why are those animals wearing clothes

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Can i request the batfam with a sister who's very confident in her body (and she likes to show it off) + batsis going on her first date? I love your writing! Thank you so much!!

Alright! I love this request already!


  • Oh no honey!!
  • Nonono
  • He does not like this.
  • He’s all about body confidence but he doesn’t want you being taken advantage of.
  • “All men are wolves!!”
  • “What about you?”
  • “Uh-”
  • He won’t stop you though, as it is your decision.
  • Even if he advises not to.
  • Your first date he’s a nervouse wreck.
  • He doesn’t want you heartbroken.
  • Something really shocking though is that he help you pick out an outfit.
  • Something like this.
  • Offers to drive you as well.
  • More like he tells you he’s driving you lol
  • “You have your taser? And your pepper spray? Make sure you tell him your big brother is a cop. I’ll be here to pick you up at exactly 9:00 if he’s even a minute late he’s having hell. Keep your cell on you at all times and make sure-”
  • “Dick?”
  • “Yes baby sis?”
  • “I’ll be okay.”
  • And with that you leave the car.
  • He’s tearing up so badly omg his baby is growing up so fast.


  • “Listen here punk, you harm my sister anyway I’ll make sure you’re pleadin for death”
  • “Excuse me where do you think you’re going dressed like that?!”
  • Immediately makes you throw a coat on.
  • “Listen, I know my sister is beautiful but if I see any sort of mark on my sister I’m raising hell.”
  • He only wants you protected though, that’s all.
  • “Hey…I know I might be being harsh on you, but I just don’t wanna see my baby sister heartbroken”
  • If this guy does break your heart I’d advise he run. 
  • Or he might as well dig his own grave.


  • He did a background check on this dude.
  • Knows everything, and can wipe him off the face of this planet.
  • Just one click and it’s done.
  • He refrains though and supports you the whole time.
  • “I understand you like to dress up but…please wear something else” he said, ruffling your hair.
  • “I think the outfit Dick picked out is nice. And be yourself;if this guy can’t love you for who you are then he isn’t worth it.”
  • Honestly gives the best advice though??
  • Helps you do your hair if you ask him to.
  • Isn’t much help with makeup though, you’d have to ask Dick for that one.
  • He does pull your boyfriend aside, and whispers something that makes him close to wetting his pants.
  • “What’d you say to him?”
  • He smirks,flicking your forehead playfully,“I told him to have fun”
  • Lol Tim you liar.


  • “You aren’t worthy enough to date my sister.”
  • Roast him? No no no.
  • My boy burns this guy to ashes.
  • Chars the guy.
  • Jason is probs cheering in the background.
  • “Damian enough!!”
  • -tt- You’re lucky this round”
  • He was probably this close to pulling his his katana out.
  • He eventually learns to accept that you’re dating the guy.
  • But why do you choose to wear those clothing??
  • He’s very happy you have confidence in your body, but he’s seen the men of Gotham.
  • They aren’t good.
  • “If he breaks your heart just remember, I’m an ex-assassin.
  • It was a joke though.
  • …probably not but let’s say that it is.
  • Why do I feel like Damian is good at makeup?
  • Idk i feel like he is and would help you with your makeup.
  • After the date he asks about all the details.
  • He wants to know everything.
  • Once he sees you rant and practically swoon about this guy he decides something.
  • He can live for now.
  • “I know you have someone now but…are we still having Family Movie Night?”
  • Awh poor Dami.
Questions I never thought of as a child that bother me now:

Part 1: Curious George

  • Why is every article of clothing The Man/Ted owns yellow? And why is it always the same suit? He has both an apartment and a house in the country so clearly he can afford more clothes than that one suit. Unless all the rest of the money goes to paying for the lawsuits George inevitably will cause.

  • Why on earth would The Man/Ted leave a baby chimp with the mental capacity of a four or five year old human child alone for long stretches of time when he knows what kind of mayhem his monkey son is capable of?

  • Why does everyone just accept that he’s raising a chimpanzee as his child and why is no one concerned about how much larger and more aggressive George is going to get once he turns five?!

