why are things happening the way they are

okay just hear me out guys

i have three ways wally isn’t dead okay just stick with me on this denial train

1. another pipe burst. he said he’d quit if that happened.

2. sammy found out he lost his keys again. he said he’d be fired if that happened, and as we know from chapter two, it did.

3. some other really Weird thing happened and he’s like “yeah no I’m gone byee” and he LEFT and is NOT DEAD and EVERYTHING’S JUST GREAT RIGHT NOW GUYS

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Hey! I really love the way you write and I would love for you to write something about Yousef finding himself in a situation where he has to physically protect Sana... I can't wait to see how you're going to write my prompt, I hope you do it!

Hey :) Thank you for the prompt! 

But I need to say one thing first: This is probably not what you had in mind. We saw that Yousef doesn’t like conflict and Sana only got into a physical confict situation to protect her friends, so that’s why I wrote this the way I did. I hope you still like it and please let me know :D

Also: I know that what happens in the beginning of this is something too many people have to deal with. So if I offended or hurt anyone with that please let me know and I’ll change it.

Okay, here it is. Hope you like it.


Picking Sana up from school on Mondays and spending the afternoon together is one of Yousef’s favorite things to do. 
On this particular Monday he was running late. He had to help his mother with some family-related stuff but still tried to get to Nissen on time. With a look on his phone Yousef sees that Sana’s last lesson ended three minutes ago and he still has to walk at least five minutes. 
While he starts walking even faster than he already did and hoped that Sana wouldn’t mind too much, Sana had other things to worry about. 
She had left school together with Vilde and looked around for Yousef. He wasn’t there yet and Sana found herself wondering if he forgot which he didn’t ever in the last weeks. But she got a text from him saying he’d be a little late. 
Vilde had asked if Sana is not going home and when Sana said she’s going to wait for Yousef, Vilde offered to wait until he gets here. 
The next minutes Vilde and Sana stood in front of the school and were just talking. About nothing in particular but they laughed a lot. Until a couple walked past them and gave Sana a dirty look. Sana noticed, she is almost used to that, but so did Vilde. And she was not used to it. Vilde knew that Sana had to face stuff like this a lot, in the past even from her which she felt horrible about. But since Sana talked to Vilde about it, she had realized her mistakes and tried to be better and she wouldn’t just stand there now and let that go.

“Hey, do you have a problem?”, Vilde asks the couple that was walking past them. Now they stopped and turn to Vilde and Sana. Vilde couldn’t keep her voice steady, she was mad. She saw Sana’s face fall as soon as she noticed the look she was given. It was not directed at both of them. Only at Sana.

Sana puts a hand on Vilde’s arm and shakes her head:“ Vilde, it’s fine.” But her friend didn’t budge. Was that the right thing to do? Vilde wasn’t sure but she didn’t want her friend to get hurt like that.

In front of the two friends there are two blond people now. A guy and a girl. They are holding hands and matching the same distasteful smile.

“Does she have to be so loud? She’s not alone here!”, the girl says in a disgusted voice and looks Sana up and down like she is prey. Sana raises her eyebrows and chuckles humourlessly. How original, she thinks. She really had enough of this but answering would lead to a big scene which she really didn’t need.

“I was laughing a lot louder than her. You didn’t seem to have a problem with that.”, Vilde says, crossing her arms over her chest.
Sana takes a deep breath. She doesn’t like where this was going. Couldn’t Vilde just let it go?

The blonde girl raises her eyebrows and looks at Sana for a second. "Well, she doesn’t have to be so all up in our faces now, does she?“

Sana watches as Vilde gasps loudly at this comment. Even Vilde, when she was unbelievably ignorant for a while, didn’t ever say anything like that. And even if she did, Sana would at least know that she wouldn’t do it to hurt Sana. But that’s exactly what this girl is doing. And all that time the guy next to her, probably her boyfriend, just nods along and looks somewhat pleased with what his girlfriend is saying.

Yousef arrives about 10 minutes too late. But once his gaze fell on Sana he broke into a sprint. He always feels like he should run towards Sana, to be with her as soon as possible. Right now, though, the reason for that feeling is not his usual one. 
He sees Sana and one of her friends, Vilde, fight with another girl he has never seen before. A guy watches them and that’s all he does. He watches instead of breaking the fight apart. 
Sana is in between of Vilde and the other blonde girl. Alarm bells are blaring in Yousef’s head and as soon as he arrives there, he jumps in between Sana and the unknown girl. He’s seeing red. His blood is boiling, heart racing. How would Sana end up in this situation? Is she fine? Why is the asshole over there just looking and not doing anything to stop this? These are the questions going through Yousef’s head as he finds his way into the middle of it. He doesn’t even care about the unknown girl he turned his back to. She’s still trying to get to Sana and Vilde with her punches but she only hits Yousef’s back. 

