why are you always anon

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I was 100% on your side when you were being attacked by vicious trolls on your ask box, but let me tell you - your horrible recent attitude suggests that they had a point all along.

So basically what you’re saying is this:

When a random stranger on the internet is attacked by vicious trolls you feel pity for them and side with them.

But when after years of getting hate mails daily, that random person turns bitter, sad and generally exhausted and just wants to do their thing, lashes out on people who still come cowardly into their askbox (yes you too anon, why not sign in? why always anon?) with unwanted, unnecessary comments, you side with the bullies and think they had a point all along.

Congratulations. That makes you a complicit, a bully and an asshole.

Because  just for a second lets imagine this would be the real world and not the internet.

There’s a girl in your school class. She gets messages on her desk or her locker daily, saying things like ‘you suck’ ‘you did xy wrong’ ‘I really don’t see it the way you do’ ‘you’re an arrogant cunt’ even ‘go kill yourself’ etc. You sympathize with her. You feel pity and wish the persons who wrote these messages would stop. They should be ashamed of themselves. But in the end no one saw who put the messages there, so you can’t do anything. Neither can the girl.

After months and years of getting attacks and hate on a daily base, this girl turns bitter. She doesn’t laugh in class anymore. She guides herself with sarcasm and a sharp tongue and general disinterest for other people. Because what’s the point in being nice and comforting when so less people are to her? So you see a glimpse out of a situation where another person asks the girl something unnecessary or says something to her out of the blue. Something unwanted. And the girl lashes out. Because she is done with people hating on her. She is done with people attacking her. And then there’s you. You who takes a pencil and writes a note saying ‘I was 100% on your side when you were being attacked by vicious trolls, but let me tell you - your horrible recent attitude suggests that they had a point all along’. And you leave it in her locker or her desk - when no one is looking. Anonymously. That’s what you just did. You continue to bully.

So again.
Congratulations. That makes you a complicit, a bully and an asshole.

But you would never do that in the real world, would you? Internet makes it so easy to hide and say the nasty things. Think hard if you’d say these things to real persons as well.

A friendly suggestion: sign your name next time you go to a random stranger to criticize or attack them. At least it makes you look honest instead of a coward.

Angry Beta Headcanons

-Betas tend to be pretty level headed so it’s rare for one to get legitimately mad about something

-Betas anger easily though if their Omega friends are ever being bothered too much, they are extremely protective in these friendships

-People often make snide remarks to Betas about how useless their dynamic is, and even if the Beta is very aware of how important their role is, they still get annoyed by it

-A young Beta confessing their love to their Omega friend and being crushed when the Omega tells them that their parents arranged an Alpha for them. The Beta becomes mad, not necessarily at the Omega but at life itself, they shout at the Omega anyway though because their mind is in a flurry of hurt and anger and rejection, and eventually they just storm off and leave the Omega alone afterwards even if all they want is to be closer

-A Beta perfectly copying an Alpha’s growl so they can intimidate people who bother them

-A Beta who despises being looked down upon, especially in their place of employment, so they aggressively strive to outdo their Alpha co-workers everyday

-If a Beta is really furious with someone they like to employ the coping method of writing a long, strongly worded, letter…and then lighting it on fire and watching it burn

-An angry Beta curled up in a nest with their Omega best friend, binge eating pizza and venting about their problems between mouthfuls as the Omega just nods along

-Betas always being bitter about being compared to their Alpha and Omega siblings

-Betas becoming social workers because the abuse some Alphas inflict on Omegas makes them too angry to sit back and do nothing


why ritsu 

(thank you anon for the request!!!! shitpost requests are always welcome. definitely. always. hope ritsu survives this.) 

also requests are still open if anyones interested in more shitpost, or, yknow, art in general

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i think it would be very upsetting if andrea and michonne were together and then andrea would basically leave her for a dude. still it would have been amazing :(

I mean obviously all of this is way AU given that the show made the idiotic decision to give Andrea her S3 arc and then kill her. However, in my ideal world Andrea would be alive, which would mean that she and Michonne would be together and Andrea just … wouldn’t leave! For a man or any other reason.

God, I shipped it so hard. :/

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minghaon :-))

send me a tumblr user’s url and I’ll tell you what I think of them

Maja’s one of my long time favorite blogs and people. We talk on occasion but when we do it’s really pleasant. It’s very engaging and natural and I really appreciate that! She’s a thoughtful person - she’s kind but she’s also wise. I really appreciate the things she talks about with me and in general. A lovely mind, a lovely human! I adore her quite a bit.

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Hey not meaning to be mean but why are you losing weight when you look fine/always did?

Hey anon - don’t worry, doesn’t sound mean at all

You may think I looked fine, but when I started losing weight my BMI was like 36

Now, I know people talk about BMI being bullshit but like

36 is firmly in the obese category

I’m also doing it because I want to, and I know it will make me happier and healthier - mentally and physically

Also, I’m enjoying it. I love going to the gym, and I’m about to start yoga which I’m super excited about, and eating better is helping me clear my skin, so that’s a great bonus.

But yeah, I’m doing it for me :)

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why do you always call people and anons nicknames? i think youre singlehandedly keeping darlin and honey alive along with like five southern grandmothers

calm down there wonderboy, now is not the time to reflect on my nickname issues


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Nick: “I don’t know why you’re always spending so much time with Dogmeat. You and I have a lot of cases to work on together.” 
Y/N: “Sorry, he just reminds me of the dog I used to have, you know before everything.”
Nick: “Oh wow, I’m sorry. I had no idea.” 
Y/N: “It’s not your fault. And I guess I’ve been distracted by him but he’s just so darn cute.” 

