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I don't remember | Jughead x Reader | Part 1

Summary: You wake up after the big party, definitely not in your bed and you don’t remember how you got here. To be honest you don’t remember anything that happened last night. Why are you not wearing your dress? Why you do you have a big bruise on your arm? Why are you in Jughead Jones’ apartment? What does all this have to do with Reggie? And why you don’t remember anything, even getting drunk?

Words: 1360

Warnings: MISTERY, some cursing, mention of alcohol, some sexual content

A/N(IMPORTANT): Hi! This is my first fanfiction in Riverdale fandom. I hope you will like it if you do I will write the second part. Now the important part: I have dyslexia so forgive me for my grammar, because I’m trying to write correctly, but it does not always work. So I’m sorry again. Feel free to send my any requests, asks etc. I can write anything.  
Also the thoughts are write in italics. (Y/F/C) means your favourite colour. 

Shit, I forget to close the curtains, again. The sunlight on my faced waked me up. I slowly opened one eye and then quickly closed it. That was definitely not my room.

Let’s think. I’m not naked, that’s good, but this is definitely not my t-shirt and my bra is missing. That’s bad. I moved my hand to the other side of the bed. It was empty but slightly warm. I’m not a person who change the bedsides during the sleep. I felt the pain. I had a big bruise on my arm.
What is the last thing I remember? I was trying, but nothing comes to me. I didn’t remember anything from the last night.

I opened my eyes. The room was nice, small but comfy. I sat on the bed. I was wearing the big grey t-shirt with the letter “S” on it. Yup, definitely not mine. I looked for my clothes, but I couldn’t find them. Excellent, I have only t-shirt and underwear. I stood up and opened the door. The living room was brighter than the bedroom, so it took my few seconds before I was able to see clearly. This room was also very small, one table, three chairs and an old TV where the only furniture that could fit in. My eyes stopped one the pair of blue-green ones.

“Good morning (Y/N),” said Jughead quietly. He was sitting at the table with his laptop opened. He was wearing his famous beanie. I looked down at my clothes then again at him.

My mind was screaming. I was in Jughead’s Jones apartment. I didn’t even know that he has an apparent. Basically, I didn’t know much about him. Everyone called him the school freak. He was a best friend of Archie who was one of my bests friends but he never introduced Jughead to me. I never talked to Jughead. I don’t know if I ever told him “hello”.

“What am I doing here?” I said, my voice was a bit little bit shaky.

“Wait. You don’t remember?” He looked confused. And then his faced started to change colour to red.

I shook my head.

“You think… You where… I mean you was…but it wasn’t…” he tried to create a sentence. I didn’t know that the human face can be so red. Normally I would wait to see if it can go even redder but now I need answers.

“Yesterday was a party, right?” I tried to make my voice as confident as I could.

“Yes.” I heard the relief in his voice.

“You wasn’t there, was you?”

“No. I am not a fan of parties.”


“C'mon (Y/N)! It will be fun!”

“Kevin, you know that I have an important test on Monday,” I said looking at my best friend’s big smile.He knew that he won and I didn’t have any more arguments. He was talking about Reggie’s party for almost a week. Well, the whole school was talking about it.

“You already knew all the material! And the party is on Friday so you will have a whole Sunday to review.”

“Fine, you win.”

“What did he win?” I heard Archie’s voice behind me.

“(Y/N) is going to Reggie’s party. That mean you own me 10 bucks, Andrews”

“No, I own you five and the other five to Veronica,” he said.

“(Y/N) is going to the party? I knew it,“ the raven hair girl high-fived with Kevin.

“I literally hate all of you right now,” I laughed

“You know you love us,” Kevin said and hugged me.

“Yeah probably.”


“So… I went to the party with Archie, Veronica and Kevin?” I said my thoughts out loud.

“I don’t think so. You went with Reggie,” He was surprised and so was I.


“I’m definitely not wearing that,” I said when I saw the dress what Veronica was holding.

“It’s perfect for you!” she said

“At least try it!” Kevin was digging in closed. He was in “the Stylist mood”.

“Why I can’t wear jeans and some top?”

“Because no,” Ronnie put the dress in my hand. “Try it!”