“What’s going on?”, is all Yousef manages to say to Sana in that short time. Sana looks at him with wide eyes; she looks really scared and hurt. He has never seen her like that and feels himself get really mad but also sad at the same time. When the girl behind him keeps hitting his back Yousef turns around and looks at her. She looks up at Yousef and notices the fire burning in his eyes. 

“Keep moving. Go.”, Yousef says. Whatever the problem is, it’s probably not going to be solved now, if they had to get physical. 

“I’m not going anywhere!”, the girl shrieks, “They need to apologize to me first!" 

Yousef narrows his eyes at her. He doesn’t excuse violence, never. But he knows that Sana would have never landed in this situation because she started it. That’s not who she is. That’s exactly the reason why he doesn’t react to that. Yousef towers over the somewhat tall girl. He doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t have to. His cold, mad facial expressions make the girl stumble back. Yousef assumes she’ll go now and turns to Sana. She’s holding Vilde’s arm. Vilde seems fine, physically, but she looks even more distraught than Sana. 

"I’m sorry, Sana. I wouldn’t have… if I knew… I’m so sorry!”, Yousef doesn’t hear all of what Vilde says because they’re talking quietly and Vilde is speaking very fast. 
Yousef wants to ask what happened, how they are, if they are okay. He doesn’t get to do that when someone puts a hand on his shoulder and forcefully turns him around. 
Yousef is faced with the guy that was only watching the girls fight. He is about the same height as Yousef and has a smug look on his face.  

“What do you think you’re doing? Scaring my girlfriend like that!”, the guy exclaims but doesn’t really seem like he cares that much. 
Still, it makes Yousef angry that this dude didn’t think of intervening when his girlfriend was fighting with someone but only does so when said girlfriend is walking away from the scene, alone. Why would he stay back now? 
Yousef doesn’t want to get involved too much but can’t help himself. He hates conflict, he really does. Right now it’s necessary though. 

“Are you for real, right now? First of all, what do you think you’re doing? Standing here and watching them fight! How can you think that was a good idea?! Secondly, I didn’t do anything to your girlfriend except for telling her to go because this fight seems to be very unnecessary and was bad enough when I got here, also thanks to you. I don’t have time for this now!”
Yousef is exasperated and doesn’t need this right now. He turns on his heel and walks over to Sana and Vilde who are standing together a few steps away, without caring if the guy is still there or if he finally decided to go.

Vilde looks like she is about to cry and Sana is obviously trying to comfort her while she doesn’t look that good herself.

“Are you okay? What happened?” Now that the unnecessary argument with that other guy is over, Yousef’s worry kicks in again. Sana looks away from Vilde and at him. Yousef is not able to completely read her face. He knows that Sana feels guilty, the way she furrows her eyebrows and how the corners of her mouth are pointed downwards.

“We’re fine. It’s okay.”, Sana says and can barely look into Yousef’s eyes. Yousef steps a little closer and his heart breaks at the way Sana looks right now. At the same time she tries to calm Vilde who talks too fast and too inaudible for him to understand what she’s saying.

Suddenly Vilde jumps and turns to Sana:“ Magnus is here! Is it okay if I leave now? You know I’m really sorry.  If it wasn’t for me that wouldn’t have happened! I just wanted to help but once again I didn’t manage to do that right. I’m so sorry.”

Sana smiles weakly at her friend and puts her hands on Vilde’s arms to calm her.

“Vilde, it’s fine. Go! Yousef’s here.”, Sana says and shows Vilde one more smile. They hug and Sana’s friend whispers something in her ear before she walks past Yousef. He doesn’t care to look to see Magnus. All he cares about it Sana.

“Sana, what happened? Are you okay?” He is worried. His eyes wander around her face to see if there are any injuries.

Sana laughs lightly which Yousef furrows his eyebrows at. The laugh is not sincere: “Yousef, you’ve asked that before.” She’s trying to lighten the mood but she still can’t look Yousef in the eyes. 
He steps closer but she looks anywhere but at him. 

“Sana, can you please look at me.” Yousef almost begs. Sana’s head snaps up immediately. He sounds genuinely worried and sad. And it’s because of her, she thinks.

“I’m too embarrassed.”, Sana confesses. 

Too embarrassed? Yousef hates seeing Sana like this. He reaches out to take her hand and when she doesn’t pull away he takes her hand and intertwines their fingers.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed about anything with me, okay? I just want to know if you’re really okay and how I can help.”

Why is he so sweet, Sana thinks. He is so understanding and caring and all the emotions that built up in the last minutes culminate. Tears spring into her eyes. She still doesn’t look up at him when she answers. She looks at their intertwined hands.

“I would’ve never wanted you to see that. And it was my fault; I just can’t get it right. Either I’m too cold towards the world or I’m too happy.” The words fall out of Sana’s mouth without control. She feels comfortable enough with Yousef to let it all out.

Yousef is confused. What she’s saying doesn’t make sense to him. She still refuses to look at him. Yousef looks around them and sees a bank they can sit on and lightly pulls Sana towards it with him.

