why are you allowed to have face!

I am so confused.

Why do men on SA mention in their bios that they’re not “full of money” or “want a relationship that exchanges money” or that they “want to be loved for them.” It’s the same story I’ve heard from escorts who have clients who ask them to lower their rates. Or from POT salt daddies who don’t understand why a blanket $3,000 allowance is reasonable.

If you want a regular girlfriend to love you for who you are go to a regular site. Match, OK Cupid, Tinder, Bumble, Christian Mingle, your local neighbourhood coffee shop.

Is it because you want the gorgeous bombshell with the amazing style and the well-traveled look? That girl with the perfect skin, her face oil cost $72 and her eye cream is $40. That girl with the long flawless waves, her hair costs $100 to cut, easy $150 on products, blowout and style for $50. The one with the incredible body, she pays for a personal trainer and a nutritionist and shops exclusively at Whole Foods organic section. The one with the brilliant mind, her education is 30K.

You want EVERYTHING for NOTHING. The best of the best for zero. Then you’ll complain about feminism and expect her to go Dutch on dinner.

Get off SA, don’t approach the expensive-looking escort, don’t introduce yourself as a sugar daddy if you’re not going to pay for the fantasy you so desperately want.



I haven’t felt this personally pissed off in a while. BS like this is why I will always be critical of non-asian (but specifically white) “koreaboos”.

Anyone is allowed to be a fan of kpop. Anyone is allowed to appreciate East Asian fashion and media. Liking BTS and Got7 is fine but you have to respect who that media is made for.

Korean idols are for Korean people. Korean icons of beauty are there for Korean people. Korean fashion and makeup trends are for Korean people. As a Korean-American, do you think I see representation of people who look like me in American media? When I lived in a predominantly white neighborhood I always felt alien for my puffy eyes and rounded nose. My first label was always “Asian”. It didn’t matter the accomplishments I achieved I was always Asian first, the rest secondary. I hated my face and language because of the way it tinted everything as ‘exotic’ and ‘other’ to the people I knew. It was only by embracing Korean music and culture as well as Korean standards of beauty and makeup that I learned to love my distinctly Asian features.

Liking our music is fine. Having crushes on our celebrities is fine. I even think your broken Korean is cute as long as you’ll let me laugh with you and correct your pronunciation. But makeup is crossing a line. Trying to make yourself look like another race is absolutely offensive and it ignores all the people who are born with those features and their experiences with them. There are other (better) ways of showing your love for your favorite celebrities without stepping out of your place as an international fan.

I won’t even touch on the blatant white supremacy coming from the twitter user themself because I’m crossing my fingers and praying that this account is a troll. But I wanted to make a psa that making yourself up to be a “white ulzzang” is contributive of white supremacy. Stealing our features with no regard to our upbringing and history is white supremacy. 

(This twitter also does touch on Japanese cultural appropriation as well but I don’t feel like it’s my place to comment on that)


I read the disney animator interviews and it said “designing/animating female characters is much more difficult than with male characters” but look. The females look almost identical with slight changes, so what’s so difficult about it? Then it became obvious. The female characters aren’t allowed to be flexible. They’re limited. Male characters make ugly faces if needed to show emotions, but the females aren’t allowed to. They have to be pretty all the time, which is why the artists find it difficult to work with them. It’s a shame for girls to be taught that they can’t be ugly even for a second. Have you seen Maui and Moana sketches? They have Maui making ugly faces, sad faces, happy, scared and all, but they only made Moana sketches of her slightly sad, normal and happy faces. They’re scared to freely animate her face and I’ve noticed while watching the film. For example when she sings “how far I’ll go” in the very end of the song you can see her open mouth looking wrong, as if her jaw is gonna break. That’s because since they weren’t allowed to design her freely, she looked stuck and limited. Like, none even have wrinkles when they smile, which is insane! But male characters do. Since I also study animation, this pisses me off.