“No, I said I’m not wearing that.”

“(Y/N)! Reggie ask you out! You should look perfect!”

“Thank you very much, Ronnie,” I said little bit angry.

“You know that’s not what I mean” Ronnie looked at my and rolled her eyes. “Kevin, maybe you could help me?”

“Yeah (Y/N) you definitely should wear a dress, but this one,” he said and show us the beautiful (Y/F/C) dress.

“Okay, I hope that you are proud. Give my that dress,”  I said.


The awkward silence was filling the small room. I looked at the window next to the table. I tried to recall anything from the party but there was the big black hole in my memory. I looked at Jughead. My biggest mystery. What happened last night? What did I say? What have I done? I felt so stupid. I wasn’t the kind of girl that gets drunk on the party and have sex with a random person. I least I thought that I wasn’t. I didn’t even remember getting drunk.

I looked at Jughead’s face. He looked confused maybe concerned.  It was really hard to read his face.

“Where is my dress?” I ask.

“It’s torn.” He said. “It’s not what I meant. Well it is, but it was torn before you get here… I mean it’s not…” He started to loose in his words.

“Can I have a coffee?” I asked and again I saw the relief on his face.

“Yeah sure. What kind would you like?” He closed his laptop and stood up.

“Just (black/white)” I said


“Hey,” I said when I saw Reggie

“Hey! You look beautiful!” He said and opened the car door for me.


It took only 10 minutes and we were at Reggie’s driveway. The conversation we had was surprisingly interesting. The party already started.

“I left the keys to my brother so he let everyone in” Reggie explained with a smile.


“Thanks,” he said and put his hand on my waist. “Do you have any favourite drink or you let me make you something special?”

“I think I’m going to trust your taste,” I said and he disappeared in the crowd.


“Thanks,” I said when he gave me my coffee. I took a sip. “It’s good” I sited on the chair. 

“I don’t remember anything,” I said quietly.

He looked at me and nodded.

“I remember getting at the party but that’s all.” My voice changed to whisper.

He opened his mouth and then closed it and shook his head.

“You must be cold,” he said finally.

I was little bit confused

“Yeah, I am,” I said surprised. I didn’t notice this before. God, I was still only in the T-shirt and the underwear. I felt embarrassed and tried to covered myself, but Jughead disappeared in the bedroom. After about five minutes he was back and I already finished my coffee.

“Here,” he said and gave me a pair of blue jeans, black t-shirt and his denim jacket. “The bathroom is here” he pointed the door. “Fell free to used shower if you want.”

“Thanks,” I said and took the clothes. “Jughead… how drunk was I?” I said not looking into his eyes.

He brushed back the black hair had fled from his beanie.

“The problem is that you wasn’t drunk (Y/N),” he said.


“Here you go” I heard Reggie voice. He was holding two drinks. I smiled and reach out for one of them. “No, this one is mine!” He said and handed me the other one.

I laughed. "They are exactly the same!“ I said but I took it.

"Yeah, but this one is especially for you,” he winked.

“Thanks,” I said and take a sip.

anonymous asked:

I actually liked the episode (and I was very prepared for the worst). But tell me why didn't you, please, I really respect your opinion!

Hi love :) Sorry it took me a bit to answer this…I read it last night, but I was tired and needed to get some sleep.

First off, I’m happy you liked it, I really am. At least some people should get some joy and entertainment out of it, but here’s some points why I just can’t…

