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Why are yall so angry for Skam not mentioning Ramadhan? It's a whole month I'm sure they're gonna mention it. Sit down.

ok so. thing is, muslims do talk about it well before ramadhan begins. they prepare for it. and yesterday’s clip was… sana’s supposedly first day of fasting, but she was out doing a lot of physical activity and no one mentioned it. it feels. weird. wrong. not to mention that elias swears in the clip, making it feel even more weird.

aaaaaaaaand idk christmas is one (1) day basically, and we (christians, protestants etc (im atheist)) start preparing for the day weeeeell before it takes place. like. some even start first day of november.

and not to be too “angry” (:P) or nothing, but last season we even got a christmas celebration when christmas didn’t even take place within the season. and yes, friends tend to do that; throw a christmas party before christmas, but how come skam can do that but not have one (1) mention of the beginning of ramadhan. not even an ig update, not even a text update between her and a family member. nothing. especially when they haven’t even acknowledged ramadhan is going to start in earlier clips/texts/whatever.

you can’t make a season about a practicing muslimah and mention ramadhan half-way in. it doesn’t work like that. it’s like acknowledging it’s christmas here in sweden after 15:00 (lol), or acknowledging it’s christmas when the gifts are about to be opened.

so before you up in people’s inboxes and calling us “so angry”, sit your own ass down and do some thinking for once in your life.


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco



Exo, whom I still see as my cute rookie boys are now in their 5th year. They are now called sunbaenims by many. They have set so many records. They have made so many people happy. They have inspired a lot of people. 5 years and counting. EXO We Are One 사랑하자


Aww! Hey little guys! Aww, you guys are so cute! Too cute to be found in a dump like this. Are you guys the only ones living here? I hope my rough landing didn’t disturb your day. I’ll only be here for a short amount of time I’m just waiting for my friends to find me.


                                                              for better for worse,
                                                              for richer for poorer,
                                                         in sickness and in health,
                                                            ‘til death do us part.


dont adopt him he’s gonna destroy your clothes… boi are you even listening

I Really Love You (13 Reasons Why Jeff Imagine)

Description: It’s Jessica’s party, and things don’t quite go as planned.

Request: None

A/N: Thank you for your nice comments on my last post. I’m feeling a lot better than I did before physically and I’m getting there emotionally, but I thought maybe writing about it would help me?? Idk here it goes.

You were at Jessica’s party. You couldn’t believe summer had gone so fast. You hadn’t seen your boyfriend for a lot of the summer because you were working and he was training for baseball and coaching little league teams. You were happy that you got to see him that night. He was always touching you. He had an arm around your waist or your shoulders or he was hugging you close to him so you couldn’t move. He missed being able to be with you whenever he wanted, and tonight was the first time in a while he was able to do that.

“I love you a lot,” he whispered in your ear as you sat on his lap in the middle of a game of truth or dare. You turned and stroked his cheek with your hand.

“I love you,” you smiled at him.

“Hey! Jeff! (Y/N)! Pay attention!” someone called your attention back to the game. Jeff wrapped his arms around your waist and squeezed you gently, just to let you know he was there.

“Jeff, truth or dare?” Justin asked him, clearly drunk out of his mind.

“Truth,” he said as he put his chin on your shoulder.

“Ah, you’re so boring! Do a dare!”

You could feel his chest rise against your back as he laughed. “Fine, dare.”

“I dare you to take your hands off (Y/N) for the next round of turns.”

“Nah,” he laughed as he kissed your cheek causing you to giggle.

“It’s not that hard,” you mumbled as you stood up.

“No, come back,” he whined. He pulled you back on his lap. “You know,” he whispered in your ear again. “We can get out of here if you want. Have a movie night.”

“Will there be pizza?” you asked very seriously.

“There can be,” he laughed. “Whatever you want. We can stop and buy stuff on the way home, pizza, popcorn, you name it.”

“I love you,” you said before you kissed him. “Let’s do it.” You stood up and grabbed his hand. “See you later guys.”

“You guys are leaving?” Justin groaned. “Why?”

