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Things I'm happy they changed for the Harry Potter movies/added

I always see posts about what we wish was in the movies/they didn’t change, and there are SO MANY THINGS THAT FIT THAT LIST. But honestly the movies did a great job and stayed pretty true to the books. SO, here’s a post to point out the great things the movies did! Please add on and let’s celebrate the movies that brought these amazing books to life!

  • Adding the word Potter to… “Scared Potter?” “You wish.”
  • Showing us what Neville forgot was to wear his robes
  • Bellatrix torturing Hermione by carving the word mudblood into her arm
  • Barty Crouch Jr. licking his lips (good job David)
  • Amos Diggory’s reaction to his son dying
  • “Look at it this way: every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than we are now – students. If they can do it, why not us?” 
  • In the OotP when they’re in the Hog’s Head a goat walks by… Aberforth owns the Hog’s Head/is the barman
  • Slughorn’s story about Lily and the fish
  • Voldemort hugging Draco
  • Showing Lupin and Tonks reaching for each other and just not touching. It killed me, but I loved it.
  • Continually having Seamus blow up things through out the movies
  • “I’ve always wanted to use that spell!”
  • Showing them just being kids and having fun! PoA scene where the boys eat the candy and make the animal noises

I’m sure this has been done before but I was mimicking my cat today and realized just how often humans do this. We make a noise in response to an animal making it to us. So I’m picturing a human bringing their cat on board the ship and the aliens being confused when they hear the human responding to the cat. “Meow” “MEOW” “Um… human-Suzy why are you yelling loudly at your earthpet-cat?” “She’s yelling at me. She was an annoying booger last night and slept on my face. I am tired and now she is trying to yell at me.” “ Can- Can you understand earthpet- cat?” “What?? No that is absolutely ridicul-” “MMEEEOOOWW” “MMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!! Ha that’s right I bet you.”*sticks tongue out at cat*

Monsta X Reaction #26 - Their s/o having a cute, kitten-like sneeze

@eddycakeway18 asked: hello my beautiful friend, I’m here again. How about a Monsta x reaction to hearing your (crush) cute kitten like sneeze

Hyunwoo: Thinks it’s literally the cutest thing anyone has ever done ever

“Jagi, I know you’re cute to begin with but you sound like a baby animal when you sneeze! What’s cuter than that??” *then he looks at you like this gif*

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Hoseok: He would tease you for it, but also thinks it’s adorable

“What the hell was that?? Did you adopt a cat and didn’t tell me??”

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Hyungwon: He’s just confused tbh. how? how can a human sound like that? And it’s also…cute?

*stares at you like in the gif* “I just…don’t know what to say right now”

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Dads reactions to Dadsona bringing home an ostrich and trying to hide the fact that there is an ostrich in the house (Put a lampshade on its head)


-doesn’t fucking notice
-like you didn’t realize someone could be that oblivious and yet here he is, unaware there’s a bird running around behind him while he watches tv
-in fact he doesn’t notice until the damn thing knocks his coke out of his hand
-and then he just deadpans and goes “Look, I know you like you be silly and weird or whatever but….what the actual fuck is that bird doing in my house”


-he notices as soon as he looks up from his phone
-and he pulls the lampshade off a very confused looking bird
-and then looks over at you with wide eyes
-“….Can we keep it?”

-the kids found it before he did
-he came home to you chasing them around as they chased a very frightened bird around
-“what in the devil’s name is this???”
-accidentally leaves the door open as he tries to wrangle his kids. The bird flees

-he’s outside so much you probably have a lot of time to figure out what to do with it
-but when he comes inside he’s like “Hello Daisy! Hello Honey! Hello Ostrich!”
-takes a solid ten minutes before he comes back in the room
-“….Honey?” “Yeah Bri?” “Why did I say hi to an ostrich earlier?”

-notices that shit right quick you cannot pull one over this guy’s head
-Ernest plays these games far too often for him to have not learned by now
-in like ten seconds he has animal control on the phone and you’re around his ankles begging him not to do the responsible thing

-honestly it could probably just be part of the décor??
-he looks at it and goes “That’s an odd lamp. When did we get that?”
-Doesn’t realize it’s a real bird until it makes noise
-practically spills tea all over himself from shock
-doesn’t let you keep it not matter how much you beg. “This is not the place for an animal like that! It will not be healthy and happy!”

-he noticed it as soon as he walked in and just…looked at you. Like. What is this what are you trying to do
-but when you explain to him how you managed to get an ostrich he’s like
-….I mean okay? We should probably find a farm that’s willing to take it but we can go visit it

Walk This Way (Owen Grady x Reader)

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As requested by anon:  Can you please do a one shot of Owen teaching AlphaBaby to walk?!?

