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lmaoo remember when you had no patience and used to message me EVERY week asking for it to be posted until I threatened to block you? lmaoo remember when you thought that telling me you unfollowed me was going to bother me? Good riddance, I don’t want an impatient, rude person like you on my blog, and I feel so sorry for the other blogs you follow lol. Why don’t you try writing the mafia au yourself? Then you’ll see how hard it is to put a story together! Do you think I write for the sole purpose of making people like YOU happy? No, I don’t. So, try writing it yourself, or better still, just get off tumblr. I’ve blocked you, so don’t try coming back. Goodbye ~ I’d love to see where your manners get you in life.

Angry Beta Headcanons

-Betas tend to be pretty level headed so it’s rare for one to get legitimately mad about something

-Betas anger easily though if their Omega friends are ever being bothered too much, they are extremely protective in these friendships

-People often make snide remarks to Betas about how useless their dynamic is, and even if the Beta is very aware of how important their role is, they still get annoyed by it

-A young Beta confessing their love to their Omega friend and being crushed when the Omega tells them that their parents arranged an Alpha for them. The Beta becomes mad, not necessarily at the Omega but at life itself, they shout at the Omega anyway though because their mind is in a flurry of hurt and anger and rejection, and eventually they just storm off and leave the Omega alone afterwards even if all they want is to be closer

-A Beta perfectly copying an Alpha’s growl so they can intimidate people who bother them

-A Beta who despises being looked down upon, especially in their place of employment, so they aggressively strive to outdo their Alpha co-workers everyday

-If a Beta is really furious with someone they like to employ the coping method of writing a long, strongly worded, letter…and then lighting it on fire and watching it burn

-An angry Beta curled up in a nest with their Omega best friend, binge eating pizza and venting about their problems between mouthfuls as the Omega just nods along

-Betas always being bitter about being compared to their Alpha and Omega siblings

-Betas becoming social workers because the abuse some Alphas inflict on Omegas makes them too angry to sit back and do nothing

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It's great that that problem got solved! I was ready to drop my paycheck to buy you a new pen. Your art always makes me smile so it would have been an amazing and smart investment. Happy birthday in advance!

Well that’s a way to make me cry haha~ Not in a bad way, just a bit overwhelmed by kindness. I mean I don’t… You see I want to say I’m not worth it but that would disregard your feelings in the matter and I can’t do that so I’ll just- ghhh???

Just, thank you my love… Read this with a lot of feeling because I wish I had more words, but I don’t. Also would you please do me a favor? Tell me what you like the most from my art and when the new tablet arrives let’s celebrate with a drawing of it ok?

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Hello FMBL! Since you're my favorite Jin stan in the entire plushverse I wanted to ask you the origin story of how you became Lord Plush's greatest disciple? Aka what drew you to him?? For me it was his face in combination with his humor and love for food hehe.

Hi Anon!! Holy shit, your favorite Jin stan, I’m !!!!!! I think I’m blushing?? 

Also what a fucking lovely question, makes me so happy to answer questions like this!!    Lets see - not going to lie and be like, oh Jin is beautiful I didn’t notice over the sound of his personality, cause I’m STILL and CONTINUALLY gasping over his GLORIOUS BEAUTY EVERY SECOND…but…(as you know) there’s just so much more to him than just a glorious face!!

For me, the reason why Jin holds me in such a trance is because it SEEMS like he should be so easy to figure out - you know?  Like, when you first see Jin, you’re instantly like holy fuck this is one of the most beautiful humans on the planet, and then you expect him to sort of - act that way? Like a ‘cold city guy’ or like his shit don’t stink but INSTEAD you get this lovely soft bouncy fun-times SUPER down-to-earth lets Get Shit Done HOSS of a REAL GUY / BRO who 100% IS the most beautiful human on the earth but isn’t up his own ass about it.  He’s just a regular guy in the body of a Shoulder God.  