  • It’s very sloppy writing. Things that happened earlier are being completely disregarded and explained away with like one line, if at all, e.g. the last scene of TLD (4x02) where Eurus/Euros (how the hell is it spelled? I’m gonna go with Eurus now) is revealed and she’s aiming her gun at John, saying she’ll “put a hole in it”, and it apparently was only a tranquilliser. Why? Why do all that? Have her pretend to be three different people, first flirt with John and apparently text with him, then pose as his therapist and go all dramatic on his ass…and then “Shot me during a session. Only with a tranquilliser.” is a throw away line in the next episode. That reeks of bad storytelling, like they wanted this big cliffhanger just for dramatic effect but then couldn’t be bothered to do anything with it. Same with the explosion at Baker Street - they are jumping out of a freaking exploding building, through the window! And then we get a cut and see them being fine on some boat.
  • Plotholes. John in the well: he was chained by his feet down there, which is why he couldn’t try to climb up himself, but then a rope is thrown down and the chains magically disappear? Sherlock’s ‘recurring’ dreams of water because of the well (those dreams have never been mentioned before btw, there was one line in TST (4x01) “You’ve been having dreams. A recurring dream?”): how can he make a connection to that well when he never knew it even existed? Sure, he suppressed the memory of Victor, but he had no clue what happened to him and that he was thrown down that damn well, so how does “Deep water, Sherlock, all your life, in all your dreams. Deep waters.” make sense?
  • Shit happening out of nowhere. The whole Eurus thing. They can’t expect me to be invested in something that came up during the last few minutes of the previous episode…that’s the first time the whole secret psychotic sister stuff came up. Sure, we got the line about “the other one” in HLV, but that was 3x03, three seasons into the show. And yet they claim it’s “the culmination of everything we’ve been building up to for the past six years”. That’s the final problem? Bear in mind that this might be the last episode of the whole show, and they’re telling me this was a story about Sherlock Holmes and his secret sister who apparently made him the way he is, even though none of that has ever come up prior to HLV. Even ‘Readbeard’ wasn’t mentioned before TSOT (3x02). But sure, “Every choice you ever made, every path you’ve ever taken, the man you are today is your memory of Eurus.” Sorry, not buying it.
  • Same goes for Moriarty. He had a five minute conversation with Eurus, and she apparently brainwashed him because “It took her just five minutes to do all of this to us”. So everything Moriarty did to Sherlock and John was because of her, that’s it. It takes so much away from his story and his infatuation with Sherlock, and it doesn’t even make a whole lot of sense because all of S1 and TGG (1x03) took place BEFORE that “christmas day 5 years ago” when Moriarty and Eurus met. The christmas they met would be the one in S2 during ASIB (2x01)…timeline wise. Maybe I got this all wrong - if I did, someone please explain to me why he even was in that episode and why that five minute unsupervised conversation was put in there - but that’s how I understood it.
  • The episode as a finale for S4. None of the episodes really have a connection apart from Eurus being 294 different people in them. Without TFP explaining why everything prior to it felt so weird and out of context (and it did! even casual viewers picked up on that), the whole season seems messy and disjointed. I’m talking about TST (3x01) and Mary in particular here: her whole redemption arc was done in that one episode, and ofc they only have three per season, but there’s still a way to make that feel more organic. Because the way it was done I’m simply not buying it. She went from wanting to kill Magnussen and shooting (and actually killing) Sherlock and threatening him to shut up about it afterwards to being a lovely and nice wife and mother in the span of a few months? And she fully ‘redeemed’ herself by…sacrificing herself. (And let’s not even talk about how absolutely shitty Mary’s death was done and how it’s impossible for anyone to jump in front of a bullet like that. I’d forgive other shows for that, but not Sherlock, a show that only two episodes earlier explained how being shot actually works and that “it’s not like it is in the movies”.) It just doesn’t sit right with me. Neither does John actually forgiving her for lying to him on that big a scale and for SHOOTING SHERLOCK. I’m sorry, but if my partner shot my best friend, there’s no way in hell I’d just be like ‘okay, shit happens’…and this is John!, the guy who killed a man for Sherlock after one day of meeting him. After watching TST I still thought all of this was a plan, now, after having seen the whole season, I just think it’s bad writing and horrible execution.
  • The episode as a (possible) finale for the whole show. No, just no. Like I mentioned above, TFP and its plot doesn’t wrap up the show in a nice bow for me. It’s barely connected to the rest, and it’s certainly not the big final chapter of the story they have been telling before. I felt nothing. Season 4 as a whole feels ridiculously separate from everything else and not like the show I love, I can barely recognise it, which is probably mostly due to the fact that this used to be a story about John and Sherlock (not talking Johnlock here, though I will get to that), and this season didn’t really have that at its core. The heart of it were always the two of them - “the story of two men and their frankly ridiculous adventures”-, but with these three episodes I can’t even remember them really talking to each other or having any interaction that shows the reality of their friendship/relationship/connection except for a hug and Sherlock saying John is family and, like, not wanting to shoot him.
  • Johnlock. What this show did was queerbaiting, plain and simple. I know there’s people who keep insisting it’s not because Moftiss once said they’re not telling a romantic story about John and Sherlock, but the show, its subtext AND text did, and that’s what I care about when I watch something. It was there, blatantly obvious even to someone like me who never used to pick up on those things prior to watching this show and who didn’t go into it expecting or looking for it. But I saw and noticed it before there were a million metas about it out there…and we didn’t just imagine it or make shit up. There’s a reason so many people believed in Johnlock, the show told us but didn’t follow through, and that’s queerbaiting. It’s a big fuck you to so many lgbt folks who truly believed they’d get actual, beautifully told representation - me included. It’s heartbreaking and so so cruel because they played us. It’s still there, in the show, and to me it will always be what John and Sherlock’s story is about, but it wasn’t made explicit. And that hurts, it really does.