Once they sit, he turns to Sana who finally looks up at him. He almost wishes she didn’t. The tears in her eyes that threaten to spill any second make Yousef’s heart ache.

“Why don’t you tell me the whole thing? I don’t believe for a second that any of that was your fault.”, Yousef says and tries to ignore the sinking feeling in his stomach. Seeing Sana like this makes him feel horrible. But this is not about him, it’s about her.

Sana nods and starts explaining:“ Vilde and I were standing there, talking and laughing. And those two people walked by and shot me a dirty look.” She takes in a breath. “I’m used to it. I didn’t react. But Vilde saw it too and she called them out. I tried to make her stop but she wanted them to at least admit the reason why they looked at me like that and not at her too.”
Yousef is still holding Sana’s hand and squeezes it lightly. Sana continues talking. 
“The girl got mad. Said some … hurtful things and Vilde stepped closer to her and the girl’s reaction was to hit Vilde. I quickly got between them but it got out of hand. And then you arrived.”

Sana only looks at her hands. Yousef breaths in deeply to not get too frustrated over this. How can Sana blame herself for this?

“Sana.”, he says. She looks up. No tears had spilled but she’s close to crying, Yousef can see that. She clenches her teeth, she doesn’t want to cry. She feels like she let her guards down too much already.

“Listen to me carefully, okay?”, Yousef says and thinks carefully of how to phrase the next sentences, “None of that is your fault. It’s not your fault that they looked at you like that and it’s not your fault that Vilde reacted like that. You didn’t start the fight. That girl did. You only wanted to protect your friend which I am really proud of you for.”

Sana looks him in the eyes now, without looking away quickly and nods with a small smile. However, she is still not able to say anything. She knows that she’ll cry as soon as she tries saying one word. But now it’s not because she’s angry and hurt.

“And one more thing.”, Yousef says and takes both of Sana’s hands in his. “I know I’m not the right person to say this because I don’t have to struggle with what you have to face every day with prejudices and misconceptions people still have. But please remember, the way you are is perfect. You don’t ever have to change for other people; they’re not worth it.”

Sana presses her lips together trying to stop her lower lip from quivering. She tries to blink away her tears but Yousef managed to make her feel so much better about what happened and about herself and that in such a short time. The way he cares so deeply. She noticed how worried he looked when he arrived, how mad he got when she explained what the girl did, how carefully he thought about what to say to her.

He studies her face as she doesn’t say anything. She just looks at him with the most grateful and loving look. Then tears start rolling down her cheeks.

“Oh God, Sana. I didn’t want to make you cry. That’s the opposite of what I wanted. Don’t cry, I’m so sorry!” Sana starts wiping away the tears that escaped her eyes with the back of her hand and laughs. 

Confused but glad that she is laughing, Yousef joins her laughter and watches as Sana tilts back her head for a second. She’s looking at the sky and tries to stop the tears. She finally looks back at Yousef who’s already looking at her and smiles.

“These are not sad tears, Yousef.”, she says laughingly. Then Sana looks him in the eyes, a bit more serious now. “I’m just very glad to have you in my life.”

Yousef starts to smile even bigger and is so happy that Sana is laughing now.

“Thank you!”, she says and they both know what she means.

Yousef slowly reaches out to wipe away the last tear from her cheek. Sana doesn’t pull away, she just watches as his hands gets closer to her face and when Yousef wipes away the tear with his thumb she leans into his touch.

“Anything for you, Sana.”

It’s so easy to forget with all of the drama that keeps creeping up in this fandom, but I am here for these two people and the show that we all love, as I know many of you are too.  In a little over a month, they’ll begin filming the 11th season of The X-Files.  Let’s not forget how truly blessed we are to be receiving this gift.  I am beyond excited, as excited as I was the day we found out that a new season was finally happening.  Let’s enjoy this time instead of making it miserable.  Let’s remember why we’re all here in the first place, and let’s enjoy the wonderful friendships that have been made along with the way.  We have so much to be thankful for, and it’s time that we put things back into perspective again.

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a - age: 27

b - biggest fear: Honestly? Torture. I would not be able to deal, just kill me. But if we are going for like something more realistically likely to happen, public embarrassment. I’ve gone a long way in handling my social anxiety, but probably not enough to deal with something major.

c - current time: 9:38pm

d - drink you last had: Black tea with milk

e - every day starts with: Checking phone notifications because attention helps me exist followed by cleaning my teeth.

f - favourite song: Anna Sun by Walk the Moon

g - ghosts, are they real: Sure, why not. Doesn’t hurt to believe in their potential to exist.

h - hometown: Technically, Barham.

i - in love with: Many things and many people. Love is a nice emotion, I am not cheap with it.

j - jealous of: Pfft, all the things. I get jealous a lot. I generally use it to drive myself to be better or to remove myself from situations I am unhappy with. It’s a normal emotion, it’s what you do in action of it that counts.

k - killed someone: In daydreams, many times. Usually rude people that get in my way.