  • Does The Man/Ted have some kind of political pull or rich family member or something in the city they live in? Because I can’t really see any other reason for people not sueing the daylights out of him and sending poor George to some kind of Rise of the Planet of the Apes-esque ape shelter.

Part 2: Sesame Street

  • Where are Big Bird’s parents?

  • Who in the world built a tiny car seat just for Slimy the Worm’s mother?

  • What ever happened to Benny the Bunny, that crabby bellhop guy from the old Sesame Street episodes when I was little?

  • Who else remembers those tinsel-y aliens that just went “Yep yep yep yep uh-huh, uh-huh” the whole time?

Part 3: Little Bear

  • Father Bear wears clothing. Mother Bear wears clothing. Grandmother and Grandfather Bear wear clothing. Little Bear most assuredly does not wear clothing. Why? Is it because he’s a preschooler who is probably too quick to catch when it’s time to get dressed? Is clothing optional for bears until they’re old enough for jobs?

  • Why are Emily and her Grandmother never concerned about the talking animals and the fact that bears are living in houses and have jobs? (Father Bear is a fisherman). Is this some kind of post-apocalyptic 1900s, where humanity is no longer the dominant species and everyone lives in the forest?

why get dressed when u can wear your bfs jersey all day & watch the animes on ipad or smth ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

02 Random Talk

Part 2 of Interview with Simazaki Nobunaga and Miyano Mamoru


Favorite Haruka and Rin scenes!

Miyano: I guess it has to be “the bed scene”?
Shimazaki: If you’re going to say that say “the scene where they talk in bed”!(lol)
Miyano: But it’s not wrong is it? The two of them were both laying in the same bed (lol). So, what’s a scene you like?
Shimazaki: Well if we’re starting at the beginning, the first one is from the first episode (season 1), where Haruka and Rin rip off their clothes at the pool.
Miyano: Oh~!
Shimazaki: That’s really where it started. Now it’s become obvious (in “Free!”) that when someone takes off their clothes they’ll have a swimsuit underneath, but at the time it was a huge shock.
Miyano: Eh? It surprises me even now? (lol)
Shimazaki: Really!? I’ve gotten used to it(lol).
Miyano: (lol).
Shimazaki: I wonder why, maybe because (at recordings and events) I’ve stripped myself……?
Miyano: Also whenever we peeked at recordings, Nobunaga-kun was always wearing a swimsuit too (lol).
Shimazaki: Yeah, there were those times too! (lol)
Miyano: That scene was really interesting though. It suddenly had a hero show feeling.
Shimazaki: And the movements were amazing too.
Miyano: They really were amazing. I’m sure the animators really worked hard. And as the episodes progressed the quality didn’t fall at all. On the contrary, you could feel it being filled with more and more love from everyone. They made Rin’s hair flutter~ like he was a heroine too(lol).
In all of the episodes the pictures are amazing to look at. I was really moved by it. That scene really attacked you in different ways too. It made me think “They can take all their clothes off in that one second!?” (lol).
Shimazaki: It’s like stage clothing that’s made for changing quickly. The ones that come apart in all sorts of different places.
Miyano: It makes me wonder how their clothes are put together? “Is it tape?”
Shimazaki: Don’t think about it too deeply, I’m sure they just have a unique skill for it! (lol)
Miyano: That’s true (lol).

■They want to be together all the time, that makes them the best rivals.

Shimazaki: This is about season 1 again, but I really like the scenes where Rin sees the Iwatobi team swimming and be bites his lip and has a painful look on his face. Especially the scene in (season 1) episode 8 when Iwatobi was swimming in the relay at the prefectural tournament .
Miyano: Does that mean you like the scenes where I was alone? I’m shocked~ (lol).
Shimazaki: No! No! (lol)
It’s that the lines he said while watching Rei swim really left an impression on me.
Miyano: You mean “Why is someone like you swimming with them……!”?
Shimazaki: And “He’s pathetic……”. I really liked that.
Miyano: Rin-chan is really honest. He was so jealous.
Shimazaki: That conflict and pain inside, like he was trying to avoid that jealousy, if had been just looking down on them (while watching the iwatobi team) it surely wouldn’t have been as moving.
Miyano: And how much he put out the feeling of “Even though I want to be there……!” was really cute wasn’t it?
Shimazaki: It was!
Miyano: It was like he was saying “Why can’t I be the one there……!” “Even though that’s the team that I made……Even thoughI was the one who wanted to do the relay to begin with and asked them to do it……!” (lol).
Shimazaki: (lol). It’s a place where Rin’s humanity was really felt.
Miyano: He showed a lot of emotions didn’t he.
Shimazaki: I just talked about season 1, but in season 2 we really have to talk about the scene where they talk in bed in episode 12.
Miyano: That’s right. I feel like, there are friends like that? It makes me jealous. It doesn’t just feel like the intimacy between close friends, they excite each other so much they want to be together all the time, that makes them the best rivals. I watched it while being happy that they have that sort of relationship.