“We need to get married right now,” Owen said as he pulled you close to him.

You wriggled around a bit, trapped in his bear hug, coughing from the stench coming off him. It was a very strong mixture of dirt, sweat, and gasoline. Granted, that wasn’t far off from how he usually smelled when you saw him, but this time it was amplified by a thousand. You weren’t going to hold it against him, though. After all, the man did just spend the last twelve hours running from bloodthirsty dinosaurs.

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Shit Said At Pizza Hut Sentence Starters
Because 12 friends from high school should never work together
(Mix of NSFW and casual)

  1. I’d rather listen to you sing Rick Ross than listen to Rick Ross sing Rick Ross.
  2. And then his dick got caught in between the couch cushions.
  3. I am a s’more.
  4. Is it legal to take things off of military bases?
  5. This is a lawless place.
  6. That pizza was giving me a dirty look.
  8. Person A: Do you know how many stupid teenage boys are going to try and get laid by buying their girlfriend a heart shaped pizza?
  9. Person B: -slowly raises hand- I’m a stupid teenage boy.
  10. You look like someone who has a few assault charges.
  11. It sucks because everyone knows that ___ threatens to burn this place down, but here I am about to do it while ___ catches the blame.
  12. We could play Frisbee with this cold pizza.
  13. -peeks around the corner and throws a small pizza at you-
  14. I’m about to deliver a pizza to someone who asked me to bring them weed.
  15. You bring me so much joy, even though you probably look at me and think: ‘Fuck you, ___’
  16. Can we hold hands?
  17. Can we run towards each other with our arms out?
  18. Can we skip together?
  19. That’s the gayest thing I’ve ever seen.
  20. ____ said that everything I touch dies, but I keep touching myself and nothing is happening.
  21. Why do you have to be special?
  22. Sometimes when I stretch my arms up, I close my eyes and imagine that little hand grenades are going everywhere and blowing everything up.
  23. That is the most ghetto ratchet thing I’ve ever seen.
  26. I had a nightmare about cock pieces.
  27. -talking to ___ who is laying on the floor, silent, not moving- You need to calm down.
  28. I have two fistfuls of coffee right now, I’m ready to fuck someone up.
  29. Have you ever considered the crazy idea of giving me a day off?
  30. It’s okay, you don’t have to cry, I can buy you food.
  31. I think this lady is trying to seduce me.
  32. You’re 5′3″ but your attitude is ‘6′7″
  33. Why is ___ sitting in the back room making dying animal noises?
  34. You’re trying to tell me that someone stopped this place from being robbed by using a large pizza pan to deflect bullets?
  36. I’ve mentally initiated three drone strikes in the past 30 minutes.
  37. ____, if you die before me, I will show up to your funeral, hug your dead body and then return to the crowd. But only if you promise to do it for me if I die first.
  38. I identify as all those empty boxes sitting in the corner.
  39. This bitch doesn’t know how to spell.
  40. I took a delivery to someone who’s name was ‘Cornbread’.
  41. This person made an order using the name: ‘A Real Customer’.
  42. I wanna lie and say that I’m happy, but, I’m standing in this building, so I’m really not happy.
  43. This soda’s great, but, I wish it was a mojito.
  45. I’m afraid of angering the leviathan. I bet you think I’m talking about ___. I am. 
  46. This bitch is acting like he/she is God’s gift, when he/she is actually human head lice.
  47. I tried to spell Jose, but, I accidentally wrote Jesus-Jesus
  48. I bet ____ could 1v1 an entire hospital full of babies.
Fame goes vegan ~ Hobnob

A/N: The other night i was watching countryfile and a segment about vegan cooking came on. I was disgusted, i turned off the telly. My mum asked me what was wrong and i just shook my head because I don’t like the vegan lifestyle. They make me feel sick. However, i like to consider myself a non judgemental person. I thought about what i did and decided to write a fic about the vegans to better understand them.

I really hope you enjoy and i also hope you read this during bake off because it’s on tonight and I’m making an apple crumble for my big brother.
~ Hobnob

Pee ess: this is a continuation of my critically acclaimed novel, more than meats the pie. If you want sweet gooey context go read that first.

