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NCT as the Mafia + How He Met You

[Monsta X] [BTS] [Shinee] [GOT7] [Seventeen] [Block B

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A/N: I decided to only do the members who had already debuted and no one under 17 (Jaemin is an exception, his bday is soon 😂) and this still turned out longer than I expected 😂

Lee Taeyong

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  • The leader and founder of the gang, responsible for practically everything and everyone need to report to him whatever they’re doing
  • Tends to regret his decision to even start this because more and more members join every year and he realized that he will have to take care of them even if he’s dead and can often be seen staring into nothing, thinking about this
  • Since he’s the one who came up with this ‘genius’ idea, he was caught by the police a number of times practically every time they did any petty crime when they first started out
  • But now they got so good at this, that they even have bribed officials working in their favour

You both broke into the same building, at the same time and both got arrested ten minutes later. You even ended up in the same cell for 48 hours until someone came and bailed you two out. While you were waiting, you bickered and blamed each other for being the reason the other got caught but since Taeyong already had his gang, it wasn’t long since Taeil came to get him out as opposed to you, who had no one.

“Taeyong, you’re out! But I swear if I catch you again I will put you in for good!” the police officer said. 

“Yeah yeah,” he stood up and went to the door before stopping. “Taeil, pay for her as well, we’re taking her with us.”

Moon Taeil

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  • Takes care of the gang’s legal stuff (like money and documents) and hides the illegal
  • Is the one who gets the others out of trouble and everyone needed his help at some point
  • Scouts for new members despite Taeyong begging him not to
  • But they have to fit his high standards
  • At first he was really against this whole gang thing
  • But now he’s like the mother of the group

He met you when he came to bail Taeyong out.

“I’m not using our money on her. How do you even know if she will be a valuable asset to the team?”

“She’s going. That’s it,” Taeyong ordered and he didn’t dare argue with him when he’s angry. He kept glaring at you every time he saw you but you exceeded all of his expectations and welp I sense a love triangle

Johnny/Seo Youngho

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  • Finally got into the gang after 9 years of begging proving himself
  • He has yet to find out what his job really is
  • Was so happy when they trusted him with a deal, he screwed it up immediately
  • Before he even joined, he somehow got himself caught in a fight between EXO’s Sehun and Seventeen’s Jeonghan, even though he had practically nothing to do with it and it was mostly Sehun’s fault but that’s for later

While he was waiting in the dungeon to be accepted, he often went to this shooting range to practice but you always beat him and it annoyed him to no end, so one time he made a bet with you, if he gets in (he was boasting to you about the gang) or wins against you, you will have to go on a date with him.

“Well at this point I don’t think you will ever join that gang and I don’t see you ever winning against me either, so why not?” you laughed.

“Watch me,” he smirked, as he was about to tell you he’s in.

Nakamoto Yuta

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  • Like Doyoung he’s an assassin/hitman, except he’s the real deal
  • He prefers silent weapons, like snipers and often stays in the shadows (something he learned from Ten)
  • Not everyone can hire him and he only takes very well paid jobs
  • Despite the things he does, he gets scared very easily by stupid things

Someone set you up and hired both of you to kill each other, hoping neither of you will survive. After chasing, fighting and avoiding you for over a month, someone leaked information to him what’s this all really about and he decided that it would be best to join up and find the one who hired you two. Now his only problem was proving to you that he’s telling the truth and stopping you from shooting him dead. That will be difficult though because once you take a job there’s no going back.

“I have to work even faster. I I just stand around doing nothing she will get to me in a blink on an eye.”

Doyoung/Kim Dongyoung

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  • Very skilled with a wide range of weapons
  • He mostly joined because he wanted to shoot stuff *cough* people *cough*
  • You could call him and ‘assassin’ but he likes to show off his skills, so everybody would know that it was him who took care of things
  • Doesn’t like working with Yuta, their styles are completely different

A fight broke out in a local club and he was searching around the place for any survivors to clean everything once and for all, when he noticed a leg sticking out from under the table. He lifted the tablecloth and saw you sitting there.

“What the hell are you doing here? Did you think you can hid from me?”

“Oh no. I’m not hiding. Quite the opposite! I’m just watching - I mean reading.”

“Really? Reading? In the middle of a shootout?” you just shrugged and he stared at you for a few seconds before dragging you out.

“This is not a place for someone like you, let me help you out of here,” he smirked.


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  • He works as a spy for the gang and is so good at his job that he’s practically invisible and a lot of the members think he’s either dead or lost or smth because he’s so rarely seen, maybe once in six months or so
  • Only Taeyong knows what he’s doing at this point
  • One day Yuta saw him in the headquarters and screamed for two minutes straight because he thought he saw a ghost
  • “Oh it’s just you… I thought you were lost on that mission two months ago.”
  • Some days when he’s alone that happens a lot poor baby he wonders: ‘Why don’t we go on missions as a U unit anymore?’; ‘They missed the perfect chance to add me TEN as the tenth member of 127 smh’

He met you completely by accident, when he came back after a few months and somebody though he’s gone for good again and gave you his room. He lifted the covers up, only to see you sleeping in his bed and he was so shocked he stood there still holding the blanket when you still in your sleep took it from him and rolled to the other side.

“Wait… What?” he said, taking it from you again.

“Let me sleep,” you just mumbled.

“Ooh I will let you sleep! For eternity that is, if you don’t explain what you’re doing here!”

Jaehyun/Jung Yoonoh

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  • That local lover boy not really, who talks his way out of and more often then not into trouble
  • Because of this reason, he strikes the best deals
  • But tends to say too much and ruin them completely, making everything worse and also starting fights in the process

You accompanied him to one of the deals instead of Johnny and immediately realized he was about to start blabbing shit and stopped him before he could do it.

“Are you sure about that?” you asked, throwing him a glare.

“Yes, I’m sure, could you please stop kicking me under the table?.. Wait, who are you anyway?” he asked you.

“Are you serious?” you stood up and dragged him out of the room to show him who you really are and to shut that pretty mouth of his.

WinWin/Dong Sicheng

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  • One word. Technology.
  • Need to fix something? He can do it. You need to hack into something? He already did that. A couple of grands from a foreign account? No problem!
  • Members are lowkey scared of him because he had hacked into their accounts multiple of times and uncovered some embarrassing photos, dirty secrets and so on
  • Likes to blackmail people with their sensitive information for money

Trying to beat him at online MMO games was bad idea but it was even worse when you actually won. He threw his computer out of the window almost hitting Jaehyung in the head. He soon got another one out from under the table.

“I would rather die but I will never let somebody crush me like that,” he thought, starting to track your location.

Mark Lee

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  • One of the first members to join the gang
  • Was the youngest at one point and everyone didn’t take him too seriously despite the long ass rides
  • When he finally got better at socializing, he also got better, actually really really good at investigations/infiltrations/collecting information
  • Taeyong often sends him out of the city for a job
  • Hates Donghyuck’s guts lowkey best friends

He met you while working in one of the coffee shops as part of his mission. The moment you walked in, you immediately caught his attention and what other way to get to know you better than to approach you head on.

“A coffee for milday,” he said, putting the cup down on your table.

“I didn’t order any.”

“I know,” he chuckled. “It’s on me.”