I also was really really drawn to Jin’s strength, too - like not his physical strength (although also not going to lie and say I didn’t notice that heh) but let me tell you what - Jin sort of covers the fact that he’s constantly thinking and scheming and planning and MAKING SHIT HAPPEN by being cute and funny.  I think of anybody in BTS he came in to that group with an agenda and I’m sure he’s setting about accomplishing what he wants to accomplish in his own (usually very quiet) ways.   I’m sure he’s had setbacks, i’m sure he’s had disappointments, but he doesn’t seem to dwell on them he just picks himself up, dusts himself off, and goes back out there to try again.   He’s just - MASTERFUL at how he handles himself, how he handles others, and just - he’s a FORCE.  He’s tough as nails while still being soft as a peach and that….that’s not something just anybody can do.  

Anon, I’m for sure quite a bit older than Jin, but I have NEVER meant anybody who has ever inspired me so much to work hard, play hard, and keep a sense of humor about life and myself while doing so.  He constantly inspires me to work towards being a better person MYSELF.  And while I’ll never have Jin beauty or Jin face, I can work towards having a bit of that Jin Confidence and Strength and be more badass in my own life.  If I could say one thing to Jin (and somebody could translate it for me so he could understand) I’d want to thank him for being so unapologetically HIMSELF, and let him know that watching him keep going and keep working and TRYING while keeping that big beautiful smile on his face and that pink in his ears is one of the things that keeps me on MY grind day in and day out.  

I guess why that’s why I love Jin the most anon - he may be a Plush God, but he’s also just regular guy Jin too. He inspires my dreams as well as gives me encouragement to keep grinding away in reality (that and his Big Bites too)…

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Louis and Harry both said they lived together, not only them but their mother, sisters, band members, a couple of friends, now thinks if they have courage to lie about something that everyone knows is not true imagine what they wouldn't lie about...

lol I know. There’s so many things they erase that we know happened a certain way… And people think this is legit 

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Don't know if you watched avatar but can you imagine firebender oikawa and water bender iwazumi. And like oikawa is part of the firenation but he falls in love with iwazumi anyways??? Sorry!!!!(╯3╰)

I LOVE THE AVATAR!! I used to watch the show all the time!!
Imagine Oikawa spouting small flames from his fingertips when he’s nervous, excited etc since he’s not yet in complete control of his power
and one day he happens to encounter WATERBENDER HEALER IWACHAN ( 👌 👌 👌 ) and he gets ridiculously flustered and wants to befriend the other
whereas Iwa-chan is slightly terrified at this stranger who keeps staring at him whilst his fingers are exploding
A+++ I’m already in love with this story

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@hopewielding  // accepting.

name:  jacob gabriel kane-sawyer
gender: cis male
general appearance: he’s got strawberry blonde hair like gabi and ellie, and kate’s green eyes and maggie’s lil curls. he’s over six feet tall, but he’s more lean than he is muscular or anything. he’s rly extra tho and takes after kate as far as like, clothing style and how he presents himself. 
personality: OK SO as w/ his sense of style he’s rly extra like kate in personality too and also rly dramatic but he straightens up v v well for the public eye. he handles people and crowds like maggie tho, so, he’s not super popular in that regard. he’s v well-disciplined tho and he looks after his sisters (or thinks he is, rly they look after him) and he does a lot to help kate and maggie around the house when he’s home from school and isn’t working. 
special talents: beating his grandpa jacob at chess 
who they like better: jamie LMAO
who they take after more: kate
personal head canon: he grew up wanting to be a cop like maggie, but as he got older he found that it wasn’t the right thing for him. he toyed with the idea of military service, too, but decided that wasn’t it either. he hasn’t really figured out what he wants to do yet, but kate and maggie are patient with him and supportive in any way they can.

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ugh this is why i hate talking to poc or sjws or whatever you call yourselfs these days. you make rlly long posts about stuff then dont want to defend your position at all. you think that being rude is good and will make you cool but no. it just makes normal ppl be like "omg pocs are crazy." i wanted an open and honest dialogue with you Riju but you have only distained me and tried to humiliate me.

“poc or sjws or whatever you call yourselfs these days” “normal ppl” LMAOOOOOO

sweetheart, what argument have you provided that I could even debate over? you came into my inbox saying that lesbians shouldn’t have a position at all over gerudo link lol…like….just say you hate brown people and lesbians. it shouldn’t be that hard since ur on anon.

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why don't you start? I always love your imagines!!

That’s so sweet anon!! Okay..

Imagine it’s the Grammys 2018. Taylor and Harry are both nominated for awards… Taylor for the only song she had eligible, the debut single from TS6, and Harry from this incredible album we’ve just heard.