So yeah. Even without taking non canon Johnlock into consideration I had a lot of problems with this ep and think it’s simply not good, the whole vibe of it didn’t feel right. There’s some other things I didn’t particularly like (what they did to Molly, the fact that Mary apparently knows John and Sherlock best, or that they summed it all up with a bullshit line like “Who you really are, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the legend.” - what kind of message is that?), but this is already super long by my standards, so I’ll leave it at that.
Here’s to hoping all of this makes sense; I started writing it right after waking up and my thoughts were still a bit of a mess and I also had to switch my brain to English. Maybe I’ll do a rewatch of the season and have some more to say about it then, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon because I really don’t feel like it. Which already says a lot because I’ve watched every other episode at least 12 times.

You might think that you’ll never gonna fall in love again, and you keep on wondering when is it gonna stop hurting. Or perhaps it’ll never gonna stop. You never thought that it would be this damaging, that its going to affect you so badly; mentally and physically. You probably feel sick and tired. Tired of love, tired of having feelings. You’ll think that being alone is probably better than having to feel like this. And for a moment, you lost hope. As well as your faith in love. But my dear, let me tell you one thing; it is completely normal to feel like this few weeks after you got your heart broken. The thing is, you will get through this. Without realizing it, It’ll pass. Life goes on. Someday it’ll all make sense. You’ll know why it had to happen, you’ll know why you need to go through all of this. To all the broken-hearted people out there, here’s my message to you; whether it has been a month, a year, two years, or even ten years, believe me, one day it’s not going to hurt anymore. That day will come, the day where you finally moved on. Where you can finally leave the past and ready to start again. So don’t lose hope, you are stronger than this.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1211 // @bynoire on instagram

// Happy Lunar New Year to everyone celebrating!  ✧(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑  Wishing you guys all the best as we move onto the year of the Rooster! ♡  - Admin Dissu

Dear Evan Hansen,

Today is going to be an amazing day and here’s why because today all you have to do is just be yourself but also confident, that’s important, like easy to talk to, approachable, but mostly be yourself, like that’s #1, be yourself. Just be true to yourself. 
Also though don’t worry about wether your hands are going to get sweaty for no reason. You can’t make it stop no matter what you do because there not gonna get sweaty. So I don’t even know why your bringing it up because it’s not going to happen because all you have to do is be yourself. 

I’m not even gonna worry about it because seriously it’s not gonna be like that time where you had the perfect chance to introduce yourself to Zoe Murphy after the jazz band concert last year and you waited afterwards just to talk to her and tell her how good she was and you were gonna pretend to be super casual like you didn’t even know her name and she would introduce herself and you would like “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, Chloe, you said your name was Chloe?” And then she would be like “No it’s Zoe.” And you would be like “Well so you see I thought you said Chloe because I’m just very busy with other stuff right now.” But you didn’t even end up saying anything to her because you were scared and your hands were sweaty, which they weren’t that sweaty but you started worrying they were sweaty which made them sweaty so you put them under the hand dryer in the bathroom so they weren’t sweaty they were just very warm now as well

Why Aren’t my Spells Working?