You just rolled your eyes and decided to take it. [x]

Huang Renjun

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  • So smol, so soft, protect at all costs
  • If it wasn’t for Donghyuck he wouldn’t be here
  • He was like “Hey! There’s this gang and I’m in it, Mark’s in it, you’re in it.”
  • “Wait what?” he just blinked a few times.
  • And now he’s here, still a bit lost and not sure what he’s doing exactly
  • Not yet too enthusiastic about all this

He hasn’t met you yet or rather you haven’t (officially) because he has been hiding. He is very impressed but also afraid of you at the same time. When you try to talk to him, he runs away.

“Why does he run away? Is he scared or something?” you asked Jeno.

“He tells everyone that you have this strong aura around you and he can’t handle the pressure very well,” he shrugged. what does that even mean I have no idea

Lee Jeno

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  • The voice of reason in the gang
  • Often questions what the hell are they even doing
  • “How can we call ourselves a gang? We’re not even intimidating”
  • “You can’t just say we are the mafia because you think it sounds cool”
  • Helps Taeil keep everyone in check
  • Secretly enjoys stealing cars and driving around, until he crashes them which happens soon after

He saw you sneaking around, trying to steal from them and casually approached you.

“I’m sorry but who the heck might you be?”

You stood up from the door you were about to pick a lock from and started walking in the opposite direction like nothing happened. He came up to you in quick steps.

“Oh no no no, you don’t get to leave as if everything is okay. Come with me,” he said, trying to drag you inside.

Haechan/Lee Donghyuck

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  • Is very experienced in making explosives because he has been researching them ever since he first saw a war movie
  • Likes to make a grand entrance when a fight with other gangs break out
  • Everyone tells him no to because it just draws more attention to them that way but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Thinks almost every person in the gang is a big loser
  • Except for Mark
  • He’s the biggest loser of them all
  • Even when he’s out on a mission, he calls him just to tease him

You walked into the mine field he set up for a test but he didn’t feel like blowing you up since he was in a good mood.

“Don’t move!” he shouted to you.

“I’m just passing by, what’s your problem?”

“I think you have more problems than me,” he said, pointing at the ground. You looked down and noticed a mine below your feet. 

“Is that what I think it is?”


“And? Will you help me or will you just stand there?”

“It depends on what I can get in return…”

Na Jaemin

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  • Despite being the youngest, he for some reason was really persistent to get into the gang
  • “I’m not taking in a bunch of children, this is not a kindergarten,” Taeyong said as he took him in how is he the leader? he’s too soft smh
  • Doesn’t talk much and doesn’t share what he’s doing (which brakes the rules btw but who cares)
  • The others have yet to find out what is the real reason the joined

You found everything that he does suspicious ever since high school, so one day you followed him and saw what he was hiding all this time. He noticed you soon after though. He grabbed you by the arm and sat you down in one of the nearby chairs.

“Now you be quiet and listen to me very carefully, if you ever as much as think about what you saw here…”

“What?” you retorted. “I’m so scared! What happens to me then?”

“You better not find out…”

All in all, NCT is not yet very well coordinated as a gang but they’re getting there 😂


requested: nope

warnings: nothing this is really cute (language is a given at this point)

pairings: tom holland x reader

type: hc list

summary: it’s the first time you visit the holland’s at their home in london, and you’re trying your hardest to impress everyone. you aren’t tom’s lover just yet, but it’s obvious that you two fancy each other.

a/n: i’ve had this idea stuck in my head the entire day because it’s so fuckin cute. it’s pretty long, but i think it’s good. i hope u all enjoy! 

this is written in an american’s pov, but there aren’t any gender mentions in this, so it can be read in any gender once again!!

also, when i put things in parentheses, it’s usually me putting in my reactions. i do this periodically :-)