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What I don't get is why these people feel the need to wear Halloween cat ears & tails & shit & make animal noises in public & generally give me hives by existing when they could just... Not do any of that? Like ok Hun we get that you got an overstimulated imagination because you found the Internet but just write stories or have a role play blog or something where you can do this shit without embarrassing everyone around you when you piss on the floor because ya think you're a mongoose

In high school I was sort of friends with a girl who would wear fake vampire fangs to school and at lunch she wouldn’t even take them out and would try to eat an apple with her plastic fangs in and she would be casually talking to me too so people knew we were sort of friends so the fucking secondhand embarrassment from her complete cringe was the absolute worst thing. And she would always do fucking weird things like that and then people would see me with her and I’d be associated with the gross vampire girl
Like how can people just not be embarrassed by that stuff? How can people growl at birds or nudge people to pet them and just not feel stupid. I get so grossed out and embarrassed by those people.

My sister and I used to play a game as kids called “Murray’s Meat Shop” where I would lie down on the floor and pretend to be an animal and my sister would come in with a pillow and start hitting me and occasionally throw in a punch and I’d just lie there making dying animal noises. Sometimes we did exotic meats such as emu or horse, and she could use her butcher funds to buy tools such as scalding oil tanks. Then she would have a BBQ for the public and they all loved it so then she’d kill even more animals. The reason I’m sharing this is because kids are a lot darker and less pure than people think.

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Fanfic where Tom realises how cool humans can be. Like yeah dogs are wolves we tamed to be our companions or we don't need to remove limbs to heal them they just fix themselves

Okay! This was so fun to write and I loved the idea! I hope you like it and thanks so much for the request! I used a quote from Steven Universe (two actually) because I like the idea of Tom and Marco as Rose and Greg. I can see some parallels and I love it! So I tried a new way of writing this one. I hope you like it and it came out as good as I think it did. Enjoy!


Isn’t it remarkable?

Tom jumped down off the stairs to be next to Marco, he was holding one of the laser puppies. “Marco! Marco look!” He exclaimed.

“Yes I see, it’s one of the dogs.” Marco smiled warmly and pet the puppy’s head. “He’s a good boy.” Marco gushed. “He didn’t bite you or anything did he?” Marco asked, curious as to why Tom was running down the steps with the dog so eagerly.

“No! That’s just it!” Tom exclaimed. “He’s super nice and doesn’t bite! How do you get a wild animal to obey like this? Wolves are usually hostile.” Tom pointed out. Marco started laughing and took the little puppy.

“Tommy, it’s not a wolf. It’s just a dog.” He pointed out. “And we trained him to be housebroken and behave.” Marco explained. He held the dog up so it could lick Tom’s face and make happy little noises.

“So… are you saying you breed and train wolves?” Tom asked. “Marco that’s incredible!” He exclaimed. Marco shook his head.

“No, I don’t. Some people do but I don’t know how to do that stuff.” Marco explained. “There are other people who train and breed dogs.” He told Tom.

“Yeah but it’s the same. You’re both human. You both have that capability.” Tom tried to explained. “I guess the way I see it is a little confusing.” Tom decided. Marco nodded, but smiled all the same.

“I understand.”

This world is full of so many possibilities.

“You can decide whatever you want?” Tom asked, amazed. Marco nodded.

“Yeah, it’s stressful and a lot of work. But I can choose what I want to do.” Marco repeated. He was going through booklets and pamphlets for colleges. While Marco was feeling really stressed and confused about the whole ordeal, Tom was looking at them with wonder.

“Anything you want… it’s you choice?” Tom asked again. Marco nodded. “That’s amazing!” Tom exclaimed. “You can do anything you want! You can live any life you want! And nobody can tell you not to.” Tom mused. Marco smiled a little.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” He told the demon.

“And you can decide where to go afterwards! You can change! You can… grow.” Tom looked at Marco with pure wonder.

“Tom? What is it?” Marco asked, scooting closer. Tom played with his hands a little bit.

“When a demon is born, they burst out of the flames already knowing what they’re supposed to be. And then that’s what they are… forever.” Tom shared, looking down. But he looked back up to see Marco, and had a new and wondrous light in his eyes. “But you! You’re supposed to change! You’re never the same, even moment to moment you’re allowed and expected to invent who you are.” Tom mused. He took Marco’s face and brought him closer. “What an incredible power… the ability to… grow up.”

Each living this has an entirely unique experience.

Tom ran to Marco after Star took care of the monster they were fighting. “Marco! Are you alright?” Tom asked, helping the human up. Marco stood up and leaned against Tom, he nodded, dusting himself off.