A break-down of why your magickal intent may not be taking effect in your life

Hi there! So, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably had this problem at one time or another; in fact, almost all witches experience a ‘fizzled’ spell every once in awhile… but what happens when you’ve been casting multiple, and they all just won’t take? Here are some reasons why this could be happening:

Originally posted by cherrycola-crystals


  • The spell was not transferred enough energy to take effect. Think of this as filling up a balloon with helium ~ If you don’t put enough in, the balloon with just roll around or float a few inches above the floor, rather than floating high in the air like you intended for it to do. This can also happen with spells! There needs to be enough energy transfer (The energy you put in, the energy you’ve taken from something/someone else, etc.) to allow the spell to ‘take hold’ and manifest strongly and in the way you preferred. 
  • You’re not helping the magick along when it requires you to do so. For many spells, such as magick geared towards jobs, people, physical events, etc. there needs to be more than just one magickal variable working towards your intent to manifest. You need to work for it; If you cast a spell for a job, you also better be turning in that application and resume along with it ~! A spell can increase your chance, luck, and appeal, but it cannot contact your employer and set up an interview. 
  • (A break-off from the above reason) Your conditions just don’t allow the magick to materialize easily. This is the most possible to happen in weather spells, such as those to bring heavy rain to a dry climate area, or magick for something that your life/area just cannot manifest. For example, imagine somebody trying to cast a spell to ‘make one of their friends fall in love with them’ whilst having not a single friend in their life; the spell is incapable of materializing, because their are no variables for it to work with! It is a sad thing to think about, certainly, but this example shows how casting a spell that is wrong for your life situation can cause it to work improperly or not at all. (Tip: This person should have cast a spell for new friends first! This also shows how you may be casting spells that are wrong for the situation) 
  • Your wording was not the best. Similar to how people will often word things in a positive or future-tense manner (EX: ‘I AM BRAVE’ / rather than ‘I WILL BE BRAVE’) during spellwork or how in some fairytales the genie will grant a wish in a horrible way according to the wording of a wish, you must be careful to be clear and concise in what you’re wanting! Stay away from vague or general wording; You’ll wish you had when you try to cast a spell for a person to love you romantically, and later find that they love you like a sibling or best friend ~ 
  • You forgot to/incorrectly grounded after a spell. Grounding is not only important to maintain your own energies, but it is also a good tool for assuring that the energies of your spell don’t simply go on floating ‘up in the clouds’, failing to come down to earth and manifest! Grounding after a spell also increases the chances that it will work faster. 
  • Your focus/energy was off during the spell. Common for those with a low rate of focus, who’s mind wanders easily, or with low/confidence and doubt (which can especially put off your energies) you might have broken the intent of the spell while casting it. Not to worry, for spells can be re-cast and focus can be sharpened, but be sure to have a strong mind when performing visualization or transferring your intent into a spell! This can lead to a spell manifesting in a different way than you intended (which may not always be a bad thing) or just all-together not working.
  • (For people-directed magick) The person on the other end of your spell has a protection ward. If you’re simply trying as hard as you can to curse, heal, bless, cast upon another witch without their knowledge, there’s a chance that they have up some magickal barriers of their own. Be cautious with curses on other witches especially, since there are wards to reflect curses back upon the sender, and you never know! This can also be so if you are casting magick upon somebody to improve an aspect of their life; they may unknowingly be mentally/spiritually guarding, or ‘closing’ their energy, making it difficult for the magick to attach to them. 
  • Further tip: Have patience! Some spells take a while to manifest or come to be, and if you’re becoming discouraged after them not working within a week, you need to have a bit of patience.

Keep in mind that these are things anybody can do without knowing; they do not at all make you a bad or incapable witch, but it is important to know and accept why they may not be working. I hope for those that experience it, these reasons can provide some insight ~ This post was inspired by all of the anons who have been asking this question frequently

Send me a message if you have any questions or comments ♡ Thank you!


Broken Spell Jar

My travel spell jar broke at last. That thing had been sittiing in my car all summer! Honestly I had expected the wax seal to soften before now but hey! What an opportunity, right?

There can be many reasons why a spell jar has broken or become unsealed, and it’s all dependent on what the jar’s intent was. For me, it was protection and reducing inner road-rage when travelling. So perhaps this particular jar has done it’s job and there’s nothing left of it to give. Figure out why this has happened to your jar and then go from there.