  • “y/n we don’t actually say that”
  • “tom, i have to get myself situated. with the boiling tea and crumpet chip biscuit whatevers.”
  • YEEHAW. you’re traveling to meet tom’s family back in london.
  • you’ve met harry, sam, and harrison already, but there were still three very important people to meet
  • you had met tom through a mutual actor friend who brought you on set one day
    • obviously it went like a fairy tale
    • your friend left you alone on set while they went to get snacks for you both
    • tom seen you, and came to tell you that only actors could be on set at that time
    • causing you to freak out, because UH, spider-man is speaking to you (ohMygOd, it’spEterparker)
    • which of course made tom cocky, and he was like “ayyyyy baby i’ll give u an autograph”
    • then your friend came back and officially introduced you two
    • and tom saying “you’re friends with y/f/n? i’m so sorry”
    • “i know. it’s tragic.”
    • “you two are perfect for each other” with an eye roll
  • so to say the least, you and tom had sparks from the beginning
    • not to mention the backhanded, sarcastic compliments that often lead to flirty and witty comebacks
      • “you’re cute, for 5′8″.”
      • “good thing you have a good personality because that outfit today was… :/”
      • “just wait until i see you again. you’re dead, holland
      • “well why don’t you come over right now and show me what you’d do?”
      • going over to play wrestle until you dominate him and straddle his hips while your breath is hitched and he’d just look up at you like “holy fuck
  • with the whole banter situation taking place, it kind of shocked you when tom asked you if you wanted to visit his family with him
  • like, REALLY took you off guard
  • because this was really domestic of him, and he hadn’t really ever showed that side to you
  • but nonetheless, you took the opportunity
    • took a bit of persuading to get your family to allow you, but eventually, everyone agreed. (boy it’s a good thing you got that passport that you totally didn’t get for the sole purpose of this occurring)
      • “as long as you call every morning and night, and text when necessary. and take pics.”
  • lots of preparation through facetime
    • “i heard it’s really fuckin’ cold in england. should i pack a parka?”
    • “y/n it’s not that cold. plus you won’t need two.”
    • “what do you mean i won’t need two if i-”
    • in a thick accent “peta parka.”
    • “….” deep sigh “can i get a refund for my ticket”
    • “don’t think so, love” in a soft laughing tone (AAAAHHHHHH)
  • after two or so weeks of packing and unpacking, and checking the checklist fifty times, it was finally time to depart to southwest london, darling
  •  this boy got first class tickets for the both of you
    • or at least that’s what he thought
    • he actually only got one for himself lmao
    • so instead, he swapped seats with the person beside you
      • oh my god shy hand holding on the plane would be expected
      • also cute little candids that would go up on each others instagrams wow
  • fast forward to arriving at the holland home
    • p.s., the entire car ride there was filled with little thigh touches to try and calm you down. but that only made you more nervous because god have mercy this beautiful boy wasn’t trying to act funny or anything like he usually acted, he was being genuine and that made your heart full
  • once at the door, you were greeted by nikki, dom, and a very excited tessa
    • “hello love! it’s so nice to meet you! tom has told us SOOO mu-”
    • DAD!!!!” would be said between clenched teeth while he would be blushing
  • with red cheeks of your own, you’d walk in to see the two brothers you had previously met, and a new face, who you recognized as paddy
  • sam and harry would say hello, but paddy would whisper yell to one of the brothers
    • “is that who tom calls his ‘babylove’?”
    • both you and tom would just stand there, his jaw would drop and one of your eyebrows would raise up
    • and you’d turn to tom with a huge smile and just whisper “babylove?”
    • and he’d blush even harder and be like “let me how you to your room!!!!!!!!!”
  • he’d bring you upstairs and into the guestroom so you could put your stuff up
  • then you’d follow him to his old room, and you’d sit on his bed and just have a look around while he piled his clothes into a hamper
    • hear me out
    • there would be little spider-man symbols across the wall, with some football flags strung up every so often
    • and you’d be like “you really weren’t lying about your obsession with spidey, huh?”
    • and he’d come and sit beside you and shrug while looking at his old decorations
    • you’d lean in and give him a lil kiss on the cheek before saying “it’s really cute, tom.” and he’d immediately light up and become a shy baby
  • then you’d hear footsteps coming up the stairs, and you’d pull away from each other with cute little grins
  • sam would look in and be like “mom wants to know what ya want for dinner”
    • and tom would turn to you and be like “well?”
    • and you’d insist that he choose, since he hasn’t been home in awhile
    • he’d say something he heard you talking about wanting to try
  • sam would leave and then you’d just nonchalantly grab tom’s hand and follow sam down
  • once down there, you’d be met by the family, minus nikki and sam who would venture into the kitchen
  • you’d let go of tom’s hand, and sit by paddy on the couch
    • little conversations would start up from dom
    • literally just things like “so tom said you can sing” and “tom said you guys met through a friend of yours?”
    • he wouldn’t even have to ask you questions directly because tom has told them virtually everything because the boy was swoon as fuck
  • but after a little while of tom and the rest of the family in sight getting caught up, you decided to slip out of view yourself and join nikki and sam in the kitchen
    • a “hey sweetheart! whatcha need?” coming from nikki
    • but you’d be like “i just wanted to know if you guys wanted an extra hand?”
    • sam would be like “hell yea y/n knows how ta cook”
    • but nikki would be like “that’s alright, it’s our pleasure to treat a guest of tom’s! thank you though, that’s really sweet”
  • so you’d walk back into the living room after a few “are you sure?”’s
  • and dom would be like “kicked out of the kitchen?” with a small laugh
  • and you’d answer with “yeah. you holland’s are stubborn.” 
    • which would definitely make tom pout, and your response would be to pat his cheek and say “pouting wont exclude you,” followed with a quiet “babylove.” while you dropped your hand
  • some time passed before nikki and sam returned, and nikki said dinner would be ready in about thirty minutes
    • those thirty minutes consisted of the family sharing embarrassing stories about tom
      • and him eventually hiding his red cheeks in the crook of your neck (sweet god)
  • soon, the timer went off and everyone made their way into the kitchen and got their plates
    • tbh i see the family taking all the seats around tom, so you’ll get to sit in between dom and nikki (i’d love that holy shit)
  • after dinner, you helped wash the dishes. that earned major brownie points from nikki and sam
  • it was getting kind of late, so the family suggested watching a movie or two together
    • oh my god tom would take you upstairs again and tell you to change into your pajamas because that was a tradition for movie night
      • wearing batman pajama bottoms knowing it would tease him
      • him refusing to let you go downstairs before changing into a pair of his spider-man bottoms
      • giving in once he gives you the puppy dog eyes while his forehead is pressed against yours
  • watching some sort of proper english movie because it was your first time visiting
    • angus, thongs and perfect snogging came into mind
      • harry loudly asking if you and tom ever snogged like that
    • cuddling with tom under a big blanket
  • when the family started to get a little drowsy, they decided to call it a night
  • everyone started to head upstairs, and you and tom did the same after grabbing a few snacks and some drinks
  • once in his room, you’d sit on his bed and just smirk at him until he’d ask what was up
    • and you’d immediately be like “what’s up with this lovey dovey side of you? you usually act like a sarcastic shit around me”
    • he’d just look down and press his hand against the nape of his neck and mumble “i like you”
    • and you’d say “well i got that part awhile ago”
    • but he’d sit there for a few seconds, trying to think of a way to say what he had in mind. he finally sighed and spoke out to you, “i mean, i think i’m falling in love with you”
    • and you’d sit there with your lips parted, and your eyes darting back and forth between his
    • he’d start to blabber on about how it was just a strategy that he used because he didn’t know how to show you how he really, truly felt
    • and you’d cut him off, and say “can i kiss you?”
    • and a few seconds of silence would take place before he would cup your cheeks and literally empty all the passion he held in his body out in one single kiss, while you would do the same
    • after you both pull away, he’d lower his hands and you’d both just sit and stare at each other
      • you’d raise your hand up and cup his cheek and rub your thumb across his cheekbone
    • eventually, you would say you’re tired, and press a small kiss against his lips before getting up and heading for the door
      • “goodnight, thomas.”
      • “goodnight, y/full/n.”
        • shutting the door and doing a happy dance all the way to the guest room

  • it’s sunday morning, and you couldn’t get any more sleep in due to the kiss from the night before still swimming through your memory
  • finally deciding on getting up and cooking breakfast for everyone to return all the love you were given the day before
  • carefully sneaking down to the kitchen
    • taking a long ass time to find all the ingredients you initially needed (oils, other stuff)
      • googling measurement equals because what american knows european measurements off the tom of their head
  • deciding on making some fancy omelette roll ups you once had with your actor friend
    • taking so much time to make everything perfect
  • when you finished making the omelette’s, along with some other sides, you would set everything out for easy serving, and then you would head upstairs again
  • since it was a sunday, everyone slept in
    • you’d gently knock on everyone’s door, and say breakfast was waiting for them downstairs
  • but when you got to tom’s door, you’d softly knock before heading on in
    • tom would be sleeping on the side of the bed that faced the window, and you would walk over to that side and crouch down
    • you would subconsciously lay your bent arm on the bed by toms face, and lay your head on your arm. you’d raise your free hand up to toy with a few loose curls while you looked over his features
    • he’d eventually wake up, and smile in a way that was really wide, but evidently tired
      • he would kiss your forehead and say “what a good way to wake up; an angel playing with my hair.”
    •  you’d giggle really quietly and stand up while saying “c’mon, babylove. i’ve made breakfast.”
    • and he’d pull you down onto the bed with him, and pepper little kisses against your shoulders, collarbones, neck, and cheeks before pressing a lingering kiss to your lips!!!
    • while he rested his forehead against yours, you decided to confess something you totally forgot to last night, “by the way,” you’d say in a really soft voice while swiping a messy curl from his temple, “i think i’m falling in love with you, too.”


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(word count is like 2000+ oops)

- First things first, let’s be real,, best friend yoongi would roll his eyes at you a LOT n0 doubt

-   your friendship is probably built on insulting each other, in like an affectionate way lmao

- also music,, that would definitely be a major factor of your friendship

-   he’d have such good song recs aaaaa

-   i’m still screaming about his playlist on Spotify !!!!!!

-  ok but like imagine trying to wake him up

-   He’d probably hit u over the head with a pillow n prolly swear at u to get lost

- The most effective way to wake him up was to tip water on his face,,, which he hATes lmao

- But it works s0,,,

-  Sometimes when he’d go a night without sleeping and was feelin kinda cheeky,, he’d pour water on u at 4:30am and justify it as payback

-   loWKEY Cuddles

-   like you’d just be sitting on the couch watching a movie n he’s just flop down and use your lap as a pillow and you’d be all like “yoongi wyd” and he’d be “shh ur comfy”

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Reaction of daniel, seung woo, jinyoung and guanlin when their girlfriends are scared ghost but love watching horror film with them pleaseee???

Daniel: “so we’re watching insidious, right?” (insidious has ghosts/spirits)



Originally posted by kngniel

Seungwoo: are you sure you want to watch this? it’s going to be scary…


two minutes in and ur screaming

Seungwoo: aw, I’ll protect you, babe

also Seungwoo: is screaming

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jinyoung: why do we do this to ourselves?

you: just accept it. we love to suffer.