“Yeah I’m okay, just a little banged up.” Marco assured. Tom’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw Marco as bleeding.
“Oh no! Marco you’re hurt! How do you fix an arm!?” He asked, with a bit of a crazed look in his eyes. Marco began giggling and gave the demon a kiss to settle him down.

“It’s okay, Tom.” He assured. Marco brought Tom inside and he went into the bathroom to clean off the small cut. “I can’t believe you freaked out so much.” Marco teased. “It’s just a tiny cut.” He promised. Marco cleaned it off and put a bandage over it.

“So what does that do?” Tom asked. “Is that like, a spell thing? To heal it or something? I’ve never seen that before.” He told Marco.

“No, it’s just a bandage to cover it up. The cut will heal by itself.” Marco told him. Tom jumped up, shocked and amazed.

“You can just… heal? You don’t need any magic?” He asked. Marco nodded.

“Yup! I just heal.” Marco smiled. “And it;s a good thing I do, because if I didn’t I would be all permanently banged up from all our monster fights.” Marco giggled and nudged Tom. “Right Tommy?” He laughed. Tom’s ears seemed to drop.

“Y-yeah…” He trailed off. “About that… are you sure you want to keep doing this? It’s dangerous and I feel like I’m putting you in danger. You might get really hurt one day.” Tom stressed. Marco gave him a warm smiled and kissed his head.

“Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself. I wouldn’t give up my life for any other one.” He gushed, holding Tom’s hands. Tom perked up.

“Really? But, your life is so different from other humans.” Tom reminded.

“Exactly! Who wants a boring normal life?” Marco asked. “Maybe I used to… but not anymore. There’s so much more fun in the things that are a bit…” Marco trailed off and looked at Tom fondly. “Explosive.” He smirked. Tom giggled.

“Explosive? What kind of- Oh you were talking about me.”

The sights they see, the sounds they hear, the lives they live; are so complicated, and so simple!

“I… I can’t do it.” Tom took a step away from the door. Marco took his hands.

“Why not?” he asked.

“I-I’ve never done this before! I wasn’t made to do this. I’m the prince, I’m a soldier and host. I just tend to other people.” Tom explained. “I wasn’t made to do this so I can’t.” He told Marco, trying to pull away a little. Marco frowned and pulled the demon into a hug.

“It doesn’t matter what you were made for. It matters what you want.” Marco assured. “If you really don’t want to do this you don’t have to. But I don’t want you not to only because you think you aren’t supposed to. You have your own life you can live.” Marco promised. “If a year ago people asked me if I’d be doing this, I’d say they were crazy.” Marco giggled. “But people grow and change… you grow and change. You aren’t black and white, you have so much more to offer than what you think you do.” Marco smiled.

Tom just stared at Marco in shock. He didn’t expect him to tell him all the things he needed to hear. And he didn’t expect to believe him when he said it. Maybe his life was complex and colorful. With opportunities and decisions. And maybe it was as simple as doing what made him happy. Tom took a breath and smiled big. He extended his hand to Marco and grinned, showing off his sharp teeth.

“Okay. Let’s do it.” Tom agreed. Marco grinned and grabbed Tom’s hand.

“You want to?” Marco asked. Tom nodded.

“I really, REALLY do.” Tom cheered, bouncing up and down. Marco pulled him out to the living room where his parents were sitting.

“Mom! Dad!” Marco called. He looked at Tom and grinned. “We want to get married!”

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What breeds are you Jelly Bean? I'm a pug and a fennec fox!! Do you prefer pet or little regression? Were you a pet or a little first? Were you scared to tell Butter Bean if so why? And Butter Bean, how old do you regress? Do you rather being a little or a care giver? Why don't you pet regress? Did you know about each other's regressions before dating or was that a pleasant surprise? How'd you meet? Sorry for all the questions, I'm really nosy and curious in fox space teehee.

Hey Beansprout!
I’m a german shepherd, a cinnamon ferret, a red deer, a marble fox, and idk my cat breed yet…
I prefer pet regression because I enjoy the training and making animal noises.
I was a little first, but in hindsight I was acting like a deer for yonks.
I was scared to tell Butter Bean because we’d acted like pet space was a joke before (and I’m not salty about it!!)
-Jelly Bean

I regress from about 6 months to 6 years, but most commonly I’m about 3.
I am 50/50 split to be honest! I love when I’m regressed, being regressed. But when jelly bean is regressed I am the happiest caregiver/owner ever (and I’m the luckiest one ever!!). Genuinely 50/50 I’m happy either.
I just don’t have a pet regression… I wouldn’t mind having one, but I think I’ll just have fun pretending to be a puppy/pet when playing with Jelly Bean. And not having a pet regression, but saying I have one just to join in would be fake. I’m happy being little ☺️
Yes we knew about each other’s age regression before dating as we were in a platonic caregiver/regressor relationship for each other before dating. (We both had girlfriends 😅)
We met in a roleplay group chat on Facebook 😂we found the group chat through a Dan and Phil fan page (because we’re major dorks y'all)
-Butter Bean


AN: First Request I’ve ever written. YAY! This one was surprisingly fun to write and turned out WAY (!!!) longer than I expected. I’m definitely not able to make every request that long lol 


I went for the obvious thing here :P hope you like it.