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Why are the male Jaria's chests covered and not exposed like the females? The females not have chest coverage seems like an act of 'HAHAH IM SO STRONG STAB ME IN THE CHEST AND ILL STILL BITE YOUR FACE OFF!' And the males covering seems... rather more like a sign of weakness...? Maybe I totally missed the ball and it ended up in the parking lot on that interpretation though...

Not at all! I touched on this a little while ago, regarding wardrobe and how significance and prestige come in the form of ‘how much are you allowed to cover yourself and present as androgynous’. So here, the more covered the more ‘neutral’ and thus elevated your rank is. 

Because of Jauria extremely patriarchal and binaristic society, the concept of androgyny is an honor to earn and a thing only elite members are allowed, as in–cover their bodies in clothes to hide their gender so it’s well shown that they don’t carry out the enforced duties of men and women.

The role of females is seen as hard-won property, and expectations of behavior in females are that they’re to be EXTREMELY cold and calculating, and above all, aromantic and sexually-speaking only driven by the obligation to procreate. They’re not to ever engage courtship with males, and sexual conduct is only a ‘necessity’ to remain focused on work. (lesbians are frowned upon though not necessarily a taboo, it is thought unbecoming to be gay af if you’re a lady since you’re supposed to be proper.) Demeanor of females is overall, ‘scary’. they’re spec ops and usually are deployed as individual units as opposed to male platoons for assassination/diplomatic/etc missions. So in a way, Bri is VERY VEEEERY Poor at being feminine…she’s loud, obnoxious, openly competitive and rebellious. A terrible tomboy.

Sticks out like a sore thumb…

Female’s chests are bared because in a society where even the gangliest of females can tear your face off with a swipe, they want the females to be IMMEDIATELY identified. Stat, go. They are in the capacity to be mothers, but only so if a male has been given authorization and has the qualifications to father off-spring. Because this is a very militaristic society, you don’t want lovechilds, you want /killers/. Nothing goes to waste, and even the children need to meet expectations. There’s no room for ‘wasted’ potential.

And so in the immediacy of identifying females, there’s no ‘weird’ and improper conduct is carried out between opposing genders (though there’s intersex castes that’s still reinforced–ie. Lions)

Males on the other hand are given far more allowance. They aren’t expected to behave, they’re expected to display just how fucking dominant and powerful and capable they are of keeping each other in line. So yes, TW there’s a lot of non/dubcon and they don’t even consider it so, it’s just a facet of their culture that’s encouraged–a harem hierarchy is established wherein you either mark someone or you’re marked. Everyone falls under someone else, and usually this is how battle platoons are formed. Though not always the case, usually it’s the top cats who get the privilege of being given breeding rights to help the new generation of murder cat people be created. 

BUT–But this behavior is not allowed publicly, of course. And so covering their chests is kind of, more of for decency’s sake than anything, showing their butts however is more of a flaunting aspect, males flaunt that’s what they do–they NEED to show their assets. Literally. If they ever want to have a legacy, they better. 

Males also have heat cycles, more or less like estrus where they have horribly bad growth spurts and even more horrible mood swings that make them a danger to pretty much everyone also dangerously territorial and needing to get off/procreate. It happens twice a year, though males are otherwise fertile. This is where they get their stripes, as in–stretch marks. Usually a fairly striped male implies he’s gone through a lot of heat cycles and has reached their near full stature. Karel still…has more stripes to go, and boy has he had his cycles. The males end up very hairy, very bothered, and very tired at the end of each, and usually receive a ‘formal reintroduction’ to society when the need to murder/(fuck) everything has desisted–they’re applauded, etc. Think of it as a period, except it’s nothing people are shaken or speak ill about. 

Karel isn’t too big on the celebrations though, as being the first and very few male lions in the Dome he’s tremendously self conscious of how destructive he tends to be during these…not to mention he’s aware how every time it’s tougher for the boys to cheer him as he just progressively towers over them.

