why are you always involved


summary: in which barry allen alters the timeline and sets foot on a universe where his once best friend and first love is alive.


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“Y/N, you are late once again.” Captain Mendez noted when he saw you run towards your desk in hurry.

You smiled sheepishly, “I’m sorry, Captain, it’s just that the alarm –”

“– wasn’t working and you overslept, I know.” he finished, causing you to blush in embarrassment at his comment.

You worked as a Forensic Photographer for the Central City Police Department. You were actually very good at what you did, but the only problem was your punctuality. Though you did have reasonable excuses on why you always slept late, and it usually involved your work and investigations about it.

Captain Mendez handed you a folder, “Anyway, care to take these files to Mr. Allen? He claims he can’t find his copies.”

You grabbed it and furrowed your eyebrows. “Why would he lose important files? He usually keeps them organized.”

“That’s the same thing I’ve been wondering about. And you know, he also looked kinda lost.”

“What do you mean?” You asked.

The Captain shrugged, “He asked about a guy named ‘Singh’ and he looked genuinely surprised that I’m the captain. Might have had too many drinks last night.”

You chuckled. “Maybe.” you said, “Well, I’ll just go ahead and give these to him.”

He nodded. “Sure, you do that.”

You turned around and headed towards the stairs.

You and Barry had a healthy co-worker relationship. The both of you used to attend the same school when you were younger, and were even considered as best friends. But when the two of you grew older and attended different universities, you lost touch and became distant to one another. Nonetheless, once you saw each other again, even learning that you were going to be working in the same building, your friendship with Barry was easily restored.


It was surreal. This whole brand new world was absolutely surreal for Barry Allen.

The moment he was aware that he was in another timeline, he visited his mother and father. He talked to them until they grew tired and asked for sleep, oblivious to how Barry was close to tears the whole night he spent with them. And then the next day he visited CCPD where he coincidentally still worked at.

He was still getting used to the changes, like his lab seemed to be bigger and more advanced than his previous one. Barry found himself slowly falling in love with this new life he was living.

“Barry?” an unfamiliar voice pulled him away from his thoughts.

He looked at the doorway and saw someone he never expected to see again.

You were smiling at him, your soft [eye color] eyes meeting him in an instant. You still had your hair in the same style, and your features had matured from the last time Barry saw you. He couldn’t help but slightly let his jaw fall in shock.

You entered his lab, “Hey, Captain Mendez wanted me to give you this.” you dropped the folder in front of him.

Barry didn’t hide the fact that his eyes were travelling up and down your body. You noticed this and instead of growing uncomfortable, smirked.

“Allen, I know I’m hot but can’t you have some restraint?” you teased.

“Uh, what?” Barry broke away from his trance.

You raised an eyebrow. “The Captain was right, you do seem a little lost. Was last night a little bit too fun?” you continued with your teasing.

Barry stood up from his seat, “Y/N, is this really you?”

“Yes …  and you are starting to freak me out.” you answered.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that, I can’t believe that you’re here.” he admitted.

You were even more confused than ever by the way he was acting.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” you asked him.

Barry recalled the memory of your death in the original timeline. He could remember how painful it felt to lose another special person in his life once again, this time you, who were one of the reasons why he believed he could live a happy life after all even though his mother was gone and his father was in prison. But when you died due to a car crash, Barry’s world lost it’s meaning and he felt the exact pain and loneliness he felt when his mom died.

You tilted your head to the side when he still didn’t answer. “Barry, are you alright? You’re not on drugs or anything because that would get you into deep —”

Before you can even finish what you were saying, Barry pulled you in a hug. You were surprised at the affection he was showing you but nonetheless returned the gesture, awkwardly patting his back in the process.

“What’s this for?” you inquired.

But Barry didn’t answer, he just held you, and it didn’t seem like he was planning to let you go.

Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (17)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©

Part 17 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20   Part 21  Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 2,400 (ish)

I am no tech geek, please don’t quote me on “hacking” terms. We pray to God that it’s believable and makes sense lol. Enjoy :)

Baekhyun dragged both you and Junmyeon into the board room where it was quiet and empty, locking the door behind the three of you.

“Umm Baekhyun what are you doing?” You stuttered looking up at Junmyeon with yours eyes wide.

“Shh.” Baekhyun frowned bringing his finger up to his lips. “I’ve been busy hacking and bugging lately, nearly everything and everyone. That’s why I’ve been acting strange and shifty because I’ve been occupied. Look.” He slipped out his phone from his back pocket and held it up so you and Junmyeon could read the screen. “I hacked into the showcasing companies main system, just incase Luhan is more involved with them than we think, that’s where I disappeared to earlier. However Luhan was always quite the tech genius so it’s possible that he’s able to see through what I’ve done and break whatever codes he needs to break.” He sighed exiting a web page and opening another one up. “I also managed to bug internet access and codes of the house and general text messaging services. So I have access to pretty much everyone’s devices meaning I can keep on top of things. Junmyeon you really need to calm down with those provocative texts to Yuna.” He winked at him lewdly.
Junmyeon’s mouth dropped open.

“Baekhyun those are private messages between me and my wife!”
Baekhyun scoffed at Junmyeon’s reaction and shook his head.