You are invited to Dan and Phil’s place for a night of food and movies. You haven’t known them for very long so when they invited you to come over after you bumped into them at the shopping centre you were quite nervous. That nervousness soon faded with each new glass of wine Phil poured and after dinner Dan had the brilliant idea to put every alcoholic drink they own onto the table along with a few juices and sirup and play Who Makes The Nicest Drinks. You had so much fun with the cocktails and messing about that none of you was in the mood for sitting down and watching a movie. In fact you had so much fun you forgot to pay attention to the amount of drinks you’ve had and if it wasn’t for Phil who decided that it’s time to take a break you would have gotten entirely wasted. So you sit down in the living room and Phil brings in coke for everyone so you’d have something none alcoholic for a change. 

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Tumblr Mad Lib

Fill this out with your friends, and then perform your own version of the scene Jimmy did with Chris Pratt! Share your scripts using #MadLibTheater!

1. Type of Dessert
2. Silly Word
3. Another Word for Father
4. Year
5. Celebrity Name
6. Type of Plant
7. Adjective
8. Something You’d Name a Pet
9. Name of a Band
10. Plural Animal
11. Verb Ending in -Ing
12. Number
13. Measurement of Time
14. Body Part
15. Type of Beer
16. Type of Doctor
17. One Syllable Noise
18. Plural Noun
19. Mode of Transportation
20. Holiday

ELF: Hi Santa.
SANTA: Hello [Type of Dessert].
ELF: You’re looking at me like I’m on your naughty list.
SANTA: I was counting my toys and was one [Silly Word] short. I believe you stole it.
ELF: But [Another Word for Father]!
SANTA: I started making that toy in [Year]. What will little [Celebrity Name] think when he/she wakes up on Christmas morning with nothing under the [Type of Plant]?
ELF: I would never steal such a [Adjective] toy.
SANTA: Where were you the night before Christmas?
ELF: I was with [Something You’d Name a Pet]. We were listening to [Name of a Band]’s holiday album and making snow [Plural Animal].
SANTA: Then why did Rudolph see you [Verb Ending in -Ing] on the roof [Number] [Measurement of Time] before the toy went missing?
ELF: That’s a coincidence.
SANTA: The reason I work so hard, is because I get to spread joy to millions of people, and go sit by the fire shaking my [Body Part] while eating cookies and drinking [Type of Beer].
ELF: Fine, I stole the toy. But I only did it because I wanted to impress my [Type of Doctor].
SANTA: [One Syllable Noise, One Syllable Noise, One Syllable Noise] Every time there’s a holiday miracle, I sing my favorite Christmas song, Jingle [Plural Noun].
Jingle [Plural Noun], Jingle [Plural Noun],
Jingle all the way.
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open [Mode of Transportation].
ELF Merry [Holiday] Santa!

And scene!

renmons  asked:

Imagine Bucky awkwardly asking out Steve for the first time.

Bucky used to be the smoothest guy in New York City. He had a gift for knowing just what to say, just how to smile, to make even the hardest-hearted girls swoon. And he’s had practice with his fair share of guys, too, that’s not the issue. He has simply completely forgotten how to woo someone who isn’t a mission. 

It happens in a way that should be easy. He and Steve are in the kitchen, cleaning up after dinner and talking. Bucky makes a bad joke and Steve flicks soapy water at him, laughing, and Bucky’s heart swells with how much he loves this man, how easy it is to be with him. The words are half out of his mouth before he’s made a decision to ask, and he’s so surprised by himself that his mouth snaps shut halfway through the sentence. 

“Do you want to go?” is what comes out of his mouth, and he stopped speaking so abruptly that he realizes it came out sounding snappish. Steve’s face falls, confusion and hurt warring on his face. 