■I was really happy to hear Rin’s feelings for the first time

Shimazaki: They don’t really meet that often though.
Miyano: If it were the opposite, they wouldn’t be able to think so much about the other would they? Rather than it ending with them just thinking “We should just continue this way for fun”, I think it’s really great that they have someone they can say things like “why aren’t you being more serious” or “Get up here (on the competition stage)” to.
And I don’t think it’s common for relationships to stay like that forever. This is connected to what we were talking about before but, it’s a result of the way they’ve grown up. If you remember it’s been that way since they met. Haruka and Rin’s swimming relationship started because Rin was thinking “I like Haruka’s swimming” and “I like competing with Haruka”, ever since Rin found Haruka and aproached him it hasn’t changed.
I’m sure it’s going to lead them higher from now on, I think that type of relationship is really great. There was a scene were it seemed like they were diving in a world competition wasn’t there (in season 2 episode 13)?
Shimazaki: There was!
Miyano: That gave me a thrill. When I think about what it would be like if those two to had an ultimate competition on the world stage……
Shimazaki: Wah, exciting!
Miyano: I’m sure the news shows would do special features about it. That “Their relationship has never changed since childhood” (lol).
Shimazaki: It’s the best story isn’t it! They’ve always been rivals. Haruka and Rin were never really that close. They were conscious of each other, but they maintained a reasonable distance. I think if they had gone on to the world stage it would have stayed like that.
In (season 2) episode 12 they were finally able to talk to each other. Even though they had clashed harshly before then, that was the first time they calmed down and talked about each other’s feelings.
Miyano: If they had talked before then I don’t think it would have worked.
They went to different schools, and I think it’s because they had that physical separation that they were able to think “He’s working hard so I have to too”, so I think that was probably important. I think it’s because they were finally able to talk there, the two of them were able to be honest with each other. I think that slight distance might have been what kept the fire in Rin’s fighting spirit lit so they can think of each other as opponents and think “I won’t lose to that guy”. I think it’s good that Haruka suddenly became depressed like that allowed them to get to know each other for the first time.
Shimazaki: Rin is the one who was always able to move Haruka’s heart. Haruka thinks of Rin as his rival, and also his friend. That’s why I was really happy to hear Rin’s feelings for the first time in (season 2) episode 12. Since up until then I didn’t know.
They didn’t say it directly but their feelings were the same, and they were able to convey that they remembered when they met. I think it was the final factor in Haruka deciding his dream, that talk was really important.
Miyano: People need to be able to discuss things without a reason, but they didn’t have that type of relationship, they each had their own thoughts, their emotions flowed, I think it’s good they have a relationship where they can talk when they have a reason. If Haruka hadn’t been in a slump I don’t think that conversation would have happened.
It really does feels like the two of them are a “destined pair”.

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How would Swap Papyrus and Tale and Fell Sans react if their SO normally "borrowed" their clothes and walked around in that?

swap papyrus

he’s always a little surprised? he doesn’t really know why, but it’s one of those really domestic things that’s always cropping up in undyne’s animes- he didn’t think that’d be something he’d see on a daily, ever. he starts washing his hoodies more often

undertale sans 

the largest and longest shrug you could ever see in your entire life. he wears his clothes because they’re comfy- it’s understandable that you’d think they’re cozy too. he always smiles really sappy whenever he sees you wearing his hoodie, however

fell sans

considering underfell’s environment’s hostility ranges from jerkish to Incredibly Dangerous, it’s not too much of a stretch for him to just. keep his coat on you at all times just to let everyone know you’re Affiliated and Attached to a Potentially Terrifying Mate. (when his clothes aren’t being used for a statement, however, he’s always flustered)

Ep 765

 I’m pretty sure Toei animation ships Sanji and Nami.

