why are you against your own gender

Some Muse Questions
  1. What do you like about your muse? What do you dislike?
  2. If you could change one thing about your muse or their history, what would it be?
  3. What are your favorite ships with your character? Least favorite?
  4. Are there any specific plots that you would like to play with them?
  5. Are there any specific characters you would like to play against?
  6. Is there something that you would never, ever play out?
  7. If your character did not have the role they did now, what do you think they would be doing?
  8. Pick an important event in your muse’s life. Tell us how different they would be if it hadn’t happened.
  9. How much would your muse change if they were the opposite gender/sex?
  10. Is your muse in love? With who and why? How do they feel about this?
  11. If your character does not have a headcanon voice, do you have one for them?
  12. How comfortable are they with their own body?
  13. Do they believe in true love?
  14. What Hogwarts house would they be in and why?
  15. Does your character believe anime is real?

allionline said: No, MRA is a reactionary movement against feminism. Men do not face systematic oppression because of their gender. There are issues that disproportionately affect men, but MRA is not actively working to resolve those issues. My partner, who is male, is not a male rights activist, and it would not make sense to raise our daughter in a belief system we do not share.

I don’t know why you chose to reply to your own post instead of reblog from me.

The MRM does have reactionary elements to it, but that’s largely a result of active suppression by feminists of any discussion of men’s issues; the fact that many feminists will demonize men, masculinity, and male sexuality; and the fact that the feminist movement largely claims to be about equality and “for men too” but then fails to address any of the significant issues facing men.

And while I wouldn’t call it oppression (nor would I say any of the issues faced by women in Western society qualifies as oppression), men do face systematic discrimination because of their gender. Sometimes this is because of discrimination in favor of women, and sometimes this is because of discrimination in opposition of men - the end result is the same. 

It’s systematic discrimination that results in men being given longer prison sentences than women even for the same crimes. It’s systematic discrimination that has allowed feminist groups to suppress evidence of gender parity in domestic violence and rape, resulting in almost all public resources being allocated to helping only female victims of these crimes. It’s systematic discrimination that gives mothers more autonomy over their child’s father than the father even has over himself. It’s systematic discrimination that allows the practice of infant circumcision to continue on males while it’s only illegal and considered abhorrent when it’s done to females. And it’s systematic discrimination that we spend huge sums of money trying to figure out why women earn somewhat less than men do on average while we really don’t spend any effort at all trying to figure out why men kill themselves several times more often than women do. It’s systematic discrimination that only men are forced to consent (as nonsensical as it is that one is ever “forced to consent”) to the possibility of being drafted into the armed forces.

I’m an MRA and many of us are actively working to address and resolve these issues. Warren Farrell, Karen Straughan, Alison Tieman, Mike Buchanan, Lauren Southern, and countless other men and women have devoted their time and energy and risked their reputation trying to raise awareness of the issues that men continue to face in our society and how feminism is doing more harm than good.

By saying you and your partner do not share the belief system of men’s rights, you are actively saying that you do not believe that men are lacking any rights, or that you do not believe that men should have any more rights than they have even though they do lack certain rights than women take for granted. Is this really what you meant to say?

The reactions I get from “feminists” when I say that I don’t support third-wave “feminism” are exactly why I DON’T need third-wave “feminism”.

None of you using that label had anything to do with the rights women have now, so stop acting as if you did.  The majority of you abusing the label are absolutely not representative of what feminism is supposed to be, so you can stop trying to equate yourselves with those who have made genuine progress in the past.  You never paved the roads we walk on–you just came along and wrote your name on it in crayon and said “This is MINE now”.  You’re just appropriating a label in order to lend legitimacy to your own personal resentment towards men.

The only thing that spits in the face of the past accomplishments of 1st and 2nd wave feminists are the people who claim to be standing for gender equality that try to make a woman feel like less of a woman just for thinking for herself.

Nothing makes me sadder than transphobia within the trans community against non-binary genders and binary trans people who don’t adhere to strict gender roles. You are expected by cis people to explain your feelings about your gender almost on the daily - why would you want to subject others to that from their own community? You can’t discredit something just because you don’t experience it. That’s exactly what transphobic cis people do.

Why im against using asg/sga as a way to gatekeep:
People saying if youre not asg/sga youre not lgbt+ which excludes nb people who have no similar gender
This excludes bi people who will date genders other than the opposite binary gender but not their own gender
Same goes for poly people
It also excludes trans people who are not attracted to their same gender Im not against it bc i cant use it im against it when you use it as a way to gatekeep
Idc if you use it for yourself or others who like the term
Just dont say “if youre not asg/sga then youre not lgbt+” because that excludes a multitude of people who are lgbt