why are u my bias tbh

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Your Stupid Questions (tbh these aren’t dat stupid):

1. why and when did u make ur tumblr
for haenyan… i think it’s…. january??????????

2. most favorite group and bias
DO I NEED TO SAY IT NOW OKAY UM tvxq changmin but suddenly nct haechan slipped thru my bias list ooOOooOOo unloyal changmin bitch i am

3. favorite ship from ur favorite group
……MARKHYUCK for the friendship

4. r8 my blog

5. donut or cake

6. fish or meat

7. tell me one thing that went terribly in your day bc im a fucking sadist
other the constant anxiety for reaching the graduation day? nothin :)

8. tell me ur talent so i feel lesser
i ate 2 whole cakes in 1 go how’s dat sound to ya

9. do u like day6. because screw you if you dont.
fight me binch i like day6 very much

10. favorite girl group ? ? ? ? ?
i always listen to Ladies’ Code idk why? :(

11. recommend me something to do bc im always bored
give me more inspiration other than drawing dongsook ok i keep laughing everytime i try to draw dongsook help me

My Dumb Qs

1. sorry but seriously am i that intimidating

2. tell me one fact abt ur bias

3. if you can switch bodies with an idol for a day, who would it be?

4. tell me something interesting of you!!! ><

5. hey have you heard about TVXQ

6. one item that you always bring?

7. sweet or sour

8. black or white

9. do you like oreos

10. dream trip?

11. if u were in seoul, what would you do???

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What kinks do you think Jisoo would have? I'm way too curious about this tbh...

okay but Jisoo is my bias so like…why u gottA

since this is only one member and I’m biased this is gonna be just a little different than the hip hop team one

Alright so Jisoo’s kinks: 

Ass Slapping: 

bOII DO YOU SEE THEM HANDS HOLY FUCK PUT THEM ON MY ASS SIR with hands that big he has to love having some ass in them just he has to 

Face Sitting: 

okay but hear me out okay just imagine jUST IMAGINE his cat eyes looking up  at you while you’re sitting on his face like I just I can’T I’m soaked already and then his lips are so plump and he’s always sticking his tongue out like a little bitch and it’s probably really smooth 

Occasional Sub:

idk about y’all but I see Jisoo as a low key dom more often than a sub, but sometimes he just wants you to dominate him son like he’d pull you to straddle him when y’all are making out and then you’d be the one pushing him on the bed and teasing him and aLL THAT GOOD SHIT

Being Ridden:

in compliment to the previous one, being an occasional sub means he’d enjoy you slamming yourself down onto him and I for one would enjoy it just as much holy shit I need to stop I’m sorry everyone bUT CONTINUING ON even if he’s not being the sub he’d flip you to be on top of him and grab your waist to slam you down on him and he’d thrust up into you as well and I’m w e a k 

as you now know I’m the biggest hoe for Jisoo good lord, I shall sit and wait to loose followers now smh self. I hope you like it anon! and weren’t too distracted by my extreme thirst

~/now ruined/ peach admin

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Got7 ^^

GOT7 💚

  • My first bias: Jinyoung. (Still is tbh)
  • Your current bias and why: Bambam because he’s sweet and fun! King of fanservice
  • Favourite song: tricky because i love a lot but if i had to pick Something Good
  • Favourite MV: Never Ever
  • OTP: Markjin and Yugbam u can’t make me pick only one
  • Member you think has the best smile: Jinyoung
  • Favourite choreography: If You Do
  • Favourite era: Fly
  • Do you own any merchandise: All the flight log albums plus Hey Yah and Moriagatte yo albums. I also have the official ahgabong. Nothing else other than that i think
  • Have you seen them live: Yes. Last year
  • Favourite voice/singer: Jaebum has the nicest voice but Jinyoung’s vocals really have me shook
  • Favourite dancer: Bambam. He has swag in whatever he does. I wish i was him

send me a kpop group

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Gugudan and Sistar 💗

aaaaaaahhhh thank you so much!!!!


  • My first bias: hana caught my eye at first 
  • Your current bias and why: im still loyal to hana tbh like i feel bad saying sejeong bc everyone knows her bc ioi and bc she gets more attention and stuff and i dont wanna leave the other girls in the dust  
  • Favourite song: rainbow!! but i also heard diary for the first time the other day and was like !!!!!!!!!
  • Favourite MV: wonderland U CANT TOP MERMAID CONCEPT TBH
  • OTP: hana and sejeong god bless oh my lord
  • Member you think has the best smile: MINA lil miss eye smile 
  • Favourite choreography: wonderland :’)
  • Favourite era: girl like me era i think ???
  • Do you own any merchandise: noooooo :(
  • Have you seen them live: nnnnnoooooooooooooooo :(((((
  • Favourite voice/singer: nayoung or soyee
  • Favourite dancer: mimi, her stage presence is so !!!!!!!