Pedro and Wanda, I totally ship em. I think the manga mention that they are childhood friends.

Main reason I ship those two is because they are like the mink version of Sanji and Nami. The similarity of Pedro to Sanji is pretty much obvious. With that cigarette in his mouth and his left eye being covered by his hair, I think we can say that Oda made Pedro similar to Sanji, and Wanda of course. She has been wearing Nami’s clothes for days now. She also has long orange hair, and she is also really attached to Nami.

Chopper is finally reaching puberty huh. He’s finally gonna learn why Sanji’s eyes turn into hearts.

They animated Nekomamushi and Chopper’s moment pretty badly. When I read it in the manga I laughed my ass off, but in the anime they stretched it too much.

Also, Pekoms called the Vinsmoke Family “hitogoroshi.” In all my years of watching anime, I know that it means murderer. Does “hitogoroshi” also mean assassin in Japanese? someone please confirm, because the Vinsmoke seem more like and evil power rangers than Assassins to me.

I like the focus on Nami’s eyes when they are finally finding out stuff about Sanji. They made it look like she was about to cry at any moment, which is probably true.

And I love how they added this at the ending.

I think this showed how precious Sanji is to Luffy, because I think you only see Sanji smile like that when he feeds someone who is hungry. And Luffy is hungry all the time, which means whenever Luffy is full and he looks at Sanji, he sees that smile. That means this smile is what Sanji looks like in Luffy’s head.

I love the things that they added in this episode, but they stretched it too much. I liked Brook’s song but it was too long. 

All in all, there were some awkward moments but I liked this episode since after the commercial break Toei animation just bathed me with SanjixNami.

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You seem well-versed in biblical lore, so here's a stupid, semi-biblical history question for you: When people are countering the anti-gay marriage folks who say the bible tells them it's wrong, a common a rebuttal is to ask why they think eating shellfish and wearing clothes of mixed fiber is okay. I'm totally onboard with the "not eating shellfish" law, (yuck!) but I'm confused about the prohibition on mixed fibers. WTF? Any idea how this one came about?

Leviticus 19:19:  “Keep my decrees: ‘Do not mate different kinds of animals. Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed. Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.’”

So also watch out for those animal hybrids.  


When I was a little girl, my babysitter started masturbating in front of me. 

I couldn’t tell you when it started. I’m scared to admit I don’t remember any “before.” It just always “was." 

He lived at my grandmother’s house and we called him Uncle Joe. Joe was our fucking hero. He was the cool grown-up, who quoted Ace Ventura and let us stay up late. Everyone adored Joe, not least of which, my siblings and I.  He was charismatic, funny, charming, quick-witted, talented, NICE, aaaand a child molester.  

My siblings and I worshipped him. 

In the summertime, my grandma installed a jacuzzi in her back porch. That’s when those flimsy red swim trunks entered my life, an article of clothing I’d grow to hate. Joe’s penis always had a way of "falling out” of those shorts. He liked to wear them around the house, when we played Monopoly or watched TV. The first time I saw his penis, the hot tub lights were casting a celestial glow around it like a spotlight. He was stroking himself underwater while my siblings and I named animals that start with the letter G. 

I was baffled. 

I loved Uncle Joe, and I wanted him to love me. But what was he doing underwater? Why did he turn on the jets when my grandma walked in? 

I felt crazy. I asked my brother if he saw anything. He hadn’t. I suggested we sneak under Joe’s bed to spy on him. Maybe we’d catch him doing that “thing” again.  

We camped under Joe’s bed only a few minutes before he caught us and pealed us off the floor.  

“You scoundrels!” he said, shooing us away.  

We giggled and screamed, as Joe shuffled us out the door. Suddenly I felt a firm grip lock around my arm. My brother stepped out as Joe locked the door in one swift motion. He turned around to face me. 