“Yeah well not anymore. Just think whenever your’e trying to seduce Yuna you’re also seducing me. I must say Junmyeon you’re a man of many great and saucy ideas. I’d love to try that new ‘game’ you suggested not too long ago.” Baekhyun smirked.
You felt sick, good knows what things he could read in on between you and Minseok, because some of your messages were extremely confidential.
“Anyway.” Baekhyun continued. “We have a slight problem. So there’s this one device in the house and I’m not exactly sure whom it belongs to, it must be an extra phone. But it’s been bugged on their side. Almost as though they were expecting me to keep tabs on them so they came prepared. It’s been making calls and sending texts; but when I try and check the calls they are untraceable and the messages show up blank. I can’t seem to crack the codes safeguarding them either, they’re pretty strong. I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while now but I’m still having no luck. Now the only explanations I have are that there are two other tech geniuses in the house other than me; those being Sehun and Chanyeol or my alternative explanation being that Luhan helped to safeguard someone’s phone. The last text sent from this phone was around ten minutes ago, but obviously you know I can’t see what it says.” Baekhyun paused; creases were setting above his brown bone due to confusion.

“It can’t be Sehun.” You shook your head and placed your hands on your hips. “He was…talking to me.” You felt your stomach flip at the half-lie that you had just let slip past your tongue and shuddered at the thought of what Sehun had just tried on with you. That crazy idiot.

“So then Chanyeol.” Junmyeon raised a brow. “Actually no it can’t be him he’s not here he wouldn’t have WiFi would he?”

“Well no he wouldn’t need WiFi for calling and texting.” Baekhyun mumbled pinching his chin with his thumb and index finger. “So really it’s a possibility.”
You felt your heart sink. Although you didn’t know whether or not you could forgive Chanyeol for what he did you weren’t prepared to accept the fact that he was the traitor and although Baekhyun did not 100% confirm it, it was beginning to become painfully obvious that it was him besides nobody even knew his whereabouts.

“This has all been really carefully planned out.” Junmyeon ran a hand through his hair as he closed his eyes. “Now I have to deal with this on top of Senior and the showcase. Fantastic…”

“Oh you couldn’t get an extension?” Baekhyun asked with wide eyes. You shook your head in response. “Look don’t worry Junmyeon you focus on Senior and me and Y/N will handle this for now okay, but let’s keep it hush.”

“We will?” You pulled a face, why were you always being dragged into things that you didn’t want to be involved in.

“Yes.” Baekhyun rolled his eyes at you. “We will.”

You had done what Baekhyun had said and kept quiet about the phone in question this included keeping it from Minseok. It was time for dinner already and you were all crowded around the dining room table. Sehun was sat directly opposite you, his gaze piercing into the back of your skull so you kept your eyes trained down onto your plate.

“Junmyeon!” Jongin cried, throwing his hands up in the air. “Why the fuck do you keep cooking broccoli, it’s making me sick.”

“Why do I hear you complaining? Shut up and eat.” Junmyeon mumbled, shovelling a piece of broccoli into his own mouth. You all ate in silence until you had finished every last morsel on your plate.

“So what’s going to be done about this showcasing event then?” Kris asked stretching his hands forwards and making his bones click. Junmyeon sighed in response.

“There’s nothing we can do. We’ve been defeated this time.” He shrugged and stood up beginning to collect the plates on the table. You looked to your side at Yuna who let out a really loud yawn.

“Gosh I’m so sorry.” She covered her mouth with her hand, eyes glazed over. “I’m just really tired.”

“Hmm, so am I.” Baekhyun frowned “I thought I got a decent amount of sleep in but maybe not. I’m off to bed.” You looked up at the clock. It was only 6PM, even Ara was wide awake sitting on Kris’ lap.

“I think I’ll go to sleep too.” Yuna yawned, leaning forward she kissed Junmyeon on the cheek and then rose from her seat to leave the room with Baekhyun.
You looked up and noticed that Sehun was still staring at you intensely, but it was weird. It was almost as though he was frowning at you. You were beginning to feel extremely uncomfortable so you got up from your seat.

“Thanks for the dinner Junmyeon.” You called, not looking back as you exited the kitchen, but you saw a dark tall shadow following you down the corridor.
When you paused he paused. When you walked towards the board so did he and so for some stupid reason you decided to run out into the garden, but of course the tall male followed you.
Unbeknownst to the both of you though Minseok was watching, frowning from the kitchen doorway.
The grass outside was still wet from the storm and you almost slipped falling face first but quickly regained your balance.

“For flip sake, will you learn how to be careful? You’re really going to hurt that baby!” He hissed grabbing your wrist and helped to steady you. You scowled at him grabbing your hand out of his hold and took a step back, backing up into the tall brown wooden fence. “Why the fuck are you avoiding me?” He hissed again looming over you and it was seriously intimidating.

“Why the fuck wouldn’t I be trying to avoid you Sehun!? I’m your best friend’s wife and I’m carrying his child. You sick, sick man!”

“I’m aware of that.” He said to you coldly. You were so confused, his face was still blank like it always was, like nothing had happened and he didn’t kiss you. Why was he acting so clueless? Suddenly you heard the garden door swing open. Looking over Sehun’s shoulder you saw Minseok standing there, a frown painted across his face.