l - last time you cried: Last week, reading a fic @fireflysummers wrote. I go through teary periods as well, especially when I’m stressed.

m - middle name: Claire.

n - number of siblings: 3. Older sister (42), Older brother (40) and a Younger brother (24).

o - one wish: To be happy.

p - person you last called/texted: My mum. I haven’t visited in a while, so to let her know I was alive.

q - questions you’re always asked: Like, apart from obvious ones like “What’s your name?” and “Where are you?” it’s “Are you seeing anyone?”. I never am. The older I get the more perplexed it seems to make people.

r - reasons to smile: Because life is good and there is much to love.

s - song last sang: This Means War by Marianas Trench

t - time you woke up: A bit before 8am since it’s a Sunday.

u - underwear colour: Grey and Lime Green

v - vacation destination: Going to Japan in October and thinking France next year. I try and get overseas once a year.

w - worst habit: Falling into depressive slumps where my life just becomes a mess, especially at home.

x - x-rays you’ve had: Just one I think, on my teeth to make sure my wisdom teeth weren’t doing anything weird.

y - your favourite food: Oh god… I love food. Like so much… Steak? I guess? At the moment anyway, I’m craving red meat.

z - zodiac sign: Aquarius

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Herbal Remedies Tips

So I’m co-owning a blog with a friend @thesmoldragoness called @abc-herbal. We are posting herbs and their uses. However, here are some tips:
🐝do you’re research. Seriously. Some things may effect your body and you will need to know.
🌸Do not believe everything herbal/green witches recommend you for remedies. Especially if they A) have not gone to med school B) do not give you warning about its effects or if it’s toxic. I’ve seen it happen.
🐝St Johns Wort, Mugwort and Valerian are toxic if someone recommends these herbs to you then please ask them why. Or do not trust them. Again. I’ve seen people recommend these
🌸ALWAYS ASK YOUR DOCTOR IF A HERB IS SAFE FOR YOU! They know way better about your health than some random person on Tumblr.
🐝Your Doctor is best to help. Even if you feel pills will effect your “witchcraft” it won’t. Seriously.

~Moon Child

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i follow you from tw days and while i know absolutely nothing about podsa, i've been enjoying witnessing you be happy and fandomy on my dash again. but i've got to admit i've been super confused about why you're so crazy about the director of iron man and actor who plays happy hogan (and also why the hell he is doing some kind of political podcast, because he doesn't seem in any way qualified for that) and i just now figured out that there is another jon favreau and now i feel very stupid.

I’m laughing so hard. Don’t worry about it, anon, so many people have done it. And if it’s not Favs, it’s “why are you spending a lot of time erotically imagining gross things happening to Famous Actor Jon Lovitz.

Curse my fandom and their stupid names.

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Hi! What are your fave hurt/comfort fics? (With a focus on hurt!Derek and bonus points for cuddles/bed-sharing!) Thanks, you're awesome :)

Oh that’s so kind of you, thank you! First, I’m gonna point you to this list I made a while back, it’s focused on touch-starved Derek but some of the fics deal with hurt Derek and cuddles, too. This list…kind of got away from me lmao, but all of these are really good. Just depends if you want a long or a short fic.

From Ashes by Jerakeen (T 2k)

Magic hates Stiles. He doesn’t know why Deaton insists he can use it.

When Nothing Else Works by hannah_baker (T 6k)

Sheriff Stilinski is slowly and begrudgingly accepting the fact that werewolves exist, regular bad things still do happen sometimes, and his son may or may not be dating Derek Hale behind his back.

Or, the one where having Derek Hale in his bed is the only way Stiles can get to sleep. Much to his father’s annoyance.

Nitesky by thepsychicclam (T 7k)

A figure crests the edge of the house. Stiles squints in the sparse light of the half-moon, and is shocked when he sees that it’s Derek.

“What are you doing?” Stiles asks quietly.

Derek finishes climbing up onto the roof in one graceful swoop, and then he crosses the slanted surface quickly.

“This is dangerous,” Derek greets as he takes the spot beside Stiles. “You could fall and break your neck.”

Stiles has trouble dealing with the after effects of the nogitsune, and Derek finds him sitting on his roof.

Like a Melody (it won’t leave my head) by Jerakeen (T 8k)

Stiles doesn’t notice the constant buzzing in his head until it’s gone.

The Witching Hour by MellytheHun (T 8k)

The radio host AU no one ever asked for but I have written anyway because sometimes when DJ’s play several sad songs in a row, I worry about their mental health and then this AU was born

Satisfactory Compromises by TroubleIWant (M 17k)

Stiles is basically doing fine. He’s surviving, anyways. So what if it’s a struggle to get out of bed most days? Back in high school, everything about the supernatural had seemed edgy and romantic and exhilarating, but after seeing everything he has, wanting to go back to ignorance is only natural. Only then Derek comes back to Beacon Hills and says he’s in love with him, and everything changes.

For the worse.