The next part of this is extremely fucking difficult to talk about. 

The door shuts. The lock turns. And we’re “wrestling” in bed together. His terry cloth bath robe won’t stay shut. My legs kick and squirm under his weight, and he’s extremely heavy. I can’t breathe. He’s clutching my wrists, and I feel completely powerless. 

The synthetic comforter scratches my face, and I can hear my brother crying now. The door handle shakes violently. 

I want him to rescue me. I want him to open the door.

And then I don’t.

I don’t want him to see this. My God. I can NEVER let him see this. 

My body turns to stone as I stop resisting. I can feel my muscles tense up, then let go. Tighten, release. Resist, give in. 

I’m scared to look down. Every time I do, his robe is open and I see his penis. I know it’s touching me sometimes, but I don’t want to know where so I look away. I think of music. I try laughing, and he laughs too. It’s all a game. We’re just playing, can’t you SEE?

My breathing replaces words. I have none left. I just want this to stop. I want this to stop.

I can’t make this stop.

I cannot. Make. This. Stop. 

And so I disappear. I let the world around me fade to black. All the screaming stops, the grunting stops, the music stops. I stop inhabiting my body for a while. I dissolve. 

When it’s over, Joe lets me go. He doesn’t warn me not to tell anyone; he doesn’t have to. He tells me he loves me, and I believe him. 

My abuse continues like a secret double life, always hidden in plain sight. Most of the time, Joe is a lovable, compassionate caretaker, who makes everyone laugh. He teaches me how to play the piano. He helps me build my science fair project. Then every once in a while, he masturbates in front of me, or asks me to rub lotion on his penis, or cums with my hair on his lap. You know. Regular “he loves me” stuff.

Around the time I hit puberty, I stopped being interested in boys my age, and quickly became fascinated by older men. In my attempt to control the situation, I flirted with old men in chat rooms and tried cyber sex. My first kiss was with a 43 year old man. My hair turned white around 15. 

When I turned 16, Joe got married and moved to New York. I was liberated. I felt like the victor; if Joe was finally gone, I could be safe. No one would ever have to deal with a shattered perception of HIM, or ME, or any of the drama that comes with “serial childhood sex abuse.” I could be happy! I could be normal! I could learn to date boys my own age. I could enjoy sex! I was truly optimistic in the most fatalistic way. I had no idea.

Years later I planned a trip to NYC with my siblings. On our way to the airport, my grandmother called to say Joe was picking us up from Newark. I couldn’t believe this was happening. There was NO reason to EVER see this person again. 

For three days, I galavanted around Manhattan with my abuser. I kept my composure, laughing, smiling, making the most of this ever waking nightmare. On the last night our trip, Joe slept in our hotel room and at 3 in the morning, I woke up to find him masturbating over my bed. Suddenly all the memories and little “moments” I’d justified away came flooding back. I was 19 years old, but at that moment, I was 15 again. And 13. And 11. And 9. And 7. And 5. I was frozen in my bed with no one restraining me. Powerless as I’d ever been, a prisoner trapped in my own body. 

I wish I could say this was the end of sexual violence in my story. In college I was raped by my ex-boyfriend, then later another friend. I stopped trusting people. I assumed anyone who was nice to me just wanted something (sex), and I resented them for liking me. I couldn’t trust “love.” The people who said they loved me did horrible things to me and if that was “love” I wanted no part of it.

I got a Bachelors of Arts in psychology, trying to fix myself. I went to therapy. I read books. I fell in love and got married. I made friends. I entrenched myself in comedy, music, and art. I did all the “stuff” you’re supposed to do, the steps. Guys, it doesn’t go away. Every single day of my life is a struggle. I live with a head full of memories, dancing, swimming, competing for attention. I’m happy to say it’s a struggle I’m winning because each day brings me further away from those experiences. But I’m still learning what it means to accept love, and trust people. I’m still learning how to believe in myself - consistently - for longer than a 20 minute improv set. 

I can say this: I’m so thankful to be alive. I wouldn’t change a moment. Every fucked up sexual transgression that brought me to this point created one sassy, independent, creative broad, and I really like how I turned out. I do get sad sometimes.