(you two cling to each other in fright)

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guanlin: (constantly asking questions, is a savage while you are dying of fright) bru why is the white chick going into the room is she dumb

you: can u just watch the movie oml

guanlin: why are we even watching this u hate ghosts

you: guanlin pls

guanlin: who produced this the quality is trash

guanlin: why is the white chick so dumb

guanlin: she deserved to die. 

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wow this was trash

it’s also almost three in the morning

and i got irritated with how i was writing the next ch of picture perfect so i took a break.

Anon ask: Nat came back from a mission,  and is acting weird,  she’s very clingy and doesn’t want to leave your side, she will also won’t stop telling you that she loves you. When you ask her about her weird behavior,  she will try to change the subject. Later on the day Clint tells you that she’s like that cause she saw a girl that looked like you being torture on the mission, a lot of fluff plz (sorry English is not my mother language)

Warning: Swearing. I think that’s all :D

(A/N): THIS SHIT IS LONG. I’ve struggle with this so much Idk why, I hope I didn’t screw up ;u;

Words: 2.6k+

Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

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Are requests open?? My friend got me in Captain America, and I thought about how would the RFA+V+Saeran react to a Winter Soldier!MC? Or Black Widow, whichever you like. It could be angst or not, I will leave it up to you, thanks 💜💙

A/N: CIVIL WAR IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MOVIES AND STEVE ROGERS AND BUCKY ARE SOME OF MY CHILDREN F CUK (i hope this doesnt have any spoilers for you or anyone else who isn’t as far into the marvel universe as i am oops) ((and i cant do angst, double oops, sorry)) ~Admin 404


               -You’re so cute and innocent, just like him and he loves it!

               -Except uh you aren’t…. exactly…. innocent? wow 404 so original, i didn’t see that coming

               -The two of you don’t keep any secrets from each other!!

               -So, that being said, you decided that he NEEDED to know about your past

               -You sat him down and explained how, in the past, you’ve gone through intense training growing up

               -“?? What kind of training?? Like for sports?”

               - oh, no sweetheart

               -Wait, you’re a spy?? Like you do the stuff Saeyoung does??? waIT YOU KILL PEOPLE TOO, WHAT THE

               -HE THOUGHT YOU WERE INNOCENT BUT APPARENTLY NOT???? It takes him a while to re-adjust due to shock (like a few weeks of not talking to you kind of while), but he still loves you nonetheless. He holds on to the belief that!! It’s something you had to do!!! You had to do it all to survive!! And you’re here with him now, that’s all he cares about

               -Though he is REALLY sad about not being able to have children with you because of your training. It takes him a couple of months to come to terms with this but over time, he decides that he’s just happy to be with you (and that adopting and making a kids life is perfectly okay with him!!!)


               -You’re more flexible than him, holy shit

               -“MC! How! Were you in dance? Are you in dance now?” eyebrow wiggle, wink wonk

               -You tell him that you’re flexible because of your job

               -So when he asks about it, you casually drop that you’re previously known as a Winter Soldier; You had to be flexible for combat

               - im sorry you whAT

               -“Combat? What kind of combat? MC? What’s a Winter Soldier?? MC!” calm down stop yelling

               -You told him that you were basically an agent who’s powerful enough to be used as a weapon if the government wants you to be (because let’s be honest with ourselves here, that’s what they are), he FLIPS OUT


               -It takes DAYS for him to process this and come to terms with it. You’re so dangerous! But he still loves you. But… you can be in serious danger at any given moment and just!!! MC!!!

               -He loves you though. He promises to do his best to protect you no need zen but thank you and he just wants to help his MC! Everything that’s happened is behind you, and he just wants to be in your future, happy and safe! So he comes around and starts to make jokes about it when he’s comfortable again you can come play with my guns mc, wink wonk


               -She keeps folders of everyone in the RFA but how in the world did this piece of information get past her?

               - because its a secret jaehee, ya dont announce to the world when you’re a spy ya goof

               -Extremely taken back by the announcement. A spy? An assassin? What the FUCK


               -But almost instantly, she’s asking you to teach her some moves

               -She knows judo but doN’T STOP THERE MC, SHE’S GOT A FIRE INSIDE

               -Always really worried for you? You can just leave the house for some groceries and she’s worried as hell

               -Tries her hardest to always be there for you- you wanna talk about something, she’s there. No matter how brutal or extreme the story is, she’s here for it

               -Once, you tried to compare your work to Saeyoung’s and she immediately shut you down because “You take your job seriously, MC” saeyoung crying in the distance

               -Also wants you to teach her how to be as flexible as you are because holy s h i t MC that’ll make everything so much easier for her


               -Immediately knew something was up and that you were hiding something from him

               -Did he know what? No. Was he going to find out? Obviously

               -He’s extremely straight forward, so casually asks what you’re hiding from him

               - though he could have waited until you were done drinking?? Because choking on wine iSN’T FUN

               -But you decide that there’s no point in hiding anything when he straight up asks you about it, so you tell him that you might…. have been trained as a Winter Soldier

               -“Ah, I see. I suppose that explains why you know so many languages”

               -I’m sorry but uh?? Where is the shock??? The emotion??? juMIN THROW ME A BONE HERE

               -He has literally NO REACTION? Like he just doesn’t care? You are who you are and he loves you anyway

               -He does try not to get on your bad side though because he does NOT want to see that training in action no thank you mc

               -Also tries to stay away from anything Russian because who KNOWS what could set you off?? He obviously doesn’t know and he’s not about to even attempt it


               -I’m sure he’d find out from his background check

               -Sure you can try to hide it but he’s really good at his job

               -But he’s SHOCKED AS HELL to find out that you’ve basically gone through the same training as him?

               -You know tons of languages, can fight, AND you’re a spy

               -“MC WE’RE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER” saeyoung what are you talking about

               -He likes to mess with you though, and bring up the fact that you’re a Winter Soldier every chance he can get

               -“Hey does being a Winter Soldier mean you won’t get cold so i can keep my jacket to myself?”

               - saeyoung you and i both know that’s not what that means

               -He does worry about you a lot though, since obviously someone somewhere could be out to get you.

               -Silently vows to protect you at any cost! Overall it doesn’t really bother him because??? He’s done a lot of the same stuff, if he judges you then he’d be a hypocrite


               -I think he’d know because of Saeyoung’s background check

               -But he’d wait until you were ready to tell him about it

               -NEVER EVER wants to force you to tell him something like this because?? It’s extremely personal?? And it’s a lot to handle?? And he truly doesn’t blame you for hiding it and not just flaunting your job title around

               -That being said, he isn’t surprised by the news at all

               -“I know, MC. It’s alright” what

               -He’s done some terrible things in the past and he regrets them all, but you’re willing to accept him for who he is and not dwell on what he’s done

               -So he does the exact same thing for you! He just really loves you MC

               - plus you’ve done the things you’ve done for work or something of the sort not because youre fucking crazy like rika im not even sorry for this

               -The two of you will talk about what it means to be a Winter Soldier every now and again but nothing further than that

               -If you’re ever feeling down thinking about the past, he’s always there to remind you that it’ll be okay! You don’t have to let it get to you


               -I’m sorry you fucking what?

