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Angry Beta Headcanons

-Betas tend to be pretty level headed so it’s rare for one to get legitimately mad about something

-Betas anger easily though if their Omega friends are ever being bothered too much, they are extremely protective in these friendships

-People often make snide remarks to Betas about how useless their dynamic is, and even if the Beta is very aware of how important their role is, they still get annoyed by it

-A young Beta confessing their love to their Omega friend and being crushed when the Omega tells them that their parents arranged an Alpha for them. The Beta becomes mad, not necessarily at the Omega but at life itself, they shout at the Omega anyway though because their mind is in a flurry of hurt and anger and rejection, and eventually they just storm off and leave the Omega alone afterwards even if all they want is to be closer

-A Beta perfectly copying an Alpha’s growl so they can intimidate people who bother them

-A Beta who despises being looked down upon, especially in their place of employment, so they aggressively strive to outdo their Alpha co-workers everyday

-If a Beta is really furious with someone they like to employ the coping method of writing a long, strongly worded, letter…and then lighting it on fire and watching it burn

-An angry Beta curled up in a nest with their Omega best friend, binge eating pizza and venting about their problems between mouthfuls as the Omega just nods along

-Betas always being bitter about being compared to their Alpha and Omega siblings

-Betas becoming social workers because the abuse some Alphas inflict on Omegas makes them too angry to sit back and do nothing

lmaoo remember when you had no patience and used to message me EVERY week asking for it to be posted until I threatened to block you? lmaoo remember when you thought that telling me you unfollowed me was going to bother me? Good riddance, I don’t want an impatient, rude person like you on my blog, and I feel so sorry for the other blogs you follow lol. Why don’t you try writing the mafia au yourself? Then you’ll see how hard it is to put a story together! Do you think I write for the sole purpose of making people like YOU happy? No, I don’t. So, try writing it yourself, or better still, just get off tumblr. I’ve blocked you, so don’t try coming back. Goodbye ~ I’d love to see where your manners get you in life.

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I really want to like MEIKO but every time I try she's always being shipped with KAITO and it just makes me dislike her because I really like KAITO and I don't like the ship and when I try to ship him with someone else everyone brings me down and says he belongs with MEIKO *ONLY* but I do want to like her but i just don't know...I'm sorry to rant like this especially since you love her, but is KAIMEI Your OTP?

Look, anon, I can’t tell you what you should like and what you should dislike. You say that other people drive you away from MEIKO due to shipping, but that’s all up to you. Disliking MEIKO over shipping reasons, that’s all your decision, anon. KaiMei obviously isn’t canon and if you have people constantly policing you over shipping something else then all I can say is that you have surrounded yourself with the wrong people.

What I wanna say to you is simply that MEIKO gets enough unnecessary, unwarranted hate as is, disliking her because she gets shipped with your fave a lot is a very dumb reason. Sorry I’m not sugar coating, but you’ve knowingly come to someone who loves her dearly so I hope you were prepared. 

To answer your question, no, KaiMei is not my otp but I can appreciate it every once in a while. The thing about that ship is that I was turned off from it some while ago now due to the fact that MEIKO is usually just a side character in that relationship and everyone always cares about KAITO more. And you know what I did? I didn’t hold a grudge. Not against KAITO, because he is just a voice synthesizer and I actually still love him. Not against the shippers, many of which I am still friends with, because people with differing opinions can be friends. And not even against the ship itself, because I know that I can just create my own version of it that better suits me. Even if you’ll never like the ship, you can like the 2 characters individually. I don’t understand why that is such a hard concept.

I was gonna try to convince you to like MEIKO, because like I said earlier, there’s enough people hating her for stupid reasons as is, but I guess I can’t. It’s really all on you. You don’t like her? Fine. At least give her a chance as a singer rather than someone just getting in the way of your shipping preferences. She’s her own character too, not just someone to blame for being shipped with KAITO a lot. She’s just doing her best singing for people too. Give her a chance maybe? I don’t know.

I hold no ill will toward you, anon. If you choose to stop disliking her for dumb shipping reasons, hit me up and I can recommend you some great MEIKO songs. She’s great and vastly underappreciated for all that she’s done for this fandom.