sistar bless up 

  • My first bias: bora bora bora 
  • Your current bias and why: hyorin she’s so real and funny and good and perfect she’s honestly my queen 
  • Favourite song: i swear dont even get me STARTED 
  • Favourite MV: I SWEAR 
  • OTP: hyorin and bora OR hyorin and soyou 
  • Member you think has the best smile: hyorin look at her MOUTH its HUGE it takes up her whole face when she smiles and i absolutely adore it 
  • Favourite choreography: i like that the SKIRTS 
  • Favourite era: give it to me OUTFITS AND HAIR STYLES especially dasom in that era oh my god 
  • Do you own any merchandise: no i literally own one kpop thing and thats an exid poster jfc 
  • Have you seen them live: NO 
  • Favourite voice/singer: tbh like hyorin is a vocal goddess everyone knows that but dasom’s vocals are so slept on and she has such pretty tone 
  • Favourite dancer: bora bora 

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whoa re your top 4 biases and why?

o gosh i have too many biases hhhhh

i cant choose an exo bias bc i suck at staying in my own lane but im v into oh sehun these days because hes v underappreciated and i lov him

but also baekhyun bc HhhHHHHH VOCALS

from monsta x i stan changkyun bc hes so soft and precious and has the best rap (even tho wonho is a Homewrecker™)

and jennie from blackpink bc she is my mom and i love hER

BONUS: yoongi is my boi and i love him

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  • My first bias: i dont know…it might have just been minghao
  • Your current bias and why: minghao….he’s my savage son
  • Favourite song: mansae, fronting, 몰래 듣지 마요, smile flower, aju nice, 기대
  • Favourite MV: highlight, mansae, aju nice (rooftop)
  • OTP: none
  • Member you think has the best smile: not saying my son but….my son
  • Favourite choreography: mansae, highlight!!! b I T Hc, no f.u.n, boomboom, jam jam, pretty u
  • Favourite era: i like em all tbh lol
  • Do you own any merchandise: no
  • Have you seen them live: no
  • Favourite voice/singer: seungkwan, dk, wonwoo
  • Favourite dancer: performance team can slay my ass

SO, I gotta admit I think it’s pretty incredible that since I moved about five months ago, that I have the amount of people that followed me here, that actually still enjoyed my Rose and my stupid ass. I mean, six hundred of you guys, more than that, actually. That’s CRAZY. I love everyone of you and I’m just kinda still looking at my things in shock. I don’t deserve you guys. I mean, I didn’t think I would get more than one hundred on my original blog, much less more than fifty in the moved one. I just — ag H. I’ve had so many memories on Rose and I can’t wait to make some more and speak and interact with so many more of you.

Now the part you actually came to look at this post. They’re in ALPHABETICAL ORDER !!

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Tbh I don't think sm gonna introduce any new girls or any girls activity until nct are more grounded and more unit are debuted ;((( my bias is lami and my friends is koeun😍 let's call my friend Kwon since it's her last name and 'my friend' is too long 😂 her and I came up with a theory that sm isn't out to snatch the nation girl group title but are going for Asia girl group that's why there's a lot of foreign girls🤔 so they have to recruit girls from major Asian markets - srg enthusiast anon

ong ,,,,,, that totally MAKES SENSE !! :o

listen y do i feel like sm’s next gg will be more than 10 members ? ?? (not that im complaining) !! i hav such high hopes i rly feel like sm’s gna put EVERYTHING into sr17g !!!

ALSO i think after 2 more new nct units debut, we’ll see a rise in sr17g promotion 🤞🏼 so yh . that’s like about one year :// like we literally just got 20 secs of koeun
like last week rip

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F(x) pls 💖

thank you cupcake!!

  • My first bias: amber i saw her fashion and i fell in LOVE 
  • Your current bias and why: yes because yes 
  • Favourite song: milk oh god  
  • Favourite MV: red light is my fave mv, my fave concept, fave moment in life fave idea fave 
  • OTP: kryber is that even a question 
  • Member you think has the best smile: im so weak for amber’s smile she’s such a lil puppy 
  • Favourite choreography: hot summer tbh all the leg work got me whipped af 
  • Favourite era: 4 walls but also red light 
  • Favourite voice/singer: krystal probably 
  • Favourite dancer: i am literally so weak for victoria’s dancing dont even look at me

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♧ 🖤🖤🖤

You’re my: jeno stan i rlly love seeing on my dash (ur presence makes me happy im weird :’) )
How I met you: tbh idrk how, u just appeared on my dash and tadaaaa
Why I follow you: perfect mix of nct and aesthetics, tbh goals im in 💕
Your blog is: full of love for jeno and nct, makes me vvv happy im jdjwjskakksa
Your URL is: jeno i love him hes wrecking my bias list ifkekkds
Your icon is: somiiii i love her she so cute dkskjs
A random fact I know about you: du sprichst deutsch!!!
General opinion: that jeno stan™ i rlly love seeing on my dash
A random thought I have: its 8:02pm and im sick and i want to sleep but im just too???

mutuals send me a “♣” and ill do this!

