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hey hypaa this probably is kind of a weird ask but do you ever get sad being black in fandom? i am & whenever i read fic for.. idk ffxv w readers and such, there will always be a throwaway line that lets me know the author didnt really have black or brown girls in mind. and i can't really fault them for that? but i wish i could write well enough (or was at least brave enough to try?) to do something like that for black girls. ik this is random (sorry!!) but it's been on my mind a lot lately

Honestly, thanks for bringing this up, and don’t apologize for doing so, because it’s a major problem not only in this fandom, but in society in general. If we’re not being fetishized, then we’re forgotten in a sea of lighter, brighter faces that are coined as being the default, the epitome of beauty and all that matters.

It’s something that I try to avoid in my own reader inserts, and most of the reason why I love writing reader inserts anyway because I honestly want the reader to be immersed in what’s going on. I want them to be able to put themselves in the story without having to change intrinsically in order to do so. This is also why I like being relatable in my works, have the reader be more like we all are in everyday life in thoughts and actions rather than some persona that people may be in awe of but can’t really connect to.

This is also the reason why, unless I have a vested interest in the character itself, I do not vibe with OC centered fics. I mean, they’re not black or brown so how can I really connect with the vast majority of them, when as a black woman, I am constantly bombarded with imagery and media and the societal expectation that I should revere and emphasize with Eurocentric beauty standards and mindsets? I may be getting a bit too woke for Tumblr rn (everyone on FB already knows how much of an unapologetic black feminist I can be and I’ve lost many “friends” because of my stances), but like… our struggle is real, fam. There’s improvements every day, but in the words of Maxine Waters:

POC, especially in fandoms, gotta reclaim time. Otherwise, we will be effortlessly erased and no one will think anything of it.

That being said, I wanna write a lil black!reader series with all the bros. I just gotta wait till my muse comes up with something extra asf as set up to make them so great. :D
Angry Beta Headcanons

-Betas tend to be pretty level headed so it’s rare for one to get legitimately mad about something

-Betas anger easily though if their Omega friends are ever being bothered too much, they are extremely protective in these friendships

-People often make snide remarks to Betas about how useless their dynamic is, and even if the Beta is very aware of how important their role is, they still get annoyed by it

-A young Beta confessing their love to their Omega friend and being crushed when the Omega tells them that their parents arranged an Alpha for them. The Beta becomes mad, not necessarily at the Omega but at life itself, they shout at the Omega anyway though because their mind is in a flurry of hurt and anger and rejection, and eventually they just storm off and leave the Omega alone afterwards even if all they want is to be closer

-A Beta perfectly copying an Alpha’s growl so they can intimidate people who bother them

-A Beta who despises being looked down upon, especially in their place of employment, so they aggressively strive to outdo their Alpha co-workers everyday

-If a Beta is really furious with someone they like to employ the coping method of writing a long, strongly worded, letter…and then lighting it on fire and watching it burn

-An angry Beta curled up in a nest with their Omega best friend, binge eating pizza and venting about their problems between mouthfuls as the Omega just nods along

-Betas always being bitter about being compared to their Alpha and Omega siblings

-Betas becoming social workers because the abuse some Alphas inflict on Omegas makes them too angry to sit back and do nothing

lmaoo remember when you had no patience and used to message me EVERY week asking for it to be posted until I threatened to block you? lmaoo remember when you thought that telling me you unfollowed me was going to bother me? Good riddance, I don’t want an impatient, rude person like you on my blog, and I feel so sorry for the other blogs you follow lol. Why don’t you try writing the mafia au yourself? Then you’ll see how hard it is to put a story together! Do you think I write for the sole purpose of making people like YOU happy? No, I don’t. So, try writing it yourself, or better still, just get off tumblr. I’ve blocked you, so don’t try coming back. Goodbye ~ I’d love to see where your manners get you in life.

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can you explain to me post which you rebloged about yoonmin, i am new and know nothing, sorry for bothering

hello, anon! you’re not bothering me at all, haha i think you’re referring to @foolsyoongi’s post about you know/i know?
it happened in yoongi’s birthday vlive last year. he asked the members there (hoseok, jimin, and taehyung) for a brief birthday message/comment about him. hoseok said “thank you,” (i think) then yoongi turned to jimin and jimin had to pause a bit before saying really quietly “you know.” then yoongi said “i know” without missing a beat. then he moved onto taehyung quickly.
they never elaborated on it? which i find extremely suspicious, tbh. so we still don’t know what they meant that day. they have such an understanding with each other that yoongi would have the response “i know” ready when jimin says “you know.” i think that says a lot about them.
and the fact that yoongi redirected the attention from jimin so quickly? like for a moment, they forgot that they were broadcasting live to thousands of people? it felt like such a private moment tbh. :((
it happens at 29:40! if you haven’t watched this yet, do watch the entire thing. it’s such a precious goldmine of wonderful moments. :’)

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Death note sucked, I get it. Why people aren't able to keep their opinions to themselves is beyond me tho. Your little list isn't going to fix anything. You're just being a whiny bitch like everyone else. You didn't like it, neither did a ton of people, move on.

