why are you atheists so angry

Addressing A Stereotype About Christians

Christians get so worked up because a lot of atheists think themselves smarter than Christians. Or they go further and claim that Christians are just plain dumb. Well, if you take such issue with the stereotype, act like you’re intelligent. Where can you start? Start by not asking “if god doesn’t exist, why does belief in god make atheists so angry?” Anyone who isn’t looking to annoy, frustrate, or anger atheists knows better than to ask such a stupid question. 

Atheists actually aren’t angry that you believe in god. What makes us angry is what results from belief in god. Belief in god can lead to belief in faith healing, for example. Belief in faith healing results in the deaths of children. Parents literally refuse to take their children to the hospital or even give them medicine because they truly believe god will heal their child of a flu. Belief in exorcism has also led to the deaths of children. Belief in god can lead people to thinking that flagellation is a valid form of worship. Children will then whip themselves and be crucified as a form of worship.

Sure (!), the Christian will then claim that these aren’t representative of real Christians. They’ll employ a No True Scotsman fallacy. Or they’ll go with the “at least all Christians don’t believe such things.” But we can be more general! How many anti-intellectual, anti-science, pro-Trump Christians are there? How many misogynistic, anti-homosexual, xenophobic Christians are there? Would I be wrong to be angry at “innocent” belief in god knowing that a given believer definitely sees homosexuality as a sin, as an aberration from god’s original design? Would I be wrong to assume that some of these believers would go on to mistreat people who are homosexual? Even if it’s something as simple as refusing to provide them goods or services? Of course I won’t be wrong.

So we’re not angry about belief in god because god exists. We’re angry about belief in god because of where belief often leads. There are any number of routes you can go as a Christian, but adopting some detestable view is a guarantee. Every wannabe apologist in the blogosphere is haughty, pompous, and believes they’re far more knowledgeable than they actually are. They may not support Trump or bash gays, but they have Dunning-Kruger syndrome and, as years of having debates with such people has proven, they lack respect for atheists. They ignore their bias because only the atheist’s bias matters. They ignore the atheist’s evidence because either, they shift the definition of evidence so that it can be whatever they deem evidence or they ignore evidence contrary to their beliefs. 

That’s your start. Now where do you go? Try being honest with yourself. Doubt isn’t “of the devil” or some such nonsense. If a belief is dubious, doubt is inevitable. Perhaps doubt happens to every Christian because Christianity isn’t true? Why isn’t that an option? Think of it this way and I’ll keep it very simple. Do you doubt that your parents are actually your parents? Do you doubt the location of your school, workplace, or the nearest grocery store? Why isn’t doubt inherent to these facts? To save Christianity from this contrast, the wannabe apologist will most certainly go down the “brain in the vat” avenue. “How can you trust that you exist?” Descartes gave us a simple process to arrive at “I think, therefore I am.” If that’s the route you want to take, start by refuting the work of one of your own brethren. But it should be clear that if you have to go that outside the box to push away doubt, something is off about what you believe to be true. When something is true, there’s simply no room for doubt. Who my parents are, where I am, the various places I frequently go to, etc. are beyond doubt. That is to say that I know the truth about my parents, my current location, and the various locations I frequent. Should the truth change, my claim would change.

Say there’s a fire at the local grocery store. The fire debilitates the business and it never recovers. Now I would say that the supermarket used to be there. Or I’d say that this burned down space was a supermarket. I wouldn’t continue to speak as though it’s currently there though it’s not. So-called religious facts simply don’t work this way. That’s because there aren’t any religious facts. There are no facts about god. The facts per Christianity aren’t actually facts either. Truth and doubt simply don’t work in tandem. If one is present, the other isn’t. Truth and doubt never occupy the same space in the same respect. In other words, with respect to my parents, there’s truth and absolutely no doubt. Even as a Christian, the supposed existence of god wasn’t such a truth; the claim that Christianity is the one, true religion didn’t stand as such either. There was always some doubt and it was a doubt I entertained.