               -He’s killed some people but yoU? YOU’VE DONE IT TOO? WHAT THE

               -You??? You’re so…cute? And not threatening looking to him at all? How the fuck

               -He isn’t angry about it per say but he’s shocked as all hell and expresses it similar to anger my poor bby

               -It takes a while for him to come to terms with the fact that you’re literally a trained assassin

               -“So you’re like a spy or some shit, right?” I mean yeah technically

               -“Then I picked the perfect person to infiltrate the RFA why the hell didn’t it work?” because rikas a fuckin bitch and u deserve better

               -He’s actually okay with it in the long run? Like you can’t take back what you did, and neither can he

               -So it’s better to just move on from it all, and that’s what he’s trying to do and hopes you do too

               -Also okay with the fact you can’t have kids because of your training. He’s always afraid of having kids, if the two of you want to have kids y'all can adopt, he’s cool with it

anonymous asked:

i love the jared x soulmate!reader fics so much and i read the "stop drawing dicks on my wrist" n i kinda need a headcannon now of all the dumb shit jared x reader would do in a relationship like he would ABSOLUTELY write "i <3 the insanely cool jared kleinman" on his hand and wait for her to notice it on herself also he'd beg her to write him the answers for a class quiz. sometimes she'd forget about the skin thing and write something like "buy milk" or "english hwk" and he'd be so confused djj

sis im gonna be honest i started writing these the second i got this ask but bc i was going back and forth between tabs i continually accidentally closed this tab and lost everything hhhhhhhh (also im not putting specifics in these headcanons bc im gonna write most of these in the fic lmao i want the last part to be loooong af)

but im doin it just for u!

(catfish part one! which has a link to part two bc im too lazy to do a separate one)

  • pen dates
  • need i say more
  • at office depot fighting over the color
  • (u prob win every time)
  • ur in ur public speaking class
  • doin a speech
  • and youre holding those lil cuecards or whatever
  • and on the inside of ur forearm it pops up
  • “i <3 jared kleinman”
  • “he’s so insanely cool”
  • “also he has a huge dick”
  • “jared kleinman is the best”
  • and ur like giggling throughout ur speech like “gdi”
  • and u yell at him on your arm abt it
  • “wait shit ur good at bio i need help”
  • “are u literally taking your final right now”
  • “what is triglyceride”
  • “holy shit she never taught us this”
  • “who in the fuck is fredrick sanger”
  • “babe”
  • “babe pls i cant flunk this”
  • “i’ll buy you lunch”
  • “:00″
  • and you tell him 
  • anyways
  • yall are fuckin dorks
  • but you mainly text a lot
  • bc if u didnt youd have graffiti on u 24/7
  • so you’ll go a few months w/o writing on eachother
  • so youll be in class and be like “shit i need to remember this” and just write something like
  • “library english”
  • jareds like “wtf”
  • and u have to explain you need a book for class
  • “i forget it all shows up on you”
  • “ya so fuckin watch urself”
  • “how dare u make that disgusting accusation and litter my body with it”
  • sometimes he writes lil cute quotes on u like:
  • “we were once upon a time in looooove”
  • “accidentally in loooove”
  • “are u quoting that fuckin song from shrek 2 gdi i hate u”
  • “its my turn for movie night!!!!!!!!”
  • “oh my god”
  • “love u!”
  • “i love you a lot but sometimes you make me want to die”
  • “:000 whY”
  • “shrek 2?????? rly??????? og is better”
  • “holy shit i love you youre so right”
  • its cute
  • yall are cute
  • mwah u two are the perfect pair
  • thats all i got lol
lemme speak

i think the main problem Jimin has is being insecure about himself. i just can’t understand why is he SO insecure. he can just sit and do nothing but he still the cutest mochi. i mean, remember those times when he starve himself just for a jawline and abs. i know he promised he’d never do that again but he still telling that he is gaining weight. bitch, where? my heart really hurts when he saying that he got fat or ugly. ARMY would love him without abs, jawline and all that shit. look how cute his cheeks are i’m soft. yeah he is not perfect and make mistakes in choreographys or singing but he still our precious mochi. i just feel so sorry for him not loving himself like bangtan appreciate him so much. look, i know what’s like to be insecure even after people appreciate me but Jimin U LITERALLY SHOULDN’T
and those bitches who talks shit about members of Bangtan like ffs get the hell out. how can you call yourself an ARMY if you hate one member or love only one or two. BTS wouldn’t be BTS without Seokjin/Namjoon/Yoongi/Hoseok/Jimin/Taehuyng/Jungkook. they all more than just appearance or body, they all talented as hell, they all trying so hard, they all love us so much why do you have to hate. JUST OPEN YOUR EYES and you’ll see that all the love they get they DESERVE

long story short: Jimin is perfect lil shit that needs to love himself and BTS deserve everything that they have.

{Traveling!AU} Bangtan


  • prefers traveling by plane. really wants to explore central europe because of it’s architecture and rich art history 
  • spends 50% of the plane ride sleeping the other 50% he has headphones on and is lyric writing 
  • every now and then he’ll look up and make sure you’re comfortable and you don’t notice how he smiles to himself when he sees you sound asleep or giggling at something you see on the movie thats playing
  • is pretty organized despite his suitcase looking like a mess and doesn’t get you two lost
  • holds your hand at all times when you’re walking around just to make sure you’re safely beside him
  • tried to get you guy to coordinate the outfits you brought but it doesnt really happen but its ok because you guys shop and buy matching clothes and it’s cute
  • you wake up later than him in the hotel and he’s already out on the balcony drinking coffee and when you go over he pulls you down into his lap and you guys enjoy the view
  • buys a tour book and reads out the little passages about all the monuments and tourists spots you visit 
  • secretly writes a song about the way you make him feel while you guys are on this trip and it’s literally just how happy he is to be alone with the best person in the world (you)


  • prefers traveling by car because he can take photos if you’re driving and when he’s driving he can show off how cool he looks (he doesn’t tell you this but you can see from the way he tries to look suave by putting his hand on the back of your seat when pulling out of his parking space and how he refuses to take his sunglasses off even when you’re driving in the rain)
  • ideal traveling situation is you guys take a roadtrip up into the korean countryside 
  • neck pillows all day everyday even when he’s out of the car 
  • took the pro camera with him but keeps teasing you because you’re like !!! yoongi take a photo of me here and he’s like pretending to oblivious taking pics of trees and you’re like yOONGI pLEase and he’s like “take it with the selfie stick???” and ur like but!!!! and it’s cute he like leads you on a bit and then ends up taking endless photos of you because you’re amazing and he loves you
  • takes secret photos when you’re not looking and even if they’re blurry he saves them because ur his everything 
  • hes ok with directions but it’s a roadtrip so yoongis like lets not even spend money lets sleep in the car and ur like ok but how will we shower and eat?? and yoongi is like ……true
  • huddling together when its cold and you two didn’t pack jackets or scarves 
  • vice versa you’re like airing out your t-shirts together sharing cold drinks when you packed too many sweaters and it’s like 99 degrees out 
  • you and yoongi don’t plan ahead unless it comes to the $$$$$$ 
  • but yoongi has never felt more free and comfortable and there is just pure joy in being out here with you by his side to enjoy all these new things


