why are they so romantic!


It’s because he’s a model and a weeaboo obviously

I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

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Mental Gymnastics: Anti-Gency Edition

Genji calls Mercy “Angela”, an intimate gesture in Japan.

Gency haters: Meh. That doesn’t prove anything. Just that he doesn’t hate her.

Michael Chu, who likes Gency, adds in Mercy saying, “Genji, I was too late”

Gency haters: This isn’t romantic. This is just friends caring about each other.

In a very sentimental comic, Genji sends letters only to his brother and to Mercy. Mercy is shown to be very happy reading his letter.


Mercy gives Genji chocolates

Gency haters: How is this romantic? It’s just friends giving friends chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Duh.

Genji gives Mercy chocolates:


Mercy marries Genji and they have kids

Gency haters: Like… I still don’t see how this is romantic. They are married. So what?


I thought it was a party for the artificial heart implant. Of course I should be here. We are the heroes and heroines of this surgery.

wondercon host: we’re opening it up for questions! You, in the back!

me: yeah, my question is for Jeremy because he is the only one I can trust to answer my question.

host: okay…

me: why did keith and lance hold hands for an unnecessary amount of time, why did they even hold hands in the first place? why was the background purple when they held hands, a combination of blue and red? why was the scene composed very romantically? why did you say “we did it, we are a good team” in such an endearing way? why did the camera linger on keith’s smile for longer than necessary? why was the music so romantic? why was keith so worried about lance at the beginning of the next episode, and why did he insist on the fact that he and lance had a bonding moment? why was that important? does lance actually not remember the moment or is he repressing it? why didn’t we actually get to see keith cradle lance in his arms? is it because it’s going to be shown later? why have keith and lance obviously been so connected since the beginning of the series? why did keith and lance have that seemingly pointless scene in the elevator? is it because it symbolized that together they can work as a team or co-leaders? why did they choose them going to the pool? was it to have them shirtless together? if so, why? surely the crew must know that klance is huge and this would be picked apart.

jeremy: um…

me: and finally, the most important question… when will we see keith wear lance’s jacket?

You’re My Family

Pairing: Jonathan x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of death, Loss of loved one, Misguided reader, Father abandonment.

Words: 2,783

A/n: I have no idea what inspired me to write this… But oh well. SO nothing actually happens but it’s fluff galore and slight angst so I hope it suffices :)

Summary: You and Jonathan used to be friends, but after a rough spot in your life, you go running back to him.

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Imagine jamming to old school music with Woozi while you two are in the kitchen, making breakfast.


Come on.


This weeks episode of Idea Channel is about Overwatch fan art. Specifically, it’s about why there is so much erotic and romantic Overwatch fan art (beyond, of course, “har har the internet is for porn #rule34″). 

It includes lots of pieces by fan artists who submitted their work to me or our graphics artist / art director Leah. Much of that work came from people here on tumblr and all of it is incredible. Thank you so much to everyone who sent something in. You can find a collected list of all submissions and links to more work in the description of the video. 

Some days I wish I could live forever. I want to witness the beauty that people make a thousand years from now. But the longer I do live, the more I realize that beauty comes with ugliness. And I don’t want to see that.
—  Journal Entry; Summer 2013

They made the actual kiss a DREAM?! I know, I know… She’s supposed to end up with Ji Woon, but what’s wrong with a little kiss with the other knights? LOL!

Why Bellamy’s confession was romantic

one more thought about the beach confession scene and why bellamy was giving a romantic confession.

so it’s already a given that we’ll later learn what bellamy was going to say to clarke on the beach because no writer in the history of ever has started a confession of feelings without finishing it. whether or not that’s then and there in that exact moment is up to them, but once one’s been started it has a 101% chance of being revisited. it’s a plot device to keep audiences interested in what the character had to say.

my reasoning for it being a romantic confession from bellamy: there is no other reason they would have cut him off in the middle of it. Yes clarke interrupted him which can be attributed to her character and hate of goodbyes, but i have a feeling that he might have continued what he was going to say had roan not butted in either. Roan was the writers’ cop out for not having bellamy say whatever it was on his mind in that moment.

it’s a romantic confession because how anti-climactic will it have been for us to be on the edge of out seats, waiting to hear what he would have said, only for it to be something like “thanks for being a bro”? No, it’s a romantic confession because if it wasn’t, bellamy would have finished what he was going to say. They wouldn’t be dragging out this confession over multiple episodes if it didn’t carry a lot of emotional significance for both bellamy and clarke. and at this point, there isn’t a lot they could say to the other that would have that much emotional weight attached to it if it wasn’t romantic.

side note: the fact that bellamy brought up an emotional confession, thinking that they might never see each other again, leads me to believe that something will happen between now and when they’re reunited to make one or both of them think that the others’ life is in danger. whether one of them thinks the other is dead, or one of them thinks that the other has risked their life and they are unsure of the outcome, something will happen to make their next reunion probably one that consists of a) another world shattering hug (think 2x05), and b) a finishing of the confession of feelings. a nice little way of changing the “i love you”s from “goodbye”s to “hellos”.

idk if this is already a given, but please feel free to add your thoughts if you have any :)

idk why all these tv writers are struggling so hard to create meet cutes and romantic arcs for their characters when you can just have them introduced by a mutual acquaintance in a “you’re the only people who could stand each other” type scheme and then have them solve crimes together which is instantly hot and brings your unresolved sexual tension factor to 100 right off the bat


Chosen children + social media
↳ A peek inside the summer getaway of the ot12.

Nalu and Gruvia, What they say VS what they're really thinking
  • Lucy to natsu: aww...you make me blush
  • What she really means: that is just so romantic! Why can't you always be like that?
  • Natsu: what's the point in coming here if I can't find Lucy?
  • What he really means: nothing is fun or worth doing if Lucy isn't here. She's the most precious person to me. I have to find her!!
  • Natsu: if you bastards even touch Lucy, I'll turn you into a pile of ashes!
  • What he really means: nobody will take Lucy away from me! Nobody will scare her! I'll kill anyone who touches her! I'm no killer but I'm about to become one!
  • Gray: Juvia... I'm thankful to have you. You're always by my side.When this war is over, I'll give you my answer, until then, let me focus.
  • What he really means: I've fallen for you and I know we will always be together. But I can't really release all my hate for e.n.d and focus on killing my enemy if you're always making me feel so heated and directing all my focus onto you. You know we'll be together, you waited half a year before, so I know you'll wait again...sorry.
  • Juvia: I love you Gray Sama!
  • What she really means: I love you Gray Sama!
  • Haha, gotta love the honest ones.

Some days I just want to hold someone’s hand and talk about the weight on my heart… then I remember that although God is not physically holding me, He is closer to me than anyone else ever could be, and that makes me feel less lonely.