The Boy Next Door by Benaya, PencilTrash (T 21k, 8/9 chapters)


Deaton looked at Stiles, forehead wrinkling as he suffered the boy’s never ending curiosity. “My boss,” he answered. “The owner has decided to move in finally.”

“Wha-” Stiles choked on his next bite. “The… the Hales?” He coughed, eyes widening. “But I don’t remember them dropping in here ever, since I was - like, spoiling my diapers.”

Deaton sighed, moving behind the sofa, still cleaning. Stiles strained his neck to follow his path.

“It’s just Derek now.” Something flashed across Deaton’s usually stoic face as he mumbled out the words; sadness, Stiles thought, pity.

Inertia by apocryphal (M 21k)

The last thing Derek and Cora are expecting to find outside their motel room is a gaunt Stiles Stilinski, lacrosse bag on one shoulder and the weight of the world on the other.

Hitchhiker by exclamation (T 33k)

Derek returns to Beacon Hills to find Stiles possessed by a spirit that can take over his body at will. Anything Derek does to hurt the spirit will only hurt Stiles, so Derek offers himself in exchange. When the spirit realises how much Derek cares, it uses this to manipulate Derek into helping, with the promise of Stiles’ freedom as leverage.

The two end up travelling across country in Stiles’ jeep. The journey stirs up issues for both Stiles and Derek, and brings previously hidden emotions to the light.

Pulling the Pieces Together by fireflystiles (cuddlehazz) (T 34k)

“You never have hurt anyone. Not then and not now. You just made Coach piss his pants and that’s funny shit there.” Jackson told Stiles. They all underestimated how responsible Stiles felt for the Nogitsune and what happened. No wonder he was afraid to go near the pack, not to mention the whole no control over magic thing. He felt Stiles huff out a breath at the part about Coach which was a good start.

Or after the Nogitsune, Stiles keeps secrets, there are new people in Beacon Hills, and the Pack has fallen apart. Stiles starts to figure out his role in the pack, piecing it back together, and trying to keep everyone safe.

After The Storm by matildajones (M 41k)

Derek’s mind flits to Stiles’ face. It’s a hard face to forget and for some reason Stiles is one of the only things Derek can think about without feeling like he’s lost something.

Erica grins. “When are you going to see him next?”

“He’s a cop,” Derek says gruffly.


Derek remembers being at the station, he remembers all those fucking people who thought he had killed his own sister. Laura. He hates all of them, and says as much aloud.

Erica hums. “Sounded like you didn’t hate him.”

Dealing with the death of his sister, Derek spends most of his time helping out his family. He meets Stiles and as soon as Derek’s willing to admit his attraction towards him, he discovers that Stiles is dealing with his own problems at work. He needs help - help that Derek’s all too willing to give. There’s something about Derek with his strange, glowing eyes and quick ability to heal that makes Stiles trust him when maybe he shouldn’t.

Okay Will Get Us Through by clotpolesonly (M 42k)

It was supposed to be a peaceful fucking protest. Stiles heard the first shot loud and clear, though, and was too boxed in to duck, even as his stomach felt like it fell out of his body entirely. For a second all he could think was “Scott is gonna be so mad, I said it would be fine, I promised,” and then he was falling. 

If You’re Going Through Hell (Keep Going) by orphan_account (T 48k)

Stiles thought everything leading up to Allison’s death was hell, but he was wrong. Spending senior year dealing with the pack’s dismissal of him while secretly training to be Deaton’s replacement was hell. Feeling guilty and hating himself for what the Nogitsune did was hell. Being in love with someone who would never love him back was hell. Well, if you’re going through hell, keep going.

*It’s been a while since I’ve read this one so I don’t remember much. It’s not very Scott friendly, just to warn you.

Wood and Nails by rabbitxheart (M 50k)

”The five stages of grief,” Stiles nods and sighs. They’ve both seen it, been through it. Heard them repeated by therapist after therapist. Stiles doesn’t say anything, but they both know which one Derek’s slipped into by now.


When things calm down in Beacon Hills, all the things Derek hasn’t dealt with come back with a vengeance. Stiles does his best to help him.

Sanctuary by darkmagess (M 63k)

Starts where 3B stops, with Kate attacking Derek in the loft. She kidnaps him to Mexico, and Stiles, Scott, and Lydia rush to find him before Kate can inflict too much damage. She inflicts enough, and Derek retreats into his mind to escape the horrors of his situation. The Derek they find is not the one that left Beacon Hills. 

The Moon’s Gonna Follow Me Home by turningterrific (E 82k)

Derek doesn’t want to call the window repair guy. He doesn’t want to sweep up the glass. He’ll inevitably miss a few shards and pull them out of the bottom of his bare feet for weeks.

He doesn’t want to try to make this place feel like home when it isn’t.

Derek stayed in Beacon Hills and tried to make it work because he wanted pack, wanted purpose. He gave his best effort and found himself back where he started: alone, with a few begrudging allies. He’s tired, and even though his werewolf body heals quickly, he feels the weary ache down to his center.

