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ten reasons why you love Daehyun because why not


1: His really deep laugh, just when he genuinely laughs it’s beautiful.

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2: The way he keeps all of us posted and makes sure to make contact with Babys AT LEAST once a week even when he’s hella busy but knows we’re worried and care about him so he’ll make even the smallest post reminding us why we love him. 

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3: His chubby cheeks 

4: The cute face he makes when someone off camera says or does something resulting him to just:

5: How on stage he’s super charismatic and full of charm but in real life he’s so shy and adorable and gets giggly and cute when fans show him love 

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6: The fact that he tries to act innocent and pure but he’s lowkey a dirty lil shit lord

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7: He’s super soft and fluffy and spoils his stans with fluffy content to make us smile.  

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8: The way he talks/his lips

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9: That he’s super hardworking, 9 times out of then when he updates on SNS he’s either practicing, had just finished practicing or is about to practice, that he uploads videos for us of him singing and recording and that he’s just 100% for babys and B.A.P and works sososososo hard to make sure he’s perfect on stage 

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10: His entire stage presence 

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I love Jung Daehyun so much oh my gosh

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what's your favorite three scenes in bnha and why those particular scenes?



 In Chapter 95 of Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya and his mentor, All Might, share a hug. 

 You’re probably thinking, dude it was just a hug, why is it so important to you? It’s important to me because their relationship is what made me fall in love with My Hero Academia. I’m a sucker for mentors who act as parental figures to their students. We don’t know much about Izuku’s father or if Izuku has even met the man, but we do know that he has a father figure in All Might. The boy has looked up to him his whole life. Izuku had just witnessed All Might’s final battle. The man he looks up to and adores almost died. 

  After receiving a Texas Smash to his cheek, Izuku is left looking up at All Might bewildered. All Might tells him, he can no longer use One For All and that he is retiring from Heroics. All Might reprimands Izuku for being so reckless during the Kamino Ward incident. Izuku and a handful of his classmates went to rescue another who was kidnapped by the League of Villains. However, All Might says he is glad Izuku isn’t hurt. He envelops the boy in a hug and apologizes for not being a proper mentor to him. All Might promises to devote himself to Izuku’s development. 

 Izuku starts crying and All Might scolds him for it, but he was tearing up too. 

tl;dr: The build up to this moment in their relationship was fucking fantastic. From pats on the back to high fives to hair ruffling, they were gradually growing closer together. I was waiting for the day these two would hug and Horikoshi absolutely delivered. God bless. ANYWAY THIS HUG SAVED MY DAMN LIFE AND I THINK ABOUT IT A LOT AND EAGERLY AWAIT THE DAY IT WILL BE ANIMATED. 


 In Chapter 94, All Might uses the last embers of One For All to do one final smash.

 All Might’s battle with All For One had been going on for quite sometime. His true form had been exposed to the world and All For One was taunting him. All For One tells All Might that he (All Might) has failed as a teacher due to Izuku’s recklessness. All Might vows not to die until he is finished bringing up Izuku. With the last embers of One for All, he pours every ounce of his strength into his right arm. At the last second, All Might transfers the power to his left arm and catches All For One off guard. 

tl;dr HANDS DOWN THE MOST BADASS MOVES WE’VE SEEN IN THE SERIES SO FAR (sorry for the bad summary, I haven’t read through the Rescue Arc in a while lmao)


 In Chapter 76, Izuku becomes a hero to someone.

 This moment and the second moment are interchangeable for me. They’re both equally awesome.

 The boy on the left is Kouta, a boy who doesn’t particularly like heroes because of what happened to his parents years earlier. The bruised and battered boy on the right is Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of the story, and thus far he still doesn’t have control over One for All. He can only use about 5% but

 Izuku is going all out and pushing way past his limit to protect Kouta because that’s what heroes do.

 And Izuku wants to be a hero more than anything. Izuku saves Kouta and Kouta ends up writing him a letter thanking him.


Bonus moments include: I Promise and Bakugou Breaks

Woooo geez this got long, but here are my top 3 scenes in BNHA!!

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hey so I need your expertise Emily, bc you are all-knowing obvs. So why do you think its so much more of a big deal if Dan came out, than if Phil did? Cause I see all of these posts like 'When will Dan come out,' or 'We'd be so proud of him if he did,' or 'We're so glad he's becoming more comfortable with his identity,' But I never see that stuff about Phil. Why do you think its much more of a topic with Dan? Especially with the whole 'Phan' ship, when neither has come out

i mean the spotlight is really focused on dan right now ever since he announced a long time coming video idea in his last liveshow. dan’s potential coming out isn’t a bigger deal than phil’s coming out, but it boils down to the fact that phil isn’t necessarily on the radar right now when it comes to coming out considering he hasn’t announced anything about it yet and since he’s always been very subtle about his sexuality and basically anything that would entail opening up beyond a personal level with his audience. phil isn’t nearly as transparent as dan and he keeps his private life very much under wraps, so a potential coming out from phil is really up in the air atm until he announces something blatantly

