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Do you have any headcanons on evak + kollektivet? even definitely spends pretty much all his time there and kinda becomes a fifth roommate, in my mind

Oh my gosh hells yeah he does.

  • Oh dear the Kollektivet actually joke about that a lot. Like they will constantly talk about the ‘fifth housemate’ and Isak is just like “guyyys come on I thought you like Even?” and they are all “Oh yeah we love him. We were talking about you.” and Isak is just like “excuuuuse meee? I am the best fucking housemate EVER!” and then this causes them all to list like everything that makes Isak a terrible housemate and then Even comes home over and walks in and is like “Oh what are you guys talking about” he says this as he kisses a grumpy and appalled Isak on the lips and puts his arm around him. (I love husbands) “Oh we’re just explaining all the reasons Isak sucks at being a housemate” Linn says enjoying this quite a lot. Even furrows his eyebrows at them all and rubs Isak’s shoulder. “You guys…” Isak looks up at Even and then back at the Kollektivet all smug and pretty much like “Oh yeah you got it now. My man is gonna tell you all off for being mean to me. Boom!” but then Even finishes by saying “Did you already say the part about how he always leaves the lid to to milk unscrewed so like when you take it out-” “IT GOES EVERYWHERE!” Noora finishes and then Even just sits down and starts discussing all the silly and annoying things Isak does with them and Isak is just like “How dare you” 
  • Oh my gosh, so there was this one awkward time where Noora was rushing because she had places to beee and without thinking she just like ran into the bathroom aaaaand…there was Even the giraffe, in the shower….naked….Awksss. Noora was just like “Oh My GAWD Even I am So Sorry” covering her hand over her mouth, not her eyes mind you. Look our baby girl is adorable but she no saint. and of course Even is just chilling. Like he don’t care, He is just continuing, letting the water run over him and the little shit is literally like “Good Morning!” like oh my god he is so extra and adorable he don’t even care. He is actually smiling because Noora is getting all awkward and running into the door, trying to get out without seeing anymore. Noooow she’s covering her eyes. But like she keeps bumping into the wall and the door and finally she gets out and is just like flaming red. Oh my god she is so cute. Then she runs into Isak who is just like (not a morning person) super “morning..” and he totes notices Noora avoiding his eyes and blushing crimson and just like being super awkward and frazzled. He like gives her his squinty eyed ‘what is happening?’ look and asks her “whaaaat is it?” and she is all “nothing NOTHING! not a thing. I’m gonna… Imma make coffee. You want coffee? Lets drink coffee.” and then just scoots off into the kitchen. and Isak is like what the hell? and then Even comes out of the bathroom and yells “I’m so sorry Noora. I should have locked the door!” and Isak is all oh now I see and then at breakfast he just casually starts tapping the table with his knuckles and everyone is all “yes?” and Isak is like “oh i’m sorry did I get your attention? Did my KNOCKING get your attention? I have no idea why, like it’s not as if that is what it is FOR.” Even just throws his head back laughing and Noora is blushing again and putting her face in her hands. Eskild is just like “Oh my gosh Isak it’s not a big deal, I’ve seen Even naked lots of times.” Isak basically spits his cereal out in shock “WHAT?” “Yeah the lock to the bathroom doesn’t work and I need a nice amount of mirror time to look this good. I’ve seen you naked quite a bit too. May I add you should get that mole checked out.” Even is practically on the floor dying in laughter and Isak has gotten super pale. “ESKILD!” Eskild shrugs “What? It’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Don’t think you’re special sweetie.” 
  • Okay so Even is amazing and he will just like come over and cook for the whole Kollektivet as a thank you for you know, basically staying there without paying rent. And it just becomes this big thing. Like Thursday night is Even’s dinner night and it is literally so damn cute. They all have a big nice dinner as like a family and sometimes they will bring people over like “Oh guys Even is making Tacos, wanna come?” and Magnus is all “HELL YEAH!” and basically they all sit at the table while Even ceremoniously brings over what ever he has gone all out on that night. He literally adores cooking, and sometimes he will experiment and it is all very cute. Everyone will just eat and talk about their weeks and praise Even and tease Isak on the extra awkward thing he might have done that day and it is all so perfect. Literally like a little family. I love.

