluff and honestly i got so excited when this idea popped into my head. Also I’ve been awake since 2am after only a few hours of sleep so if there’s any stupid ass mistakes that’s why.


“One more time,” she giggled.

Oliver wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tight against his body. His scruff brushed against her neck and just below her ear. He nipped at her earlobe, eliciting a few more giggles from her lips.

He growled in her ear, sending a shiver up her spine, “Felicity Smoak,” his voice dropped to Green Arrow levels. His lips trailed down her neck and shoulder, “You have not failed this fiance,” he nipped at her shoulder, while his hands glided up her shirt. His fingertips barely touched the fabric until he reached her breasts. He cupped them, squeezing as he growled against her soft flesh.

Her giggles flowed into moans.

“You are so drunk,” he whispered.

“Mmm mood ruiner,” she mumbled, only slurring her words slightly.

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Dating Jungkook

*this is the first time I do this so pls don’t judge me*

Dating Jungkook would include:

•Shy at first
•Smiling a lot
•He would casually stare at you without even noticing it
•"I caught you staring!“
•*nervous laugh*
• Playing video games together 
• He’ll let you win
• At least that’s what he thinks bc you are actually losing on purpose 
• Writes you a text at 2am but doesn’t sends it
• You calling him at 3am to tell him your weird dream
• Pretending he just woke up when he was awake thinking about you trying to send you the text
• Doesn’t speak that much bc he wants to hear your voice 
• Eventually you think he fell asleep so you stop talking 
• “Why did you stop?”
• “I thought you were asleep”
• “Oh”
• Gets nervous when you guys walk together 
• Doesn’t know if he should take your hand 
• So you do it yourself 
• He apologizes bc his hand is sweaty 
• “I don’t mind”
• Loves to see you reading 
• “I caught you staring again”
• Brings coffee every time you have to study a lot
• Stays with you while you are studying 
• “I can’t concentrate if you keep staring at me like that”
• “Sorry”
• …
• “Wanna nap?”
• Nervous again bc it’s your first time napping together 
• Scared you’ll hear his heartbeat when you lay your head on his chest 
• Smiles softly when you play with his fingers
• “You know, I’m happy I met you”
• Never thought he could smiled wider.
• “I’m happy I met you too y/n”
• Doesn’t moves when you fall asleep 
• Whispers “I love you” 
• Because now he is sure of that 
• Freaks out when he wakes up and you are not there 
• Runs out of the room looking for you
• Stops when he sees you in the kitchen
• “Y/n?”
• “You woke up”
• “ Come back to bed with me?”
• Scared of his own words but he doesn’t mind right now because he thought you were gone for a second and he just wants to hold you again 
• You can’t help but smile 
• “Sure”
• Back in bed he is nervous again
• “You look cute with your messy hair”
• *blushes*
• Calls you to ask you how your test went 
• Prepares an Ironman marathon at his place to celebrate 
• Buys a lot of junk food
• Cleans everything
• Kick his hyungs out of the place so you guys can stay alone
• Light up candles so it smells nice and not like Tae’s feet
• Makes the living room cozy 
• Doesn’t invite you into his room because he’s scared you’ll get the wrong idea 
• Runs to the door when you arrive but waits a few seconds before opening it
• Stops paying attention to the movie when you lay on his lap 
• Doesn’t know what to do when the movie is over
• “Jungkook?”
• “Yeah?”
• “Are we watching Ironman 2?”
• “Oh yeah right”
• Offers himself to take you home
• “It’s not necessary”
• “It’s too late for you to be alone, I’ll go with you”
• Doesn’t get used to the fact that every time you say goodbye you give him a kiss
• Gets really excited when you ask him to pick you up from college 
• Waits for you in your college entry
• Frowns when he sees a guy carrying your backpack 
• Turns his head to the side when you try to give him a kiss 
• “What’s wrong?”
• “Nothing”
• Doesn’t speak at all in the car
• Doesn’t speaks either when he parks the car in your place
• “Seriously babe, what’s wrong?”
• Tries not to think about the fact that you just called him babe 
• “Why was that guy carrying your backpack?”
• “What do you mean?”
• “That guy y/n. Who is he?”
• “My classmate? He was just being kind”
• “I don’t think so”
• “You are just jealous”
• “I am not jealous”
• Since it’s the first time you guys have an argument neither of you know how to react
• “Why would you reject me in front of everyone anyways?”
• “Why would you let that guy carry your backpack?”
• “Can’t you hear yourself? This is so stupid. Bye Jungkook”
• Doesn’t know if he should stop you or leave you alone
• Goes home with an odd feeling in his chest
• Doesn’t know if he should call you
• Writes a text apologizing but doesn’t sends it
• Ignores his hyungs when they ask him what’s wrong 
•Checks his phone every 5 minutes to see if you have texted him
• Checks your Snapchat, instagram story and even your messenger story
• Accepts he was jealous 
• Goes to you house running 
• Knocks the door but no one answers 
• Tries calling you but your phone’s dead 
• You find him in your doorstep when you arrive 
• He immediately stands up
• Neither of you say anything for a few seconds until both of you say sorry at the same time
• “I admit I was jealous”
• You can’t help but hug him
• “You don’t have to be jealous of anybody. I don’t want anybody else but you”
• He didn’t know he was holding his breath until you kissed him 
• He stayed that night because you wanted him there 
• You both decided to skip classes the next day 
• You two eat pancakes for breakfast 
• He likes it when you try to acomodate his messy hair 
• He leaves before lunch 
• And then he picks you up to go get lunch 
• You sing in his car and he loves it
• He looks at you while you’re eating ramen
• And he feels it again 
• You smile at him with your mouth full
• “What?”
• He just laughs 
• When you are walking to his house out of the parking lot he feels it another time
• He just can’t wait any longer
• As soon as he opens the door he takes you to his room ignoring Tae and Jimin in the living room
• You tried to say hi to them but Jungkook was pulling you hard
• When you get there he closes the door
• “Please sit down”
• You sit down suddenly nervous 
• “I have to tell you something alright?”
• You frown 
•” Are you pregnant?“
• “What? That’s not even possible. Y/n this is serious”
• “Okay sorry”
• “You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to”
• “Um, alright”
• “I-I think I love you. I love you y/n”
• “I love you too Jungkook”