“Why aren’t people able to keep their opinion to themselves” 

*proceeds to give me their useless whiny opinion. 

Move on, kid. 

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Hi there! I've been recommended your art from a friend and it's amazing!! Your style is beautiful. Do you have any tips on drawing girls cos I love to draw, but I literally can't draw girls. They just end up looking like dudes with long hair or something. Thank youuu (and once again, your art is fantastic)

hey there! thank you :) 
man that is a really hard question for me to answer because I always try to avoid drawing girls if I can because it’s super hard for me too :D
but anyways here are some things that help me a bit, even tho they don’t apply always of course, and are by no means rules or anything, just things I do most of the time.
firstly about the face, @artofpan did this tutorial on that 

so I’ll just steal that here because they’re right about the eyebrows and bigger eyes and such and that helped me a lot. Also

I don’t know if you can read that but what I do also is drawing the lips more prominent on the women than on the men and giving the women “softer” faces with less angles. 
(I don’t mean that all women one draws should look super child like with big lips and eyes and eyelashes and no jawline, but it helps as quick tips for the beginning)
also there’s a ton one could say about body differences but I don’t have that much time so just this:

the good old triangle thing, which also doesn’t apply all the time of course but women do generally have wider hips where men have wider shoulders so that helps for the body. 
so like. that’s all I can think of right now, I don’t know if any of this helps you… I guess the best is as always drawing from life or drawing from photos just drawing real girls and women for practice (which I don’t do enough either) so yeah. let’s get to it :) (and thank you for asking)

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Don't know if you watched avatar but can you imagine firebender oikawa and water bender iwazumi. And like oikawa is part of the firenation but he falls in love with iwazumi anyways??? Sorry!!!!(╯3╰)

I LOVE THE AVATAR!! I used to watch the show all the time!!
Imagine Oikawa spouting small flames from his fingertips when he’s nervous, excited etc since he’s not yet in complete control of his power
and one day he happens to encounter WATERBENDER HEALER IWACHAN ( 👌 👌 👌 ) and he gets ridiculously flustered and wants to befriend the other
whereas Iwa-chan is slightly terrified at this stranger who keeps staring at him whilst his fingers are exploding
A+++ I’m already in love with this story


Herobrine: … Yes? I was there when Brother spawned him, so of course I do. His name was Steve, I believe. The last time I saw him he got chased by a bunch of mobs. Again.
Herobrine: Kiddo doesn’t know how to fight, unfortunately. I take my eyes off him for one second and the next thing I know he’ll be up in his treehouse again, whining and crying.

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What boyfriend's kind is brad ?

He would be an adventurous one - always wanting to do something fun and different. He’d plan either the weirdest dates (like rock climbing or paintball) or the simplest dates (riding bikes around the town) as long as it involves the both of you having fun.

He would be a kind one - opening doors, always offering to pay for dinner and never forcing you to do something against your will. Your friends love being around him bc he keeps the conversations going and he genuinely pays attention. He is really polite and your parents approves of him 100%.

He would be a playful one - always teasing you then laughing so you can’t get mad at him. Your FaceTime calls consists of him pulling faces and making you laugh. He would send the most random pictures that remind him of you. And when you finally get together, it involves ticking, play fights and a lot of mess.

He would be a supportive one - always boosting up your confidence when you feel shitty about yourself. He’ll be the one who would tell you to reach for your dreams and would do everything he can to be there on those times. He would always be proud of everything you do no matter how big or small.

He would also be a stubborn one - he’d try to do things you specifically told him not to do, like assemble that bookshelf by himself which would probably end up with him banging his finger with a hammer. Or staying out late with the boys and waking up late the next morning. This is where your fights would usually start but he often realizes his mistake after a while.

He would be a clingy one - always wanting to spend every waking moment with you. He’d go out of his way to be with you even for 5 minutes, or travel a thousand miles when you need him the most. He would always want to be touching you - his arm around your shoulder or something as simple as holding hands. He knows how precious time is with him being away most of the year so he makes sure he spends a lot of his time with you.

He would be your best friend - someone you could tell everything to that you know would listen to you intently. He’d tell you off when you’re doing something stupid. He would defend and protect you from prying eyes and media attention as much as he could. He would understand when you’re having bad days and would know exactly what to do to turn it around. He would constantly annoy you on purpose but wouldn’t stop apologizing when you get mad.  He’d write you songs - most of them just between the two of you. 

And most of all he’d love you, more than anything, and he would make sure you feel it whether he’s right beside you or halfway around the world.

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