why are u like that

Ayy it’s a proper ref for my anxious bean kitten! 

I uh… maaaaay have gone a little overboard with all the notes and such… But I had fun ^^

So if y’all ever wanna draw him or somethin, you can use dis!

PLEASE stop reblogging that post about a 1,000+ death toll on the island of barbuda, it is FALSE! only one death has been confirmed by prime minister browne, although 90% of structures have been destroyed, and the island has been called “barely habitable” (source, source)

check your facts before you reblog, especially concerning something like a natural disaster. one quick google search can tell you if something like this is true or not. when you spread false info, you are responsible for causing needless fear and panic! always fact check!

some straight here: hey can i request an imagine where you have a fight with jungkook and he said really hurtful things like ‘'youre the most annoying person i ever meet i dont even know why im dating you, i hope you die’ and then i cry and i leave the house and get into a car accident and the only reason of why he decided to apologize is bc i almost died ?<3 make it fluff at the end please :3′</p>