“What’s going on out here?”

Sehun ignored him as he rolled his eyes and stepped closer to you.

“Get away from me you dirty rat!” You pushed hard on his chest. Minseok came rushing over pulling Sehun back away from you.

“What the fuck is going on here, explain now!” Minseok shouted at Sehun as he stood in front of you almost as though he were a shield.

“This sick bastard tried to kiss me. In fact he didn’t try, he did it!” You pointed towards Sehun as you shrieked, your fingers were shaking and you couldn’t keep your arm still. Minseok’s mouth dropped open as he looked between you and Sehun, probably wondering if he heard you right or waiting for you tell him it was a joke.

“You did what?…” Minseok breathed focusing only on Sehun now. “You kissed Y/N…”

“Yes.” Sehun answered back confidently. He didn’t waver nor did he flinch, his face was still blank as he looked between you and Minseok. It was as though Minseok had just asked him if he’d eaten breakfast today or whether or not he’d taken a shower. How could he be so confident in his answer?

“You what!” Minseok raged, his face growing red. You saw his hands balling up, veins running down his arms. “You did what Oh Sehun!” He threw a punch in the younger males face, landing directly on his lip blood dribbling down the corner of Sehun’s mouth. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MY WIFE!” He grabbed Sehun’s head downwards and brought his knee up, connecting with Sehun’s chest.

“Get the fuck off of me Minseok!” He pushed the smaller man backwards. But Minseok charged for him again both of them slipping on the wet grass. You didn’t know what to do; you couldn’t call the others and have them know what was going on.

“First you wanted to get rid of her, now you’re making a move on her. Are you crazy?” Minseok growled punching Sehun in the sides.

“Get off Minseok!” Sehun shouted again pushing Minseok off of his body. He stood up holding a hand to his bleeding mouth and spat onto the grass. “I don’t love your wife. Shit Minseok! Don’t go attacking me like that.” Your mouth was still open, surely by this time you had caught some flies. Was this man being serious? “If anything I still borderline hate her I’m just tolerating her!”

“So why the fuck did you do it Sehun! And you better give me a good explanation or I’m going inside to get a gun.” Minseok’s chest was heaving up and down and his hands were still balled up into fists ready to fight, adrenaline coursing through his veins.

“Because I’m trying to do everything that you would do to her, damn it Min! I thought that was okay. Shit!” Sehun barked, trying to catch his breath back as he rubbed his chest where Minseok had hit him. He looked up at you angrily as he continued to speak. “She was frickin’ crying in my room about this baby, and I thought to myself ‘what would Minseok do to calm her down’ I’m your best friend and I’m trying to look out for your blasted family. Do you really think I’d go for her?”

You eyes opened wide in shock along with Minseok who was shaking his violently.

“No Sehun! No! You got it so wrong; you’re not supposed to go around and do things like that. That’s NOT okay.”
You were still staring at Sehun; you thought he was fabricating some sort of story to save his own ass. But he wasn’t. His face was still blank and he was still clueless as to why the both of you were mad. He genuinely thought what he was doing was a good thing. You sighed in disbelief, how mentally messed up was he to think that that was okay.

Sehun piped up again, beginning to fight his corner and you were really hoping that none of the men from inside could hear all of the commotion going on.

“I did what you would have done! Why was I wrong? I’m trying to be like you why the fuck are you shouting at me.” He looked over at you again. “I tried to comfort you didn’t I? Didn’t I?!”

“Shit Sehun you’re a grown man now you need to be able to distinguish what’s acceptable and what’s not. You’re not a kid anymore. You can’t go around kissing my wife because I do it, suppose she kissed you back. How far would you have gone?”

“As far as you would’ve gone Minseok…” He frowned, looking up at his best friend seriously confused as to why he was being shouted at. “I’m supposed to be there for her when you can’t be isn’t that what you made me promise you when you got married. I would’ve gone as far as she needed me to.”
And it was at that point you started to feel a little sick. Sehun’s idea of walking in Minseok’s shadow was so much more extreme than you thought it was initially, it was as though he was aspiring to be his carbon copy. “Listen Minseok, I’m just trying to repay you for everything you’ve done for me. There was no romantic feeling in what I did, in fact doing it made me feel sick but I thought…”

“No Sehun don’t you see this is taking it too far.” Minseok interrupted, he was mostly calm now but there was an alarming look of worry on his face as he stared at Sehun. “We should call Babu Sehun. I think you need help.”
Sehun frown taking a step back as though Minseok had just slapped him across the face.

“Woah, why are you going this far Minseok. I already told you I was only trying to help. I’ll just stop from now on there’s no need to get Kyungsoo’s brother involved.”

“No Sehun, this is too much you’re so far gone –”

“WE’RE ALL FAR GONE MINSEOK!” Sehun screeched taking strides backwards, creating a bigger gap between the three of you. “I was just trying to fucking help! If you don’t want shit like this to happen then maybe you should be there for your pregnant wife when she needs you!” He screamed turning around. He ran back inside the house leaving you and Minseok standing in the garden in silence.

