why are you all so annoying

Klance secretly dating

I HC that Kieth and Lance secretly start dating and will still insult eachother in front of the team like:

Keith: Ugh you’re so annoying
Lance: You’re ass must be jealous of all the crap that comes out of you’re mouth!
Pidge and Hunk: Ohhhhh snap he did not just!!!!
Shire: can you two just stop fighting for like five seconds??

But then when there alone they would just feel really bad and tell the other sorry and just kiss and cuddle.

Why are they dating in secret you may ask??

Well I think everyone agrees that its a bad idea dating a teammate because if they break up they won’t be able to form Voltrob properly and it would just go in chaos and junk. But Keith and Lance don’t care since they know they know they love eachother too much, okay that got cheesy quick! Anyways I hope ypu understand my point.

About Westallen...

I’ve been meaning to share for a while, but since I don’t care for drafting, proofreading, editing, and revising, I hadn’t gotten around to do it.

I was drawn to the show because Iris was being played by a black woman. So when I saw a promo for 2x03 in my YouTube recommendations (when Barry catches Iris as she jumps off the building), I decided to start watching. My sole inquiry regarding the show was the following. “Is Iris West anything like Karen Page from DareDevil? Because if so, I hate her already.” Bear with me now. The answer I got was something among the lines of ‘she is annoying at first, but she hasn’t been as bad this season.’-Now I understand why I got that answer.

So, I binge watched all of season one almost throughout a weekend, mind you, expecting the see this annoying Iris I was told about. I finally caught up when they were on the Earth 2 episodes by then having completely forgotten about the whole “she is annoying” bit. I must’ve missed it. 

Once I was caught up and had to wait week to week for new episodes, I did a little research, found out Iris is the love of Barry’s life in every possible reality and started wondering why that couldn’t get through people’s head(naive me, I know). I came on tumblr, found and follow blogs that I felt I could learn more from, and it was/has been and overall pleasant experience.

What came as a shocker to me was learning that ‘snowbarry’ was a “thing”. The first time I read the moniker I said to my self, “What’s that?!” Then I read something on how they had such chemistry and whatnot. I must’ve missed that too. I can tell you sincerely, not being a westallen ‘stan’ at this point, I could not see what people were talking about when it came to Barry and Snow.  I don’t think I felt as a Westallen fan until season 3, I liked them a lot, but I cannot say that I was quite there yet.

I love the hell out of Candice Patton, I’m happy and proud-even if it might not be my place-that a beautiful, talented, young black woman portrays this character so beautifully. I’m grateful that I get too see it, that if I ever have children, they’ll get to see it. That black girls all over are able to see what our grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and mothers even didn’t get to. I’m grateful that I found blogs that value her and her work, that share these feelings, and defend them fiercely.

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something about exclusionists that really annoys me is how they act like the fact that someone might have privilege over others in the lgbt+ community means they can't be part of that community. if y'all feel so threatened by having "cishets" in here then why does my trans ass have to put up with transphobic cis lgb+ ppl? i think that lgbt+ """"membership"""" is more about a group's relationship to the straight cis majority than that groups relationship to every other lgbt+ group.

Oh my God, thank you for articulating what I’ve been trying to say for the past year.

This is exactly it.

This is also why I think the whole “allo lumps us in with our oppressors” argument is bullshit. Because “cis” lumps cis gay people in with cis straights. LGBT+ itself makes trans people share a space with cis people, and POC with white people.

There’s rarely ever going to be a label that doesn’t lump someone in with their oppressors in some way.

–Mod Mercy

Later that night, Luke caught me outside of the nursery.

“Is Pippa annoyed at me?” he asked, catching me off guard. I hadn’t told Luke that Pippa knew that he wasn’t her real father.

“Not that I know of, why?”

“She’s acting stand-offish towards me and trying to dismiss me a lot. It’s not like her at all..”

“Hmm, that’s strange. She’s probably just having mood swings, I wouldn’t worry about it.” I lied. Luke stroked my cheek with his thumb.

“Okay, if you say so. Hey, we should start planning our wedding soon.”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

It’s so annoying to go through Buckynat tag lately because all the anti posts. The fact that they spend time on writing why Buckynat won’t happen in MCU just shows how threaten they are by it. You know why? Because they see the possibility of Buckynat happening and getting in the way of their ship So they go on lengthy rants to make themselves feel better.

