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BB-9E and the plot of TLJ.

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What you are about to read could be one of the most significant spoilers ever written. In fact, I’m so sure about this that I debated even posting it. I don’t want to ruin the movie for you. Thus I’m placing the rest below the cut. PS: Its very long and I wrote it at like 5am. 

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there’s something so amusing about characters in animated media drawing other things in the universe. like this is it. the style of this sketch determines the actual aesthetics of this universe. how these characters actually perceive their surroundings vs how these surroundings are presented in the animation. 

like, do anime characters actually see each other in an anime style?

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why do some see their surroundings in realism with complex shading but we see them with simple flat colors? what would even qualify as “realism” to an animated character?

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is this girl aware that “The Thinker” represents a vastly different aesthetic than anything that exists in her universe?

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it’s an interesting thing for animators to consider. they’re presenting a story in a certain visual style, but does the art made by their characters, which reflects how those characters see their animated world, match the style we see?

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i mean I’m definitely reading wayyy too far into this but there’s some implications here that keep me up at night. 

anyone else remember that weird period on this website where edgy (and probably fake) stories about being mean to kids were super popular? like that one about a guy at a bakery who was in line right in front of a mother and a child who was being impatient and crying because he wanted pie, and the grown-ass man reacted to that by buying ALL the pies and everyone thought it was hilarious and it got thousands of notes along with every other post like that about making a childs day worse just because they were acting like a child in public? Why did we as a website let that to be a thing how did we allow that to become popular??

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So we get two derogatory articles about Louis on the same day - one from OK and one from Buzzfeed. Suddenly it’s bash Louis in the press o’clock again. I wonder why.

Hi anon :) 

Not to be completely pessimistic, but isn’t it always bash Louis in the press o’clock? 

Or at least ‘minimize Louis’, and ‘erase musician Louis’ o’clock. 

The only good articles about Louis have come from A) Pop Sugar, B) Huffington Post and C) United by Pop which are all not the credible music rags you’d want to write about him in the same positive manner they do.

Rolling Stone doesn’t know a Louis. Billboard recently remembered his existence but when they can give a low blow and a sneer. the GossipCop kinda gave us the official partyline - ‘despite efforts, Tomlinson fails to gain ground on US music market’. 

Reverie, Part 4

Pairing: Post-Azkaban Sirius x Reader

Warnings: Eventual Smut, Language

“Hi,” Sirius said tentatively as you appeared in his dream.

“Oh, no,” you moaned. “Why am I dreaming of you again?”

“Well, that’s the thing,” Sirius answered hesitantly. “I don’t think this is a proper dream.”

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I think one of the reasons Craig was so angry with Tweek is maybe because he thought Tweek didn’t care about his opinion?

There is a post explaining why Craig is so stoic (I can’t find it, if somebody knows hat post I’m refering to, please tell me or rb this post with the url), and it sais that Craig bottles up his feeling because his parents, specially his father, doesn’t care. Like when Craig anounces he will be in a fight and his father is just “Oh”. And we also have pandemic where the main four call him asshole for being angry.
Then we have Tweek x Craig where Tweek apologizes and sais he wants to fix whatever is hurting him, but then Tweek goes with Freedom Pals while Craig stays because he likes it, but not only felt like Tweek abandoned him, but that he is angry for staying and follow his own likes instead of following him. It must have hut to feel like he doesn’t care about his likes.
In the theraphy, Makie shows them that what is breaking their relationship is having Expactations, resentments, accusations, victimizations and withdrawal.
In Tweek side, he expected Craig to go out of Coon and Friends with him. He doesn’t and that makes him feel alone, acccusing him for that and making him feel like he abandoned him. Meanwhile, Craig didn’t even expected the group to be divided, and he felt abandoned by Tweek. Then, he accuses him for staying, and that just makes him feel angry and attacked. Thatresentment of “he was the one who made me feel like this” separated them. But in the fight Craig realices that he was wrong of expecting Tweek to stay, as much as Tweek was wrong for expecting him to leave, he doesn’t apologize or acuse him, he just suggests to beat the expectations together, as which Tweek agrees. They are still enemies, but because of eam rivalry more than relationship problems

I don’t know if I explained myself right, or if my englush wass bad, but the point is, Craig and Tweek love each other and care about each other

imagine how cute it is for Taylor to use Tumblr knowing that here is our place.

she can not do these kind of things in other sites as she does here.

she can not post a tweet without haters saying horrible things about her there.

she can not have her instagram with the comments activated, because the only thing that people knew were saying her “snake”. (fact that now we thank, but in that moment, was AWFUL for we all, do not forget).