James McAvoy: "I am a normal guy", Dev interviews James McAvoy!, Dev - BBC Radio 1
The Atomic Blonde star on why his fans don't always think he's famous.

James McAvoy: “I am a normal guy”

The Atomic Blonde star on why his fans don’t always think he’s famous and why he got banned from a Soho night club. It involved hiding in a cupboard… Plus why you should always avoid free wine and cheese.

Release date:15 August 2017

Friend-zone (Request)

Jaehyun x Reader

Word Count: 1.3k

Genre: Fluffy-fluff-fluff

A/N: Finally have this request done! I thought I’d incorporate both of them; killing two birds with one stone ygm lmao. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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Vlad: Why do you always have to get involved? Valerie chose her path, and now she has to live with the consequences.

Danny: You’ll never understand that it’s all my fault! She is here because of me!

Vlad: *looks around and smirks* She’s gone.

Danny: What?! *looks around frantically and finds Valerie’s been kidnapped by a ghost*

Vlad: Okay. Well… that’s that. Let’s get out of here.

Danny: No.

Vlad: *sigh* You’re going to save her life again, aren’t you?

Danny: …Yes.

Lost Corpse

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Words: 1.113

Request: By anon! “ could you please write a Bucky x reader based on this promt? Idk where it is from, but i just saved it once! thank you.:  “…., no I heard you, I just.., how do you lose a corpse?” “ I don’t know; it was there, and then it was wasn’t!” “Well, it didn’t just walk off” “..maybe it did” “well, I’d rise from the beyond to get away from you as well.”

Warning: fluff, fun! 

A/N: *dramatically kicks door open* I*M BACK, BABY! Hi my lovelies! Gosh I have missedy ou guys so darn much! I’m officially back for good! I’ll give you guys an update on another post! So incredibly sorry of the delay with these requests, but I promise I’ll get them all done now! Love you and hope you enjoy!. Lots of hugs and kisses to you all! xx 




“Pssst, Bucky!”

The former Winter Soldier woke up with a start. The initial shock quickly recovered as his instincts kicked in, trying to identify potential danger. That was until he listened closer and recognized the voice calling his name in a not so subtle whisper. Letting out a deep sigh, he pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance and mentally debated with himself on whether he should go back to sleep and ignore the menace that was at his door. Making up his mind, he threw the covers off himself and found a shirt and marched to the door. He grabbed the door knob and took one last deep breath, mentally preparing himself and swung the door open. The movement caused the menace at his door to nearly trip into his chest.

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anonymous asked:

Can i request a prompt with Matt (daredevil) getting upset with you because you don't take your own safety seriously enough, kinda like forgetting to lock the door at night or walking alone by yourself Thank you!!

Originally posted by kinghardy

“For once would you just take your own safety seriously, Y/N!” You’d never heard Matthew Murdock yell until that moment, and he was yelling at you…

“I do!” Why wouldn’t you be serious about your own safety? You knew how dangerous Hell’s Kitchen was, you weren’t daft!

“No you don’t, how many times have I found your door unlocked or you walking alone at night? You can’t keep doing this…” You watched Matt pace up and down the room, he was right…you did forget to lock your door at night…but that wasn’t really your fault was it? You couldn’t help it if you thought you’d locked it and you hadn’t, right?

“And why not? It’s not as if I mean to forget to lock my door or like I have a choice but to walk home from work alone!” Why couldn’t you just live your life as you did, why did Matt have to always get involved and always get so angry at you…you hadn’t it when he got angry at you…and now you hated it when he yelled at you. 

“Because it scares me okay? I’m scared for you,  i’m scared that i’m going find you beaten up or dead down some alley way or that i’m going to get a call from the hospital or heaven forbid the morgue, i’m scared, okay? So I need you to look after yourself because I can’t always do it for you!” 

“Matt…” and in that moment you understood…he wasn’t angry, he was scared…he just wanted you to be safe and you were wearing him down bit by bit by not being safe and by putting yourself in a situation that could be avoided.

“Please…just promise you’ll try…” You watched him rub at his forehead looking infinitesimally older than he was as if the weight of the whole world was on his shoulders and all he needed was you to take a little bit off it away.  

“I’ll try, I promise…I don’t…I don’t mean to scare you…”

“I know..”

Mute - seven

Originally posted by hobiga

Paring: hoseokXreader

Word Count: 3.4k

Summary: You’re mute and it’s been that way since you were ten years old and a series of traumatic events happened. Your only real friend is Yoongi, the one person who understands you without you speaking - that is until Hoseok comes along and opens up your sheltered world.

Notes: Future mature themes, talk of abuse, and more. Talk of past trauma, scars, death, etc.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Five P2 | Six | Seven

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emery: then stop acting like it! i’m sick of all the constant drama and animosity! and i don’t understand—ugh! men!

johnny: what is so hard to understand?

emery: you! him! what the hell is wrong with the male species?! 

johnny: i’m just looking out for you! i want you to be happy, em, and i worry and—

emery: why, johnny?! why are you always so fucking involved in this subject!?

johnny: because i’m in love with you!