So I’m trash so doing this as well. I felt like doing some of these casual ships people have been into lately with some characters I love but never get to show so much. I’m sorry there is mostly girls here except poor Khamsin, I might do another one with some more boys if this one makes a fun experience!

So, first of all, some rules:

♥ This will be casual ships, they won’t necessarily be canon unless it really works excellent. So no pressure into these!

♥ Mutuals and friends definitely have the priority, but I’m open to anything. 

♥ I reserve the right to accept or not a ship. 

//Important note: Ships are not necessarily romantical ! It can also be about friendships, even why not family ties, and I’m also down for rivalry or whatever else there could be.//

And welp yeah I guess. I don’t want to add a long part to describe the babes it would be annoying for you all, but if you’re interested feel free to ask questions ! <3 So yeah, i hope you guys like them, feel free to shoot me a message. 

cheeso: me and my gf had to stop watching becuase the kanna and the other school kid scenes were getting waaaaay too uncomfortable lol. the worst part is the show wasnt even bad so instead of getting to have fun panning it like with dumb ecchi shows i just felt conflicted and annoyed. im glad other people are enjoying it though

Ohhh yeah you have a point there, yeah, those Kanna scenes also were Hmmm. It is again extrapolated in the anime, but that is not to say they weren’t in the manga. I can definitely see why you’d feel weirded out by it.

All in all, it’s a mixed bag, honestly. I am always of the opinion “it’s not a bad show but I definitely can understand if it isn’t someone’s cup of tea”. You at least gave it a try!

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Why-- Why are the anons being so rude all of a sudden?! First with the torches, then the gun, and now poison??! Ugh, it's ticking me off, honestly. On behalf of the people who go on anon once and a while and DON'T do this stuff, I apologize for this Mod Lili.

(Thank you but it’s okay don’t worry :)

I think the anons are not trying to be rude, they just want to do “mean things” to see how the characters will react. And I can somehow understand this so I can’t really be annoyed at them.

Just don’t do it all at once please, it’s “interesting” for me to make them react to such a thing from time to time but if everyone start sending such asks at the same time then it becomes a bit too much ^^

But. If you didn’t do it because of the reason stated earlier and you in fact only did it because you dislike/hate Nagito (or another character but I don’t remember such a thing happening to another character) then…Go away.

I always say that I totally understand if you dislike one character, and while I may try to make you like them with my posts, I will never try to force my opinion on you. So if you are only sending “mean asks” because you want to make them suffer and not because you want to see some shipping/how they will react then I don’t think you should follow this blog because this isn’t something I want happening here.

But I honestly think that the persons who sent such asks only did it by curiosity and not with any ill intent. That’s why I’m not really bothered by it. :)

Sorry for the long reply ^^’

-mod lili)

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About your post about the ship war u definitely agree with you. Like I ship Supercorp but I like Mon-El/Chris Wood. I believe that he has a lot of potential & can actually grow as a character. Like it annoys me on both sides Karamel & supercorp shippers attacking each other & the actors for a fictional ship..WHY CANT WE ALL BE HAPPY?? Karamel a & Supercorpers need to be friends. Like I want to be friends with Karamels

If I can get to people with my posts I’m happy that’s all I’ve ever wanted so thank you for this. We ship different couples and we agree with each other that’s what I’m talking about. I wanna be friends too so let’s.

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why is it bad to talk about how veganism is inaccessible for a lot of people?

This phrasing is really weird because that’s literally not what I said but anyways. 

I don’t think it’s bad I just find it annoying when certain people pour out details abt their health to explain why they can’t go vegan as if that is going to do anything about racist white vegans preachy save the animals rhetoric. 

And it always comes off as a need to explain why you aren’t morally pure or something. I’m not going vegan because i don’t want to, that’s it. I also have an eating disorder that prevents me from doing so as well, but like if it all circles back to the fact you don’t want to be a vegan anyway there’s no need to do backflips in your logic so you can justify to yourself why you aren’t performing this “moral obligation” 

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Okay, something that annoys me about y'all is that y'all will recommend a beauty product. example: BECCA under eye brightener. So I go and buy is and its $20-30. Then, in the next video (a week later) y'all are on to a new concealer saying that you like this one "way more than the higher in concealers"---why did you recommend it then?! Just to make money off of me?