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I know you hate burning sandals because he decided to become a democrat right when it was convenient and tried to hijack the party so he could win an election. but if he hadnt run when and how he did, would you still dislike him? like outside of the 2016 election, do you like him as a politician? his policies and whatnot?

no and let me tell you why my freshman year polisci class we were all randomly assigned a U.S. senator and we had to do our own research on their voting and legislation history then at the end of the year we did this sort of mock senate session as the senator we researched. ANYWAYS guess who was assigned burning sandals? i didn’t know much about him but after looking up his history in the senate only to find out he was only known for passing legislation on renaming post offices i was thoroughly unimpressed with his geriatric ass. and this douche who sat next to me who i hated got assigned barbara mikulski who i really wanted and i was LIVID for the rest of the semester.

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So like, why the heck did the founders think it was a good idea to put Hufflepuff and Slytherin in the basement?? Like they didn't have any room above ground? Are we the secret children that nobody knows about that they have to hide away or something?

There’s some post on Tumblr somewhere with the founders talking about where to have the common rooms and Hufflepuff is like “guys, why are you doing this. Guys. Why. Why are you making children be in towers. Salazar, that’s a dungeon. Guys. GUYS. GUYS! Screw you, I’m going to be near the kitchens.”

Followers, reblog with a link if you know what I’m talking about?

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

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Do you think Killian and Emma have banged yet? :P


I think they’ve been having sex since Season 4.

I think they definitely did some touchy-feely experimenting… probably said “to hell” with granny’s wolf hearing during the 6 weeks of silence, and embraced what most couples in love do. (granny’s used to it running a b&b, she knows when to put on the ear mufflers.)

I don’t think they did much during Season 5. Killian was probably too worried about her and the darkness, unless Emma was like “nope, can’t sleep captain, we’re in a fancy medieval bed, let’s burn some energy.” (side eyes the middlemist field scene and the replenish the water supply scene - those could have been pre & post sexytimes scenes) and I can’t see it being the right time for ‘sheathing the sword’ in the Underword either.

Which could be why those two were more than ready to christen their couch at the beginning of Season 6. 

Also… they’re living together. Unless David has insisted he install separate beds in that house, i’d say that room has had a bit of action by now.

They’re adults, they’re allowed to…. i’m just sad my pervy ass never got to see it.

Remember when I made that post about The Get Down being a good show with diverse characters and a good plot, and Stranger Things being the least representative show ever (I didn’t even say it was bad, I just pointed out basic flaws)

3 different people tried to say because the show was set in the 80’s, and that that was a valid reason as to why we only have 1 black character with a background and more than a few lines, and no lgbt characters. Believe me when I say I don’t dislike the show, it’s amazing. But this is valid criticism, and, wow, get this: POC and lgbt people existed in the 80’s, what a shocker?

Like all I’m saying is that The Get Down is underrated, even though it’s interesting, full of amazing diverse characters with believable perks and flaws, and over all just a *good* show, and that I can’t understand why it doesn’t have the audience it deserves.

And then I remember that it’s show about lgbt POC kids (mainly black kids!) in the projects trying to make their dreams come true, and that makes certain people uncomfortable I guess.




Okay before the big plot reveal I just want to point out that Doumeki waited at his front gate for his chance to see Watanuki this morning, called out to him as soon as he saw him, then chased after him when Watnauki didn’t slow down. And on top of all that he just VOLUNTEERS the fact that his eye is all better (which Watanuki didn’t even ask about, BUT WE KNOW WHY). 

I can’t decide how much of this conversation is Doumeki purely excited and wanting to talk to Watanuki (which is so great on its own) and at which point he grows the suspicion that Watanuki was the catalyst for his recovery. Maybe he suspected from the start, or maybe he didn’t suspect at all until he grabbed at Watanuki’s arm. I honestly don’t know which one I like better. 


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I stg some people who follow this blog are as bad as customers! Stop blowing up at the mods over every little thing, stop being impatient about "why hasn't my story been posted yet," just chill out.

It’s kind of understandable at the moment that the question about our queue is being asked. It’s pretty busy. I’d rather have those over the “YOU CAN’T SAY THAT” crap any day. I just hope I’m not being annoying posting a ton to keep up with the inbox. We have 143 asks/submissions waiting. I post one and we get three more. D: It is looking like closing everything for a few days is a huge possibility merely because tumblr has limits on numbers for queues and inbox. -Abby

My dad died when I was 16. I don’t know why I chose the internet to throw this piece out to. I guess I like the anonymity of it. 

