why are u guys so creative

How i make my BTS fake subs:

1. take a shitload of screenshots. 

per post in the BTS america reality series, i use around 40 screenshots. i usually take 100-120 screenshots from a 10 minute clip of their bon voyage episodes

2. choose the screenshots i want to use

3. come up with dialogue that matches the screenshots

for coming up with the shady dialogue, i’m either

  • a) inspired by their facial expressions/hand gestures/body language OR
  • b) already have a conversation in mind and manipulate the screenshots to fit what i want them to say

4. type out the dialogue and insert the black boxes behind the text

5. arrange them in order

6. crop and resize the photos to 500px 

7. Copy and paste them onto a 500 x 800 canvas (size varies)

8. watermark and save

it might look simple but this takes me hours. the hard part is coming up with the dialogue & getting the dialogue to match with their expressions/movements in the sceenshots

so dont fucking tell me that “anyone can make these fake subs” or “if you dont want it reposted then why did u make them?” cause it takes creativity and i put in my effort and my time to do this so i can make you guys laugh.

 if you repost my shit, you’re discrediting all of that. respect my work and dont ruin it for everyone else by reposting.

anonymous asked:

could you please do a luke blurb on how you both like each other and the other guys are teasing him and asking him why he doesn't just date you and he's getting defensive bc he doesn't wanna show how much he likes u so he just points out one of ur flaws as a reason to not like you only to get the guys off his back but you overhear and get upset and he runs after you to explain??? i know it's a lot and i've barely put in any creative suggestions on how it should go but thanks! x

(nah omg i love when it gets super detailed like this!)

you were at the boys’ shared flat one afternoon, just chilling with them on one of their days off. they were in a heated fifa match and you sat on the couch behind luke who was sitting on the floor. you lazily hung your legs over his shoulders and he flinched. michael looked over and wiggled his eyebrows at luke, causing him to shrug your legs off of him quickly but you didn’t think much of it.

you and luke had kind of a weird relationship. you liked him and you were pretty sure he liked you too, but you were both stuck in this middle limbo where no one was making a move and it was driving you crazy.

“be right back,” you excused yourself to use the washroom, and all the boys, aside from luke, called after you to grab them various snacks and drinks before you returned.

“she’s totally into you, mate, you should go for it,” ashton nudged at luke with a cheeky smile and michael nudged at his other shoulder, causing luke to grunt and get up.

“what’s your problem?” calum called from the couch. “don’t you like her?”

“no!” luke snapped and the boys silenced, watching as luke paced for a minute and then collapsed down on the couch in a huff. “she’s just…so clingy all the fucking time. texting me like twenty times a day and she never leaves my side when we hang out,” he exaggerated, his voice louder than he realized. “and that’s just with us being friends…imagine her being my girlfriend, my god, I’d be miserable.”

you walked in right in the middle of luke’s rant, halting in the doorway with an armful of snacks for the boys. your heart sank immediately. here you thought luke actually liked you, only to find out he was merely putting up with you and your “clingy” ways.

you decided to make your presence known, walking over to the boys and dropping the pile of snacks on the floor with a loud thud. “I should go,” you said, glaring at luke. his eyes grew wide. “wouldn’t want to overstay my welcome and come off as clingy,” you hissed and grabbed your purse, storming out.

you were barely down the driveway when you felt tears stinging your eyes. you covered your face with your hands and took a deep breath, trying to compose yourself.

“(y/n)”, wait!” you heard, followed by the sound of the door slamming. you whipped around to see luke barreling toward you. “please, stop!”

“why? i’ve been with you almost all day. you said it yourself, i’m too fucking clingy so aren’t you happy you can finally fucking breathe again now that i’m leaving?” you snapped, letting the tears roll down your cheeks.

“fuck…” luke muttered under his breath and he looked down at his bare feet for a moment. “I didn’t mean that okay?” he admitted and looked back up at you.

“yeah, okay…” you rolled your eyes and turned around to continue walking.

“no, wait,” he said and grabbed your wrist, spinning you around in a quick motion and pulling you into a kiss.

you parted finally and he looked down at you with a smirk, then wiped a stray tear with his thumb. “i’m so sorry (y/n). I promise I didn’t mean any of that. the guys were just getting on my case about you and I was just too fucking nervous to make a move and I got embarrassed and just blurted that shit out. I know it sounds stupid and so fucking immature but truth is…I really do like you. a lot.”

your heart raced again and your lips curled into a smile. “you do?”

“course I do,” he confirmed, brushing some hair out of your face.

“so…I’m not clingy?”

he chuckled lightly and shook his head. “not at all. I love that you text me all the time. I love talking to you throughout my day, (y/n). and I love that you sit next to me when we all hang out, and that you want to be on my team when we go bowling and that you rest your head on my shoulder in the car after a night out,” he confessed, his voice barely above a whisper before he pulled you into another kiss, the boys standing at the front door now, hollering and cheering for their friends.

Phanfic needs new admins!

We are looking for one full admin to join the 6 of us and a whole list of temporary admins to be members (not full admin rights) and help us reblog and find fics. Below the cut is (hopefully) everything you need to know about applying if this is something you’re interested in! (we rly hope u are we need u guys okay)

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I am a new STUDYBLR.

Hii guys! Let me first introduce myself to you. I’m Dua, from India..pursuing a B.E. (First Year Engg.) in Mumbai. 

I find the Studyblr Community so sweet and creative( mwaaah! u guys r so adorable! ) I’m looking forward to everything here.

The first studyblr which really inspired me was @stuhdys also @academla.

And of course, then I went through a lot of other studyblrs :

@studypetals @acadehmic @cmpsbls @studeying @studyblrs

just to name a few. My Uni Exams are going and that’s why I may not update/reblog.. wtevs regularly(ON HIATUS, u see even my blog is not so organised..i’m still working on it.) 

But I’m glad I introduced myself a bit in here. Ew guys r so cool!! ^.^ Thank you for your time.

Much Love