He packs his car with the few things he cares about enough to drag them from place to place. He locks the loft and calls a realtor about listing the building he’d bought in a misguided attempt to secure a future.

And then he leaves.

between the click of the light and the start of the dream by thepsychicclam (E 105k)

A twig snaps, and then Stiles hears breathing and the rustle of leaves. He strains to get a better glimpse into the darkness, but it’s pointless. There’s nothing but a black void.

It’s Stiles’ senior year, and he’s trying to concentrate on normal things - like the lacrosse championship, spring break, prom, graduation (and definitely not Derek) - when he starts having nightmares and waking up in the middle of nowhere. Oh yeah, and he’s being haunted by a hag. Great.

pchris finally fell in love?

chriseva fans say that skam has a shitty ending bc your beloved pchris fell for someone other, not eva? y'all must be kidding me. instead of shitting on jonas and the emma+pchris moment, you could be happy that pchris finally fell in love, he wanted this moment of falling in love to happen to him so fucking much and when it finally happened, y’all are bitter bc it’s not eva? yeah, chriseva had some cute and sexy moments and in s4 we found out that pchris wanted something more to happen between them. we saw that he tried so hard to make things between them more serious, he tried so hard to fall for her and it was cool of him but just think, it didn’t happen even though they met in s1 and since then they have interacted with each other in different ways. why y’all can’t admit that maybe chriseva never meant to be an endgame? me, personally, I see their relationship as some kind of preparation for a serious relationship. they both grew up in this relationship, eva became more confident, he believes in her self, she knows what’s her opinion and she won’t let anyone to control her. and pchris? pchris finally grew up to that point when he wants to have a serious relationship with someone, he is fed up of countless amount of make out sessions on parties and nothing more. even though I have never really liked pchris, I am so happy that he finally had his moment of falling in love, that he finally could feel it. and also, as a eva+jonas fan, I am so happy that eva and jonas found their way back to each other. they are meant to be together, they just met at the wrong time in the wrong place at first but now, they both are ready for each other, for this relationship and I couldn’t be happier for them.

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If Ezra is A.D. he will tell his heartbreaking story to Aria that he loves her and did everything so that they could be together. It could also explain why he always manipulated Aria in doing all the things so that she could remain stuck with him. It will be sad that this twisted predator will be forgiven by everyone and Aria will get married to him. Won't the Liars be afraid that they can be tortured again if he is still around? I hope that theory becomes true that Wren kills Ezra.

I will be fucking devastated if that happened and Aria forgave him again. And it’d be devastating in the way that like. At that point, you know without a shadow of a doubt that Aria is an abuse victim and that he is a manipulative, disgusting prick (: but I hope that theory comes true too, I would sell my soul to see Ezra die. 

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I didn't even ship chriseva but chris was done so wrong lmao he legit was head over heels for her and apparently bc he's a fuckboy he couldn't resist a pretty girl. And of course eva gets sucked into her toxic season 1 relationship. The whole thing seemed so unrealistic so out of nowhere and sooo fucking American. It's the type of shit that happens in American shows. A more realistic way would have been to not include the chris p pov and his texts to jonas/William.

Like damn, i’m just so tired, because what was the point???
My baby Eva was done so wrong, i can’t really understand why was that ever needed… Like I would be so okay with p Chris not existing at all? But leading people on just the way RIB or Shonda or Jeff Davis are excelled in is so anti-skam??? Like??????

If I were to describe my life currently in just one word, it would be contented. I guess I’ve never been this satisfied before, and it felt surreal. I’m so happy with who I am and what I have right now, I feel so blessed.

I remember feeling so stressed before because of some people, and now that they’re gone because it was God’s plan, I very much thank Him because if it didn’t happened, I would still be stressed right now. Yes, I questioned God why things occur, but then I realized that He did it for me as well, for me to learn things and grow up.

And lately, I want to get closer to God. I’ve read something online that one way of getting closer to Him is to listen to worship songs, and so I did. I started listening to Hillsong Worship’s songs and everything felt so good, I felt that God is with me all the time. I felt emotional too, like how God can be so amazing? He’s not here with us personally, but He let us feel His presence. I realized that He’s never gone and will never be, He’s just waiting for us to approach Him and come up to Him. When you start to believe and follow Him, a good change will happen. I will continue on praising, worshiping, and following Him because I know that I will never regret it.

I’m currently in search for other worship songs so if you know one, please let me know. I’ll gladly listen to it. Let us all follow Him and be proud of Him!

So I see a lot of people here really angry about Doctor Who killing off a gay character. But … (God I’m gonna regret this one)
It was fucking beautiful in a tragic way. Bill is very proud of who she is. Her identity is very important for her. And that’s exactly why what happens to her is so tragic. Cyber men don’t have an identity. They lose their personality in a process.
The cyberconversion took away the most important part of Bill’s life. She is forced to give up everything that makes Bill who she is. She is forced to ignore her true feelings. And if that’s not the saddest thing ever and at the same time a giant metaphor for what we as a society do to people who don’t fit in, I don’t know what is. And that’s why this gut punch works so well.