“Oh god, Steve, no, I meant- shit- I meant with me. Out, that is. Go- and do… things? Activities, together, maybe, we could do lots of things- I mean- that sounded a little… I didn’t mean- but if you’d- I’d lo- like to, that is,” Bucky can hear himself but he can’t stop his mouth from making sounds. it’s like a horrific, humiliating trainwreck of an out of body experience. His face is about to burst into flames, he can feel it, and why is he still talking-

 "Bucky,“ Steve says, and Bucky shuts up. 

"Are you asking me out?” Steve asks, watching him carefully like he’s an animal that might spook at loud noises. He nods, not trusting his stupid mouth not to launch into another bout of verbal diarrhea. Steve’s face does some kind of weird spasm, and Bucky can only think that he broke Captain America, but then it breaks into one of those irrepressible grins that light up Steve’s whole face.

“Yes, I’d love to go out with you,” Steve says, and they grin at each other stupidly for a few seconds before Steve laughs and scrubs a hand through his hair, momentarily forgetting that it’s still covered in soap from the dishes. Bucky bursts out laughing. 

“I was the smooth one for almost a whole minute,” Steve says mournfully as the suds drip down his forehead. Bucky grabs a rag and steps in close to carefully wipe the soap off before it gets into his eyes. He lingers, giving Steve time to realize what he’s doing before he leans up to kiss him teasingly. 

When he pulls back, Steve is bright red. 

“Now I’m the smooth one again,” Bucky grins. 

The good with the bad

I’ve been talking with a fellow BBS owner about Jude’s history. As it turns out, Jude’s first owner was a Marine with PTSD. He was putting Jude through military training programs to be his service dog, but obviously, since wolfdogs can’t be service animals, that didn’t work out. Even so, Jude remembers his training.

Whenever we enter a new house or building, he likes to do a big sweep of the whole place, like he’s getting an idea as to the building’s floor plan, before coming back to rest at my feet, and always sleeps either on top of me, under me, or right against the foot of the bed/couch/tent/cot so he can keep a close watch in the night. Last night, when I had my wild dreams, he switched sleeping positions so that he could be closer to me. This morning, when I woke up coughing and choking, he put his paws in my lap and bumped heads with me like he was concerned about the strange noises I was making. 

When we take him out in public, he has impeccable leash manners, but HATES being tied up outside while I do my shopping at the local store, and I think it’s because he’s used to being able to accompany his human into the store as a service animal. 

In many ways, he’s a great companion, likely on account of this early training and socialization, but I think that it may also help to explain why he’s got such bad separation anxiety. I know that wolfdogs are predisposed to this issue to begin with, but if Jude was raised literally believing that his purpose in life was to accompany his human EVERYWHERE, then it makes sense that he’d exhibit exceptionally destructive behaviors when separated from us, usually in an effort to locate Andrew and I. 

Things have improved drastically since I first got him. Jude is practically a different dog now from the nervous, hyper, poorly-trained rescue I brought home from Washington in December.

Understanding the breed and, more importantly, understand Jude’s background, has made training a million times easier. I’m learning what he wants from me, and he is learning what I want from him, constantly ‘unlocking’ new ways to communicate with him.

It’s still not easy, and I’m not about to say that having a wolfdog like Jude is any manner of easy, but I am happy to know that both of us are much less stressed-out now, and are capable of communicating better so that we (but honestly, mostly just I) can adjust to accommodate one-another’s needs. 

Despite this success, I’m still adamant about the fact that wolfdogs are NOT pets, and if that’s what you expect from a creature like Jude, you’re going to be a very unhappy camper with an equally unhappy wolfdog. They have a unique set of needs which most people are not prepared to provide. Wolfdogs will not adjust their lives to fit yours in the manner that a dog will; rather, if you own a wolfdog, it is your responsibility to change your life to fit his. This requires a LOT of commitment, dedication, private property, a truck with a canopy, an insane amount of patience, durable collars and bite-proof leashes, an escape-proof enclosure on top of that, a vet willing to work with a wolfdog, and access to a steady supply of raw meat. Having a second dog (and I do mean “just” a dog, not a second wolfdog), really does help. An understanding of canine behavior and +R training methods is also vital. Again: If you think that having a wolfdog is all fun and games, you don’t have a real wolfdog. 

If you think that my posts about how fun and cuddly Jude is with us are “inspirational” or whatever, please know that an insane amount of money, a considerable dose of human blood, plenty of sweat, and LOTS of tears went into the process of getting Jude to this point, and he is still not a perfect pet, nor will he ever be. I write more about the good here on the blog than I do about the bad, in part because the bad stuff is pretty boring (Jude broke a window in my truck; he snapped a galvanized steel chain leash; he got mouthy with me at the park when I wouldn’t throw a stick for him and now I have a giant bruise on my wrist; etc.). So the good does accompany some bad stuff, and likely always will. I have simply come to understand the ways in which I need to adjust my life to suit Jude’s, and have made many sacrifices in the process, but it’s for the betterment of both our lives, and I’m happy with that. 