But he starts to enjoy that eventually. /too much/.  WOW MAN YOU HAD YOUR PERIOD??!! CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’RE A DUDE, YOU’RE ONE OF US! STRIPES STRIPES STRIPES!! and then you have to show how a tight-fit your previous attire is and everyone has a dick contest for cycle growth spurts which he wins every time. you know. frat boy life.  Overall the guys, just have tons of fun…bad fun. but more fun than the girls, definitely.


Hey, how’s it going over there.  I’m Chelsea, and I’m so very pissed off right now. Why? Because I just saw an anon who’d been fat-shamed out of cosplaying…by their friend.  Yeah, you heard me.  And that PISSES. ME. OFF.

Why, you may ask?  Allow me to explain:  I’m 5′8″ and 177 lbs currently.  In American terms: REALLY overweight.

Here I am for base reference, wearing a bikini because fuck you, that’s why.

I’m not skinny.  I’ve got thunder thighs, and a belly, and arm flab, and holy hell, do I have a butt.  Guess what?  I cosplay anyway!!  Four years and counting.  I’ve also spoken on panels about cosplay for beginners, body positivity in the cosplay community, and more.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Still not skinny.  And I’m sexy as fuck to boot.  In face, in the last two, I’m wearing a damn corset.

See this one?

The older woman I’m standing with?  She’s the woman who designed the ORIGINAL costume for the show, and she came up to me to ask for pictures.  She gave no fucks about my size.

Here, have some more:

In case any of you missed the point of this photo dump, it’s this:  Size does not, ever, determine what you can or cannot cosplay.  Not ability level, not disabilities, not race, not gender, not size.  If someone says you can’t cosplay something or other because you’re not the perfect representation, you know what you do?  You wear the costume with pride anyway, because it took motherfucking work, and you strut past those losers with your middle fingers fully erect.  Chances are, they will be in civies, rather than costume, which makes them all the more pathetic in my opinion.  They can’t do it themselves, so they tear down anyone who does.


And if it’s a friend who says those things to you?  Then they are not your friends, and you need to get away from them.  Friends are supportive and encouraging, and will love you regardless of what you look like.  People who don’t, or who tell you that you can’t because you look a certain way?  Are not.

You can do this.  You are beautiful, no matter what you look like, what you weigh, or anything else.  You can do this, and you should.   It’s people like you, who have such courage and such fierce pride, that make the cosplay community so rich.  

Please don’t ever forget that.

  • Jeongyeon: [Closes the door in Nayeon's face when she tries to come in] NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! You can't come in here. D-d-dahyun is naked!
  • Dahyun: [Sitting at the table, fully clothed] What?!
  • Jeongyeon: [Whispering] I couldn't say that I was naked because she's allowed to see me naked
  • Dahyun: Why does anyone have to be naked?
  • Nayeon: [On the other side of the door] Why is Dahyun naked?
  • Dahyun: I... I had to... show Jeongyeon something
  • Jeongyeon: [Stands there in disbelief]
  • Nayeon: [Through the door] Naked?

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Sirius x Reader "Why do you have to do this to me?... to us?"

I know you were expecting angst, so SURPRISE! xoxo

Sirius Black and Y/N allowed their fingers to intertwine as they made their way through the castle. Raindrops created gentle paths on the stained glass windows of the castle, and, despite the foggy storm outside, made everything seem surprisingly calm for a day at Hogwarts.

“It’s lovely today,” Y/N said happily, breaking the storm stained silence between them as she inhaled the smell of rain with a grin on her face.

“It’s raining cats and dogs out there, are you insane?” her statement is met with a chuckle and a bewildered response from her boyfriend.

“It’s nice though. Quiet. And I love the smell of rain,” she rambled. Sirius simply shook his head, not even attempting to hide the love-filled smile on his face that appeared every time he looked at her.

“You’re odd, you know that?” he muttered, prompting her to stick out her tongue at him and receive a small kiss on the tip of her scrunched up nose.