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seventeen and/or monsta x if no ones sent them yet 👌👌

nobody sent me monsta x yet can u Believe ?

  • My first bias: shownu !!!
  • Your current bias and why: shownu & wonho !! also tbh im gonna go the easy way and say that their smiles ? their variety presence ? makes me a happy egg 
  • Favourite song: need u !!!!
  • Favourite MV: all in mv !!!
  • OTP: hmu w that showhyung .. that joohyuk
  • Member you think has the best smile: wonho .. i lov his smile i’d die for it
  • Favourite choreography: stuck !!!! it’s so!!! me: aaaaaaa
  • Favourite era: all in era …. is the best era noah fence . that or rush . or trespass ….
  • Do you own any merchandise: i have the temperature photobook, all the albums (i dont have the found ver of clan pt 1 or the secret ver of rush) 
  • Favourite voice/singer: i lov shownu’s voice a lot …. tbh
  • Favourite dancer: wonho ? hyungwon ? shownu ??????

Put any kpop group in my ask and i’ll answer w the above !!!

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  • First bias: Ron my bby boy
  • Current bias and why: I’m loyal to Ron but Lex is smth else man
  • Fav song: Call Your Homie x100000
  • Fav mv: Hmmmmm I like the Delilah jpn ver mv tbh
  • otp: I don’t ship in kpop but HighYu shipped themselves man
  • Best smile: Ron’s smile always gets me tbh,,, zuk’s smile is really soft and cute tho
  • Fav choreo: Either Delilah or Stardom 
  • Fav era: Obliviate omg that makeup was amazing (even tho the outfits were ridiculous,,,,) or maybe Bad Mama Jama cause the vitamin water jokes were great
  • Own any merch: I have the full album collection!! (when the jpn ones get here at least), and one of my albums is personally signed by Ron like with a letter 
  • Seen them live: Sadly no, they haven’t come to America :’(
  • Fav voice/singer: Lex,,, his voice is angelic man
  • Fav dancer: It’s between Zuk and EuiJin idk

Send me kpop groups!!

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🚫 🎶 ⭐️

🚫- a fandom “joke” you thing is overused and disagree with

tbh i cant think of one at the moment dkjdkdhd

🎶- what’s your favorite title track monsta x song?

hero rooftop version or all in !!

⭐️- why is your bias your bias?

oh m y gdo jen ur literlalay doing thsi on purpose u knO how mcuh i lov jooheon its an acTual meme omddgdo. when i first got into mx i was convinced hyungwon was gna b my bias but then i started watching mx right now nd w OW dis boi pulled me in so fckn bad he is literally so funny nd loud but also so soft nd smol he makes me sO fuckdidndg happy everything about him is so beautiful he is sO beautiful inside nd out nd i literally cry over how mcuch he gets affected by ppls opinions nd how he feels like he has 2 lose weight nd do all these fucked up things nd i literally get so emo i lov lee jooheon sO much i just want him to be happy nd loved nd warm at all times be im tearing up .

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😭👌thank you sm

your first bias:
omg.. it was jin and honestly it was based 200% on pure looks (tbh i still think he’s
the most handsome guy i’ve ever seen ..,,, you never forget ur first bias)

your current bias and why:
yoongi bc look at him (ok but um i actually can’t remember when or why i started stanning him but lemme tell u there is no turning back my friend)

favorite song:
wtf …, um well I GUESS i’m gonna have to say baepsae but if you come back tomorrow i’ll have a different answer

favorite MV:
run, bst, or fire (war of hormone gets an honorable mention solely bc of how good tae looked)

jikook but i also ship taekook and yoonseok (i don’t have any notp’s tho)

member you think has the best smile:
tae :))))))) or jin tbh

favorite choreography:
baepsae or fire

favorite era:
holy shit..,,, probably fire (tae’s red hair rip my ass) or wings

do you own any merchandise:
no .. i keep meaning to order some but then i forget and it’s gone out of stock by the time i remember

have you seen them live:

favorite voice/singer:
i literally don’t even have a real answer for this bc i love all their voices sm but i’m gonna go with jin or jimin

favorite dancer:
uhHmmm jungkook or tae tbh bc of the obscene faces they make when they dance hA