I feel that when she comes to Tumblr, she knows it is HER place. guys, we are her family. we will never hurt her, ever.

Why does she see us fighting like this when we are family?

she trusts us more than anything, and not only to the fans who were invited to the secret sessions … it’s also when she likes a picture, when she reblogs a post, when she starts following us, when she stalks us … and we do not even know WHEN IS IT. she knows everything, she knows we all, she has always been here when we even thought she was not. why would we have to lost it?

so, please instead of having fights … should not we be enjoying this magic moment of a new album?

I know it is what Taylor and everyone wants.

So what? Carrie, the slut now?

Well, the latest casting video was a huge spoiler. Although it’s an old one (dated August) and I can only assume why it’s posted public now, let’s summarise it to get everyone updated.

We learnt that Carrie…

  • is stalking on Wellington and his women
  • Max is involved somehow
  • a guy called Troll knows about this stuff because he has Carrie’s computer
  • and sets Carrie under pressure to pay him that he keeps silent about her investigations as Wellington is a big fish on the White House
  • Carrie has no money, at least not the 15.000 bugs the guy wants from her
  • they skype as
  • Carrie offers instead of payment some exchange of “services”
  • the guy asks Carrie to get undressed and touch her nipples
  • and gives further instructions to Carrie what to do with her body
  • [everyone who needs to puke right now on that porn, do it, I wait for you to come back]
  • Carrie offers to sleep with him to get her computer back
  • the guy starts to jerk off

So, may I ask if this is really gonna be your story next season? Carrie selling her body, for money? FOR MONEY? Getting lower than ever? Guess it’s not her who gets lower but the writers on Homeland. Even if this scene might never happen because I still hope Carrie is a clever girl, which dick wrote that script? Who wants to watch that porn? It’s really a disgusting scene and shows once again that this show is fucking around with its female protagonist in a way that is only despising towards the role of women. What is your excuse, her illness? Being off meds?

The link to the video is still online.

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Hey I hope you're well. We're both non English speaking friends and were talking about how our voice changed when we switched languages. (unconsciously?) Do you have any knowledge of that or why it could be?

Woot woot linguistics convo.

I suppose I would need more information and context about what you mean by your voice changing when you switch languages. How is it changing? Is it the pitch you’re raising or lowering, anything weird with vowels or consonants in particular, the overall “timbre” or “vibe” of how you sound, the personality in what you speak, something else? How fluent are you in each of these languages? I could see what you are describing as being one of several different phenomena.

So every language has its own sound inventory - the consonants and vowels that are the building blocks of the words you speak. There are also subconscious rules about how these sounds link together. The different combinations of frequencies and sound properties, and how they blend/transition together, will make the quality of your voice sound different. A language with nasalization features in its vowel inventory will, naturally, alter the quality of your voice because your voice is just making different sounds with different acoustic features. You’ll sound more nasally, etc.

But I could also believe what you’re describing comes from an unrelated phenomenon - not something phonetic, but something sociolinguistic. There are some fascinating studies about how the mind is altered through bilingualism. There are even studies that demonstrate speakers’ mentalities can vary depending on what language you’re speaking! You literally can think about the world in a different way with a different personality in different languages. So maybe how you are expressing yourself is different enough that you hear differing voice qualities in different languages. It’s how you’re transmitting your personality in another tongue.

Especially if you’re picking up on social queues of that other tongue (ex: Japanese women’s tendency to raise the base pitch of their voices higher than, say, Finnish women), you could potentially perceive yourself subjectively or objectively as sounding “differently.”

I apologize I cannot give better explanations - it’s hard to know what you are specifically experiencing without more detail, or perhaps even without me listening to audio samples. Fingers crossed this helps, though!

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That post about your bf calling you with those pick up lines? So blatantly fake. Not everybody is as gullible as you Americans are you know.

Okay relationship police, calm down. Me and my boyfriend have this joke where we search for funny pick up lines to tell each other. And by the way, I’m not American, sweetie :)

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The Best Parts of Princess Jade

Jade gets her very own episode.  I suppose it’s about time.


Hildegard just instantly going “Why would we do that” after Flora describes School Swap Day


This is the first time we’ve seen Jade wear her glasses, since she didn’t appear at all in season 3


Flora’s face after Sofia and Jade do their secret handshake says it all.


