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PFFFT what are you talking about I’m not hyping it hahaha who gave you that crazy idea hahaHAHA HAH A 😅

please send help all I’ve been doodling lately were these godforsaken robots is2g

so i’m losing followers like crazy and have no idea why, but I’m also looking for new blogs to follow on here so if you post
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So I recently hit 500 followers and this is crazy, I started this blog a few months ago and the support I have received has been amazing, I love you all. I have met some pretty incredible people in this short time who I love with all my heart.

Before I get into the follow forever I’d like to just express my love for a few people (everyone should go follow them cause they are all wonderful and lovely and I honestly have no idea why they follow me):

@catharinaloss ♥ JO MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE! Even though you can be problematic I still love you (yes even I am calling you problematic now, you crossed a line by putting milk in before the cereal). You always manage to cheer me up and put up with me in my varying moods and for that, I am so grateful. You are amazing, you bring people together and make so many people happy (even if we don’t always show it ;) ). You manage to put a smile on my face each and every day, you’re a lil ball of sunshine and ilysm. You are just so wonderful and lovely and thoughtful and kind and funny and talented and I am so glad I met married you.

@alexanderglghtwood   ♥ Eli, where do I even start? You know I love you so much honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Have I told you how much I love watching you narrate your life to me over Snapchat? It’s my favourite thing, and I still love your voice okay. I just opened a Snapchat from you and I just need to remind you of how much I love your hair cause omg it’s amazing and I’m still not over it. I love reading your fics so much, even though you always manage to kill me with them. I always love our conversations, it feels weird if I haven’t talked to you in a few hours I can’t even find the words I want cause you are just so incredible and lovely and funny and I just can’t do you justice.

@magnificentbane  ♥ Meg, our friendship began when I decided to scream at you about my malec headcanons, isn’t that beautiful. We were talking for hours I didn’t even realise how long it had been, then you introduced me to Jo and for that, I will forever be grateful. Can you believe that our first conversation led to so many group chats lmao. I love reading your writing, you’re so talented and more people need to read your work. You’re such a fun person to talk to, you and your blog are perfect and ilysm <3

@thirstyalec  ♥ Dani, the love of my life, the most beautiful goddess to ever live I love you to pieces. I don’t even remember how we became friends… I think it was me just coming into your inbox and calling you out on your icon addiction lmao. Have I mentioned how proud I am that you have managed to keep your icon for this long, cause I am. Your posts are always amazing, you brighten my life and I’m so glad I met you. You are honestly one of my all time favourite people, seeing you on my dash makes me so happy you are amazing ilysm.

@softshumjr  ♥ Marta, killing you with Harry is my favourite pastime, you are my go to for quality Harry content. You are one of my favourite people, I still can’t believe you follow my ass. (The fact you have an ‘abi tag’ still has me dying okay ilysm.) Your tags always give me life, I like how I even know they are your tags before I see your url. Your posts are always amazing, seeing you on my dash makes me smile, you are an actual ray of sunshine and I feel so blessed to have you as a mutual. <3<3

Now onto the follow forever:  faves in italics, mutuals bolded

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YOU GUYS… HOW, WHY????  300, seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  I’ve been doing this for what, six months?  *flails about*  So, without further ado…

First, I’d like to mention five personal blogs (because they don’t always get love from rp blogs) that I adore and whose writers/creators make me very happy. @llehnsherr and @fassmaan for your lovely Jenna creations and yes, all the other ones too!  @joexjuliana  you feed my High Castle gif addiction and you’re crazy for letting me borrow them whenever but I love you for it.  @toostubborntocroak your commentary is lovely and I enjoy reading it!  AND @annachibi your blog never fails to make me smile!