Tender Spots

@idontcarewhatmyusernameis9 replied to your post “If anyone has any matt/jessica (jessmatt? Messica!) prompts they want…” : After he saved her from that guy in ep 5 he teaches her how to fight, because it’s not all about powers

Thanks for the prompt! it’s not exactly what you asked for and the timeline I set it in is a little hazy, but I hope you like it.

She doesn’t like the way that Trish looks at her when there are bruises on her face. The scrapes along her cheekbone are still fresh, barely scabbed over since her last scuffle with the ethereally beautiful zombie woman. And there’s that look coming from Trish, just to make things a little more unbearable. It’s soft and concerned and there’s a little pain beneath the surface.

“Don’t give me that look.”

Trish feigns innocence, eyebrows shooting up. “What look? There’s no look.”

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Chris Evans x Reader / Veins

Prompt: The reader gets out of the shower and sees a show she hasn’t seen in awhile.

Pairing: Chris Evans

Gender: Female

Warnings: Masturbation

Words: 982

Genre: Smut

You loved Chris’s arms. You felt safe when you cuddled with him, Warm in those chilly nights, and those times when he would hold you when you finished intimate acts. Those veins in his arms always made you feel some type of way. You loved it when he lifted weights and they would show more. When he was just stretching, You would stare at them. He knew you would, And that’s why he always did something involving his arms. You knew he knew, And that’s what made it even better.

You just finished taking a shower, And we’re going back into your shared bedroom when you heard a sound. It was a moan. A moan of your name. What was Chris doing now? You looked through the small crack of the door. It looked like Chris didn’t close it completely. You held your towel tightly, Biting your bottom lip. Chris was currently masturbating on the edge of the bed; And you were contemplating on whether to walk in there and help, Or just… Watch.

Taking the second option, You licked your lips, Watching his strong big hands pump his erect cock; The veins on his arms visible, Turning you on. His head was thrown back, Eyes closed and he looked like he was in pure bliss. You started to drag your finger through your folds, Teasing yourself. His pumps started to increase, Moans increasing in volume also. He probably still thinks you’re in the shower. You slipped a finger inside of you, Making sure to keep your mouth closed so you wouldn’t make any sound.

The towel fell on the floor with a ‘small thud’ and you cursed, And looked in the room again. Looks like Chris didn’t notice. Quickly going to back to pleasuring yourself, Two fingers slip inside you now; Small moans now escaping from your throat. You could tell Chris was going to cum, And you increased your speed.

“(N-Name)” He moans, Looking down at his hand stroking his cock.

“Chris..” Your moan is small, Hoping you don’t distract him.

He stopped his stroking, And you thought he heard you, Quickly going to grab the towel; Only to realize he was teasing himself. Making his wanting to release become stronger. Licking your dry lips, You tease yourself also, Your fingers caressing your clit and slipping between your wet folds. He fondled his balls, Moaning. He sure wanted to cum.

“Chris..” You moaned a bit louder; But not loud enough for him to hear it.

He stroked his cock teasingly, His hips buckling on his hand to continue. He got tired of teasing, Then started stroking his cock quickly, Wanting to cum. Slamming two fingers inside you, You imagine your mouth around his warm and delicious cock, Tasting his precum and deepthroating him just like he likes it. Fondling his balls and sucking on the tip of his cock; Sliding your tongue up and down on that sensitive vein on his, Feeling his strong hands grab your hair and push you farther into his cock.

You pinched and pulled your nipples just like he would, Biting your bottom lip so you could refrain from moaning so loud. He was in the peak of cumming, And you go the fastest speed you can go, Your fingers buried deep in your pussy. His breathing was quick, And his head flew back, Eyes closed tightly. He started cumming, His cum landing on the carpet and on his thighs. His stroked his cock slowly, Coming down from his high.

“Shit- (Name)!”


You cummed hard, Your juices covering your fingers and thighs. You came down from your high also, Grabbing the towel for another shower. Chris took the tissues and cleaned the carpet, Cleaning himself when he was done with the carpet. His eyes met yours for a split seconds, And you made a beeline for the shower. You needed another one since you were sweating lightly.

Stepping out of the bathroom, You see Chris in the kitchen, Probably making dinner.

“Hey babe” You walk into the room, Eyeing the bed. You could still see the shape of his ass on the edge of the bed. It made you feel wet once more.

“That shower took awfully long. I’m surprised you’re not wrinkly” He chuckled.

“Hey!” You pout, Smiling.

You throw your towel on the bed, Searching your panties and bra. You could feel him behind you, And you smirked.

His hands ghost around your hips, And you quickly turn around, Meeting his hungry gaze.

“You didn’t think I would know you were there?” He smirks, Pulling you closer to him.

“How-” Your eyes widened.

“I heard you practically begging for me” He bit your earlobe, And you gripped his shirt.

“You got off just watching me. That’s naughty (Name)” He whispered huskily, And you smirk.

“What are you going to do about it.. Captain?” He shuddered, Making you smile.

“You wont be able to walk for days (Name)”

“I wouldn’t mind”

You jump onto his arms, Wrapping your arms around his waist, Kissing him hungrily and sloppily.

He threw you onto the bed, His eyes dark with lust and hunger. You could feel his semi-hard cock on your thigh, And you traced his abs.