Amber: Yes, I know, I’m the biggest thing to hit Dunwiddie Village since, well, the last time I visited Dunwiddie Village!



Ruby being excited to have two princess best friends


Jade’s ballad version of the Dunwiddie school song


The animation on Jade’s face during the lemonade scene



Jade: What can I say?
Sofia: You can say yes!
Jade: Yes?



“If anyone laughs at you, they’ll have to answer to me!”


Amber: Well, there’s more to life than fashion.  ….I cannot believe I just said that.


Amber with her hair in a bun!


All of Jade’s looks of utter hopelessness


Hildegard: A new princess?  Why wasn’t I notified?
(later)  I knew there couldn’t be a princess I hadn’t heard of!


Jade and Sofia’s heart to heart


Amber getting pulled by the huge lodestone

“No need to worry, this kind of thing happens when you try something new.”


Reactions to learning Jade is a princess


The twist of the portrait being the school’s architect, not a royal


Jade: I’m just really happy not to be royal.
Hildegard: Wait, what?


Amber: It was fun to try something new, but it’s good to be home.

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I saw your post about how your dad lectured those dudes who came to your house about religion and as soon as I saw the sentence about him getting out his slipknot shirt I was like omg they have to be from Iowa lmaooo

Why is everyone thinking this was my dad. 

Pretty sure I said it was my husband. 

But yeah. We’re from Iowa. 

spiderparty replied to your post: the-real-seebs: nunchler: asymbina: …
So EITHER she was a woman disguised as a man in order to become a doctor OR he was a transman. Luke, neither of those are bad things, one choice is not better than the other. Both women and trans people can take something away from this story. Why does it matter so much which is the “right” version?


I mean, a lot of historical figures could go either way and we don’t know enough about them to be sure, but I think the fact that Dr. James Barry was like “I would prefer that everyone think of me forever as a man, even after death” should be respected. If he felt differently about it, there’s always the deathbed confession, or the don’t-open-until-I’m-dead letter, you know? He chose what name went on his tombstone. It mattered to him, and it matters a lot to trans men, who sympathize with him and would hate to be outed and misgendered after their death.

You’re right that there’s nothing bad about being a woman hiding her gender, or a trans man, both are equally fine, but Dr. Barry wanted to be remembered as a man.

I stuck my nose where I shouldn’t have I know and I got reminded of the tracer’s butt incident and I gotta just vent about that for a hot second.

I’m tired of people acting like frustration over these things is just arbitrary offendedness or something because they overshot sucking their own dick and got their head stuck up their ass a mile deep. My words aren’t going to mean jack shit either because nobody new is gonna see this but hey asshole this isn’t about the butt.

If we isolated the “offensive” booty shot then yeah…there wouldn’t be an issue. If we take literally everything else in the world away having a character in a pose to emphasize their sexy butt means jack shit. but we don’t live in a fucking vacuum. 

Overwatch isn’t a game about sex. or being sexy. or seeing sexy things. It’s a multiplayer shooter which takes place in a distant post-global-war world. Why does the girl have to be in a sexy pose!? how does that contribute!?!?!

and you know what. That’s still not even the issue because if this was the only instance of this problem then it would still be okay in just a “well that’s weird but it’s whatever” way.

Its the fact that, not just in video games but literally every god damned piece of media (movies, TV, video games, music, comic books, REGULAR BOOKS ect ect) no women is ever just fucking allowed to not be sexy!? There’s never just a goddamned break where we can walk two feet without getting tits and ass bounced into our faces.

and even that isn’t so horrible but it’s coupled with the fact that literally these women can only be sexy. there can only be sexy women. and there’s literally no sexy men to be found half the time. You can make arguments for the overwatch men I’ll give you that they’re a good looking bunch but they’re 1) not deliberately framed to be sexy and aspects of their personality/design were created without the idea of “what would be sexier?” on the table and 2) this is literally an exception in a sea of bland white bread rectangle nobodies.

YOU CAN HAVE SEXY VIDEOGAMES I literally don’t give shit. Actually that’s a lie because I give a lot of shit I love ass I love tits I love women and I love sex and sexing women and women who want to have sex with me I could go on I have played many sexy games and I love them and I had fun and I’d love more. But when I walk into a sexy game it says clearly on the door “there will be sex here!” neat. just what I was looking for.

What I’m fucking tired of is walking through a door labeled “sci-fi” and being promised interesting, diverse speculation of the future and then getting immediately slapped across the face with ass every. fucking. time.