The Resistance and the Rulers (High Castle)

@luxche @radiatedbigiron @theirnarrative @everybodyelsedying (and her blogs) @eigenliicht (and her blogs) @ofreich @imhohenschloss @ofpatria @obergruppenfuhrcrsmith @artandresistance @hisdesigns

The Rebels and Redcoats (American Revolution)

@annastrxng @woodhxll @ofcongress @intclligencer @temperedfinest @melancholicquill @mountvernon (and his many blogs) @madeficit

Allies and Axis (the World Wars)

@soldierforfreedom @jalopiisms @captvat69 @bielorla (and her many blogs) @soulbutnosoldier @wehrmxcht (and her many blogs) @riisorgimento (and her many blogs) @reputatiions (and her blogs) @fleur-au-fusil @lemxns @ssoffizer (and their blogs) @bossasbatch @colpapabear @vatersohn @cry-havxk @out-foxxd @kriegsgxtter @barbcr @easysnewnurse @gott–mit–uns @warshell @wcrdcddy @hxllbilly @luckyleckie @rxdiomxn @damnedislands @hctchered @verbundet @coraldusted @fraulcin @herrcolonels @sadistskiy @bertievi @alldocsgotoheaven @extrasocks

Taking to the Stars (Star Wars and Star Trek)

@astrohistoria @captainnextweek (and their blogs) @logicallyhalfvulcan @ltbroccoli and there are Star Wars/Trek blogs run by others that I follow…

The Mutants and the not-Mutants (X-Men)

@notjustpainandangcr @telepathicillusion @onlymyown (and her blogs) @youabandcnedme (and her blogs) @somehcpe (and her blogs)

The Present (Modern)

@nolenspraesieo @ericbrandonrp @kingxfmischief @watsonofagun 

Those who I don’t follow enough in their fandom/don’t have one to make a category but I love:

@iuriis @omniisciient @therapardalis @montantaudessus

People I watch from afar and want to write with but don’t know how to approach/they are mutual only and don’t follow but I adore reading their writing and just want them to know I enjoy it!:

@belayaknyazna @cabbcge @sxcundus  @mrsxadams @thexinstigator @anxlgesic (and her blogs) @darkcstsky @mshpkhh @prochncst @pastichemuses @silvcrlightning @journaliists @konigreich @medichands @ofdeductiions @hershield @pianogiftcd @bayonetsnpeaches @vaterapfel @ofeire (and her blogs) @easytrusted @kapohnoh @twice-the-fury @keepinfcith @mohiican @ycngandreckless @bardolctry @genotypiic @hisdaughxer @transmutage @nogcds @the10dollar @padshiy @soldiersdate @jedibetrayer

hi guys! i wanted to thank all of you for following me and being my friend throughout this horrid year… this past month has been rough for me personally (my grandpa heard he was very ill and he died today). but you guys on here made it all a little more bearable. i’m sorry for not being online more, i truly am. i’m losing followers like crazy bc of this even though i’m super close to my goal (which i want to reach before 2017!) this is why i decided to do this tumblr award thingy! i don’t have time for a follow forever right now… but this seems great! ily <3 pls check out the categories, bc dinosaurs are awesome, thank you.

R U L E Z :

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Jon  peered around the corner, followed closely by the askers.  Scanning the back of the store, he finally noticed the figure crouched against the far wall.  As he floated nearer, he could make out soft muttering, they appeared to be talking to themselves.  “No, no come on… I’m fine, we- I’m okay, just… come on, please…”
“Um, hello?”
The man’s head snapped up, and Jon took note of his wide, dulled gray eyes before he looked back down at his mottled hoodie.  He didn’t respond further, so Jon continued, “Er… are you alright?”
He was silent for a moment, before responding, “Yes.”  His voice was low, but oddly familiar; the accent sounded slightly warped and strange.
“Oh alright!  Sorry to disturb you, just wanted to make sure I didn’t startle you or anything… it’s Tedd, right?”
He seemed surprised at this, and took a moment before replying, “Er… yeah.”
“I’m Jon, nice to meet you!”  The ghost floated a little nearer, obviously happy Tedd no longer seemed so distressed.  “I don’t suppose you live in Durdan Lane up the street?”
“Um, yeah actually, I do.”  Tedd pushed himself up from the floor, leaning against the wall now.  
“I do too!  Sorry, I kind of assumed, seeing as you weren’t exactly freaking out talking to a ghost or whatever, haha…”
“N-no, that’s fine!  Yeah, um, I moved in pretty recently?”
“Cool!  That explains why I haven’t seen you before I guess.”  Jon glanced back towards the front of the store, but didn’t see any immediate sign of his friends.  “Do you want to head back with me?  I think Eddie and Mark already left.”
“Oh, uh… sure?”
Jon joined Tedd’s party.