  • doesn’t have a preference when it comes to traveling as long as he gets to rest his head on your shoulder and you guys get to bring snacks along 
  • would like to go to other countries in east asia like indonesia, burma, thailand 
  • makes a list of restaurants you just HAVE to visit and a list of street foods you HAVE to try 
  • “we don’t need souvenirs, we need another plate of food, baby”
  • insists you guys get matching pink luggage so it’s easy to spot your bags from the rest 
  • you catch him taking selfies with random people and you’re like oh my god 
  • pulls you into his arms and starts taking photos and you’re like jiN my mouths full of food or jIN im still blowdrying my hair?? and he’s like “we need photos to send to my mom”
  • tries to pretend he can speak the native language and then he turns to you and is like i didn’t understand a thing and you’re like uhuh i can tell
  • downloads duolingo three days before your trip but only remembers the word for chicken
  • plans a surprise, romantic little thing in the middle of the trip for you like maybe going to get a couples massage or attending a performance in the town and then afterward while you’re gushing about how thoughtful and romantic he is he just grins and thinks about how your smile is worth just about anything in the world 


  • prefers traveling by plane because he has a curiosity for the world and he’d love going from europe to africa to australia all in one trip because he’s got an endless amount of energy 
  • reminds you to pack your toothbrush ike 5323 times because he “wont share his” but thats a damn lie hoseok will give you anything you need because he’s an angel and loves you
  • gets super into souvenirs and buys one for each bts member, each manager, each dance instructor, basically something for every person he’s ever meet in his life
  • is willing to talk to strangers for directions because you two are dumbfounded but instead of talking he’s dong charades with his body to try and get the people to understand him
  • when i doubt hoseok just smiles and gives you thumbs up because even if yall are lost in the middle of sydney or in the middle of the safari soMEhow he promises you two will be fine
  • fixes your hair after youve slept on the plane and you also fix his and hes like my face is puffy but youre like i love it and lean in to kiss him and the stewards on the plane are like “this is the cutest couple to every travel on this airline ????”
  • hoseok can get you guys discounts on anything because he’s a shining ball of light and everyone he meets instantly likes him because how can you not 
  • you guys try to challenge each others fears by having adventures on your travels and it’s how you grow closer because you have each other the whole trip to lean on and when you’re going back you guys just cuddle sleepily into each others arms and like it’s just an experience that’s unforgettable 


  • prefers travel by overnight trains because there’s a bed and he can knock out in comfort 
  • would like to see more of south asia like india, sri lanka, bangladesh and especially traveling through rain forests and places with gorgeous warm nature would be such a sight 
  • except he sleeps the entire time really no point in even trying to keep him awake hes like nope 5 min in he was snoozing (except for when you wake him up like elephants JIMIN and he falls off the bed like ELEPHANTS
  • it’s cute tho!!!! whats not cute is the fact that jimin gets distracted by everything so you literally keep reminding him not to forget his bags anywhere
  • “jimin, tie your suitcase to your wrist because you’ll forget it.” “no i won’t.” “where’s your suitcase right now?” “…………….don’t hate me but we might have to go back to the dorm.”
  • is horrible when it comes to money like he’d spend it all in one day if you let him and he doesn’t keep track of purchases so you’re always like “no jimin we can’t buy that.” and he gets pouty but its nothing a couple of kisses cant fix 
  • dances to bangtan songs when you guys are waiting in line to get tickets for something 
  • at first you were a lil embarrassed but soon enough you learned that just dancing along with him makes it better 
  • gets shy when he has to ask a stranger for help but he doesn’t want to let you down so he does his best to ask for directions or help but sometimes you’re like “jimin, let me handle it ^^” and he thinks ur so cool and brave
  • park jimin is astounded by anything you do honestly he is Head over Heels 
  • keeps squeezing your hand and asking you if all of this is real and you’re like ofc!! and he just can’t believe he’s doing this right now with you


  • like jin, he doesn’t have a preference but once you get to your destination he loves things like bike tours or hiking 
  • south america would be a spot he’d really love to see, countries like brazil, argentina, and venezuela are all colorful and so new to him that he’d love to just go and explore
  • taehyung would want to go anywhere there’s an ocean so he can pull you into the warm waves and play around with you and just laughs and love everywhere
  • imagine riding horseback on the beach with taehyung??? or ziplining through the rainforest with taehyung??? or learning how to dance the samba with taehyung ????
  • you guys dont plan, like a lot of stuff is spontaneous stuff that you just decide would be amazing to do like taehyung’s just like you cant live life knowing whats gonna happen lets just wing it
  • except ur also like lets not wing it and go bankrupt on this trip or lose our passports cough COuGh
  • if there’s anyplace that looks remotely scenic taehyung is like pls take a photo of me !!! and so you’re walking around snapping photos of your boyfriend pretending to be a model in the middle of the street or on a bus bench but like he looks good so why not
  • taehyung facetimes the hyungs whenever u two are gonna do something cool just to show off about it 
  • aside from taking photos of himself and nature he also takes photos of himself kissing you in all the different places you’ve been and he makes it like a little project of his and every time he pulls away he’s like “this can’t be more perfect” but he says it EVery TIMe and you’re like you said that last time and he’s like yeah ur right every moment is perfect to me if it’s with you…………


  • prefers traveling by plane because there’s less confusion and less work that way 
  • wants to see more of the states because he likes busy cities but he also likes national parks and nature and the states have a good mix of those 
  • you guys go super lite on the packing like literally you guys brought one suitcase and it has all your stuff in it because you and jungkook are like clothes dont matter as much as making memories
  • until youre like jungkook give me your sweater mines dirty and he’s like heck no and youre like jungkook i have so much blackmail material on u dont test me and jungkooks like ???? excuse me i have blackmail material too- but he’ll give u the damn sweater because he loves u
  • does this thing where when ur taking a photo he photobombs it 
  • also rests his camera on the top of your head because hes tall and ur like jungkook im not the pod for ur dslr and he’s like dont move ull make the picture blurry 
  • directions? talking to strangers? nope he’d rather get the two of you lost 
  • steals the sample bottles from the hotel and ur like wow and he’s like right now im making jin hyung proud also look now we dont need to buy shampoo 
  • by himself he’d be shy to go off alone and try new things but with you he’s so much more comfortable and u two are able to have so much more fun supporting each other 
  • jungkook can come off as someone who doesnt know the definition of romance but when he buys you a little plush bear with san francisco written on it’s t-shirt at the airport gift shop and then gets red in the face when u kiss him for it well then like you can see that real boyfriend material come out and it’s ADORable 

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Why is it that lesbians always want the couple they can't have. for example on glee they had santana and brittany but they wanted faberry on jane the virgin they have rose and luisa but they want jane and petra, and on supergirl they get not alex and maggie but they want lena and kara? why?

i…….. i don’t even know where to start answering this question.

y’all straights had abby and marcus and lincoln and octavia, so why do you want clarke and bellamy? you also had quinn and puck so why did u need rachel with finn? there was snow white and david on ouat, so why did you need emma and hook?

but you have this privilege that you have so many straights on all shows, and you think that you can give us ONE couple on a show and you feel like you did us a favor. “one couple is more than they need” as if we will all automatically ship those two people and relate to them.

not to mention that a man and a woman just breathe in the same room and everyone is already like YEP SOULMATES, HAVE U SEEN THE CHEMISTRY. but two women can be perfect for each other and y’all are like “but they’re two women! we never saw them date other women, and besides there’s already ONE lesbian couple on this show so”

did you ever watch grey’s anatomy and see cristina interact with owen but be like “there’s already meredith and derek as a couple, so these two obviously can’t be a ship”?

have you maybe considered that i ship two characters, not just because they’re both girls, but because i see that they have chemistry and that their personalities match so well? i wanted faberry because brittana wasn’t really my thing. i thought that faberry were much cuter together and would match perfectly. when it comes to supergirl, i love sanvers with my whole heart. but i also happen to love supercorp bc i think they’d be a perfect match.

so, instead of asking why, i’ll ask you - why not?