Hey asshole what’s your fucking “vision of the future” among all this cookie-cutter fap bait?! “well see there’s this war-” so there’s war and unwarranted sexulization of women 24/7? imagine fuckin that.

It’s like an overplayed pop song. The first few times it’s not so bad and you may even get into the beat but next thing you know every single station is playing it nearly every other song and it’s played in every damn store and the guy in your cubical is playing it and it’s in the background of every TV ad and it’s intrusive stranglehold on your ear drums just makes you hyper-aware of the sterile, computer-generated environment it was coughed up to be a perfect algorithm of “popular music” and from and the very fact it’s so successful means you’ll have to suffer through an infinite dredge of more of this exact fucking same song with a different coat of paint instead of anything new for the next decade.

So you just want to fucking walk into one goddamned store and get some regular fucking groceries without incident and you pray to god you can just make a quick trip without having to hear it and it plays twice while you’re in there and the CD is for sale at the checkout.

and that is why people who are actually a part of society and don’t desperately cling to 3D rendering of ass to fill the void that should be occupied by human interaction loose their goddamned minds whenever another female character is sexualized without any good goddamned reason.

To those who matter

I wanted to explain why I stopped doing inktober. It’s not that time was an issue, although that played a part.

Honestly the reason is stupid, but…

I lost a contest because the judge was age-est.

Let me explain. In Aussie, we have a singing competition where you’re judges by age, and everything is split into categories.

Australians will probably know which one I’m on about

Anyway, I put my entire soul into my piece, and let me tell you, anxiety sucks.

Now, I’m not sure what I was expecting, other than to be judged on my voice. So naturally, I pushed myself, and sang I dreamed a dream from Les Mis. And I got an 87. Not too bad, better than I expected.

Now, someone else I knew got an 85, and they got a joint 2nd, so I thought I’d be okay.


No place. Not a single mention. This may sound stupid, but it hurt. To the point of me discontinuing to do something that I love. So yeah.

I’ve been incredibly out of it, and it’s shown in my art that I’ve done.

But I’m coming back, and it’s gonna be a lot stronger and better quality, so be ready

Oh, and if you’re here from @fabkatxiety , welcome, have fun, enjoy the crappy art.

V: Can I film us

Y: wat

V: We would make the hottest sex tape in the entire world.

Y: 🙁

V: We are the two hottest people in the entire world. A sex tape of us would literally melt souls into magma

Y: no….. 😣

V: ☹️☹️☹️😒😒😒

Y: 😣

V: Wouldn’t you want to post it for people to see??

Y: No??? Why would I want that??

V: Um how about so people will see that I’m yours and be jealous.


V: I’ll even say your name really loud the entire time


Ok but we have make sure it looks like it was accidentally leaked

V: 😏😏😏😏👌👌👌👌💦💦💦💦

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Maybe Vincent named OurCiel! After his father Cedric...

This has been discussed several times, even just within the past few weeks.

Vincent didn’t name his children anything (he admits to being shit at naming); Rachel named them. We learned this in ch132.

Even if Rachel knew the first name of Vincent’s father, it’s unlikely that she’d name a kid after him. I don’t think Vincent really knew who his father was (besides perhaps his name), so having a child named after his father would possibly just make him feel… sad. It’s also possible that, if Undertaker is Cedric, Vincent never knew Undertaker was his biological father….

And I’ve also made previous posts about why that might be. Cloudia/Claudia might have actually told her children that their father was dead… or even possibly that he had just abandoned them. I think their father’s true identity was something she might have been trying to keep secret.

Anyway, no. Our earl shouldn’t be named Cedric. And I still say that, whatever he has been named, his name is intrinsically connected to the name Ciel. Either in meaning or in spelling. Elic works, since it’s an anagram and means “protection”. Luce works because it’s French and means “moon”. Astre works because it’s French, too, and because Ciel means “sky, heaven”… and then Astre would be all the “heavenly bodies” that fill the sky….

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I saw your post about the Cataclysm private server and I'd love to join :)

YES!!! This makes you the sixth member!! We’re going to have a full little witchy fam and I’m so excited. ❤️👏 I’ll write your name down and let you know when download details are available!

*to everyone who doesn’t know what this ask is about* @urbanspellcraft and I are going to be playing on a private Cata(WoW) server and are hoping to make a group of it! You DON’T need a blizzard account, a subscription, or money! Just an email to make an account and a computer!