So I’ve rewatched this episode a few times at this point, and each time I noticed new things about this scene. As more pieces fell together, we get a clear picture as to just how brutal Lars’ death was.

And this specific screenshot says it all.

Why? Because LARS IS CLEARLY STILL ALIVE AT THIS MOMENT. (Look at how tense his facial features are. There is no way that Lars could make this face if he was dead right now.)

Why is that important? Look at what happened seconds before, and what happens shortly after.

1) The explosion.
The robanoid had just exploded, and Lars was physically on top of it when it happened. At this point-blank range, and without any sort of protection, Lars was exposed to the full force of the blast. Just imagine being blown up at point-blank. All the fire, all the force, and whatever shrapnel would have been flying around, that’s what Lars was exposed to. AND HE WAS STILL ALIVE TO FEEL ALL OF IT.

2) The impact.
This happens a fraction of a second after this screenshot, but is still well worth noting. When Lars hit the wall, we could clearly hear a definite ‘crack’ noise. Judging by how he hit the wall, he most likely broke not just his neck, but probably his spine and skull, as well as several other bones, like his ribs or his arms. Along with this, there’s also a good chance that some of his organs may have been ruptured, such as his heart or his lungs. (Especially since the edge of the gem hole would likely have somewhat impaled him on impact.)

This is definitely the moment Lars died, as shown by how his face and body goes completely limp afterwards. But it’s still very likely he felt the agony of the impact for the split second before his death.

3) Lars’ scar.
This is probably the most brutal part of all of this.
As first said by the lovely @bedknees , the fact that Lars’ scarred eye was specifically covered by his hair before resurrection makes it very likely that his head was split open in that spot.

And I completely agree with this.

But how could this have happened? Shrapnel.

One of the reasons bombs are so deadly is not just because of the explosion, but also the resulting shrapnel that would be launched in all directions at anything in range. With Lars being at point-blank range of the explosion, he could’ve easily been exposed to this. And that’s exactly what I think happened.

Why? Because Lars’ scar doesn’t just slice through his cheek and forehead like skimming across a rocky surface may do. Lars’ scar also goes over his eyelid, which is shown whenever he blinks after his resurrection.

So how would’ve this gone down?

I think that a piece of the robanoid’s outer layer, probably sheetlike in shape, was shot through Lars’ head in a fraction of a second, cutting through this eye, skull, and brain, and launching out the other side. AND HE WAS STILL ALIVE TO FEEL THIS.(His hair deliberately covers his eye in this screenshot, in this moment where he is still alive, which probably proves this.)

And you can clearly see Lars’ face twisted in AGONY in the fraction of a second prior to his death.

Lars’ death was not a long, drawn out one, but was still a torturous one. To see just how violent and brutal his death was, it shows just how tragic this moment really is.

Bonus: Other possible scenarios

1) The shrapnel could’ve stopped partway into Lars’ skull, ultimately altering his brain function. (Steven’s magic likely wouldn’t be able to heal where the shrapnel would still be in)
(Although I think this is incredibly unlikely, since Lars is shown to act and function in the same way both before and after death. The areas of the brain that would’ve been affected would impair his speech, his perception of the environment, his motor abilities, his judgement, his emotional reactions, and his sense of self. This would result in a vastly different Lars than the one we know.)
(A similar injury has happened in real life; Phineas Gage. I suggest Googling him)
2) If the shrapnel had been much bigger, it would’ve cleanly cut off a large chunk of Lars’ head in a Mortal Kombat style death.


“In his backpack, there are a dozen notebooks that compose the scattered memories dating back to as far as he can remember which somewhat piece together a scattered life. In a similar way to Alzheimer’s, he’s written things down, for fear of losing his memory again. He was prepared, were something to happen, to walk away with nothing but that backpack, which is why it’s the only thing he takes and knowing full well that not everything those pages contain is pretty.” - Sebastian Stan

The definition of Fast Friends

I have already spewed endlessly on how much I love Yuri on Ice and the way they present their narrative. What I love most is their theme of mirroring and contrasting certain elements. 

I’m not sure if this particular point has been brought to attention yet. I think in establishing Yuri and Otabek’s friendship, what the creators want to show is how close they got in an immense short span of time. What I have noticed in the imagery is the following.

Take note of how Yuuri and Victor first sit together at the beginning of their story arch: 

They sit apart, indicating that they have to grow towards each other. This of course has to do with Yuuri’s character development: learning to accept help from others and in his turn place trust in himself and his abilities. 