Jeremy x Tall! Reader (Headcanons)

request: Jeremy x Tall! Reader (also, ive been meaning to say this, I LOVE your blog!) You’re really cool, so that’s why I’m on anon, and I hope you have a good life!

aww ur so sweet!! but trust me, im not that cool lol (also im p sure i had a request for this already but i cant find it in my inbox so who knows) 

Jeremy x Short! Reader can b found heere btw 

under the cut :-)

Jacuzzi Hazmat

  • he is Tol Human
  • u r Tol Human
  • together u r Tol Couple
  • no but rlly hes a very tall human so you two next to each other looks kinda,,,,perfect 
  • cuddling is an adventure because u both have Very Long Limbs 
  • you both have the issue of ‘buying pants is difficult bc they dont make pants long enough for my legs’
  • lots of jokingly making tall jokes to each other (you know the ones)
  • hes a Flustered Boy around u and tries to be Smooth™ and it Fails
    • ‘are you so tall because ur trying to get back to heaven?’
    • “back??”
    • “because ur…..an angel……”
  • No but rlly hes 100% in love w you
  • if ur ever insecure abt ur height he is Fully Ready to drown u in compliments 
  • he likes that ur so tall bc he can kiss u while standing up w/out having to lean down that much
  • and ur hands are at the same level so holding hands while walking is easier 
    • thats important 2 him bc he loves holding hands
    • rlly he only loves holding hands w you but ,,,,,,,he’ll never admit that 
  • thats what i got for ya 
  • hope u enjoyed 
  • ur a beautiful tall human
  • and jeremy loves u v v much 
College!Au Yuta
  • i'm surprised someone requested this tbh
  • i’m SO bad at writing these college!au’s ??? I don’t even go to college??? I didn’t even finished high school yet???
  • but well, thanks for requesting, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I'll try my best, lol
  • but let’s start, shall we
  • major: humanities
    minor: biology
  • sports: soccer
  • clubs: biochemistry club
  • because, yes, nakamoto yuta was kind of a nerd
  • compared to the rest of the soccer players, he was one of the most dedicated to his studies
  • even if he went to all the partiesss and loved to spend his time in the soccer field, he was still pretty organized and make sure to always have time for study and stuff
  • and everyone was so jealous of bc ???? how is that possible?? a university student who isn’t stressed and actually has time for socializing, doing sports and studying???
  • a legend
  • but, let’s be honest, we’re talking about the one and only nakamoto yuta, were you truly expecting any less from this king???
  • lmao, but on the other hand there was you :’)
  • you obviously also cared about your studies and stuff, but compared to nakamoto you were nothing
  • like, that guy had true passion for it and it was realy inspiring
  • your main priority, otherwise, was sports and, specially, being a cheerleader for your uni’s team
  • you know, that exact team where yuta is?? yes, exactly, that one ;))
  • and, like everyone else, you also were really interesed on him bc dang he’s vv hot and gorgeous and has this smile that seems so angelic and uhm, he’s really smart too??? he’s perfect???
  • but he was only interesed in his plants and in his biology, his soccer team was something secondary
  • and even if you two exchanged a few words here and there, it was clear that he only saw you as friends and nothing else, maybe not even that?? wow
  • and his way of thinking about you didn’t changed until the final exams started to approach
  • oh no
  • btw, this is literally my life rn, next month are my final exams and if i do everything well my holidays start in december
  • if not well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ gotta study for biology and history
  • how funny is that in his headcanon yuta is studying biology when i actually suck at it, lol
  • and i mean, your grades weren’t the best so you finally decided to get your shit together and start all over again
  • you created a schedule in which you could dedicate time to your studies and classes and,, everything and iT was A mEss but you were trying
  • and it was pretty noticeable how you were dYing a little more for every day that passes, like, you seem a lot more tired and you started to visit your uni’s library really often and well, thAT never hAPPENed bEfOre
  • and that’s when yuta’s attention started to focus more on you than in the cells, molecules and all that stuff
  • like ??? tf is she doing here?? like ??? since when is this happening lol
  • and when he saw the way you struggling over whatever the books in front of you were telling you he literally laughed out loud at your cuteness before walking towards you and sitting by your side
  • “don’t die yet, the cheerleading them is lost without you”
  • and you literally frozen in your spot for like two good secs bc you recognized his voice instantly
  • of course you did, that cheerful and pretty voice of him is noticeable everywhere <3<3<3
  • “you think so?”
  • “yeah, you’re the only one who truly puts passion on it and isn’t on the team just to flirt with the other players, that’s a miracle. do you like coffee? i was on my way to buy some but i suddenly saw you here and,, well"
  • you actually got really impressed by how… not fake he is??
  • like, he’s rlly popular and cool but he acts like his true friendly and silly self and,, ???? what? how is that possible¿?
  • automatically you felt quite close to him and, even if the things yout wo studied were different, he still tried to help you in anything he could and same with you and ugh
  • it was really easy to talk with him and both of you opened up quickly to each other
  • without any of you realizing when or how, you two became study buddies and bffs basically since you two would do everything together
  • from studying, to partying, to practicing, friking everything?? that’s so cool lmao
  • but i don’t really want to describe your cute friendship as bffs bc you were defitely not that, nope
  • you could notice that he was a lot more flirty and silly around you, trying to impress you all the time and only paying attention to you
  • i guess he wasn’t looking for someone popular but someone who he can actually talk to about his passion for learning, exchange ideas, listen..
  • and you were perfect for that, he fell for you sooner than later
  • and, yuta is pretty confident on himself so he wasn’t scared to ask you out aT aLL
  • also u were being a bit obvious with you little big crush on him, hehe
  • “y/n, i passed my tests! all thanks to you, baby!!”
  • and he literally hugged you and spinned you around in front of eVeryOne and hey, it wasn’t helping to those rumours that you two were dating
  • actually, ten literally exposed both of you in front of everyone
  • “why aren’t u two dating already? you’re waisting so much time”
  • so u and yuta looked at each other and smiled shyly fdghjkaGjl
  • “well, i was going to invite y/n on a date and confess to her myself but.. thanks for ruining everything chittaphon”
  • and you kinda froze in time and space because he. fuckingg. did. that.
  • yuta faced you and slowly got closer to you, placing his hands around your figure as he kept smiling at you
  • “y/n,, c-can i k-”
  • he couldn’t even finish his setence because your lips were already voer his, lol
  • and it felt so good like, ugh, his lips felt so comforting and sweet and warm and ugh you could even tell that he was smiling inside the kiss
  • this is so fluffy, i’m disgusted nakamoto
  • anyways the end lmao
  • i have a really terrible headache rn
  • probably i should go, lmao, bye <3

anonymous asked:

You don't know how much I missed your so beautiful writings, and this story that you will probably never continue, can I request a fluffy Jikook HC, feel free. ~

hi beautiful, this is a suuuuuper late reply (got this for that jikook party i did….) I’m so so sorry :(  I’m not sure which story you are referring to? if u are reading this (like….two months later) tell me :D

anyways, here ya’ go with some fluffy jikook :3

//the best part of dating someone who works with u is that u can spend a lot of time together. 

