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And bromance of the year goes to… 

161029 BTS Jongno Fansign - V (1/2)

Post-it: Taehyung-oppa! Please draw me a good-luck charm so that I can have a boyfriend who’s handsome and cute like you!

V: Hi~

Fan: Hi…!

V: (looks at post-it and draws)

Fan: (watching)

V: (places his hands on the fan’s hands) What’s your name?

Fan: It’s Ahmin!

V: Ahmin?

Fan: Yep!

V: (takes out one hand and signs while writing her name as “Minie~”)

V: (looks at the fan seriously) Why don’t you have a boyfriend?

Fan: Yeah… I haven’t dated once!

V: Huh? Really?

Fan: Yep!

V: How old are you?

Fan: I’m 17..!!

V: Uhm… It’s okay, I dated for the first time when I was 17 too

V: Uhm then… I’ll give you Jimin! Take Jimin! If you come to Jiminie-oppa, you have to tell him “Taehyungie-oppa gave you away to me, today’s our first day!”. Got it?

Fan: (stares blankly)

V: Got it? You have to tell him!

Fan: Got it…

V: Mmhmm.. You have to tell him!

Fan: I got it!!

V: Eyy, pretty~~

Fan: (blushes)

V: Cute ㅎㅎㅎ

Fan: (bows head)

part 2

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We’ve got so much in common! We’re both ambitious. We’re both super hot. I blackmailed and murdered my way up the Hyperion ladder, you came up with that sick Vault key deal…

novianar01  asked:

Hi,i've been fangirling,blushing and smiling all the day bc ur writing. OMG so gooooood💕💕💕. And i've been thinking how RFA+V+Saeran reactions if MC had an affair... well i'm curious. Hehe

ah thank you so much!!! 

a small authors note in the end  


  • he would be heart broken 
  • he would lock himself in his room and skip classes, it would be nearly impossible to reach him 
  • He just doesn’t understand why MC would do this?
  • were they not happy with him? is he too short? too annoying? not smart enough? not handsome enough? 
  • he gets so insecure thinking too much about it 
  • but he can’t help but think too much about it 
  • the rest of the RFA try to cheer him up from this but it’s hard 
  • it’s gonna be a really long time until he gets better from this 


  • He found out from a gossip magazine 
  • it was on the cover 
  • He couldn’t believe it when he saw it, I mean gossip magazines were often full of lies 
  • but there was a picture of MC with someone else 
  • maybe it was a misunderstanding? just a weird angle with the picture 
  • it can’t be true 
  • He ends up asking MC about it and MC tries to avoid answering but eventually confesses 
  • He can feel his heart sink when they say it 
  • He can’t believe MC would do this 
  • he gets really depressed
  • He doesn’t act for a while and he barely goes outside 
  • every time he goes outside he either gets photographed or sees papers talking about this 
  • He just cries so much over this, even the smallest things that remind him of MC makes him cry 


  • She thought she was so lucky to have MC 
  • she’s pretty insecure so she didn’t understand how someone as amazing like MC could love someone like her? 
  • now she understands
  • MC didn’t love her 
  • Or maybe they did? 
  • She’s really conflicted with cheating doesn’t necessarily make MC a terrible person, doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t love her. But at the same time why would MC do this if they love her 
  • She loves MC so much 
  • she tries to show up to work but has to leave because she can’t stop crying at random moments 


  • He can’t believe this 
  • he was right romance is useless 
  • he should have been more careful, he shouldn’t have let MC meet these people 
  • his trust issues get way worse 
  • He considers giving MC a second chance but then they wouldn’t be able to meet anyone with out him being there, or maybe he should just keep them inside and only the security guards are allowed to talk to MC, But what if MC has an affair with the security guard? MC would then instead have to be in his sight always 
  • Maybe it’s better if he doesn’t since he wont be able to trust them again 
  • or anyone 
  • this man doesn’t cry often but this breaks him 


  • Of course this happened 
  • why would anyone as amazing as MC ever want to do something with someone as pathetic as him 
  • He shouldn’t even have hoped that he could actually be with someone he loves
  • nice things don’t happen to him 
  • He will never love anyone again 
  • but he can’t be with MC after this, He’d be too scared that something like this would happen again and he wants to be in a relationship built on trust not lies and paranoia 
  • He locks himself away and doesn’t talk to anyone in the RFA for days 
  • He tries to be the super cheerful 707 in the chat when he logs on but the rest of them know he’s upset 
  • and every time someone tries to talk to him about it he just logs off 


  • He understands why this would happen 
  • Why would MC want to be with him anyway? 
  • He’s not interesting, He’s not fun MC deserves better 
  • He just accepts that this happened right away 
  • Doesn’t mean hes calm about it 
  • He’s crying on and off for days 
  • shit even Yoosung feels sorry for him
  • He accepts he can never be happy 
  • He shouldn’t even dream of it 
  • it’s just false hope 


  • How could he do this
  • how could he ever trust someone 
  • how could he let someone get this close to him to just rip out his heart and step on it 
  • He will probably not respond to MC if they try to contact him after this 
  • they will probably end up hurting him more 
  • He will never let anyone get close to him again 
  • He closes off emotionally for so long 
  • Seven and the other members try so hard to cheer him up but nothing works 
  • He probably wont be with someone else ever again after this 
  • he cant trust anyone to not hurt him 

A/N: This hurt so much to write I love all too much  ;; I hope you like it though! 

Car door guy appreciation post

ofcourse the one that started it all at the Melon Awards

when everyone went crazy

and questioned who the handsome car door guy is

look at him

look at those collarbones

he should be a model tbh

i just


hes so beautiful

absolutely gorgeous

and here are some other members coming out of a car because why not hello nams

hobi looking attractive as ever

taehyung fabulous as ever

min yoongi pls

save me im dead

I give all credit for this post to @caitlynbrownie because she was the one who found most of these pictures ^.^


BTS Reaction to You Being Too Nervous to Confess to Them

None of the gifs belong to me~ <3

Note: This is after they find out that you wanted to confess to them.


*be prepared ‘cause he’s about to man up and confess first–*

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*smoothly mentions this as a hint (hoping that you might feel less nervous)*


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Rap Monster:

*becomes super shy around you because he’s now aware of your feelings for him and his feelings for you*

but can you imagine him not being able to maintain normal eye contact?? this cutie would be so shy!!!!!!

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*looks at you like this ‘cause he loves to tease you when you’re nervous*

*those eyes tell secrets*

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“I know I’m irresistible Y/N, but why are you too nervous to confess your feelings for me? I’m handsome, yes. I’m cool, yes. But I won’t be the one to admit my feelings for you.”


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“She’s talking about how she wants extra sauce for her food. This is it. This is how she’s going to confess to me.”

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