“You were just teasing me weren’t you? You stopped just to tease me. Smart” Winking, You lick your lips.

“Now it’s bad when I tease you?” He smirks.

“You turned off the stove didn’t you?”

“Wasn’t even on to start with. Was just waiting for you to leave the shower”

You grab his cock, Stroking it through his pants.

“Well. What’re you waiting for?”

“Oh no sweetheart” He takes off his pants, Keeping the belt in hand; Making you wetter than you already were.

anonymous asked:

how would rfa + searan + v react finding out that mc is a huge fujoshi and otaku and ships them all together.

god im so excited i finally got to this request ive been waiting to write this since the beginning of time

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • Yoosung answers a knock on his door 
  • MC stands in his dooway, beaming
  • “lets go shopping today, Yoosungie~!”
  • Yoosung was just planning on spending the day studying buuuut he’d much rather go shopping with MC
  • on the car ride over, MC calls up Seven to invite him to the gathering
  • they put the call on speaker phone so Yoosung can hear Seven saying he was looking for an excuse to ditch his work anyway
  • the three of them cause trouble in the mall for a few hours till MC’s stomach starts to grumble
  • “sounds like you’re getting hungry!”
  • Yoosung says as he playfully rubs MC’s tummy
  • “yea, i guess i am. what do you guys think about getting some grub from the foot court?”
  • “hey, i’m always down to chow down”
  • Seven links arms with Yoosung and MC on either side of him and leads the way triumphantly to the food court
  • once the three of them have food, they sit down with Yoosung and MC next to each other and Seven sitting across form them
  • “MC~~ all that shopping made me so tired! will you feed me?”
  • Yoosung rests his head in his hand and gives his chopsticks to MC with his free hand
  • “i will after i finish feeding myself, Yoosungie”
  • “i’ll feed you, Yoosungie!”
  • Seven shoved some chicken into his mouth and then picked up a piece and waved it in front of Yoosung playfully
  • MC’s eyes widened
  • “Seven, please dont-”
  • but Seven sized the opportunity while he could, and pushed the chicken into Yoosung’s mouth while he was talking
  • Yoosung tried to yell at Seven some more
  • “now, now, Yoosung! dont be rude. no talking with your mouth full”
  • Yoosung rolls his eyes and finished chewing
  • “you’re so-”
  • but Seven feeds Yoosung again before he can finish
  • Seven stars to laugh as Yoosung broodingly chews his food
  • “this is kind of fun”
  • as if this was some kind of cartoon, MC spits out their drink in a spit take-ish manner
  • Seven and Yoosung both look at them, confused
  • “you…you alright?”
  • MC looked at Seven
  • “you two love each other”
  • Seven looks back at Yoosung with a menacing smile on his face
  • “well, is it true Yoosung? do we love each other?”
  • he lifts another piece of chicken to Yoosungs mouth
  • “want me to feed you some more, babe?”
  • Yoosung wants to respond and tell Seven he’s an idiot, but they were both distracted by MC dramatically burring their face into their hands and squealing


  • MC and Jaehee were greeting guests at the door together
  • Jumin was at the party early, before the doors opened with the other two
  • about ten minutes after MC and Jaehee started letting guests in, Zen walks through the doors
  • “Jaehee, MC! it’s so good to see you”
  • he hugs them both, wearing a big warm smile
  • “you two should go enjoy the party! i’ll take it from-”
  • “Zen, nice of you to finally join us”
  • Jumin strides toward Zen, fixing his sleeves as he approaches 
  • “ah yes, here he is. the life of the party”
  • sarcasm was dripping from Zen’s voice
  • “well, considering i helped more with the party than you did, i suppose i did give it life in a way”
  • Zen rolls his eyes and scoffs
  • “please tell me you havent talked to any of the guests yet and bored them with this bullshit”
  • Jaehee continues to greet guests, trying to ignore Zen and Jumins bickering
  • MC was still standing with Jaehee, but stopped paying attention to the party goers and just stared and Jumin and Zen
  • after a few more exchanges between the two men, MC grabs Jaehee’s arm and pulls her close
  • “MC what are you-”
  • “look at that tension”
  • Jaehee looks at Jumin and Zen, who were both still spitting bitter insults at each other, then looks back at MC who’s watching the exchange…a little too closely
  • Jaehee takes off her glasses and breathes some hot air onto them, then rubs them off and puts them back onto her face
  • …yup, Jumin and Zen are definitely fighting
  • “if you dont mind, MC, i think i should attend to the guests now-”
  • MC tightens their grip on Jaehee and pulls on her again
  • “cant you see it? on the surface they fight all the time, but deep down Jumin and Zen really care about each other
  • MC, without taking their eyes off Jumin and Zen, leans toward Jaehee’s ear
  • “like…they really really care”
  • Jaehee breaks away from MC and straightens her cardigan
  • “okay….alright. just dont…”
  • MC’s still staring at the boys
  • Jaehee grabs MC and pulls them away from the entrance
  • “alright, we’re going somewhere else now”