Recently I ran into a high school friend, and we got to talking about adult life and things like taxes. He told me to ask my dad for help and advice. I guess he forgot about my father’s passing or never found out about it in the first place. I didn’t want to make things awkward for him since I’ve been told in the past it’s a conversation killer. I nodded my head and went along with it. 

He said things like, “I bet you’re dad would be proud if you asked him about it.” or “Think of how happy he’ll be to see that you’re being a responsible adult.” I just kept nodding, and smiling.

People told me I lost my dad at a young age. I didn’t really think about it until that moment. My dad’s never going to give me advice on taxes or my work, or tell me that he’s proud that I graduated top of my class. He’s never going to see me get married, walk me down an aisle, or tell me what he would probably dislike about any guy I’m seeing. 

I’ve tried not to think about my dad’s death for five years, and that’s a pretty shitty thing to do. But every single time I have to think about how he’ll never do all these little things with me, I end up a huge watery mess writing text posts on tumblr at 1 in the morning. I don’t know where I’m really going with this, sorry. I just wanted to express myself in some way because I know my friends don’t know what to say when I tell them about how I feel, and I don’t blame them. 

Just hold your loved ones close, appreciate the little things, even the times when you’re mad at them. If you’re angry at a loved one, just think about how these last angry words might be the last thing you’ll ever say to them. Don’t leave it at that. Some things are temporary and some things are permanent.  

Malec haven’t had sex yet

and here are all my reasons or guesses why. Warning: long post!

It was never explicitly acknowledged in 2x08 that they have had sex. Just little hints and assumptions by Jace and Izzy, which I think are meant to throw viewers off. In fact, the more I review and think about what’s happened in the past two episodes (2x07 and 2x08) the more I’m convinced the two haven’t been intimate - either because Magnus said no (offscreen, wtf) or it was a botched attempt.

1) The Talk between Magnus and Jace on the rooftop. We never hear either of them say out loud that Malec have indeed had sex, we just see Magnus’ reaction to “taking things to the next level” - and what does that mean to Jace? And to Magnus? It’s not clear, but it seems we’re just supposed to believe that means having sex, and now Alec’s happier because of it. But does Alec seem happier in this episode? (Look at his interactions with everybody in 2x08. He seems more on edge with Maryse, closed off to Izzy and cautious with Magnus, if anything. Alec being happier to Jace could be anything - being out and able to openly have a relationship with a man, perhaps?)

And Magnus’ reaction is also ambiguous. When Magnus says, “he told you”, he doesn’t sound or look like anything we’d expect him to be after having sex with the guy who “unlocked something in [him]”, no matter how the sex turned out. He’s not content, pleased or smug; fond or curious to know what Alec might have told Jace, or even exasperated that Alec would’ve shared something so private with Jace. Instead Magnus seems almost like he’s dreading talking about it at all, and knowing Jace’s reaction to whatever it was that Alec might have said - but then Jace quickly says, no, Alec never told him anything. Magnus assumes Alec told Jace what happened after the fade-to-black. At this point, neither Jace nor the viewer knows for sure what happened at the end of 2x07. So what made Magnus respond like that? Would Magnus Bane really show such furtive dejection if he’d just anticipated the shovel talk from Jace? I’m not convinced.

They start out talking about the nature of Magnus and Alec’s relationship. 

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Getting gooey on topic…

Why do people never tag their damn criticism and put them in main tags where we all need to swallow it but when people who is yabba dabba done with that complain about how nitpicky and (what is really bothering tbh) invasive they’ve become they say things like: 

I mean maybe we all wouldn’t be telling y’all to calm down if… you know, y’all didn’t washed the main tags, our dashes and EVEN our own posts with discourse?

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Are all Outlander/Shipper blogs going to turn into Sam/MM blogs. These pics are easy to find if someone want to see. I personally don't feel the need to start promoting these 2 as a couple. But, I guess at least in that pic, they look more at ease. I'm with you Jess- don't think it's a game anymore. But, not sure I want to constantly see the 2 of them across the boards either.

Meh. Sam’s not hiding his relationship so why should we pretend it’s not happening? Unfortunately it’s a topic of conversation because they’re shoving it down our throats repeatedly. I’m trying my best to not go overboard with posts or anything but people do want to talk about it. Sorry anon. Do you want me to tag the posts from now on so you can blacklist them? That means they’ll be blocked and you won’t see them.

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sorry im venting about this here but its something that really bothers me. people who arent in the discourse love to reblog posts making fun of aces and then claim thats why "they dont believe aces are lgbt" and all that jazz but they never see the death threats we get, they never see the harassment and the demonization, they never see the extreme stuff and so they act like its just a funny meme thing and it looks like aces are "just overreacting" bu t its not (1/2)

(2/2) and theyre indirectly contributing to the erasure and silencing of us and its so infuriating and frustrating and it hurts. and it hurts even more having to unfollow people you really liked bc apparently ur just another fucking joke to them

Honestly tho!!