Just something I need to say

Okay I’m going to say it one time again:
Don’t follow me if you don’t support trans people/ nonbinary people.
Like why do you even bother to follow me when you say those genders are fake?
I’m pansexual which is clearly something else than bisexual (nothing against bisexuality of course) and what means I’m attracted to ALL genders what is more than two, what means there are more than two frickin genders. I’m not crazy, I’m lmnot attracted to genders that don’t exist. Also, I have nonbinary and trans friends and I don’t really like when people call my friends fake or say their genders are mental illnesses.
So if you don’t support any other gender than male/female and only support cis people, please unfollow and don’t bother me again. Thank you.

Hey guys!
so originally i was going to be finishing artwork (which i still plan to do) but i noticed i had 150 followers?! (like what?!)
idk why y’all follow me, but thank you for sticking with me! it means alot to me!
i know im not the greatest artist out there, and i know that i doodle alot… which means i dont make alot of big art (like detailed, you know?) but i will eventually get something on here that is more than a doodle. (which is what im going to be working on after this, i gotta finish like 3 things lol but they are important to me)
i was wanting to do an art raffle, but i dont have that much time on my hands haha. i have this week and then i go back to school (im on spring break if you dont know) and i have grades to keep up. its the last nine weeks so summer is coming soon! but i am going to have lots of testing this nine weeks so it will be back to minor doodles more than likely.. (unless i somehow get the motivation, thats been my main problem lately. i doodle cause of stress and boredness ahah)
anyway, i just wanted to say thank you so much for being here with me and following me! i love all of you guys! <333 (so do the rest of Krystalia Productions, even Dice ;) )

Peace out my friends! <33


Group/Member: Seventeen/S.Coups

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 383

Summary: #17 “Stop it! It tickles!”

Requested: Yes; anon said, “17 with S.Coups fluff?”

Author’s Note: S.Coups would be the best boyfriend ever you cannot argue with me on this.

- Admin Lara

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What the hell?

I am NINE FOLLOWERS AWAY from having 3000.


This…..are you all insane? Has my powers of mind control worked that well?!?!?!

My writing is good…ish…but THREE THOUSAND FOLLOWERS….that….that is crazy!

I don’t even know what….this….how does one celebrate a milestone like this?


anonymous asked:

I follow you because like you, I am 100% Malec trash. And I also loved how passionate you where during Malec v E*ak voting thing.

Awww, Anon, my fellow Malec trash, that made me smile. I am actually surprised you all didn’t unfollow me back in the day because of me and my “signal boost” and all. Crazy days. lol

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tell me why u follow me on anon


Part One

You woke up the next morning to an empty bed, you briefly wondered if last night was a dream.

‘Good morning love, come on down for breakfast.’  Peter said as he walked into your tree house.

‘Breakfast? Oh shit its daylight! Why didn’t you wake me sooner? I have to throw something together real quick. The boys must be whining like crazy.’ you babbled as you jumped out of bed and put on your boots.

‘Actually, breakfast has already been cooked.’ Peter smiled.

You gave a confused look which only made him smile more.

‘Come on, we’ve got a surprise for you.’ Peter said before leaving, motioning for you to follow with a wave of his hand.

You followed him down the rope ladder and you were shocked to find all the lost boys standing in one straight line in front of you and Peter.

‘Boys don’t you have something to say?’ Peter said sternly.

‘We’re sorry Mom!’ they all said before bowing.

You don’t know what happened with you, you don’t know if it was the shock or something like it but the second that “mom” hit your ears your eyes just watered.

‘Hey are you OK?’ Peter asked in concern, you looked up and saw the boys had the same look on their faces.

‘I-I’m fine its just, after so many years…I finally got called Mom.’ you whispered quietly, trying to get it together before you started sobbing uncontrollably.

‘We made you breakfast, to apologize for how we have treated you, Mom.’  Felix said handing you a bowl of left over stew from last night.

‘Thank you, even though I know Peter is making all of you do this, thank you none the less.’ you said as you wiped your eyes and took the bowl.