//countless hours together in the practice room, trying to perfection their choreography but that end up in them messing around to a random song, giggling and laughing at each other (sneaky soft kisses two because why the hell not?)

//backstage on music shows in which Jungkook is cranky and tired and jimin senses it, sits next to him on the couch and massages his shoulders, soft fingers tickling the little hairs of jungkook’s nape or nails softly scratching his scalp, and mumbles sweet nothing onto his ear. it’s enough for jungkook to relax, crack a teeny tiny smile, eyes full of love at jimin’s beautiful smile.

//touring around the globe is always stressful; they get homesick and so so damn tired but the fans’ cheerful screams and smiles is what give them the strength to keep going. For jimin, is also jungkook’s presence at his side.
sneaky fond stares when they are on stage, delicate brush of fingers when passing each other, watching the other perform during a solo, whispered ‘you are doing good today babe’ or ‘i love having you by my side’

//having a room for just the two of them is perfection. not that they mind living with the other in a tiny apartment, but sharing space with five other people and try to find a little bit of time for them is hard. so when they are on tour the others know it’s going to be jungkook and jimin rooming together, no questions.
cuddling on bed with just their underwear, watching some anime on jungkook’s laptop; massaging each other or having a bubble bath together, the bathtub sometimes a bit too tiny to fit the both of them but they make it work. jimin’s not gonna complain for having jungkook’s warm chest pressed against his back nor his arms hugging him tightly.

friends, wroetoshaw

PT ½

it was late. it was pitch black outside and after a late night out with the boys you weren’t exactly sober. that’s what had tricked your mind, or at least, that’s what you convinced yourself had led yourself to make this decision.

cal sloppily opened the front door and slipped in to the flat, immediately stumbling into his bedroom while you and harry were laughing, still not in the flat. you were leant on each other when you looked up at him:

his hair was messy and his lips were swollen which you could only assume was from girls he kissed that night. the thought of it made your heart sink slightly but he looked, so good.

slowly, you leant up and grabbed his hair, pulling him down and pushing your lips together firmly. his hand slipped from your back to positioned firmly on your waist, while his other hand moved to your cheek as he guided the kiss along smoothly. even drunk he was the best kiss you’d ever had. prick.

he pulled away slightly and grabbed your hand and lead you to his bedroom where he sat down on his bed with his legs slightly apart. he pulled you so you were standing between them as you leant down and reconnected your lips once more.

the rest of the night was a blur but you still remember every second of it. the way harry’s lips would part in pleasure to what you were doing with him. the rare shaky breaths he would let out. the even rarer soft moans he would release which you wished you could hear everyday. he was perfect. so perfect.


the next morning you woke up next to him, his arm wrapped around his pillow, hugging it. as you looked at him, memory’s of last night quickly flooded into your head and immediately it worried you. he wasn’t the type to stick with a girl. he fucked and left. that was just, harry.

you grabbed the first thing you saw on the floor and quickly pulled it over you, covering you just to the mid thigh due to the fact it happened to be one of harry’s sweaters. it smelt just like him.

a stirring came from behind you, as you went to leave the room and find cal, and as you turned around you saw harry’s hungover face looking directly at you.

‘hey,’ he said groggily, bringing his hands up to his face, 'what are you doing in here’

'do you not remember?’ you said, the sadness in your voice covered remarkably well.

'no? do you?’

the answer made your heart sink. he hadn’t remember while you’d had the best night you could remember. you felt annoyance build up at harry. what an asshole.

'no.’ you replied bluntly before leaving harry’s room, slamming the door behind you.

as you walked down the hallway to leave you heard cals voice;

'one, why are you leaving so briskly and two, why do you only have harry’s jumper on’

he chuckled slightly at the last remark but you were having none of it. you were fucking done with everyone. thanks to fucking harry lewis and his fucking perfect fucking face.

'it doesn’t matter cal fuck off.’ you said walking out of the apartment, leaving cal a bit confused.

hi this was kinda ugly but yeah, there’s a pt 2 if u want it 🤧

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In bed, Hades is the more quiet of the two because he's worried of scaring Persephone off and she's just so perfect that he doesn't want to lose her. Meanwhile Persephone is the more vocal because she knows Hades has doubts and wants to reassure him that she's enjoying this so much. In the same instance, Persephone is often the one to escalate it to sex while Hades is content with just cuddling.

this sounds very factual,,, who r u anon,,, why do you know this,, 

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Werewolf! Chanyeol #27 and the s/o is a girl pls

send me number + an idol’s name and i’ll write a drabble for you!

Chanyeol still hadn’t said a single word since he entered your home. He wanted to make what he was going to say perfect. “I know I’m a handful but that’s why you’ve got two hands…” he whispered, eyes on the floor. “I know this is no excuse for being so possessive, but I can’t lose you,” he inhaled deeply. “I’ve waited for you for so long… And the thought of you finding somebody better than me,” he bit his lip to stop himself from crying. 

You moved closer to him, hand coming to cup his cheek. “We’ll have been together a year next week,” your whispered, making him nod. “And you’re sure that I’m your mate?” he nodded again, eyes widening. “Mark me…” you smiled small. 

His breath hitched at the words, his hands coming to your waist. “You really want that?” he grinned when you nodded. “It might stop you thinking that I’m going to run off and leave,” you chuckled. He closed the gap between you and pressed his lips to yours. 

moon-eleven  asked:

Hi LazyYogi. I'm confused about something. Existence is perfect as it is at a fundamental level, everything is as it should be. It's our relative view that creates "the good/useful" and "the bad/destructive". So two things: this means that, in the end, e.g. killing or destructing oneself with drugs is part of God or whatever u want to call it? Why not to kill or why be moved to "improve" ourselves if fundamentally existence is not judging us for how we are? (We're left with our own preferences?)

When it is said that “everything is as it should be,” I think that’s too much. “Everything is.” That is enough. When we bring “should” into it, we get confused. Why should it be this or that way? 

Everything is. The question is: Who are You? What are You? Not the body or mind but the thing that perceives or knows the body and mind. What is That?

The perceiver of the body and mind is Existence. And it is indeed perfect, needing no change. It only needs to be known, to be realized. That is the technology of spiritual practice. 

When you talk about harming the body with drugs, you are not talking about the same thing. The body is a vehicle that has been gifted to us. We should care for the body as best we can. 

Unless you awaken, the idea of existential perfection is just that: an idea. To intellectualize spiritual teachings into beliefs and ideas and then to act accordingly leads to much suffering and confusion. Religion throughout the ages demonstrates this quite well.

Be healthy, harm none, walk a path of awakening. 


ok i have a lot of feelings about Heatwave and after going back and rewatching the entirety of tfp AFTER getting really into rescue bots i feel like i need to make a post abt why Heatwave is a far better Prime candidate than either Bee or Smokescreen

i’m sure people have talked abt this before but rather than highlighting why those two are bad choices i want to go into depth on why Heatwave is the Better candidate.

if u don’t want to read the whole thing it’s basically

1) heatwave has experience leading

2) optimus prime himself thinks that heatwave is a good leader

3) heatwave can recognize that he is not perfect & makes mistakes, and can atone for/fix those mistakes readily, but still has confidence in his ability

4) on post-war cybertron, autobots and decepticons will have to re-integrate and I feel that Heatwave is up to the challenge

more under cut

Keep reading