This got pretty long so I’ll leave it here. But if you want more, you know where to find me 💜  I hope this was okay. 🐥

@lululawrence, @ilove1dalmation and I are screaming about tattoos because I said I noticed that in interviews that Louis is fidgety and when he sits next to Harry he seems calmer and less fidgety and when he and Harry touch knees is when he seems calmest and least fidgety and then I said Harry grounds him and Louis guides Harry and that’s why they’re anchor and rope and ship and compass and then I casually mentioned that horseshoes were nailed to the masts of ships in the 19th century because sailors believed it would help the ship find its way safely home as they were a good luck omen.

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summary: in which barry allen alters the timeline and sets foot on a universe where his once best friend and first love is alive.


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“Y/N, you are late once again.” Captain Mendez noted when he saw you run towards your desk in hurry.

You smiled sheepishly, “I’m sorry, Captain, it’s just that the alarm –”

“– wasn’t working and you overslept, I know.” he finished, causing you to blush in embarrassment at his comment.

You worked as a Forensic Photographer for the Central City Police Department. You were actually very good at what you did, but the only problem was your punctuality. Though you did have reasonable excuses on why you always slept late, and it usually involved your work and investigations about it.

Captain Mendez handed you a folder, “Anyway, care to take these files to Mr. Allen? He claims he can’t find his copies.”

You grabbed it and furrowed your eyebrows. “Why would he lose important files? He usually keeps them organized.”

“That’s the same thing I’ve been wondering about. And you know, he also looked kinda lost.”

“What do you mean?” You asked.

The Captain shrugged, “He asked about a guy named ‘Singh’ and he looked genuinely surprised that I’m the captain. Might have had too many drinks last night.”

You chuckled. “Maybe.” you said, “Well, I’ll just go ahead and give these to him.”

He nodded. “Sure, you do that.”

You turned around and headed towards the stairs.

You and Barry had a healthy co-worker relationship. The both of you used to attend the same school when you were younger, and were even considered as best friends. But when the two of you grew older and attended different universities, you lost touch and became distant to one another. Nonetheless, once you saw each other again, even learning that you were going to be working in the same building, your friendship with Barry was easily restored.


It was surreal. This whole brand new world was absolutely surreal for Barry Allen.

The moment he was aware that he was in another timeline, he visited his mother and father. He talked to them until they grew tired and asked for sleep, oblivious to how Barry was close to tears the whole night he spent with them. And then the next day he visited CCPD where he coincidentally still worked at.

He was still getting used to the changes, like his lab seemed to be bigger and more advanced than his previous one. Barry found himself slowly falling in love with this new life he was living.

“Barry?” an unfamiliar voice pulled him away from his thoughts.

He looked at the doorway and saw someone he never expected to see again.

You were smiling at him, your soft [eye color] eyes meeting him in an instant. You still had your hair in the same style, and your features had matured from the last time Barry saw you. He couldn’t help but slightly let his jaw fall in shock.

You entered his lab, “Hey, Captain Mendez wanted me to give you this.” you dropped the folder in front of him.

Barry didn’t hide the fact that his eyes were travelling up and down your body. You noticed this and instead of growing uncomfortable, smirked.

“Allen, I know I’m hot but can’t you have some restraint?” you teased.

“Uh, what?” Barry broke away from his trance.

You raised an eyebrow. “The Captain was right, you do seem a little lost. Was last night a little bit too fun?” you continued with your teasing.

Barry stood up from his seat, “Y/N, is this really you?”

“Yes …  and you are starting to freak me out.” you answered.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that, I can’t believe that you’re here.” he admitted.

You were even more confused than ever by the way he was acting.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” you asked him.

Barry recalled the memory of your death in the original timeline. He could remember how painful it felt to lose another special person in his life once again, this time you, who were one of the reasons why he believed he could live a happy life after all even though his mother was gone and his father was in prison. But when you died due to a car crash, Barry’s world lost it’s meaning and he felt the exact pain and loneliness he felt when his mom died.

You tilted your head to the side when he still didn’t answer. “Barry, are you alright? You’re not on drugs or anything because that would get you into deep —”

Before you can even finish what you were saying, Barry pulled you in a hug. You were surprised at the affection he was showing you but nonetheless returned the gesture, awkwardly patting his back in the process.

“What’s this for?” you inquired.

But Barry didn’t answer, he just held you, and it didn’t seem like he was planning to let you go.