Filling the marbled halls with giggles and soft conversation, they arrived at the entrance to the Gryffindor common room, and, an uttered password later, found themselves in the cozy shared space. Still in the process of exchanging playful punches and loud laughs, they found themselves in front of the door of the dormitory Sirius shared with his 3 best friends. Still completely distracted, he swung the door open and pulled her towards him…

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Cas Comes Home

“Cas? Where the hell have you been?” Dean rushed to the angel standing in the doorway of his bedroom. “You were checking in every day then…nada.” He pulled Castiel into a rough embrace.

Cas returned the hug but his face was far from elation. “Dean…I…I went to heaven.” The warmth of the other body left him.

“You did what now?” Dean had him at an arm’s length, staring.

“Heaven. I was contacted by an angel to go and speak with Joshua. They want my help with the nephilim child. They have offered to absolve my sins and allow me to come back.”

Dean paced frantically by his bed. “Yeah, sure. Why not? Why not run off to the same dicks who hunted and tortured you? Everybody else seems to be doing it. All the cool kids are leaving Dean behind!”

Cas reached a tentative hand out to him. “Dean? What are you talking about? Who is leaving you?”

Dean sank down on his bed and buried his face in his hands. “Mom and Sam fell in with the Men of Letters. After everything they did to Sam! Wave some shiny toys in front of them…and now you.” It was too much. He let the hot tears stinging his eyes fall. “You can't…”

Cas pulled Dean up and held him tight. “I never said I was leaving, Dean. Just what they were offering.”

Sniffles. “Don’t leave me, Cas. I love you.” He dipped his head and pecked Cas’ lips briefly. “I love you,” he repeated as he rested his forehead to Cas’. His hands were tightly fisted in the lapels of the trenchcoat.

“I told them my home was with you, that you are my family. I’m not leaving you. I’ll never leave you.” Cas nuzzled his nose against Dean’s to seek another kiss, this one longer and less desperate. He waved his hand and shut the door. Home.

Monsta x as Scottish Twitter (pt3 requested)
  • Shownu: do you think Icelandic dogs say björk instead of bark?
  • Wonho: i hate when old people say tattoos are a waste of money like okay debra you have a cabinet full of expensive plates people aren't allowed to use
  • Minhyuk: A mind ma brother had a burd up for dinner n a choked on spaghetti n ma maw had to pull it oot ma throat hahaha dno why she even came back
  • Kihyun: Its weird how ye can really like someone but equally want tae smash their face in wae a claw hammer
  • Hyungwon: “you out ur mood yet” aye a was but am straight back in it now that you've hit oot way that
  • Jooheon: Used to go out with a bricky’s daughter. Cement the world to me man.
  • I.M: my brother just got his 4th unconditional for uni and av just eaten a dog biscuit thinkin it was chocolate
I wish you knew how my heart physically
craves to talk to you.

Is it bad that I still miss you, is it bad that I still
haven’t deleted our messages . Is it bad that at
4 am when I lay alone in bed I like to reread our
conversations and remember all the good times.
Is it bad that I still care because no matter how
hard I try I can’t allow myself to hate you. Why
is it that hearing your name or seeing your face
physically pains me yet seeing you smile makes
me happy. I can’t explain how Knowing you’re
happy makes me happy but at the same time it
tears me apart because I know you don’t even
think about me anymore. I knew I always loved
you more but I didn’t think it’d have this kind of
effect on me. To be loved is something everyone
dreams of we had that kind of love but instead of
making me whole you destroyed me. I think it’s
finally time to let you go to never think of you
again, to never let the ink spill and write your
name. This is it.. goodbye.