The boys continued to surprise you by actually sitting down around camp…and eating. No throwing things at each other, no shouting or fighting.

‘So how do you like it? All the boys listening to you?’ Peter asked as he sat next to you.

‘They’re not listening to me, they are listening to you, as always. In all honesty its kinda weird, I don’t think I have just sat down and ate a meal without any interruption since you brought me here.’ you realized.

‘Well I cant have that now can I? Later tonight I will be taking you away from camp. To have a romantic dinner by the pond, I’ll even cook.’ Peter said as he put his arm around your waist pulling you closer to him.

You could do nothing to stop the blush.

‘Peter, what are you doing?’ you whispered.

‘Setting up our first date as a married couple. I have to keep my loving wife happy don’t I?’ he smiled as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

You saw his eyes look down at your lips, before he began leaning in.

‘Wait, Peter, right here in front of everyone?’ you asked, looking around.

‘Right, not in front of the kids, maybe later tonight then love.’

I’ve decided that you’ve all have been paid to follow me because this can’t be real. 

I would like to say thank you for sticking around with my weirdness. You’re all brilliant and never cease to amaze me with your talent and kindness. I’ll never understand why you follow me, but thank you. You make my days brighter and happier. Love you my friends. 💜

  • “The time will come when you’ll have to rise.”
  • “Spirits in the dark are waiting.”
  • “I think I should know how to make love to something innocent without leaving my fingerprints.”
  • “L-o-v-e’s just another word I never learned to pronounce.”
  • “How do I say I’m sorry? ‘cause the word is never gonna come out.”
  • “this thing turned out so evil.”
  • “I don’t know why I’m still surprised.”
  • “Even angels have their wicked schemes.”
  • “You’ll always be my hero, even though you’ve lost your mind.”
  • “I love the way you lie.”
  • “It’s sick that all these battles, are what keeps me satisfied.”
  • “In this tug of war you’ll always win, even when I’m right.”
  • “Baby, without you I’m nothing.”
  •  “Run out the room and I’ll follow you like a lost puppy.”
  • “Our love is crazy.”

yungafrodite  asked:

Hi love! Okay so I've been talking to this guy for like 5 months. We haven't hung out because our schedules are crazy busy with college and work. We've kinda talked about actually becoming a couple but not really. We're very intimate and honest with each other as well But he recently just stopped talking to me? Like in all forms of texting and social media. He still follows me on all my social media accounts and leaves friendly comments on posts, but he won't talk to ne privately? Please help

Ask him why he isn’t talking to you anymore? Or just forget him if his just gunna blank you x

Exo Reactions to Being Slapped During a Fight

Kay, I won’t lie. I totally had fun with this. Drama is my forte. Long Post, I warn you in advanced. Also, I want to make it clear that I don’t condone abuse in any way. If your partner is hitting you often and you feel like you cannot get out, ask someone you trust for help. 


His girlfriend stormed out of their house after a long fight to take a walk, but he followed her, demanding to know why she was being so irrational. From his point of view, she was being crazy; one moment she was fine and then the next she was reaching for any little thing to fight with him about. He knows he probably should have just let her go and have her space, but at the same time the fight has become too heated to just let her walk away like that. 

Baek: “Tell me why you’re acting like this!”

His girl turns around and just all out slaps him. He is in utter shock as he holds his cheek and stares at her. She has never ever been violent before; she had always been so calm natured. Baekhyun is utterly confused. 

Her: “It’s you Baek! It’s your fans, it’s EXO and most of all, it’s that I just can’t take hiding us anymore!” 


Chanyeol and his girlfriend had been fighting on and off all night about one of his close friends. She feels threatened by her, but he insists that there is nothing to be concerned about. His girl can’t help it though, she sees how close they are and how they interact with each other. 

Chanyeol: “She is just a friend!” 

Her: “But she’s an old friend and it bothers me…”

Chanyeol: “Am I not allowed to have friends? You have friends and I don’t trip this much.”

She hauls off and slaps him hard across the cheek. His eyes open really wide as he holds his cheek and backs up a step. 