No no no! Haha I still use all that stuff – whenever we talk about stuff it’s usually because it’s new and exciting haha. The under eye brightner is still one of my go-tos!

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Now that you mentioned it, how do you think Tim would be feel about Stephanie and Damian relationship? they had a couple of good team-ups in pre-52 so I'm curious about Tim's views on that

I feel like on a surface level, Tim is very bothered by it. He gets those petty moments of ‘no wait you’re supposed to be MY friend why are you talking to that brat?’ like we all do. He usually makes an effort to hide it but it seeps out anyway with him acting prickly and annoyed when he sees Stephanie hanging out with Damian.

On a more subconscious level, I think he would understand. Damian is drawn to Steph just like she was, she’s a caring, fun person who’s able to buoy anyone’s spirits with the sheer force of her personality. And Steph has never been one to put all her love person, she is willing to give her all to everyone (unlike Tim who holds onto himself so tightly and only gives people little pieces and is upset when they don’t understand him.)

So Tim gets it, he does but that’s more subconscious but he’s also a petty little whiner who’s already feeling threatened by Damian taking up time with Dick and Bruce as well so he’s especially protective of Steph who’s always been Tim’s friend first before she was anything and he wants to keep it that way. You may note this is selfish and a bit unfair, it’s also human.

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It was only that stupid sauna/hot springs scene that made it so popular, because HOW many episodes in and already we got almost a completely nude shot of the characters?? At least due to how it was censored we can tell they both have itty bitty dicks and considering how much NSFW fanart I see on my dash, it just makes it all the more fiunnier.

They are so hardselling the fanservice in the onsen scenes I’m laughing. Why so desperate?

Many other animes/games/mangas also have something onsen related, heck even Kur0shitsuji did it in the se1yuu event.

Fanservice is okay, but when you go too far into hardselling the fanservice and repeat the same fanservice for multiple times, it goes from hot to annoying and desperate.

How can they be said as not desperate when they threw in that scene right at the beginning of a “pure”, “non-fetishistic”, “sports” anime???

Miraculous Ladybug headcanon - Photobombing Heroes

Imagine if:

- Chat Noir takes up the habit to photobomb random tourist’s pictures whenever he gets the opportunity

- When Ladybug asks why he just grins and says “Imagine their faces when they see it!”

- Ladybug can’t argue with that. So she joins in.

- Sometimes they pose in the pictures, sometimes they pretend they just happen to be there, sitting at the next table at a cafe, standing at a bus stop, you name it.

- It becomes one of those things all the locals know, but they don’t tell. If you see teenage superheroes staking out a group of tourists who are taking pictures, don’t call them out.

- Nino starts a blog where he collects the pictures.

- Alya is super annoyed that it gets enough hits to rival Ladyblog.

Feel free to adopt this headcanon and use it as you please.

You know what I need

More of Victuri being Proud Gay Dads and Yurio being fucking annoyed by it.

I just want that all the time. I want them to follow Yurio’s career until he retires being embarrassing and holding banners for him and cheering and waving in the most obnoxious manner. Showing up in the Kiss and Cry to hug him because who’s going to tell them they can’t?

“Because we’re proud of you!”

I want all the Proud Dads fan art possible as well because it’s canon that they act like this and it makes me so happy.


This and a few other items never left my inventory. 

i literally complain all the fucking time about any little thing like paper cuts stuffed noses annoying papers…you name it and i’m whining about it… so like explain to me why i can’t talk about the stuff that’s actually messing me up

All Mine - Bucky x Reader

Plot: Jealous Bucky is NOT someone you should get on the wrong side of.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 3897 (literally why this took me all week)
Warnings: Grinding (dancing), spanking, penetrative sex, orgasm denial. Yup.
Author’s Note: I’m sorry for being so MIA lately. School is killing me. BUT, here’s angry Bucky smut for your Friday night ;)

Originally posted by wintersthighs

When it comes to Bucky, you’ve never met anyone who can crawl under your skin like an annoying insect, while at the same time, makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Bucky makes you feel like you’re only thing that matters. The thing is, though, it’s not like you’re dating. The both of you just spend so much time together that it ends up being more beneficial than not. The second your skin collides with his, fireworks go off in every direction and the two of you go at it for hours.

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