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #28
Jenseternity / instagram
Every morning when I wake up, my mother sees my dead looking eyes and asks “what’s wrong?”
And every morning I tell her,
“Nothing at all”
After all, nothing is wrong. The moon is still revolving around earth, and earth is still revolving around the sun. The birds are still chirping, this city is still buzzing.
And this is how life is supposed to be isn’t it? Sometimes soul mates aren’t meant to be together, sometimes one becomes unhealthy for the other. So you move on, find new people to love and you never allow yourself to wonder
“will I ever love anyone else I meet the same way I loved them?”
But I’m an over thinker, and that question is always on the back of mind.
“will I ever really be able to move on?”
“If nothing is wrong, then why do you have that look on your face?” my mother asks again.
And I don’t know what else to do except to shrug at her and walk away.
Because nothing is wrong.
Nothing is wrong, but I still wake up half dazed because I would rather be in dreamland than in a reality that refuses to acknowledge my pain.
Nothing is wrong, yet my chest is always tight and there’s a constant imaginary lump in my throat; just on the verge of crying but not quite there.
Nothing is wrong at all, but I suck at goodbyes; and even more so at talking about it.
Nothing is wrong, but nothing is right either.
—  and life goes on, apparently. // a.b

Ania: Hey! So a lot of you have been asking about us so I thought why not do this!
Clive: Perverted questions allowed *lenny face*
Ania: *slaps his arm lightly*

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Shakarian, Shepard trying to teach Garrus how to rollerblade or ice skate. Whichever you prefer. 

Over the course of the Reaper War, Garrus Vakarian had witnessed many monstrosities that should never have existed: banshees and brutes, harvesters and husks. But nothing was in the same strange league as the object that Shepard held in front of his face now: a perfectly good Turian military boot whose sole had been mutilated to accommodate a long, ominously glistening metal blade.

“You… put them on your feet?” he asked. “And then you walk on ice? Why?”

“These go on your feet. I have my own pair. And we won’t so much walk on ice as glide across it. It’ll be fun!”

“I somehow doubt that I’ll have much fun, Shepard.”

“Just give it a try. For my sake.” Shepard bent down and tapped Garrus’s foot, which he raised reluctantly, allowing her to ease the makeshift skate onto it. She looked up at him with a mischievous spark in her eyes. “All those years ago, didn’t you say that you’d follow me into hell freezing over?”


Yeah.. uhm.. I brushed on this yesterday with my brief analysis on how to draw the CG Beast and looking at the pictures I just had to line them up in Photoshop. The live action Beast is literally Dan Stevens in a costume.  He was on the BBC One Show the other day talking about how they filmed with him covered in motion capture dots, muscle suit etc. and I suppose because they used such direct motion capture rather than animating from scratch it made sense to have all the facial features to match.  It also explains why on the character the face at times seemed almost tacked-on.  They filmed his face separately from rest of his actions.  Mouth is further down but that also makes sense if you see Dan in interviews putting on his “Beast voice” because he pulls his face down when he does it.

It’s kinda cool because it allowed for more fine tuned facial expressions in the CG but it’s also… kinda… well.. out of all the reincarnations of the Beast this is easily the least animalistic and I have to agree with some of the reviews I have seen who argue because he is so humanoid and with classical, symmetrical features and stance, it takes away from the whole point of the fairytale of learning to love someone for who they are inside.  Due to the symmetry it’s like the theory of why so many thought Bruce Willis is hot in the 90s: human brains are hard coded to be drawn to symmetry and you can’t help but find a person attractive because their face is so perfectly aligned even though they are lacking many of the other commonly considered markers of “handsome” or “beautiful”. One of the few Beauty and the Beast adaptations that springs to mind to have avoided this was the Czech ‘Panna a Netvor’ version where Beast was given a bird-like appearance and he was genuinely terrifying. 


Scorpio, let go of the high of hating yourself.

Sagittarius, love does not always slam the door on her way out.

Capricorn, the strange dreams you’ve had are trying to tell you something.

Aquarius, learn from your most recent mistake.

Pisces, become your own shelter.

Aries, your emotions are and have always been valid.

Taurus, it is difficult to maintain happiness if you’re paying attention.