5SOS Preference: He Thinks Your Cute But Is Shy To Approach You So Another Member Introduces Him To You: Mashton




Michael:      I was at Hot Topic with the boys looking for some jeans that I needed considering the ones I had ripped on stage. I got my size and went towards the dressing room, the rest of the boys teasing me saying that I was girly because I had to try them on. I turned back a little and flipped them off as I kept walking. While I did this I bumped into someone knocking my jeans out of my hand and the persons top.  I bent down to grab my stuff and the persons top when I heard a small and delicate ”sorry”.  I looked up shocked at the girl in front of me, she was beyond beautiful.  We both blushed noticing that I was staring at her.  I handed her, her top back to which I got a small “thank you” that was barely above a whisper.  Instead of replying I jus nodded and kept looking at her with my mouth open.  She blushed again and giggled before passing beside  to continue shopping I suppose.  I entered the dressing room after they opened it for me, tried on the pants and decided that I would buy them.  Throughout probably all of the 5 minutes I was in here I couldn’t stop thinking about her.  I walked out of the dressing room and walked towards the guys who were by some my little pony merch. When I got there I noticed that the girl that I had bumped into was next to us were the Disney merch was at. I being the stupid person that I am stared at her again. This time Calum caught me starring and smirked. He stood next to me and said “Mate your literally drooling, close your mouth” with a slight chuckle. I did what he said but kept looking at her wondering how she looked so beautiful and innocent but at the same time sexy and mysterious. “Why don’t you go talk to her or something, tell her your in a band…chicks dig that right?” Calum said making it very clear that Alex (from ATL) was giving him lame advice. “I can’t dude I bumped into her and couldn’t get a word out, the same thing will happen if I go again.” I said my voice becoming nervous just by thinking of talking to her. Instead of replying Calum grabbed my wrist pulling me towards where she was, me pleading him not to. “Excuse me?” Calum asked her when we got to her, me standing for once shyly behind him “My friend here kinda thinks your cute and wants to talk to you but doesn’t have the balls so yeah.. Oh he’s in a band by the way.” and with that said Calum pushed me forward and left to go back to Luke and Ashton. “Hi” I said shyly rubbing the back of my neck “Hi!” She said a bit exited making me feel a bit relieved “I’m (y/n)” she continued stretching her arm out “Michael” I replied shaking her extremely soft hands. And from those words on we were completely inseparable.


Ashton:       Right now I was with Luke in Toys R Us because we’ll….. We needed a plastic sword to prank Calum, Michael was at the convenient store getting water balloons and Calum was at his moms until tomorrow afternoon so we had time to complete this. I was looking in one aisle with Luke only seeing race cars . I found some swords, and started looking at them wondering which one would cut the balloons better. At the thought of Calum’s face when this happens I started giggling at myself looking like a lunatic. “Are you ok?” I heard a voice beside me say. I looked to my right and saw probably the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen. “Uh, uh” I stuttered face palming myself in my mind. Luke who was beside me chuckled but stopped when I hit him in the stomach with my elbow. I looked back at the girl noticing she was now looking at me with her eyebrows up in a way that said that she was waiting for me to answer. Instead of talking I just nodded and turned back to look at the swords with my fave as red as a tomato. I felt Luke look at me so I turned him, he puckered his lips making a duck face and scratched his left cheek meaning he was telling me that she was cute (we have a secret language). I nodded and blushed when he pushed me a bit to her which thank god I steadied myself because if I didn’t I would have fallen into her. Luke rolled his eyes at me for suddenly being all quiet but I couldn’t help it this girl was beautiful. Luke suddenly looked at the girl and asked her which sword she would take to brake water balloons. She looked at us two confused and before she could respond Luke said that it was for a prank. While all this happened I just looked at her probably looking like if I was drunk. She pointed at a blue and white one and Luke grabbed it saying thank you. I was about to leave with Luke to go pay when he pushed me again towards her harder and said over his shoulder my name before running of to the cash register leaving me with my cheeks the color of Ron Wesley’s hair. “I’m (y/n)” she said trying to make conversation, now I noticed that she was blushing too “Ashton” I said in a quiet voice which is unusual for me. “So why what prank are you guys planning?” She said this time a bit more shy “Oh one of our friends (Calum) is a heavy sleeper and we’ll when he’s asleep we are gonna cover him with water balloons and we’ll brake the balloons while screaming animal noises really loud” I said this time really exited. She started laughing and I swear I almost melted at that sweet laugh if hers. I shrugged which a smile on my face as she shook her head. We kept on talking until Luke came back and told me we had to go. I nodded and turned to look at (y/n) asking her if we could meet up sometime and had dinner, she blushed and said yes giving me her number. I left the store but not before I screamed like a fangirl not knowing that, on that day I had met the person that I was going to spend the rest of my life with.