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just wanna clarify the native american group isn't being portrayed as the villians on ftwd it isn't that black and white. the show is literally making it a point to call out the racist bullshit of the Otto family and show them as the problematic ones and is literally tackling relevant issues this season with the story lines they're doing hence why the show is gaining popularity and critical acclaim. they literally had an entire episode in spanish that focused on Daniel. the show is amazing now

When your leads are White People and you’re following them then suddenly you put up POC against them guess who the GA is going to relate to? You’re buying the PR crap that they’re feeding you and regurgitating it because I’ve actually seen interviews with people connected to the show use “it isn’t black and white”. I just watched all the relevant Alicia/important clips of the last two episodes. It isn’t “amazing”, but keep drinking that kool-aid.

You know why it’s gaining audience? Because the people who support this original franchise are proven to be typically white, Trump supporting, middle America. They weren’t connecting the first few seasons because Too Many Brown People but now that you have Whites going up against those evil POC of course those racists are tuning in to the spinoff. 

Anyway…I’m not answering any more Fear asks tonight. Obviously the crazies have landed in my inbox and I’m in no mood to deal with people continuing to excuse the inexcusable. First it was incest a couple days ago and now minors sleeping with adults, sidelined/demonized POC, racist white people being highlighted, and young women revolving around men is apparently also “good” these days. Some of y’all have lost your damn minds. 


Herobrine: … Yes? I was there when Brother spawned him, so of course I do. His name was Steve, I believe. The last time I saw him he got chased by a bunch of mobs. Again.
Herobrine: Kiddo doesn’t know how to fight, unfortunately. I take my eyes off him for one second and the next thing I know he’ll be up in his treehouse again, whining and crying.

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Don't know if you watched avatar but can you imagine firebender oikawa and water bender iwazumi. And like oikawa is part of the firenation but he falls in love with iwazumi anyways??? Sorry!!!!(╯3╰)

I LOVE THE AVATAR!! I used to watch the show all the time!!
Imagine Oikawa spouting small flames from his fingertips when he’s nervous, excited etc since he’s not yet in complete control of his power
and one day he happens to encounter WATERBENDER HEALER IWACHAN ( 👌 👌 👌 ) and he gets ridiculously flustered and wants to befriend the other
whereas Iwa-chan is slightly terrified at this stranger who keeps staring at him whilst his fingers are exploding
A+++ I’m already in love with this story

I love Tim, I really do, but I really get why people dislike him. 85% of his fan base are toxic people who ship him with his brother(s) and/or adults. They have this version of him in their heads that is based on headcanons and fan fiction and they use him their self insert, they are not even shy about it. All you need to see is 2-3 fanarts from different ja*tιm artist and you’ll understand what I’m saying
It’s a big shame because under a good writer Tim can be this great character but fanon has reduced him to nothing but this weak ooc love interest of nasty ships…

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You need to calm down fyjjong. I don't understand why you're always addressing such controversial anons with such hostility. Especially when you know they're just trying to get a reaction out of you. I mean you can ignore them. They're just haters who have nothing better to do with their lives. You should respect yourself enough to not involve yourself with such nonsense. It's quite aggravating tbh.

you’re always addressing such controversial anons with such hostility.” “you should respect yourself enough not to involve yourself with such nonsense.” 

okay. when am i ever hostile? i try to be as levelheaded and nice as possible - which is saying a lot considering the tone of some of the anons that i get. and also considering how often i have to read anons (that i never share, mind you) either accusing me of gross things or sending out death threats to jonghyun and the rest of shinee. i do try to ignore them but, as i said before, it’s not possible for me to block the anons (which i know are coming from the same few people) because of an issue that i have involving the account link up on here. so, i can only ignore it for so long.

also: please don’t tell me that i should respect myself. that’s really rude and presumptuous of you.

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I think the worst thing about you just assuming Gio is pregnant because of a few pictures and a crappy, D-list tabloid when Cris's mom and Gio has made it clear on insta she's not pregnant is that I remember when it was socially taboo to call a woman pregnant because it meant that you were making an assumption about her and calling her fat in the process. Not cool.

You are right, I’m a crappy person with crappy morals. Thank God, we live in a free world where you don’t have visit my crappy blog where I share my crappy opinion with cool, respectful people like you. I’m going to miss your bright, positive presence from my site but my crappy person isn’t worth of your wonderful self.