  • “Jumin, whats this?”
  • MC was rummaging around Jumin’s penthouse looking for Elizabeth when they stumbled upon some old photo albums
  • Jumin came into the room to see MC sitting on the couch, flipping through the pictures
  • “i see you found some pictures from when i was a kid”
  • Jumin sits on the couch next to MC
  • “there are so many pictures of you and V in here”
  • “yea, i suppose there are. when i was young, V was the only kid i ever really…connected with. i had a few other friends through out the years but no one could compare to the person i grew up with”
  • MC continues to nonchalantly flip through the pages
  • “that’s pretty romantic” they mutter
  • “what was that?”
  • MC quickly shuts the book and tries to recover
  • “i said that’s, um, fantastic! yea, it’s fantastic that you and V have always been such good…friends”
  • Jumin smiles and grabs another photo album
  • he opens it up in his lap and looks at all the old photographs sloppily taped onto colored paper, with some stickers and notes about the photos strewn randomly on the pages
  • “Jumin…is this a scrapbook?”
  • he laughs a little, flipping through the messy pages
  • “yes. V convinced me to make one with him as a kid. he loved taking pictures and putting them together like this, but i was never as talented as him”
  • MC scoots closer to Jumin, looking through the scrapbook
  • “i wish i could look through the one V made…i wonder if he still has it”
  • “would you be sad if he didnt?”
  • Jumin closes the photo book
  • “yes, i suppose i would be”
  • “because you want him to treasure your friendship as much as you do?”
  • “…yea, i guess you’re right”
  • “and i bet you really miss hanging out with V all the time, right?”
  • Jumin hesitates before answering, not sure what MC is getting at
  • “i do miss V, MC, but i dont really-”
  • “cause you love him”
  • Jumin just looks at MC
  • “and you want to kiss him”
  • “okay, MC, no more photo albums for you”
  • MC and Jumin play tug-of-war for a few seconds with the books before Jumin finally wins and rips them away from MC
  • he puts them into a drawer in a desk
  • and then locks the drawer
  • “like, ever”


  • “MC! i need your help re-moistening my creative juices”
  • was the first thing that came out of Seven’s mouth when MC answered his call
  • “Seven, please tell me you have a good reason to use the word ‘moist’ just then
  • “i want to prank Yoosung, but i can’t come up with anything good!”
  • MC lets out a long, heavy sigh
  • god, why do they always involve me in their flirting
  • “Seven, why do you feel the need to mess with Yoosung so much?”
  • Seven goes silent for a few seconds
  • “because it’s funny…? dont you think it’s funny, MC?”
  • “whats funny about it?”
  • ……….
  • “just the way he’ll believe anything i say and just go along with it! remember when we made him drink all that chocolate milk! that was hilarious!!”
  • “why dont you ever prank Zen or Jumin? i’m sure they’re more gullible than you think. Jumin doesnt know anything about pop culture so i bet we could get him to do some real stupid stuff”
  • Seven starts whining, frustrated that MC keeps questioning him
  • “but it wont be as much fuuuuuuunnnnnn”
  • “Seven, did you know that when little girls are picked on by boys in elementary school, they’re told it’s because the boys have a crush on them?”
  • “how does this help me prank Yooosuuuunnnggggg???”
  • MC sighs again
  • “okay, Seven! i think i have an idea”
  • “i’m all ears”
  • “so we’ll tell Yoosung that you’ve developed a cold sore, like a really bad one that causes you a lot of pain”
  • “okay. cold sore. got it”
  • “but it’s like a super rare condition so the doctor didnt have any medicine for it, and even if the doctor ordered medicine it wouldnt get here in time”
  • “ooohhh sounds very menacing”
  • “so heres the kicker”
  • Seven leans forward in his chair, waiting for MC to get to the juicy parts of the prank
  • “we tell Yoosung that the only way to heal your cold sore is with the kiss of a virgin”
  • “what the-”
  • “and then not only will Yoosung have to admit to everyone that he’s a virgin to save you, but he’ll have to kiss you! oh isnt it just so funny, Seven?!”
  • Seven moves his phone away from his ear
  • “uuuuhhhhhh…”
  • “oh, come on. dont act like you dont want to kiss that boy. i know you do”
  • after that the only thing Seven hears is the sound of MC hanging up the phone


  • V has never been a particularly perky person, but MC could tell something was seriously dragging him down today
  • he was sitting at the table looking out the window at the fall colors when MC sits down across from him
  • “is something bothering you?”
  • “oh, good morning, MC. i’m just…tired today”
  • “i can tell when you’re lying, V”
  • he smiles a little
  • “alright, you got me. i called Jumin last night and we got into a bit of an argument”
  • “was it that upsetting?”
  • V sighs and takes his gaze away from the window to look at MC
  • “i just hate fighting with him, thats all”
  • yea, because yOU LOVE JUMIN
  • no MC dont say that have some chill
  • “cant you guys just make out i mean make up?”
  • “i suppose i could call him later…”
  • MC grabs V’s hands from across the table
  • “no! you should go to his penthouse and apologize in person. it’s more meaningful that way!”
  • “i guess that might be a good idea, MC”
  • V was confused as to why MC was so concerned about affairs between him and Jumin, but he’s glad they’re trying to help nonetheless
  • “you should go now”
  • “now? but what if he’s busy?”
  • “V!!! cant you see that a spontaneous visit is more…umm…sincere?”
  • maybe V should leave…MC is starting to get this weird look in their eyes
  • “okay, i’ll leave now”
  • V stands up and pries his hands away from MC
  • “dont forget this kiss”
  • “…..what?”
  • “how will Jumin know how you really feel if you dont kiss him????”
  • “how i really feel? what the hell are you talking about?”
  • MC stands up and hides their face with their arm, running out of the kitchen
  • “ugh, V! why cant you see that long lasting child hood friendships are one of the best predictors of a successful and healthy romantic relationship?! why wont you just love Jumin??” 
  • MC seems really upset….should V comfort them?
  • ….probably not