So what do you do when the spell jar breaks? Well, again it’s dependent on your situation, but here I’ll show you what I’ve done for this particular spell jar which can be utilized for other spell jars. Feel free to use this method for yourselves and to adjust it according to your needs!

First, empty its content and separate what is salvagable and what is not. Everything to be discarded you can- burn, flush down, throw away, bury, throw outside- whatever is appropriate for the materials you’re getting rid of.

Take what you salvaged and use whatever cleansing method you see fit for your own items. I’ve also salvaged the jar, because I am ALL ABOUT reusing stuff.

So now what? You can take your kept items and use them for other spells or rituals. Charge them, bless them, charm them, whatever! But deep in my heart guts, I feel like these items should immediately be reused for the exact same spell you previously had it in. But that’s just what my heart guts are telling me. If you wanna put them all back in the same jar for the same spell, go ahead! you do you.

Another method would be to just discard the entire spell jar, but I feel like this is such a waste of potential for the spell’s contents. Again, do what you feel is right. And if you have other suggestions on what to do for a broken spell jar, let me know!

Got7 on the Playground

JB: I am the sandbox the sandbox is me

Jackson: Wood chips? Are they organic? DID THEY KILL TREES TO MAKE THESE?!

Bambam: let’s play tag! *tags Mark and dabs away*

Mark: yup i think I’ll just sit here.

Junior: But what if. we pranked. Yugyeom?

*five minutes later*

Yugyeom: Hey! Why are you all ganging up on me? Why does this always happen?! IT’S JUST A GAME DON’T TOUCH ME

Youngjae: *stops giggling for two seconds* should have brought Coco man

Drabble request via Tumblr-message was ‘knife’.


It was Phantom, or at least Maddie was pretty sure it was. The ghost had lost his spectral glow and looked haggard and torn, barely managing to stay on his feet. His chest was heaving with each breath. A knife was held in his right hand, the blade awkwardly gripped, the other arm held close to his body, likely gripping broken ribs. Or at least whatever the ghost’s equivalent was.

Whatever had happened to the ghost before making it here, Maddie wasn’t sure. All she knew was that he was here, now, with his back to her, glaring out into the darkness of a lab lit only by the steady glow of the portal. Protecting her, although she couldn’t fathom why.

“Freak,” came a voice from the shadows. There was a swirl of red and black - glittering ectoplasm barely given form. “Monster. Why don’t you give up already?”

“My human,” Phantom growled, twisting his head from side to side in search of the ghosts. “Lay off this one.”

Even as Maddie huddled in the corner, nursing her broken leg and keeping her hand pressed firmly against her side, her mind caught onto the oddness of Phantom having to look for the ghosts. He’d always just known where they were. Perhaps it went with the not-glowing thing.

Cold, empty laughter bubbled through the darkness, high pitched and merciless. “No. Why would I possibly follow the commands of a pathetic little thing like you? Look at you. You can barely hold yourself upright!”

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galaxa-13  asked:

Whenever you get someone demanding for spoilers I imagine both of you reacting like someone watching a movie they've already seen with someone who hasn't. "Why is this happening?" "Keep watching and you'll find out." "Why did they do that?" "Keep watching and you'll find out." "How come-" "JUST WATCH THE MOVIE."

We’re all cracking up over here. Yes, that’s EXACTLY what it’s like!

Fuck Cho PD

Like he didnt learn SHIT from what happened with BLOCK B. Why would you steal from TOPP DOGG and their fans????????? Why would you take money from them knowing they’re struggling in korea as it fucking it. TOPP DOGG isnt out here busting their asses for you to be stealing from them. TOPP DOGG is so fucking underrated and underappreciated that its not even fucking funny anymore. All those boys are got damn fucking talented and yet they’re wasting away because Cho PD couldnt get his shit together. Shout out to P-Goon for being an awesome and caring asf leader for calling out Cho PD to get their money back. That shit aint cool AT ALL. I hope Hunus get TOPP DOGG’s money back cause honestly fuck Cho PD. I’ll say it til they can get their money back. TOPP DOGG stayed loyal to his fuck ass because they thought he wasnt gonna do that to them. My poor babies TOPP KLASS will ALWAYS be here for y’all. 