“We have things to do,” Jeff said as he intertwined his fingers with yours. “Hey ‘text me about that project, Foley.”

“Okay, nerd,” he laughed.

Jeff rolled his eyes and lead you through the crowd of people. Once you got to his car he hugged you close to him and kissed you for the millionth time that night. “You know I love you, right?”

“You’ve only told me a million times, but tell me again.”

He pulled away from you slightly and grabbed your hands. He looked you in the eye as he said, “I love you.”

He opened the door for you and you shook your head at him. “Didn’t you drink?”

“Like two hours ago, come on, babe.”

“Please let me drive. I don’t want anything to happen to you, baby,” you pouted at him. “You can pick the movie…”

“Fine,” he rolled his eyes. He grabbed his keys from his pocket and handed them to you. “I love you,” he said once again. You kissed his cheek.

“I know, baby.”

You got in the driver’s seat and started the car. Jeff put his hand on your thigh and tapped it only to the music that was playing. It was your favorite playlist, one that you and Jeff had worked on for months to put together. You pulled up to a stop sign and looked before pulling onto a street when a car slammed into your side. You screamed as you stopped the car. “Are you okay?” Jeff asked after helping you pull over.

“Y-Yeah, I-I’m so sorry…your car…”

“As long as you’re okay, everything’s okay.” He hugged you close to him as he kissed your head. You got out of the car to see Sherri getting out.

“I can’t believe this happened,” she mumbled. “My dad is going to kill me.” You quickly called the police and everything was sorted out. Jeff’s mom came to the street after the police had left.

“Are you guys alright?” she asked frantically.

“We’re okay, Mom,” he looked down at you. “Just shaken up.”

“Let’s get you home then,” she hugged you both.

“Mrs. Atkins, I’m really sorry about the car-”

“Don’t worry about sweetie. As long as you and Jeff are okay…it’s just a car. It’s replaceable, but if we lost one of you…I’d be devastated,” she said as she lead you both to the car. “Did you call your parents?” she asked you as she drove to their home.

“Yes, they’re out of town, but they said they’ll pay for everything…I’ll do whatever I-”

“Hey,” Jeff said as he grabbed your hand and your attention. “Don’t worry about that okay? At least not right now.” You nodded as he grabbed your hand and kissed your knuckles. “Can she spend the night, Mom?”

“Of course, you two need each other after that,” she said. “But nothing inappropriate, J,” she said as she looked at him through her mirror.

“I know, Mom,” he laughed.

Once you got to his house, Jeff lead you to his room and gave you one of his old shirts to wear. You changed and sighed as you sat on his bed. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t even see-”

“I know you didn’t see her. Neither did I. But we’re both okay. I known it was scary, but accidents happen. It’s shitty, but we have to deal with that sometimes.” He laid on his back. “Come here,” he mumbled as he opened his arms. You rested your head against his chest as he wrapped himself around you. You wrapped your arms around his waist and just listened to each other breathe. “I really love you, (Y/N),” he sighed.

“I really love you, Jeff.”

so your heart can beat like crazy

Summary: Dan misses Phil. Phil can’t take it. They exchange feelings through texts.

Set in 2014 w/ some fluff and light angst.


[4:40 pm]

dan: hi
phil: why the hell are you texting me
dan: idk i just wanna talk
phil: i’m literally one room away from you
dan: i just
phil: you just what

seen ✔️ 4:41 pm

“How do I talk to Dan if he’s acting all awkward and ignoring me, except with texts?” Phil says, sitting with Martin and Cornelia at a nearby fast food restaurant. The sun is baring down on the three of them pretty hard. Their food is laid out in front of them, and Phil slurps his shake to thaw his staggering heart, which has bothered him for days on end.

It doesn’t work.

“What do you mean?” The redhead and her boyfriend exchange glances. “Why is he acting like that? All you guys ever did was separate for a bit. You guys didn’t break up or anything, right?” Cornelia takes a single fry from her plate and pops in her mouth, chewing thoughtfully. “I sure hope you didn’t.”