Taylor’s backstage talking to a producer when one of the presenters gets sick and can’t do it. They ask if Taylor will do it. She doesn’t have time to prepare or anything and doesn’t even realize what category she’s doing.

It’s Best New Artist.

 The nominations roll and she remembers Harry’s nominated. She takes a deep breath and smiles for the cameras.

It’s time to announce now. She opens the card, sees his name, sighs, smiles, and chuckles a bit. And then… She presents him with his very first Grammy. She puts her hand on hear heart, shakes her head slightly and says, “HARRY STYLES!” 

He runs up on stage and hugs her. He’s crying and then she starts crying and he kisses her cheek several times. They’re both holding on so tight and they don’t let go for way longer than they should. She goes to kiss him on his cheek but he’s already started pulling away and she gets lips. They’re both shocked and then he leans down and kisses her on the lips deliberately and firmly… so full of joy.

He goes up to the mic and says “thank you” and does his speech and then he says he’s honored to have his first Grammy presented to him by Taylor and he would have it any other way. He turns towards her and says “thank you.” 

He thanks his family, his fans, and the voters again and then goes to leave. She hangs back and they side hug and walk off stage together.

They’re now the talk of the town.

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What boyfriend's kind is brad ?

He would be an adventurous one - always wanting to do something fun and different. He’d plan either the weirdest dates (like rock climbing or paintball) or the simplest dates (riding bikes around the town) as long as it involves the both of you having fun.

He would be a kind one - opening doors, always offering to pay for dinner and never forcing you to do something against your will. Your friends love being around him bc he keeps the conversations going and he genuinely pays attention. He is really polite and your parents approves of him 100%.

He would be a playful one - always teasing you then laughing so you can’t get mad at him. Your FaceTime calls consists of him pulling faces and making you laugh. He would send the most random pictures that remind him of you. And when you finally get together, it involves ticking, play fights and a lot of mess.

He would be a supportive one - always boosting up your confidence when you feel shitty about yourself. He’ll be the one who would tell you to reach for your dreams and would do everything he can to be there on those times. He would always be proud of everything you do no matter how big or small.

He would also be a stubborn one - he’d try to do things you specifically told him not to do, like assemble that bookshelf by himself which would probably end up with him banging his finger with a hammer. Or staying out late with the boys and waking up late the next morning. This is where your fights would usually start but he often realizes his mistake after a while.

He would be a clingy one - always wanting to spend every waking moment with you. He’d go out of his way to be with you even for 5 minutes, or travel a thousand miles when you need him the most. He would always want to be touching you - his arm around your shoulder or something as simple as holding hands. He knows how precious time is with him being away most of the year so he makes sure he spends a lot of his time with you.

He would be your best friend - someone you could tell everything to that you know would listen to you intently. He’d tell you off when you’re doing something stupid. He would defend and protect you from prying eyes and media attention as much as he could. He would understand when you’re having bad days and would know exactly what to do to turn it around. He would constantly annoy you on purpose but wouldn’t stop apologizing when you get mad.  He’d write you songs - most of them just between the two of you. 

And most of all he’d love you, more than anything, and he would make sure you feel it whether he’s right beside you or halfway around the world.

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Hiya, Ashlee! Could I bother for just a second? I'm having quite a bit of trouble writing lately; I have an idea set for what I want to write, but I just can't get the juices flowing enough to press my fingers to the keyboard and make progress. There are somethings I REALLY want to get to, including a huge project I want to get moving, but I can't shake away this block holding me back. Do you have any tips on how to break away and get to writing again??? Thanks! -That sweet Anon from earlier. :D

Hey sweet anon!! You’re not a bother at all, I’m actually flattered you’d even think to ask me. :)

I understand perfectly well what a bitch writer’s block can be. I have a few different methods I use to break through it, so I’m just going to throw them all at you in no particular order and hope that one of them helps. 

Disclaimer: some of them will be contradictory because every case of writer’s block is different and what works one time might not work another. Also take everything with a grain of salt because a) I am sadly not a professional author, b) I am probably terrible at giving advice and c) it is very late and I may or may not be high on cold and flu medicine. 

Let’s go!