Gemini, refuse to tremble in the face of your own power.

Cancer, this is not your fault.

Leo, you are allowed to want good things for yourself.

Virgo, it isn’t necessary to explain why you chose to walk away.

Libra, take pride in your softness.
—  NOVEMBER HOROSCOPES, by Blythe Baird (2015)
These adorable dorks

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But like… did anyone else notice that between then two of them they have a single set of uncovered eyes? Like they both have two, whether they belong to them or not, but we have an uncovered right and left between the two. 

Destiny News: Local Badass Rides Sparrow All the Way to Aksis Chamber
  • Eris Morn: This is why sparrows are not allowed in my raids.
  • Lord Saladin: Well it's not that impressive. They still needed a full fireteam to get there. Well done guardians :)
  • Eris Morn: You know, rumour has it that they defeated Aksis by ramming the sparrow into his face.
  • Lord Saladin: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

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Prompt:  could you do a imagine with Lex Luthor (from BvS) where the reader falls asleep on Him

must read. MASTERLIST.

“Oh, oh great…” Lex mumbled, tilting his head to look at your peaceful face. Your head was resting on his shoulder, the two of you had been previously watching a movie, and annoyed he sighed, his eyes forming glare , “You couldn’t have found a better time, huh, (Name)?” He grumbled. His eyes roamed to the TV as he shook his head, trying to ignore you completely.

But for some reason he couldn’t. You got on his nerves real fast.

Now that he got a better look at you, you really weren’t all that special. Smooth (colour) hair, (colour) complexion. A pretty face, though your mind was nothing to be fawned upon. Unlike his. So what exactly were you doing here? Why did he talk to you at work? Why did he allow you to think you were his friend? He had figured you out a long time ago, and really, you were not someone he should be paying attention to.

But he did anyway. And that’s what bothered him.

He sighed again, heavily, moving to get your head off his damned shoulder. His fingers slipped into your locks, and all movement froze. Strange. They were silkier than he imagined. He ran his fingers through your hair, glancing at your still sleeping form. It felt oddly…nice. He felt something crawl up his neck, making him gulp. No.

No no no no…He was not showing symptoms of affection, and for you of all people, he wasn’t. He’ll fix this. He’ll fix this strange erratic beating of his heart and his thoughts unable to focus on anything else but you. He’ll fix it…

-Later. He’ll fix it later.

He ran his fingers through your (colour) locks again.  

For now he’ll…he’ll enjoy this feeling while it lasts.


Words cannot express how much I love Gideon in Antipasto. He may be limbless and cornered but he owns Hannibal every second. Hannibal is visibly discomfited when Abel refuses to be cowed (”you still have to eat” -desperate, much?) and later when Abel defiantly taps his utensils Hannibal recoils as if scalded; he’s not so much miffed as pained. And to Abel’s incisive “why do you think I’m allowing this?” Hannibal can only dumbly repeat the same words, because as he well knows, it’s Gideon who’s humouring him, who’s indulging a pathetic man staging a grim mockery of a dinner party because he can’t stand being alone. It’s a far cry from Hannibal in Aperitif, when we first saw him eating his secretary’s offals, basking solo in his superiority. Now, with Will having slashed his defences and taken ransom his heart, he’s reduced to slogging through joyless meals with Gideon who hurls truth at every chance. Gideon went down triumphantly, and I hope he scraped deep enough welts in Hannibal’s heart to bring the arrogant bastard down a peg or two. 

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Why were the soldiers that failed to protect pink diamond not shattered? Why would a ruby that witnessed her last moments instead of preventing it be allowed to live? Why is the beta kindergarten jasper still around? They're all failures.

Why do you seem to have the ridiculous notion that you have some sway over my actions? Homeworld is run differently than anything you could imagine. You seem to look down on failures, so I ask, dear grey-face, what measures have you taken to punish yourself? After all, you have failed to respect this channel and to understand something, and you have failed to please me.