“We hadn’t! It’s just-” Phil sighs and takes another sip of his shake, letting the sugary drink flow through him. “He’s being strange. We talk sometimes if necessary, like for a video or that panel we had a week ago, but there’s something off about him. I know it’s been awkward since we had that bad year, but it’s been a couple years now. Surely he’s over it. I know I am.”

A flood of memories came rushing into his brain of that year, and he winces. The thought of that one night on the Manchester eye also swarmed his brain and filled his heart with roses. A thousand different feelings in a thousand different places.

Martyn and Cornelia frowned in unison, and Phil wondered what it was like for them to be in love that long and have such a romance that they did everything together, even outlandish facial expressions. He suddenly wished he and Dan were a lot closer now so that they could have something like his brother and his partner. They weren’t apart, but they weren’t together. The magic disappeared, and phil was more than willing to get it back.

Cornelia sighed. “Just talk to him with how he’s letting himself talk. I know it’s weird, I certainly think it is, but just text him like he’s texting you. Just keep the digital conversation going, and he’ll eventually grow tired of it and want to talk to you face to face.” She ate yet another fry and gestured to Martin, who agreed instantly.

Sure, a digital conversation. Phil thought to himself, tapping his chin with a pale finger. I could do that.

His phone suddenly lit up with a notification that he had received one new message, and his heart leaped. With every millisecond he spent waiting for his phone to unlock, and go to the home screen to click on messages, it felt as if time had stopped.

It was a quick few seconds to any onlooker, but to him- all he could hear was his heart beating in his ears.

Faster, faster, faster.

[6:23 pm]

dan: how long are you going to be at the restaurant
phil: a few more minutes
dan: good cause your mom keeps talking about funny stories from when you were a kid and if I laugh any more my spleen will burst
phil: gross
phil: i don’t wanna hear about that
dan: she’s telling me the story about how you fell down the stairs at school and the entire year group laughed
phil: oh my god
dan: i shouldn’t be surprised though
phil: wait why
dan: you’re already quite the klutz
phil: shut the hell up
dan: hey phil
phil: what
dan: oh uh nm

seen ✔️ 6:25 pm

Phil came to the realization that talking to Dan was going to be a challenge.

It wasn’t as if they hated each other or something. They never have and given the amount of love distilled between the two boys, they probably never will. Late night with a dim light of a lamp and bodies crashing together doesn’t necessarily count as a product for hate. It was all about the fact that there was just something above them, a little tension cloud.

And it felt like they couldn’t talk much because they were both a little scared and recovering over being outed to the entire world when they weren’t even ready. It was about taking a single leap from one side of the bridge to the other, the last step into the other side that with it came zero worries and diminished troubles.

A better future for the both of them where they can do anything without the claws of their adoring fan base at their every move. He just didn’t understand why tapping on a phone screen is the way to go.

Yet, he still goes with it. Phil felt as if he could detect Dan’s nervous aura, and did pretty well putting on a show of letting the world know that they were okay when they weren’t okay and could only communicate in the palaces of the World Wide Web. Which is the exact same way the met, a time of pure love and exploration, an unlikely situation that came true because of a friend’s recommendation and one interesting website.

It felt like the scene in a movie where the two characters were silent until one of them said something rude and incredulous letting the other launch at them, leading to either more anger or a later on resolved situation, always sealed with a little kiss.

Except this wasn’t a movie, this was real life and with every minute of every passing day, his heart beat out a single message of i need you. And it hurt.

With a sigh, he opens up his phone and sends Dan a quick little text before tapping the power button on his phone. Hopefully things will get better soon for the two of them. And hopefully everything returns to normal including his heartbeat’s rhythm.

His phone lit up 5 minutes later, and he nearly dives to see the message, a anxious expression painted on his face.