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3liza  asked:

hi koryos, im terribly interested in animal-human language experiments (even dysfunctional ones like nim, koko et al) and it seems weird to me that ive never heard of human researchers trying to "learn" animal language to "communicate" with their subjects. if the goal of Project Nim (and others) is to "learn what they are thinking", why force apes to use ASL when humans, capable of speaking billions of iterations of lingual forms, could learn chimp signs presumably relatively easily?

The problem with this line of reasoning is that it assumes that there is a 1:1 equivalence between human and animal forms of communication. And it assumes that humans don’t already communicate with other animals in thousands of ways that they can understand.

As we define it now, animals don’t use language. They may have ways to refer to and communicate about specific objects in their environment, but most don’t use language to gossip the way humans do- i.e., they don’t share information about objects and actors that aren’t physically present. Yet this is roughly 80% of what humans use language to talk about, and it’s arguably a huge tenant of human evolution and the ability to live in very, very large, complex societies.

Most animals don’t gossip about each other because they don’t need to: they either don’t live in large enough groups to necessitate this sort of displaced information sharing (i.e., social carnivores) or they have other ways of coordinating the actions of hundreds of individuals towards specific goals (i.e., eusocial insects, massive herds/schools/flocks). In this sense, there is nothing particularly special about the things humans do- it’s just that we do them in ways that, to our knowledge, most* other species don’t.

(*Some animals CAN talk about displaced object/events, such as honeybees, but usually only under very specific circumstances.)

So what do animals communicate, and what could we even talk to them about using their language? You mentioned chimp gestures: it’s true that chimpanzees use specific gestures to communicate different meanings. But the gestures mean things like “stop touching me,” “give me that,” “come with me,” and “I want to cuddle.” Without a doubt, humans could probably replicate these gestures and use them with wild chimpanzees. But that doesn’t mean we’d suddenly have an interspecies breakthrough- first of all, the we’re not chimpanzees, so they might not even recognize human gesturing as the same thing as chimpanzee gesturing, second of all, even if they did, why would they pay attention? If a naked, sweaty stranger came up to you and shouted, “CUDDLE WITH ME!” I’m pretty sure your first instinct wouldn’t be to obey.

The interesting thing is that chimpanzees that have been trained to use sign language use it to convey the same sorts of things- the only difference is that they may also use it with specific object labels, such as “give me the apple juice” instead of “give me that.” The use of sign language doesn’t suddenly give them the ability to ask if Dr. Schmooper’s cat likes apple juice. That’s human gossip.

This is all in reference to intentional communication. Most of animal communication (and much, in fact, of ours) is unintentional, and on some level quite easy to understand across species, and especially amongst mammals. Lower voices are, for example, an honest indicator of how large an animal is as well as how threatening they are trying to me. This is why young animals almost universally make higher-pitched noises than their parents. When my cat flattens her ears back, opens her mouth very wide to expose her canines, and emits a snakelike hissing sound, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that she wants me/whoever to back off. Most of the time, what animals are trying to communicate isn’t exactly subtle or secret- that defeats the point of communicating it!

So, we could use gestures to communicate with chimps, or figure out some kind of waggle dance to communicate with bees, or hiss and lash fake tails at our cats. We would be communicating with them, but not anything we don’t already know, and indeed, not anything they probably already couldn’t detect by observing us. What we can’t do using these forms of communication is give them information that they’re not equipped to receive. I can’t tell my cat, in ‘cat language,’ that I’ll be gone for the next day and a half and to ration her cat food accordingly. I could train her, very slowly, to associate specific events and behaviors with me being gone for a while, but that’s about it. Likewise, I can’t communicate to a dog in some secret dog language to put his paw up for me to shake- he doesn’t have the cognitive ability to receive and interpret such a message. And so we resort to treats and association when we train our dogs.

So, in summation: this is why we haven’t invented dog translators.

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The Gap: The Science of What Separates Us From Other Animals by Thomas Suddendorf (a book I strongly recommend!)