I reasoned as follows: if god truly exists and Christianity is true, all roads would lead me to that fact. I can ask around. I can get genetic tests. I can get legal documents. I can get medical records. All roads will lead me to the fact that my parents are, in fact, my parents. No matter what I do–even a denial in a fit of anger–would not change that. You can read about Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or even the occult; you can consider science and its multifarious theories, philosophy, history, and other disciplines, and no matter what you find, what you read, what you come across, one fact will persist: god exists and Christianity is true. In my Christian days, I believed that that would be the result. Set sail with that same belief and see what ensues; indulge your doubt and see what comes of it. 

The truth is tested in futility because doubt will never enter its space. If someone has sold you a truth that can be doubted, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to make any suggestions as to what’s going on. If the stereotype bothers you so much, conduct yourself as intelligent people do. Be skeptical wherever warranted; indulge your doubts because the mere fact that a doubt exists is hinting at a clearer understanding; ask questions and honestly seek the answers; don’t accuse someone of bias simply to shield your own bias; be as objective as possible, showing absolutely no favor to a given conclusion–even if that particular conclusion is the one that you find most preferable; this last one is hard in a time of so-called alternative facts and post-truth, but honor the facts, whatever they may be. This is how intelligent people proceed. Want to rid yourselves of the stereotype? Change your behavior because honestly, as it stands, the majority of Christians I speak to act as though they lack intelligence. That being the case, it can’t be no wonder and neither is it the atheist’s fault that they think as they do about Christians.

Maintaining Religion in the Face of Facts: Now You Can, Too!

A motivated Christian talked with me about coming back to Christianity. Surprisingly, not knowing anything about his religion didn’t convert me, but he also managed to maintain his belief. How does that happen? Well, this particular Christian broke it down for me. While he’s not as eloquent as some, his methods are the exact same as I encounter from even very well-spoken individuals. 