[10:30 am]

phil: hey
dan: hi
phil: please tell me what you were about to say
dan: um
phil: ?
dan: i just miss you is all
phil: if you miss me than actually come talk to me
dan: but i feel terrible
phil: about?
dan: the way I treated you two years ago
phil: that was two years ago dan
dan: still, it wasn’t your fault we were outed to the whole world
dan: i screamed at you for everything
dan: i even yelled at our fans, and i’m supposed to be a role model for some of them
dan: i know they invaded our privacy and all
dan: but some of them were respectful enough not to do that, even if they shipped us
dan: yet i still yelled
dan: i’m a terrible human being
dan: this is all my fault
dan: you must hate me
phil: you’re joking right
dan: what?
phil: you had a valid reaction
dan: i know but
phil: listen to me okay
dan: fine
phil: this wasn’t your fault
phil: people stalked us, they stalked your brother
phil: they did a lot of things
phil: and yes some of them did the right thing by leaving us alone
phil: but some forced a lot of things upon us
phil: which is not okay
phil: you also faced a lot of stress
phil: you had to deal with so much
phil: don’t apologize for anything
dan: okay
phil: we’re good?
dan: yeah
phil: also hey dan?
dan: yes?
phil: i hope you know that i love you and that you deserve happiness
dan: oh wow
phil: don’t i get anything nice back
dan: yeah sure i guess i love you too
phil: better

It happens a second later.

A thunderous thumping noise grew louder and louder as he finally saw himself being tackled onto the floor yuri on ice style. It startled him, making him immediately drop his phone and stare up at the person who created the chaos, starting to giggle. It was ridiculous and laughable but for the two of them, the dorky antics felt normal.

“Finally.” Phil speaks.

Dan rolls his eyes affectionately. “Don’t ruin this moment for us.”

Phil took Dan’s hand in his, rubbing his knuckles. Starting from the top and down to the bottom, just like always. “Sure.”

“I wonder how many gifsets would be cranked out if we recorded this whole thing?” Dan wondered, smiling at the undying effort of his fans.

“Probably a lot, with some quotes and a black and white filter. They’d probably throw in that one moment when I looked at your lips.” Phil mimicked the scene, leaning into Dan’s face and dramatically looked at his lips before quickly kissing them.

“Wasn’t that during Gamingmas?” Dan asks soon after.

“Yeah.” A mischievous look grows on his face, and he smirks. “More like gaymingmas. Ha! Get it? ‘Cause we’re gay.”

Dan narrows his eyes. Goof. He grabs the pillow nearest to him and starts pummeling him with it. “You’re an idiot, you know that right?”

He half means it and half doesn’t.

“Wait, nope- I’m bi. And aren’t I your idiot?” Phil batted his eyelashes before blocking his next hit, shoulders shaking from laughter. “Aren’t I the same idiot you drooled over for two years?”

“I highly regret loving you at all.”

“Liar!” Phil declares.

“Eh, it’s true. All you’ve ever done for me is steal my cereal and clutter the flat with house plants while I slowly fall even more in love with you, and it’s not fair.”

“I-I-can’t believe I’m meeting the amazingphil! I-I am so excited, I’ve watched all your videos, I even-.”

Dan kisses him to shut him up.

They’re recording a gaming video when they finally decide to let them know everything without letting them know everything.

“Hello, danandphilgames controllers!” Phil cheerily says into the camera with a wave. Dan looks at him strangely.

“Controllers?” He questions.

“Well, since we’re using controllers for this game, I just thought-”

“You’re terrible.” Dan puts his head in his hands, shaking his head.

“You’re a lot worse.” Phil interjects.

“I can’t believe I have to deal with you everyday. You’re a literal pain in the neck.”

“Well, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Eyes meet. Time stops. A flurry of comments and analyzation come soon after, so many people @ing them on twitter and making little edits on YouTube. Reaction videos fill up their feed. Just like every other video.

It’s nice.

[4:40 am]

dan: hey ugly
phil: hey stupid
phil: go away
dan: i thought you loved me
phil: well you don’t love me
dan: eh true
phil: go to sleep
dan: give me five more minutes mom
phil: you’re insufferable
dan: you’re a brat
phil: now dan
dan: *le sigh* fine
phil: “le sigh” the fuck is that
dan: shut
phil: now you can’t even finish sentences
dan: i said shut
dan: glad to see things are back to normal

Dan turns his phone off and closes his eyes.

“I thought we agreed to stop texting each other.” Phil rolls over to Dan’s side of the bed, poking a single dimple.

But he’s fast asleep.