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What boyfriend's kind is brad ?

He would be an adventurous one - always wanting to do something fun and different. He’d plan either the weirdest dates (like rock climbing or paintball) or the simplest dates (riding bikes around the town) as long as it involves the both of you having fun.

He would be a kind one - opening doors, always offering to pay for dinner and never forcing you to do something against your will. Your friends love being around him bc he keeps the conversations going and he genuinely pays attention. He is really polite and your parents approves of him 100%.

He would be a playful one - always teasing you then laughing so you can’t get mad at him. Your FaceTime calls consists of him pulling faces and making you laugh. He would send the most random pictures that remind him of you. And when you finally get together, it involves ticking, play fights and a lot of mess.

He would be a supportive one - always boosting up your confidence when you feel shitty about yourself. He’ll be the one who would tell you to reach for your dreams and would do everything he can to be there on those times. He would always be proud of everything you do no matter how big or small.

He would also be a stubborn one - he’d try to do things you specifically told him not to do, like assemble that bookshelf by himself which would probably end up with him banging his finger with a hammer. Or staying out late with the boys and waking up late the next morning. This is where your fights would usually start but he often realizes his mistake after a while.

He would be a clingy one - always wanting to spend every waking moment with you. He’d go out of his way to be with you even for 5 minutes, or travel a thousand miles when you need him the most. He would always want to be touching you - his arm around your shoulder or something as simple as holding hands. He knows how precious time is with him being away most of the year so he makes sure he spends a lot of his time with you.

He would be your best friend - someone you could tell everything to that you know would listen to you intently. He’d tell you off when you’re doing something stupid. He would defend and protect you from prying eyes and media attention as much as he could. He would understand when you’re having bad days and would know exactly what to do to turn it around. He would constantly annoy you on purpose but wouldn’t stop apologizing when you get mad.  He’d write you songs - most of them just between the two of you. 

And most of all he’d love you, more than anything, and he would make sure you feel it whether he’s right beside you or halfway around the world.

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Whenever someone asks who my favorite writer is, I always say you. <3. Thx for being so awesome. And take care of yourself. You are a gift to this world and in my life.

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Hello. I'm unsure if you like music recommendations to listen to, but there was a song I heard that I thought was definitely Stanley's feelings towards Mabel and Dipper, (also Ford's feelings too but it felt more like Stan to me), and that song is called 'Pure Love' by Rod Stewart. I love you and your writing as it involves at lot of family love and bonding, so the song also reminded me of your stories. Keep being you, you beautiful person.

I’m always fine with music recommendations! Plus I’m a lover of some good lyrics. ♥

I’m imagining this song coming on on the last day of summer, like in the birthday party? Maybe they’d just thrown on the radio for the party or maybe they had someones music on shuffle and it accidentally appeared (shh, you can’t tell me at this moment that one of the kids don’t have this song on there and no one else knows).

Cause ok 1) I love singalongs and 2) at the end of the night the Pines dancing along to a slow song together is just pure cuteness.

One of the kids going to turn it off and put a faster song on and getting dragged to the dance floor instead.

Honestly I’m seeing Stan and Mabel first and then he scoops up Dipper too and drags Ford in and- ok I’m just having fun, I’ll shh XD

Journey far and travel safe
Make this world a better place
And keep that smile upon your face
I’ll be right by your side


I hear your laughter echo through this house
I miss all of this there is no doubt
I wasn’t perfect this I would admit
I was always tryin to make the pieces fit

This verse would definitely be as Stan and Ford are leaving to take their trip around the world, right?
Stan looking back into the quiet house, all ready and waiting for when Soos moves in and he’s catching glimpses of the two kids running up and down the stairs, of Wendy and Soos and a million other little snippets from the summer that make him smile soft and sad before Ford calls him and reminds him the next big adventure is waiting and that nothing’’s been lost- lifes just moving forward c: They’ll all be back together soon enough.

Ok last one-

Don’t ask me now the time has gone
I’ve loved you since the minute you were born
So many times we have laughed and cried
I see you now it fills my heart with pride

Definitely Stan. Definitely Stan when they next meet up and he’s remembering when he held two small bundles in his arms and - now look at them, growing up so gosh darn amazing. 

He always knew they would.