Compare this to how Otabek and Yuri sit together on the beach in Barcelona, about two days into their friendship:

There’s literally no space between them. What this implies is how willing Yuri was to accept Otabek into his life as a friend. Whereas Yuuri is hesitant to let people near because of his self-doubt, Yuri is pretty much desperate for a friend; a peer who will understand him in the way he wants to be seen. It’s why Yuri is so clingy. I think he feels completely understood by Otabek from the very beginning and things in their (platonic) relationship happen at lightening speed. There is immediate trust, because Yuri (and Otabek too, for that matter) are so willing. They are the definition of fast friends.

And I got all of that just by how they are sitting on a bench, which shows how well the YOI creators think out their characterization. 

the year is 2018. someone, probably a new homestuck lured in from hiveswap, decides to see what happened last 6/12 after just discovering it was a thing to be celebrated. they see that one post that’s a 6/12 timeline and think, wait, 2017 isn’t on here. why? little did they know, we don’t talk about 2017’s 6/12. it’s a shameful thing to even think about. they discover that all memories of 6/12/17 have been deleted, except one post simply titled “your ad here: $700.20”.

She picked something from her table and walked towards her bed. She smiled lightly and sat down slowly. “I will never meet a lot of people. I will never be able to know and understand why people act the way they do. Even if I still can’t understand them perfectly, I knew that I can relate to what they were going through. Some things will never happen, some lessons will not be learned. And some of the greatest people I met will be forever strangers to me. Yes , I will never be able to tell you the wonderful memories—if that one thing never happened to me. If it occurred differently. I will not be talking about the stars if I haven’t experience the darkest of nights. I will not be mesmerized by how the sun rises if I wasn’t awake until it comes. I will not be in love with the sunset if I wasn’t waiting for the day to end. I will not be talking about heartbreak if it doesn’t happen to me. I will not be moved by sad movies if I never felt pain. I will not be talking about deep meanings behind things if I only used my eyes for trying to realize something. I will not be here if I made a different decision. If I chose a different option.”. She looked up and gave him the thing she’s been holding. A thing he thought she will never have. A piece of paper where a date was written. The day when they met each other. The day when he had seen her alone, reading one of her favorite books. The day when he was silently listening to his favorite music. “I was starting to move forward when you saw me. And I never expected that there’s still someone who would want to be with me when I started to stand and walk. I am moving on, and so are you—from two different reasons—but it feels more precious when we decided to do it together.”
—  ma.c.a // I Remember You
  • Spoilers btw
  • Archie Andrews is a fucking idiot 
  • Veronica is way nicer than I remember in the comics 
  • Betty Cooper is low-key crazy but that makes perfect sense 
  • Cole Sprouse is a good tv emo 
  • Alice Cooper what the fuck is your damage  
  • Cheryl “EXTRA” Blossom 
  • What happened to Chuck? 
  • When you die in the Upside-Down, you move to Riverdale 
  • The entirety of the Miss Grundy thing. Why? Where are the cops? 
  • Pedophilia? In my Archie? 
  • Also, incest? AT ALL? 
  • The Blossom-Cooper shit is straight out of Wuthering Heights and I kind of live for it? 
  • Hermione Lodge barely existed in the comics and she’s now the most fleshed out complex character here 
  • Raise your hand if your parent isn’t an asshole. 
  • Put your hand down Josie. 
  • I loved every Josie song but Sugar… how do you fuck that up? 
  • Cheryl goes to a diner: 
    • “Hey, can I get you-?” “EGGS. JASON LOVED EGGS." 
  •  Archie Andrews is Troy Bolton 
  • Jughead is a motorcycle gangster who writes like Truman Capote what fucking world do we live in 
  • Everyone’s like, "Betty and Jughead are soulmates” and I’m just sitting here thinking of the most famous American love triangle like…yeeeah. 
  • I want to read a comic strip where the Archie gang goes to this version of Riverdale and they’re just like, “jeepers we need to leave immediately”

The stupidest little things make Cas ridiculously happy.

The first time they see a hot air balloon, floating over a small town for no apparent reason. The first time they strip down to their underwear in the middle of summer and jump into a lake. The first time Cas plays a video game. No matter how mundane or normal it seems to Dean, Cas smiles like it’s the most amazing, impossibly wonderful thing that’s ever happened.

Dean finds himself pointing out the little things, finding small ways for them to enjoy life and enjoy each other, just so he can see that smile.

And though he loves it, he can’t help but ask Cas about it one day. They’re driving, and Cas is staring at a faint rainbow in the sky like it’s the first one to ever happen.

“It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?”

“Sure, Cas. But, uh. Why are you so into all this stuff?”

“All what stuff, Dean?”

Dean can feel those blue eyes on him without even looking, probably scrunched up, with his head tilted in that way that Dean has grown to love. “All this normal, human stuff. You’ve been around long enough to have seen and done all this before.”

“Yes, but I haven’t seen or done any of it with you before.”

Dean understands instantly. Cas’ words open up something in him, and when he looks from the road up to the rainbow, it’s a little brighter, a little more colorful than it seemed two minutes ago.

He should probably say something, but he’s never been very good at that.

So he just reaches out and holds Cas’ hand.

And that feels like the most amazing thing of all.