Her: “How do you think I feel looking at you and your childhood love flirt all the time? Huh? Do you know how terrifying that is? If I’m going to lose you to her, I’d rather do it now than later.”


His girlfriend stands face to face, unyielding and stubborn. They had been fighting since dinner with no signs of stopping and it was such a stupid reason. He thought he had made this clear to her when they had gotten together. 

Chen: “What do you want me to do? Leave EXO? Not an option.”

Her: “Of course I don’t! I just want you to acknowledge me and stop flirting with all those girls that follow you around!”  

Chen: “We talked about this, I told you from the beginning that only you and the guys would know how I feel about you.”

Her: “I didn’t know it would bother me this much to see how you act around them!” 

Chen: “You’re being ridiculous.” 

His girlfriend’s temper snaps and she slaps him hard. She grabs her purse and jacket, storming towards the front door and slamming it behind her. He grabs a pillow from the couch and throws it at the wall, yelling out in anger before sinking down into the cushions and holding his head in his hands. 


Kai and his girlfriend get into a fight over something so stupid in his opinion. He doesn’t even know why he is arguing. He just knows he can’t stop replying to her and fueling the fire. 

Kai: “The other members don’t hate you…”

Her: “Yes they do, they think I take up too much of your focus.” 

Kai: “Well maybe if you weren’t so god damned demanding all the time, they wouldn’t think that.”

His girl’s eyebrows furrow and she reels back to slap him. He catches her hand mid swing and just looks directly into her eyes. She can clearly see he is not happy. 

Kai: “Really? That’s how you’re going to handle this?” 

Kai shakes his head and grabs his keys from the table, walking towards the door. 


Kris and his girlfriend have only been fighting for about ten minutes, but it’s already heated to the point where they’re pretty much screaming at eachother. Each of them are just bringing up past wrongdoings as ammunition and when she brings up the fact that he cheated on her early in their relationship he throws his hands in the air. 

Kris: “That was three years ago!” 

She shakes her head and just swings her hand, slapping him across the face. He sighs and drags his hands through his hair. 

Her: “And I think about it all the time. Every tour, every time I see you with someone, I have to wonder!” 

Kris: “If you still don’t trust me after three years of thinking about only you, then there is nothing I can do.” 


When they are fighting, D.O. is the voice of reason, always. However, his girl doesn’t want to be reasoned with, she wants to stay mad. She can’t just forget everything and move on this time, everything she is mad about is eating away at her. 

Her: “You’re never around Kyungsoo!”

D.O.: “You know why I can’t be here all the time, Jagi…I have duties-”

She yells out in frustration and before she even realises what she is doing, she slaps him across the face. 

Her: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. You have responsibilities to your fans and your bandmates, but what about your responsibilities to me?” 

D.O.: “Did hitting me really make you feel any better?”


Lay and his girlfriend never fight. Everyone in EXO always talks about how chill they are, except for recently. She has been picking fights with him left, right, and centre and he doesn’t understand why. She had always been so cool with his job and the fans, but lately she has been so tense. 

Lay: “You’re being so frustrating lately.” 

Her: “Thanks, glad to know I am such a huge burden on your life.”

Lay: “Honestly, lately, you have been.”

He sees anger flash in her eyes and before he can do anything to stop it, she slapped him. He stares at her, completely taken aback as he holds his cheek. He realises instantly that he really hurt her feelings by the tears springing in her eyes and pulls her towards him despite her struggling. He holds her close and runs his hands through her hair. 

Lay: “I am so sorry Baobei.” 


Luhan and his girlfriend had been fighting all week about how he had told an interviewer he was single despite being together for four years. 

Her: “Does our relationship really mean so little? Am I really that embarrassing?” 

Luhan: “You know why I can’t tell the public! I’m not supposed to be dating anyone but I broke all the rules for you! Why can’t you just cut me some slack?” 

He knows he is going to get hit before she can even raise her hand based on the way he rose crinkles, but he isn’t quick enough to stop her. 


Sehun and his girlfriend has been fighting about his fans all day because of how he had ignored her in public earlier in the morning, pretending he didn’t know her. She understands why he was acting that way, but it still bothered her endlessly and she couldn’t help but bring it up multiple times. 

