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k so i have approx 4 hours until this coffee wears off & i can go to sleep. that sounds like just enough time to fall in love, internally wrestle with some existential conflict regarding that love, break my own heart, and fall out of love again. who is keen?

I drew the lineart for this a week ago.


it’s been two (2) whole weeks since this + i still can’t believe it really happened u know


Summary: Phil can’t help wondering what Dan likes so much about bottoming…

Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: honestly genre do u think this is

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hi its now 2am and my mind is currently not in my body anymore but i have such a huge bulk of text below that im gna post these screencaps of old edits of mine alongside their readmes (since i found my Goldmine of 2011-12 PRIME IAB/pre-jjinomu era) as smth actually mmd to end the night with and to embarass my future self when i wake up (as opposed to having another certain someone @maydaymmd embarassing me instead im just gna do it mySELF)

im glad i learnt how to properly spell

bonus funfact: the lat RK meltdown rin or w/e was the first model i ever used meta on and u can tell- bc i double-sided her hairpins hehe,,,,,


• whenever their in class bored they pull dorky faces at each other and pass stupid dorky notes and one time they get caught and have to read the notes to the whole class and all the guys are like “wtf” but all they girls aww over it. Oh but then… Theres theres Clyde. Clyde is not only awing with the girls, BUT FUCKING CRYING OVER HOW CUTE HE THINKS THEY ARE.

• Tweek keeps every note from in class in a little memory jar he hides under his bed.

• Craig hates people taking his hat and always puts up a fight when people try to nab it, but he lets Tweek take it whenever cause he thinks its cute.

• They didn’t start off gay but as they got closer they realised they liked each other as more than friends but didnt want to believe it until later.


• Anyone who picks on craig gets a cup of coffee on their doorstep. But the coffee isn’t coffee… Nobody knows who it is who drops off these cups. *Cough* TWEEK *cough*

• Every time Tweek stays over at Craigs they have to keep the door open. But sometimes they close it cause tweek thinks the underpants gnomes will sneak in, so seeing it closed Ruby always slides a lil packet *wink wonk* under the door with a note saying “better safe than sorry bro”. Craig is yet to find out where she gets these and the first time was very mad at her, he’s gotten used to it now.

• Clyde and Ruby will sometimes hang out just to talk about how much they ship it.

• Tweek looks after Ruby sometimes if Craig has to go to after school detention and his parents are out, she sees him as brother.

• Tweek made Craig and Ruby coffee once. Craig was fine but Ruby broke her arm due to how hyper she was. She isnt allowed any now. ((Tweek lets her sip his when nobody is looking))

• Ruby writes fanfiction about Craig and Tweek and posts it online.

• Clyde runs a couple goals page anonymously, all the goals are pictures of Creek.

• Craig goes through a goth phase while tweek gets into steampunk. Craig ended up with a few piercings and Tweek learned how build mechanical costumes. The goth kids still talk to Craig occasionally.

• Tweek tried to teach Craig meditation once but Craig couldn’t sit still and kept snickering at how dorky Tweek looked.

• They tried to bake a cake once but set the oven on fire. It became a viral video.


2 jades i drew in class

Can you believe I had never drawn these four all together before

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doing art as a past time is wild bcos im painting away feeling super productive and in the zone but at the back of my mind im like “u have 2 essays to write and 3 exams to study for…this painting is nothing to do with ur degree..👀it might get u 100 likes on instagram but u still gotta write those essays”

We come together so close, only to cut ourselves away...

A guy named Matthew moved from Montreal to Framce to have a new start. Being a postman and enjoying his mailing hobby. Suddenly got this love strike from his first customer. Become penpal through internet. 

Francis doesn’t know bc Matthew said he live in Canada, and yea well he don’t get that much attention to his postman.

Suprising confession in the end. Between the lies theres spark

ikon profiles: kim jinhwan 
psa for my bi friends! read if you have a minute to spare

Please do NOT visit the blog biphobiabullshit and/or read any of their posts unless you are emotionally equipped to handle nonsensical biphobia and outright hatred towards bi people. I have never read anything so hurtful or negative in my life, and i want to warn you guys to stay away from it, especially if you have a lot of anxiety relating to being bi.

For anyone who has accidentally stumbled upon that page, I just want to remind you that no matter who you have or have not dated, no matter what preferences you have, no matter what stereotypes you do or do not fit, no matter how you identify in regards to gender, sexuality, or romantic orientation, you are valid and you are welcome in bi spaces. You are welcome here.

Please take care of yourselves. Reading the posts on that page have made me feel absolutely nauseous, and I am appalled that a blog like that exists, let alone has supporters. For anyone who is curious about the content on the blog but wishes to stay away, I will summarize by saying that the blog is run by an incredibly biphobic person who somehow simultaneously refuses to believe that biphobia exists.

The most recent post I saw basically insisted that bi people in different gender relationships are “hetero conforming” and do not belong in bi spaces. I have seen much worse there, but that post hit a little too close to home for me personally and I want to warn you all about that blog in general.

Stay safe and I love u. If you need support, the mods here are all willing to talk and chill out and spread some love and positivity. Hope everyone is doing okay! (You can scroll on now, just stay safe ok? Love u.)

Phil Lester 2006 - 2015

“Hi, I’m Phil. Welcome to my video blog which I hope you all are very excited to be a part of.”

“HEY GUYS! So I just got back from Flo-Rida. I’m SO jetlagged I feel like my brain is being gnawed on by a tiny otter…”

He’s come so far ^-^ HAPPY PHIL DAY!! <3