A while ago, I told the MML Group about an idea I had about Milo and Diogee and I wanted to share it here

Basically I feel like Diogee wasn’t adopted by the Murphy’s at a pet store, but he was an accident. Like part of Murphy’s Law. 

When Milo was still figuring out why all these bad things kept happening, this dog kept appearing and he was like 

 “Stop coming here! Leave me alone!” 

cause he thought he was dangerous to everyone.

 But, this dog kept coming to him. He didn’t know why, but the dog walked over to him and licked his face. Milo kept looking around to see if anything would happen to this dog, but nothing did. He smiled down at the dog, hugged him and started to cry. 

 “..Thank you.” and that’s when he knew he wasn’t dangerous and decided to bring him home.

  • Philip: [...]I told them I'm gay
  • Lukas: Why?
  • Philip: why not?
  • Lukas: Because, shit, now they'll think I'm gay too!
  • Philip: No. No, they'll think you're an homophobic bully. Which you are. So, what are doing up here? what's going on?
  • Lukas: People are talking about us sticking together.
  • Philip: Ok, then don't hang out with me anymore.
  • Lukas: I'm not going to, but that's not gonna fix it. They all sensed stuff, I need it to stop.
  • Philip: Ok, ok, so you want me to tell everyone that you didn't kiss me in the cabin. Or at the club and that never happened, nothing it's real. Isn't it? it's how you want me to go, make a big announcement to everyone?
  • Lukas: You're an asshole.
  • Philip: Yeah, I'm the asshole.
  • Lukas: Yes, you are. ... I'm gonna have sex with Rose.
  • Philip: Did you seriously drag me all the way up here just to tell me that?
  • Lukas: No... I need your help with something...
  • Philip: Why would I help you with anything?
  • Lukas: Because you know I like you. And I think I figured out a way for us to keep hanging out

Guanshan: You idiot. Why is everyone…why’d you do it!
Hetian: The idiot here is you for not realizing why I had to do this. 

I feel like Guanshan is probably overwhelmed with feels because so much shit has happened to him over these past few days, that he really wants to let it all out but can’t for some reason. Like he’s holding back or something. 

You can’t spread your wings in a box, we were a bit lost, when will we find out the truth? You were not destined to die here, the truth doesn’t sleep here. You can lie to yourself about yesterday, but shit happens for a reason. There’s nothing random about a particular event. There has to be a reason for this. There has to be a reason for you to be this way. I had a dream last night. I was in a forest and you were there too. Sometimes I’m not all the way here and I’ve just been trying to figure out why. I’m more of myself when I’m actually searching for the meaning as to why I am the way I am. I’m not confined to one personality, I’m a different person around different people. It’s much less about fitting in and more about dimensions of the soul– you can’t be the same person from yesterday, even mundane routines change you in a way. And if you’re the unlucky ones– the ones that can’t see your life as something more than the short end of the stick… you’re probably just like me. There’s something about thinking outside of the box that warps my thoughts. There’s something about wanting more of who we were meant to be instead of who they say that we are. You’re more than that. We are more.

“We Don’t Talk Anymore” || Kim Seokjin

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Word Count: 3k

Genre: Angst

Seoul was a busy place full of busy people. It seemed that no matter what road you took or corner you turned, there was always somebody with somewhere to go.

It was normal by now to you, being the odd one out. The one who didn’t exactly fit. Everybody else had become puzzle pieces that all fit perfectly together and you just happened to be a little bit bigger than the rest.

It kept you awake at night, questioning why you were still here. Wondering why the urge to leave wasn’t as strong as you wanted it to be.

Of course you knew in the end it was almost always directly related to him. There wasn’t a moment anymore where he wasn’t on your mind. There wasn’t a moment where you could think freely about anything else.

It had been a couple months since you had last talked to Jin. Maybe longer, you didn’t know. Your brain just took day after day in as a blur because you didn’t want to think about how much pain you were really in.

He had been gone for so long, and he’d been ignoring you for a while. You weren’t quite sure what had started it at first, but now you couldn’t do anything without pulling out your phone and looking for a reply. Waiting for that moment where he would finally acknowledge you again.