Sehun: “You know why I did it, I can’t afford a scandal right now.” 

Her: “So now I am a scandal?”

Sehun: “Yes actually, I thought you understood that.” 

She holds her breath and slaps him, losing control over herself for a moment. She tries to walk away from him and get her purse, but he reaches forwards and grabs her elbow. He pulls her towards him and kisses her passionately. 



When they began to fight, he knew the argument was going to get pretty bad by how dramatic she was acting. Of course he had found someone to love with equal parts sarcasm and sass compared to himself. Both of them have been absolutely fed up with each other all day. 

Tao: “Well, at least I’m not being stupid about all this!”

Her: “And I am? You kissed her!” 

Tao: “She’s a fan, it didn’t mean anything. I was being nice, unlike you.” 

Her temper flares as she slaps him hard across the cheek. In that moment he is regretting teaching her self-defence as he holds his cheek. At first he wanted to yell and to scare her, but instead he holds back his instincts and just settles for mocking her to make her feel childish. 

Tao: “Did hitting me solve all your ridiculous problems?” 


Xiumin and his girl never fight. They had always worked so well together, but she snapped when he met up with his old friend and had lunch with her. He can’t understand why she is so angry. 

Her: “That’s a date, you stupid shit.” 

Xiu: “Going to lunch with someone is not a date.” He throws his hands up, sick and tired of trying to reason with her. 

Her: “Going to lunch with a girl by yourself and paying for her is a fucking date!” 

Xiu: “I’m sorry, I forgot you wouldn’t know what it’s like to actually have friends.” 

He regretted the statement instantly when he felt the sting on his cheek, but he was far angrier about the fact that she hit him. 

Xiu: “You know what? Get out. Don’t come back until you can handle your feelings like an adult.” 


So somehow 600+ people decided they liked my blog enough to push the wee follow button and join the crazy, which absolutely blows my mind. I wanted a way to give back and say thank you, so I thought it would be fun to make moodboards for y’all. These are some I’ve made before, if you’re curious.

Here are the details. Please limit three things max. for each category below:

  • Favourite colours (specificity helps. Blue can mean anything, but indigo or cyan gives me a better idea of what you like.)
  • Hobbies/interests/passions
  • Traits to describe yourself (i.e. sarcastic, quirky, soft, punk, optimistic, ravenclaw, etc.)
  • Things that make you smile
  • Random things (i.e. favourite weather/season/animal/food/etc. Whatever you think is important)

You have until Friday March 17th at 5pm PST to send in an ask if you’d like a moodboard :)

Also please like or reblog this post to let me know that you’re interested and to spread the word.

I was tagged by @misscrazyfangirl321

Rules: Tell your followers 11 random facts about you and tag 11 other people in return. The facts can be absolutely anything, whatever springs to mind.

1. I collect duct tape. Like, I have two large tote bags filled of rolls.

2. I sleep with four blankets, 8 sheets and a comforter on my bed, all year. I like to be snuggled up and warm.

3. I have to brothers, three sisters and two step sisters. Though I don’t talk to my step sisters.

4. I keep holiday decorations up in my room all year round.

5. I wear a Celtic knot ring on my left thumb and I rarely take it off. It’s my security blanket.

6. I’ve been the same height since I was 12. (5 foot even.)

7. Before starting high school, I shaved all my hair but a small patch at the front, so I would still have hair to hide behind.

8. I still have my very first stuffed animal from when i was 3. It’s a stuffed Saint Bernard, named Murphy after my actual childhood dog, a Saint Bernard, he was huge and fluffy and the calmest dog I’ve ever known.

9. I once rain over my grandma’s mailbox. (My family has never let me live it down.)

10. I hate my birthday (I’ll be spending all day tomorrow locked away until I need to make an appearance at my grandma’s for the family dinner.)

11. I was pierced my ear in the middle of an algebra class to freak out the asshole sitting behind me. I did and it was amazing.

I’m tagging: @mockingbird-22, @randomingoftherandomness, @tabihe, @pansexual-fandom-queen, @katyakora, @airydoorway, @the-softest-of-epilogues, @pheuthe, @midgardian-lokidottir, @wacheypena and @coldflashwave-baby.
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