Christian: I choose Christianity
Me: I know you did. so how did you choose it? using what evidence?
X: I read the bible
Me: Do you know what leprosy is?
X: Yeah it’s is a disaster
Me: Right, it’s not a fun time. Tell me, if you contracted leprosy, what would you do?
X: Wat u mean???
Me: What would you do if you caught leprosy? How would you treat it?
X: I would pray to God to give me a miracle to take that away from me
Me: Why would you pray? Leprosy is 100% curable with modern medicine. Did you know that?
X: No
Me: It’s been curable since 1981. What if I gave you a choice between the medical treatment and ripping own a bird and putting the blood on your skin? Which one would you do? If I told you that you had to kill one bird, rip it open, and then take another bird, dip the live bird in the dead bird’s blood, and let the bird flap the blood onto you, would you do that to cure leprosy? Or would you take the medicine?
X: Medical treatment
Me: Why? Is it because birds are full of disease?
X: Yeah???
Me: Right. And that’s smart. But the bible says to do that…the bird blood. So the bible gives us advice that can harm us. You believe YHWH knows everything, so why not tell people how to cure leprosy? Why give a treatment that can make them even more sick?
X: Don’t know
Me: I do. It’s because many years ago, people used to think blood was really purifying. That’s why the bible (and other religions) ask for blood sacrifice. You know who also does bird blood for purification? Voodoo practitioners and priests. It’s common in many religions, and it’s just as unhealthy as ever. In fact, we had a type of virus mutate from birds and we can get sick from it. It killed many, many, many people in 1918. But the bible says to do it…same as every other old religion. By the way, it’s in Leviticus 14:7 if you want to read it yourself. I have another question: does the sun go around the earth, or does the earth go around the sun?
X: Earth go around the sun
Me: Right, but the bible says the sun goes around the earth.
X: In wat book chapter and verse
Me: Joshua chapter 10, verse 13
X: Alright
Me: Why would it say that?
X: Don’t know
Me: The bible even quotes another religious text to say that. It talks about the Book of Jasher, which is not in the bible. Hey, if I tried to grow a plant but put it in a dark room, would it grow or does a plant need sunlight to grow?
X: Sunlight to grow
Me: Right, but the bible says that YHWH created plants, and then later created the sun.
X: Right
Me: so why would he do that if he knows plants need sunlight to grow? It seems the bible was written by people who didn’t really understand the world. If the information came from an all-knowing god, then this wouldn’t be in there.
X: Oh
Me: That’s the same feeling I had when I was studying the bible. Jesus gets kinda angry and mean pretty often, to be honest. He acts like a jerk to his disciples and family,but the strange part is the gospels don’t all say the same thing. For example, they all disagree about his last words on the cross and Matthew wrote about a zombie uprising…but no one else did.
X: O
Me: did you know that?
X: No
Me: why not? You haven’t read your bible, have you? Everything I said today comes from the bible, but you didn’t know it was in there, why not? How can you say the bible is evidence of YHWH when you haven’t even read it?
X: The Bible is the word of God truth
Me: you haven’t even read it, though, so how can you say that? Besides, the sun doesn’t go around the earth. That’s not true, but the bible says it does. You don’t cure leprosy by throwing bird blood on people, but the bible says to do that. So that’s not true. So how can you say the bible is the truth when it has things in there that are factually wrong?
X: Prophecy are being fulfilled itself
Me: No they aren’t, there are unfulfilled prophesies in the bible. YHWH promised to destroy a city during King Nebuchadnezzar’s time…and it is still there. YHWH had promise for Abraham’s descendants, but the bible says they all died without it being fulfilled
X: Yeah they is prophecy are  being fulfilled itself
Me: That is false. Like I said, there are failed prophecies in the bible. The bible also says the Egyptians would all speak Hebrew. That is false.
X: U don’t know wat u talking about i know u don’t know
Me: I will cite the verses for you. Ezekiel 26:7-14 says king Nebuchadnezzar would destroy Tyre, but it still stands. Isaiah 7:1-7 says the king of Judah shall not be harmed, but in 2 Chronicles 28:1-8 it says he was harmed. Isaiah 19:18 says Egyptians will speak Hebrew. Genesis 12:7 says YHWH will give all the descendants a certain land, but Hebrews 11:13 says they didn’t get it (even though they were faithful). Even the bible itself states that some of the prophesies failed.
X: U wrong
Me: It isn’t me, this is the bible. If you think I am wrong, then you are saying the bible is wrong (and I agree with you).
X: The Bible never wrong the Bible is always right
Me: But you already pointed out how the bible is wrong, like with leprosy, plants, and the sun. And the unfulfilled prophesies are listed as unfulfilled right in the bible itself. You say the bible is always right but you haven’t even read it.
X: I read the bible every day so u can’t tell me nothing nothing literally nothing u don’t know wat u are doing i will pray for u right now I’m getting mad
Me: Why are you mad? When I told you some things in the bible, you didn’t know they were there. If you studied your bible, you would have known.
X: So tell me where did people came from i’m testing u now

Get angry and change the subject: the greatest method for keeping one’s religion alive

I’m in a group chat with a few girls I went to school with these are the most chill Muslims you’ll ever find. Most of them don’t wear hijab. They basically do anything but eat pork drink and have sex. Some even drink and have sex. So anyway the topic of LGBT people came up. And every single one of them was spewing hate and bringing up “disgusting” incidents they had with the LGBT community. The best one out of them was like “I’m a homophobe and proud I don’t care what they do with each other just keep it away from me”

And that’s why I get so angry when Muslims say “we love everyone” NO DON’T bloody lie! If the least Muslim practising people I know can be such disgusting homophobes and be so transphobic what do you expect from the others that actually take their religious teaching seriously? I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said 95% of Muslims are homophobic. And to the Muslims in the LGBT community I’m so sorry your “one ummah” hates you. Just know there are a lot of people who are here for you and support you.

raidient  asked:

Can you tell me how you went from being an atheist to a Christian?

Hello dear friend, please allow me the grace to point you here:

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I don’t mean for any of this to be “ammo” against a non-religious person. All of our journeys are different and I can’t speak for others. I only know that God can win over the most bitter, angry, militant, God-hating people – because He won me.

– J.S.