  • “Seven, MC, does Yoosung have to come over for dinner? you guys know i’m bad with company”
  • Seven and MC were preparing dinner, and it was almost finished
  • “thats exactly why we invited him”
  • Seven called from the kitchen
  • “you like, suck with people. but Yoosung is pretty easy to get along with so i think this will go well”
  • MC doesnt say anything. they honestly thought this was a terrible idea but Seven insisted so whatever
  • the dinner was kind of awkward at first, Seven sat next to Yoosung while MC and Saeran sat across from them
  • the majority of the first 10 minutes was Seven making bad jokes and teasing Yoosung while Saeran and MC silently ate
  • normally MC would join in with Seven and tease Yoosung as well, but they didnt want Saeran to feel like a total fourth wheel
  • while Seven was loudly telling a story about when he was undercover to Yoosung, MC decided to talk to Saeran
  • “so, what do you think of Yoosung so far?”
  • Saeran responded without looking up from his food
  • “he’s okay i guess….i dont hate him as much as i thought i would”
  • MC giggles a little-WAIT
  • is Saeran blushing??
  •  they just go back to eating without saying anything else
  • when Seven’s story is finished, Yoosung tries to start up a conversation with Saeran
  • “so, um, Saeran! how is living with MC and Seven? i imagine Seven probably gets annoying”
  • Saeran looks up-
  • okay yea he is SO BLUSHING 
  • with the same frowning face he always has, Saeran speaks
  • “you have food on your face, Yoosung”
  • “oh…i do? where?”
  • “on your bottom lip”
  • MC feels their face heat up
  • Seven how can you just eat your food right now as if nothing is happening
  • Yoosung licks his lips
  • “is it gone?”
  • “no”
  • to himself, Saeran says “god, is this guy stupid or something?”
  • he proceeds to lick his thumb, then, leaning across the table in front of MC slightly, wipes Yoosung’s bottom lip
  • “MC….are you okay?”
  • Seven was staring at MC, who had just dropped their fork, and is now using both hands to cover their nose
  • “um, sure i’m fine yea i just have to go to the bathroom right now”
  • “is that blood-”
  • “whats up with them?”
  • MC could hear Yoosung and Saeran talking about them through the bathroom door
  • “beats me”
  • god, boys are so stupid



“Ok,” Dan said, taking a deep breath as you walked side by side towards the front door behind which the not-so-surprise surprise party lay. “Halfing the attention with you means halfing the chance of me doing something cringey. Or at least the chance of someone seeing me do something cringey.”

“You won’t do anything cringey.”

“God. All I ever really want for my birthday is to sit at home on my computer, eat good food, and be left alone. Why do other people always have to be involved?” he asked.

“Thanks,” you teased, nudging him a bit. You stood now in front of the door, neither of you making a move to open it.

“No, hang on, that’s not what I meant,” he said, shaking his head. “Actually…hanging out with just you…eating food–that sounds pretty ok.”

“That sounds kind of like a date,” you told him. He looked down at you and cleared his throat. His next words still came out quiet.

“Yeah. It does. Maybe sometime you and I…” he hesitated, licked his lips before opening his mouth to try again, but the front door swung open with Phil behind it, and light from inside flooded onto the front porch.

“Happy birthdays!” Phil shouted along with the chorus of people behind him in the house. Dan had turned quickly from you, a forced smile on his face, but as he moved to step into the joint party being thrown for the two of you, he snuck his hand into yours and gave it a squeeze.

x x x


The Customer Ain't Always Right

Sometimes Derek really hates his sister. His phone vibrates for the third time and he sighs, tearing his eyes away from the guy behind the counter to read the latest messages.

Cora: RU gonna do it?

Derek: False


She does, however obnoxiously, have a point there.

Cora: on the other hand if he shoots u down I won’t have my coffee bitch anymore.
Cora: nvm
Cora: be chickenshit and keep pining and bringing me free coffee
Cora: tho u could actually ask him his name at least

Also a fair point. The guy’s nametag starts with an S, but the rest of the name has been painted over with whiteout and an unintelligible scribble of letters laid overtop it.

Derek puts his phone back in his pocket as the young woman ahead of him in line finishes giving her order. He waits for a moment as the girl drifts sideways as she fiddles with getting her credit card back into her wallet. It also gives him a chance to try and gather his courage a bit before he’ll have to step up and speak actual words of some sort. The girl moves before he’s decided which awkward sentence to go with, and he feels the sinking sensation of it being too late to salvage as the space opens in front of him. 

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