  • Me: I'm going to sleep at a reasonable hour. Oh man I'm going to be so full of energy tomorrow! Hashtag responsible adult!! *falls asleep*
  • Me: HOLY SHI- * grabs and checks phone in a panic*.... wait it's fucking 2am!!!
  • Brain: ...
  • Me: *finally falls asleep again after laying awake for god knows how long*
  • Me: SHIT WHAT??!!
  • Me: *checks phone again*
  • Brain: *Waits until I go to sleep again*
  • Brain: *deep inhale* bbbiitccch

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Garlic Bread AU??

Okay so. It’s not as interesting as it sounds.

Basically, I was chatting with @radioactiveshits (Dri) months ago in the voltronofcolor discord chat, and I was saying how sad it’d be if I became a vampire and couldn’t eat garlic bread any more because it’s delicious.

Then things got out of hand.

Dri: imagine lance waking up from a nightmare where he became a vampire and couldnt eat garlic bread and woke up in a cold sweat
“keith listen i couldnt eat ANY garlic bread like not even microwaveable ones”
“lance its 2AM PLEASE”

“u rite”
then he hangs up and goes to call hunk
and keith can’t go back to bed and he wants to punch lance
starts craving garlic bread
“w h y”

Dri: keith lays there seething with rage until the sun breaks out bc he cant go back to sleep and wants garlic bread but doesnt want to get up

Me: texts shiro to buy him garlic bread

Dri: “keith its 5 am why are you awake”
lance looking at keith: now imagine NEVER being able to experience this


And then… we did The Thing that etched garlic bread au into our minds forever…

Me: pidge: /puts peanut butter on garlic bread
everyone else: /screaming in horror
pidge: /stares everyone down while chewing peanutbutter garlic bread sandwich monstrosity
lance: /starts crying

Dri: pidge: lance can you do me a favor
lance: ask keith if he can do it
pidge: if you dont do it i’ll eat my peanut butter and garlic bread infront of you

Me: lance: haha did i say keith i meant me yes what is it

Dri: pidge: (:

Anyways. That’s the ‘garlic bread au’. Which will probably end up as part of my HvZ au since I have Dri’s blessing lmao.