Three months.

Three months without him and here you were, still waiting in the cold, dark, empty abyss that was your apartment. There was nothing here that didn’t remind you of him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of his stuff. It was as if one day he would just come back and things would still be the same.

You pulled out your phone and looked at the last message you had received all those months ago. It was a goodnight text from him.

After that you had texted him constantly, but it seemed that the longer you waited, the less you texted. That didn’t change the fact that you still waited up at night for the sound of the door opening and closing as he came home. But you knew it would never come.

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If y'all marrying was a mistake then why was I born? If you don’t love each other why did you give me this blessing of hell to be alive? I would be better off dead. I would be better off gone. I would better off not even born. I’m not happy. Everyone is more important than me. Everyone deserves happiness but I don’t. Why? Why the fuck does this shit happen to me? Just take me away from here. Please, someone save me.
Oneshot #48 Half a heart

Albus ran to his new dormitory slamming the door shut. He clutched to his pillow tightly, watching life fade away to darkness.

A part of him lost the desire to move, breathe or even speak. Everything was meaningless.

Seconds felt like years. Hours felt like decades. For the first time, he was incomplete.

He grabbed a black marker to begin writing. Releasing these empty thoughts felt right.

“What happens when you are destroyed beyond recognition, when the person you thought you were is just a figment of imagination? Why am I merely existing yet feel trapped as if I am not here at all? How can life be so cruel to a point where the world becomes nothing? Most importantly, why was my other half ripped away from me? Maybe people find ways to live but for someone like myself, if I don’t have Scorpius, I am not real.”

Being strong reaches a limit. It’s not a choice anymore. Albus couldn’t help the tears running down his cheeks. He cried more than he could count.

A picture of Scorpius landed on his face. He sniffled, tears sliding down on the photo when he looked at it.

Even a knock on the door didn’t grab his attention. “Albus, it’s professor McGonagall. Are you okay?” She asked, concerned.

No response came to her. She sighed before opening the door with her wand. “Albus?” She called his name.

When she didn’t receive an answer, she approached him noticing the piece of paper with words. She read it to herself, feeling a bit worried.

“You can talk to me. I know how much you miss Scorpius.” Keeping the two boys separate devastated her.

Albus had his back turned toward her. The mention of Scorpius killed him.

Finally, once he calmed, Albus turned to face professor McGonagall. “There isn’t much I can say. I don’t need your pity.” He didn’t sound happy at all.

“Very well. I’ll be going now. I hope you feel better.” She exited the dorm, heading off to do her own business.

Getting out of his bed took courage . He headed to the astronomy tower for a while to think without distractions.

By the time he reached the stairs to head back to his dormitory, Scorpius was around.

The two staircases pulled apart and back together again. Albus and Scorpius exchanged looks.

Both staircases went in opposite directions. Albus glanced at Scorpius, hurt and in despair. He was hopeless.

Scorpius returned the look, heartbroken. He tried his hardest not to cry.

Very slightly, the staircases moved toward each other creating tension between both of them. Albus stared at the ground and back at Scorpius.

There was a longing to touch if just for a moment. Scorpius contemplated jumping over to Albus for a hug.

Again, the stairs drifted off in different directions while Albus and Scorpius made eye contact the entire time.

Albus’s staircase moved closer and he took it very lightly. Next, Scorpius’s staircase moved closer, just an inch.

Neither one said anything. Just complete and utter silence remained in the room.

Somewhere in between their longing for each other, weakness took over their body dropping them to the floor.

Scorpius wanted to be near him. Albus wanted the same.

They lied on the stairs facing one another with an overwhelming coldness body temperate.

If it was up to them, they would stay like this forever. Having each other’s presence was like heaven sent.

Before long, Albus jumped over the opposite staircase running to Scorpius.

He gave Scorpius a mini hug knowing there won’t be a next time. Scorpius froze.

Albus jumped back to his staircase lying on the stairs.

Scorpius had to make a decision and quick. He stood up, jumping to Albus.

He helped Albus to stand, turned him around and gave him an everlasting kiss. “I love you.” Scorpius returned to his stairs.

Those are the last words Albus heard before the stairs parted.