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Do you honestly only have 35 followers? That's not bad! I just thought you had more

Oh dear… @sunwukxng why do I always have to get myself in trouble with you? Anon, I appreciate you letting me know that 35 followers isn’t bad.

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why do you always get anons when you ask for them like that's so unfair I never get any

Because like 6 of my followers care about me

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HEYY! omg i totally loved your recent 2jae analysis about the 5 secs interview and the subtle moments between 2jae. When i watched it i kept replaying the part where jb watches yj advance towards jackson after jackson implied that he was annoying and I KEPT NOTICING AND LOVING the way that jb subtly-not-so-subtly checks yj out?? like look where jb's gaze went to, he did like a half-body scan on yj and i just cant stop squealing SORRY I AM SUCH 2JAE TRASH

My lovely anon,

I AM FINALLY UP TO THIS ASK! (Not that I mean to sound as if I’m not excited and thrilled about all of the other ones! I love all my asks and get so excited about them!) I was just truly hoping someone would bring this up after I replied about the 5 Second Interview!!! I almost went on a whole tangent about this very thing in the original post, but then I decided that maybe I shouldn’t be such an uncalled for trash can because my thoughts on this moment are based much more on my own interpretation than on actual reality… but now you have called for it, so BLESS YOU, MY LOVELY ANON!! And I apologize for the ridiculously trashy theorizing found below!

Now yes, to address the moment that happened here:

As you pointed out, my lovely anon, there is certainly something going on with Jaebum during this exchange between JackJae! But let’s take a closer and slower look to better see what that something is…

Ahh! Just look at this complete lack of subtlety! It’s really quite difficult to explain this moment as anything other than checking him out! I mean, first of all, Jaebum’s gaze is already on Youngjae’s nicely dressed chest when the camera first cuts to him, but he manages to drag his eyes up when he opens his mouth like he’s going to speak… only to basically give him once over subtly??? what is that??? when Youngjae makes his own move. This is all very squeal worthy and not at all subtle, and I think we should just take a moment to appreciate Jaebum’s very valid and relateable appreciation for Youngjae’s beauty!

But we are not done, my lovely anon, and we need to go a little closer still…

Because take a very close look at this boy’s ridiculously blurry face during all of this!!! He starts off looking he’s about to say something to Jackson about offending Youngjae (like I talked about in my last post), but then look at the way his face changes when Youngjae turns and pushes Jackson away… My lovely anon. Please tell me. Am I the only one seeing the way he goes just a little blank for a fraction of a second, and almost seems to hold his breath?? And it’s after that when his gaze trails over Youngjae again before he catches himself and pulls his gaze away!? And can someone please explain to me the smile he has when he does so?? I mean, he starts fully grinning a moment later, but WHY DOES HIS SMILE LOOK SO SHY WHEN HE FIRST GLANCES AWAY, HMMM??? What are you thinking about, Im Jaebum?? You’re not fooling anyone!! 

I’ve actually been screaming about this moment for a lot of reasons because Jaebum getting caught on camera checking Youngjae out again is so important to me, and it’s absolutely precious and maybe a little ridiculous how impossible it is for him to keep from staring at and checking out his Sunshine! But also… Jaebum getting flustered by Youngjae pushing people around raises a lot of questions and thoughts in my mind that I think should be recognized… Because this fandom is all about tough and aggressive Jaebum and soft and fluffy Youngjae, but Jaebum’s face is suggesting an interesting twist to the story… Tough!Youngjae and flustered!Jaebum fic, anyone???


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Part 2

Y/N: Why do you always looks so miserable?
Klaus: That, my dear Y/N is because I have to put up with you everyday.
Y/N: *laughs* Oh really? Clearly you don’t hear yourself when you talk because it is the most boring thing ever.
Klaus: I have an excellent voice actually. Yours is the one that is annoying it’s so high pitched. *laughs*
Y/N: Well your accent makes you sound boring. *mocks him* Ello love how are you this fine evening?
Klaus: *smiles a little* …
Y/N: Klaus?
Klaus: *sits down*
Y/N: Klaus come on it was just banter. I don’t really think that.
Klaus: I know…
Y/N: *wraps you arms around him* Hearing you talk isn’t boring at all, I could listen to you talk all day.
Klaus: Okay… *walks out the room*
Y/N: Are you going to forgive me?!

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Farkle saying Lucas is just a face is actually so mean like why r u friends with him if that's all u see? I know it's just jealously but still

i’ve had this same thought anon!! i know that the reason for farkle calling lucas’ that stems from his own insecurities, but it still is pretty unnecessary. i really do like the friendship between lucas and farkle and i do think that farkle truly values lucas as a friend and knows how kind and caring lucas can be (as displayed in flaws, yearbook & cory and topanga), but i think his constant insistence that lucas is just a face is uncalled for. i would love to see a real honest conversation between lucas and farkle about how they view each other (bc i think there are parts of lucas that are insecure when it comes to farkle too) and their friendship. 

but yeah, i agree with you anon, i completely understand why farkle always calls lucas a face, but i do think it’s completely unnecessary and if i was lucas and one of my best friends was always saying that my only value was as a face, i would be a little insecure and upset about it.