You shouldn’t be saying that shit, especially if you’re not in the discourse. They don’t see the shit aspecs get just for uttering the words “I’m aspec.”

–Mod Mercy


oh my god Oh My God i don’t even fucking know? how we actually became friends?? but it’s one of the best things to happen to me in this hellsite?? ? pls i Love u and i’d Fight Everyone for you, i’d Die for you, I’D KILL A MAN (or more) FOR YOU! idek why you talk to me tbh??? bc you’re Amazing and Awesome and Iconique?? A Queen??? idk whats up but i’m glad we can be a Problematic (and gay) Mess together,, ,

mutuals send me a number and i’ll make a post talking about you

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So, what's was Shadow's childhood like? Can we hear some stuff about that?

(YOOOOOO This is what I’m talking about; stuff I can do headcanons for!

Alright so this part is from a mix of me and H, since our rps are in the main canon of my blog, but….

  • He was a premature baby, so he was in some sort of tube and on life support for quite some time. Why was he born premature? Stress on his poor mother, simple as that.
  • His mom taught him how to read and write by breathing on the tube to fog up the glass and then using her finger to write letters and word. Yes, Shadow was able to hear Laura from inside the tube, don’t worry, she was able to guide him in reading and speech.
  • Doom liked making up stories with Shadow; the imagination of a tiny hedgie who hasn’t seen Mobius, only the inside of a lab, is amazing, and meant Doom got a bit of challenge to figure out how to use Shadow’s suggestions; and helped them both in terms of speaking English correctly.
  • Did Shadow learn any Black Armish? ……..Only a few words; ‘parent’[there isn’t words for mother or father; Shadow knew the child version of the word though, and liked using it when he wanted Doom’s attention], his own name, and ‘stars’. It’s kinda hard for a mobian to learn how to speak Black Armish……And Shadow forgot how to say those few words eventually.
  • She’d sing to him in and teach him some french since she is european. (That’s adorable. He doesn’t remember how to say any part of the French language, but he did always remember the melody to one of the songs Laura would sing to him. Thanks @honey-natured-monsters!)
  • Eventually, Doom did have to leave to attend to things on the Black Comet, with the quiet promise to his mate to take her and their son to Mobius when he gets a chance to come back.
  • That……Didn’t happen.  Shadow did listen and ran, before getting caught once he was too tired to keep playing what seemed like a game of hide and seek.
  • That also meant he kept getting out by himself simply because he was trying to find Laura, too determined to find her to remember that she said he might never find her.
  • Project Shadow, at least the point that name was used, started after the researchers[which didn’t include Professor Gerald at this point] assigned to Shadow noticed that an odd energy was coming off of the young hedgehog; this led to Shadow being put in the tube that had all the green goop you see him in during ShTH. This was to age him faster so he would be easier to study; but it ended up stunting some of his growth, leaving him a small 3′3″ compared to his mother[whose 4′4″ if I remember right] and his father[who is a flipping giant compared to a mobian even in hedgehog form], causing a common error on his official records that he’s an African Pygmy Hedgehog, when he’s actually a European Hedgehog.
  • Gerald took over just before Shadow was technically fully grown in that test tube; the old man let him out after hearing a fake story about the hybrid being abandoned by Doom[there was little mention of Laura] and deciding that it wasn’t right to leave Shadow in there.
  • After the forced growth, Shadow actually forgot a lot of things, and it’s possible that period might of caused his issue with losing his memory. He did remember his name, an ‘unknown’ word in an odd language no one else understood[he remembered the Black Arms word for ‘parent’], how to read and write, and an melody he couldn’t remember the words to…..
  • His friendship with Maria started because he was still a child in mind, and thus easily got curious about the little human girl, and despite being told not to, he quickly made friends with the only child on the ARK that seemed friendly. 
  • Shadow was about as scared of the child version of the current GUN Commander as the human was scared of the hedgearms.
  • The rest of his life on the ARK can be gathered from the games and comics; main difference being Doom having no way to get to the ARK meaning the Black Cedar had no influence over Shadow. (Or any reason to be the reason why the Eclipse Cannon was made.)
  • Shadow, for quite awhile after he was released from the green goop[actually until a month or so before the GUN raid], would sometimes mumble in his sleep, and would whine for his parents and ask for them to stay the night. Even Gerald, who was still seen by Shadow as some form of parental figure[probably as an uncle or grandfather], couldn’t calm the hedgearms when that sort of thing happened. And no one is exactly sure if Shadow just grew[mentally] out of it or not. 
  • Also, that quill stroking he can do as an idle animation in ShTH is something he just does to relax himself because he has pleasant memories that his mind links his quills getting petted; some of which he probably doesn’t even remember.