why are yo so cute


I wanted to practice drawing profile shots and the different features between male and female but…

Shit, Why is she cute??? This wasn’t supposed to happen!!!



She knew you were cute but she loved messing with you so every time you laughed she would be like “Oh, cute laugh. But I’m still cuter.”


She would look at you with nothing but love. Your laugh was so cute to her that her heart would beat so fast that she never knew what to say, she wouldn’t even know what was going on.


This little dork would do something funny just to see you laugh. Other time, she would just stare at you because of how happy you make her feel.


She would get super shy shy shy at fire but then just attack you with hugs and kisses saying “Why are yo so cute?”


She would have the biggest smile on her face. You laugh was so cute her, that she would just smile at you, not knowing what to do.


Super giggle Mina will show up. She loved to hear you laugh, when you laugh at something stupid she would smile even more at you. What she didn’t know was you would laugh or do something funny just to see her smile.


She would just laugh at how cute you were. She was so use to you calling her cute that when you do something cute she would laugh. But, she would also go tell everyone how the love of her life has the best laugh in the world.


She would give you so many kisses and hugs, she would also go on and on to you about how you should laugh more.


She would have one of her biggest smiles on her face. She already found you super cute then she heard you laugh and she just couldn’t stop smiling. Every now and then she would say something fun just so she can hear you laugh.

The signs as things I've told my mom

I’m a Scorpio and my mom’s a Libra

Aries: Fight me.
Taurus: I refuse to eat hot dogs. Quesadillas all the way.
Gemini: I love…… Yo…. Ur cooking skills
Cancer: Why did you make me so cute and such a hoooooooo
Leo: Stop it with the weird selfies
Virgo: Organize yourself before you get roasted
Libra: You’re so gay. You’re gayer than me and I’m pretty fucking gay
Scorpio: You ruined my black aesthetic
Sagittarius: No, I refuse to wear pink.
Capricorn: Mom, sometimes, I ask myself how it is to have the best mother in the world. Then I remember I gotta wait to find out
Aquarius: The aliens are real and now that I know that, the government’s coming for us
Pisces: You make me cry actual Jesus tears

frogjester  asked:

question for you: what are your ships? with all the kisses and possible crushes it's hard to tell. question toward greece: why yo hair so fuzzy. ((i love this blooooggg, so cute!))

Greece is not so comfortable about the fuzziness of his hair so i’m going to answer because i have the same : humidity. It makes it all fuzzy // Cyprus

[[and now for the ships WELL. Let’s see.]]

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I played WoW from Vanilla to Wrath and skipped Cata and Mists so i could focus on College. After finishing my degree I started playing with the launch of WoD, but I exclusively play as Pandaren to annoy all the Mists haters. Pandaren are like super cute, yo. So why all the hate, Brosidon, lord of the Brocean?