  • That scene that you can’t get out of your head? That one exchange of dialogue that keeps echoing through your thoughts, even though you have absolutely no idea who’s saying it or why? That little spark for your big project that makes you get butterflies in your tummy, the idea that started it all? Write it down. It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t need any context at all. Don’t bother about stitching it into a larger plot or universe right now - just get it on the page. Yeah, it’s not going to sound as good on paper (or screen) as it does in your head, but it’s no good to anyone if you just keep it up there. The important thing is to just start writing. Worry about everything else later, and just start with what you have. You never know what could flow on from there.
  • But Ashlee, I hear you say, What if I don’t have any scenes or dialogue yet?! Never fear! If all you have is an idea - not even a plot, just a raw, basic, idea - you’re still good to go. 
  • Grab yourself a nice big piece of paper and write your idea down in the middle of the page. That’s right, we’re going to mind map this bitch. I find it helpful to use different colours for different things - one colour for character ideas, one colour for plot ideas, another for sub-plots, another for backstory, etc. etc. Apart from that, there’s no order to this part. Literally scribble all over the page, wherever you like, whatever comes to your mind. If one idea links immediately to another, sweet, draw a pretty coloured line between them and give yourself a pat on the back. If not, it doesn’t even matter. You’ve got plenty more paper to fill, so just leave that lonely little idea floating there in your cloud and move on to the next one: they’re all going to link up eventually, so don’t feel bad for it. 
  • Once you’ve got your awesome multicoloured mind map, step back from it and admire your handiwork. Look at all those words on the page! You did that! You deserve a cookie. Go get a cookie and then come back to your pretty mind map. It’s time to turn it into some not-so-pretty documents.
  • Group ideas based on colour and type them up into separate documents: At this point I normally do one for characters, one for plot and one for whatever the hell else I wrote down in my initial creative frenzy. 
  • Let’s start with the character document. I love characters. I especially love my own characters. They’re like my babies. (My teenaged, fictional babies.) But at this point in the process I don’t give them very much attention. I write down what I’ve got - usually a physical description, age, what their main goal/motivation is and some defining features that have bearing on the plot (eg. selfish, over achiever, etc.). 
  • And then I leave them alone. I’m a big believer in letting characters grow and develop over the course of the plot, so I don’t like to cram too much information on them immediately. Some people fill out massive character forms, but I’m not about that. If I know I want them to start out one way and end up a changed person by the end of the story, of course I write that down. But it is literally in the form of: “Starts out selfish. Develops heart/conscience. Sacrifices own happiness/original goal for others and ends up getting happiness through that act anyway.” Bam. Done. No more detail needed right now. Say bye to your babies and move on.
  • The plot document is next! You’re going to use a lot of headings and bullet points here. Probably. I do, anyway. Now is the time for me to introduce my good friend - outlining! (Outlining and I are actually not friends. We’re more like begrudging students who got paired up for a group assignment and really don’t want to work together but know that we have to in order to get a good grade, so we’re all passive aggressive and complain about each other to our friends for the whole project but end up pulling it together at the end and getting a pretty good mark. But whatevs.)
  • Take the points from your mind map and put them into a rough chronological order. After that, try to fill in any gaps you have, but don’t feel too bad about empty spaces. If you need to write “Something awesome happens here and they escape” just go ahead and do that. No one will judge you. Once you’ve got a big, very rough plot outline down, the fun really begins. 
  • Take that outline and break it down into three acts. Beginning, Middle, End. Simple, right? Now take each of those sections and break them down into chapters, where one big plot point/event/development occurs each chapter. Underneath the chapter number and the summary of the plot development you just assigned to it, break it down into three scenes (by scenes I don’t necessarily mean scenes, like how they use the term in screenwriting, I more mean it in the sense of pacing/emotional beats). In these scenes it’s good to make notes of any new characters or plot developments being introduced.
  • Here’s an example from the first draft of the outline I did for my novel.
    ACT I:
    Chapter 1: Introduce Jenna, Harper, Elle and Gabby as they move into their new dorm for their final year of school, and Jenna finds the weird old book.
    Scene I: Jenna saying goodbye to her dad, moving in with the girls and giving a basic rundown of how things work at this school/are different from what she’s used to.
    Introduce basic physical descriptions and history of the girls.
    Introduce Jenna’s dad being a professor on a research trip, hence the boarding school.
    Scene II: As Jenna’s unpacking and putting her stuff away she discovers a secret compartment in one of her drawers, inside of which is the book with notes about a storm and a shipwreck.
    Scene III: Jenna’s first day of classes.
    Establish Jenna as a good student.
    Introduce Bill the prefect.
    Introduce Chekhov’s Gun!!!!
  • You see some scenes are more detailed than others. I haven’t gone into what each scene really entails, and I haven’t even got a Chekhov’s Gun yet, I just know that I want one. Because Chekhov’s Guns are one of my favourite tropes and I love them. But anyway. The point of this outline isn’t to be super detailed and to have your entire story worked out - it’s simply to give you little breadcrumbs that you can follow when you get lost. They’re just jumping off points that remind you of all the bases you need to cover. 
  • If you have any snippets of dialogue or specific ideas you know you want to include, they’re just added bonuses you can put in their corresponding scenes. 
  • Don’t panic if you don’t have enough information to do an outline like that for your entire story! At first I actually only did an outline like the one above for Act I. Act III got a single paragraph summing up how I wanted the story to end, and Act II only got a few disjointed sentences with lots of question marks at the ends. But it didn’t matter, because I had a starting point, and as I wrote other stuff came to me and it got easier to fill in the gaps for the rest.
  • If you’ve made it this far go get yourself another cookie, because you’re being a real trooper. 
  • As you write, if you come to a scene that’s not working, skip it. Move on. Come back to it later. Maybe you don’t even need it, or maybe you just aren’t looking at it the right way at the moment. Whatever the case, let future you deal with it and just jump ahead for now.
  • If you want to go ahead and write random scenes in no particular order at all, do it. I do it sometimes, and store them in a separate document until I get up to that point in the manuscript. Then I copy and paste them in, do a bit of tweaking and reward myself for how much my word count just jumped with very little effort from my present self.
  • If neither randomly writing nor outlining is helping you, go ahead and step back from the project a bit. Go get another cookie. Go sit in the sun. Go for a drive with the windows down and try to find the exact words to describe how the wind feels against your face. Do not feel guilty for this. Everything is research.
  • When you come back, you don’t have to dive straight back into the proper writing. Make a playlist for your story. Choose a fancast. Make edits. Go searching for random prompts that don’t match your plot at all but will be a good exercise in character. Not everything you write has to have the goal of being in your final draft.
  • That’s a really important thing I’m going to emphasise: Don’t look at this with any sort of finality. First drafts are always crap. They’re meant to be crap, it’s why they’re called first drafts. A lot of the words you write today are not the words that are going to get published, so who cares if they don’t quite flow? They’re there, you wrote them, and that’s all that matters.

