why are they so shippable

Why is Hermione so shippable like
  • Hermione Granger: Rain drop
  • Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Tom Riddle, Viktor Krum, Theodore Nott, Pansy Parkinson, and Blaise Zabini: Drop top
My "The Librarians"ship names.

I’m only listing ship names for the ships I’ve seen and these aren’t official names but they are the ones I like to use.

Feel free to add on your ships or ship names!


Ezekiel/Morgan Le Fay=Fayjones
Ezekiel/Cindy Kroger=Krones

Cassandra/Lucy Lions=Cillions Cassandra/Morgan Le Fay=Fayssandra Cassandra/Ariel=Arissandra

Eve/Cynthia Rockwell=Evewell
Eve/Morgan Le Fay=Evefay


Jenkins/Miss Claus=Jenclaus
Jenkins/Miss Claus/Santa=Jenclauses
Jenkins/Morgan Le Fay=Faykins



Evie checking Jay out in Spirit Day

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What are good reasons to ship Reylo?

Well, shipping is ultimately subjective. What attracts someone to a ship could be very foreign for someone else. Either way- I do think Reylo is a great ship, one that I enjoy. Is it for everyone? No, but for those who it’s for- really love it. So here I’ll try to list some good, solid reasons why Reylo is so shippable (is that a word? lol) and I’ll post this in the reylo tag so people can add their own reasons.

-Allusions to other classical stories

I posed a question to Reylo shippers over a week ago about what love stories reminded them of Reylo. See, it’s a ship that evokes Pride & Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Beauty & The Beast, Death & The Maiden, William Shakepeare’s tragedy Corialonous, etc. Reylo reminds us of the great love stories, the ones that are tragic, the ones that are fairytales, the ones that are gothic and disturbing and beautiful. Reylo exists as part of the rich world of Greek mythology (Hades x Persephone), Shakespeare’s tragedies, classic literature and gothic novels. Who doesn’t think of Emily Bronte? That’s one of the reasons why I love Reylo. Loving this ship is like loving literature. 


Daisy Ridley & Adam Driver’s scenes together are electrifying. They are so engaging to watch, trying to figure out the ‘deeper’ meaning and what’s going on. Chemistry plays a huge role in why people ship what they ship, and I think it applies to Reylo as well.

-It’s complex

Reylo is a complex ship. They fight… and we want them to kiss? How does that make sense? Well, we obviously want there to be redemption and working for goodness. We don’t expect, nor want romance to be handed on a plate. The romances that come easy just aren’t that fun to watch. Couples go through heaps of trials. I keep going back to the idea of Reylo being a ‘journey’- we witness its high’s and low’s.

-The appeal of ships that are a bit dark and gloomy

Rey and Kylo obviously harbor alot of pains. I won’t mince around my words and I’ll say it outfront: I don’t want a ship between two perfect cinnamon rolls in happyland. I like a bit of edge and gloom. Reylo gives that to me and to others. People think that makes me an ~edgelord~ but I don’t really care. 

-Narrative Potential

At the end of ‘Force Awakens’- the audience are left with countless possibilites of how the story could go. People see Rey and Kylo Ren, and the potential that lies in their characters. As they have only been in the one film, there is still alot of story left to be told. Characters will evolve and change. What’s next for them will be intriguing, and their journeys seemed to be interlined (Rian Johnson said they were ‘two halves of our protagonist’). Reylo shippers want to know with what comes next, it isn’t just about what existing scenes and chemistry we already have. Shipping Reylo is understanding that the journeys these characters are on can take a multitude of directions, but they’ll be interlined and connected. It’s an exciting ship. 

-It means ‘balance to the Force’

Star Wars has two principle sides: The Dark Side, And the Light. Both have their own flaws, and I predict we’ll see Rey and Kylo wrestle with their ‘light’ and ‘dark’ sides, and come to the realization that the best way to strive for is balance. This can happen with both of them, together emerging as a strong unit. Both will change and impact on what it means to use the Force, and that’s thrilling. With Reylo, you have two people changing the galaxy- and saving each other in the process. 

-It’s a ‘first love’ ship

Okay, there have been huge discussions about how Kylo Ren & Rey have never had sex, or partners. I personally believe that. I think there is an appeal of the ‘first love’ ship that is quite universal- like a fairytale. Them being adults also makes the whole ‘first love’ less puppy-dog eyes ish, and a bit more mature (I can see lots disagreeing with me on this, but oh well). I think alot of shippers want Kylo Ren to fall in love, they want Rey to fall in love. This isn’t a bad thing, I want it too. 

-It could be the ‘epic romance’ of this trilogy

This is speculation, and depends on how you interpret the trilogy. But it’s possible. I know people have said there is no ‘central’ romance but there can still be allusions and signs. And if Reylo happens, it’s going to be big bang fireworks. It won’t be a side thing, but a huge deal. That simply excites shippers. Whether or not it’s going to be canon, I suppose we have to wait till December.

-It’s fun

Us Reylos make so many jokes, we share art and we talk endlessly about Kylo and Rey. I’m not much a shipper, I lose interest in ships very, very fast but the Reylo community have given me new perspectives, new angles to look into the ship. The wank is absolutely terrible, but I like that Reylo community is so full of creativity and humour. Keeps our spirits high. So it’s not a reason to ship Reylo, but it’s a reason to engage in the community. 


Anyway, I hope this was a satisfying answer! Reylo shippers, feel free to rb and add your own reasons. Looking forward to December :)

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Hi, I really liked your art of Randall and Hershel :) Please could I request another one of Randall?

let this man be loved