I have no idea if this makes any sense at all - I definitely went off on a few tangents - but I hope that you find something in there that can help you get past writer’s block. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or comments, and good luck with your projects!!

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there are literally hundreds of undertalekin out there but ofc I'm too nervous to initiate conversation or join any groups, i doubt anyone's looking for *me* anyway so i've pretty much accepted I'm never gonna find anyone ahahhhahhaaha

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i am the anon before.. It's just i saw some post that they're tired on fandom who're still hype over young innocent Yona turned into fierce, comparing her from the past to the present because she's been doing it since Awa. Are you also tired of fans like that? Those who posted it has point but people are different from each other. I myself never get tired to be hype over her development.

Ah, sorry about the confusion from before!

I personally have no issue with people who still get super excited over the things Yona does ^ ^ I get that some may think it’s silly getting excited all over again for Yona’s development when she’s been pretty awesome since closer to the start of the manga, but I see no issue with still celebrating the things she does! Just because she did something awesome 100 chapters ago doesn’t make her current badassery any less cool imo. She’s continuously been developing over the span of the entire story, so I like to celebrate that when I see fit, and so do others I assume :D And, even if comparing her now to the princess from chapter one is a little old, I still think it can be relevant~

(And, I mean, at the end of the day fans are allowed to like what they like. I feel if there’s an idea going around in a fandom that bugs someone, it’s best to either a) have polite conversation with these people and discuss opposing views, or b) just not interact with them. There’s no point being around something that’s just going to annoy you, so hang out with those in a fandom who like the aspects of a series that you like and leave others to do what they like.)